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Pages 644-650

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Lace, taxes on

Lacy, Col. Barret

Lake, Lancelot
-, Lady

Lakin, Hen., certificate by

Lambert, Major-Gen. John, or Lord
-, as member of Council
-, letter of, alluded to
-, letters to
-, regiment of
-, reports of

Lambeth, Surrey, prisoners in

Lamhorne, see Lanherne.

Lamphey Court, co. Pembroke

Lamplough, John, certificate by

Lanark, Scotland

Lancashire, clerks of the peace in
-, inhabitants of
-, petition of
-, justices of assize for
-, places in
-, poor in
-, traders in, petition of
-, wool in

Lancaster, duchy of, chancellor of
-, court of
-, receiver of
-, mayor of
-, Great Park, co. Sussex

Lander, Scotland

Landguard Fort
-, governor of

Landlords, delinquent or oppressive
-, petitions against

Land's End
-, ships to or from

Lane, Hen.
-, Capt. Lionel, letters of
-, Thos.

Langbairn, G.

Langdale, Sir Marm., children of, petition of

Langford, Edw.

Langham, Geo.
-, Capt. Hen.
-, account of
-, John
-, Ald. Jno.
-, petition of

Langharne, Rowland

Langley, Thos.
-, Wm.

Langton, Rich., certificate by

Languedoc, France

Lanherne or Lamhorne, co. Cornwall

Lannoy, Peter

Lapidge, Mr.

Larder, Walter

Lark or Larke, Jos.
-, Sam., letters of
-, Capt.

Lashford, Hen.
-, Rose, wife of, petition of

Lassells, Col. Fras.
-, petition of

Lastre, Alex. de, petition of

Latche, Jno., opinion by

Latham, minister
-, Vane's servant

Latin language

Lauderdale, Earl and Countess of, see Maitland.

Laurence, Col. Rich.

Laverick, Edw., deposition of

Law, courts of
-, regulation of
-, committee for
-, terms of

Law of nations
-, of sea

Lawes, Thos.
-, Capt.

Lawrence, Hen., President of Council
-, letters of, see Council, letters of.
-, note by
-, petition, &c. to
-, Rich., agent at Constantinople
-, letters to
-, Rich., minister
-, Rob.

Lawson, Vice-admiral John
-, account by
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, alluded to
-, squadron or fleet of
-, Sir Wilfrid

Lawton, John

Lea or Leigh, Mich.
-, letter of
-, Roger, see Lee.

Leader, Hen.

Leadman, John

Learning, advance of, commissioners for

Leather, export of

Leaver, Sam.

Ledbury-under-Malvern, co. Hereford, inhabitants of
-, Katherine's Hospital at
-, Master and Wardens of, petition of

Ledgant, Capt. Wm.
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Ledgard, Thos., Alderman of New castle
-, letter of

Lee or Lees, the, Guildford
-, road
-, letters dated from
-, ships in, to, or from

Lee, Eliz.
-, or Leigh, Roger
-, letter of
-, petition of

Leech, Jno.

Leeds, resident in

Leek, co. Stafford

Legate, John
-, petition of

Legg, Wm.
-, Col. Wm., wardrobe keeper
-, payment to
-, warrant to

-, agent at, see Longland, Chas.
-, Dutch fleet at
-, letters, &c. dated from
-, road
-, ships at, to, or from
-, travellers to or from

Legland, Scotland, laird of


-, county commissioners of
-, high sheriff of
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, member for

Leigh, Jno.
-, Mr., see Lea.

-, governor of

Leith, near Edinburgh
-, commissioners of revenue at
-, deputy treasurer at
-, letters dated from
-, merchant of
-, road
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Leman or Lemon, Wm., Treasurer-at-war

Leneall, or Lyneall, Jno.
-, receipt by

Lenthall, Wm., Master of the Rolls, and Speaker in Parliament

Leopold, Archduke, see Austria.

Lesley, Lieut.-Gen. David

Leslie, John, Earl of Rothes
-, Alexander, Earl of Leven
-, Mary, petition of
-, husband and children of

Letter office, see Post Office.

Levant Merchant, the (ship)
-, or Turkey Merchants' Company
-, letters of

Levellers, the

Leven, Earl of (Alexander Leslie)

Lever, Hen., of Brandspeth
-, petition of

Leverett, Capt. John
-, letters of

Leverington, John

Leverington, co. Cambridge

Leverland, smith

Levet, Thos., petition of

Levingston, Sir Jas.
-, Lady Margaret
-, petition of
-, Thos.
-, Anne Csar, wife of
-, Lady, see Gorges, Lady.
-, Lieut.-Col.

Levinston, Capt.

Lewes, Thos.

Lewis, Evan
-, Maurice
-, Thos. letter of

Lewis, Isles of, Scotland

Lewknor, Mr.

Lichfield Cathedral, commissioners for
-, minister of

Light, Frances
-, Rich., letter of

Lightfoot, Jno., petition of
-, Capt., J.
-, letter of

Ligon, Wm., letter of

Lilburne, Lieut.-Col. John
-, Col. Rob., late commander-in-chief in Scotland
-, letter of
-, alluded to
-, note of
-, petition of, referred

Lilles, John

Limbry, see Limery.

-, letters dated from


Limery or Limbry, Capt. John, Navy victualler

Lincoln, Bishop of (late), see Wynyffe, Dr. Thos.
-, Dean of
-, Earl of, see Clinton.
-, gaol
-, mayor and aldermen of, petition of
-, resident in

Lincolnshire, fens in
-, justices of peace for
-, members for
-, places in
-, rioters in

Lindsay, John, Earl of Crawford and Lindsay
-, Alexander, Lord Spynie

Lindsey, Earl of, see Bertie.
-, level, co. Lincoln

Linlithgow, Scotland

-, custom house at
-, ships to or from

Lisle, Flanders

Lisle, Jno., Lord Commissioner of the Great Seal
-, account by
-, as Commissioner of the Treasury
-, letter to
-, Mr.
-, Viscount, see Sydney.

Lister, Chris.
-, Wm.

Little, Robt.

Little Britain, London, commissioners for sick and wounded at, see Mariners sick and wounded.
-, Charity (ship), officers of, letter of
-, Dennis, Cornwall
-, Duffield, co. York, minister of

Littleport, co. Cambridge

Littleton, Dr. Jno.
-, Wm., chief justice of Carnarvon, &c.

-, letters dated from
-, road, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, water, letters dated from

Livings sequestered

Livingston, James, Viscount Newburgh

Livingstone, Jno., certificate by

Lizard, the, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Llangar, co. Merioneth

Llanridian, co. Glamorgan

Llansoy, co. Monmouth

Lloyd, Dan.
-, Griffith
-, Hugh
-, Jenkin
-, Rich.
-, bookseller

Lloydart, co. Montgomery

Lochaber, Scotland
-, letters dated from

Loch Laigh, Scotland, letter dated from
-, Lochy Scotland, letter dated from

Lochmaben, Scotland

Lock, Math.
-, petitions of

Lockhart, Col. Wm.
-, certificate by

Lockyer, Nich.
-, certificate by

Lodgers, regulations for

Loe, Lawrence, letter of

Loftus, Edward, Viscount Loftus
-, Sir Adam
-, Sir Arthur

Logan, Mary

Lomax, Rich.
-, Thos.

London, the city, or the town
-, aldermen of see also under the several names.
-, court of
-, petitions of
-, assessments in
-, commissioners for
-, receiver-general for
-, Bishop of, see Juxon, Dr.
-, bishopric of, receiver of
-, citizens of
-, petitions of
-, city of
-, chamber of
-, chamberlain of
-, committees of
-, common council of, order of
-, companies of
-, petition of, also Barber surgeons
-, hall
-, papers dated from
-, Feltmakers
-, Founders' hall
-, Goldsmiths' hall, see Goldsmiths' hall.
-, Haberdashers' hall, see Haberdashers' hall.
-, Merchant tailors' hall
-, Sadlers' hall
-, Salters' hall
-, Skinners' hall
-, Soapmakers, petition of
-, Stationers
-, Vintners
-, master, &c. of, petitions of
-, Watermen
-, hall of
-, Weavers' hall, see Weavers' hall.
-, constables in
-, dean and chapter of
-, departure from
-, dismissal from
-, estates in
-, exports from
-, freedom of
-, hackney coachmen of, petition of
-, invasion of
-, justices of
-, letters dated from
-, liberties of
-, lines of communication in
-, lord mayor of (Sir Thos. Viner)
-, petitions of
-, and aldermen of, letter to
-, manufacturers of, statements by
-, mealmen of, petition, &c. of
-, members for
-, merchants of
-, letters of
-, names of
-, petitions of
-, representation of
-, report on
-, persons in and about
-, poor in
-, petition of
-, corporation for, petition of
-, port of
-, posthouse in
-, posts to or from
-, prisoners in or sent to
-, prize officers in
-, recorder of, see Steele, Wm.
-, remembrancer of
-, residents in
-, sheriffs of
-, court of
-, ships at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, strangers trading in
-, surveyors of
-, town clerk of
-, tradesmen of
-, letter of
-, representations, &c. of
-, trained bands of
-, travellers to or from
-, troops in
-, wine in, prizage of

London, streets, buildings, &c. in, viz.:
-, Admiralty Court
-, Andrew's, Holborn
-, Bennett parish, Paul's wharf
-, Bermondsey
-, Bishopgate Street
-, Mitre in
-, Blackfriars
-, Bow Lane, letter dated from
-, Bow Street
-, Bridewell, see Bridewell.
-, Broad Street
-, Camden House, committee at
-, Cannon Street
-, Charing Cross
-, Charterhouse or Sutton's hospital
-, Cheap, parish of
-, Cheapside, Half Moon in
-, letter dated from
-, Chelsea, prisoners sent to
-, Christchurch parish
-, Clerkenwell
-, St. John's parish in
-, Compter
-, Cornhill
-, Covent Garden
-, Cripplegate without
-, Custom House, see Custom House.
-, Derby House, see Derby House.
-, Doctors' Commons, see Doctors' Commons.
-, Drury House, see Drury House.
-, Duchy House
-, Eagle and Child Alley, Shoe Lane
-, Ely House
-, Exchange
-, New
-, Farringdon ward
-, Fenchurch Street, Mitre or Fountain in
-, Finch Lane
-, Fleet Bridge, Spread Eagle near
-, prison, see Fleet.
-, Street
-, Fox's Lane
-, Friday Street, Blue Boy in
-, Gray's Inn
-, Lane
-, Greenhithe, letter dated from
-, Gresham College
-, Guildhall, see Guildhall.
-, Gurney House, see Gurney House.
-, Haberdasher's Hall, see Haberdasher's Hall.
-, Holborn
-, Chequer's Inn in
-, Horne Lane
-, Hyde Park
-, Ironmongers' Lane
-, Islington
-, Katherine's Gaol
-, Lane
-, Kensington, resident at
-, King Street, Bear in
-, Whitehorse in
-, Leadenhall Street
-, Lincoln's Inn Fields
-, Little Bartholomew's hospital
-, Britain
-, commissioners in, see Mariners, sick and wounded, commissioners for.
-, letters dated from
-, Lock hospital
-, London Bridge
-, House
-, Ludgate
-, Hill
-, Mews, the
-, guards in
-, officers of
-, prisoners in
-, residents in
-, petitions of
-, Moorfields
-, Turk's head in
-, Newgate, letters dated from
-, prisoner at
-, Old Bailey, court of sessions in
-, Ship tavern in
-, Old Fish Street, Angel in
-, Queen Street
-, Ratcliffe
-, Rood Lane
-, St. Alphage
-, St. Andrew's, Holborn
-, St. Bartholomew's Hospital
-, St. Botolper's, Bishopsgate
-, St. Clement Danes'
-, St. Giles's
-, St. Gregory's
-, St. James's
-, Fields
-, guards in
-, marshal of
-, prisoners in
-, St. John's
-, tennis court at
-, St. Martin's Church, Ironmonger Lane
-, St. Martin's-in-the-Fields
-, St. Mary-le-Bow
-, St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, inhabitants of, petition of
-, pastor of
-, St. Paul's church
-, burial ground at
-, committee on the building of reports of
-, dean and chapter of
-, scaffold of
-, wharf
-, St. Paul's parish, Covent Garden
-, St. Peter's parish, Cornhill
-, St. Sepulchre's Without
-, Savoy
-, Hospital, see Savoy Hospital.
-, Seething Lane
-, Shadwell
-, Shoe Lane
-, Shoreditch
-, Somerset House
-, Southwark, see Southwark.
-, Strand
-, Suffolk House
-, Sutton's Hospital, see Charterhouse.
-, Temple Bar
-, Middle
-, Tower, see Tower.
-, Hill
-, Street
-, Whitechapel
-, Wood Street

Londonderry plantation

Long, Lisle, Master of Requests
-, Rich.

Long Compton, co. Warwick, inhabitants of, petition of
-, minister of

Long Ditton, Surrey

Longland, Chas, agent at Leghorn
-, declaration of
-, letter of

Longner, co. Stafford

Long Reach

Loraine, Nich.

Lord Chancellor
-, oath for
-, Keeper
-, oath for

Lord's Day or Sabbath
-, observance of
-, profaning of

Lords or Peers, House of see also Parliament.
-, orders of


Love, Dr. Rich.
-, Thos., mayor of Coventry, certificate by
-, Wm.

Lovell, Mrs.

Lowe, Edw., letter of
-, Wm.

Lower, Nich.
-, Thos., petition of
-, Wm., petition of

Lowestoft fishermen
-, minister at

Lowsie Bay

Loyalty (ship), owners of

-, merchant


Lucas, David
-, N., letter of
-, Capt., letter to

Lucie or Lucy, Luke or Lucas

Luckstadt [Gluckstadt ?], Denmark

Lucy, Rich.,
-, Rich., probate judge

Lugton, Scotland, Laird of

Lumley, Richard, Viscount Lumley

Lunatics, custody of

Lundy Isle
-, ships at or to

Ly, Mr.

Lyme, co. Dorset
-, ships of

Lyme, Wm.

Lynde, Mat.

Lyneall, John, see Leneall.

Lynn Regis
-, deeps
-, letters dated from

Lynne, John

Lyons, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of

Lyte, Isaac