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Pages 659-668

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Pacey, Capt. Jas.
-, Nich.
-, Capt. Thos., widow of

Pack, Aldermen Chris.
-, Capt. Hen.
-, letters of
-, Jno.

Packer, Major

Packet boats

Packington, Sir John

Packwood, John
-, letters of

Padstow, Cornwall

Page, Hen.
-, Sir Ri.
-, wife of
-, Rob.
-, deposition of
-, Thos., petition of
-, surgeon, wife of

Paine, Walter, petition of

Painter, Rich.
-, forger

Palache, see Carolos, Jacob.

Palatine Prince, Charles Louis
-, Maurice
-, Rupert see Rupert.

Palmer alias Wilmer, Mary
-, husband of

Paluzzi, Laurenzo

-, estates of

Papworth, Mr.

Pardo, Hen., letter of

Pardon and Oblivion, Act of

Pargiter, Fras.

Parham, Lord Willoughby of, see Willoughby.

-, English in
-, Palais Royal in

Parishes, union of, order for

Parke, Capt. Fras., letters of

Parker, Hen.
-, Jane, widow of
-, Henry and Anne, children of
-, Capt. John
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Dr. Jno.
-, proposals by
-, Ralph, letters to
-, Wm.
-, Mr., references to

Parkett, Wm., bond of

Parliament, the see also Lords, House of; Commons, House of.
-, Acts or Bills in
-, alluded to (March 1654)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, (June)
-, (July)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, affection or adherence to
-, agent of
-, army or forces see also Army.
-, certificate to
-, Chamber, Middle Temple
-, clerks, &c. of see also Scobell, Hen.
-, petitions of
-, committees of
-, order of
-, reference by
-, reports of
-, committee of, petitions in
-, letter to
-, declaration of
-, disaffection or opposition to
-, fleet see also Fleet, the.
-, grants by
-, house
-, members of
-, elections for
-, committee for
-, narrative addressed to
-, orders of
-, orders, ordinances, and votes of, alluded to (March 1654)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, (June)
-, (July)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, (1654 ?)
-, petitions to
-, alluded to
-, commissioners for
-, orders of
-, quarters
-, report to
-, alluded to
-, rolls in
-, services or to
-, Speaker of, see Lenthall, Wm.
-, subjects referred to

Parliament, the late
-, Acts of
-, committee of, clerks, &c. of
-, declarations of, alluded to
-, dissolution of
-, orders and votes, &c. of
-, alluded to
-, petitions to, alluded to
-, printing for
-, references of, alluded to
-, reports of, alluded to

Parnell, Eliz., petition of
-, husband of

Parsons, Major Thos.
-, Sir Wm.
-, Dame Katherine, his wife

Paske, Thos., D.D.

Passengers, search of

Passes or safe-conducts

Paterson, John, certificate of

Pateson, Edw.
-, letters of
-, petition of

Paul, Ant.
-, Wm.
-, petition of

Pauluzzi, Signor

Pauncefoot, Tracy

Payler, Geo., Navy Commissioner and Ordnance officer
-, letters of

Payne, Chris., letter of
-, John

Peacock, Capt.

Peak Manor, co. Derby

Peale, Martin
-, wife and son of

Pearce, Abr., letter of
-, or Pearse, Capt. John
-, letters to
-, petition of

Pearse, Capt. Wm.

Pearson, Hen.
-, Jas.

Pechell, Capt. Rich.
-, petitions of

Peck, Capt. Hen.
-, brothers, &c., of
-, father of
-, petition of

Pecket, Rob., letter to

Pedmarsh, Essex


Peers, House of, see Lords.

Peirson, A., letter of
-, Capt.
-, Mr.

Pell, John, mathematical lecturer
-, wife of

Pelsent, Lewis

Pembridge, Wm.

Pembroke, Earl of, see Herbert, Phil.
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, navy agent at, see Browne, Capt. Rich.

-, county committee of
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, places in

-, Castle
-, deputy governor of
-, letter dated from
-, powder for

Pengelly Manor

Penn, Stephen
-, Mary, wife of

Penn, Wm., General of the Fleet
-, certificate by
-, letters, &c. of
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, petition of
-, squadron or fleet of

Pennoyer, Wm.
-, petitions of

Penny, Thos.

Penrice, co. Glamorgan

Penrose, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of

Penryn, Cornwall
-, mayor of

Pentland, Scotland

Penzance, Cornwall
-, mayor of

Pepper, Major

Pepys, Baron of Exchequer, Lord Chief Justic in Ireland

Percy, Algernon, Earl of Northumberland
-, order of
-, Allan, bond of
-, Chas.
-, bond of

Perdue, Geo., petition of

Perkins, J., note by
-, Rich.

Perrott, James, letters of

Persons, Amos, petition of

Perth, Scotland

Peterborough, inhabitants of, petition of
-, member for
-, minster of

Peters, Hugh
-, certificate by
-, note by

Pett, Chris., master shipwright, letters of
-, Peter, Navy Commissioner at Chatham
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, petition of
-, Capt. Phineas, clerk of the check at Chatham
-, account of
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, Phineas, shipwright at Chatham
-, letter of

Pettock, Capt. Rich., letters of

Petty Bag Office

Petworth, Sussex

Phaier or Phare, Col. Rob.

Phelps, Jno.
-, Mr.

Philip, Capt.

Philips, Jas.

Phillips, Isaac
-, or Philips, Jas.
-, Jas., of co. Cardigan
-, Jno., bond of
-, Thos., sen., letter of
-, Col.
-, surgeon

Phillis, Peter or Filie, Pierre
-, petitions of

Phips, Lieut. Wm., letter of

Physic, student of

Pickering, Chris.
-, report by
-, Edw.
-, Geo.
-, Sir Gilb.
-, as member of Council
-, Col. John
-, Wm.

Pidley church, co. Hants

Pierce, Mrs.

Pierrepoint, Fras., certificate by
-, Rob.

Piggott, Rich.
-, Wm.

Pight, Rich., letter to

Pike, Lieut.-Col.

Pile, Miles
-, petition of

Pill, the, Bristol

Pinchback, Mr.

Pinchbeck, Abra., M.A.

Pimontelli, Don

Pindar, Mat.

Pinder, Thos.


Pirates see also Brest pirates and Beach, Capt.

Pitman, Wm.

Pitson, Major Jas.
-, petitions of
-, John, letter of

Pitt, Edw.
-, Rowland
-, petitions of

Pittenweme, Scotland

Pitts, Edw.
-, John

Place, Rowland, petition of

Plague, or infection

-, ships, see Samson, &c.

Platt, John

Player, Thos.
-, of Canterbury

Pleydell, Chas.

Plumley, Capt. Robt.
-, letter of

Plumpton or Plumpstead, Mr.

Plunket, Thos.
-, widow of

-, Castle
-, prisoners in
-, custom house at
-, Fort, commander of
-, letter to
-, letters dated from
-, letters, &c. dated from
-, mayor of
-, prize officers at
-, residents at
-, ships at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, siege of
-, Sound
-, letters dated from
-, travellers from

Pocock, Mr.
-, letter to

Poe, Ant.
-, Major Wm., petition of


Pointer, Giles, petition of
-, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of

Pollard, Roger

Poltney, Mr.

Pontefract Castle
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, mayor, &c. of
-, town hall of

Pontpone, Mr.

Poole, co. Dorset
-, governor of, letter to

Poole, Capt. Jonas
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, petition of
-, Nath.
-, Joane, wife of
-, Randall, petition of
-, Wm.

Pooley, Capt.

Poor, the see also London, poor in.
-, committee for
-, complaints of
-, oppression of
-, petition on behalf of
-, relief of

Poortmans, Edm., letter of
-, John
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Pooton, Jno.
-, petition of

Pope, Thomas, Earl of Down
-, Edw.


Popleston, Ferd.

Port, Capt. Jno.


Porter, Ant., letter of
-, Endymion
-, Geo.
-, Phil.
-, Sam.
-, Mrs.

Portland Castle
-, governor of
-, engagements off
-, letter dated from
-, road
-, letters dated from
-, ships to or from

Port Lewis, France

Porto Longone, Italy

-, church wharf at
-, dockyard
-, master attendant at, see Thorowgood, Chas.
-, officers of
-, shipwright at, see Tippetts, John.
-, victualler at
-, governor of, letters to
-, harbour
-, letter dated from
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, notary of
-, prisoners at
-, prize officers at
-, residents in
-, road, letter dated from
-, ships at
-, ships building at
-, ships to or from
-, shipwrights at
-, sick and wounded at
-, stores at
-, travellers to or from

Portugal, ambassador from
-, horses and goods of
-, servants of
-, merchants trading to
-, peace with
-, ships to or from

-, ship

-, fines
-, horses
-, journeys by
-, master general, see also Stanhope, Charles, Lord.
-, masters
-, office or posts
-, committee for
-, farmers of see also Manley, John.
-, foreign
-, officers of
-, rates or postage
-, stages

Pott, Thos., certificate of
-, deposition of

Potter, Hugh
-, Jas.
-, petition of
-, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of
-, Sarah
-, children of
-, messenger

Poulter, Rich., ordnance officer, letters of

Povall, Jno., deposition of

Powell, Sir Edw.
-, Dame Mary, wife and heirs of
-, Jas., navy agent at Bristol, letter of
-, payments to
-, petitions of
-, Jno.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, John, surgeon, letter of
-, Owen

Poyer, Jno., mayor of Pembroke
-, certificate by

Poyner, Geo.

Pratt or Prague, Mr.

Preachers, see Ministers.

Prebends, rural, bill on

Predmore, Erasmus

Prerogative Treasury



Prescott, Edw.
-, Thos.

Preston, co. Dorset
-, co. Lancaster
-, co. Rutland

Preston, Isaac
-, deposition of
-, petition of

Prettiman, Mr.

Pretty, Col. Hen.

Price, Sir John
-, petition of
-, Meredith
-, Rich., letter to

Prichard, John

Pride, Col. Thos.
-, letter to
-, regiment of

Prideaux, Edm., Attorney-general
-, as master of the posts
-, certificates by
-, alluded to
-, letter of
-, reports of


Primate, Hum., petitions of
-, Josiah, petitions of

Primrose, Geo.
-, Dr. Jas., certificate of

Princess Royal, see Mary.

Printing, regulation of

Prisoners, Act, &c. for, see Creditors.


Prisons, committee for

Privileges, committee of

Privy Seal

Prize goods
-, commissioners for or collectors of
-, agent of
-, certificate by
-, clerk of
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, references to
-, report of
-, statement by
-, warrants to
-, alluded to
-, embezzlement of
-, receipt from
-, sale of
-, treasury of
-, money
-, payments from
-, treasurer of
-, office
-, clerks, &c.
-, letters dated from
-, officers
-, letters, &c., of

Prize ships or prizes, and casual notices, passim.
-, money taken in
-, sale of
-, tenths of, payments from

Probate of wills
-, Act for
-, court of
-, judges of
-, officers, &c. of
-, Ordinances for
-, treasurer for, see Sankey, Lieut.Col. Rich.

Proby, Hen.

Proctor, Jno.

Protestant interests
-, minister
-, religion
-, strangers


Prower, John

Prudes, John

Prynne, M.

Public debts see also State, debts of.
-, committee for
-, certificate by

Public faith bills and debentures
-, counterfeiting of
-, revenues, see Revenue.

Puckering, Jane, case of

Puliston, John, Judge of Common Pleas

Pullen, City Rememberancer

Puller, Isaac

Pulman, Mr.

Purbright, Surrey

Purdoe, Hen.

Purnell, Ezekiah

Purser, blockmaker

Purver, John, letter of

Putney, co. Surrey, churchwardens and inhabitants of, petition of

Pye, Sir Robt., senr.
-, Sir Rob., jun.
-, petition of

Pyle, Rich.

Pym, Wm.



Queen, the, see Henrietta Maria.

Queensferry, Scotland

Quick, John

Quinborow or Queenborough, letter dated from
-, ships at
-, ships to or from


Rabinet, Rich., petition of
-, Thos.
-, certificate by

Raby, Durham

Raddon, Edw., letter of


Raglan garrison, co. Monmouth

Rainbow, Dr. Edw.

Rainsborough, Col.

Ralegh, Geo.
-, petitions of

Raleigh, Carew

Ramsey, John

Rance, Capt. Wm,, petition of
-, father-in-law of

Rand, Wm., letter of

Randall, Sir Edw.
-, Vincent, son of, petition of
-, Mr.

Rands, Edw.

Ranelagh, Viscount and Lady Katherine, see Jones.

Ransoe, Hen.

Ratcliffe, Middlesex, resident at
-, ships building at
-, sick and wounded at

Ratisbon, letter dated from

Raven, Sam., certificate of

Ravensworth Castle, letter dated from

Rawdon, Geo.
-, Major Geo.

Rawdon, co. York

Rawlings, Rob., letters of

Rawlinson, Luke, request by

Raworth, Rich., signature of

Ray, John, petition of

Rayment, Hum.
-, Katherine, widow of, petition of
-, John

Raynes, John

Raynham, co. Kent

Read or Reade, Jno.
-, Nich., letter of
-, Rich.
-, shipbuilder

Reader, Nich.
-, Mr.

Readhead, Thos.

Reading, Jno.
-, Thos.
-, letter of
-, proposals of
-, Wm., petition of

Reading, Berks.
-, minister of
-, siege of
-, stables at, surveyor of

Reaps, Lieut. Wm.

Receiver-general, see Falconbridge, Thos.

Record Office library, collection of Acts in

Recusancy, sequestration for

-, estates of

Redcastle, Wales
-, justice of peace at

Rednett, Augustine

Redriff, resident at

Redriff, Thos.

Reepham or Repeam, co. Norfolk
-, residents in, certificate of

Reeve, Geo.

Regamorter, Mr.

Reidby, Scotland

Reigate manor, Kent

Reinolds, minister

-, commissioners for
-, disturbance of

Renfrew, Scotland

Repeam, see Reepham.

Report, the (ship)
-, crew of, petition of
-, owners, &c., of, petition of

Reprisal, letters of, see Marque and reprisal.

Requests, court of
-, masters of see also Long, Lisle.

Revenue, the
-, charges on
-, committee or commissioners for
-, orders of
-, references to
-, report by
-, solicitor of
-, warrant of
-, alluded to
-, debts due to
-, Ordinances for
-, payments by
-, receiver-general of, see Falconbridge, Thos.

Reymans, Adrian, alias Tombouryn

Reynolds, Dr. Edw.
-, Jas. letter of
-, commissary general

Rheims, parliament at

Rheingrave, the, Charles Louis, Elector Palatine

Rhelius, Joachim George

Rhocester, surgeon

Rhodes, Sir Edw.
-, Hen.

Rich, Robt., Earl of Warwick
-, Robert, his grandchild
-, Henry, Earl of Holland
-, Robert, Lord Kensington, pass for

Rich, Charles
-, petition of
-, Jeremy
-, Col. Nath.
-, letter of
-, Robt.
-, Capt. Step.

Richard, John, petition of

Richards, Hercules, certificate of
-, Col. Solomon, petition of
-, Mr.

Richardson, Sam.

Richart, Phil.

Richaut, Sir Peter, sons of

Rickson, Wm.

Ricroft, Thos.

Riddell, Jas.
-, petition of

Rider, Mr., of Essex

Ridge or Ridges, Wm.
-, bill of

Ridley, Thos.
-, petitions of
-, Mr.

Rieveley, John

Riff, the, ships on

Rigby, Alice
-, Beatrice
-, Jos.
-, Col.

Riley, Hen., consul at Aleppo
-, letters to

Rinlaw, Mr.

Riveley, Thos.

River, the, see Thames.

Rivers, Earl of, see Savage, Jno.

Roach Forest, co. Somerset

Robard, Ant.

Robartes, John, Lord Robartes of Truro
-, son of and brother, pass for

Roberts, David
-, Joan, widow of
-, reference to
-, Sir Wm.
-, Mr.

Robins, Mr.

Robinson, Edw.
-, Hen.
-, letters of
-, Jas.
-, John
-, John, (mariner)
-, letter of
-, Pierce
-, Ralph see also Granger, Abr.
-, receipt by
-, Rich., petition of
-, Capt. Rob., letter of
-, Thos., bookseller of Oxford
-, Thos., mariner, deposition of
-, Thos., (smith)
-, Lieut.-Col.
-, Major

Roche, Paul
-, Mr.

-, notary at
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

-, ships of
-, storehouse at

Rock, Polycarpus

Rockwell, Nath., petition of

Rodd, Jas.

Rodes, alias Coleman, Hen.

Rodolphus, Jane, information of

Rodren, John

Roe ketch, officers of, petition of

Roebotham, Mr.

Rogers, Jno.
-, Rich., assignments to

Rolfe, Major Edm., petition of
-, Mr.

Rolle, Hen., Lord Chief Justice of the Upper Bench
-, as Commissioner of the Treasury
-, petition to
-, references to

Rolling Ground, ships in

Rolls, the Master of see also Lenthall, Wm.

Rolt, Ed.

Roman Catholics

"Romer months,"

Romish inquisition
-, religion

Romney, Kent

Rood, Edw.
-, Marg., petition of

Roope, Gilb
-, petition of

Roper, Edw.
-, Geo., letter of

Rose, John, petition of
-, Capt. Step., letter of

Rosebush (ship), officers of, letter of

Rosewell, Walter

Roseworm, Lieut.-Col. John, engineer-general
-, petition of, committee on
-, wife of

Roshe, Chris.

Rosington, Fras.

Ross, Scotland

Rosse, George and family, pass for
-, Thos.
-, petition of

Rothes, Earl of, see Leslie, John.

Rothsay, Scotland

Rothwell, Jas.

-, magistrate of
-, merchant of
-, ships of, taken prize
-, ships to

-, merchants of
-, ships of
-, ships to

Rountree, Ralph, letter of

Rourke, Walter

Rous or Rouse, Ant.
-, Col. Ant.
-, as member of Council
-, letter to
-, report of, alluded to
-, Fras.
-, Rich.
-, Rob.

Rousseau, John

Row or Rowe, Col. Fras.
-, Jane, widow of
-, John
-, Mary
-, Owen, representation of
-, Wm.
-, certificate by
-, payments to
-, Wm. clerk

Rowdon, Rich.

Rowland, Rich.

Rowlewright Magna, co. Warwick

Rowley, Alex.
-, petition of

Rows, Jacob, petition of

Rowth, minister

Roxborough, Scotland

Royall, Wm.

Royston, Capt.

Rozier, Mr.

Rudd, John, petition of

Ruddock, Wm.

Rugeley, John, deposition by
-, or Rudgley, Col. Simon
-, information of
-, petitions of
-, regiment of
-, request by

Rullington, co. York, papers dated from

Rupert, Prince Palatine
-, fleet or ships of
-, captures by

Rusco, France

Rushworth, Jno.

Russell, William, Earl of Bedford
-, Capt. Gar., certificate of
-, John
-, Lancelot, certificate by
-, Thos., letter of
-, Sir Wm.
-, Mr.

Russia, Emperor of (Alexis Michaelowitch)
-, agent of
-, letter to, alluded to

-, company trading to
-, committee on
-, ships to
-, trade with

Rutherglen, Scotland

Rutland, Earl of, see Manners, Jno

Rutlandshire, places in

Rye, Sussex, customs' officers at
-, elections in, writ for
-, exports from
-, letter dated from
-, magistrate of, letter to
-, ships at, to, or from
-, travellers to or from

Ryley, Mat.
-, letter to
-, Wm., clerk of the Tower records
-, note by

Rymer, Ralph
-, certificates of

Ryves, Dr., Brune