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Pages 668-677

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Saa, Don Pantaleone de

Sabbath, see Lord's day.

Sacheverell, Capt. Ben., letters of
-, Capt. Theo., letters of

Sadelton, Mr.

Sadler, Ant.
-, T.

Sadlington, Capt. Wm.

Safety and examinations, committee of

Safford, Jas.

St. Abb's head

St. Andrew's, co. Fife
-, co. Glamorgan
-, cross, Scotland

St. Asaph, bishop of (late)

St. Christopher's

St. Helen's point, letter dated from

St. Ives, Cornwall, letters dated from

St. John, Oliver, Earl of Bolingbroke
-, Oliver, Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas
-, as commissioner of the Treasury
-, letter to

St. Johnston's, Scotland

St. Lambert, Baron of

St. Lucas

St. Malo
-, English in
-, French at
-, merchants of or at
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

St. Martin's

St. Michael's, New Malton, co. York

St. Neots, Hunts

St. Sebastian's
-, English in, certificate of
-, ships of

St. Valery, ships to or from

St. Vincent, Cape

Saite, Lieut. Griffin, letters of

Salcy Forest, co. Northampton

Salesbury, E., letter of

Salisbury, Earl of, see Cecil, Wm.
-, or Sarum, Bishop of

Salkeld, John, letter of

Salmon, Edw.
-, Thos., petition of
-, Capt. Thos.
-, children of
-, Wm.

Salt, excise on

Saltpetre, digging for
-, making of

Salvetti, Amerigo

Salway, Major Rich.
-, letter to

Samford, Lieut.

Samson, Salvadore, and George, or the silver or plate ships

Samson, Wm.

Sanders or Saunders, Capt., Gab., letters of
-, Wm., letter of
-, Major
-, letter to

Sanderson, John
-, Elizabeth, widow of, petition of
-, Capt. Nich.
-, Rutland
-, Col.

Sandford, Mr. J. P., of Essex

Sandgate Castle, Kent

Sands, Geo.

-, mayor, &c. of
-, prison at

Sanford Castle

Sankey, Mary
-, Lieut.-Col. Rich., or Thos., treasurer of probate of wills
-, warrants to
-, Capt. Thos., certificate of
-, letters of

Sansum, Capt. Rob., certificate of
-, letters of

Santoft Church

Sargeant, Sam.

Sargent, Wm., see Serjant.

Sargentson, Thos.

Sarum, Bishop of, see Salisbury.

Saterly, Suffolk

Satisfaction, the (ship), officers, &c. of

Saumur merchant

Saunders, Capt. Gab., see Sanders.
-, Jno.
-, Capt. Rob., letters of
-, Thos.
-, Capt. Thos., letter of
-, Col., letter to

Saunderson, Thos.

Savage, John, Earl of Rivers
-, Thomas, Lord Savage
-, petition of

Savile, Joanna, petition of
-, John

Savoy Hospital (London), see Ely House and Savoy.
-, surgeon of

Sawry, John

Sawyer, Jos.

Say and Sele, Lord, see Fiennes, William.
-, Mr.

Sayers, Steph.
-, bill of
-, petition of

Scale, Jonathan
-, Rich.


-, bailiffs of
-, petition of
-, Castle
-, letters dated from
-, member for
-, Road, letter dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Scarborough, Mat.

Scarrow, Major

Schiedam, Holland

Schoolmasters, Ordinances for

Schools, Ordinance for

Scilly Isles
-, governor of
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

Scobell, Hen., clerk of parliament, and clerk of the council
-, letter to
-, references to
-, report by

Scotcher, Rich., petition of

Scottistarset, Scotland, resident at

-, arms, Hague
-, Act or Ordinance of grace and pardon for
-, affairs or business of, see Scotch affairs.
-, assessments or taxes in
-, boroughs in
-, chancery court in
-, church of
-, coasts of
-, commander-in-chief in, see Monk, Gen.
-, late, see Lilburne, Col. Rob.
-, commissioners of Parliament in
-, reference to
-, commodities for or from
-, fines and compositions of
-, counties or shires of
-, members for
-, courts baron in
-, crown of
-, customs in
-, debtors in
-, committee for
-, delinquents in, estates of
-, fines and compositions of
-, donatives in
-, Earl Marshal of, see Keith, Wm.
-, ecclesiastical matters in, commissioners for
-, Estates in, or of
-, exchequer in, clerk of
-, forts in
-, government of
-, great seal of
-, Highlands in
-, imports and exports of
-, isles of
-, King of, see Charles II.
-, judges in
-, salary of
-, justice in, commissioners for administering
-, commissions to
-, letter of
-, court of
-, lands in
-, confiscated
-, trustees of
-, laws of
-, lectures in
-, Lowlands of
-, magistrates in
-, maps of
-, ministers of, in, to, or from
-, nobles and gentry of
-, fines on
-, north of
-, offices in
-, Ordinances for
-, parliament of, Acts of
-, members of
-, elections of
-, passes to
-, people of, or in
-, places in
-, rebellion in
-, rebels in
-, records of
-, revenue of
-, sequestrations in, commissioners for
-, services in
-, sessions, court of, lords, judge, &c. of
-, sheriffs in
-, ships in, to or from
-, ships of
-, synods in
-, travellers to or from
-, treasurers of
-, treasury of
-, union of, with England
-, universities in
-, vassalage in
-, war in or with
-, west of
-, Western Isles of

Scotland, English army or forces in or sent to
-, commander-in-chief of, see Monk, General.
-, late, see Lilburne, Col. Rob.
-, commanders of
-, commissaries of
-, contingencies for
-, garrisons of
-, governors of
-, pay of
-, money or pay for
-, officers of
-, regimental chaplains in
-, stores or provisions for

Scots, Scottish, and Scotch
-, affairs
-, committee on also Irish and Scotch Committee (late).
-, references to
-, ale
-, army
-, commissioners
-, fines
-, gentry, see Scotland, nobles and gentry of.
-, invasion
-, King, see Charles II.
-, lords
-, measure
-, ministers
-, money
-, prisoners

Scott, Francis, 2nd Earl of Buccleugh
-, lady Mary, his daughter
-, Sir Jno., ancestors of
-, petition of
-, James, grandson of
-, Theop.
-, Thos., master attendant at Deptford
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Mr.
-, 9 gentlemen of the name of, petition of

Scripture, see Bible.

Scrope, Col. Adrian
-, letters of

Scudamore, Sir Barnaby

Scutt, Rich.
-, payments to

Seabright, Sir Edw.

Seagrave, Papist


Seaman, Capt. Edm., certificate by
-, petition of
-, Capt. John, letters of
-, Dr. Lazarus, master of Peterhouse, Cambridge
-, petitions of
-, as vice-chancellor of Cambridge, letter to

Seamen, see Mariners.

Seavern, Mr.

Seckmurther, co. Cumberland

Seddon, Capt. Rob., letters of

Sedgwick, Capt. or Major Robt.
-, letters of

Sedley, Wm.

Seed, Mr.

Sehstedt, Hannibal, lord of Norargergard

Seine Head, France

Selby, Sir Wm.
-, wife of

Selden, John

Selkirk, Scotland

Senior, J.

Senthill, Christian Paul

Sequestered persons, Ordinance for

Sequestration Commissioners
-, county
-, salaries of

Serjant or Sargent, Wm.
-, letters of

Serjeant-at-arms, see Dendy, Edw.
-, deputy

Serjeants-at-law, see also Bradshaw, John; Glanville, Sir John; Glynn, John; Steele, Wm.; Whitelock, Bulstrode; Widrington, Sir Thos.

Serle, Mr.

Seton, Alexander, 6th Earl of Eglington

Severn, the
-, letter dated from

Sewell, Rob.
-, letters of

Sewers, commissioners for

Sexby, Col. Edw.
-, petition of
-, statements by

Seymour, Hen.
-, Mr.

Shadwell, Middlesex, Red Lion in
-, sick and wounded at

Shadwell, Thos.

Shafton, Robt., sheriff of Northumberland, letter to

Shalcross, Jno.

Shalcross, co. Derby, residents at

Shambrooke, Alice

Shamont, Thos.

Shank, Scotland

Shapcote, Rob.

Shapman, Capt. Jno.

Sharp, Joan
-, Mr.

Shaw, John and wife
-, Jno., shipmaster
-, petition of
-, Robt.

Sheffield, Edmund, Earl of Mulgrave
-, as member of council
-, certificate by

Sheild, Wm.

Sheldon, Jos., petitions of
-, Wm., letter of

Sheldrake or Shildrake, Wm.
-, certificate by

Shelley, Capt. Giles
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Sheppard, John, examination of

Sheppey, isle of, Kent, ships to or from

Sheriffs see also England, counties of.
-, accounts of
-, court of
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, orders to
-, writs to, alluded to

Sherman, Mary
-, husband of

Sherwin, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, Rich.
-, letter of
-, Mr.

Sherwood forest, co, Notts


Shewell, Thos.
-, letters of

Shields, ships at

Shilburne, Major Thos., regiment of, petition of

Shildrake, Wm., see Sheldrake.

Shipdham, Sam.

Ship money

Ships, casual notices, passim.
-, building of
-, Act as to
-, calling in of
-, commanders or officers of
-, appointment of
-, Eastern guard
-, fire
-, impress of
-, lists of
-, merchant
-, hire of
-, men-of-war
-, papers relating to
-, pickeroons
-, plate, see Samson, &c.
-, privateers
-, repairs of
-, revolted
-, sale of
-, search of
-, summer guard
-, list of
-, victuallers
-, victualling of
-, western squadron
-, winter guard

Shipton, Roger, examination of

Shish, Jonas
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, letter to

Shoe, the, letter dated from

Shoreham, magistrate of, letter to

Shorthand, notes in

Shorting, Thos.


Shropshire, place in

Shute, Rich., petition of

Shuter, Hen.

Sibtharp, Solomon


Siddall, see Syddall.



Silke, Jno.
-, letter of

Silver in or from prizes
-, ships, see Samson, &c.

Silverton, co. Devon

Silverton, Ralph

Silvester, minister

Simes, John

Simons, Thos.

Simpson, John, (prisoner)
-, wife and children of
-, Renoard
-, Sydrach

Sinclair, Scotland
-, Castle

Sinclair, John, 6th Lord Sinclair

Sinnot, of Wexford

Sinodalls, Ordinance concerning

Sito, letter dated from

Skewes, Stephen, letters of

Skin, John
-, Anne, widow of

Skippon, Maj.-Gen.
-, as member of Council
-, letter to

Skipton Castle, co. York

Skitson, Mr.

Skye, isle of

Skynnon, Thos., letters of

Sladden, Jas., see Gladden.

Slingsby, Sir Thos.
-, sons of, Thomas and Henry, pass for

Smalle, the, letter dated from

Smallwood, Thos.

Smart, Peter

Smith, Cleopas, petition of
-, Capt. Edm.
-, letters of
-, Edw., deposition of
-, petition of
-, Edw., carpenter
-, Eliz.
-, Fras.
-, or Smyth, Geo.
-, commission to
-, letter of
-, Geo., of London, letter of
-, Hen.
-, or Smythe, Capt. Jer.
-, letters of
-, John
-, John, of Mersey Island
-, John, prisoner
-, John surgeon
-, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, Capt. Jos.
-, parents of
-, petitions of
-, Nich.
-, Phil.
-, petition of
-, Rich.
-, Rob., certificate of
-, Saml.
-, Sebastian
-, Selnanes
-, Solomon
-, letter of
-, Thos.
-, deposition of
-, Thos., master of Trinity House, petition of
-, Thos., Navy commissioner, letters of
-, letters, &c. to
-, Capt. Thos.
-, Wm.
-, letter of
-, Wm., blockmaker
-, Wm. of Guildford, deposition of
-, Capt.
-, Mr.

Smithsby, Thos.
-, Wm.

Smithson, Nich.

Smyrna, Basha at
-, consul at, see Bretton, Spencer.
-, factors at
-, leviation on cloth at
-, minister at or from
-, ships to or from
-, treasurer at

Smyth, Geo., petition of, see also Smith.
-, Robt., certificate of
-, Thos.

Smythe, Capt. Jer., see Smith.

Snape, And.
-, petition of

Soake, co. Hants

Soapmakers, complaint and petition of

-, allowed to trade
-, arrears of, see also Forests, four.
-, debentures of
-, dragoons, raising of
-, free quartering of
-, killed
-, widows and children of
-, committee on
-, life guard, see Cromwell, guards of.
-, payments to
-, sent on shipboard
-, sick, maimed, and wounded
-, treasurers for
-, tickets of

Solicitor-General, see Ellis, Wm.

Solicitors, false

Solms, Count

Somerdyke, Mr.

Somerfield, Wm.

Somerset, Henry, 10th Earl of Worcester
-, Edward, 11th Earl of Worcester
-, petition of
-, Margaret, Countess of Worcester, petition of
-, Henry, Lord Herbert
-, Sir Chas.

Somersetshire, justices of peace for
-, places in
-, sheriff of

Somersham, co. Hunts

Somes, Sir Step.
-, Peter, son of

Sorman, Capt. John, certificate of

Sound, the
-, ships in, to, or from

Soundings, the

Southall, Lord, commission to

-, Dutch prisoners at
-, governor of, letter to
-, letter dated from
-, mayor of
-, prisoners in
-, residents in
-, ships at
-, sick and wounded at

South Cape

Southern Cape

Southes, Edw.
-, petition of

Southwark (Surrey)
-, bailiffs of
-, burgesses of, election of
-, constables in
-, inhabitants of, petitions of
-, Marshalsea in, see Marshalsea.
-, mealmen in, grievances of
-, petition of
-, members for, election of
-, prisoners in
-, sessions' house in
-, trained band in

Southwell, Chas.

Southwold, Suffolk
-, bay

Southwood, Capt. Hen.
-, letter of
-, Jno., examination of
-, Rich., letter of

Spa or Spaw, Germany
-, passes to

Spain, King of, or the Spaniard (Philip II.)
-, ambassador of
-, commissioners to treat with

-, enmity with
-, export of arms to
-, Irish tories sent to
-, laws of
-, letters of marque against
-, ministers of
-, shi s to or from
-, travellers to or from
-, wines from


Spanish army
-, corsair
-, money
-, seas
-, tobacco
-, wine, see Spain, wine from.
-, wool

Sparkhurst, Capt. Anth., see Spatchurst.

Sparling, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of

Sparrow, John
-, letter of

Spatchurst or Sparkhurst, Capt. Ant.
-, letters of

Spau, see Spa.

Spencer, Rich., petition of
-, Wm.
-, wife of

Spiller, John
-, letter of

Spithead, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Spittlehouse, Jno.
-, petition of

Splinter, the

Spratt, Thos., certificate by

Sprigg, Thos., letters to

Sprint, Zach.

Spurm, the
-, letter dated from

Spynie, Lord, see Lindsay.

Squibb, Art., jun.
-, Edm., petition of
-, Lawrence, petition of
-, Mr.

Staden, ship of

Stafford, Lady Mary

-, Lord, see Howard.

Staffordshire, committee for assessments in
-, places in

Stalham, Jno.

Stamboline, Lewis

Stamford, Earl of, see Grey.

Stamford, Chas.

Standen, John
-, Rich.
-, receipts by
-, Wm., petitions of

Standish, Jas.

Stanhope, Philip, 1st Earl of Chesterfield
-, Anne, Countess of Chesterfield
-, Charles, Lord Stanhope, master of the posts

Stanley, Charlotte, Countess of Derby
-, Edw.
-, petition of
-, Geo.
-, Nich.

Stannion, Chas.

Stanton Harcot, co. Oxford

Stapleton, Hen.
-, Sir Phil.

Starke, Capt., John

Starkey, Phil., payments to

Starling, Mr.

Start, the

State, the, or Commonwealth
-, arms of
-, barges of, master of
-, counsel of, see also counsel at law.
-, debts of, see also Public debts.
-, debts due to
-, enemies to
-, frauds committed on, see also Public faith bills, and Warrants, counterfeit.
-, goods for
-, houses of
-, lands of, see also Charles I., lands of.
-, money of concealed, see also Discoveries.
-, revenues of, see also Revenue.
-, secretaries of (late)
-, services to
-, watermen of

States General, see Holland, States General of.

Staverton Manor, co. Devon

Stayner, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of

Staynings, Chas.

Steed, forger

Steele, Wm., serjeant-at-law, Recorder of London

Stephens, Edw.
-, Major Phil.

Stephenson, Thos.

Stepney, John, letter of
-, Sir Jno.

Stepney, Middlesex, letter dated from

Stepwell, John

Sterry, Peter
-, certificates by

Sterum, Count of

Stevens, Anne, petition of
-, Hum., petition of
-, Jas.
-, petition of

Steventon, Kenrick, letter of
-, St. John
-, letter of
-, Wm., letter of

Steward, Capt., Wm.

Stidolf, Wm.

Stifford, Essex, minister of

Stile, Jas., petition of

Stirling, Scotland
-, castle

Stirling, Countess of, see Alexander.

Stisted, Edw., letter of

Stoakes or Stokes, Capt. Jno., Rear-admiral
-, certificate by
-, letters of

Stockdale, Col. Geo.
-, wife of
-, Mr.

Stocker, Hen.


Stoke Dalborne, Surrey
-, hall, Ipswich, letter dated from
-, near Guildford, co. Surrey

Stokenchurch, co. Oxford

Stokes' bay, letters, &c. dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Stokes, Adm., see Stoakes.
-, Rich., letter of

Stone, Edw.
-, John
-, Capt. John
-, Sir Rob.

Stonehouse, co. Devon

Stopford church

Story, Capt. Rob.

Stourton, Edw., letter of

Stowe, John

Stowell, Sir Jno.

Straits, the
-, Dutch in
-, ships in, to, or from

Stralsund (Sweden), ships of

Strange, Capt. John

Strangers, see Aliens.

Stratford, Essex

Stratton Michael, co. Norfolk, inhabitants of, petition of

Strelley, Geo.

Stretham, co. Cambridge

Strickland, Walter
-, as member of Council
-, wife of, see Morgan, Lady.

Stringer, Ralph
-, petition of

Stroud, co. Gloucester, minister of

Strudwick, Mr.

Stuart, Henry, see Henry Duke of Gloucester.

Stucley, Lewis

Style, Jas., petition of
-, Wm., request by

Styles, Wm.

Subpna Office, see Chancery.

Subsidies, see Assessments.

-, Earl of, see Howard.
-, cheese
-, justices for
-, places in

Suggeke, Major

Sunderland, ships to and from
-, water bailiff of
-, Wear at

Supremacy, oath of

Surgeons, certificates of
-, names of

-, gaol of, keeper of
-, judges of assize for, letter to
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, places in
-, poor in
-, residents in
-, sheriffs of
-, woodward for

Surveyor-General, see Webb, Col. Wm.


-, places in

Sutherland, Scotland

Sutton, co. Dorset

Swan, Jas., letter of
-, Thos.

Swanley, Capt., Geo.
-, Capt. Rich., executors of, petition of
-, Capt. Robt.
-, petitions of

Swansea bay

Swanson, Wm., examination of

Swanton Morley, co. Norfolk

Swearing, suppression of

Swede, a

Sweden or Swedeland
-, ambassador to, see Whitelock, B.
-, commissioners from
-, peace with
-, ships of

Swedish gentleman
-, iron
-, treaty

Swenton, Mr.

Swetman, Mr.

Swett, Phineas

Swinborne, Rich.

Swinley Rails Walk, Windsor

Swinn, the, ships in

Swinney, co. Suffolk

Swinton, Jno.

Swinton, Scotland, laird of

Swiss, a

Syddall or Siddall, Mat.
-, examinations of

Sydenham, Sir Edw.
-, Major Fras.
-, Major Jno.
-, Capt. Thos., petitions of
-, payments to
-, society called after
-, Col. Wm.
-, as commissioner of the Treasury
-, as member of Council
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, petition to

Sydney, Philip, Viscount Lisle
-, as member of Council
-, Col. Rob.

Symball, Hen.
-, petition of

Symonds, Capt. John, letter of
-, Thos.

Sympson, Alex.
-, petition of

Synnago, Barbary

Synod, arguments for

Syon, Moses

Syon House, Middlesex