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Pages 677-682

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Tabb's Head

Tadder, Thos.

Tain, Scotland

Talbot, Thos.

Tandy, Phil.

Tanner, Dr.

Tapestry or hangings

Taplie, Josias

Tapson, Rich.

Tarleton, Capt. Edw.
-, letters of
-, Capt. Mich., letters of

Tarnebut, barony of, Scotland

Tasborough, co. Norfolk, inhabitants of, petition of

Tasborough, Wm.
-, petition of

Tatnam, Wm.

Tatnell, John, letter of
-, Rob.
-, Capt. Valentine, junr.
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Tattenhall castle, co. Lincoln

Taunton castle
-, St. James's in

Taunton, Thos., letters of

Taxes, see Assessments.

Taylor, Ant.
-, Chas.
-, letters of
-, Dan., representation of
-, Jas.
-, Capt. John, master shipwright at Chatham
-, letters of
-, Capt. John, of the Lizard
-, letter of
-, Capt. Jonathan
-, Capt. Robt.
-, letters of
-, Sam.
-, Capt. Thos., certificate of
-, Mr., Bedfordshire
-, minister
-, Capt.

Tayn River, Scotland

Tempest, Rich.
-, petition of

Temple, Dame Christian
-, Col. Jas.
-, Sir Peter, Bart.
-, creditors of
-, Sir Rich., Bart.
-, deposition of
-, letter of
-, request by
-, Thos.. D.D.

Tennis courts

Tenths, see Tithes.

Terry, Capt. Jas.
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Texel, the ships in, to, or from

Thacker, Wm.

Thames, the, or the river
-, abuses on
-, ships in
-, ships to or from

Thanksgiving days

Thaxter, Hen.

Thearverton manor, co. Devon

Theobalds' house and park, Cheshunt

Thetford, Chas.

Thetford, co. Norfolk, mayor, &c. of, petition of
-, posts to or from

Thew, Wm., petition of

Thomas, Capt. Browne
-, John, letter of
-, Wm., wardrobe keeper

Thomas Bonadventure (ship), company of, petition of

Thompson or Thomson, Capt. Edm.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Fras.
-, proposals of
-, John
-, Maurice, petitions of
-, Robert
-, letter of
-, petitions of
-, Major or Col. Rob., Navy Commissioner
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, Thos.
-, Margaret, widow of
-, Capt. Thos.
-, certificate by
-, letters of
-, request by
-, Walter
-, Wm.
-, Wm., of Edinburgh, petition of
-, Wm, servant
-, Wm., clerk
-, Mr.

Thorne, Peter

Thorney, co. Cambridge

Thornhill, Edw., petition of

Thornton, Thos., petition of

Thorowgood, Chas., master attendant at Portsmouth
-, letters of
-, Sir Jno.
-, petition of
-, Thos.

Thorpe, Fras., Baron of the Exchequer
-, reports of
-, Col. Robt., prisoner

Thosume, Scotland

Throckmorton, Sir Rob.

Thurloe, John, secretary to Council
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, reference to
-, warrant of, alluded to

Thursby, Rich.

Thurston, Lieut. Rich., Capt. Rich, examination of

Tibbs, Mr.

Tichborne, Ald. Rob.
-, representation of
-, Sir Rob, letter of

Tidbury, horses at

Tiderleigh, Nath.
-, petition of

Tidwell Farm, co. Kent.

Tihurst, J.

Tilbury Hope, or the Hope, Essex
-, letters dated from
-, ships at
-, ships to or from

Tilson, Hen.
-, John, petition of

-, felling of
-, for the navy
-, preservation of
-, spoil of

Timilege castle, Ireland

Tippetts, John, master shipwright at Portsmouth
-, letter of

Tirrell, Wm., see Tyrrell.

Tirringham, Wm.

Tithes, or tenths
-, committee for

Tiverton, co. Devon
-, inhabitants of, petitions of
-, minister of

-, English
-, planting of
-, Ordinance prohibiting
-, commissioners for
-, letter to

Toddenham, co. Gloucester

Tombes, Jno.
-, answer of
-, petitions of

Tombouryn, alias Reymans, Adrian

Tomkins, Thos.

Tomlinson, Col. Mat.

Tompkins, Mr., of London

Tonnage and poundage

Tooke, Jas.

Tooly, Jacob

Topsham, co. Devon, inhabitants of
-, petition of
-, minister of
-, sheaf of

Torbay, co. Devon


Torrington, Great, co. Devon

Tovey, Saml.

Toulon, Dutch ships at
-, ships of

Tower of London
-, accounts of
-, armoury in
-, workmen in
-, arms, &c. delivered at, in, or out of
-, establishment of
-, goods in
-, gunners in
-, letters dated from
-, liberty, prisoners in
-, lieutenant of, see Berkstead, Col. John.
-, mint in, see Mint.
-, money in or from
-, officers in
-, salaries of
-, committee on, references to
-, ordnance office in, see Ordnance Office.
-, payments for
-, powder in
-, prisoners in
-, escape of
-, exchange of
-, release of
-, report on
-, records in
-, clerk of, see Ryley, Wm.
-, repair of
-, stores in
-, treasury
-, warders of
-, White

Tower hill
-, navy office at
-, wharf

Towgood, Capt. Samson
-, petition of
-, services of

Town, the, see London.

Towne, Mr.

Townson, Col.

Tracey, Capt. Wm., letter of

Tracy, John, petition of

Trade or commerce
-, advancement or security of
-, council or committee of
-, orders of
-, disturbance or prejudice to

Trapana, Sicily, governor of

Trapham, Thos., surgeon
-, letter of

Trapnell, Anna or Hannah


Treasurer, Lord

Treasurers, see Ireland and Scotland, treasurers of.

Treasurers-at-War, see War, treasurers at

Treasuries or Treasury
-, officers of
-, commissioners for
-, certificate by
-, letter to
-, orders to
-, references to
-, reports of
-, alluded to
-, warrants by
-, warrants, &c. to
-, alluded to
-, payments from
-, payments into
-, (Emden), lord advocate of

Treaties, commissioners for

Tregantle, Cornwall

Trent, the

Trestean, John

Trevell, Step., petition of

Trevilian, Joan

Trevor, Sir Jno.

Tricks, Greg.

Trinity House, Deptford Strond, committee of
-, masters of, petition of

-, ships of

Trotter, Robt.

Trumpeters, payment to


Tucker, Capt. Ant.
-, certificate of
-, Peter, petition of

Tuckney, Dr. Ant., master of St. John's College, Cambridge, letter to
-, petition of

Tudor, Thos.
-, petition of
-, family

Tullibardine, Earl of, see Murray.

-, captives at
-, consul at
-, Dey, &c. of
-, letter to
-, merchants trading to
-, ships of

Tunnick, Holstein

Tunsbury, Norway

Turgis, Eliz.
-, Mr.

Turke, Mr.

Turkey, Grand Seignor of (Mahomed IV.)

Turkey carpets
-, company, see Levant Company.

Turks, the
-, ships of

Turner, Geo., petition of
-, Methuselah, letter of
-, Rich.
-, petition of
-, Thos., Navy commissioners' clerk
-, certificate by
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, notes of
-, petition of
-, Dr.
-, Mr.
-, privateer

Turpin, Rob.
-, prisoner

Tuscany, Grand Duke of (Ferdinand II. de Medici)
-, brother of

Tutching, minister

Tutty, John

Tweed, the

Twisleton, G.

Twisse, Dr. Wm.
-, children of

Tyd St. Giles, co. Cambridge

Tye, Geo.
-, petition of

Tynemouth Bar
-, letters dated from
-, harbour
-, haven, letters dated from
-, letter dated from
-, ships in, to, or from
-, ships of

Tyringham, Sir Anth.
-, Dame Magdalen

Tyrrell or Tirrell, Wm.

Tyton, Edw.


-, Commander-in-chief in
-, plantations in

Umpherty, Capt. John

Underwood, Lieut.-Col. Fras.

United provinces, see Holland.

Universities see also Oxford and Cambridge.
-, reformation of, committee for, see Council, committee of.
-, Ordinance for
-, visitors for

Upnor Castle
-, governor of
-, letter dated from

Upper Bench
-, judges of see also Aske, Rich.; Nicolas, Rob.
-, lord chief justice of, see Rolle, Hen.
-, prisoners in


Upton, Art.

Uriel, Capt. Rich.
-, petition of
-, Wm.

Ushant, letter dated from
-, ships to or from

Utrecht, traveller from

Utter, Martin


Valentine, Matthias
-, Ellen, wife of

Vallis, Rich., deposition of
-, Capt. Thos., letters of

Van den Bemde, Abraham, signature of

Vandeput, Giles

Vandergowse, Jehan Baptist

Vander Macis, Quirinis

Vanderschurm, Nicatius
-, Margaret, widow of

Vane, Sir Geo.
-, Sir Hen., sen.
-, letter to
-, Sir Hen., jun.
-, as keeper of the records, Durham, certificate by
-, letter to
-, Sir Walter
-, Wm.
-, letter of

Van Gall, John

Vanlore, Sir Peter
-, grandchildren and heirs of

Van Poser, Henrich

Van Tromp, Cornelis

Vassel, Sam., petition of

Vaughan, Edw.
-, Herbert
-, John
-, Rees
-, Rice
-, petition of

Vaux, Edward, Lord Vaux of Harrowden
-, Edw.
-, Geo.

Vavasour, Sir Wm.

Veale, Rob.

Venables, Peter, Baron of Kinderton
-, Col. Robt.
-, daughters of
-, petition of

Venetian agent, see Venice, agent from.


Venice, agent or resident from
-, consul at
-, Doge of
-, galleys in, prisoners in
-, janissaries in
-, senate of
-, travellers to

Venner, Nich.


Verd, Cape de

Vere, Aubrey de, Earl of Oxford

Verge, court of

Verney, Lady

Vessey, Capt. Rob.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, or Vesey, Capt. W.
-, letter of

Victualling office, see Navy.

Villaginzan, Francisco Romaro

Villiers, George, Duke of Buckingham
-, Charles, Earl of Anglesea
-, George, Viscount Grandison

Vincent, Fras.

Vine, Chris.
-, petition of
-, widow and children of

Viner or Vyner, Sir Thos., see London, Lord Mayors of.

Vinson, Rich.
-, letter of

Vintener, Edm., petition of

Viny, John, deposition of

Violet, Thos.
-, account by

-, merchants trading to
-, ships to or from

Vowell, Peter
-, trial of, for treason

Voyle, Wm.

Vulcan, Mars, and Venus, tapestry of

Vyner, Sir Thos., see Viner.

Vynes, Geo.