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Pages 682-689

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Wade, Major Jno.
-, letters, &c. of
-, warrant to

Wadeson, Rob.

Wadsworth, Capt. John

Wager, John, certificate of

Wagstaffe, Hen.

Waite or Wayte, Col. Thos.
-, Mr.

Walcot, Hum.

Waldegrave, Chas., petitions of
-, father of

Walderswick, Suffolk
-, letters dated from

Waldo, Mr.

-, church livings in
-, collections in
-, counties of
-, judges in, salaries of
-, places in
-, propagation of Gospel in, society for
-, prothonotaries for
-, sheriffs of, accounts of
-, North
-, chief justice of
-, major-general of
-, recruits for
-, South
-, attorney of
-, commissioner for
-, receiver of

Walkeden, Roger

Walker, Adam
-, John, petition of
-, Peter
-, Dr. Walter, judge advocate of the Admiralty Court
-, letters of
-, William

Wallas, Major

Waller, Anne
-, Dame Marg.
-, Sir Wm.

Walley, Ald. Chas., navy agent at Chester
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, Thos.

Wallingford, co. Berks
-, castle

Wallis, Major Peter

Walloon merchant

Wallwood, Essex
-, Layton walk in

Walmesley, George

Walmesley, co. Lancaster

Walpole, Norfolk, lands in

Walsh, Hen., petition of

Walsoken, Norfolk, lands in

Walters, Geo., cook
-, Major Geo.
-, Col. Valentine

Waltham, Hen.

Waltham Forest, Essex

Walton, Robt.

Walton, Norfolk
-, (Surrey)

Wanstead, co. Essex

Wantage, co. Berks

Wapping, Middlesex
-, ships building at
-, sick and wounded at

War, articles of
-, commissioners for relief on
-, certificate of
-, order of
-, alluded to
-, reference to
-, report by
-, council of
-, treasurers at see also Leman, Wm., and Blackwell, Capt. John.
-, payments by
-, payments to
-, warrants by
-, warrants to
-, (late) see also Wollaston, Sir John.

Warbath, co. Pembroke

Warburton, Geo., petition of
-, Peter, justice of Common Pleas

Warcup, Rob.
-, father of
-, Mr.

Ward, surgeon

Wardour, Henry, Lord Arundel of, see Arundel.

Wardrobe keepers, see Kinnersley, C.; Legg, Wm.; Thomas, Wm.

Wards, Court of, Westminster
-, auditors of
-, clerk of
-, letter dated from
-, usher of


Ware, John

Warfield, parish, Berks

Waring, Thos.
-, reasons by

Wariston, Lord

Warner, Armiger
-, account by
-, petition of
-, wife and children of
-, Fras.
-, Jno.

Warrants, counterfeit

Warren, Hen.
-, Capt. Rich., widow of

Warter Church, co. York

Warthole, Cumberland

Warwick, Earl of, see Rich, Rob.
-, gaol delivery at
-, prisoners in

Warwickshire, committee of safety for
-, inhabitants of, petitions of
-, places in

Wastell, Jno., certificate by

-, letter dated from
-, ships for or from
-, ship of

Waterhouse, Nath., steward to Cromwell
-, letter of
-, Thos.

-, impress of

Watermen's company, see London, city companies of.

Waters, Thos.

Waterton, Sam.
-, Mr.

Wath, Mr.

Watkins, Chris.
-, Sir David

Watson, John
-, Jos.
-, Thos.
-, Lieut.-Col.

Watterman, Edw., petition of

Watton, co. Herts

Watts, Jas.
-, Rich.
-, Rob.
-, Wm.
-, petition of
-, wife and family of
-, Mr., see Granger, Abr.

Waybridge, co. Surrey

Waynwright, Jas.

Wayte, Col., see Waite.

Weale, John

Weaver, Jno.

Weavers' Hall, London

Webb, Edw.
-, Fras., petition of
-, John
-, Nich.
-, Rich.
-, Thos., petitions of
-, Col. Wm., surveyor-general

Webber, Rob.

Webley, Hen.

Webly, co. Worcester

Webster, Ant.
-, Edw.
-, Hen., letter to
-, J., letter of

Weedon, Phil.

Weekes, Obadiah

Welby, Chris.

Welch or Welsh, Jno.
-, petition of
-, receipt by

Weld, Lient. Ralph

Weldon, Col. Ant., petition of

Wells, Abr.
-, Ant., navy agent at Hull
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, Sam.
-, Thos.

Wells, co. Somerset, ships of
-, ships to and from

Welsh, Hen.
-, John, see Welch.
-, Capt.

Welsh coast

Wenne, Mrs.
-, husband of

Wentworth, Thomas Earl of Cleveland
-, William, Lord Wentworth
-, Dar.
-, Sir P.

West, merchant

Westbrook, Caleb, letter to
-, John, letter of
-, certificate by

Westchester river

Western circuit, judge for
-, design
-, islands
-, ports, wine in, prizage of
-, seas, ships in

West Hainault, and see Hainault.

West India bezar
-, fleet

West Indies

-, Abbey, Hen. VII.'s chapel in, tomb in
-, army committee at
-, bailiffs, &c. of
-, burgesses and assistants of
-, constables in
-, courts at
-, hackney coachmen of, petition of
-, Hall
-, justices of the peace for
-, letter dated from
-, painted chamber in
-, Parliament at
-, prisoners in or brought to
-, provost marshal of
-, residents in
-, steward of
-, streets, buildings, &c. in also Cockpit
-, Gatehouse, see Gatehouse.
-, Palace yard
-, Star Chamber
-, Wards, Court of, in
-, Whitehall, see Whitehall.

-, forces in, commander-in-chief of
-, place in

Westrop, Mr.

Wetterabia, counts of, gifts by

Wettarabian College

Wetwang, Capt. John
-, letters of

Wexford, Ireland

Wey river, see Wye.

-, castle
-, governor of, letter to
-, letters dated from
-, persons at
-, ships at, to, or from

Whaddon Forest, co. Bucks

Whalley, co. Lancaster

Whalley, Edw., commissary general of the Army
-, letter to
-, references to
-, report by
-, alluded to

Wharton, Capt. John

Wheate, Jno.

Wheeler, Geo., alias Devilla
-, John
-, Wm.

Whichcot, Ben., provost of King's College, Cambridge, petition of
-, Col. Chris., governor of Windsor
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, proposals of
-, warrant to

-, letter dated from

Whitchford, co. Warwick, rector of

Whitchurch, co. Dorset
-, minister of

White, Art.
-, father of
-, Hum.
-, letters of
-, John
-, certificate of
-, Col. John, ordnance officer
-, Lieut.-Col. John
-, Mary, statement by
-, Rich.
-, Capt. Rich.
-, Sam., petition of
-, Capt. Stephen
-, company of
-, letter of
-, Thos., Navy agent at Dover
-, letters of
-, Walter, petition of
-, Capt. Wm., petition of
-, Mr.

Whitebooth road, Hull

Whitehall (Westminster)
-, Admiralty chamber in
-, letter dated from
-, banqueting house at
-, chair chamber in
-, chapel in
-, Council at
-, council chamber at
-, designs against
-, furniture for
-, generals of the fleet at, letter to
-, letters, &c. dated from
-, officers and servants at
-, orchard
-, painted chamber in
-, places in
-, prisoner in or brought to
-, Protector's lodgings in
-, repairs of
-, residents in
-, wardrobe in

Whitehaven, co. Cumberland

Whitehorn, Capt. Wm., certificate of
-, letters of

Whitelock, Bulstrode, serjeant-at-law, Lord Commissioner of the Great Seal
-, as ambassador to Sweden
-, allowances to
-, as commissioner of the Treasury
-, agent of
-, letter to
-, payment to
-, Capt. Jas., his son

Whitemeade Park

Whiteway, Jno.

Whitgift, co. York

Whitheare, Hen., certificate of

Whithorne, Scotland

Whiting, Mr.

Whitstaple, Kent

Whittaker, Jer.
-, Wm., son of
-, Dr.

Whittell, Sam., letter of

Whittingham, Hills

Whittingham, Tim.

Whittington, Luke, letter of

Whittlesey, co. Cambridge

Whitton, Thos.

Whitwell with Hackford, co. Norfolk
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, minister at

Whitwell, Edw.
-, letter of
-, proposals by

Whitworth, Capt. John
-, letter of

Whopper, Edw.

Whorwell rectory, Hants

Whyte, Steven

Wickens, Robt., minister

Wickham, Sam.

Wicklow, Ireland

Widdrington, Sir Edw.
-, Sir Thos., serjeant-at-law, Lord Commissioner of the Great Seal
-, as commissioner of the Treasury
-, certificate by

Wiggoner, Giles
-, deposition of
-, letter of

Wight, Isle of
-, M.P.s for
-, places in
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

Wigmore, Rich., letter of

Wigton Peebles, Scotland

Wigtown, Dumfries

Wilde, Mercy, petition of
-, husband of

Wildman, Major John
-, tinman

Wilkes, Capt. Thos.
-, certificates of
-, letter of

Wilkins, Hen.
-, Dr.

Wilkinson, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of
-, Wm., depositions of

Willet, Hen.

Willgress, Lieut. John

Williams, Sir Abra.
-, widow of
-, Hen.
-, letter of
-, John
-, Oliver
-, Rich.
-, Rob., petition of
-, Roger
-, Sam., deposition of
-, Wm.
-, Capt.

Williamson, Jos., letter to
-, Ninian, certificate by
-, Wm.

Willie, Rob., certificate of

Willis, Sir Rich.
-, Thos.
-, reply of
-, son of

Willoughby, Francis, Lord Willoughby of Parham
-, Lady Eliz., pass for
-, Capt. Fras., Navy commissioner
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Jno.
-, petition of
-, Wm., letters of
-, Mr.

Wills, probate of, see Probate.
-, treasurer for, see Sankey, Col. Rich.

Wilmer alias Palmer, Mary

Wilmore, Isaac

Wilson, Jas., letters of
-, Robt., solicitor
-, Thos.
-, certificates of
-, Capt. Thos., letter of

-, places in
-, residents in

Wimbledon, Surrey
-, co. Wilts, minister of

Wimborne, co. Dorset
-, All Saints'
-, St. Giles'

Winall, Mr.

Winchcomb, co. Gloucester, inhabitants of, petition of
-, riots in
-, tobacco growing at

Winchester, Robt.

-, garrison of

Winchley, Millicent

Winchurst, Jeffery, letter of

Windebank, Sir Fras.

Windham, Hugh, see Wyndham.

Windis, Capt. Sam.
-, letters of

-, castle
-, constable and warden of
-, letter dated from
-, prisoners in
-, dean and chapter of
-, governor of, see Whichcot, Col. Chris.
-, forest
-, lodges in
-, officers in
-, places in
-, Little Park, &c., at
-, New, almshouses in
-, paper dated from
-, poor knights of
-, wardrobe at

-, excise on
-, French, see French wines.
-, import of
-, impost on
-, licences for
-, merchants for, petition of
-, prizage of
-, farmer of
-, ships laden with

Winn, Dan., petition of

Winslow, Edw.
-, letter of
-, letter to

Winstanley, Mr.

Wintour or Winter, Sir Jno.

Wirksworth, co. Derby

Wisbeach, co. Cambridge
-, castle
-, letter dated from

Wise, Lawrence
-, letter of

Wiseman, Jno.
-, brother of
-, receipt by

Wiston, co. Sussex, minister of

Witham hundred

Witherings, John, receipt by
-, Thos.
-, Wm.

Witherington, Sir Thos.

Withers, Rob.

Witt, John, de, Dutch admiral

Witten, Edw.

Wivenhoe, Essex
-, letters dated from
-, residents at
-, ships at
-, ships building at

Wolfe, Mat.

Wollaston, Sir Jno., late Treasnrer-at-War
-, Laurence, petition of

Wolsley, Sir Chas.
-, as member of Council

Wolstenholme, Sir Jno.

Wolverhampton, co. Stafford

Wood, Geo.
-, Hugh
-, Ann, daughter of, petition of
-, relatives of
-, John
-, petition of
-, Rich., mayor of Hull, certificates by
-, Robt.
-, certificate by
-, petition of
-, Col. Robt.
-, Thos.
-, Capt. Walter
-, petition of
-, (mastmaker)
-, Mr.

Woodbridge, Suffolk
-, letters dated from
-, ships building at
-, ships of

Woodcott, Thos., letter of

Woodgroom, Capt. Isaac

Woodland, Dorothy, petition of

Woodpecker, Harrington
-, petition of

Woodroffe, Rob.

Woodward, Hugh
-, case of
-, Wm., bond of
-, minister

Woolace, minister

Woolaston, Rich.
-, letter of

Woolnough, Joshua
-, petition of

Wools see also Cotton wool.
-, export of

Wooltons, Rob.

-, dockyard
-, carver at
-, letter dated from
-, master attendant at
-, shipwright at
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships building at
-, stores at
-, travellers to

-, alderman of
-, battle of
-, commissioners at
-, report of
-, Earl and Countess of, see Somerset.
-, mayor of
-, resident in
-, Scotch army at
-, siege of

Worcester House (London)
-, commissioners for soldiers at
-, treasurers at
-, trustees, &c. at

Worcestershire, delinquents in
-, places in
-, residents in

Workmen, corporation for freedom of

Works, surveyor of and see Embree, John.

Worley, Sir John

Wormell, Edm., letter of

Worrell, Wm.

Worsley, Lieut.-col. Chas.
-, reference to
-, report by

Worterloye, John, letter of

Worthington, John

Wratting, Suffolk

Wren, Dr. Mat., late Bishop of Ely

Wrexham, co. Denbigh

Wright, Laurence, M.D., petition of
-, letter of
-, Mat.
-, Nathan
-, Sam.
-, Thos. deputy serjeant-at-arms
-, Thos., of Ipswich
-, Thos., certificate of
-, Capt. Thos., letters of
-, Wm.
-, petitions of

Wriothesley, Thomas, Earl of Chichester
-, Frances, Countess of Chichester

Wyan, Thos.

Wyard, Capt. Jos.

Wybad, Wm.

Wye or Wey river, Surrey
-, commissioners for, papers by

Wyles, John, letter of

Wyndham or Windham, Hugh, certificates by

Wynn, Maurice
-, Lieut. Rich.
-, petition of

Wynyffe, Dr. Thos., late Bishop of Lincoln
-, petition of

Wytham, Geo., certificate by


Yarborough, Rob.

Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
-, mayor, &c. of, petition of
-, minister of

Yarmouth, Great, Norfolk
-, aldermen, &c. of
-, bailiffs of
-, deposition of
-, castles and garrison at
-, fishermen
-, letters dated from
-, members for
-, merchants of, petition of
-, North
-, posts to or from
-, Prize commissioners and collectors at
-, provisions and stores at or sent to
-, residents at
-, roads, letters dated from
-, ships in, to, or from
-, South, letter dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships built at
-, ships of
-, sick and wounded at
-, travellers to or from

Yates, Wm., petition of

Yaxley, Jno.
-, petition of
-, Roger

Yeamens, Wm.

Yearly, Capt.

Yeeles, John, petition of

Yeilden, co. Bedford

Yeomans, Thos.

Yetminster, co. Dorset

Yong, Rich., petition of

-, battle at
-, cathedral or Minster
-, dean and chapter of
-, Duke of, see James.
-, letter dated from
-, resident in
-, St. Peter's school in

Yorke, J., letter of

-, committee of accounts at, certificates by
-, deposition before
-, report of
-, engagement
-, gentry of, petitions of
-, militia in
-, places in
-, residents in
-, sequestrations, in
-, treasurer of
-, sheriff of
-, letter to
-, order for
-, travellers to or from
-, East Riding of
-, members for
-, North Riding of
-, members for
-, West Riding of
-, commissioners for assessments in
-, justices of peace for
-, petition to
-, members for

Youghall, Ireland

Young or Younge, Capt. Ant.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Fras.
-, certificates of
-, Mat.
-, Nath.
-, Tench
-, Thos.


Zanchey, Capt.

-, currants
-, ships from

-, merchants
-, ships of

Zetland, Scotland

Zinzan, see Alexander.

Zouch, Dr.