Volume 96: April 1655

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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April 1655

April 2. 1. Attorney-General Edm. Prideaux to Mr. Jessop. I am ordered to prepare a draft of a license for transporting butter, but I have so much business, and so little time before going to the West, that I cannot make it. The Statute of 1 & 2, Philip and Mary, directs what is to be done by the person who obtains such license. It must pass under the Great Seal, being to dispense with an Act of Parliament. [2/3 page.]
April 2. 2. Petition of Sir Chris. Pack and the inhabitants of Prestwold, co. Leicester, to the Protector. The parish is large, having the villages of Prestwold, Burton, Cotes, and Hoton, with a very fair church in Prestwold, and a chapel in Hoton, both on the north road, but with only a casual income of 26l. 8s. (of which nothing has been paid since Midsummer) to provide a house and maintain a minister, and from that, several dues liable; so that no godly and able minister has been settled there in the memory of man.
Considering your zeal in providing for the ministry, we beg you to order us an augmentation. With note of order. [¾ sheet.]
April 2.
3. Capt. Rich. Browne to Rob. Blackborne. I wrote you 16 days since that, on account of the condition of the country, the Governor of Tenby and I had desired Capt. Peter Bowen to stay for 8 days in Tenby Road, for protection of the garrison and to intercept the enemy, who, it was reported, were designed for Wales, and shipping prepared to pass them on. He stayed there as long as he could for weather, but has now put into Milford. I delivered what was ordered to the commander of the Lizard, who is bound home when he has received the provisions. [1 page.]
[April 3.] 4. Request of Amy, widow of Rob. Bickerton, both servants to the late King's children, for an Order for payment of 300l. [arrears], from moneys due to the State before 25 March 1648, discovered by her. With note of 600l. due to the Court of Wards by Sir Thos. Fanshaw, of Ware Park, and Simon Fanshaw, of Bayfield, both co. Herts, and Hum. Selwood, of Seale, co. Kent, for a fine on the marriage of Kath. Ferrars. [1 page.]
April 3.
5. Order thereon in Council, that on her certifying her discoveries in the Court of Exchequer, Council will give further Order. [¾ page. Also I. 76, p. 5.]
April 3. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Lambert to give order for some horse to convoy Maj.-Gen. Harrison to Carisbrook Castle.
5. Order on Wolsley's report from the Committee on Col. Rob. Bennett's petition, that Com.-Gen. Whalley, Col. Goffe, Worsley, and Hen. Broad, Auditor of the Exchequer, examine Bennett's account for raising and arming a foot regiment, and for provision and reparation about Mount and Dennis Fort, and certify. Annexing,
6. i. Report on which the said Order is founded, 27 March 1655. [1 page.]
7. Sydenham, Jones, Montague, Mulgrave, and Rous to learn, from the Master and Wardens of the Mint, what service is due from those officers in relation to the counterfeiters of coin; and if it appear that it is their duty to see that counterfeiters be discovered and prosecuted, then to learn how it happens that the service is performed by another hand, to the increase of the State's charge, and to report.
8. Order on report from the Treasury Commissioners, on Council's reference of March 9, on a petition on John Pooler, of Hartlebury, co. Worcester,—who was adjudged by the late Commissioners of Haberdashers' Hall to be within the declaration of Aug. 14, 1649, and the resolve of March 6, 1650–1, for adhering to the King of Scots, and all his estate, real and personal, to be sequestered;—that as the report says that, on weighing the depositions, and some certificates from army officers, commissioners of the peace, ministers, and others of credit, all certifying Pooler's affection to the State, they think his case is hard; that on his giving security to answer the profits of his estate when required, the levying thereof be forborne, and the Commissioners for Sequestered Estates required to observe the same, and see that the Sub-Commissioners do likewise, on receipt of a certificate that security has been given.
9. Order on Montague's report from the Committee on the petition of the Greenland Company, for letters of marque against the French, for the better security of their ships in their trading voyage to Greenland; that letters of marque be granted under the Admiralty Seal to the masters of the ships to seize all French ships they meet, giving security not to do so unless first assaulted, and only to use the letters in this present voyage to Greenland. Approved 5 April.
10. The Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer appointed for cos. Devon, Wilts, Somerset, and Dorset, to begin their sittings at Salisbury on April 11; at Exeter on April 18; and at Chard on April 23. Approved 5 April; but the day for Chard changed to April 25. Annexing,
7. i. Note of the said appointments. [1/8 page.]
11, 12. Nich. Bond to be requested to be steward to the Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer in the Western Circuit, and Keylway Guydott in the Northern.
13. Mr. Ayliffe and Mr. Manby to go into the northern counties as assistants to Mr. Solicitor-General, to prepare for the trial of the persons engaged in the late rebellion, upon the Commission of Oyer and Terminer for the said counties, with Notts and Derby, and for other services.
14. John Smith to be his Highness' solicitor for the northern counties, in matters relating to the trial of the above persons, and to attend Council for directions therein.
16. To advise payment of 200l. to Rich. Graves, for salary as counsel to the Trustees for sale of forfeited Estates, for a year, ending 29 Oct. 1654, he having to repair to the Western counties on a special service. Approved 3 April.
17. The petition of the Trustees for sale of forfeited Estates, with a list of salaries due to their officers and treasurers at Drury House, and to the officers of the Commissioners for removing Obstructions at Worcester House, amounting to 1,400l., referred to the Treasury Commissioners, to report.
18. The petition and papers of the Mayor and Burgesses of Lyme Regis, co. Dorset, referred to Sydenham, Rous, Wolsley, Montague, Strickland, and Jones, to report.
19. John Payne to be one of the Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer and gaol delivery for cos. Devon, Dorset, Somerset, and Wilts.
20. Order—on report from Col. Goffe and Lislebone Long, concerning a Dutch ship of Edam in Holland, seized by Coterell, captain of a privateer, Feb. 14 last, when at anchor under Portland Castle, carried to Studland Bay, near Poole, and there plundered of merchandize;—that, as she was laden with salt and other merchandize for persons in Holland, the ship with all lading and tackle that can be found be restored to her master. Capt. Coterell and the Admiralty Judges to see it done. Approved 5 April.
21. Also that the Serjeant-at-arms repair to Coterell and the privateer, seize them both, bring Capt. Coterell to answer before Council, and take order for securing the ship. All naval officers to give their help herein. Approved 6 April.
22. Lambert, Montague, Jones, and Sydenham, to advise with his Highness on Hugh Audley's petition, for removal of soldiers from his house, called Goring House.
23. Ald. Fowke's petition concerning a difference between him and the East India Company to be considered on April 11.
24. That of Thos. Ledgard, Alderman of Newcastle, referred to the Treasury Commissioners, to report.
25. Council having directed Wm. Thomas, late keeper of the standing wardrobe at Windsor, to deliver to C. Kinnersley, his Highness' wardrobe keeper, all wardrobe goods in his hands, and Kinnersley complaining that some are still undelivered, Mr. Maidstone, his Highness' steward, and Mr. Waterhouse are to call Thomas and Kinnersley before them, examine what goods Kinnersley can charge upon Thomas, other than what are sold or already delivered, and Kinnersley is to deliver the same. [I. 76, pp. 1–5.]
April 3.
President Lawrence to the High Sheriff of co. Wilts. The Protector having determined to issue Oyer and Terminer Commissions for trial of the persons concerned in the late rebellion, Sir John Evelyn, Thos. Estcourt, Master in Chancery, Wm. Stephens, LL.D., Geo. Cooper, Nich. Greene, and Wm. Jepson are appointed Commissioners for cos. Wilts, Devon, Dorset, and Somerset. You are therefore to give them speedy notice to attend the trial on 11 April at New Sarum, Wilts. [I. 76a, pp. 45–6.]
April 3. Like letter to the Sheriff of co. Hants to give notice to Rob. Wallop and 7 others, to attend at New Sarum on 11 April.
Like letter to the Sheriff of Cornwall to give notice to Rob. Bennet and 5 others to attend to Exeter on 18 April.
Like letter to the Sheriff of Devon to give notice to Art. Upton and 21 others to attend at Exeter on 18 and at Chard on 25 April.
Like letter to the Sheriff of co. Dorset to give notice to John Browne and 7 others to attend at New Sarum on the 11th, and at Chard, co. Somerset, on the 25th.
Like letter to the Sheriff of co. Somerset to give notice to Alex. Popham and 11 others to attend at Exeter on the 18th, and at Chard on the 25th. [I. 76a, pp. 46–7.]
April 3.
8. Martin Noel to Serj. Dendy. I find the captain you told me of is not fit for the employment for which he was designed by Council. Therefore I desire him not, nor should have thought of him, had you not reminded me of him. [Scrap.]
April 3.
9. Capt. Hen. Hatsell to Robt. Blackborne. On our arriving at Wincanton, we heard the enemy was routed, but the intelligence was from scraps let fall by the express carrying the tidings by post to Whitehall, where we judged you had it more fully. Two Cavalier army chaplains were brought in to Gen. Desborow, and two horses and 32l. having been taken from them, they were sent to gaol. We had some work at Exeter which took up time, but it was a little scattered matter, hardly worth troubling you with, and not half so good as the story of the under bailiff or crier of Blandford, which Mr. Creed can inform you of. We have cause to acknowledge the goodness of God in dissipating those who assembled for the ruin of his people; though there was peace in their mouths, yet war and blood was in their hearts. I am dispatching the Great Charity; and the Winsby, Primrose, and Assistance are ready to sail. Your brother is well. [1 page.]
April 4. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order on petition of Martha Grey, sister to Col. Ed. Grey, prisoner in the Tower, showing that he is dangerously sick of a fever, that the Lieutenant of the Tower have leave to admit to him such physician as he thinks fit.
2, 3. Order on report of a Committee on a paper of Peter Rowe,— that as the Admiralty Court have adjudged the 3 Kings and her lading, and the goods of the St. John of Malo, for sale, and as bills have been set up for sale, and the State will be damaged unless it proceed, yet it is obstructed on some words in an inhibition from the judge delegates, on which his Highness' advocate has not been heard,—that the judge delegates meet, hear the advocate, and make speedy provision therein.
4. Order on report on the petition of John Pordage [see 2 Feb. 1655], to advise that if the right of presentation to Bradfield rectory, co. Berks, be in his Highness, he present some other fit person as incumbent, recommending him to allow Pordage 80l. a year, the parsonage house and glebe lands being part thereof, this being more than the 1/5 allowed by the Ordinance; and this to be granted him, although he is attending here in hope of an appeal. Annexing,
10. i. Report alluded to, signed by Wolsley and Fiennes. [1 page.]
5. The paper delivered to the Lord President by his Highness, and by him to Council, concerning the captives of Algiers, to be considered next Thursday week.
6. Wolsley's report from the Scotch Committee, of an instruction instead of that which was laid aside, read and agreed to.
7. The petition of John Hill referred to Wolsley, Viscount Lisle, Sydenham, Jones, Fiennes, Strickland, Mulgrave, and Lambert, to consider how the whole business of postage of letters may be best managed, call Mr. Secretary to their help, and report.
9. The Treasury Commissioners to consider the papers delivered in about 5,360l. 18s. 4d. allowed by Parliament to the Earl of Salisbury, in lieu of all claims on Theobalds' house and park, and report.
10. Order on Nich. Bond's requesting dispensation from attending the Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer in the Western counties as steward, on account of his ill health, that Keylway Guydott, who was appointed steward for the Northern counties, be appointed steward for the Western counties, and that Rob. Roane be steward for the Northern counties.
11. To desire his Highness to appoint some Commissioners in the several counties to find out what moneys raised for the militia, or about the business at Worcester, are in the hands of receivers, and to report.
13–15. To advise that Henry Rolle, Lord Chief Justice of the Upper Bench, Robert Nicholas, Baron of the Exchequer, and Luke Robinson, be Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer to the Northern counties. Approved 5 April.
16. Order on report on a petition of Isaac Preston and others of Great Yarmouth,—about French wines shipped on the Abraham in 1652 for Leith, but brought into London, and there confiscated, valued at 1,620l., and condemned ½ to the State, and ½ to the seizer, but they bought the State's ½, giving bond for 810l.;—that 210l. be remitted, and on payment of 600l. the wines be delivered to them, and also their bonds. Approved 14 April. [I. 76, pp. 6–10.]
April 5. Council. Day's Proceedings,
1. The draft of an order from the Scotch Committee touching those whose fines are reduced, and for payment of them, with blanks for the days of payment, read, the blanks filled up with the words "the 21st of May next, and the 2nd of July following," and the following reductions agreed to:—
£ £ s. d.
The Earl of Southesk from 3,000 to 1,000 10 0
" Rothes " 1,000 " 333 6 8
Lord Forester " 500 " 250 0 0
Viscount Dudhope " 1,500 " 750 0 0
Earl of Buchan " 1,000 " 500 0 0
" Selkirk " 1,000 " 500 0 0
Lord Cockran " 5,000 " 1,666 13 4
2. Order on petition of James Carey, and a report by Baron Thorpe,—whereby it appears that the petitioner, being born in Ireland, bred up there a Catholic, and ordained a Romish priest, on his arrival in England, was committed by the Mayor of Dartmouth to the high gaol at Exeter, where he still remains, in spite of his having taken the oath of abjuration and declared his conversion to the Protestant religion,—that he be forthwith set at liberty, on engaging before the Mayor of Exeter to act nothing to the prejudice of the Commonwealth.
6. The Scotch Committee to consider settling the payment of Excise in Scotland, and to offer their opinion therein to Council.
7. The proposals for importing bullion referred to Jones, Desborow, Fiennes, Lambert, and Mulgrave, to report; Thurloe to assist them.
10. The Excise Commissioners to suffer the agent of Lord Nieuport, Ambassador from Holland, to take up 4 hogsheads of French wine sent from Zealand for his use, without paying Excise.
11, 12. The Customs' and Excise Commissioners to send Council a list of their several officers, in the port of London and the outports, to whom any salaries are allowed, and of their salaries, and the nature of their employments.
13. Fiennes to prepare and bring into Council to-morrow a paper according to the debate of to-day.
14. Approval by the Protector of 10 orders, 30 March to 4 April. [I. 76, pp. 10–12.]
April 5.
President Lawrence to the High Sheriff of Cumberland. The Protector issuing commissions for trial by oyer and terminer of the rebels in the late insurrection in cos. York, Northumberland, and Durham, you are to give notice to Wm. Brisco and Chas. Howard that they are to be Commissioners, and must be ready to attend at the time and place appointed. [I. 76a, p. 47.]
April 5. Like letters to the High Sheriff of Yorkshire, to give notice to George, Lord Eure, and 50 others.
To the Sheriff of Northumberland, to give notice to Hen. Ogle, and William, Robert, and Edward Fenwick.
To the Sheriff of Leicester, for Thos. Hacker and Edw. Cludd.
To the Sheriff of Durham, for Robert and Geo. Lilburne.
To the Sheriff of Lancashire, for Gilbert Ireland. [I. 76a, pp. 47–8.]
April 5.
Pres. Lawrence to — Ayliffe. A Commission of Oyer and Terminer for the late rebels being appointed for the 6 northern counties, with Derby and Notts, as persons of integrity should be sent down to prepare for it, Council have appointed you and Thos. Manby to go to the North, with the Solicitor-General for your assistance, of which I give you notice. With note of a like letter to Manby. [I. 76a, p. 48.]
April 5.
Pres. Lawrence to Justice Newdigate, Baron Thorpe, Serj. Hatton, and the rest of the Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer at York. You will herewith receive a commission for trial of the persons concerned in the late rebellion, and that the service may proceed effectually, you are to summon the jurors to attend next Monday week, and about Friday in the next week, you may expect his Highness' counsel to be with you on the business. [I. 76a, p. 49.]
April 6. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Mulgrave, Fiennes, Jones, and Wolsley, to read the names of the late Militia Commissioners, choose some, and add others fit to be authorized in the several counties; to examine what sums of money were raised for military service, how much remains, and in whose hands, and to present their names to Council.
5. John, Earl of Rothes, to remain at Newcastle 3 months longer on private affairs, renewing his securities to the Lieutenant of the Tower and Mayor of Newcastle.
6. The petition of Francis Thompson, for himself and Capt. Henry Cannon, purchasers of Little Windsor Park, referred to Desborow, Sydenham, and Strickland, to report.
7. 11. To authorize the Prize Goods' Commissioners to proceed in the sale of the Three Kings and her lading, and the goods of the St. John of St. Malo, at the times appointed.
8. 12. The Admiralty Commissioners to consider the business of the said ships, examine all proceedings therein, as well before the judges delegate as otherwise, and report.
9. Order touching persons fined in Scotland, that the names of Lord Forester, Lord Dudhope, and the Earls of Buchan and Selkirk be omitted, and the order so amended presented to his Highness. [I. 76, pp. 12–13.]
9a. Order on certificate of the Commissioners in Scotland on reduction of the fines imposed by the Ordinance of Grace, as to special cases, that the fines of the following be suspended till they have applied to Parliament, viz.:—
Sir Wm. Scott, of Harden.
James, Lord Carmichael.
Sir John Scott, of Scottistarbet.
Pat. Scott, of Thirlston.
Sir John Wauchopp.
Sir Jas. Arnott.
The following are to pay the sums named as part of their fines:—
£ s. d.
Earl of Perth and Lord Drummond, his son 1,666 13 4
Heirs of the Earl of Buccleugh 6,000 0 0
Sir. Rob. Forgher 333 6 8
Lord Cockran 1,666 13 4
Earl of Tullibardine 250 0 0
Pat. Cockborne 200 0 0
Sir Rob. Fletcher 200 0 0
Thos. Hamilton of Preston 200 0 0
Earl of Southesk 1,000 0 0
Earl of Rothes 333 6 8
All these and numerous others [whose fines were reported on March 9, where they are distinguished by an asterisk, and were not afterwards altered,] to pay in ½ the sum by 21 May, and the other ½ by 2 July; all the remainder to have their fines suspended, that they may apply to Parliament. In case of default of payment, the Sequestration Commissioners for Scotland are to pursue the directions of the Ordinance. Approved 10 April. [I. 76, pp. 15–17.]
10, 17. To advise that a paper prepared by Fiennes, according to yesterday's order concerning the French Treaty, be sent to the French Ambassador from the Commissioners on the French Treaty. Altered into an order that the substance of the paper be offered by word of mouth.
11. The draft of an Order for the Admiralty Judges to proceed against the Maria of Copenhagen, and other Danish ships, presented by Desborow from the Admiralty Committee, referred to Lambert, Lisle, Fiennes, and Strickland, to report.
12. Jessop to accommodate the matter, if he can, between Mr. Roane and Mr. Banks, about the steward's place for the northern counties.
13. The officers of the regiments and companies from which 1,200 soldiers were lately ordered to be disbanded, to order that their arms be delivered into the stores, that is to the Ordnance officers at the Tower, except those belonging to Lord Lambert's regiment, which are to be delivered to the keeper of the stores at Hull.
14. The draft of an Order of March 26, concerning the salaries of Commissioners to manage sequestered Estates and their officers, approved, except that of Thos. Bayly, registrar, of 6l. a week, which is to be further considered.
15. The report about Council's Contingencies and the Clerks of Council to be considered next Tuesday. [I. 76, pp. 12–15.]
April 6.
Pres. Lawrence to the Commissioners for Prize Goods. On an Order of his Highness and Council, you are to sell the 3 Kings, and the goods of the St. John of St. Malo, according to an adjudication in the Admiralty Court, at the times appointed, his Highness having declared by the said Order that if any part of the premises be recovered by law, the value shall be restored to the persons who recover it. [I. 112, p. 122.]
April 6. 13. A. Granger to Lord Desborow. My imprisonment has now been of tedious continuance; in your absence I petitioned his Highness, who ordered me bail according to the former orders upon your motion, but you being absent, I despaired of any success until your return; on you only are all my hopes, as I have not a friend on earth to speak for me, or any whom I can petition, unless it is you. I therefore humbly beg you will let me put in sufficient bail until your leisure admits of further consideration in the premises, so that my prison may not be my grave; in the interim, I will make out a brief form for security of the Treasuries.
It may have been the design of many to render me odious to you, but if it is shown that I have not dealt ingenuously since my imprisonment, according to my promise, or have acted in any way prejudicial to the State, I will disclaim all mercy, and be made exemplary to all posterity. [1 page.]
April 6.
Plymouth Fort.
14. Jno. Galpine to Gen. Jno. Desborow. My wife says you are displeased that I did not attend you at Exeter; Capt. Hatsell said you would not speak to me, and hastened me away, though my heart was ready to break. Mr. Doble told me that Mr. Goswell said I declared I had seen and given you satisfaction, but I never did say that. When Hatsell came to Plymouth, I asked if I should come to you at Exeter; he said I must not leave my trust unless you sent for me, but bade me send my certificates by an express. The clothes I bought in London are far plainer than what I formerly wore, which you approved; I bought them with 10l. which the Commissioners for Prize Goods gave me for services in discovering stolen goods. I hate powdered hair, and was never in a barber's shop, whilst in London, but my landlord cut my hair. I beg to be restored to your favour. [1 page.]
April 6.
15. Capt. Rich. Browne to Robt. Blackborne. The Mayflower has gone to the Land's End, and the Lizard to Kinsale to victual. I beg you to send a servant with the enclosed. Mr. Love is appointed by some of the honest people of this county to attend the Protector on an address we have made to him, and there is a malignant party opposed to him, so that near home we fear some letters have been intercepted; I send this under your cover for safety, as it is of public concernment. [¾ page.]
April 7. 16. Order in the Admiralty Committee. The Act of 17 July 1649, for sale of Crown lands, provides that all timber growing within 15 miles of a navigable river, fit for the Navy, should be cut down and carried away before 10 July 1657. But the Navy Commissioners find many trees lying scattered in fields, the cutting down of which will injure the proprietors, who therefore ask to give others in lieu thereof, or to buy them at a fair valuation. The Commissioners also certify great embezzlement of timber in Eltham Park. They are therefore to fell, exchange, or sell all the remaining timber in the parks, examine into the embezzlements, and certify, that further order may be taken. Mr. Willoughby to manage the affair. [¾ page.]
April 9.
The Fairfax, Downs.
17. Vice-Admiral Jno. Lawson to Robt. Blackborne. Thanks for your care in Mr. Jefferson's business. I believe there are some intentions of evil towards our nation by the French. I hear they have discharged the men belonging to the English vessels, and in some places have used them very ill. I am sorry for Mr. Creed's indisposition.
P.S.—I hear to-day from Dover that in France war has been declared against England. [2/3 page.]
April 9.
18. Col. Jno. Copleston to Gen. Jno. Desborow, Suffolk House, London. I have received orders from Council for holding a gaol delivery on Wednesday the 18th, and have sent out summonses, and will do my utmost to get fit jurymen; I have sent the examinations as requested to the Attorney-General by Capt. Cook, who has orders from his Highness to be at Sarum on the 18th. I am glad to hear you arrived in town safe, but sorry my Lady is so ill. I have sent an account of my disbursements, but forgot 10l. to Major Clarke, 5l. to Capt. Chaffin, and 9l. for a guardhouse in the gaol. Thanks for your mentioning my weak endeavours to serve his Highness, whose convenience I will willingly await. [1 page.]
April 10.
19. Capt. Hen. Hatsell to Col. Jno. Clerke, Whitehall. I understand the Judge Delegates' order is overruled, and orders given for sale of the linen on the 16th; I am glad, but fear I cannot be present, being summoned to Exeter for the 18th. I suppose the Commissioners for Prize Goods, who will come from London by coach, will not reach Exeter until the 14th. It is said that the tobacco and other goods will be sold first, and the linen reserved till their coming. I will endeavour to confer with them, and spend what time I can at the sales. I hear the Fagon is safe,, and has 14 days' provisions left. I enclose a letter from Col. Jno. Copleston, Sheriff of Exeter, to show his good providing against the worst. I shall try to get a few honest men to Exeter to be of the petty jury, and prevent what else might fall out. [1 page.] Enclosing,
19. i. Col. Jno. Copleston to Capt. Hatsell. I intreat you to do your utmost to get as many honest petty jurymen as you can, as there will be a gaol delivery for the county held at the Castle on the 18th, and there will be great strivings by the Cavalier party to corrupt the jury. I have sent you a warrant to prevent it, that such may appear as will not favour the interest. Tell them I only want them for this time, and it shall be no prejudice to them. It would be sad for such villains to escape.
Recorder Steele, Mr. Sadler, and Mr. Long signed the writ with me, and sit at Sarum on Wednesday. Capt. Croke is sent there by my lord, who left early this morning. Mr. Attorney will certainly be here.
P.S.—I will pay your charges in warning the men. Exeter, 9 April, 1655. [1 page.]
April 10.
20. Capt. Hen. Hatsell to the Admiralty Commissioners. I have delivered your order to Capt. Harris for pressing men, but he cannot use it until in the Sound, as the men run up the country as soon as the press commences; I therefore think he should sail with his 120. I have sent men on board to rehoop his casks.
Particulars of ships. The Nightingale has lost her boat in saving some men belonging to a barque of Poole, which foundered at the mouth of the Channel.
I cannot be at the sale of the prize linen, being summoned to attend the trial of those in the late insurrection at Exeter on the 18th, but will confer with Mr. Hill thereon if he comes down. [2 pages.]
April 10. 21. Capt. Hen. Hatsell to the Navy Commissioners. To like effect. [1 page.]
April 10. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Commissary Gen. Whalley, Cols. Goffe and Worsley, and Hen. Broad, to examine the account of Col. Rob. Bennet, and certify, according to an Order of April 3.
2. Approval by the Protector of an Ordinance for fines in Scotland. [See pp. 117–8 supra. I. 76, p. 15.]
April 10. 22. Deposition by John Hordley, late Provost Marshal of co. Salop, that 129l. 13s. 2d. is truly due to him for moneys disbursed for the State, and that the debt was entered at Worcester House before 25 March 1654. [½ page.] Annexing,
22. i. Order by the Commissioners of Safety for co. Salop for payment to him of 161l. 15s. 8d., for service and disbursements, July 1647. [1 page.]
22. ii. Public Faith Bill for 129l. 13s. 2d. balance still due thereof. 1 Dec. 1653. [1 page.]
April 12. 23. Petition of Sir Rob. Stone to Council, for license to take 4 of his horses, which he cannot sell without loss, to the Low Countries, whither he is returning on private affairs. Noted as denied. [½ page.]
April 12. Order for a pass for him to Holland, as moved by the Lord President. [I. 75, p. 19. I. 112, p. 126.]
April 12. 24. Petition of Thos. Bayly to Council. For 2 years past I have been Registrar to the Commissioners for Compounding, and spent much cost and pains to methodize the office for better service, in discovering matters much to the public advantage. I am to have the former salary of 6l. a week for myself and clerks, but the perquisites are much decreased. This last year there has been additional labour, in regard of the many lists, catalogues, certificates, and enquiries ordered by his Highness and Council, and others. I beg an order for the payment of my salary with the others. [1 page.]
April 12. Order thereon for his payment, from 24 June 1654 to 25 March 1655, as directed by an Order of 26 March last for the salaries of the Sequestration Commissioners and officers. Approved 19 April. [I. 76, pp. 22, 29.]
April 12. Council. Day's Proceedings.
3. No license for transporting horses to be granted for 3 months to come.
5. Order on Thurloe's presenting a ratification of the award made concerning the losses sustained by the East India Company from the Dutch, by the Commissioners appointed in the 30th Article of the treaty between his Highness and the Dutch, to advise his Highness to sign the ratification. Approved 14 April.
6. Order—on Thurloe's report of the draft of an article referring to Commissioners of the Commonwealth and of Holland to determine the losses and injuries sustained by one from the other within the time limited by the 30th Article of the treaty, the particulars whereof are yet undecided—to advise that the said Article be signed, and that Amsterdam be the meeting place of the Commissioners. Approved 14 April.
11. A report from the Treasury Commissioners, on Council's reference of Feb. 5, on the petition of Thos. Smart, merchant of Dantzic, read.
12. The reports from the Committee appointed, by an Order of March 29 last, to consider petitions depending before Council, to be received on April 19.
14. The petition of Robert Lindsey, and Elizabeth his wife, with the Master of the Rolls' report, referred to Pickering, Sydenham, Desborow, Rous, and Wolsley, to report.
15. The report from the Treasury Commissioners—of the need of another officer to join the other registrar accountant under the Trustees for sale of lands forfeit for treason, in place of Phil. Tandy, who is appointed of the quorum, and is at present unfit for the duty of the place,—referred back to them, to consider how the matter will be best settled. Annexing,
25. i. Report alluded to, that the registrar accountants appointed by the Act of 18 Nov. 1652 were Tandy, Wm. Benson, and Edw. Green, Tandy to be of the quorum of two; but he being distrusted, nothing can be done. Sums are ready to be paid, but no discharges can be granted, and thus debts remain unpaid. 13 March 1654–5. [1 page.]
16. Order on Scobell and Jessop's report that the value of the mace provided for the Treasury Commissioners, with a case to put it in, is 145l. 17s. 6d., to advise a warrant to the Treasury Commissioners to pay Thos. Maundy the same.
17. To advise a warrant to pay to the Treasurers-at-war 180,000l. out of the last 3 of the 6 months' assessment to be issued for the army.
18. To advise his Highness to put the business of money for the forces, and other public expenses, in a fit way for serious consideration.
19. Order on petition of James Hill and Baruch Pitts, merchants of Lyme, for themselves and the rest of the owners of the Diamond, —shewing that they, having freighted the vessel in Rotterdam with pitch, tar, and deals, and intended her for Morlaix, in France; but in her voyage thither, had notice that there was an embargo on all English vessels in France, which forced them back to Lyme; that the Diamond have liberty to pass out of Lyme with the goods, and that a warrant be issued accordingly. Approved 14 April.
20. The draft of an order, reported by Desborow,—authorising those who were Militia Commissioners by nomination of the former Council of State to call those in whose hands any money raised for the Militia remains—to be the form of an order to be issued to all the counties, and the former Commissioners' names to be inserted; read, and agreed to. Approved 14 April.
21. The form of a warrant to be directed to the Agents for the Army Committee in the several counties, with the said order, read, and agreed to. Approved 14 April.
22. Order on report from the Committee on the Danish ships— that on speaking with Sec. Thurloe, they find no cause to stay the order to proceed against and adjudicate the said ships—that the following order be advised.
23. Whereas long before the peace with the States general, divers ships of this Commonwealth were arrested in the ports of the King of Denmark, not for debts or suits, but by his officers, which amounted to a hostile seizure; and thereupon, in Oct., Nov., or Dec., 1652, 6 Danish ships named, and divers other ships and goods were on just grounds seized upon by way of reprizal, to be proceeded against in the Admiralty Court:—It is ordered that the Admiralty Court proceed against those ships and sentence them according to law and justice. Annexing,
26. i. Report of the Committee on which the said order was issued. 12 April 1655. Signed by Maj.-Gen. Desborow. [2/3 page.]
27. To advise his Highness to issue the following order:—
28. As it is requisite that part of the assessments raised for the forces should be paid in the counties where they are raised, and cannot be removed to Guildhall without prejudice to the Commonwealth, the Army Committee are to proceed as they think best in getting in, and disposing of the last 3 of the 6 months' assessments, and the county Receivers are to obey their orders in payment of warrants directed to the Treasurers-at-war. For their discharge, the Receivers-General are to give them acquittances for warrants paid by them, and for discharge of the Receivers-General, all the said sums shall be reputed to remain in the hands of the Treasurers-at-war, towards the 180,000l. ordered to be paid to them, the said Treasurers to give discharge for any part of the said assessment paid to them. Approved 14 April; passed 17 May. [I. 76, pp. 18–24.]
April 13. 27. Petition of Wm. Mountjoy, John Matravers, John Chapman, and Wm. Pym, to the Protector. The late King, in 12 Charles, granted Thos. Smith, Wm. Mountjoy, and others, a 31 years' lease for taking up the gravel, sand, and soil in the Thames, for ballasting ships, they paying 466l. 13s. 4d. the first 5 years, and 1,000 marks afterwards. We have spent 3,500l. in lighters, boats, wharfs, &c., executed our office of ballasting ships in the Thames, and paid our rent till the beginning of the Long Parliament, when Raleigh Sanderson, who held the lease, with engines and lighters, as tenant, took possession of all the necessaries, and by exercising the right of ballasting without paying rent, brought the business into question before Parliament, and then all were allowed to ballast who pleased.
After this Sanderson, having the materials, ballasted as he liked without paying rent; but now, he and the other patentees being dead, the whole right accrues to Mountjoy, and by his assignment to the other petitioners, and the rent devolves to your Highness during the rest of the 31 years.
But there are some words in your late Ordinance of 11 Aug. 1654, for redress of abuses in the Thames and Medway, which may restrain us from taking gravel and soil, unless appointed by the Lord Mayor, though it could not be intended that we should not take sand and gravel from the shelves in the river to ballast ships. We will provide fresh materials, and pay our yearly rent, if you will confirm us in our office. [12/3 pages.]
April 13.
28. Reference thereon in Council to Lambert, Montague, Fiennes, Desborow, and Jones, to consider the whole matter of ballastage, the present claims, and Mr. Jessop's petition, and report. [2/3 page; also I. 76, p. 26.]
April ? 29. Petition of John Matravers, John Chapman, Wm. Pym, and Wm. Dirlton, to the Protector. The survivorship of the lease for ballasting ships in the Thames fell to Mountjoy; but he, being aged and living far off, sold it to us, and we exemplified it according to an Act of 29 Jan. 1648–9, and your Ordinance of 26 Dec. 1653.
Last January we set our servants to work on the shelves in the river, intending to supply ballast to merchants at 12d. and to colliers at 8d. a ton; but the Lord Mayor, as conservator of the Thames, has imprisoned our servants, on pretence of an Ordinance to redress abuses in the Thames and Medway; so that you are deprived of 1,000 marks a year, and we of our just rights.
We beg that as taking away the shelves is advantageous, by making the Thames navigable, you will confirm to us the remainder of our lease. [Copy, 1 page.]
April 13. 30. Petition of well-affected inhabitants of Tettenhall, co. Stafford, to the Protector and Council, for removal by force, if needful, of Richard Harrison, minister there. He was at Lichfield whilst it was a garrison for the King, and on its reduction he was articled against for malignancy; he has been 5 years at Tettenhall. Upon caveat entered, and articles preferred against him to the Committee for Approbation of Ministers, by their Order of 24 Nov. 1654, he was disapproved, yet by Malignants is kept in possession, though petitioners had provided a substitute, and will find a fit man till one is appointed by the Protector and Council. 10 signatures. [1 page.] Annexing,
30. i. Certificate by John Nye, registrar, that Harrison has never been able to obtain the approbation of the Commissioners for Ministers. 12 April 1655. [2/3 page.]
April 13. Note that Council takes no order therein, but leaves the petitioners to proceed in an ordinary way. [I. 76, p. 27.]
April 13. 31. Petition of Newark Beckwith to the Protector, for payment for his services as doorkeeper and messenger to the Committee for examination on Capt. Geo. Bishop's business, from 1 Jan. to 26 Sept. 1653, for which he has not been paid, though he before received 2s. a day. With reference to Council, 26 March 1655. [1 page.]
April 13. Note of the reading of the petition, but no order. [I. 76, p, 27.]
April 13. 32. Petition of Roger Hall, and his servant, Gilbert West, to the Protector and Council. Being master of the 38th double shallop for landing English forces in Fife, I was sent to Inverness, and thence hauled over land 5 or 6 miles to Lough Ness, where I remained for the use of the army in the Highlands till 8 Sept. 1654, so that I could not be present when the other shallops were paid, and 24l. 18s. 7d. remains due to me for 12 months' service, and to my servant 7l. 10s. 9d. for 7 months'. I beg an order for payment of these arrears, having been at trouble and charge 4 or 5 months in looking after them. [1 page.]
April 13. 33. Reference thereon by Council to Whalley, Twisleton, Goffe, Packer, White, Berkstead, and Worsley, to examine the case, send to Scotland to enquire what has been paid for the shallop's service, and report. [1 page; also I. 76, p. 27.]
April 13. 34. Petition of Step. Pound, of Cowes, Isle of Wight, to the Protector, for payment of 26l. 2s. 9d., balance of 26l. 13s. due for hire of his boat, impressed 13 Sept. 1651 to go to Jersey, and for his own and his mate's service. With reference to the Admiralty Commissioners to relieve him, 21 Feb. 1654–5. Endorsed with note from Col. Sydenham to the Admiralty Commissioners, begging relief for [Mary Pound, his wife], as she has nothing to carry her home; and their reply that they can do nothing, believing that his boat was paid with the rest employed in the same service, 23 March 1654–5. [2 pages.] Annexing,
34. i. Certificate by Wm. Harding, at request of Mary Pound, that by Major-Gen. Heane's accounts, Stephen received 12l. 6s. 8d. at Weymouth for victuals and repairs of his boat, and 10s. 3d. in full compensation, on his discharge in Jersey, but he knows not what should be allowed for demurrage, &c., 27 March 1656. [2/3 page.]
April 13. Order in Council for a warrant to Mr. Frost to pay 5l. to Stephen or Mary Pound for the said boat. [I. 76, p. 27.]
April 13. Note of a petition referred to the Committee for Petitions, of Alex. Brody, for a warrant to the Commissioners at Leith, or others, to pay him 242l., due for serving as judge in the Court of Sessions in Scotland, till that judicatory dissolved. [I. 92, No. 334.]
April 13. Council. Day's Proceedings.
2. The petition of the wives of those officers and soldiers who are gone in the fleet to the Indies, under Col. Venables,—signed by Eliz. Haynes, Eliz. Hunter, Jane Tayler, and others,—referred to Montague, Sydenham, Desborow, Jones, and Lambert, to report.
3. The Clerks of Council to look over the books, and give account what businesses are put under secrecy, which are not yet taken off.
4, 5. Order—on information that Jasper Clutterbuck, alderman of Gloucester, has in hand 350l., part of the money raised there when the Scots were defeated at Worcester,—that he pay in 250l., and dispose of the rest towards the charges of the city in that insurrection, as he shall be authorized by his Highness and Council. Approved, 20 April.
6. Lambert's report from the Scotch Committee, of a draft of an Order and Declaration for continuing the excise in Ireland, read and re-committed.
7. Order on Strickland's report from the Committee on 2 Dutch ships,—viz., the Peter of Flushing, and the Blue Pigeon of Amsterdam, taken by 2 privateers;—that the Admiralty Judges consider the papers sent in by Lord Nieuport, concerning dealings with Dutch ships, draw up the matter of fact, and report next Tuesday.
8. The complaints of unjust seizures and plunderings by privateers referred to Desborow, Jones, Lambert, and Fiennes; to consider the whole matter of privateers, and report what should be done to prevent the like mischiefs.
10. Order on a paper presented by Col. Gibbon, Governor of Jersey,—praying payment of 25l. 2s. 6d., disbursed for clothes and maintainance of Lieut.-Col. John Lilburne, prisoner in Jersey;— that he may allow himself the 25l. 2s. 6d. out of the first moneys he receives for the State's use, and place the same to account; but that Lilburne's future expenses are to be satisfied by a discount out of his weekly pension.
17. 35. The Admiralty Commissioners to provide cloth and baize for coats for his Highness's watermen, and send the bill to Council, that it may be paid.
18. Order on report on the petition of Gilbert Keate and the owners of the Marmaduke [see 15 March, suprà], that according to the Order of 27 July last, the well-affected owners have ½ the value of the ship, and that the Admiralty Commissioners consider what can be further done for the petitioners, and report. [I. 76, pp. 25–28.] Annexing,
36. i. Report on which the above Order is founded. [1½ pages.]
April 14. Approval by the Protector of 10 Orders, 26 March to 12 April. [I. 76, pp. 28–9.]
April 14. 37. Bond of Hen. Allen, of Longthorpe, co. Northampton, and his 2 sureties, in 500l., for his appearance before Council at Whitehall, 14 days after notice, and his not acting against the present Government. [1 page.]
April 14. 38. Grant by Wm. Johnson, mayor, and the burgesses of Newcastleon-Tyne, to John Blakiston, of the office of town clerk. [Copy, ¾ page, dated 1665. But see a list of the town clerks endorsed on a grant of the office in March 1641, to Wm. Green, in the same hand as this paper.]
April 16.
39. Com. Peter Pett to Gen. Jno. Desborow. Coming to Whitehall to wait upon you respecting the Naseby, I met a letter to me from the Lord Protector, to make a strict search in all vessels for Wilmot and some others; I thereupon hastened away, gave notice to the Governor of Gravesend Blockhouse, sent away 3 vessels by 3 a.m., and in the afternoon gave an account of my proceedings to his Lordship, sent to the post at Rochester. As my letter has miscarried, either by negligence or wilfulness, and it is the third I have lost within a month, by that or the Dartford post, and as it may prove of bad consequence to the service, I leave it to your discretion to make his Highness acquainted with it. Tell him that his order shall be strictly prosecuted, and notice given of any intelligence that comes to hand. [1 page.]
April 17. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. The petition of Wm. Webster, George Senior, and others, with a certificate of the Lord Mayor of London, and the justices of the sessions holden at Newgate, referred to Montague and Sydenham, to confer with the Commissioners of the Great Seal, and report.
4. Order on resuming the debate on the report from the Committee on the Establishment of the Council's Contingencies, that the salary of 400l. granted to Gualter Frost, as treasurer, be reduced to 300l.
That John Milton's salary of 288l. be reduced to 150l.
That the following salaries be taken away:—
Henry Gifford, Frost's assistant, 45l. 12s. 6d.
John Hall, 100l.
Marchmont Needham, 100l.
George Vaux, housekeeper at Whitehall, 150l.
René Augier, 182l. 10s.
The rent of Abraham Williams' house, 300l.
5. Some convenient rooms at Somerset House to be set apart for foreign ambassadors.
6. Thurloe to put that part of the intelligence which is managed by René Augier into the common charge of intelligence, and to order it as is best for the State.
7. The said Committee to confer with the Admiralty Commissioners about transferring the yearly salaries of 100l. to Dr. Walker, advocate, and 200l. to Mr. Dorislaus, Admiralty Solicitor, from the Council's Contingencies to some other treasury arising by Admiralty proceeds.
8. The salary of 10s. a day to be paid to Lieut.-Col. John Roseworm, and the Treasurers-at-war to pay him 10s. a day more, when in actual employment.
9. The 160l. to Mr. Randolph, keeper of the paper office, and the 200l. to Mr. Ryley, keeper of the Tower records, to be paid in future from the Exchequer.
10. Also the weekly pensions of 40s. a week each to Lieut.-Col. John Lilburne, and the Earl of Worcester; 20s. each to Mr. Allen and Col. Hungerford; 4l. to Sir Adam Loftus; and 4l. to be divided between Lady Levingston, Mrs. Hobson, Mrs. Bray, and Mrs. Blunden, these sums being formerly charged on Council's Con tingencies.
11. The 6l. weekly to the Earl of Crawford, 3l. to the Earl of Kelly, 5l. each to the Earl Marshall and Earl of Lauderdale, and 40s. each to Lords Sinclair and Spynie, to be paid by the Treasury Commissioners of Scotland, from the public revenue there.
12. The salaries of the 2 porters, the gallery, chapel, privy garden, and clock keepers of Whitehall, keeper of James's Park gates, gardener, and keeper of the privy lodgings and of the orchard door, to be taken into his Highness' household, and notice given to his steward to supply the places with fit officers.
13. To advise warrants for quarterly payment from the Exchequer of the following yearly salaries:—
£ s. d.
John Thurloe, Secretary of State 800 0 0
Phil. Meadow, Latin Secretary 200 0 0
Messengers 6s. 8d., and office clerks 5s. a day.
Scobell and Jessop, clerks, each 500 0 0
Edw. Dendy, serjeant-at-arms 365 0 0
10 deputies at 3s. 4d. a day each 608 6 8
Rich. Scutt, usher, and assistants, at 13s. a day 237 5 0
Thos. Bennett, keeper of the back door of the Council Chamber, 4s. a day 73 0 0
Rob. Stebbin, fire maker for the clerks, 2s. a day 36 0 0
The first payment of the above to begin from 1 April instant.
Rich. Nutt, master of the barges 80 0 0
Thos. Washbourne, his assistant 20 0 0
25 watermen to attend his Highness' barge, at 4l. each a year 100 0 0
These to begin from 25 March 1655.
14. To advise warrants to pay Gualter Frost, Treasurer for Council's Contingencies, 300l. a year salary, from 1 April till further order.
15. The bills for charges of the messengers and serjeants' deputies to be given in monthly to Mr. Jessop, to examine and certify, and then to be paid by Frost, to whom money is to be issued for that purpose. [I. 76, pp. 29–32.]
April 17.
Pres. Lawrence to Jonas Scott, Customs' Collector at Wells. His Highness and Council hearing, by your letter to Maj.-Gen. Skippon, that you have stayed John Beane and Rich. Preston, who came to your port from Rotterdam, require you to send them hither in safe custody. [I. 76, p. 35.]
April 17.
The Lyme, Downs.
40. Capt. Jno. Bourne to Robt. Blackborne. Thanks for your letters, by which I understand the hypocrisy of the French, and doubt not but the Lord of hosts and navies will appear strong enough for his people in the day of battle and time of trouble. England's former experience should teach us to place our confidence aright. Pray send down a warrant for our minister. [1 page.]
April 17.
The Merlin, Cagliari Bay, Sardinia.
41. Capt. Geo. Crapnell to Thos. Smith, Navy Commissioner. We have all enjoyed good health since coming into the Straits. Our General with his fleet met in Ferrena 9 Turks, which we fired and burnt. Many hundred guns were fired on both sides, and from the Turks' castle, but few English were killed or wounded. The Turks seldom or ever heard such a peal before. Since then I have received some repulse from my own company; therefore if any of them shall come with tickets, or upon any other pretence for money, do not pay them until the frigate returns. There have been other defeats by our frigates. I took a French cutter from Cyprus, off Cape Bona, laden with cotton, which I delivered to the General. I send you a draft of Ferrena port, with the ships as they lay in battle. Pray forward a letter enclosed. [1 page.]
April 17. 42. Certificate by Rich. Phelps, mayor, and others of New Sarum. Edm. Macks, apothecary, was indicted for treason before the Commissioners for Oyer and Terminer, co. Wilts, and confessing himself guilty of that horrid rebellion, was sentenced to death, but begs mercy on our certificate of his former good conduct for 7 years, in compassion to his wife and family. 31 signatures. [1 page.]
April 18. 43. Propositions of the fined persons in Scotland to the Protector. By your order of 6 April, we are to pay on 21 May and 2 July next 45,000l., being ⅓ of the fines imposed by the Ordinance of Grace, which is impossible, the sums being so great, and the time so short.
(1.) We offer security to pay 1/5 of the fines in 12 months; this will be 30,000l., besides those 6 persons whose fines are suspended by your last order. This we undertake only in the extremity of our necessity, and our desire to keep our families from starving, and to satisfy you.
(2.) By the last order we are less able to raise money than by the commission granted 21 last August to those Commissioners at Edinburgh, as this order only suspends the remainder of the fines till the next Parliament, and those Commissioners had absolute power to discharge.
We beg you, on performance hereof, to order us to get complete discharges, for we cannot raise money by sale or mortgage of our estates so long as that incumbrance lies on us. Also to declare that the fines being paid, we may be freed from the qualifications in the Act of Grace, debarring us from seeking payment of our just debts, so that the law may be patent to us as to the rest of our nation. [1 page.]
April 18. Order thereon that Council adheres to the sums to which the fines were reduced by the last order; but the payments are to be in two moieties, on 25 June and 29 September next. A committee to prepare an order for the alteration of the fines, and to discharge those fined on payment of fines, and enable them to recover their debts, and report. [I. 76, p. 33.]
April 18. 44, 45. Capt. Wm. Rhodes to Lord Lambert. I beg encouragement for my men, who spent their own or borrowed money to fit themselves as troopers, and I had to borrow money to pay their quarters coming to London, but some remain unpaid, which I will pay if allowed, to prevent clamours, and will give in particulars. With reference from the Protector, 3 April 1655, to Whalley and the rest of the officers, and their report recommending payment of 94l. 19s. 0d. [2 papers.]
April 18. Order that the report on the desire of Capt. Wm. Rhodes, on behalf of the party of horse sent under him into co. Northampton, be agreed to, except as to the gratuities of 10l. to the captain, and 5l. to the lieutenant. That instead of the 94l. 19s. 0d. propounded, 79l. 19s. 0d. be paid him out of Council's Contingencies, to be by him paid according to the report, and in discharge of quarters; and that this sum, and the 50l. already advanced him, be repaid to Council by the Treasurers for Militia Money in co. Northampton, if there be any money remaining. Also order that Lord Lambert request his Highness to grant 15l. to Rhodes, and 5l. to his lieutenant, as a gratuity for that service. Approved 23 April. [I. 76. pp. 33, 34.]
April 18. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Council to consider next Friday the business about the Scotch rolls and records desired to be sent into Scotland. The Master of the Rolls and Mr. Ryley to attend.
10. Thos. Smithsby to attend Council, to account for his not obeying the order of 31 Aug. to remove from Hampton Court within a month.
12. To advise a warrant for 30l. from Army Contingencies to Capt. Hen. Griffith, for repair of Cardiff Castle, he accounting for it to the Army Committee. Approved 3 May.
13. Order on petition of Roger, Lord Broghill,—showing how he is molested by persons turning cattle into grounds of his, part of the late forest of Frome Selwood, co. Somerset, and making the same common, in contempt of a former letter from Council to some justices of peace for preventing spoils;—that Council write to the said justices of peace to return a certificate of their proceedings. [I. 76, pp. 33–5.]
April 18.
16. Pres. Lawrence to the Army Committee. Council hearing that the pay of his Highness' lifeguards is assigned on some old arrears due to the army, the levying whereof will be difficult, and will occasion their absence from service, desires you to charge it on some other assignment, that may more certainly be paid. [I. 76, p. 36.]
April 18.
17. Pres. Lawrence to Geo. Monck, Commander-in-Chief in Scotland. Council recommends to you the bearer, Rob. Dalliel, preacher of the Gospel, a man of piety and ability, intending to preach in Scotland, and desires you to see him provided for as other ministers are. [I. 76, p. 36.]
April 18.
18. Pres. Lawrence to John Ashe, John Hippesley, John Carey, and John Buckland, Esquires, and the other justices of peace for co. Somerset. Lord Broghill having complained that his estate in Frome Selwood Forest, secured to him by letters patent and a decree from the Exchequer Court, had been broken into, a letter was sent you from Council in August last, recommending it to you to preserve the same to him; further complaints being now made of his disturbance therein, they desire a certificate of your proceedings on that letter, and of the whole matter, that some further course may be taken. [I. 76, p. 36.]
April 18.
46. Capt. Hen. Hatsell to Col. Jno. Clarke, Admiralty Chamber, Whitehall. Particulars of ships at Plymouth. I came here yesterday, and the assizes commenced to-day, when the juries were empanelled, and 10 of the insurrectionists were arraigned, but only Penruddock tried; he was found guilty of high treason; the other 9 will be tried to morrow. Penruddock challenged 22 jurymen, without showing any cause, before 12 could be sworn, and as the rest may do the same, it will cause the trials to be long; but it is the law, and ought to be submitted to. I must be here, for the prisoners deny at the bar what they confessed at their first examination. [1 page.]
April 19. Notes of petitions referred to the Committee for Petitions, on which no reports nor Council orders were given. All from I. 92.
Roger Kilvert, for liberty to bring in some goods from the Canaries. [No. 13.]
John King, one of the former messengers, for employment. Noted as "not looked after." [No. 20.]
Widow Marsh, to continue in her husband's place as postmaster at Southwark. [No. 22.]
April 19. Jervise Michell, for 25l. 6s. 8d. for freight and demurrage, on a report from the Irish and Scotch Committee. Noted as "submitted to Council, being money due." [No. 29.]
Serjeant Dendy, that 711l. 4s. 0d. due to him may be passed into a bond at Worcester House, and allowed towards purchase of feefarm rents. Noted, "not looked after, and supposed to be provided for." [No. 31.]
Jas. Tatnell, for satisfaction from the Spaniard for his losses about a prize ship of his taken from the French, and seized at Ostend. "Not looked after." [No. 33.]
Randall Shaw, for liberty to transport butter. [No. 35.]
Moore Fontleroy, for power to preserve the deer in Woolmer Forest. "To be left to his Highness." [No. 36.]
Jersey men, that the Haberdashers' Hall Commissioners may relieve them as they judge meet, concerning 1,000l. given them out of delinquents' estates. [No. 37.]
Hen. Pilkington, for liberty to make farthings. [No. 43.]
Jas. Winstanley, for a letter to the Duke of Florence, to take off his protection from some goods of Sir Wm. Courteen, a bankrupt. "Not looked after." [No. 45.]
Paul Haggitt, for arrears of a pension granted him by the late King. "Delivered, Mr. Long, 9 Sept. 1654." [No. 46.]
Wm. Dodson, for release, being a prisoner in Newgate, though freed by exchange. "Delivered out." [No. 47.]
Merchant Adventurers' Company, for re-establishment of their government. "Not prosecuted." [No. 48.]
Drury House Trustees, for power to dispose of Sir John Winter's estate in the Forest of Dean. "Not prosecuted; under management of the Treasury." [No. 49.]
Inhabitants of Stow, co. Northampton, for examination of articles annexed against Mr. Yates, their minister. "Not prosecuted." [No. 50.]
Sir John Lenthall, that Serj. Dendy may re-deliver his office and book. "Formerly settled." [No. 51.]
Sir Fras. Norris and Col. Cook, for direction to justices named, to proceed according to Ordinance for getting in the Petitioners' tithes in Long Crendon, co. Bucks. "Not prosecuted, and fit for law." [No. 52.]
Handicrafts' men of London, that strangers may not prejudice them in their trades, and that their cause may be heard. "Not prosecuted." [No. 53.]
Lord Willoughby of Parham, for payment of 2,155l. out of Haberdashers' Hall, due by Ordinance of Parliament of 1646, in pursuance of Barbadoes articles. [No. 55.]
Iron ware makers, co. Warwick, that 20s. a ton on iron may be taken off. [No. 61.]
Watermen, for liberty to take gratuities from ambassadors, or satisfaction therefor some other way. [No. 64.]
Sam. Camby, for recommendation to the State of France, for payment of money lent their ambassador at Constantinople. "Not in the bundle." [No. 68.]
April 19. John Manley, for passing of the Post Ordinance. "Settled." [No. 69.]
Capt. John Browne, for consideration of his father, Hum. Browne's losses, for adhering to the votes of Parliament concerning tonnage and poundage in 1628. "Delivered, Col. Kelsey, 16 Aug. 1655." [No. 70.]
[Ralph] Cudworth, master of Clare Hall, for arrears of his augmentation. [No. 71.]
Geo. Wither, for payment of 300l. out of Haberdashers' Hall, ordered by Parliament out of discoveries, he having brought in more than that by discoveries, being for interest of 700l. formerly due. Noted, "Money, and submitted to Council, a report drawn at large. Report returned from Drury House 17 April 1655." [No. 75.]
James Freeze and others, for consideration of a former petition for transporting vagrants. "Not in the bundle, and laid aside." [No. 77.]
Corporation of Chester, for ease in their monthly assessment. [No. 79.]
Hum. Jones, for restraint of the export of leather, and leave to export 20,000 dickers of calf skins for 21 years. "Special report drawn." [No. 81.]
John Robinson, for payment of 12l. 10s. 0d., balance of 40l. ordered him in a list, towards a debt for the late King. [No. 82.]
Inhabitants of Aylesbury; complain of the election made there for Parliament. [No. 92.]
John St. John, for discharge of the rent of some lands of the Earl of Westmoreland while under sequestration, according to a Parliament Ordinance annexed. [No. 94.]
Rice Vaughan, for hearing on the articles against John Edisbury, prothonotary of co. Montgomery; "formerly ordered by his Highness." [No. 96.]
Committee for Claims in Ireland, to have lands in Ireland set out to make up 4,000l., with 1,379l. received according to a report from the Committee for Inspection; "settled by an Ordinance Aug. 1654." [No. 98.]
Hen. Elsing, for continuance of the manufacture of brass, by laying 20 per cent. on foreign brass; "fit for the Committee of Trade; dead." [No. 99.]
Rich. Shute, for increase of salary, and payment, with interest, of 1,000l. lent on an Ordinance of 21 Oct. 1643; has done service at the Custom House for 250l. a year, which cost before 1,250l., and kept accounts of Algiers duty without allowance; "done formerly by Ordinance." [No. 99a.]
Theodore Jennings, for a warrant for his salary as clerk in Whitehall Chapel, which — Griffith has unduly received; "formerly ordered that the salary be divided." [No. 100.]
April 19. 47. Petition of Susan Fulcher, Mary Kilvert, Marg. Kinkid, Mary Morley, Jas. Burrell, and Malcolm Carter, servants of the late King's children, to Council. We are the ancientest servants of the children, and attended them under several governors, by Parliament's order, till they were settled under the Countess of Leicester, when we were dismissed. We then applied to Parliament for pensions, as allowed to the rest of our fellow servants, and his Highness, before the expedition to Scotland, promised to assist us. On our petition, the Revenue Committee ordered us a small sum for our relief, but for 4 years we have had nothing, and are forced to earn our bread by hard labour. We beg to be settled like the rest of the servants. [2/3 page.]
April 19. Note of a petition of the dissolved family of the late King's children, referred 10 Aug. 1654 to the Committee for Petitions, that the moneys appointed for them may be paid out of the Exchequer, according to a proviso in their Ordinance. [I. 92, No. 171.]
April 19. Order in Council that the report from the Committee about the servants of the late King's children be laid aside for the present. [I. 76, p. 37.] Annexing,
48. i. Report alluded to, on their petition for the payment of the yearly moneys ordered them by Parliament 4 Dec. 1645, for life, or till re-investment in their places, viz.:—
£ s. d.
To Dr. Mayerne, yearly 200 0 0
Dr. Colladon, " 100 0 0
Nich. Bond, " 200 0 0
John Humphries 400 0 0
Corn. Holland, for the other household servants 3,325 4 11
4,225 4 11
to be paid from money arising from the Court of Wards and Liveries, or from the late King's revenues. Thereupon Holland had a warrant for 831l. 6s. 2½d. quarterly. On 12 Jan. 1647-8 the Revenue Committee gave Capt. Fauconberg a warrant to pay Holland 11,112l. 5s. 10d. from the Court of Wards, on account for the household. Their petition states that in 1653, when a Committee of Parliament was appointed for inspection of the Treasuries, his Highness requested a proviso that there should be no obstruction in their payments, which was approved. [Draft unsigned, 1 page.]
April 19. Council. Day's Proceedings.
4. Order, according to a report of the Committee for Scotland, that — as on 6 April, the persons fined by the Act of Grace for Scotland were ordered to pay ½ their reduced fines by 21 May, and the other ½ by 2 July, and to incur no penalty by suspension of payment of the remainder; and as they complain of the shortness of the time for payment,—it be extended for the first ½ to 25 June, and for the second ½ to 29 Sept. Approved 20 April.
5. 49. The order of Feb. 15 last to allow Col. Rob. Thorp, prisoner in the Tower, to go abroad for a month on security, vacated, and Montague, Sydenham, Jones, and Wolsley to consider a desire now offered to enlarge the time to 6 months, and report.
6. Sydenham and Montague added to the Committee on the petitions and reports depending before Council.
7. The above Committee to offer reports for consideration on April 26.
8. The petition of the first undertakers for reducements of rates of postage, signed by Francis Thompson and Rich. Hill, for themselves and partners, referred to the Committee on the whole business of postage. [I. 76, pp. 37–38.]
April 19.
50. Capt. Hen. Hatsell to Col. Jno. Clerke. I see by your letter how the honest French are like to deal with us, and wish it may quicken us to go thoroughly to work with them, as becomes honest men, to do their utmost for the good of their poor country. I do not wonder to hear of an order from the delegates to the same purpose that those busy gentlemen had like to have one from the Admiralty; but here is delicate work all this while, and it behoves those gentlemen to bestir themselves for their own credit, having before engaged against the Commonwealth; but till his Highness throws such men with indignation out of his presence, you will never want instruments as use indirect ways against the Commonwealth. I notice what you say concerning the value of the goods at Morlaix, and shall appoint the Bryer to go to that coast, giving notice at Morlaix of her being there, and will have her fitted and tallowed by to-morrow night, and ready to take in her provisions with haste.
The Great Charity is taking in provisions, but has not 20 men besides officers. I have sent the lieutenant to ferret them out of their holes in the town; but when all is done she will want 70 men, many being run away out of discontent; some come tippling on shore, and then march away in their mad fits, some to privateers at Fowey, and some to their homes; but I have given orders to some of the captains, when they meet privateers, to take out their seamen. If the Commissioners approve thereof, I desire an order for so doing. I also want a letter to Capt. Heaton to furnish 20 or 30 men for the Great Charity if needful; they come voluntarily to serve in the Saphire.
The abominable strong drink brewed in this town is of more prejudice to the State and to the poor men than the heads of all the brewers and alehouse keepers here are worth. I have made several complaints of it to the government here, but they protest they cannot remedy it, as the brewers have grown so rich, they contend with them at law. A sad effect of this drink was seen here last week; two Dutchmen, being deep in liquor, and going towards their ship in Catwater, and some young men of the town being at play without the Friary Gate, one of them called the Dutchmen butter boxes, whereupon they drew out their knives, and one of them struck the young man behind the ear, and he immediately died; they are both in hold, and will be sent to Exeter to be tried. This strong drink is from 26s. to 28s. a hogshead, and stronger than sack, and when a sailor has drunk one bowl, it makes him half out of his wits. To remedy this, I propose you should move the Commissioners to write to the mayor and magistrates, laying before them the evil this liquor produces, and desiring them to take some effectual course according to law to prevent it, and you will have it remedied in a great measure, if not altogether.
I desire you will not charge home the Receiver for Devonshire with payments within the county, as I have been constrained to take up the collections of Rowborough and Plympton Hundreds, which is about 415l., and have ordered Fras. Hacker to pay it into the Treasury at Guildhall, and yet this does not defray half the expense here since I put in the last accounts. I will send up all these accounts when the Charity is dispatched, being resolved to keep short ones, or else I may quickly run myself out at heels, for to be out 400l. or 500l. of my own may be a great loss to me; besides, all the money I have, to 20l. or 30l., is now in London, being disbursed here for the State's use, and there received.
P.S.—I can get no money here on exchange; none will take bills on a public treasury, yet business must be dispatched. [21/8 pages.]
April 19.
The Sea Venture, Malaga.
51. Capt. Abra. Pearce to the Admiralty Commissioners. I arrived at Cadiz Bay on the 17th, and hearing from Mr. Wilson, the Consul there, that there was no intelligence of the fleet, I proceeded, as ordered, to the Mediterranean, and on to Malaga Road. I hear from Abra. Philliter, Master of the Rebecca of London, who came from Genoa 30 March last, that Gen. Blake had then lately arrived at Leghorn from Tunis. [2/3 page.]
April 20. Note of a petition referred to the Committee for Petitions, of John Clench, and the inhabitants of Stowbury, co. Dorset, for relief, their town being burnt in 1643 for the Parliament's service, damage 3,000l. [I. 92, No. 331.]
April 20. Council. Day's Proceedings.
2. Col. John Birch's house in co. Hereford to be made untenable, by filling in the moat, or by making sufficient breaches therein to give free passage to the house, and he is to have it done within 2 months, or Col. Wroth Rogers, Governor of Hereford, shall do it speedily, as he is hereby empowered to do, and to remove the soldiers now garrisoning it.
3. The draft of a Proclamation reported by Montague, for executing the laws against Popish priests, Jesuits, &c., now read, to be read again next Tuesday.
4. Note that the Master of the Rolls attended to-day according to order.
5. The business of the Scotch Rolls to be considered next Wednesday, and the Clerks of Council to remind Council thereof.
6. To request his Highness to make use of a Privy Seal.
7. The petition of Margaret Swinton, for her uncle Wm. Scott, referred to the Committee on the Affairs of Scotland, to report.
8. A report from the Admiralty Commissioners, of April 16, concerning tobacco and French wines landed at Plymouth from the Samson, referred to the Commissioners for regulating Customs and Excise, to consider it and do what is fit.
11. Approval by the Protector of 3 Orders, 13-19 April. [I. 76, pp. 39, 40.]
April 22.
52. John, Earl of Clare, Lord Warden of Sherwood Forest, to Mr. Montague, one of the Council, at his lodgings near the Orchard, Whitehall. Fearing to trouble his Highness with an immediate address, I beg you to acquaint him with the enclosed and a report that Mr. Clark has leave to sell for his own use 28,000 trees, which will expound all the dark places thereof; that he sets on all the workmen that can be got at very high wages, and before the bark will peel, contrary to statute, and sells at very low rates, like Solomon's harlot that would have the living child divided. He sweeps clean, leaving no standards according to law, which will bare of timber a forest that stands near 2 navigable rivers, the Trent and Idle, and render it in the same condition as the Forest of Dean was endeavoured in the late King's time, by malevolent persons, to weaken our wooden walls of shipping. [1 page.] Annexing,
52. i. The 4 Verderers and Ranger of Sherwood Forest to John, Earl of Clare. The forest is ruined, especially Cliptson Woods, where the inhabitants have right of estovers, by Mr. Clark, on pretence of a grant from the Committee for sale of Traitors' Estates. He has felled 1,000 trees, and daily fells more, and sold 300 to Phillips of Bawely, for ship timber. He fells in the heart of the forest, where the deer have their greatest relief. There is much good ship timber in the forest. Rob. Baskerville, late Woodward General, has died; another should be appointed or the woods will suffer much. Blidworth Attachment, 16 April 1655. [1 page.]
[April 22.] 53. Short hand notes relating to Sherwood Forest. [2/3 page.]
April 22.
54. Rob. Dillington to his "noble captain," Jos. Williamson, Queen's College, Oxford. Thanks to you and my kind associates for your many courtesies. I hope you had as pleasant and safe a journey as we had a transportation. I wished the horses might be all Pegasuses. We exchanged ours for Icarus' wings, yet had not his bad fortune, for we arrived safe at our wished for port. I hope you were not detained by your watch at Sutton. Let me hear from you at Jasper Devenish's, Hampton. [1 page.]
April 23. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. The Commissioners of the Great Seal to proceed according to the Ordinance for better regulating the jurisdiction of the High Court of Chancery.
2. Wolsley, Fiennes, Montague, and Jones, to be a Committee to speak with the Great Seal Commissioners about the above Ordinance, according to the purport of this day's debate. [I. 76, p. 42.]
April 23. 55. Jo. Der. [John, Bishop of Derry] to Mr. Parker, English gentleman, Antwerp. We must wait a week or two to know what the business will prove between England and France. I shall be as ready as ever to do you good, if it be not cast in my teeth afterwards. To multiply journeys to the Hague is but to multiply charge.
Mr. Crooke writes me that nothing can yet be done in your business, on account of transplantation and other hindrances. I have pressed him to do his uttermost with speed. Think of a convenient place to retire to, the more private the better; let no man know of it. I fear the Swedish armies may trouble Cleveland this summer. Direct to me at the Golden Pomegranate, High Street, Hague. [½ page.]
April 24. 56. Petition of Rob. Dalliell, minister, Swanton Morley, Norfolk, to Council. You have granted me a recommendation to Gen. Monk for preaching the Gospel in Scotland, but I have many enemies, who will take steps to sequester my place if I be absent above 80 days, nor can the Commissioners for Sequestration deny it, though never so much my friends, there being no exception in case of non-residence. I beg your order to the county Commissioners to provide an honest man in my place, paying him from the profits during my absence, which may be a year from 1 June next, and to keep my place for me. [2/3 page.]
April 24. Order thereon that he suffer no prejudice by his year's absence, provided he take care to supply his place by a qualified person, and the Commissioners for ejecting scandalous Ministers and others are to note this. Approved 3 May. [I. 76, pp. 43, 54.]
April 24. Note of a petition referred, 24 April 1655, to the Committee for Petitions, of Geo. Castle and other captives in Algiers, for ransom as others have had, having been 14 years in captivity. [I. 92, No. 356.]
April 24. Order in Council, on report from the Customs' Commissioners concerning the redemption of the captives at Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, &c., and papers annexed;—that Wolsley, Strickland, Mulgrave, and Lambert consider what should be done, consult with the Customs' Commissioners, and report. [I. 76, p. 43.]
April 24. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order on Jones' report from the Committee on the Postage of letters, to advise that the management of the Post Office be performed by Mr. Thurloe, security being given for payment of the present rent of 10,000l. a year, and for keeping the conditions of the contract with the present farmer; to be settled by grant under the Great Seal for such period as his Highness and Council think fit, beginning from the expiration of Manley's contract. Approved 3 May. Annexing,
57. i. Report of which this order is founded. [1 page.]
2. The petition of James Wallis, of Rickmansworth, co. Hertford, read, and referred to Jones, Mulgrave, Wolsley, Strickland, and Fiennes, to report.
3. Order—on Jones' report from the Committee ordered on Nov. 30 1654, to examine bills presented to Council for goods provided for the first furniture of Whitehall and the Mews, subscribed by John Maidstone, his Highness' steward, amounting to 6,106l. 17s. 0d.,—to advise a warrant to pay Maidstone, that he may pay the said bills. Approved 3 May.
5. The question whether the draft of an order annexed to the report—for continuing an Act for laying an imposition on coal, towards building and maintaining ships to guard the seas,—should be committed, passed in the negative.
10. Strickland, Skippon, Wolsley, and Jones to consider the paper now read, sent in by Machamont Needham, and the annexed warrants concerning printing, and to report.
13. The Committee appointed to speak with the Great Seal Commissioners to read the Ordinance for regulating Chancery, see what is further to be done in order to execute it, and report.
14. Wolsley and Jones to speak with the Solicitor-General and Lord Broghill about the settling lands in Ireland, for which he is to have 3,000l., and concerning the payment of money to him. [I. 76, pp. 42–5.]
April 24.
Pres. Lawrence to the Lord Deputy and Council of Ireland, at Dublin. His Highness and Council think fit that Lieut.-Gen. Ludlow forbear coming over to England till further order, so you are not to permit him to do so. [I. 76, p. 45.]
April 24. Proclamation by the Protector for executing the laws against priests and Jesuits, and for speedy conviction of Popish recusants. Finding that in spite of the severe laws, many priests and Jesuits resort here, say masses, and seduce people to the Church of Rome; and holding ourselves obliged to use all good means to preserve the people from being corrupted, which is best performed by keeping them from priests ordained in foreign parts, and prohibited by the laws of this land;—we order diligent search to be made for all Jesuits and priests having orders from the See of Rome, who are to be apprehended and committed to the county gaol, to remain without bail or mainprize till their trial. We give notice that the harbourers and maintainers of them shall be left to the course of law, and we expect all our judges, justices of peace, &c., to execute the laws now in force against them.
There has lately been great neglect in conviction of Popish recusants, so that no penalties are levied, which has induced many to embrace Popery. We therefore command that the Ordinance for an oath of abjuration, appointed by Parliament to be tendered to any above 21 by authorized persons, be executed; and that none may pretend ignorance, we express the words of the oath, and all who refuse to take it before any 2 justices of peace, or mayor and city officers, are to forfeit as Papists, and have 2/3 of their estates sequestered, and of their goods sold, as appointed by the Act of Sequestration. The oath,—being a denial of Papal supremacy, of transubstantiation, purgatory, and image worship, and a confession that salvation cannot be merited by works—is to be taken without equivocation or reservation. This oath is to be tendered to all suspected to be Popishly inclined, and the names of those who refuse or neglect to take it to be certified into the Exchequer, that proceedings may be taken. All justices of peace, mayors, &c., are to administer this oath as a necessary duty, and not to do it or forbear at their pleasure. [I. 76a, pp. 49–51.]
April 24. Note that this proclamation was read in Council without being committed, and then passed. [I. 76, p. 44.]
April 24. 58. And. Duke to Capt. Pearce. Your kindred are expecting your coming. Receive 10l. more for me at my cousin Johnson's, the Black Boy, Friday St., and pay it to Peter Ceely's appointment. Buy me two pairs of gloves, one a woman's and perfumed. [1 page. Endorsed from Mr. Berry.]
April 25. Notes of petitions, the consideration of which was transferred in 1654 to the Committee for Petitions, but on which no reports were made, nor Council orders given. All in I. 92.
Sir Rob. Pye, for confirmation of his patent as auditor of the Exchequer. "Place disposed." [No. 103.]
Gilb. Brookes, for payment of 4l. 8s. 10d. disbursed in seizing 1,800l. at Chelmsford, Essex. "Sir Wm. Masham to certify by what authority he was set to work, and what was expended." [No. 104.]
Rob. Bowyer, for confirmation of his patent from King James of the place of Usher of the Exchequer. "Not in the bundle." [No. 105.]
Sir Jas. Scott, avowing his innocence, Pat. Scott, Earl of Panmure, and [Sir] Alex. Morrison, for relief from their fines in Scotland. [Nos. 107–9, 111.]
Michael Baker, Thos. Barker, Keiling Guydott, and Edw. Osbaldston, for confirmation in their places as Messengers of the Exchequer. [No. 112.]
Denis Gauden and others, that the Spanish Ambassador may answer their complaint about the Discovery, seized by the King of Spain, and other ill usage. "Referred to the Commissioners for the Spanish Treaty, when appointed; nothing to be done." [No. 113.]
Rob. Michel, for delivery of his ship, taken and condemned as French, upon her appraisement. [No. 115.]
Corporation of Poole, for order to be taken to keep the Channel clear. [No. 116.]
April 25. John Gillett, for liberty and restoration to his place as Warder of the Tower, being ousted and imprisoned for Tudor's escape. [No. 117.]
Rob. Jegon, for consideration of the bill prepared by the Committee for Prisons and Prisoners, in order to payment of his debts. [No. 118.]
Lady Cunningham, for discharge of a fine laid on Sir Jas. Levingston by the Ordinance for Scotland. [No. 119.]
Thos. Hamilton, for a declaration that he is not the Thos. Hamilton who was fined in Scotland, there being 2 of that name there. [No. 122.]
Barbara Saunderson, that in discharge of 1,850l. arrears of an annuity from King James, the sequestration of Lady Jane Mennes may be released, being her jointure, and no part of the estate of Sir John Mennes, from whom it was sequestered. [No. 123.]
Wm. Fishman and other owners of the Peace, that the Admiralty Judges may be required to order them their shares, in pursuance of Council's order. "Not prosecuted." [No. 126.]
Wm. Scott, for discharge of a fine imposed on him in Scotland. [No. 128.]
Levant Company, for approbation of Major Salway as ambassador to Constantinople, and for a commission to be granted him. [No. 129.]
Levant Company, for power to collect the charge of consulage. [No. 130.]
Anne Faukard, for relief, having lost her husband by sickness in the service. "Special report drawn." [No. 135.]
Margaret, widow of Col. Venn, for an order to the Haberdashers' Hall Commissioners for payment of 265l., for which she has an order, and of 1,427l. 19s. 0d. to make up 1,602l. 19s. 0d., balance due of 4,000l. ordered by Parliament to her husband, out of delinquents' estates discovered by him, he having discovered more than the 4,000l. "Report drawn." [No. 140.]
Corporation of Bristol, for relief concerning a fee-farm rent of 40l. a year reserved on their purchase of Bristol Castle, but — Wallis, who has purchased it, prosecutes them for it and arrears, contrary to an order of Parliament. "Not prosecuted." [No. 142.]
Ranulph Shaw, cheesemonger, for liberty to transport 500 barrels of butter. [No. 146.]
William, Earl of Dalhowsie, and Hen. Maule, for discharge of his fine upon articles. [No. 147.]
Wm. Tasburgh, for reversal of the order for his commitment to custody, and outing from his office, for Tudor's escape. [No. 149.]
John Elston, for confirmation of his patent as usher and cutter of the tallies. [No. 151.]
John King, to be paid his salary as other messengers. [No. 152.]
Col. Marcus Trevor, to enjoy his estate in Ireland, his Highness having taken him into protection. [No. 156.]
Edw. Jenks and his wife, to be heard on some complaints against Sir John Lenthall. [No. 159.]
April 25. John Prowse, minister at Bishopston, co. Wilts, for continuance of an augmentation of 15l. 13s. 4d. granted to Mr. Cross, being a sequestration, but since removed, the living being not above 40l. a year. "Fit for the trustees." [No. 161.]
John Tilston, for allowance of some lands, part of Roche and Selwood forests, in lieu of a debt. [No. 164.]
Edw. Bullock, for relief against a decree in Chancery of 39 Elizabeth. "Delivered, Mr. Winslow, 23 Oct. 1654." [No. 167.]
Hum. Brewster and reduced officers, for payment of their arrears out of lands in Ireland, according to an Act of Parliament, their accounts being stated. [No. 169.]
Barbers and surgeons of London, for payment of 1,750l. owing to them by the State, they owing great debts; also forbearance of prosecution by the Commissioners for Compounding for 100l. due from them as composition for 1,000l. which they owed to Mr. Watson, and the debt being sequestered, they compounded for it. "Not prosecuted." [No. 172.]
Sir Sackville Crow. Was employed at Constantinople, and at his return in 1648, committed to the Tower on motion of the Levant Company; was released by Parliament, on bail to appear when required; but that Parliament and another being dissolved, begs release from attendance, delivery of his bonds, and to be left to the law. "Levant Company to show cause on Wednesday next, and notice to be given." [No. 173.]
Rob. Devereux and Chris. Hore, late of Wexford, for license to go to Ireland, where they left their crops, and return, having a residence in Flintshire; had license from the Commissioners for Ireland to transplant themselves to England. [No. 174.]
Wm. Lishman, for payment of several sums ordered him for attendance on divers Committees of Parliament. "Mr. Scobell to give his opinion on Wednesday." [No. 176.]
Surrey and Sussex ministers, for a hearing of what they can say for exemption from charge of repairing highways and bridges. [Nos. 177, 178.]
John Wharton, prisoner on suspicion of being in the late plot, for release. [No. 180.]
Drugsters, for remitment of 12d. per lb. Excise on drugs and apothecaries' ware. [No. 181.]
Mary Page. [No. 186.]
William, Viscount Stafford, that no proceedings may be had on Sir Rich. Onslow's prosecution of the Earl of Arundel's lunacy, till the Commissioners of the Great Seal make their report. [No. 187.]
Owners of the Unicorn, for consideration of their loss by the French, upon closing the treaty. "The Commissioners to take care of him as others." [No. 188.]
Leonard Ward and Joan his wife, administratrix of Rich. Brigham, coachmaker to the late King, for payment of 6,700l. due to Brigham; he borrowed 3,000l., for which his estate was engaged, and his 4 children ruined, yet they are sued on bonds of 200l. and 40l. entered into to pay doctors' fees, and suits in Chancery. [No. 193.]
April 25. Walmsley chapelry, for cessation of interruption given to Mich. Brisco, who was chosen their minister. [No. 195.]
Thos. Chelston and others interested in the Great Christopher, to be left to law in the Admiralty Court, having given security according to a decree, but on a false oath of Edw. Lewis, being since required to deposit the proceeds of it with the Commissioners for Prize Goods. "Fit to be referred to the Admiralty Court. [No. 196.]
Simon Thompson, for release, being committed for pretended words against the present Government by the malicious prosecution of — Roe, a Papist. [No. 198.]
Sam. Boothouse, that demand may be made for his particular damages by the Turks. "Not prosecuted." [No. 199.]
Governor and Company of Merchant Adventurers of Newcastle-onTyne, about differences with the merchant adventurers of England, consisting of companies in divers parts of England, each of which have free trade, without being imposed on by the other; offer 8l. a year composition, in lieu of all demands. "Fit to be considered when the Merchant Adventurers receive any progress." [No. 200.]
Nich. Warren and others, for delivery on bail of goods in the 3 Kings and St. John de Grace, which they claim in the Admiralty. [No. 201.]
Nich. Jenkins, bailiff and escheator of Westminster, for examination of his title to the estate of Hen. Ranzes, a stranger, who died without kindred. [No. 212.]
Major Erasmus Purling, for consideration of his losses of 3,000l. in reducing Jersey. "Referred to the Admiralty Commissioners; paper delivered to the wife, 26 April 1656." [No. 217.]
Geo. Goodman, for the Mastership of St. John's Hospital, Northampton. [No. 219.]
Jos. Burkers, for release, having long been a prisoner on the late plot. [No. 220.]
John Dethick, Nathan Wright, &c., that Serjeant (?) Eltonhead may receive a determination in the Admiralty on 8,000l., in pieces of 8, taken in the silver ships Salvadore, &c., he pretending the dependence there a bar for doing them justice upon a contract for a sum of ryals. [No. 228.]
Salt makers of North and South Shields, Blythe, and Sunderland, for examination of their case; that manufacture will be destroyed through the Ordinance for uniting Scotland, as there they make salt cheaper than in England. "A new petition." [No. 231.]
Portugal merchants, that the Consulage of Portugal money may be settled on John Parker, merchant of London. [No. 235.]
Nath. Eldred, for past and future allowance as Commissary of provisions for Scotland; had the survey of the stores in the garrisons, and was promised allowance therefor, but had it not. "Not prosecuted; a business of soldiers." [No. 236.]
Commissioners for Public Debts and Discoveries, for continuance with further power necessary, and order to call in the moneys discovered, re-imburse their charges therefrom, and receive allowance. "Referred to the Treasury Commissioners." [No. 240.]
April 25. Thos. Levett, executor of Hen. Shuter, for Commissioners to examine frauds about the late King's part of prizes taken in his wars with France, &c. [No. 243.]
James, Lord Ogleby [or Ogilvy], for liberty, being prisoner in the Tower, and urging his innocency. [No. 247.]
Eliz. Heatley, for payment of part of 1,000l. disbursed in 1641 by her husband, a surgeon in Londonderry, for physic for the regiments, she being left poor. "Submitted." [No. 248.]
Eliz. Dod, for leave to transport 1,500 barrels of butter; her husband was employed for relief of Gloucester, contracted a sickness at Newbury battle, and died, leaving her with 5 small children. "Fit to be recommended to his Highness." [No. 249.]
April 26. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order on report from the Committee on the Ordinance touching the Chancery, to request his Highness to appoint 6 Masters of Chancery. Annexing,
59. i. Report alluded to:—That this is all that is to be done by his Highness or Council; the rest is to be done by the Commissioners of [the Great Seal] and Master of the Rolls. [¾ page.]
3. Alderman Fowke's business to be considered this day week.
4. Council having ordered, on 29 March, payment of 20,000l. to the Treasurers-at-war from the Exchequer, and of 3,000l. from the late Treasurers-at-war, for the Army, the Army Committee are to issue warrants to the present Treasurers-at-war for its payment for the army and its contingencies.
5. The draft of a letter presented by Col. Sydenham approved, and to be signed and sent to the various counties where notice is given that the Ordinance for ejecting scandalous or insufficient ministers and schoolmasters has not been executed, addressed to some of the county Commissioners for executing that Ordinance, and to be communicated to the rest, viz.:—
Co. Dorset.—Col. John Bingham, Hen. Henly, and John Whiteway.
" Lincoln.—John Disney, Wm. Harvey, and Mr. Fiennes.
" Stafford.—Hen. Stone, Thos. Whitegrave, and Mr. Adshead.
London.—The Lord Mayor, &c. Repeated, 27 April.
" Somerset and Bristol.—Col. Popham, John Buckland, John Sealy, and Rob. Aldworth.
" Surrey.—Sir Rich. Onslow, Art. Onslow, Rob. Tichborne Alderman of London, Sir Wm. Brereton, Fras. Drake, John Blackwell, sen. and jun.
" Derby and Nottingham.—Sam. Sleigh and Sir John Burdett.
2 Letters to Somerset.—Sir Thos. Wroth, Sir John Horner, Alex. Popham, Thos. and John Gorges, Rich. and Rob. Aldworth, James Powell, John Carey, John arrington, John Sealy, &c.
Leicester and Rutland.—Francis Hacker, Wm. Stanley, and Edmund Craddock Alderman of Leicester. [I. 76, pp. 46–7.]
April 26. Pres. Lawrence to the aforesaid Commissioners. Council having considered the sad calamity this Commonwealth has long groaned under, by reason of profane, ignorant, and scandalous ministers, to the great grief of the godly, encouragement of the wicked, and hindrance of the propagation of the Gospel and of reformation; and finding the Ordinance for ejecting such ministers is not at all put into execution in your county, desires you quickly to meet, and effectually to execute the same. [I. 76, p. 46.]
April 26.
2. Pres. Lawrence to the Admiralty Commissioners. His Highness and Council—having heard that divers Brest men-of-war invest the west coast, and that one is now riding before Dartmouth Port, having lately sunk a ship,—recommend to you to take effectual means to protect that coast, and Dartmouth in particular, from further mischief. [I. 76, p. 46.]
April 26.
60. Capt. Hen. Hatsell to Col. Jno. Clerke. I want a letter to the mayor and magistrates, concerning the abominable strong drink which is here brewed, and which they protest they cannot hinder, the brewers fencing with them most stoutly. If it were not against the law, I would have all the brewers pressed and sent in the Great Charity to Barbadoes or Hispaniola. It would be no sin against God, for by their means his name is profaned, his creatures abused, and much evil committed. Pray become an instrument to prevent it.
The Great Charity is ready to sail to the Sound, but I must borrow men to get her out. Particulars of ships.
P.S.—I have borrowed 415l. of Mr. Talbot to carry on the service, and ordered the amount to be paid into the Treasury out of my own money. [1½ pages.]
April 27. 61. Petition of Thos. Clerke to the Protector. I hold a lease from William, late Marquis of Winchester, granted 41 Eliz., for 41 years from 1636, of Itchin Abbas Farm, co. Hants. The lease was proved by the surveyors, and returned by them to Drury House, and my claim was put in to the Commissioners for Obstructions, within the time limited; but the surveyors saying that their view and return was a sufficient allowance, I did not procure one from that Committee. They say that they should have allowed my title on a report from counsel, had they not been precluded by the time for hearing causes. I therefore beg you to authorize them to allow it, and to direct the Trustees for sale of forfeited Lands not to sell the said farm. With reference thereon, signed by the Protector, to Council, who referred it, 27 Feb. 1654–5, to counsel-at-law, and report of Attorney-General Prideaux in favour of the petition, requesting that the Commissioners for Obstructions may decide the case, although the time appointed, 16 June 1653, is elapsed. [1 sheet.] Annexing,
61. i. Like petition of Clerke to Parliament, with reference, 15 Jan. 1654–5, to a Committee; the Trustees meanwhile not to sell the farm. [1 page.]
61. ii. Order in the Committee for Obstructions on his petition, referring the case to counsel-at-law. 30 Oct. 1651. [1 page.]
61. iii. Report thereon by Rich. Graves, certifying the lease, but submitting whether the case can now be heard, or whether the Marquis had power to make such a lease in reversion. [3 pages, copy.]
61. iv. Order thereon in the Committee for Obstructions, that Clerke has a right to the said farm, part of the possessions of John, Marquis of Winchester, delinquent, and that they would have allowed it, had they not been precluded by the limitation of time for hearing causes. 7 Dec. 1654. [1 page, copy.]
April 27. 62. Reference thereon by Council to Wolsley and Jones, who are to speak with the Drury House Trustees and the SurveyorGeneral, and report. [½ page. Also I. 76, p. 49.]
April 27. Council. Day's Proceedings.
2. To advise payment to Lord Hen. Cromwell, Major-General of the forces in Ireland, of 1,000l. for his accomodation in going over to attend the said service. Reduced by the Protector to 500l., and approved 3 May.
3. The order of 5 Feb. 1654–5, about Lieut. Rich. Palmer's pension, referred to Montague, Sydenham, and Jones, to enquire how it may best be paid, and report.
5. The petition of Rice Vaughan, Esq., of Gray's Inn, referred to the Commissioners for sequestered Estates, to examine the delinquency of John Edisbury on the articles annexed, and report.
7. The report of the Committee on the petition of the alum and copperas makers to be recommitted for consideration of the 2nd clause, and Fiennes, Jones, and Wolsley added to the Committee. Annexing,
63. i. Report alluded to:—1. That as most other commodities in England pay excise, this should not be exempt, nor yet payment settled on the buyer and not the maker; 2, that on export the excise should be repaid, as done in other goods, or else double duties would be charged; 3, that the imposition on coals should be considered. [1½ pages.]
63. ii. Draft of the report corrected. [1½ pages.]
13, 14. 64. Order adopting the report on the petition of Col. Simon Thelwall [see 25 Jan. 1654–5], that—as 1,000l. was deposited in the hands of Col. Geo. Twisleton, to defray the quarters of Col. Venables' foot regiment, in cos. Salop, Flint, Denbigh, Merioneth, and Montgomery, of which he has paid 100l., and spent much in riding charges to distribute the rest, but could not be freed therefrom; and as the persons chiefly interested find that the distribution would be unsatisfactory and unexpected, and therefore recommend that it should be paid towards Col. Thelwall's arrears;—Col. Twisleton pay to him the balance in his hands, and be thereby discharged from any account therefor to his Highness and the Commonwealth, and that Thelwall be not accountable to the inhabitants, but retain it to his own use. Approved 3 May. [¾ page. Also I. 76, pp. 48–50.] Annexing,
64. i. Report alluded to, naming that in the opinion of Counsel the money could not be disposed of without consent of the inhabitants, and therefore Thelwall has procured it. [¾ sheet.]
64. ii. Instrument by the inhabitants of the said counties alluded to, certifying their consent that the money be so appropriated. 124 signatures. [Parchment, 1 sheet.]
April ? 65. A. Granger to Col. Clarke. I have often begged your opinion as to my putting in bail according to his Highness's orders; but amidst weightier affairs, mine has been overlooked. My time of affliction is tedious and long, made heavier by the inconveniences of a prison like this, in which the wants of myself, wife, and family are best known to God and the sufferers. Pray preserve us from ruin, and let my bail be accepted, according to his Highness's order of 28 March last, I being then as much a prisoner as now. The rest who were obstinate in their denials are long since under bail. I only have been ingenuous to a tittle, and have been my own accuser. [1 page.]
April ? 66. Abstract of a report of the Navy Commissioners to his Highness and Council on naval affairs. States that their report made last October shows that the navy stood charged with a vast debt for the wages of seamen and provisions, and that almost all the money since received has been applied in payment of General Blake's fleet, and the other part of the debt has remained unpaid, and is now augmented by other debts for necessary supplies. That the provisions expended for setting forth the West India ships and the present fleet have already so exhausted the stores that there is little remaining to complete the fleet, or to answer other emergencies, and that by failures in former contracts, the State's credit is so far weakened, that without ready money, the stores cannot be supplied or renewed, as the necessity of the present service and other grand concernments of the public call for. [½ page.]