Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: January 1655

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.

January 1655

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1654–5. Vol. 103.
Jan. 1 Capt. Edm. Thompson. Gen. Jno. Desborow. Desires another commission, having left his employment at Yarmouth when sent for to serve the State in the Advantage frigate against the Hollander, and it being now difficult to return to his former occupation. 1
" 2 Ordnance Officers Adm. Com. Surveyed the brass ordnance taken out of the Success, and find 12 six-pounders defective, which ought to be recast towards furnishing the Naseby, as also 3 mortar pieces. 2
" " Capt. Math. Browne, Wren. " Has arrived with a packet from Dublin, and is to return with one. His appointed station is between Scilly and Lundy Island, to look for the enemies' men-of-war. 3
" " Edw. Mundy, Woodbridge. Navy Comrs Has sent in part of the 300 loads of plank he bought for the service in Suffolk, has a hoy with 60 loads, ready to be delivered at Woolwich by order of Commissioner Pett, and 200 or 300 more to be sent where they shall direct. Has drawn a bill of exchange upon them, and begs payment. Asks leave to contract for 400 loads more, and security for men who come with more than 5 horses in a team to bring in the timber, or it cannot be carried. 4
" 3 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Whitehall. Navy Comrs As money has been taken from the monthly assessments for naval affairs at Plymouth, which he has to repay into the Treasury at Guildhall, has charged 400l. upon the treasurer, and desires order for payment. 5
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Have no cognizance of the repairs of the ships mentioned at Kinsale, beyond what is stated in their order, on the petition of Thos. Cliffe on behalf of Hamerston Hurst of Kinsale, but if they are satisfied of the disbursements, and that no satisfaction has been made, they ought to be paid. 6
" " Ric. Hattir Lieut.-Col. Kelsey. Mr. Tyler bought the Signet, for which, with other debts, he owes 450l., and the State owes him 1,000l. for freights. His petition that the 450l. might be deducted from the 1,000l. was referred to the Admiralty Commissioners, as what would be equitable between private men; desires his furtherance, as it will be exceeding hard to compel him to pay the 450l., without giving him any satisfaction for the 1,000l. 7
" " Robt. Midford, Woolwich. Navy Comrs Robert Thorne having cast the hulk at Woolwich from her moorings, it cost 3l. to remoor her, which he ought to pay. Having great need of men to bring the Speaker into the dock, contracted with 30 belonging to the ropeyard, at 5d. a day more than they were receiving, but Mr. Packwood declines to pay them without order. 8
" " Rich. Browne, Pembroke. Robt. Blackborne. Sends particulars of the month's provisions supplied the Mayflower, which the Commissioners agree to allow. The captain's warrant and steward's indent are with the Navy Victuallers; as Capt. Penrose has sailed, and is probably at Kinsale, returns the enclosed. 9
" 4 Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Gravesend. Navy Comrs Although some of his men have deserted, and left 3 months' pay in hand, has 50, and when the convoys arrive, will be ready to sail. 10
" " Capt. Wilkinson Adm. Com. To the same effect 11
Jan. 5 Capt. Thos. Penrose, Nonsuch, Downs. Adm. Com. Was ordered by the generals to Chatham, but has been detained by easterly winds. Sailed yesterday with the Adventure and Pelican, and having a pilot on board, they are going to sail over the Flats. 12
" " Capt. Robert Clarke, the Bristol, Downs. Comr. Peter Pett. Wants a cable and 2 dozen oars for the Bristol, an anchor for the Advice, and two cables for the Fagon, tallowing at Portsmouth. 13
" " " " Adm. Com. Arrival of ships. The Nonsuch, Pelican, and Adventure have arrived, and been ordered to Chatham. Gave Capt. Penrose their order, and all the ships will sail thither together. Several vessels at Dover bound for Dunkirk are staying for want of a convoy. 14
" " Navy Comrs. " The Crow, ordered back to Woolwich to be laid up, has arrived; asks whether the 1,443 gallons of brandy, raisins, flour, and oatmeal on board, intended for Gen. Penu's squadron, shall be sent in some other ship. 15
" " Geo. Gosnell, Ipswich. Capt. Phil. Gethings, the Preston, Harwich. Is surprised he should claim one-half of the 2 vessels seized by him, when he agreed to accept onethird; offered to pay over the 3rd part of the seizure within 10 days after the business was ended; hopes what was agreed upon will be duly performed. 16
" 6 Chas. Walley, Chester. Rich. Hutchinson. According to the Navy Commissioners' order, has supplied Capt. Cranwell with 180l. for furnishing and fitting the Hare Pink for sea, and drawn two bills upon him. 17
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Dublin. Adm. Com. Sends an order to him from the Lord Deputy and Council at Dublin, to convoy 7 ships named, impressed for the service, to Carlingford; also to receive certain things on board. Has been detained since the 22nd ult. by easterly winds. 18, 19
" " Geo. Batts, and 2 others, Kinsale. " Ask an order to haul the Pelican on shore, unlade, and repair her, she being found defective 20
" " Thos. Turner Gen. Jno. Desborow. Asks support in his petition to the Admiralty Commissioners for an increase of salary. Has been a clerk to the Navy Commissioners 30 years, and 15 years clerk-general, and the Commissioners, considering his great pains and trouble, and his having 6 children, recommended him for 100l. instead of 200l. a year, and gave him a gratuity of 60l. for extraordinary services the last year. With his petition alluded to, a letter from the Navy Commissioners of 8 Nov. 1653 for the 200l., an Admiralty order of 2 Dec. 1653 for the 60l., and a letter from Lady Marg. Penn to Desborow, Tower hill, 4 Jan. 1653–4, in his favour, her husband having desired the increase of his salary. 21–25
" " Capt. Anth. Archer, Pelican Prize, Kinsale. Adm. Com. Certifies defects found in the Pelican on her voyage to Barbadoes under Gen. Penn. Had to transfer the soldiers on board other ships, and put into Kinsale; asks whether to proceed after she is repaired, or return to England. 26
Jan. 6. Note that Jno. Rogers, apothecary, of Allhallows the Great, near Dowgate, received 12l. 13s. 4d. by order of Gen. Venables from Mr. Wadeson, the treasurer, upon account of the expedition, and having procured necessaries for the voyage, sent them by wagon from the Queen's Head, Southwark, to the Cart and Horses, Portsmouth; but having to wait for his commission, he did not arrive at Portsmouth until the morning the fleet sailed, nor his goods until the day after. Mr. Winslow and Dr. Wilson wish him to go in the Little Charity. 27
" 8 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. As the Adventure, Nonsuch, and Pelican are expected at their moorings to-morrow, has sent to desire the treasurer that they may be paid there, as it may keep their men on board to repair in dry dock. Docking of ships. Has received 200 tons of new cordage. 28
" " " " Navy Comrs To the same effect 29
" " Capt. Thos. Penrose, Nonsuch, Chatham River. Adm. Com. Came from the Downs by order of Capt. Clarke, with the Pelican and Adventure, and hopes to be at his moorings to-morrow. 30
" " Officers of the Winsby, Plymouth Sound. Navy Comrs Particulars of a survey of provisions received at Yarmouth and the Downs, most of which are defective. Have come in owing to the chain plates giving way. 31
" " Capt. Leo. Harris, Great Charity, Falmouth. Gen. Jno. Desborow. Had to lighten his ship of 150 tons of provisions to get into the harbour. Sent a messenger by land to Capt. Hatsell at Plymouth for necessaries; asks whether to refit at Falmouth or Portsmouth, where the other ships are. 32
" 9 Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, Downs. Adm. Com. Arrival and departure of ships. Capt. Fenn of the Augustine, with masts from New England, is bound for Portsmouth, and has sent to the victualler at Dover for a month's provisions. The Phœnix has lost her best bower anchor and cable. 33
" " Mic. Merfell, Wisbeach. " Did not receive the 20 barrels of powder, match, and bullet mentioned from Capt. Rich. Harrison, but a quantity having been brought from London by the carrier, was requested by Col. Jno. Hobart, a Deputy-Lieutenant, and a Colonel of Ely, to take care of it; it was afterwards divided between Captains Castle, Fowler, and others at Ely, Whittlesea, and Wisbeach. Capt. Harrison wants to draw him into trouble; has discovered much of his deceit in grand matters of trust, of which he will give a further account on coming to London. 34
" " John Powell Return of the forwardness of the State's ships at Deptford and Woolwich, in the Thames and at the Hope. 35
" 10 Capt. Jno. Gefferye, Nightingale, Downs. Adm Com. Asks whether to wait for the hoy laden with powder for Portsmouth, or sail to his station 36
" " Rowland Humphrey, clerk of the check, Dover. Navy Comrs According to Gen. Penn's order, has victualled and fitted the Nonsuch for 6 weeks, and will sail for the Downs to-morrow. Has been acting as lieutenant since the death of her late commander, by order of Gen. Blake. 37
Jan. 10 Capt. John Taylor and 3 other officers of the Lizard, Pelican Prize, Kinsale Harbour. Certificate that the Pelican, bound with the fleet to Barbadoes, is not fit to proceed on her voyage, or to return alone to England this winter, and as she has had one of her men struck dead, and 4 wounded in a storm, she ought to remain in harbour until the Lizard has been victualled, washed, and tallowed, and can convoy her home. 38
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Portsmouth, Falmouth road. Adm. Com. Has come in through the breaking of his mainmast in chasing a French vessel, but took a spare topmast from the Winsby, which is going to Plymouth to revictual and clean, and then repair to her station. Found the Great Charity, one of Gen. Penn's squadron, at Falmouth, in a leaky condition, but all speed will be used for her dispatch. 39
" 11 Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Portsmouth, Cosson Bay, Plymouth Sound. " Received their letter stating that the Nightingale, Assurance, and Bryer, are ordered for that station; will send them when met with. The Winsby and Assistance are victualling, will take them with him, and ply about with his squadron until his victuals are expended. 40
" " H. Peters Robt. Blackborne. Sends a list of 6 ships, and begs he will recommend Capt. Isaiah Blowfield to the Commissioners for one of them, as he is a stout honest man, and one my lord intends some special good. 41
" 12 Capt. Roger Jones, Paradox, Hope. Adm. Com. Will observe their orders as soon as his provisions and stores are on board 42
" " Jno. White, Ordnance Office. Robt. Blackborne. On perusal of the books, finds the number and rates of ships were set forth in the several years, as specified in a list enclosed. Will send a particular of the sums for which debentures have been made for provisions brought into their office each year. 43
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, Downs. Adm. Com. The Nightingale and Augustine are still in the Downs; Capt. Geffery asks whether to wait for the vessel with powder for Plymouth. Capt. Plumly has come in with the Reserve, not having half his men; will get him more as ships come in. With list of 6 State's ships in the Downs. 44–45
" " Capt. Fras. Cranwell, Liverpool. " Since receiving credit to discharge his engagements, has been waiting for a wind to get to his station. 46
" 13 Navy Comrs. " Ask an order for the laden ships bound for Barbadoes to sail from Gravesend for the Downs, and for their clearance of the customs, so as to prevent loss by lying on demurrage. 47
" " Capt. Thos. Elliot, Fagons. Portsmouth. " His boatswain having been dismissed for misdemeanours by a council-of-war held in the Downs, desires appointment of Jno. Shrimps, his midshipman; also a warrant to press men. 48
" 14 Navy Comrs. " Received their order upon the petition of Wm. Haslewood, part-owner of the Globe, and find that the damage done was occasioned by the neglect of the officers of the Half Moon, and that in equity satisfaction ought to be made. Enclose deposition of Henry Tompson, master, Saml. Rutter, mate, and Jno. Pond, midshipman, thereon 11 Jan. 1654–5, and certificates of Jno. Whetstone and 3 others 22 Aug. 1653, and of Geo. Phillips and 3 others 2 Oct. 1653, as to the damage done to the Globe by being run into by the Half Moon, while lying at her moorings in Aldborough Bay. 49–52
Jan. 15 Christ. Pett, Woolwich. Navy Comrs Has agreed with Mr. Brewer for erecting a crane house at Deptford; as there is no timber, desires order to the officers there to select what he wants for this house; and for the 2nd rate ships; there is timber at Reading; requests an order for its delivery, and another to Wm. Cooper, the purveyor, for some of Mr. Raven's about to be felled in Sussex. 53
" " Geo. Dawson, Custom House, Newcastle. Robt. Blackborne. Capt. Drew of the Plover sailed last Friday with the coal fleet, some of which had been detained 10 weeks by winds. 54
" " Jno. Marland Adm. Com. Petition for the gunner's place in the new frigate at Deptford, having so served on board the Assistance and Recovery, and lost his left hand in the engagement with the Dutch. With certificates of Capt. Jno. Bourne, 19 June 1654, and the Ordnance Officers, 15 Jan. 1654–5, in his favour. 55–57,
" " Capt. Leo. Harris, Great Charity, Falmouth. " The carpenters could only refit the ship by snatches through so much wind and rain; hopes to victual and sail in a few days. 58
" " Navy Comrs. Robt. Blackborne. Have sent an account of the provisions delivered to the 4 merchant ships bound to Barbadoes, and to the Crow, besides what has been issued by the Ordnance Officers, Navy Victuallers, and Martin Noel; begs him to hasten their orders to sail, lest a charge arise by demurrage. 59
" " Capt. Nathaniel Hallett, Great President, Bridlington Bay. Adm. Com. Jno. Reeves, clerk of the check, is absent in Redriff; he should venture his life as well as the rest, who are now upon the northern coast with such a great ship, and having no harbour to go into but Bridlington Bay. If the wind is contrary, will be forced to keep the sea, and perchance founder for want of a harbour, while a 5th or 6th rate, which are more fit for the service, might run over Tynemouth Bar, which they dare not do. 60
" " Capt. H. Maddison, Sparrow, Hope. Navy Comrs Has been waiting 8 days for boatswain and carpenter's stores, which have not arrived 61
" " " " Robt. Blackborne. To the same effect 62
" 16 Mich. Mew, steward of the Yarmouth, Harwich. Navy Comrs Took in 14 days' provisions for 170 men, by order of Capt. Clarke, in the Downs, but as there was no fish, procured it of the victualling agent at Ipswich, and wants this and some defective provisions on board to be made good by the victuallers. 63
" 17 Capt. John Taylor, the Lizard, Kinsale. Adm. Com. Having come in to victual, found the Pelican there, very leaky and her bows ready to drop out. Capt. Anth. Archer being loth to venture to sea with her without some one with him, saw her to the Land's End, and then returned to his station. Has chased the Brest men-of-war off the coast, and has not heard of any there these two months. 64
" " Navy Victuallers " Send an account of issues, as received from their agents at the outports, and will transmit one monthly. 65
" " Robt. Midford Navy Comrs Sends up Jeffery Ather, Isaac Stokes, and Jno. Harrington, on a charge of embezzling a hogshead of beef out of the Welcome, and also a grapnell and buoy rope. 66
Jan. 17 Jno. Lyde, boatswain's mate, and other officers of the Waterhound. Certificate that Hen. Collman, alias Rodes, their late boatswain, never received any cable out of the storehouses at Harwich or Bournemouth, but at Dover. 67
" " Peter Pett, Robt. Thomson, Navy Comrs. Chatham. Adm. Com. Have been on the pay of the 3 frigates since Saturday; have given the men of the Pelican 10 days' leave of absence, when they promise to return to the Gainsborough, where they are entered; she will then be ready to sail if the victuallers hasten down the provisions. 68
" " Capt. Lambert Cornelius, Hopewell, Weymouth. " Carried the money to Jersey, and brought back Dr. Carteret and his family. If they will not remove him to another ship, desires a half-deck and forecastle built on the Hopewell, as they would be a safety to the ship, and a shelter to the company, who have long suffered for want thereof; also pay for his men who have 16 months due. 69
" " Thos. Scott, Deptford. " Received their warrant for an account of the cordage, sails, anchors, &c., necessary for fitting out 1st to 6th rate ships, but as he never fitted out any but 3rd, 4th, and 5th rate, and has never seen any rigging books, refers them to Mr. Turner; when in better health will give particulars of those he has fitted out. 70
" " Navy Comrs. Jas. Nuttall, Math. Kempe, Wm. Naylor. Warrant to summon Thos. Sayers before the Commissioners on Friday next, to answer what shall be objected against him. 71
" " Two accounts of the yearly wages given to all the officers named in the Admiralty and Navy Office; also at Chatham, Deptford, Woolwich, and Portsmouth. 72, 73
" 18 Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, Downs. Navy Comrs Particulars of ships 74
" " " " Blackborne. The Bryer sailed for Seine Head with a convoy, and will ply westward. As the gunpowder has not come down from Portsmouth, has ordered the Nightingale to proceed to her station. Two gentlemen arrived with the Protector's warrant, to search vessels bound to the East Indies with unfree commodities, but they had all sailed except one, and nothing was found in her. Received a letter to Gen. Penn from Rich. Creed, and will send it on board the Morning Star when she arrives. The Augustine has sailed for Portsmouth, and the Advice has arrived. 75
" " E. Hayward, Chatham Dock. Navy Comrs They command him and the master attendant to proportion the rigging and stores for boatswains and carpenters, but as it will take a fortnight, and as he has many ships to fit out by next springtide, desires time. 76
" " Capt. Wm. Whitehorn, Pelican. Certificate that Thos. Lardge served as master's mate, from 4 Dec. 1653 to 13 Jan. 1654–5, and is of godly life and conversation. 77
Jan. 18 Capt. Geo. Daking and Jno. Towse. Certificate that Thos. Lardge served on board the Worcester as quartermaster and midshipman from 1 Feb. 1651–2 to 6 Aug. 1653, and was at the taking of all the prizes captured by her during that time. 78
" " Jas. Carr John Edwards. Receipt of 10l. on account of the Scout dogger, now in Dover Pier 79
" " Geo. Gosnell and Robt. Truelove. Appraisement of the Mary of Ipswich, and her lading of spices, oil, &c., value 476l. 3s. 11d. 80
" 19 Jer. Tolhurst, Westminster. Navy Comrs Desires payment of Capt. Wm. Teckell's ticket to his wife, he having sailed in the Golden Falcon, and given her a letter of attorney. 81
" " Capt. Robt. Robinson, Greyhound, Liverpool. Adm. Comrs Landed Major Wallis at Kinsale, and having lost two cables and an anchor, procured others and went to Dublin; has now brought over Commissary-Gen. Reynolds, Col. Sadler, and Mr. Floyd, and several vessels with horse and foot. Wants victuals and a cable, and will then return to Dublin. 82
" " Capt. Fras. Parke, Great President, before Tynemouth. " Is on his station, having parted with the Hull ship he convoyed with powder. Very few ships are stirring, owing to the cold weather. 83
" " Jno. Davies, Deptford. Navy Comrs The Sparrow had sailed for the Hope before the boatswain produced his warrant for stores; has often complained of their delaying to produce them until their ship is ready to sail, or has sailed, and without them, he has no power to supply. 84
" " Wm. Barbour, Navy Office. Robt. Blackborne. Wm. Constable has passed his account as clerk of the check of the Middleborough, and received a ticket for his wages. 85
" 20 Capt. Phil. Holland, Assurance, Downs. Navy Comrs Particulars of his voyage from the Hope 86
" " " " Adm. Comrs To the same effect 87
" " Jno. Pettie, Fairfax, Downs. " The Fairfax has 14 days' victuals for 250 men; if anything is wanting, will supply it 88
" " Navy Comrs. " As the Bristol and Fairfax have only three weeks' provisions, desire their pleasure 89
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, Downs. " Sends a license granted by the late Council of State to the Jonas of Hull, bound to Dieppe with 365 firkins of butter, and asks whether it is genuine, as being altered, both himself and the Judge-Advocate, who is on board, have their doubts; Jno. Hide, the master, has solicited a convoy. 90
" " Capt. Wm. Ledgant " Asks the command of some ship, the Little President which he had being laid up. Has faithfully served for several years. 91
" " Capt. Fras. Cranwell, Hare, Clyde Water. " Has been between the Mull of Galloway, Cape Cantyre, and the Clyde; is victualled for 30 men 92
Jan. 20 Major N. Bourne, Navy Office. Robt. Blackborne. Asks payment to Mich. Hubbard for powder and shot taken from him during the Dutch war by the Mayor of Harwich, and delivered to the Governor of Landguard Fort for the fleet; also allowance to the clerk of the check of the Basing, for the accommodation of Major-General Overton, sent on board by General Monk. 93
" 22 Ordnance Officers Estimate of the charge of guns and gunners' stores mentioned, required for furnishing the Sovereign, James, Fairfax, Bristol, Nightingale, and Truelove, being 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th rate ships, the sums being respectively 2,873l. 8s. 1d.; 1,860l. 7s. 11d.; 1,786l. 7s. 1d.; 1,076l. 12s. 5d.; 440l. 18s. 7½d.; and 176l. 3s. 5d. 94
" " Capt. Thos. Sankey, Adviser, Downs. Adm. Com. Has been much inconvenienced through the carpenter's not joining the ship. Has applied to the Commander-in-chief for orders as directed; wants his men increased to 40. 95
" " Capt. Robt. Mackey, the Yarmouth, Harwich. Navy Comrs The victuallers refuse to exchange some defective beef and butter; asks orders. The steward is short of the supply of 14 days' fish for 170 men, in a parcel of provisions received out of the Centurion. Has received the anchors and cables, and will soon be ready for sea. 96
" " " " Adm. Com. To like effect. Has only received three months' provisions for 140 men, whereas his order was for 180; 140 are not sufficient to man the ship, being the largest 4th rate frigate in England. 97
" " E. Hayward, Robt. Sewell, Chatham Dock. Navy Comrs Note of flags, hammocks, canvas, &c., that will be required for fitting out the ships appointed to go out this spring. 98
" 23 Capt. Alex. Farly, the Basing. Adm. Com. Find things on board contrary to what their honours are informed; the men are very quiet, and no way mutinous. Will sail the first opportunity. 99
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Jno. Tippets, Portsmouth. " Account of the Pelican, sent from Kinsale as not fit for sea. The Saphire is nearly out of the carpenter's hands, and will be sent to-morrow into the Road, where the Fagons also is, to take in her victuals. 100
" " Capt. Anth. Archer, Pelican Prize, Spithead. " His ship having been found rotten and leaky, and not fit for her voyage, left the fleet, and made for Kinsale; on coming thence in company of the Lizard, they were nearly all lost. The master attendant and shipwright have ordered a survey of the ship's defects. 101
" " Chas. Thorowgood, Jno. Tippetts, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Sent the master assistant and caulker on board the Pelican, which has arrived at Spithead; the Commanders of the fleet having found her unfit for sea, ordered her to Kinsale; particulars of the report about her. 102
" " Capt. Anth. Archer, Jacob Rouse, and Anth. Wells, clerk of the check, Pelican, Spithead. Certificate that the Pelican, bound to sea under Gen. Penn, having been found leaky off the Land's End, the soldiers on board were distributed amongst the ships of the fleet, except 50 belonging to Col. Fortescue's regiment, who all, save 11 who deserted at Kinsale, rendered great assistance in weighing anchors, and constantly pumping on the way home to save the ship. 103
" " Capt. Mich. Tarleton, Liverpool. Robt. Blackborne. Capt. Cranwell has sailed, and Capt. Robinson of the Greyhound has come into the Bay, having convoyed some soldiers from Dublin, and will revictual. 104
Jan. 23 Lieut. Dan. Lambert Gen. Jno. Desborow. Whitehall. Begs furtherance of his petition for the command of a frigate, having served 6 years 105
" " Robt. Midford Navy Comrs Has cleared the Crow of her provisions; the charges for labourers and seamen's wages amount to 8l. 18s. 0d. 106
" 24 Thos. Meech, Chatham Dock. " On conferring with Hayward and Arkinstall, have agreed that 3 anchors of 28, 30, and 32 cwt. be supplied for the Rainbow, 4 of 17 and 20 cwt. for the Gainsborough and other frigates, and that the other ships be supplied out of such as are in the stores. 107
" " John Rye Adm. Com. Petition for the place of steward in the Constant Warwick, his former ship, the Old Warwick, being laid up; with certificate of Wm. Godfrey and Wm. Cockraine in his favour, and note by Thos. Wilson that he has passed his accounts. 108–110
" 25 Navy Comrs. " The Augustine, lately returned from New England, should be fitted out, and joined to Admiral Penn's squadron in place of the Pelican Prize. 111
" " Thos. Webber, Recovery, Gravesend. " Asks whether to proceed on his voyage to Barbadoes with the William and Edward, or wait till the Morning Star is ready to convoy them. 112
" " Capt. Peter Bowen, Mayflower, off the Small. " Plying between the Cape and Scilly, met 3 merchantmen from the Caribee Islands, and 5 from Rochelle and St. Martins, bound up the Severn; but the wind being easterly, they put into Baltimore, whence he convoyed them to Lundy, and was then forced into Milford, where he has refitted, and is ready to sail to the rest of the squadron. Movements of ships. 113
" 26 Navy Victuallers " Beg a renewal of a warrant of the Council of State to the Commissioners of Customs for the free transportation of defective and unserviceable provisions, as the Commissioners refuse to act upon it, and it is necessary to clear the stores. 114
" " Capt. Robt. Robinson, Liverpool. " Has been prevented sailing for want of victuals and wind, but will depart the first opportunity, according to orders from the Lord-Deputy of Ireland, unless contradicted by them. Noted to write him that a wind has not been wanting, and if he stays here to victual, it must be on his own account; he may take in sufficient for 14 days, and proceed to Dublin or Kinsale. 115
" " Lieut. Dan. Lambert Gen. Jno. Desborow. Renews his application of the 23rd, for the command of a small frigate, having served in the Guinea, now laid up. 116
" " Chas. Thorowgood, Jno. Tippetts, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Although the officers and men of the Pelican are very desirous to proceed on the voyage, she is quite unfit for the service, as her stem is rotten; the Augustine, lately come from New England with masts, should be used for that employment; ask how to dispose of her company. The Fagons and Bryer are setting sail. 117
Jan. 26 Capt. Anth. Archer, Pelican, Spithead. Adm. Com. On receiving command of the Pelican, examined her condition while being fitted at Deptford, and considered her fit for a long voyage; but as she made 7 inches of water in her passage from the Downs to Portsmouth, obtained an order from Gen. Penn to go into harbour to stop the leak, when she was much strengthened, or she would have foundered at sea. The defects were wholly unknown, and it was a providence the gunner found them, in removing some shot and wads which had lain in the powder room many months. 118
" 27 Capt. Robt. Mackey, the Yarmouth, Harwich Water. " Will sail for the Downs, but has had much work to unrig and remove guns and ballast, to clean and tallow, as also to caulk from top to bottom, and reset masts. Received 6 months' victuals for 180 men by order of Major Burton, as also 6 weeks' more in the Downs, but will reduce his men to 140 as ordered; hopes they will not think he has been a bad husband for the State. 119
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, Downs. " Will appoint a convoy for the William and Recovery on their arrival, and send the packet from Mr. Creed to Gen. Penn by the Morning Star. Desires order respecting the vessel of Hull with butter for Dieppe, whose cocket he sent up to Mr. Blackborne, assuming it to be false. 120
" " Capt. Leo. Harris, Great Charity, Falmouth Road. " Has refitted and victualled, and is ready to sail. There are 20 ships bound for the East Indies, Barbadoes, the Straits, Virginia, and the Canaries, forced in by the foul weather. 121
" 29 Capt. Wm. Whitehorn, the Gainsborow, Chatham. Navy Comrs Desires order for payment of conduct money to the mariners turned over from the Pelican, and to those who come from London to join, or it will discourage them and others. Hopes to sail in a few days. 122
" " Chas. Thorowgood and Ro. Jenings, Portsmouth. " Sends the proportion of cordage necessary for ships of the 1st to the 6th rate, also the indents for boatswain and carpenter's sea stores for a 6 months' voyage. 123
" " Dan. Baker Adm. Com. Petition for employment on land, having served as master's mate in the Prosperous, Portland, and Essex; was dangerously wounded in the leg in the engagements with the Dutch under Gen. Blake. Has received a pension of 7s. 0d. a week, for which he is grateful. With certificate of Rich. Lyons and of Wm. Greenhill and 9 others in his favour. 124–126
" " Capt. N. Heaton, London. Robt. Blackborne. Asks him to procure a warrant for Geo. Bolt, as chaplain of the Saphire 127
" 30 Thos. Brooks Adm. Com. Recommends Capt. Myngs of the Elizabeth for preferment, having been several years at sea with him, and found him religous, and of much valour; he has shown in several engagements, and by the prizes he has taken, that he has brains on both sides of his head. Also Jno. Joakin, recommended by Vice-Adm. Badiley. 128
" " Capt. Mich. Tarleton, Liverpool. Robt. Blackborne. The Greyhound having revictualled for 2 months and sailed, is free and ready for further directions 129
" " Fras. Newby, Hopewell Hoy, Gravesend. Ordnance Officers Tower. Sailed for Portsmouth with 760 barrels of powder, but has been detained in Queenborough Water by winds. A French man-of-war has been seen in pursuit of another vessel between this and the North Foreland; asks orders. The Paradox and Sparrow are in the Hope. 130
Jan. 31 Wm. Cooper Navy Comrs Mr. Raven's timber in Herne Ashwood, Sussex, is 100 trees of 2 loads each, and 40 and 45 feet long; 100 of from 38 to 45 feet, or 1½ loads each; and 100 from 32 to 38 feet, or a load each, and will be very useful if got to the waterside. 131
" " Milner Mugford Adm. Com. Petition for the gunner's place of the Sorlings, having served all the wars as master gunner, master's mate, and master. With 6 certificates of his various services. 132–138
" " Navy Comrs. " Would have made abatements in the accounts of disbursements for the Nonsuch, &c., at Kinsale, but Mr. Cliff refused to take bills with any abatements, and produced Capt. Penrose and the Governor of Kinsale to justify his charges. The tallow and plank are 25 per cent. dearer than in London, and the cordage and Flemish cable double the prices; ask directions. 139
" " Robt. Sewell, Chatham. Comr. Peter Pett, at Mr. Eastlands, New Fish Street Hill. Mr. Woolward has delivered 40 bolts of Ipswich canvas, and promised 60 more, and Mr. Basse will supply Noyals and Vittry. Has agreed with Mr. Turner for tallow at 37s. per cwt. Mr. Ewell suggests that the roof of the room building over his wash-house should be covered with lead. 140
" " Capt. N. Heaton, Saphire, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. The clerks have arrived, but have not commenced paying on account of the wind. Will sail to Spithead, and if he lies there after being paid, will be at a loss about men. Wants the Commissioners to appoint him a station. 141
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. The two frigates built last year by Edm. Edgar were substantially built, and he should have satisfaction, and not be a loser, as he alleges he shall be, if not allowed 540l. more than he has received. As he has a family, is poor, and in debt for the plank and timber, recommends him for further allowance. 142
Jan. ? 3 Shipmasters bound for Rotterdam. " Petition for the Sparrow pink, or a man-of-war from the Downs under Vice-Adm. Lawson to convoy them beyond the Gore, the sea being dangerous by reason of French pickeroons, and they richly laden. 143
" " " " Petition for the Norwich, now in the river, or some ship to conduct them to the Maes, the seas being dangerous, and they richly laden. 144