Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: February 1655

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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February 1655

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Vol. 104.
Feb. 1 Ordnance Officers Robt. Blackborne. Ask a warrant for the gunner's stores for the Gainsborough, she being ordered out 1
" " Capt. Wm. Whitehorn, the Gainsborough, Chatham. " Wants a master, minister, surgeon, gunner's stores, and an order whether to sail to Lee Road or the Hope, where he hopes to get men, and to be able to keep them on board. 2
" " Capt. Anth. Archer, Pelican, Portsmouth Harbour. Adm. Com. The Augustine has unladen her masts, and as his company will be turned over to her, wants new warrants for himself and officers. Asks what to do with the soldiers in the Pelican, who rendered great assistance in bringing her in, and what number of men and guns he is to carry; 75 men were formerly allowed. Begs stoppage of part of the wages of the men, to keep them on board; is ordered for Barbadoes. Noted that the soldiers are to go if they will, and that he is to carry 20 guns, and 50 men. 3
Feb. 2 Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Portsmouth, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. Off the Land's End, met the Great Charity and Assurance, who spoke the Little Charity, in company with some Virginia ships of Gen. Penn's fleet. Appointed the Assurance and Winsby to lie off the Soundings, and the Nightingale and Assurance off the Land's End, until they meet the Bryer. Gave the commanders their orders, and then put into Falmouth for provisions; but finding none, went to Plymouth, where he found the Bryer and Fagon bound to the Western station. Has not met with any Brest pirates, unless one he and the Assurance chased a few days since was of Brest; she escaped, his frigate being so foul, while theirs are always kept very clean. 4
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, Downs. Navy Comrs Received the cables for the Fagon and one for himself. Sent to Mr. White, victualler at Dover, for victuals for the Fairfax and Bristol, but a hoy having arrived from Woolwich for the Downs, with some taken out of the Crow, has sent her to Mr. White, to apportion the contents, and encloses her bills of lading. 5–7
" " Robt. Midford " Furnished the Edward with anchors and hawsers, and she has sailed for Gravesend. Asks whether the 9 ships at Woolwich are to be got ready for sea. 8
" " Capt. Philip Gethings, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Having seized a Flushing vessel with Bordeaux wines, consigned to Arnold Beck, merchant of London, asks whether they have license for the transportation; if prohibited, desires he will proceed for him as in similar cases; asks whether to deliver her up to the waiters. With examination of Abraham Braems, master of the Abraham's Offering of Flushing, that he took in a lading of Bordeaux wine at Bordeaux, which was freighted there for London by the son of Arnold Beck. 9, 10
" " Charles Taylor, surveyor, Bristol. Navy Comrs Survey of the frigate building there; it will be 3 months before she is launched. As the plank is green, desires a survey of that. 11
" 3 Wm. Beale, Victualling Office. Robt. Blackborne. The Greyhound was victualled at Liverpool for 90 men for 56 days, being windbound so that she could not proceed to Dublin. 12
" " Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Hopes to dispatch the Augustine by the time limited, but the Pelican is weakly manned. The paymaster stopped a portion of the men's wages to retain them, but the steward of the Pelican absolutely refused to stay. Asks what guns and provisions the Augustine is to carry, also an order to the captain and master to look after their men, who will not be commanded by him. 13
" " Josiah Child, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Has paid the officers and company of the Augustine, but suspended the wages of the captain and officers who have accounts to pass. 14
" " Jno. Tippetts, Portsmouth. " Account of the reductions made in the number of workmen according to their order; asks which of the ships in harbour are to be fitted first, as the men now employed will be 3 months working with those now in hand. The Saphire will be paid off next Tuesday. 15
" " Thos. Webber, Recovery, Downs. " Has been piloted down by Augustin Ponnett, sent from Chatham, and will proceed when wind permits. 16
Feb. 3 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Conferred with the victuallers concerning the victuals charged by the general steward to have been left behind, to make up the proportion assigned for Gen. Penn's fleet. With their reply that they have shipped more biscuit than was left, and as much meat, but some of it was old; the flour is in casks in the Isle of Wight, and can be sent by the Augustine; they know nothing of money due for oatmeal, rice, and peas, but that there is much more due for flour and raisins delivered in lieu thereof. 17, 18
" 5 Thos. White, Dover Navy Comrs Asks how to dispose of a hoy laden with provisions taken out of the Crow at Woolwich, sent to Capt. Clarke, Commander-in-chief in the Downs, and sent by him into Dover Pier. Has shipped 1,300 deals, and what ironwork he had in store to Portsmouth. 19
" " Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " The Augustine is being fitted, but the captain should be present to forward his men, as there are but 12 of his men helping, and the boatswain and others of the ordinary do the business. When she was paid off, 8 men had from 3l. to 5l. wages stopped to oblige them to join her, but they have not appeared; if the labourers be reduced to 30 before she is completed, the business will be at a stand, as the Pelican's men will not work. The removal of the Pelican's beer into her will cause loss, unless the casks are fresh hooped. 20
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. The Ordnance Officers say that it is not worth while to make match for the next year's service out of the ground tow made in the yards; there will be sufficient match if the fleet is not increased, and it can be bought at a cheaper rate than it can be made from the tow. 21
" " Phineas Pett, Chatham. Thos. Turner. Mr. Downing has surrendered the two ships at the old Dock, and Mr. Loader has got them. The Gainsborough will sail to day. 22
" " Wm. Webb, Reserve, Downs. Navy Comrs Sends two muster books, and asks a press warrant, as they want 40 men and cannot obtain them. The captain being at Deal and pressing a young man, was assailed by a tumultous company of the inhabitants, and forced with his men to take to the boat, and repair on board, where he was confined several days, both his eyes being injured with stones; all his company were hurt. 23
" 6 Capt. Mich. Tarleton, Liverpool. Robt. Blackborne. Capt. Robinson, having victualled for two months, has sailed. Capt. Tarleton of the Islip has landed some soldiers from Dublin. 24
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Liverpool. Adm. Com. Landed the soldiers in Chester Water, and would return to Dublin according to order, and then back to Liverpool, and render an account, but wants a cable; asks if he shall stay 15 days while one is being made. Knew nothing of the boatswain and carpenter's account sent. 25
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Portsmouth, Plymouth Sound. " The Assistance has arrived with a French prize; will hasten her out again. Has not got his victuals on board, and after another month, his ship will want tallowing. Has seized two vessels lying at anchor, laden with foreign commodities from the West Indies, as they are prohibited by Acts of Parliament. Has given the commanders on his station their orders, and will hasten out himself. 26
Feb. 7 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Navy Comrs The master shipwright and assistant want the stores. Has reduced the extra men to 400, besides the 95 ropemakers. Phineas Pett desires a warrant for the small frigate granted to Mr. Raven. The Gainsborough has sailed, having 60 men and all her provisions, but a report that she was appointed for Barbadoes scared away many who had entered their names. 27
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. The steward of the Augustine, appointed in place of the Pelican prize to follow Gen. Penn's fleet, refuses to serve. Desire that he may be ordered to go, or another appointed. 28
" " " " " The order to direct the subordinate officers in the yards to get all the State's ships ready for any emergency has been attended to, and preparations made, and it has not been countermanded; yet as other acts seem to look another way, desire a positive determination. The stores are short of hemp and cordage, which may become very dear in regard of the wars with the Muscovite and Pole; had verbal directions to buy up a quantity, but the late reducements, and the scarcity of money with the treasurer, precludes the hope of doing anything. The clerk of the Reserve in the Downs asks 40 men, and states that the captain and 8 or 10 of his men, while endeavouring to press a man at Deal, were so beaten that they were constrained to take to the boat, and the captain's sight is much endangered. 29
" " Capt. N. Heaton, Saphire, Spithead. Robt. Blackborne. Was ordered to ply to the westward, but cannot on account of the storm. His ship has been paid to within 600l. 30
" " Capt. Thos. Sparling, Assistance. Gen. Jno. Desborow. Met a Frenchman bound for St. Malo with tobacco, valued at 80,000 livres, which he has sent into Plymouth. The captain reports that 40 English men-of-war have arrived in the West Indies. 31, 32
" " Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. The captain, master, and men of the Pelican now attend daily. Progress of the Augustine; desires an order to remove the beer; the victuallers' officers will not act without one, as the hoops of the casks are decayed. 33
" " John Jarvis and John Peper. Wm. Molins and Abel Richardson. Agreement by the former to deliver 300 barrels of gunpowder to the Tower, the latter sending them 10 tons of English saltpetre. 34
" " Capt. Giles Shelley, the Colchester, Leith Road. " Has carried the money and provisions for Col. Alured's regiment to Orkney, by order of the General, and is going for Burnt Island to wash and tallow, and then come back to the road to victual. 35
" 9 Major N. Bourne, Navy Office. " Recommends Robt. Willis for the work of weighing the guns lost in the Liberty; while in New England, found him very instrumental in weighing goods sunk in 5 or 6 fathoms of water, and where there was a considerable tide. He is not a man of art, but of experience; he should be allowed his charges, and a boat to attend him. 36
Feb. 9 Capt. Wm. Serjeant, Islip, Chester Water. Navy Comrs Has landed Lieut.-Col. Flower, and 3 companies of soldiers, who are going to London. Is ordered by Lord Fleetwood to take in a month's provisions, and return to Ireland, but wants his ship girdled. Had 4 months' provisions 22 Oct. for 100 men, but having supplied Capt. Sherwin with 14 days' for 100 men, they are nearly expended. 37
" " Capt. Phil. Holland, Assurance, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Has been plying between Ushant, Scilly, and the Land's End, in company of the Nightingale, by order of Capt. John Bourne; had very rough weather, and having sprung his masts, has been forced to come in. Has 3 months' provisions, but wants his complement of men. 38
" " " Navy Comrs To the same effect 39
" " Capt. Wm. Whitehorn, the Gainsborough, off Upnor Castle. Robt. Blackborne Wants a warrant for the bearer as minister to his ship. Is waiting for a wind and for his steward and clerk of the check. 40
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. On the petition of Jno. Hughes for satisfaction for the loss of his vessel, hired to transport water to the fleet, and cast away and all her company drowned save a boy, thinks that where such casualties happen in a voluntary contract, no compensation can be expected, the freight contracted for being a valuable consideration; but where, as in this case, the owner is constrained to part with his vessel, worth 200l., which he designed for other employment, the State ought to bear one half of his loss. With an account of the damage sustained, amounting to 200l. 13s. 3d. 41, 42
" " John Hughes [Adm. Com.] Desires to be dealt with as other men; has served in many desperate engagements with the Dutch, and his vessel is the sole support of his family. With note by the Navy Victuallers, 22 Feb., that Hughes' Hoy was taken up to carry water to the fleet at Portsmouth at 12s. per ton. 43, 44
" " Capt. Anth. Archer, Augustine, Portsmouth Harbour. " Received his commission and the warrants for the officers, which he has distributed. The complaint of neglect of duty, either on his own part or that of his officers and men, is untrue, as they have been daily on board the Augustine, and done their best to ensure her speedy dispatch. Will dispose of the guns as ordered, but the soldiers in the Pelican have deserted, and gone to London to plead their services. Mr. Newberry, now at Portsmouth, is ordered by the Ordnance Officers to send up all gunners to pass their accounts; begs that those of the gunner of the Pelican may be passed at Portsmouth, as his absence will delay the works on the Augustine, and probably prevent his going with her. 45
" 10 " " " Is much troubled that they should be informed of neglect of himself and officers, when he has not been on shore for 10 days, and is day and night with his officers and men, hastening the works on the ship, which are now finished; hopes next week to get in the foremast and provisions. 46
Feb. 11 Vice. Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. [Adm. Com.] Arrived at Deal on the 7th, but owing to the weather, could not get on board until last night, when he ordered the Advice and Adviser pink to ply northward, the Bristol and Phœnix in the Narrow, and the Preston, when victualled, off the Isle of Wight. Gave instructions to each to search all vessels, and if they found any persons who could not give a good account of their being on board, to secure them; will send similar instructions to all ships westward. The Reserve has sailed to convoy the Recovery and William, bound to Barbadoes, as far as the Land's End, and there are only the Fairfax and Sparrow pink in the Downs. 47
" " Capt. Thos. Bunn. London. Adm. Com. Asks re-employment in his last ship, having faithfully discharged his duties; can have vouchers from persons of no small esteem. 48
" 12 Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Portsmouth, Plymouth Sound. Robt. Blackborne Having 3 weeks' victuals, could wait with the other frigates, if he knew the Commissioners' pleasure, but being commanded for Portsmouth, to give notice to the other commanders to use their endeavours for hindering the arrival of the French fleet into Normandy, dares not stay. Has sequainted the captains of the Assistance and Assurance, whose ships are both at Plymouth for repair, and given order to the former to sail to-day, and give notice to all that he meets. Perceives the Commissioners are troubled on account of the capture of several merchant ships by Brest pirates; but as the winter is past, and there are such nimble frigates now on that station, hopes a better account will be given of that business. Could not deliver the Commissioners' orders to the commanders of the Bryer and Fagon, as they had sailed; they alleged they only came in for men, and had not their complement when they sailed; they are now on their stations. Particulars of ships. 49
" " " Adm. Com. To like effect. Has issued orders for the Fagon and Assurance to lie off the Soundings, the Winsby and Assistance west of Scilly, and the Nightingale and Bryer off the Land's End, to surprise the Brest pirates. Has renewed the orders of the several commanders, and given them notice not to come into any harbour, unless for want of provisions, through being disabled, or extremity of weather, and then to send an account to the Admiralty Commissioners. 50
" " Capt. Jno. Sherwin, Primrose, Dublin. " After a tedious and violent sickness, and much discontent through shortness of provisions, occasioned by the continuance of southerly winds, put into Dublin on his way home, to receive the commands of the Lord Deputy and Council; having got a month's victuals, was ordered to carry 58 bales of clothes for the Army at Cork. Particulars of ships. 51
" " Thos. Scott, Deptford. Navy Comrs Cleared all former bills of imprest last October, save one of 60l., with which he has carried on the business ever since. The weekly charge of the 8 men employed on board wages amounts to 3l. 5s. 6d., and these have done the work and fitted the rigging for 8 ships, new moored the hulk, set all the lower masts in the Constant Warwick, and laid on all the standing rigging; but there is no boatswain to set them on work or to enter seamen; no steward to procure victuals, and no cook to dress meat, if they had any, but they are on board wages. If they are to be so continued, asks another bill of imprest. 52
Feb. 12 Note of the examination of Jno. Chaworth, merchant of London, as to the ownership of the 3 Kings, and her lading, taken at the mouth of the Channel by the Saphire, and condemned in the Admiralty Court as prize. 53
" " Capt. Jno. Fox, Pendennis. Robt. Blackborne. Gen. Desborow wishes Lieut. Thos. Morris to be remembered when the ships are disposed of 54
" " Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Delivered their letters to Captains Heaton and Archer. The weather has prevented carrying on the works on the Augustine. 55
" 13 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Advised with Capt. Harrison about securing Upnor Castle, and he has commanded all his soldiers in to a strict performance of duty; 8 guns are wanted for it, the brass ones being taken away; has appointed some of his men to fetch them from the old Dock. Finding the Gainsborough windbound, ordered her to fall down below Gillingham, and the captain to keep on board, watch day and night, and examine all vessels, especially those coming up; has put the whole navy to strict attendance on board night and day, and to have scouts on shore, with a vigilant eye to disaffected persons; hopes to prevent any mischief intended against the navy here. 56
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Liverpool. " Reported his return from Ireland, by order of the Lord Deputy and Council, to procure a cable and a month's provisions, and to transport such of the late members of Parliament as were ready for Dublin; cannot procure what is needed without order; asks for one. 57
" " Vice. Adm. Jo. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. " The Morning Star has arrived, but not the Edward as yet; will appoint the Preston to see them clear of the Land's End, and then ply off the Isle of Wight, to search all ships passing that way. There are only 3 ships in the Downs, and one is to convoy some merchantmen for Dunkirk. 58
" " Wm. Serjant, Islip, Liverpool. Navy Comrs Landed Lieut.-Col. Flower and his 3 companies at Chester; furnished Capt. Sherwin, at Dublin, with 14 days' provisions for 100 men, out of his 4 months' supply, which lasted until the 12th instant, being short of his number of men. Received orders from Lord Fleetwood to take in another month's victuals and a cable, of which there is great need, and return to Dublin; but the frigate ought to be girdled. 59
" " Phineas Pett, Chatham. Edw. Hopkins. Sends money received for decayed provisions; wants an order to the bearer to pay it in to the Treasurer of the Navy. Asks what to do with one Randall, who owes 10l. and will not pay, although summoned before Major Thomson and Mr. Payler. 60
" " Ordnance Officers Robt. Blackborne. Want an order to supply the Augustine with gunner's stores, as she is setting out for sea 61
" 14 Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Portsmouth, Plymouth Sound. [Adm. Com.] The wind having changed, is under sail. The last night was a very sore one for wind and rain; hopes the frigates abroad are safe. 62
Feb. 14 Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Portsmouth, Plymouth Sound. Robt. Blackborne. Ordered the commanders of the Assistance and Assurance to ply upon the French coast, and remain there until they met the French fleet coming for Normandy, or were informed of its passing by, which they were to prevent if possible, and then repair to their station, and give notice to Capt. Heaton and others. Seized two vessels which were bound home from the American plantations, carrying thither commodities not of their country's growth, contrary to Acts of Parliament; they would not stay, although the Castle shot at them. Capt. Langsford seized a third, being a Fleming; acquainted the Prize Commissioners in London, but has had no reply. Did this as a duty, and not for gain, and was put upon it by Mr. Strelly, collector for Customs, but is glad to hear that his brother, Jas. Blackborne, approves of it. 63
" " " " Adm. Com. The wind having changed, hopes to get out. Gave notice of the intelligence from Brest to the commanders of the frigates at Plymouth, and orders how to act. Left a copy with Mr. Vinson, of Plymouth, for the information of any other frigates that may come in, and for those they may meet. 64
" 15 Capt. Rich. Kennedy, Sea Adventure, Fowey. " On 26th Dec. sailed out of St. Helen's, with the General and Vice-Admiral, the rest of the fleet going out at the Needles; had orders to wait for the Pelican and Half Moon, the General, with the rest of the fleet bearing away, and to follow; but springing a leak, was forced to put into port. Wrote to the ship's owner, who replied that there were ships at Gravesend, bound for Barbadoes, and that he was to go with them; will take his ship to Plymouth and await orders; wishes to have company, not being of force to resist the enemy. Has already tasted the cruelty of the merciless Turk, by whom he has been in captivity, and if he should again come into their hands, there would be no hopes of redemption; his vessel is not fit to go the voyage. 65
" " Capt. Fras. Parke, Great President, Tynemouth Castle. " Has been plying N.E., but could not light on any vessels bound to Scotland with artillery, or hear of any pirates. Has watered twice in Burlington Bay, but has only 6 weeks' provisions on board. Neither the clerk nor steward have yet been on board. 66
" 16 Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Liverpool. Adm. Com. Thanks for their order to the victualler to supply him with provisions, but cannot venture to sea again without a cable. 67
" " Jno. Tippets Navy Comrs Account of work required to be done on 5 ships named, and estimate of the charge 68
" " Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Adm. Comrs The Portsmouth has arrived at Spithead, and waits for orders. The Augustine has taken in 20 tons of the Pelican's lading; as she is badly manned, she might be supplied out of the Portsmouth. 69
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Portsmouth, Spithead. " Passing through Cowes Road, found the Saphire and 2 others waiting a wind. Gave the captain of the Saphire notice of the stations of the frigates westward; the Reserve is attending a convoy bound that way. 70
" " Capt. Joseph Ames, Winsby, Plymouth Sound. " While plying off the Lizard, lost his main shrouds and mainmast, and had to cut away the rigging; as the ship has been off the ground 8 months, asks orders. 71
Feb. 17 Capt. Tho. Bere, Bridgwater. Col. Jno. Clarke. Asks whether Capt. Jno. Filkings,—who married his sister, was formerly a captain in his regiment, and has gone in the late expedition,—has left any money for his wife, or any order to enable her to receive some of his pay, as she is in a very sad condition. 72
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Send a report of the ships at Deptford and Woolwich. Mr. Willoughby will report those at Portsmouth. 73
" " Capt. Anth. Archer, Augustine, Portsmouth. " Has done his utmost to dispatch work, but has not 4 able seamen left; although Mr. Child, the deputy-treasurer, stopped sums of 3l. and 5l. on paying the wages, to compel the men to return, only two have appeared; has had to employ labourers. Has stowed away part of the provisions, but the beer is bad. Wishes his steward were there to take an account of what is on board the Portsmouth; as she is to be paid off, desires some of her men. 74
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Navy Comrs Received theirs, with Capt. Spatchurst's letter, and endeavoured to find Wm. Linscott. Rich. Sullock is master of the Dolphin of Bristol; she did not lose a mast on her voyage to Dublin and Barbadoes; it was a ship of the same name, belonging to Kinsale, of which Linscott is master. The owners of the Dolphin of Bristol, very honest men, agree that no disaster has befallen their ship, but she has not yet retrned. Mr. Taylor will send an account of his proceedings herein. The ship now building will be launched in March; has advanced the builder money weekly, which he promises to repay. 75
" " Chas. Taylor, Bristol. " Particulars of the ship building there. They proceeded slowly for want of money, but Mr. Shewell, finding the work at a stand, advanced Mr. Baylie money weekly; she will be launched in the spring. 76
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Portsmouth, Spithead. Adm. Com. Sends account of carpenter's work required on board his frigate 77, 78
" 19 Capt. Lambert Cornelius, Weymouth. " Received their order to convoy Cornet Brookes and 12 horses to Jersey, but has had no weather to put to sea with small vessels. 79
" " Capt. W. West, Temple Bar. Col. Jno. Clarke. Recommends Capt. Wm. Turner, the Protector having ordered his accounts to be passed. In 1642 he was sent to Lancashire Gaol by the then Commissioners of Array, and after his release, took up arms and served as a lieutenant and captain until 1648; but the enemy plundered him of a considerable personal estate, and brought him to a sad condition. 80
" " Vice Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Asks him to forward some enclosures. The frigates have not been able to keep at sea with safety. 81
" " Thos. White, Dover. Anth. Keylock. Sends copy of an account of the Commissioners, and various bills due. With list of 13 bills, and 11 of the bills receipted, for money paid for work, materials, and necessaries supplied to ships named, in 1653. 82–94
Feb. 19 Thos. White, Dover Adm. Com. Sends the account he was ordered to examine, of provisions received from Thos. Greene, for supplying and fitting, between 28 May and 16 Dec. 1653. Has put his name to bills paid at Dover, and examined and signed the rest. The bills he paid he delivered with his account, which was paid last April, and the rest he left for them to pay, and shall be glad if the poor men may have their money. The deals and fishes put on board for Portsmouth lie wind-bound in Dover Pier. 95, 96
" " Vice Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. " The Phœnix and Bristol have returned to the Downs through the weather, but will ply in the Narrow the first opportunity. Ordered the Preston to convoy the Morning Star and other ships, bound outwards, to the Land's End. All things are quiet, and hopes through the Lord's assistance they will be kept so. The captain and master of the Phœnix have complained against each other, and the master has been cashiered by court-martial; as she wants another, and some victuals, she should be sent in. There is great need of more small vessels, as the Paradox has gone as convoy to Seine Head, and the Sparrow pink for Dunkirk. 97
" 20 Capt. Robt. Robinson, Greyhound, Milford Haven. " Has been to Dublin, where he received orders from the Lord Deputy to transport 40 barrels of powder to Galway, to clear that coast, and then return to Kinsale to victual and tallow, and to get a boat, having lost his, with a man in it, in a storm. Did not hear of any men-of-war about, save a small rogue to the westward; but the Nicodemus is there to clear that coast. The Wren is at Milford, bound for Kinsale to victual, and the Primrose, bound to Cork with clothes, has put into Waterford or Wexford. 98
" " Officers of the Advice. Certificate that 5l. 10s. was expended while plying between Dungeness and Beachy, searching for suspicious persons, according to the orders of the Generals at sea, viz., 1l. 15s. to Dan. Powell and Jno. Stence, boatswain, sent to the Downs with several Frenchmen and Scotchmen; 2l. to Lieut. Jos. Young, going on shore to pursue Capt. Browne, who landed at Hastings; and 1l. 15s. to Henry Ady, clerk of the check, going to Rye with 8 gentlemen from France without passes. 99
" " Geo. Clarke, Winsby, Catwater, near Plymouth. Blackborne? They have come in to set a mainmast lost at sea, and when refitted, will proceed to their station off Land's End; as it will be 4 months before they return, asks for a removal into the Lyme frigate. 100
" " Chris. Pett, Woolwich. Navy Comrs Chris. Andrews came to certify his bills for 2 freights of timber sent into the stores, but refused by Wm. Hayward and W. Cooper; the price certified by Mr. Young at 51s. per load is excessive, even if it were good, which it is not, and ought to be surveyed. He alleges that the bill for the rafted timber sent in last July has been passed, and paid at the rate of 44s. a load, whereas it was not worth above 26s., and still lies in the mast dock. 101
" " Com. Peter Pett, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. Asks an order to send away the Gainsborough, as it is a pity so gallant a vessel should lie idle. Wants a list of the summer guard. Recommends the master of the Triumph for employment. 102
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Liverpool. Adm. Com. Came to Liverpool for a cable, not procurable at Dublin, being in much danger for want of one. 103
Feb. 20 Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Liverpool. Navy Comrs Has drawn a bill of exchange on the Navy Treasurer for 97l. 4s. received in cloth and furniture by his company, of Jno. Sandiford, and desires payment. As his cable will be ready the end of the week, and his victuals are preparing, hopes to be speedily dispatched. Has discharged Rich. Moore, his surgeon, for creating a disturbance, and given him a ticket in commisseration of his poverty and sorrow for his offence; requests that no necessary money for the surgeon's chest may be paid to him, but reserved for Jno. Lambert, his successor. 104
" " Capt. Alex. Farly, Basing, Leith Road. Adm. Com. Arrived last Thursday in the Firth, where he was detained until yesterday by contrary winds. 105
" " " " Made several applications for a steward without effect, but Gen. Monk has lately appointed one, and given him a warrant. The clerk of the check has not made away with any of the provisions, or would have reported him. Will take a more severe account of him and the other officers. 106
" " Capt. Robt. Plumleigh, Reserve, Cowes. " Being ordered to convoy the William and Recovery, with provisions for Gen. Penn's fleet, to the Lizard, set sail, and when near the Isle of Wight, could not prevail with them to keep the sea, being jealous of foul weather, so made for Cowes. Has since endeavoured to get out, but the weather has been too tempestuous. 107
" 21 Gen. Monk, Dalkeith. Capt. Mic. Nutton, of the Satisfaction. Order to remain at Inverlochy until he has only 10 days' provisions, and then return to Liverpool, and take in sufficient to last him until he receives further orders from the Admiralty Commissioners. 108
" " " Navy Victuallers, Liverpool. Order to supply Nutton for that period 108a
" 22 Capt. Robt. Haytubbe, Little Charity, Castlehaven. Adm. Com. After the troop had been on board at Portsmouth a fortnight, sailed from Spithead on 17 Jan., but kept plying windward until the 24th, when, through stress of weather and provisions growing low, especially horse meat, bore up for Ireland, and, missing Kinsale, put into Castlehaven; finding no relief there, sent his steward to the victualler at Kinsale for a supply, but he was ordered not to furnish any ships not listed to attend that coast. Addressed Col. Faire, Governor of Cork, who caused Col. Townsend to furnish horse meat, and Capt. Bowen, of the Mayflower, to supply a month's provisions out of his own store for 120 men, so only waits for a wind to proceed on his voyage. Has only lost one man, and broken his rudder. 109
" " Adm. Com. Eliz. Reynard, widow, and Ralph Skeldon, her servant. Order to attend the Committee to-morrow at 3 p.m. 110
Feb. 22 Thos. Saxby, Arthur Hunt. Ordnance officers. Certify that, by order of Mr. Gardner, they cut a parcel of musket britchens, which could not be otherwise made serviceable; and also pieced 500 small britchens, and put collars to them, taken off of others. 111
" 23 Capt. Jos. Ames, Winsby, Catwater, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Will hasten the refitting of his ship, and shift the mainmast, which is too forward and hinders her sailing. Did not meet any ships until he had been three months at sea. 112
" " Capt. Anth. Young, Deptford. Robt. Blackborne. Showed Col. Clarke Gen. Penn's letter, and is promised a command; desires him to move the Admiralty Commissioners to appoint him to one of the ships at Portsmouth, with his brother, Lieut. Jos. Young, of the Advice, as lieutenant. 113
" " Capt. Wm. Whitehorn, the Gainsborough. " Will sail to the Downs the first wind. Has 100 men on board, and has not pressed any; if he had been in the Hope, would have been manned to the full. 114
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Adm. Com. The Nantwich, building by mr. Baylie, will be lannched on 13 March, and if she gets her guns and gunner's stores, she may be at sea in 50 days. 115
" " Capt. Phil. Holland, Assurance, Plymouth. " Has got in the new mainmast, and would have returned to his station, but has been detained by the wind. 116
" " Vice Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. " The Phœnix has sailed to convoy some merchant ships for Dunkirk; the Paradox has come in from Seine Head, and is going to Flushing with Jno. Edwards, by order of his Highness. She could hardly procure a pilot, those at Deal being unwilling to serve the State, when merchants, who pay them better, require them; has no power to impress them, nor money to answer that or any other contingency. 117
" 24 Capt. Anth. Archer, Augustine, Portsmouth. " Some of the Pelican's men ran away while she was in Ireland, fearing to venture their lives any further in her, and others on her arrival at Portsmouth, before they were appointed for the Augustine. It will be useless pressing while in harbour, there being so many opportunities to escape, but when at Spithead, will soon be manned. Has had very bad weather, but has got all the provisions out of the Pelican into the Augustine, and hopes next week to sail. 118
" 26 Major Jer. Tolhurst. Bond in 300l. that Robt. Swan and Nich. Hollansbee shall faithfully and carefully discharge all duties required by the [Admiralty] Commissioners, while kept in their employment. 119
" " Wm. Serjeant, clerk of the check, Islip. Navy Comrs Since landing Lieut. Col. Flower at Chester, took in 6 weeks' provisions for 100 men at Liverpool; his cable will be ready in 2 days, when he will take Councillor Sankey on board, and sail for Dublin. 120
" " Vice Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Adm. Com. The captain of the Phœnix having gone for London, has appointed the master to carry her for Chatham, and has taken out some of her men, and 14 days' provisions for 150 men. The ships bound for Barbadoes have sailed, under convoy of the Preston to the Land's End. Particulars of ships. 121
Feb. 26 Officers of the Portsmouth, Capt. John Bourne, commander. Accounts of guns and gunner's stores received from Capt. Hen. Hatsell for the use of the Portsmouth frigate, and of their expenditure; also account of ordnance dismounted and taken from the ship into the stores at Plymouth, to Hatsell; also account of provisions wanting, and of the remains of stores in the ship, taken by Thos. Goulding, master gunner. Nov. 1653 to 26 Feb. 1655. 122–129
" 27 Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Islip, Liverpool. Adm. Com. Sends his gunner's certificate of the defective state of the gunpowder, and desires a fresh supply. Colonels Sankey, Foukes, and Axtell are on board; will transport them to Dublin with the first wind. 130–1
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " The Elizabeth and three others are ready to take in their victuals, and when they have sailed, 4 others though not graved, will be ready. 132
" " Hum. White Navy Comrs The frigate building by Robt. Pardy, at Wivenhoe, is top-timbered, and he desires his third instalment, according to contract. 133
" " Ordnance officers " Want 2,000 ells of canvas to be sent into the stores for the Andrew, and the new frigates setting out. 134
" " Jno. Newton, Leith. Adm. Com. Went on board the Basing in Leith Road, but found a steward had been appointed by Gen. Monk. The captain and officers have made a complaint against him, of which he knows nothing; desires he may be examined thereon. 135
" " Estimate of victuals required for Gen. Penn's fleet, cost, including freight, 17,677l. 10s. 136
" " Wm. Evanson, Dundee. Gen. Jno. Desborow. Recommends a soldier in his troop for Weedhall and Thorney Walk, Rockingham Forest, and the house attached to it, as it has been 60 years in possession of his predecessors, who purchased it dearly. His mother had it until lately, but owing to his being in the service in Scotland, it was taken from her, to their entire ruin. 137
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Islip, Liverpool. Navy Comrs Has drawn a bill of exchange for 30l. on the Navy Treasurer, and desires it may be paid 138
" " Captains Roger Lawrence, Hen. Edon. Appraisement of the French Arms, and 5 other ships 139
" " Col. John Clerke Sends examination of Mat. Kempe. Hearing there was a hoy lying near Eliz. Reynard's warehouse at Wapping, went there with a fellow searcher for embezzled goods; saw Eliz. Reynard and 3 hoymen, and found 13 barrels of gunpowder in the warehouse, which had been delivered by them; they alleged it had been purchased, but implored that nothing might be said about it, as it would prove their undoing; it was believed to belong to the State. Also examination of Eliz. Reynard, 24 Jan. 1654–5. Knows nothing about the powder; what was found in her place was paid for. 140
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Navy Comrs Was troubled by their complaints against Mr. Baylie, and the ship building by him; has sent to Mr. Aldridge, in Dean Forest, to make a survey. Will forbear supplying Bailey with money, having given him 350l. in part of his last payment; but it was to serve the State, and not him. 141
Feb. 28 Chas. Taylor, Bristol. Navy Comrs Fears they cannot launch the frigate on 12 March, as much work has yet to be done under water; Mr. Shewell, hearing of complaints, desired Mr. Aldridge to come out of Dean Forest to survey her; if certain alterations mentioned are made, they will much strengthen her. 142
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Have selected carpenters and workmen out of the yards to forward the works upon the 5th-rate frigates; asks whether one is to be built at Deptford, as they were directed to desist building there. 143
" " Jno. Pitt, Fairfax, Downs. [Robt. Blackborne.] The Preston, with the Morning Star and Edward, bound for Barbadoes, have returned to the Downs by reason of contrary winds, as also the Sparrow pink; the Phœnix has sailed for Chatham. 144
" " Capt. Alex. Farly, the Basing, Leith Road. Adm. Com. Jno. Newton, appointed steward of the Basing, came on board, and would have been received according to their order, had not the General appointed another meantime; Newton has been sent to his honour at Dalkeith. 145
" " Navy Victuallers Account of provisions issued in the several ports between 1 March 1651–2 and 31 Oct. 1654; with particulars of what is wanting to complete the proportion for 33,053 men for 163 days. 146
" " List of 8 ships at Woolwich and 11 at Deptford, with their several defects 147
" " Jno. Carter, general steward to westward, Carlisle Bay. Navy Comrs Sends an account of victuals delivered short, or that could not be received by the fleet on coming from Portsmouth, as also what was charged on several ships, with other particulars. The General desires that all left behind may be sent to him at once; 936 bushels of salt were left at Portsmouth. A large cask of salt water has been put on board the Convertine for a hogshead of oil. 148, 149
" " Chas. Thorowgood, and 2 others, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. The boatswain of the Augustine is guilty of great neglect; recommends Edw. August, boatswain of the Middleborough, to succeed him; the boatswain of the Pelican, which is unfit for service, is also very negligent. Noted that August be appointed and the other dismissed. 150
" " Vice Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. " Sends account of provisions on board, after being off the ground 5 months. The Morning Star and Edward, under convoy of the Preston, bound for Barbadoes, and the Sparrow pink, have put in by contrary winds. There is a difference between the captain of the Morning Star and his men. 151, 152
" " John Davies Mr. Kendall. Account of provisions sent too late for the Plover, and brought into the stores at Deptford 153
Feb. Ordnance officers Robt. Blackborne. Ask an order to supply the Saphire at Portsmouth with ordnance stores 154,155
" " Account of money due upon several orders since Dec. 1654 for harbour account, summer and winter declarations, necessary money, brandy, &c., total, 17,786l. 12s. 3½d. 154,155
Feb. Thos Burgess, gunner of the Essex. Adm. Com. Petition for speedy payment of 22 months' wages, having vindicated himself from a charge of embezzling powder, and waited on them 3 or 4 months. 156