Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: May 1655

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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May 1655

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Vol. 108.
May 1 Adm. Com. Rich. White. Order to attend them at Whitehall on Friday, to give an account of matters in relation to the public, he having been employed with his hoy in carrying provisions from Chatham to the State's ships. 1
" " Lieut. Nath. Browne, Woodbridge. Robt. Blackborne. Begs employment in one of the ships appointed for the summer expedition 2
" " Capt. Phil. Holland, Assurance, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Has been watching a Flemish hoy laden on Frenchmen's account, and when she had put to sea, went after her, and has brought her in again. Capt. Vessey, of the Nightingale, heard of 37 French ships about leaving St. Malo; has been ordered by Capt. Hatsell to hasten to his station, and endeavour to join Capt. Vessey and the Saphire and Assistance, the better to do execution on the enemy. 3
" " Capt. Thos. Elliot, Fagon, Plymouth Sound. " Will sail to his station to day, as ordered by Capt. Hatsell 4
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. The Naseby having arrived at Gravesend, will go there, and obtain as many men for her as he can. Recommends Mr. Vidgedown, appointed steward of the Paragon but superseded, for employment. 5
" 2 Comr. Peter Pett, Gravesend. " Has mustered 44 officers and men on the Naseby; directed the clerk of the check to discharge 4 of them. Wants her ordnance sent down from Woolwich. 6
" " Capt. Jno. Geffery, the Nantwich, Hunger Road. " Has nearly completed the rigging, and if the guns arrive from Plymouth, can sail in 4 days. Asks order as to taking in provisions and pressing men, as there are many ships in harbour, who when they sail will take the men away. 7
" " Capt. Phil. Gethings, Channel, near Cape Barfleur. " Chased a French man-of-war and his convoy into Hogue Bay, and kept them in for 24 hours, but the wind shifting, and they being close under a fort, and many horse and foot near, was forced to leave them. Is ordered to the Downs, and with Capt. Saunders and the Drake, will ply upon his station. 8
" " Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Adm. Com. Delivered the letters for Gen. Blake to Capt. Nixon, who has sailed with others. Account of provisions on board frigates in the Downs. The Bristol arrived in Dover Road with the Spanish Ambassador, and having landed him, has come into the Downs. Believes the pirates abroad are not French, but from Brest. The Yarmouth has gone as convoy to Dieppe, and has 6 weeks' provisions on board. 9
May 3 Capt. Robt. Colman, the Fleetwood, Chester Water. Adm. Com. Has been plying between St. David's Head and the Channel, and having spent two months' provisions, has come in for more, and some cables, and will then return to Dublin, by order of the Lord-Deputy and Council. Asks a press warrant, and what number of men he is to carry, having only 45, which are not sufficient to manage two decks and a quarter. 10
" " Dan. Johnson, Poole. Blackborne. Capt. Goulding, a privateer, has brought in a ship bound for Canada, and a letter enclosed. Begs removal from this poor and unhealthful place. 11
" " H. Terne, Fairfax, Downs. " Hearing that Mr. Fowler, the Judge Advocate, recommends Stephen Woolgate, boatswain's mate, for preferment, has sent certificates in his favour from the Vice-Admiral, and from some of the officers at Chatham. 12
" " Seamen of the Satisfaction, Liverpool. Navy Comrs Ask an order for money and necessaries, having served 16 to 19 months with little or no pay, whereby they are in a sad condition for want of clothes; on account of the badness of provisions in the last voyage, many of them have been very ill. 13
" 4 Capt. Mic. Nutton, Satisfaction, Liverpool. Adm. Com. Is cleaned and tallowed, and will take in the 4 or 5 months' provisions ordered, but they will not be ready for 10 days. Liverpool is a bad place for fitting out a large ship. Sends account of stores required. Recommends his lieutenant, Wm. Pickering, who has been two voyages with him, and served the late commander, Capt. Pestell, for the place of master. 14
" " Stephen Archbold Will supply good and serviceable rapiers at 4s. and 5s., and oil and clean the arms at 12l. a year. 15
" 5 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Examined the damage done to the Great President, and find that she went aground in going to Scotland, and that she was not damaged while at Harwich. 16
" " Capt. Robt. Colman, Wexford, alias Fleetwood, Chester. " Sends an order from the Lord-Deputy and Council of Ireland of 23 April, not to wait for the soldiers, but range the Welsh coast, return to Holyhead, then proceed to Chester, receive two cables, and some victuals, and return to Dublin. Chas. Walley, junr., says the cables are coming from London, but Mr. Windis, the victualler, cannot supply provisions without order. 17–18
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Particulars of ships, some of which are prevented from sailing for want of men 19
" " Prize Comrs. Adm. Com. Desire a warrant for Wm. Harris to recover a yawl in possession of Mr. Morton, at Rainham, Essex, and another vessel purloined from the State; have given him a warrant, but the country abuse the messengers, and refuse delivery. 20
" " Navy Comrs. " Recommend Wm. Moore as a lieutenant, clerk of the check, or steward 21
" 7 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for a survey of the stowage, which is to be as large as possible, in the 8 ships designed for the Western expedition; the Mary flyboat, at Portsmouth, to be fitted to carry bread, as also the 7 ships in the river; one of the Navy Commissioners to attend to this business. 22
" " " " " Order to contract for the hire of the ketches referred to in Vice-Adm. Lawson's letter enclosed of the 6th inst., and to see that they are manned and victualled, and sent to attend the fleet. 23, 24
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. Thanks for the news. The bringing away the statute book was a mistake, but as it is useful, will pay for it, and desires he will buy another. Has not received the instructions sent for Capt. Heaton. 25
May 7 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Adm. Com. All the frigates for the Western squadron are abroad. As they were short of water casks, and would have had to put into Falmouth in 6 weeks for water, has apportioned them for the 3 months they are victualled, and will do he same with the other ships that have come in. Wants an anchor and cable for the Paradox. 26
" " Wm. Freeman Robt. Blackborne. Recommends the bearer, his brother's son, who has been a scrivener in the Tower Liberty, as a clerk of the check, and sends certificate in his favour from Capt. Cox. 27
" " Capt. Thos. Bunn, London. Adm. Com. The Welcome is ready for her victuals; has ordered them sent down, and will go on board to expedite her sailing. 28
" " Capt. Jno. Parker, Truelove, Milford Haven. " Sailed from Couse Road with the Salem on the 1st inst., and after much rough weather, has safely arrived with his convoy. 29
" " Capt. Anth. Young, Tredagh, Spithead. " Has sent to Poole, the Isle of Wight, and Southampton, to press men, but without effect. Has 140 or 150 on board, and will sail with the first wind, and range the French coast. Sent to the constable of Gosport to arrest Wm. Pink and the other man who ran from the Lyme, but they were not to be found. Hears by a seaman on board who escaped from Brest, that the Star, formerly belonging to this State, brought in an English ship there as prize; many small men-of-war go in there. The French have a ship there ready to be launched, which is 44 feet broad, and is to carry 80 guns. 30
" " Robt. Grassingham, Harwich. Navy Comrs Sent Robt. Willis out with some boats, and he found the Liberty, laden with ballast, lying upright in 15 feet at low water; he surveyed her and found she was going to pieces, but hopes to recover her guns, anchors, and cables. 31
" " Capt. E. Hayward, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. Recommends the bearer, his kinsman, for a steward's place; left a good certificate of him with Mr. Powell. 32
" 8 Mich. Mew, the Yarmouth, Dover Roads. Navy Comrs Sends a survey of defective beef on the Yarmouth, and desires a supply in lieu thereof 33, 34
" " Capt. Ga. Saunders, Tiger, Spithead. Adm. Com. Sends the papers of a French ship he has taken and brought in, and asks orders as to her disposal; she is richly laden. Hears of 3 more that are taking in cloth at Newhaven, very richly laden, bound for Canada. There are 20 Dutch ships in Concord Road laden with salt for the grand party, and expected at Newhaven. Salt is 40s. a bushel in the French ports, and the French King will not send any but in Dutch ships. 35
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Will send the warrant for Jno. Tancock to be master of the Great Charity after him, as she has sailed; went on board and declared him master, and ordered Gosse out of the ship, with which the captain and company were much pleased. Sent Gen. Penn an account, as his name was to Gosse's warrant. All the frigates of the western station are at sea and Ireland. As a Brest manof-war, lying near the Land's End, has taken some coal barges, hopes the Paradox will range that coast, as she sails towards Ireland. 36
May 8 Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, North Seas. Adm. Com. Understands by the fishers that the fleet is much scattered by the great storm in the North Seas. Jno. Thirstell of Yarmouth was robbed by an Amsterdamer of part of his fish, they threatening him with their lances if he did not deliver. 37
" " Capt. Fras. Allen, Advice, Harwich. " The refitting and victualling of his ship will be completed this week 38
" " Navy Victuallers Three abstracts of victuals issued to the State's ships since 15 Feb. 39–41
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Navy Comrs Has charged a bill on the Treasurer for 478l. 11s., and desires speedy payment, and a prompt passing of his accounts, as the money is out of his own purse, and there is 300l. more owing. Wants money to clear the debts of the Great Charity, &c., and it is hard that he must disburse his own, or the service suffer. Cannot get money by exchange, but at dear rates. Has supplied the Paradox with a few stores, and hastened her to Ireland, but an anchor and cable should be sent for her to Kinsale; wants anchors for the stores. 42
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Send a letter from Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, desiring they will hire one or two more small vessels to range the coast for Brest and other pirates, who are doing much mischief. Beg orders therein. Are executing their order concerning the 8 ships for the western expedition, and one of the Navy Commissioners will attend them. 43, 44
" 9 " " Have contracted with Capt. Wm. Berry for the Endeavour of Barking, recommended by ViceAdm. Lawson, at 18l. a month, and desire order for 4 guns for it. Have also sent an express to Mr. White at Dover for his boat. 45
" " Chas. Taylor, Hunger Road. Navy Comrs Has 42 men at work on the Nantwich, to hasten her dispatch and the shipping of her guns, which are at Milford waiting for a wind. 46
" " Chris. Pett, Woolwich. " Is in hand with the President and Guinea; is short of hands, as most of the labourers are getting the provisions and guns on board the ships afloat. Wants timber; has sent up the purveyor for orders to provide 60 loads. 47
" " Jno. Tippetts, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Wants an order from the Admiralty Commissioners to the Navy Commissioners, for payment of his salary of 18l. 5s. 0d. The Tredagh has left Stokes' Bay, and the Sorlings will be out of harbour to-morrow. The Mayflower is ready but wants men. 48
" " Capt. Thos. Morris, Sorlings, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Is repaired and stored, and if his life had been at stake, could not have done more to get the ship to sea, as he wants men. Capt. Young has sailed for Spithead; hopes to be there to-morrow. 49
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. The Tredagh has sailed. The Mary flyboat has some of her provisions, but room has to be made for the rest. The Mayflower is victualling, but men are wanting; recommends Mich. Whitly as boatswain, Geo. Wootton as gunner, Edm. Harris as carpenter, and Matthew Wootton as cook. The Sorlings will go out to-morrow, if men are procured; she has 60, but only 10 or 15 have appeared, notwithstanding the diligence of the officers. 50
" " Vice-Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Adm. Com. Has ordered his lieutenant to take the ship to Portsmouth to clean and revictual, and then return to the Downs; will come to London, having left Capt. Bourne in charge. 51
May 10 Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. [Robt. Blackborne.] Particulars of ships 52
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor, Lizard frigate. Adm. Com. Has come in from Ireland as ordered, and desires instructions. Noted that the captain's wages are to be stopped, and the men to be turned over to another ship and then paid, and the officers paid off, and a survey made of the ship. 53
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " Capt. Saunders has gone for Plymouth with between 40 and 60 sail, bound to Poole, Weymouth, Dartmouth, and Plymouth, some of which had lain 6 weeks for a convoy. The Essex, having 65 men entered, and most of her provisions on board, is ready to sail. Particulars of ships. 54
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor, Chatham. " Petition for extra allowance for building the Selby and Colchester frigates larger than was agreed to in the contract, having saved the State 10s. in the ton. With certificate by Rich. Stokes as to the contract, and reference thereon to the Navy Commissioners. 55, 56
" " Capt. Philip Gethings, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Having put two ships on shore in Barfleur Bay, received orders from Vice-Adm. Lawson to repair to the Downs; on the way, in company with the Tiger and Drake, took a French vessel with freestone, iron, and copper, and has delivered her to the prize officers at Portsmouth. Desires leave of absence to come to London. 57
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for a maincourse for the Swiftsure to be put on board one of the 8 ships bound westward; also for providing 8 shallops in quarters with furniture for Gen. Penn's squadron, according to his request, enclosed, for 20 shallops. 58, 59
" " " " " Order for Capt. Alderne to provide 6,000 iron hoops for Gen. Penn's fleet, and send them by the 8 ships bound westward. 60
" " " " " Order, on a letter enclosed of Capt. Thos. Bunn of the Welcome,—desiring that Mr. Pett, at Woolwich, may build him a boat, to be carried in pieces in the hold,—for its building. 61, 62
" 11 " " " Order for the speedy victualling and dispatch of the victualling ships in the river bound for Gen. Penn's fleet; one of the Navy Commissioners to go down the river every 48 hours, to quicken all hands. 63
" " Nath. Browne, Woodbridge. Major-Gen. Jno. Desborow. Asks employment, having served the State at sea 5 years 64
" " Capt. H. Maddison, Gift, Woolwich. Col. Clarke Has rigged his ship, and is getting the guns and provisions on board. Wants 10 more men 65
" " Major N. Bourne, Navy office. Adm. Com. Has taken an account of the stowage of several ships, and conferred with Capt. Alderne, and will make report. 66
" " Major Robt. Sedgwick. " The St. John the Baptist, taken prize through hoisting Dantzic colours, was proved to be a Dutchman, and so adjudged by a Council of War, although laden with French goods; has never seen any writings showing that she belonged to Arnold Beake. 67
May 11 John Alderson Examination as to embezzlements of gunpowder and other stores by the gunners of the Adventure, Diamond, and Assurance, through Dunning and White, hoymen; 27 March. With note, 11 May, that Kempe, an agent for the State to seek out such frauds, took a bribe of 30l. from Dunning for a cable of the State's. 68
" " Rich. Paxford, Rochester. Suggestions for preventing the embezzlement by the owners of hoys and others, of ships' stores, some of which were found upon them by Mr. Hill, searcher of Rochester. 69
" " Mat. Kemp and Jas. Nuttall. Examination before Major Jno. Desborow and Col. Jno. Clark. As searchers for embezzled goods, they seized a cable belonging to the State out of Mr. Dunning's hoy, and disposed of it for 30l.; also a quantity of shot and powder in Ben. Symonds' hoy, which was also sold for 15l., and the proceeds divided between them. 70
" " Ben. Symonds. Examination relative to the said goods 71
" 12 Rich. Bradshaw, Hamburg. Navy Comrs Has purchased 24 large masts by order of Sec. Thurloe, and shipped them in the David of Newcastle; hopes they will arrive safe, as they are the largest that can be obtained. Desires a speedy dispatch of the ship, and that Geo. Swaddel, the master, may be freed from Customs or other charges. 72, 73
" " Jno. Tippetts, Portsmouth. " Is enlarging the bread room in the Mary flyboat, and she may receive 1,000 cwt. of bread, besides other provisions. The Preston and Fairfax have come for repairs. 74
" " Capt. Ga. Saunders, Tiger, Spithead. Adm. Com. Will deliver the ship he has taken to the Prize Goods' Officers. Has had some of her men examined before the mayor, and sent up their examinations and her bills of lading; doubts not but she will prove to be prize, as her goods came from Rouen, and belong to French merchants; if condemned, desires a portion for himself and Capt. Algate. The Drake has sailed; will follow himself this evening, as several ships are expected at Newhaven from Canada and other parts; hopes to give an account of some of them before they get there. 75
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Lyme, Downs. " Opened their packet in the absence of the Vice-Admiral, and gave directions for the sailing of the Portsmouth. 76
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to pay the wages due to Paul Seamer, late boatswain of the Portsmouth, deducting 40s. received for some old junk sold by him. 77
" 14 Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Will turn over the men of the Lizard into the Mary flyboat and others, and if the bread arrives, she will soon be ready to sail. Could not write to Mr. Creed, as his ague has returned. 78
" " Capt. Anth. Young, Tredagh, Downs. Adm. Com. Having procured 160 men, plyed towards Cape la Hogue, and met some Dutch ships laden with salt, bound homewards, as they alleged, but thinks they were for Newhaven; chased a Frenchman 3 hours, but he got into harbour. Met a fishing boat of Dieppe; the master reported that the salt ships had not come home, and that there were 5 lusty merchant ships fitting out at Dieppe, but none of the King's ships were there. Will endeavour to get the rest of his men, and then wait in the Downs for commands. 79
May 14 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Send part of a letter from Gen. Penn as to extraordinary expense of carpenters' and other stores in fitting out prizes for transportation of men, &c.; think he requires supplies; if any additions are to be sent, they should give the orders. The Seahorse hoy has been sold for 90l. and the Orange Tree for 162l. 80, 81
" " Major N. Bourne, Navy Office. " Supposes Capt. Alderne will remove the obstruction to the sailing of the 8 ships appointed for the Western expedition, by supplying such provisions as must be sent on board before any rooms can be fitted to receive bread, or stow their own provisions. 82
" " Capt. N. Heaton, Saphire, Catwater. Robt. Blackborne. Having been 4 months off the ground, has come in to refit and victual. While plying before Brest, saw the Star frigate come out, and gave chase, but lost her; hopes she will not get into Brest again. Particulars of ships. Wants 3 or 4 press warrants. 83
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs The Lizard has come in; will turn over her 62 men, and have her surveyed. The Mary flyboat, Mayflower, and Sorlings are ready to sail, but want men; the Preston waits to be docked. 84
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Lyme, Downs. Col. Clerke Mr. Pointer, late clerk of the check in the Resolution, is hardly fit for the Lyme; if the steward can give security, he might be continued, and Mr. Chillingworth borne upon the Essex. 85
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Navy Comrs The bailiffs for 1653 and 1654 having sent up their agent with the accounts for sick and wounded for that time, begs his quick dispatch and charges. 86
" " Capt. Rich. Potter, Constant Warwick, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. While plying on his station near the Start, his mainmast fell overboard; has come in for another. 87
" " " " Adm. Com. To like effect. Has been plying about Cape Barfleur and the Start, by order of the Vice-Admiral; 80 sail of Frenchmen have gone out of this Channel, passing near our own coast. 88
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor. [Navy Comrs.] If the additions to the Selby were occasioned by their own instrument, they cannot but think the whole amount is due, and report accordingly; but if otherwise, must lose all. The Colchester is also 3 feet longer and broader; paid Edgar 41l. for the enlargement. As to that built in the river, they know what is saved by it, by transporting men and provisions to the place of building; it cost him 7l. to try and get her built at St. Trose's in Essex; bought timber there, part of which lies there still at his great loss, and the rest cost him 10s. a load to bring to London. 89
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Think that Capt. Taylor is excluded by his contract from extra allowance for building the Colchester, but as the excess in the dimensions of the Selby was through a mistake of the State's own instrument, he ought to have allowance. 90
" " Rich. Vinson, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. Arrival and departure of ships 91
May 14 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Pendennis. Col. Jno. Clerke. Has inspected the masts, and agreed to have them carried to Plymouth for 10l.; had a conference with Mr. Carew at St. Mawes; he still thinks the Lord will do great things speedily. Is going to St. Ives, and then back to Plymouth. Is assailed by a poor woman for 5l. lost by her husband, who in ignorance bought powder sold from the Saphire, which was reclaimed. Begs relief for her. 92, 93
" 15 Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Lyme, Downs. Adm. Com. The Tredagh has arrived in the Downs, and her commander gone on shore. All the other ships are riding in the Roads. 94
" " " " Robt. Blackborne. To like effect. Sends a packet to the Commissioners, and other letters to be forwarded 95
" " Officers and men of the Satisfaction, Liverpool. Navy Comrs To the same effect as that of 3 May, but most of the signatures are different 96
" " Philip Weedon, Liverpool. " Was purser of the Satisfaction, but reduced to steward, and on going to Liverpool to take charge, found such things were being carried on between the clerk of the check and the victualler, that he declined to act with them, yet remained on board, checked the expenditure, and was borne upon the books. Asks whether he or the clerk has to attend to the victualling. As to the bad victualling, some of the officers will make it appear that it was far worse than shown in their first complaint. 97
" " Capt. Mich. Nutton, Satisfaction, Liverpool. Robt. Blackborne. Has received instructions for the clerk of the check to supply the place of steward; hopes the provisions to be furnished will prove better than the last, both in quantity and quality. 98
" " Capt. Thos. Morris, Sorlings, Spithead. Navy Comrs Has sailed for Cowes to get men, having only 67 entered, and not 20 able men amongst them. Those entered from the Mayflower have been paid off. Sent his master's mate to Poole to press more, but he only obtained 8, and 4 of those have not appeared, although they received their money; has ordered the mayor to arrest them. 99
" " John Tippetts, Portsmouth. " Sends note of repairs of the Seaventure, total 10l. 7s. 6d. The Lizard will cost 60l. to repair 100, 101
" " Capt. N. Heaton, Saphire, Catwater. Robt. Blackborne. Is fitting out; asks warrants for Edm. King, his carpenter, and John Ottee, his cook, who have served long and faithfully; also some press warrants. 102
" " Capt. Robt. Colman, the Wexford, Dawpool, Chester Water. Adm. Com. Could not return to Dublin for want of provisions and cables, but is procuring them, and will proceed. 103
" 16 Alex. Frethy, Advice, Harwich. " Has been ready to sail 5 days, but forced back by contrary winds. Will sail to the Downs 104
May 16 Major N. Bourne, Deptford. Adm. Com. Has daily inspected the work in the ships appointed for the West, which is progressing, and conferred with Capt. Alderne, who promises to dispatch them shortly; but as they will want men, desires order to see them to the Hope to get some. 105
" " Robt. Grassingham, Robt. Dunn, Jno. Browne. Navy Comrs Hearing that some barrels of pitch and tar had been embezzled from the Advice, went on board, examined the carpenter, and found that 2 barrels of tar had been hoisted on board the hulk, and not returned. 106
" " Capt. Rich. Ducie, Nicodemus, Milford Haven. " Having been out 15 months, wants all manner of stores, an anchor, cable, sails, and rigging; as there is no one at Milford as formerly to supply them, desires order. The ship is ancient and leaky, and not fit to stay out another winter. 107
" " Edw. Cooke. Col. Kelsey. Recommends a woman whose maiden name was Cooke, and who seeks the release of her imprisoned husband. 108
" 17 Hen. Mines and Jacob Leyes, of Roscoe, Brittany, mariners of the Patience of Amsterdam, and of Theodore Derrick, master. Navy Comrs Deposition before John Page, Mayor of Plymouth, as to the capture of the Patience, laden with linen goods from Dunkirk, by the St. Andrew of Lanyon, a French man-of-war, commanded by Jacob de Roux, and sailing under a commission of Monsr. de Milleray, Vice-Admiral of France, for the capture of Spanish ships and goods. Also deposition that she was purchased by Hendrick Chice and Jacob Utenhoven of a skipper of Rotterdam for 2,400 guilders, and laden by them and others with piece goods for the Canary Islands, but was taken by the French manof-war, and subsequently taken by the Nightingale, commanded by Capt. Vessey, and brought into Plymouth. 109
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Nightingale, Sound. Adm. Com. They will have heard of his coming in with a prize. Is ordered to convoy an East Indiaman with other vessels to the Downs. 110
" " Nich. Foster. " Desires continuance in his employment, as he has never been guilty of cowardice, treachery, or neglect of duty; or a certificate for honorable conduct. 111
" " Capt. Jno. Bourne, the Lyme, Downs. " Particulars of ships. Will send a weekly account of them, as requested 112
Vol. 109.
" 18 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Send a letter from the master of the ship who brought the masts from Mr. Bradshaw, at Hamburg, desiring their speedy unloading; beg orders. 1
" " Capt. Gabriel Saunders, Nich. Mathew. " Certificate that Hermanns Goris, a merchant on board the Hare in the Field, taken by Capt. Saunders coming from Newhaven, claimed all the goods, and alleged that he had a 2,000l. adventure therein, and that the captain alleged he had no bills of lading, nor any other papers, and that the goods belonged to Dutch and French merchants. 2
May 18 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. The Primrose has taken in her provisions, and will want room to stow Lord Henry's trunks, unless they have order to use the sea victuals as soon as she gets into the Hope. Is coming to London with Mr. Hill, whose illness has delayed the examination of the persons accused of embezzling stores. 3
" " Capt. Jno. Sherwin, Primrose, Gillingham. Adm. Com. Wishes to begin using sea victuals, having sufficient for 4 instead of 3 months, and little room to stow his lordship's goods. 4
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. Arrived home from his western journey last night; is glad the preparations for supply of Gen. Penn's fleet are going on. Wrote Capt. Alderne of some biscuit for sale at Plymouth at 8s. and 8s. 6d. per cwt., and if the victuallers' agent is put on to it, he will settle about the freight. Particulars of ships; the Nightingale has gone as convoy to the East India ships. 5
" " Capt. Edw. Bellamy, London. " His steward neglecting his duties, the clerk of the check acted, and took up more provisions and money than the warrants amounted to; if the clerk will pay what the account here is debtor for, will pay what it is creditor for at Gravesend. 6
" " Capt. H. Maddison, Gift, Woolwich. Col. Clerke Has received his provisions and stores, which are more than ordinary, and will sail on Monday if he can get men. 7
" " Capt. Mic. Nutton, Satisfaction, Liverpool Water. Adm. Com. Sends a letter from Sam. Windis, refusing to supply him with more victuals until reparation is made by him and his ship's company for insulting him and his wife; supposes he was either frantic or drunk when he wrote it. Has been ready to sail several days, but Windis will not send the provisions. The victuals supplied at Liverpool the last voyage were both defective and short; had to send his clerk on shore at Inverlochy to buy of the soldiers. He and his company have been examined by the Governor of Liverpool concerning his abuses, and the result will be sent up. Will observe their instructions. 8,9
" 19 Adm. Com., Whitehall. Navy Comrs To give order for unloading 24 masts, sent from Hamburg by Rich. Bradshaw, in the David of Newcastle. 10
" " " " " Order to make out a bill to Major Robt. Sedgwick for his salary, while employed in New England against the French, at the rate of 15s. per day. 11
" " " " " Order to supply a quantity of flints, tar, boat oars, and other stores mentioned for Gen. Penn's fleet, and ship them on board the vessels bound westward. 12
" " Navy Comrs. Robt. Blackborne. Send a letter of Commissioner Peter Pett, complaining of the absence of the clerk of the check of the Primrose; desire he will inform the Admiralty Commissioners. 13, 14
" " Col. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " Begs to be excused for not taking leave before quitting London. Capt. Saunders of the Tiger has brought in a Dutch hoy, with oil and French goods; hopes the linen ship will also be proved a prize. Wishes the Portsmouth shallop was appointed to a nearer station, where she could do more service at less hazard. Has given the Commissioners an account of the timber in Carisbrook Park. 15
May 19 Comr. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs As the clerks of the Mayflower and Mary flyboat require money for the sick and wounded, asks the Commissioners' resolution thereon. Wants surgeon's stores for the Mary, some tickets, and 3,000 or 4,000 yards of stuff for making and mending colours; also an order for payment of the 15 months' arrears of the Preston. Encloses account of disbursements in fitting out the SeaAdventure, and a list of 6 owners of 9 shallops taken up for the service. 16
" " " " Adm. Com. The Tiger has come in with a Flemish hoy, containing 60 pipes of oil and French goods. Has supplied the Mary flyboat and Mayflower with men out of the Lizard, and they with the Portsmouth will sail with the first wind, but the Lizard will not be able to encounter the Brest pirates, and would do more service nearer home; she is more fit for a merchantman than a man-of-war although only built 3 years. There are 300 trees to be had in Carisbrook Park, of which Lieut.-Col. Joyce will give an account. Will haul the Preston and Fairfax on shore the next tide. Has appointed Augustine Country, late midshipman of the Fairfax, gunner in the Mayflower. 17
" " Thomas Shewell, Bristol. Robt. Blackborne. The guns have arrived, and when mounted the Nantwich will be ready to sail, but as the carriages are too low, asks an order for making new trucks. 18
" " Capt. Jno. Geffery, Nantwich, Hunger Road. Adm. Com. Having received his guns and gunner's stores, can sail next week 19
" " W. Barbour, Navy Office, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Will begin surveying the trees in the several parks next week; begs delivery of an enclosure to Mr. Treherne. 20
" " John Palmer, Gatehouse. " His wife this morning delivered a petition for his release to his Highness, who sent Mr. Harvey with her to Mr. Malyn, to see the cause of commitment; Malyn promises his discharge on an order from the Admiralty Commissioners; begs his influence to obtain it, being in much misery. 21
" " Capt. Ga. Saunders, Tiger, Spithead. Adm. Com. Took a galliot hoy, laden with oil, shumack, sugar, tobacco, &c., bound for Rouen, and has delivered her to the Prize Officers, with directions to search for the remainder of her papers which are hid. Sends the examination of the master, and some of her bills of lading, &c.; also the account of the skipper of the Hare in the Field; is confident all her goods will prove to be French. With examinations of Ryer Cornelison, captain of the Orange Tree of Enchuisen, 16 and 18 May, that he was freighted at Amsterdam with oil, wine, flour, sugar, tobacco, and fruit, for Nantes, Port-a-Port, and Rouen, and that the goods are French; he thought the State's ship that took him was a Turkish man-of-war, and fired 4 shots before he struck. 22–24
" " Capt. John Parker, Truelove, King's Road, Bristol. " Will have his guns on board to-day, but has orders from Vice-Adm. Lawson to wait 14 days for a vessel laden with shot on the public account, and to convoy her to the Downs. 25
May 19 Capt. Peter Bowen, Mayflower, Portsmouth Harbour. Adm. Com. As to the 22 barrels of powder, is ashamed that the gunner and clerk overreached him in getting him to sign the account, and they were not less cunning to alter the figures after he signed it; begs forgiveness. Has had a 35 months' voyage, but only served 29 himself, so cannot say what was expended before his time. Is ready to sail, but wants more men, though 13 have been turned over from the Lizard. Augustine Country has been appointed gunner. 26
" 20 Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Having been at sea 9 months, has only 8 days' provisions, and Capt. Bourne cannot supply any without order, which he requests. 27
" " Capt. Robt. Claye, Bryer, Dartmouth. Adm. Com. Sends a packet and letter. Received a packet for them from Gen. Penn out of one of 3 ships from Barbadoes, which he sent on shore at Dartmouth. 28
" " Capt. Jno. Sherwin, Primrose, Hope. " Intends waiting upon them. Hopes they received his letter from Gillingham of the 18th 29
" 21 John Silke and 3 others. Contract for 2,000 snaphance muskets, to be delivered into the stores, Tower proof, at 10s. each, ready money. With account of unserviceable stores purchased by Silke out of the Ordnance Office, amounting to 235l. 9s. 0¾d., which he will pay to Major Jno. Miller on 25 Mar. 1656. 30, 31
" " Capt. John Bourne, the Lyme, Downs. Adm. Com. The Nightingale has arrived from Plymouth as convoy to an East India ship; as she is to return to her station, will use her to convoy some vessels bound for France. Wm. Arrat, master of an English ship, reports that coming through the Straits, he heard from the General of Ostend and Dunkirk, that Gen. Blake and his fleet had burnt 9 men-of-war belonging to Tripoli in Port Ferine, with the loss of some men, and that he has since sailed for Algiers. 32
" " " " " The Endeavour ketch has arrived, and waits orders 33
" " Lieut. Jno. Major, Endeavour, Downs. " Finds the Lyme and 4 others in the Downs; cannot get orders as to sailing from Capt. Bourne 34
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " The Constant Warwick lost her mainmast in a gale; when refitted, will send her to fetch the Amity of Southampton, chased into Port Lewis. Capt. Fenton chased the Star frigate two days, but being foul and out of provisions, could not follow her up. Knows of a frigate of 4 guns, the Ruth of Plymouth, fit to attend Gen. Blake's fleet. The Nightingale has brought in an Amsterdamer, laden at Dunkirk for the Canaries. She had been taken by a French manof-war, who broke open many rich trunks and carried away the contents, but she still has many things of value in the hold, which the sub-commissioners have sealed up. There is also a Spanish merchant on board. 35
" " John Packwood, Woolwich. " Shipped 5 of the 10 tons of flints in the Welcome bound westward, and will defer shipping the remainder. Put 7 tons in the Paul for ballast. 36
" " Thos. White, Dover Navy Comrs Sends a bill on the navy victuallers for 100l. for fitting out ships, and will send an account on quarter-day. Received 150l. of the Navy Commissioners by bill, and 156l. by sale of the Seahorse and Orange Tree, and has expended 226l. 14s. 7d. which, with the bill enclosed for 100l. makes 326l. 14s. 7d. 37
May 21 Capt. Jno. Taylor. Navy Comrs Wants masts and spruce deals. Hears that they are using some of the New England masts at Deptford, which ought to be husbanded, and that they have others high and dry, whereas the keeping them in the water until required preserves them from becoming crusty and short. 38
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. The Hopewell pink and a Dover privateer have come in with a Brest man-of-war, who threw 6 of her guns overboard in the chase; also a Flemish ship from Virginia with tobacco, taken by the said Brest ship, which can be made useful for the service for 60l., and the captain and men of the Hopewell could be turned into her. A ship at Southampton and 5 at Poole desire the Mayflower for a convoy. 39
" " " " Navy Comrs To like effect. Asks whether he is to go to Dean Forest. The man-of-war taken could be fitted out at little charge, and be useful in the Channel. Sends a survey of beer left in the Mary flyboat. 40
" " Major N. Bourne, Navy Office. Adm. Com. Particulars of the stowage room in the 8 ships bound westward to the fleet. Departure of ships 41
" " Capt. Thos. Bunn, London. " Recommends Roger Granger, late master of the Providence, for employment 42
" 22 Capt. Anth. Young, Tredagh, Downs. Col. Clerke. Recommends his brother Joseph, lieutenant of the Advice, for the command of a small ship, he has been in the wars against the late King, as also the Dutch. 43
" " Major Rich. Elton, Hull. Adm. Com. Will enquire after Capt. Whitehorn, of the Gainsborough frigate, and deliver their orders 44
" " Capt. Rich. Potter, Constant Warwick. Robt. Blackborne. Has had his mainmast refitted, and is going to Port Lewis by order of Capt. Hatsell, to fetch a ship chased in there by a Brest man-of-war. 45
" " Capt. N. Heaton, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Lost his mainmast through the badness of the tree. Cannot object to his late gunner's account, but believes the guns specified were fired, and the clerk of the check cannot find any errors. The Nightingale has convoyed the Welcome to the Downs. Is cleaning and victualling. 46
" " Major Robt. Thomson. Gen. Jno. Desborow. Is loth to appear importunate in what concerns himself, but hopes an order for what he solicited to day, otherwise he is enjoined not to go his journey to-morrow. 47
" " Nath. Browne, Woodbridge. Robt. Blackborne. Is sorry to hear that Capt. Parke, of the President, has been accused of unworthy acts; but if the informers are those he thinks they are, has no fear for such a plain, honest, and godly man; they would abuse and belie the General himself. 48
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Navy Comrs Has been to Cornwall on the State's business, and viewed some masts at Falmouth, which he has had brought to Plymouth. Particulars of ships. Sends an account of disbursements in refitting the Great Charity and some frigates, for 763l. 14s. 9d., which he has charged by bill on the Treasurer. Begs it may be speedily paid, or the service will be too burdensome for him to undergo. 49
May 22 Capt. Mic. Nutton, Satisfaction, Liverpool Water. Robt. Blackborne. His ship has been ready several days, and he and his company are on board. The delay has arisen from Windis, the victualling agent, declining to send the victuals without an order, which he has now received, and will hasten them on board. With account of what has been received. 50, 50a
" " Philip Weedon, steward, Satisfaction, Liverpool Water. Navy Comrs Account of provisions received. Is appointed in place of Stephen Skewes, clerk of the check, who formerly acted as steward, on account of his great abuse of his trust, and Skewes and the victualler now seek to put him out again. Asks an order to continue, or leave to come up to defend himself. Received 14 days' provisions from the garrison at Inverlochy, by order of Gen. Monk, the former victualling being both defective and short. 51
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order for payment of the company of the Preston, with the rest of the winter guard, on their arrival at Spithead. 52
" 23 Major N. Bourne, Deptford. Adm. Com. Sends a letter brought by a ship from Malaga Road, which he received while surveying the ships in the river. The weather being rough and wind contrary, neither the Marmaduke at Deptford, nor the Welcome and Paul at Woolwich could sail; will hasten the provisions and stores on board, and send them away. Particulars of their stowage room. 53
" " Capt. Jno. Parker, Truelove, King's Road, Bristol. Navy Comrs Has come in to convoy the guns for the new frigate. Another clerk of the check has been appointed in place of Mr. Knowles, who is troubled by them about the money he received for sick and wounded men; he handed it to the surgeon before the ship came out, and it has been laid out in necessaries for the men. 54
" " Capt. Thos. Bunn, Woolwich. Robt. Blackborne. Has been prevented sailing to the Hope by extremity of weather. The Marmaduke ventured to go downwards, and is safe in the Gallions, a mile below Woolwich. 55
" 24 Capt. Robt. Mackey, the Yarmouth, Tynemouth Bar. Adm. Com. Met Capt. Whitehorn in Burlington Bay, and as ordered, told him to go to Leith to re-victual; will do so himself when his provisions are expended. 56
" " Major N. Bourne, Deptford. " Reasons why the chests of arms, match, bread, and other stores for the fleet should be stowed in the ships freighted by Capt. Alderne. Is going down to the Hope, and will give directions accordingly. The Marmaduke sailed yesterday, and the Welcome will follow. The new shallops, with their rigging and stores, would fill a little ship, and will cause much trouble how to bestow them. Has shipped the lead and shot from the Tower. 57
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order that the victuallers provide 4 or 5 months' victuals at Barnstaple for 40 men of the Truelove, appointed to be a guard in the Severn. 58
" " John Packwood, Woolwich. " Has shipped the remainder of the flints and other stores in the Paul and Welcome, which have sailed for Gravesend. 59
May 24 Capt. Thos. Sparling, Assistance, Catwater. Adm. Com. Met a fleet of Hollanders off the Lizard, and in endeavouring to salute according to custom, came into collision with one of them, who lost her fore and topmast, and most of her rigging; lost his own spritsail yard, with the sail and rigging, and damaged her head. Put into Falmouth for sails, but found none, so sailed for his station; but on account of the damage, and the severity of the weather, has been forced in again to secure his masts. 60
" " Comrs. for Sick and Wounded, Little Britain. " Have examined the bailiffs of Yarmouth's accounts, for 445 sick and wounded received there and at Lowestoft, between 3 Aug. 1653, and 6 Feb. 1654–5, total expense, 2,851l. 0s. 6d. 61
" 25 Capt. Mich. Nutton, Satisfaction, Liverpool Water. " Sends a complaint, signed, of the defective state of the provisions and beverage put on board the last voyage, and of the insolence of the victualler's agent; intended it for the Governor of Liverpool Castle, who took their examinations, but it was left behind; also an account of provisions received by Stephen Skewes, clerk of the check, for 100 men for 5 months, between 18 and 25 May. Has not received all, but has not refused any which came to the ship, and used all endeavours to hasten away. 62–65
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Desires that any biscuit intended for Gen. Penn's fleet may be supplied by the victuallers, whom he will direct therein. Particulars of vessels. A ship of Topsham has arrived from Barbadoes, and reports that Gen. Penn sailed thence on 6 April, and that it was declared the next Lord's Day, in their several congregations, on orders left by General Venables, that the fleet was gone to Hispaniola. 66
" " Capt. Wm. Godfrey, Marmaduke, Tilbury Hope. " Will soon be ready for ballast and provisions. The men allowed are not sufficient, there being so many officers' servants allowed. The ship draws the same depth of water as a 2nd-rate, but is rigged as a 3rd-rate, so that the few hands will not be able to rule her at sea. The master being incompetent and negligent, wants appointment of another. Their prisoner, Mr. Symonds, is in safe custody on board. 67
" 26 Major N. Bourne " Received their order stopping his journey to the Hope; conferred with Capt. Alderne, and went down the river to see to the stowage of the arms and provisions, and dispatch of the ships. All have sailed to the Hope except the Wildman and Marmaduke. Has put 20 chests of arms in the latter, and will distribute the other 20 chests between them, and hasten the bread, &c., on board. 68
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay the wages due to Jno. Hawker, late gunner of the Saphire, deducting 20l. for the powder he embezzled. 69
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Adm. Com. Delivered their orders to Captains Geffery and Parker, and has shipped 86 tons of shot on board the Salem. The guns on board the Nantwich are useless without other trucks. 70
" " Capt. Jno. Geffery, Nantwich, Hunger Road. " Will sail with his convoy the first opportunity; as the anchors sent are too small, desires an order to exchange them, as also the carriages. 71
May 26 Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Sends names of the officers of the Hopewell pink, which wants a clerk of the check and steward. Has given order for fitting out the Brest man-of-war taken by the Hopewell, and when she returns, will turn over her officers and men. Will order Capt. Bowen to convoy the vessels to Morlaix. Particulars of ships which have been much delayed by the bad weather. 72, 73
" " Capt. Phil. Gethings, the Preston. Robt. Blackborne. Wants an order to the Sub-Commissioners for Prize Goods to pay him and his company 16l. for the salvage of the ketch and goods he took. 74
" " " " Adm. Com. To like effect. Has had his ship tallowed, and will take in the ballast and provisions. There are great complaints of the wrongs done by Brest men-of-war to the westward; will use all means to get out, and wants one of the small frigates to go with him. 75
" " Capt. Robt. Robinson, Greyhound, Beaumaris. " Complains of the bad condition and wants of his ship. Having been out 18 months, desires to come in to be refitted. Came from Dublin yesterday with Col. Hewson, and is to wait at Beaumaris for Lord Henry [Cromwell]. Sent a ship into Dublin belonging to Ayr, bound for Rochelle with sugar and Scotch cloth; she had no cockets from any custom house for her clearing, and has several French and Scotch masters. 76
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, the Bristol, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Will hasten to Portsmouth to clean and revictual; thanks for leave to come to London 77
" " " " Certificate of the fitness of Lieut. Thos. Milton for the command of a small frigate; he served 6 years in the Lyme and Bristol. 78
" 27 Capt. Jno. Major, Endeavour, Downs. Adm. Com. Is ordered for Plymouth; if he is to be sent to the Straits, wants another mate, as the one he has is not acquainted with those parts, and will not go if he can get on shore. 79
" " " " Robt. Blackborne. Thanks for good advice and favours; proffers service 80
" 28 Rob. Blackborne, Whitehall. Navy Comrs Sends a letter by order of the Admiralty Commissioners; asks their opinion whether the resident at Hamburg should proceed in buying masts, and if so, what quantity. 81
" " Thos. Smith, Navy Office. Robt. Blackborne. The carpenters of the Church and the Hope, bound to Gen. Penn's fleet, want a press warrant for more of their crew. 82
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. " Desires he will present a petition from several merchants and traders, that Capt. Parker may convoy their vessels to Waterford, Cork, and Kinsale, as there have been several losses lately by Brest pirates, which discourages men to adventure, and the customs paid by Irish traders is very considerable. 83
" " Capt. Lambert Cornelius, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Will sail for Weymouth, take in the money for the garrison at Guernsey, and on his return, remove into the Cornelian. When he took this frigate, he found 13 hds. of tobacco, which he desires may be sold, and the money distributed amongst the seamen for their encouragement, as he did not suffer them to take anything out of the Virginia man-of-war. 84
" " Capt. Robt. Fenn Certificate that the gunner of the Wildman has been very negligent in his duty since he joined the ship at Deptford, and has not been on board 5 times, nor stayed more than 1 hour. 85
May 28 Officers and Company of the Satisfaction. Navy Comrs Send copy of their complaints of the provisions supplied by Saml. Windis, the victualler's agent, and of his and his man's abuse when spoken to. Gave a copy to the Governor of Liverpool, who took their depositions, and promised to send them to Whitehall; but through forgetfulness of his clerk, or a bribe of 20s. paid by their adversary, they were left behind. 86, 87
" " Thos. Smith, Navy Office. Robt. Blackborne. His fellow Commissioners being absent, opened his letter with Mr. Bradshaw's of 12 May from Hamburg enclosed, stating that he has sent 24 masts to England in the David, and asking whether to send more, having 7 in hand, and others to be obtained. As there are so many masts in store, it is unnecessary to have more brought in; those sent over in the David of Newcastle have not yet been surveyed. 88, 89
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Particulars of ships 90
" " " " Navy Comrs The Starlings has only brought 20 of the 40 tons of hemp purchased; as a ropehouse has been erected, and men employed, they should have 20 tons more, and 10 or 12 lasts of tar. Has 8 or 10 tons of French hemp, which is more fit for the Ordnance Office, as their cordage lies dry. Mr. Newberry should take what he wants while it lasts. Can furnish Capt. Hatsell with the timber he requires. There are no proofs of embezzlement of cordage by the boatswain of the Pelican prize. If they deduct for what he is deficient, they may pay the remainder of his ticket. 91
" " Jno. Royston, the Lyme. Robt. Blackborne. Could not deliver his letter to Vice-Adm. Lawson to enter him in the Fairfax, then gone to Portsmouth, until the return of the Truelove from the coast of Ireland. Applied to Capt. Bourne, who confirmed his request. Asks when the Truelove may be expected. 92
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Adm. Com. A ketch for the Adviser being supplied, will acquaint the owners of the frigate that there is no need of theirs. Has heard from Capt. Alderne respecting the biscuit and peas; will order the first frigate that comes in to convoy the merchants' vessels from Lyme, Exeter, Dartmouth, and other parts, bound to Morlaix, St. Malo, &c. For the better effecting this, desires that the Reserve may ply between the Lizard, Ushant, the Start, and Isle of Bass, and come in once a week. There are some Brest men-of-war between Dartmouth and the Isle of Wight. Hopes the Nightingale will hasten westward, there being but few frigates there, and their stations large. 93
" 29 Capt. Thos. Bunn, London. " Wants his men increased from 90 to 100, and two files of soldiers on board to expedite the manning. Can neither get officers nor men but by compulsion, and when gained, it is difficult to keep them without the help of soldiers. 94
" " Capt. Mic. Nutton, Satisfaction, Liverpool Wate. Robt. Blackborne. Went on shore and demanded the accounts of Mr. Windis the victualling agent; he asserts that he put 6 months' provisions on board for 100 men, and that the clerk of the check, who acts as steward, indented for them; will enquire further into it. Will put to sea with the first wind, to go to Inverlochy. 95
May 29 Capt. Robt. Claye, Bryer, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. Came in for some beer left behind at his last victualling, as also for wood and water; will return to his station to-night, as ordered by Capt. Heaton. 96
" " Capt. Nich. Foster Col. Clarke Wants the command of one of the ships bound for the West Indies, and for her commander to have his ship. 97
" " Comrs. for Sick and Wounded, Little Britain. Adm. Com. Ask an order to the Sub-Commissioners for Prize Goods at Plymouth, to send an account of the charge for quarters and house rent for sick and wounded men set on shore there, as also of all receipts and disbursements on that account. 98
" " Thos. Taylor of Maidstone, paper manufacturer, William Reade of Newhead, ropemaker, and Christ. Hill of Greenwich, waterman. Depositions as to the embezzlement and disposal of cables, powder, shot, and brown paper, by Rich. Leake, gunner of the Pelican, and Ambrose Read of Stroud, fisherman. 99–101
" 30 Capt. Wm. Whitehorn, the Gainsborough, Burlington Bay. Robt. Blackborne. Came in for water to complete his victualling for 19 days, and dispatched a messenger to Hull for orders, which he will observe by plying upon the coast 8 or 9 days, so that on his arrival in Scotland, the Yarmouth may be ready to return. 102
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Particulars of the stowage room in the Mary flyboat. Delivered the packet for Ireland to Capt. Bowen, who will sail to-morrow. The Portsmouth has gone westward, and the Sorlings to sea. The Dunkirk man-of-war brought in by Capt. Gethings is a poor vessel of 8 tons; the Deptford shallop will make a better warrior by half; all the good such vessels have done hitherto is to lie in holes out of sight, but can have her fitted for about 30l. or 40l. 103
" " Capt. Phil. Gethings, the Preston. Robt. Blackborne. Will have the depositions taken on oath before the magistrate of Portsmouth, and send them. The sub-commissioners want an order from the Commissioners for Prize Goods at London before they deliver him his salvage. Will draw up a writing concerning the Hopewell, which will set Robinson in his right colours. Has most of his provisions on board. 104
" 31 " " Comrs. of Customs. Petition for relief. Has searched the Exchequer records, and is informed that the writs of delivery for the Mary and Hopewell and their lading, in which none of the officers of Ipswich have any claim, have been procured out of term, or the court would not have granted them. Also letters of license have been taken out for compounding, one of which is in Robinson's name, whereby petitioner is deprived of the benefit he would have had by his seizures. 105
" " Capt. Saml. Higginson, Portsmouth. " Is ordered to take in bread and other provisions coming from London, and to sail for the Downs; but fears he cannot stow them all, as the hold is already taken up with extraordinary stores. Hopes to sail by 1 of June. 106
May 31 Navy Comrs., Navy Office. Adm. Com. Send breviat of all bills signed by the Navy Commissioners from 1 Dec. 1654 to 28 May 1655 107
" " Capt. Robt. Mackey, the Yarmouth, Leith Road. " Will take in his provisions and return to his station. Spoke Capt. Whitehorn in Burlington Bay 108
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Nightingale, Downs. Comrs. of Customs. Chased a Brest man-of-war of 14 guns and 120 men, but she ran amongst the rocks and escaped; next day, chased two more standing for Brest, which proved to be the same, with a prize, she had taken. Captured the prize with the lieutenant of the man-of-war and 9 of her men on board, but found she had been miserably plundered, having been richly laden by Spanish merchants at Dunkirk. Brought her into Plymouth, and then convoyed an East Indiaman to the Downs. Asks to go to Portsmouth to wash, tallow, victual, and get a boat and some guns, having had one split and other damaged in the last fight with the French men-of-war. 109
" " Thos. Rolfe Adm. Com. Petition for a renewal of his warrant as clerk of the check in the Providence. With certificates of Capts. Jno. Pearce, Thos. Bunn, and Phil. Holland in his favor, 3 Nov. 1653, and 20 March and 31 May 1654. 110–112
" " Michael Barker, Aldgate, London. " Petition for a cook's place in the Mary flyboat. With certificate of Wm. Garland and 9 others in his favour. 113, 114
" " Math. Lynde, surgeon of the George. Account of medicines expended out of his chest since 22 Feb., also of the supplies made to Charles Le Maire, surgeon of the Kentish, and to Saml. Wood, surgeon of the Fame. 115–117