General Index: D

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: D', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 634-639. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Daking or Dakins, Capt. or Rear-Admiral George
-, certificates of
-, letter of

Dale, Roger
-, Lieut. Wm., letter of

Dalhousie, Earl of, see Ramsay.

Dalkeith, Scotland
-, letters dated from

Dalliell, Rob.
-, petition of

Dallison, Martin

Damsell, Wm.

Danby, Jas.

Danell, Thos.

Danielez, John, pass for

Danish account
-, ambassador, see Denmark, King of, ambassador from
-, ships, see Denmark, ships of.

Danitz, John, pass for
-, Wm., pass for

Danser, Capt.

-, colours
-, merchants of
-, pass to

Darcy, Lady Mary, petition of
-, Col., royalist

Dardeen, Nich.

Dare, Capt.

Darell, Phil., auditor of the Exchequer
-, payment to

Darfield parish, co. York

Dartford, Kent

-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, ships at, to or from
-, ships of

Dauncier, Thos., wife of, pass for

Davenant, Sir Wm., pass for

Daventry, co. Northampton

Davies or Davis, George
-, John
-, letters, &c., of
-, Lewis
-, Mat.
-, Thos.
-, Thos., clerk of the market
-, Thos., gunner, petition of
-, Thos., Navy officer, certificate of

Davison, Chas.

Davy, Jas.

Dawes, Jonathan

Dawkins, Col. Rowland
-, statement by

Dawpool, Chester water, letter dated from

Dawson, Geo., alderman of Newcastle
-, letter of
-, Rob.
-, Mr.

Day, Mich., sen. and jun., pass for
-, Thos.
-, Ann, wife of, information of
-, Thos., sen.

Dayma, John Baptista, pass for

Deadman, the

-, castle
-, exports from
-, governor of
-, letter dated from
-, ships to

Dean, forest of
-, Little
-, letter dated from

Dean, Ant.
-, Capt. Rich; see also War, treasurers at; Assessments, receivers general of.
-, certificate of
-, Major-Gen. Rich.
-, Capt.

Deane, East, Sussex

Deans' and Chapters' lands
-, sale of, trustees or contractors for, at Gurney house
-, order of
-, treasurers of, or Gurney house treasurers

Dear Sound, Orkney

Debbet, Thos.

Debbin, Kath., pass for

Debenham, And.

Debentures, counterfeit, see Public faith bills.

Debreceni, Joh. Kio, pass for

Dedel, John, pass for


Deincourt, Lord, see Leke.

De la Bastile, M.

De la Coste, Bento
-, family of

De la Hary, Adr., pass for

De la Hoyde, Rich., pass for

De la Marche, Chas.

De la Metarien, M., pass for

De la Mote, Jas., pass for

De la Noye, Peter

De la Roche, Edm., pass for

De la Sam, Balt, pass for

De la Tour, M.
-, pass for

Delfthaven, Holland, ships of


-, compositions of see also Jersey, inhabitants of, compositions.
-, commissioners for; see Harberdashers' hall commissioners.
-, treasurers for; see Goldsmiths' hall treasurers.
-, estates of see also Scotland, delinquents' estates in.
-, payments from; see Harberdashers' hall, payments from.
-, sale of
-, Act for
-, payments from
-, trustees for, see Drury house trustees.
-, forbidden to bear office or vote
-, orders for punishment of
-, tax on
-, wives and children of

-, castle
-, governor of, see Twistleton, Col. Geo.
-, Earl of, see Fielding.

-, inhabitants of, instrument by
-, justices of peace in, letters to

Dendy, Capt. Edw., serjeant-at-arms
-, bills of
-, deputies of
-, petition of
-, family of
-, letter of, alluded to
-, letters to
-, payments to
-, petitions of
-, prisoners in custody of
-, warrants to
-, alluded to

Denham, John, royalist

Denization, letters of

Denmark, king of, (Frederic III.)
-, agent or ambassador of

-, pass to
-, ships of, or Danes

Dennes, Hum., letter of

Dennis Fort, Cornwall

Dent, John

Denton, John

Denver, Thos.

Deptford, Kent
-, dock at
-, dockyard at
-, officers of, see also Scott, Thos.
-, letters dated from
-, ships at
-, ships building at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, stores at or from

Derby, Mr., pass for

Derby, Earl of, see Stanley.
-, house, London
-, Committee, order of

-, commissioners of, letter to
-, justices of peace in, letter to
-, militia in

Derham, Rich.
-, brother of

Dermott, Rich., mustermaster

Derrick, Theodore, deposition of

Derrickson, John, pass for

Derring, Max. Ferd. de, pass for

Derry, bishop of (Dr. John Bramhall), letter of

Desborow, John, General and Rear-Admiral
-, as Major-General
-, as member of Council
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, petitions to
-, regiment of
-, signature of
-, wife of
-, Sam.
-, report of

Desmeniers, Lewis, pass for

Dethick, Alderman John see also War, Treasurers at, late.

Devenish, Jasper
-, John, and family, pass for

Deverell, Capt., officers, &c., of, petition of

Devereux, Robert, Earl of Essex
-, Col. Nich
-, Rob.

-, Earl of, see Cavendish.
-, justices of, letter to
-, militia in
-, Commissioners for
-, letter to
-, places in
-, receiver for
-, sheriff of
-, letter to and see Copleston Sir John
-, Vice-Admiral of

Dichley, co. Oxford

Dick, And., pass for
-, Sir Wm.

Dickinson, Thos.

-, fishermen
-, governor of
-, passes to
-, residents in
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to

Digby, Sir Kenelm, pass for

Dike, Capt.

Dillington, Rob., alias Knockerdown, alias Cuntroler
-, letters of
-, grandfather of

Dillon, Major

Dilred, Scotland

Dingley, Col.

Dinnison, Ambrose
-, Marg., widow of, letter of
-, petition of
-, son of

Dirdo, John

Direxen, Sybert, pass for

Dirlton, Wm., petition of

Discoveries of concealed estates, debts, &c.
-, Commissioners for

Disney, John

Divers, employment of

Dobb, Mr.

Dobbin, Mr., ship of

Dobbs, David

Dobson, Rich., information of

Dod, Eliz.
-, Mr.

Dodding, Col. Geo.

Dodington, Sir Fras.

Dodson, Wm.

Dolman, Lieut.-Col. (royalist)

Dolton, Hen., pass for

Donnilan, Justice

Dop, J. Cornelisen, pass for

Doran, Wm.

-, downs
-, letters dated from
-, ships of

Dorindo, Eman. Martinez, petition of

Dorislaus, Issac, Admiralty solicitor

Dormer, Wm. and Anna Maria, pass for

Dorrington, Mr.

Dorset, Earl of, see Sackville

-, Commissioners in
-, letter to
-, justices of peace of
-, letter to
-, militia in
-, places in
-, residents in
-, sheriff of
-, letter to

Dorter, Jacob, pass for

Doublet, David, pass for

Doughty, Amias and Tim., pass for

Douglas, William, Marquis of Douglas
-, Archibald, Earl of Angus
-, James, Earl of Queensborough
-, William, Earl of Selkirk
-, Archibald, pass for
-, Capt. Arch., pass for
-, Sir Rob.
-, Wm., pass for

Doulman, John, examination of

Dove, Col. John

-, castle
-, governor of, see Kelsey, Thos.
-, letters dated from
-, officers of
-, petition of
-, corporation of
-, customs' officers at
-, exports from
-, garrison at
-, Guildhall at
-, jurates, &c., of
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, Maison Dien at
-, mayor, &c., of
-, letter of
-, navy agent at, see White, Thos.
-, officers of, warrant to
-, packet boat at
-, pass to
-, passes from
-, persons at
-, pier
-, letter dated from
-, residents at
-, road
-, letters dated from
-, ships at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from

Dovercourt, Essex

Dowdall, Thos., pass for

Dowgon, Capt., see Dunquam.

Down, Earl of, see Pope, Thos.

Downer, Ed.

Downes, Elk., certificate by

Downham, Norfolk

Downing, Emanuel
-, Geo., ambassador to Switzerland
-, payment to
-, Geo., scoutmaster-general
-, report of
-, alluded to
-, Mr.

Downs, the
-, commander-in-chief in
-, letters dated from
-, ships in
-, ships to or from

Drake, Fras.
-, Sir Fras.
-, Jos., letter of
-, letter to
-, Roger

Drax, Col. Jas.

Drayton, Middlesex

Dreckselaer, Elias, pass for

Drew, Capt. Rob.
-, letter of

Drinkwater, Robert
-, Wm.

Drugster, petition of

Drummond, Wm., Earl of Roxburgh
-, James, Earl of Perth
-, James, Lord Drummond
-, Sir James
-, Penelope and Jane, pass for
-, Lady, pass for

Drury, Sir Rob. and Diana, pass for

Drury House, London
-, trustees or Commissioners for sale of delinquents' lands forfeited for treason at
-, certificate of
-, officers of
-, report of
-, surveyors and clerks of
-, treasurers of

Dryden, Sir John
-, letters to
-, Wm.

-, bay
-, letters dated from
-, Council at see also Ireland, Council in.
-, letters dated from
-, merchants of
-, pass to
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to and from
-, treasurers at

Du Boot, Cornelis, pass for

Dubrie, Sam., pass for

Ducie, Capt. Rich., letters of

Duckenfield, Major John
-, Rob., letter to
-, Capt.

Duckett, Rob., petition of

Dudem, John, pass for

Dudhope, Viscount, see Scrymgeour.

Duffus, Lord, see Sutherland.

Dugdale, Mr.

Duke, And., letters of
-, brother of

-, Firth

Du Merrit, Hen., pass for

Du Mesnil, M., pass for

Dumfermline, Earl of, see Seaton.

Dunch, Edm.
-, John

Dunckome, Edw., pass for

Dunckon, Mich. and family, pass for

Duncombe, Wm., pass for
-, justice of peace for Surrey

Duncumbe, Geo.

Dundee garrison
-, letter dated from

Dungan, Rob. (royalist)

Dungeness, Kent, ships to or from

-, general of
-, passes to
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of, or Dunkirkers
-, travellers to or from

Dunn, Rob., letters of

Dunne, Thos.

Dunning, Hen.
-, examination of

Dunottar, Scotland

Dunquam, or Dowgon, Capt., governor of Lagos
-, letters to

Dunram, David, pass for

Dunstaffnage, Scotland
-, castle
-, letters dated from

Durham (county)
-, commissioners for
-, justices of peace for
-, militia in
-, sheriff of, letter to

Dutch, the
-, ambassadors, see Holland, ambassadors from
-, captives
-, congregation, Colchester
-, fishermen
-, fleet, or men of war
-, engagements with
-, gentlemen
-, mariners
-, men, or Hollanders
-, passes for
-, merchants
-, money or coin
-, prisoners
-, ships, or Hollanders
-, captures by
-, captures of
-, trade
-, war with, see Holland

Du Testre, Jean Baptiste

Duval, Rich., pass for

Dymocke, John