General Index: E

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: E', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 639-642. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Eales, Geo., pass for

Earle, Dr., wife of
-, Mr., pass for

East India Company
-, India or Indies
-, ships to or from
-, trade

Easterton, Dan.

Eastland trade

Eastlands, Mr.

Eastmond, Fras.

Eastwood, Mr.

Edam, Holland

Edes, J., letter of

Edgar, Edm.

Edgehill battle

-, commissioners at
-, council in
-, letter dated from

Edisbury, John

Edmunds, Hen., pass for

Edmundsbury, Suffolk
-, commissioners in

Edon, Hen.

Edow, Thos., pass for

Edward VI.

Edwards, Hum.
-, Jane, pass for
-, John
-, Pascoe
-, Sam.
-, Thos.
-, alderman of Gloucester
-, Mr.

Egerton, John, 1st Earl of Bridgwater

Eglozeale, Cornwall

Egmond, Count

Egypt, Vexon, king of

Elbing, Prussia

Eldred, Nath., commissary for Scotland

Eles, Thos.
-, petition of

Elfard, Mich.
-, note by

Eliot, John, certificate by

Elizabeth, queen
-, Camden's life of
-, grant of

Elizabeth castle, see Jersey.

Ell, Capt.

Ellendolla, Scotland

Ellingham, Norfolk

Elliott, Sir Gilbert
-, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of
-, (royalist) wife of

Ellis, Wm., Solicitor General
-, letter to
-, references to
-, report of, alluded to

Ellisfield, co. Oxon

Elmden, Essex

Elphinstone, James, lord Balmerinoch
-, John, lord Balmerinoch, petition of
-, Alexander, 6th lord Elphinstone
-, James, lord Cowper
-, petition of

Elsey, Wm., certificate by

Elsing, Hen.

Elston, John

Eltham park, Kent

Elton, Major Rich., deputy governor of Hull
-, letters of

Eltonhead, Serj.(?)

Elwis, Henry
-, Jeremy

Elwood, Walter
-, certificate of
-, letter to

Ely house or hospital, London
-, paymaster at
-, and Savoy hospital, London, commissioners of

Ely, isle of
-, militia in

Embree, John, surveyor of works
-, payments to

Emden, Germany

Emerson, Kath., pass for

Emirald, minister

Emott, Lancelot, provost marshal
-, deputies of, petition of

Emperor, the, see Germany, emperor of

Empson, Mich. de Hase, pass for

Enchuisen, Holland, residents in
-, ships of

Enclosures, disturbances against

Enfield, Middlesex
-, park

England, or the nation
-, ambassadors from, see also Ambassadors
-, army or forces in, see Army
-, assessments in, see Assessments
-, banishment from
-, benefit to
-, coasts of
-, counties of
-, commissioners of
-, letters to
-, justices of
-, receivers of
-, sheriffs of
-, letters to
-, courtesy of
-, departure from
-, East of
-, estates in
-, exports from
-, forests in, see Forests.
-, garrisons or forts in
-, goods in, to, or from
-, government of, see Government.
-, honour of
-, insurrection in, see Government, insurrection against.
-, intelligence or letters from
-, invasion of
-, justices of peace of
-, kings of
-, laws of
-, license to remain in
-, merchant adventurers of
-, merchants of, see English merchants.
-, midland counties of
-, mines in
-, nobility and gentry of
-, north or northern counties of
-, committee for
-, engagement in
-, Lord General of
-, Papists in
-, parishes of
-, Parliament of, see Parliament
-, Parliamentary history of
-, passes to
-, peace of
-, people of
-, persons in
-, places in
-, ports of
-, posts in, see also Posts
-, public worship in
-, rebellion in
-, rebels in
-, safety of
-, services in
-, ships of, see English ships.
-, ships to or from
-, states of
-, tobacco in, see English tobacco
-, towns and cities of
-, mayors of
-, trade of, see Trade
-, travellers to or from
-, union of, with Scotland, see Scotland.
-, war with
-, West of, or the West
-, commissioners for

Englekawser, Chris., pass for

-, abroad
-, affairs
-, army see also Army.
-, coasts, see England, coasts of.
-, commission
-, commissioners
-, company
-, exchequer
-, fishery
-, fishing
-, forces see also Army.
-, gentlemen
-, harbours
-, horses see also Horses.
-, judges see also Judges.
-, language
-, manufactures
-, men
-, merchants
-, nation
-, plantations, see Plantations.
-, ports, see England, ports of.
-, prisoners
-, privateer
-, proportion of taxes
-, rebels, see England, rebels in.
-, saltpetre
-, service
-, ships or fleet see also Ships and Fleet.
-, states, see England, states of.
-, tobacco
-, trade
-, wools see also Wools.

Ennis, Chris., petition of
-, family of

Ensom, Capt.

Enson, Suffolk

Ensor, Capt. Geo.
-, Jane, widow of

Ent, Fras., pass for

Episcopal party

Equity, court of

Erasmus, Thos., pass for

Eresby, Husthwait
-, petition of

Erith, Kent

Erle, Chris.

Errell, John

Erroll, Earl of, see Hay, Gilbert.

Erskine, James, Earl of Buchan
-, Alexander, 3rd Earl of Kelly

Erwin, Walter, pass for

Esginck, Gerrit, pass for

-, Earl of, see Devereux.
-, justices of peace of
-, militia in
-, commissioners of
-, letter to
-, places in
-, receiver in
-, residents in

Estcott, Rich

Estcourt, Thos.

Esterson, Dan.
-, petition of

Esther, Queen

Estwick, Step.

Ethye, Earl of, see Carnegy.

Eton College, provost, &c., of
-, petition of

Eure, George, Lord Eure


Evans, John, pass for
-, Roderick or Redruth
-, Lieut.

Evanson, Wm., letter of

Evatt, Phil.
-, petition of

Evelyn, Sir John

Everard, Sir Rich.
-, Mr.

Everatt, Hum., examination of

Everett, Mr.

Everssen, John, pass for

Every, Sir Hen.
-, Sir Simon
-, Commissary Timethy

Eves, Rich., pass for

Ewell, Mr.

Ewson, Wm., pass for

Exchequer, the
-, auditors of see also Beale, Barth.; Broad, Hen.; Browne, Thos.
-, barons of see also Nicholas, Rob.; Thorpe, Fras.
-, court of
-, lord chamberlain of
-, lord chief baron of, see Wilde, John.
-, messengers of
-, officers of
-, salaries of
-, ordinance for bringing all revenues into
-, payments from
-, stay of
-, payments to
-, records
-, remembrancer of, clerk of
-, rooms
-, tellers in
-, treasury of, see Treasury.

Excise see also Scotland, excise in.
-, Acts and Ordinances for
-, charges on
-, commissioners of
-, reference to
-, warrant to
-, commissioners for appeals in
-, registrar of
-, representation of
-, freedom from see also Customs and Excise, freedom from.
-, office
-, officers of
-, payment from
-, payment of

-, castle
-, gaol at
-, keeper of, warrant to
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of

Eye, Suffolk

Eyre, Ed.
-, Matthias

Eyton, Rob.