General Index: F

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: F', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 642-646. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



F—, E., letter of

Faes, Nich., and Susanna, pass for

Faille, Ant. La, pass for

Fairclough, Rich.

Faire, Col.

Fairfax, Ferdinando, lord Fairfax
-, Thomas, lord Fairfax
-, Col. Chas.
-, Sir Wm.
-, Frances, widow of
-, petition of
-, children of
-, royalist

Fairs, grant of

Faith, Capt. Solomon

Falconbridge, or Fauconberg, Capt. Thos., receiver general
-, certificates by
-, report of, alluded to
-, warrants to

Falkener, John, ordnance officer, petition of
-, Susan, petition of
-, husband of

Falkland house and park

-, letters dated from
-, road, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Fane, Mildmay, Earl of Westmoreland

Fanshaw, Simon
-, Sir Thos.

Farington, see Farrington.

Farly, Capt. Alex., letters of

Farmer, Sir Geo.
-, Hen., pass for
-, Sir Wm.

Faro, Portugal

Farquahar, Sir Rob.

Farrall, Luke, pass for

Farrell, Jas., pass for

Farrer, Edw., petition of

Farrington, Ant., and son, pass for
-, or Farington, Fras.
-, wife of

Farthings, making of

Farwell, Capt. Hen.

Fasting and humiliation, days of
-, declaration for

Fauconberg, Capt. Thos., receiver-general, see Falconbridge.

Fauher, M., pass for

Faukard, Anne
-, husband of

Fault, M. de, pass for

Feake, Chris.

Fearne, Hen., deposition of

Fee farm rents

Fell, Thos.

Felstead, Capt. Hum.

Fenn, Capt. Rob., certificate of
-, Capt.

Fenricus, Georgius, pass for

Fens, the

Fenton, Capt.

Fenwick, Edw.
-, Geo.
-, Sir John
-, Rob.
-, Col. Rob.
-, letter to
-, Wm.

Ferburgh, Holland

Fergeson, Clement

Ferny, Scotland

Ferrars, Kath.

Ferrean, Mary, pass for

Ferrena, or Ferine, port of

Fettiplace, Jane and child, pass for
-, Wm. and Giles, pass for

Feversham (Kent)

Fiasco, Marquis de

Fielder, John, letter of

Fielding, Basil, Earl of Denbigh
-, regiment of

Fiennes, Capt. Fras., alias Clinton
-, Col. John
-, Nath., as Commissioner of the Great Seal
-, as member of Council

Fievre, Nich. le, pass for

Fife, Scotland

Fifth monarchy

Filey, co. York, letter dated from

Filkins, Capt. John
-, wife of

Finch, Heneage, Earl of Winchelsea
-, Sir John

Finisterre, cape

Finlater, Lord, see Ogilvy.

Firbanck, Geo.

Firth, the, ships in

-, vessels laden with

Fishbourne farm

Fisher, John
-, petition of
-, Rob.
-, Mr., certificate of

Fisheries or Fishing
-, boats or vessels


Fishman, Wm.

Fitch, Col.

Fitchcock, Wm., pass for

Fitzford, (Devon ?)

Fitzgerald, George, Earl of Kildare
-, certificate of
-, children of
-, Jane, Countess of Kildare
-, petition of
-, Jas., information of

Fitzjames, Col.
-, royalist

Flags at sea, striking of

Flamborough head
-, letters dated from

-, correspondence, paper in
-, governor of see also Austria, Leopold, archduke of.
-, merchant of
-, passes to
-, ships
-, travellers to or from


Flats, the

Fleet, the see also Navy and Ships.
-, business of
-, commanders in
-, deputy treasurer of, see Child, Josiah.
-, disbursements for
-, dispatch of
-, generals of see also Blake, Rob.; Penn., Wm.
-, secretary to, see Creed, Rich.
-, letter to
-, judge advocate of, see Fowler, J.
-, marshal general of
-, money for, want of
-, movements of
-, officers of, wives of, petition of
-, provisions and stores for
-, revolting of
-, special services in
-, surgeons of
-, tickets for
-, victualling of
-, victuals provided for, spoiled

Fleetwood, Lord Gen. Charles, Lord deputy of Ireland see also Ireland, Lord Deputy and Council in.
-, as Major General
-, certificate of
-, letters of, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, passes of
-, petition of
-, regiment of
-, Sir George

Fleming, Sir Oliver, Master of the Ceremonies
-, Sir Wm.


Flemish cable
-, ships, or Flemings

Flesher, Wm.
-, Abigail, widow of
-, petition of
-, children of
-, second husband of

Fletcher, Sir Rob.
-, Major

-, inhabitants of, instrument by
-, justices of peace in, letter to

Flood, Thos., petition of

Florence, Duke of, see Tuscany.
-, wine

Flower, John
-, Lieut. Col.

Floyd, Mr.

-, passes to
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Folderoy, Eliz., petition of
-, husband of

Folgier, Mr.

Folke, minister

Folkestone, Kent
-, bay

Follett, plotter

Fonseca, Alonso de

Fontleroy, Moore

Foot, Capt. Peter
-, letters of

Forbench, Rich

Forbes, Sir Art.

Forck, John, pass for

Ford, Rich.
-, Mr.

Foreign ambassadors, &c., see Ambassadors, foreign.
-, brass
-, commodities or goods
-, design
-, employment
-, forces
-, incursions
-, nations
-, parts
-, plantations, see Plantations.
-, ports
-, preparations
-, princes
-, seamen
-, service
-, states
-, vent
-, voyage
-, war

Foreigners, see Aliens.

Foreland, the, Kent
-, North
-, South

Forester, James, Lord Forester

Forests, sale of
-, trustees for
-, for soldiers' arrears
-, sale of timber in

Forgher, Sir Rob.

Forrest, John
-, examination of

Fortescue, Col. Rich.
-, regiment of, petition of
-, Mary, wife of
-, Major Rich.
-, Mr.

Forth, Firth of

Fortune, Mr.

Foster, Capt. Nich.
-, certificate of
-, examination of
-, letters of
-, statement by
-, wives of, Elizabeth and Mary
-, alias Conyers, Capt. Thos., governor of Middleham Castle

Fotherby, Sidney

Fothergill, Col.
-, Thos., petition of

Fotheringall, Col. John

Foukes, Col.

Fountain, John

Fowey, or Foy, Cornwall
-, letter dated from
-, ships of

Fowke, Ald. John
-, Wm.
-, letter to

Fowle, Thos.

Fowler, John, judge advocate of the fleet
-, letters of
-, relatives of
-, Wm.
-, Capt.

Fowlis, Laird of
-, petition of

Fox, Capt. John
-, information of
-, letters of
-, [Stephen]
-, Wm.
-, letter of

Foxcroft, Geo.

Foy, see Fowey.

Frame-work knitters, &c.

Frampton, minister

France, King of (Louis XIV.)
-, ambassador to
-, ambassador of see also Bordeaux, M. de.

-, cardinal in, see Mazarin.
-, churches in
-, coast of, see French coast.
-, embargo in
-, exports to
-, Grand party in
-, Huguenots in
-, letters from
-, parliament in
-, passes to
-, peace with
-, places in
-, ports of
-, ships in, at, to, or from
-, ships of, see French ships.
-, travellers to or from
-, Vice-admiral of
-, war with

Francis, Benj.


Fraser, Dr.

Freake, Chris.

Frederic, John, alderman and sheriff
-, letter to

Frederickstat, ship of

Freeholders, &c.
-, petition of

Freeman, John, sen. and jun., petition of
-, Sir Ralph
-, Wm., letter of
-, relatives of

Freeze, Jas.

Freize, Mr., of Essex

French, Capt. Hen.
-, Jas.
-, Roger, payment to
-, Thos., petition of

-, ambassador, see France, King of ambassador of.
-, church
-, minister of
-, coast
-, Court
-, fishers
-, fleet
-, gentlemen, passes for
-, goods
-, hemp
-, language
-, letters of marque against
-, masters
-, men
-, religious
-, merchants
-, minister
-, news
-, peace, see France, peace with.
-, plantations
-, prisoners
-, Protestants
-, relation
-, ships
-, captures by
-, captures of or from
-, men of war
-, pickeroons
-, silver
-, soldiers
-, trade
-, treaty
-, Commissioners for
-, wife
-, wines

Frethy, Alex., letter of

Frewen, Fras., certificate of

Frewin, Capt. Fras.
-, Margaret, widow of
-, petition of

Friburg, John, petition of

Fridericus, Johannes, pass for

Friesland, residents in

Frodsham, Essex

Frome forest, Somerset
-, Selwood forest, Somerset

Frost, Gualter, assistant secretary and treasurer to Council
-, payments by
-, payments to
-, warrants to, alluded to
-, John and wife, pass for

Fry, John

Fugill, Joshua
-, directions by
-, examination of
-, letters of

Fulcher, Susan
-, petition of

Fulham, Middlesex


Furlie, John, petition of