General Index: G

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: G', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 646-650. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Gaitgirth, Scotland

Gallilee, Thos., sen.
-, petitions of
-, Thos., jun.

Gallions, the

-, Earl of, see Stewart, Jas.
-, letter dated from
-, Mull of

Galloy, Mary, pass for

Galpine, John, letter of
-, wife of

Galway, Ireland

Galwell, Step.

Gamball, Mr., of Norfolk

Gamull, Lady

Garbert, Wm.

Garbrand, Tobias, letter to

Gardener, Nich.

Gardner, Rich.
-, Wm.
-, Wm., shipmaster

Gargreave, Mary

Garland, Wm., certificate of

Garnet, Capt. Thos.
-, Anne, wife of petitions of
-, children of

Garrett, Edw.
-, Rob.

Garrison, Bowden

Garrisons, see England and Scotland, garrisons in.

Garter, the, knights of

Gascony wine

Gatehouse, Westminster, keeper of, warrants to
-, letter dated from
-, officers of
-, prisoners in

Gauden, Denis

Gavan, John, pass for

Gavill, John

Gay, John, see Guy.

Gazell, Dan., pass for

Gedney Dike, co. Lincoln

Geffery or Jefferies, Capt. John
-, letters, &c. of

Geldert, John

General, the, see Desborow, Major John.


-, ambassador from
-, ship of

Genoese ambassador; see Genoa, ambassador from

George, John

Georges, Chas., pass for

Gerard, Charles, Lord Gerard
-, Sir Gilb.
-, John (royalist)
-, Rich., certificate by

Geritsen, Jacob, pass for



Germany, Emperor of (Ferdinand III.)
-, son of

-, churches in
-, passes to
-, princes of

Gerrits, Divertien, pass for
-, Lissia, pass for

Gerritsen, Lambert, pass for

Gethings, Capt. Phil.
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, petition of

Giares, Rebekah

Gibbes, Mr. (of Bristol)

Gibbon or Guibon, Col. Rob., governor of Jersey
-, certificate of
-, letter of
-, alluded to
-, letter to
-, Mr., of Dover

Gibbs, Greg.
-, Ralph and Isaiah, pass for
-, Wm., information of
-, Joan, his daughter, information of


Gibson, Jas.

Gideon's sword

Gifford, Capt. Ben., governor of Landguard fort
-, Hen.
-, Peter

Gilbert, Thos., pass for

Giles, Edm., letter to
-, Jeremy, examination of
-, Sunnybanck
-, Mr.

Gill, Col. Geo.
-, petition of
-, John, pass for
-, widow

Gillett, John

Gilliflower, ship, owners of, petition of

Gillingham, Lawrence, petition of

Gillingham, co. Dorset
-, co. Kent
-, letter dated from

Gilpin, Lieut.

Ginne, Rich.

Girling, Rob.

Giron castle, Portugal

Glamorganshire, justices of peace in, letter to

Glastonbury abbey

Glenham, Suffolk

Glenham, Sackvile
-, Sir Thos.

Globe for the Council chamber

-, alderman of
-, bishop of, late
-, duke of, see Henry.
-, letter dated from
-, mayor, &c., of
-, letters to
-, siege of

-, justices of peace in
-, letters to
-, militia in
-, officers in
-, letter to
-, places in

Glynn, John, serjeant-at-law Chief justice of the Upper Bench

Goa, East Indies

Gobeli, Fras. Albert, pass for

Godalming, Surrey

Godbolt, John

Goddard, J., letters of

Godferne, Mr.

Godfrey, Lambert
-, Capt. Wm.
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Godolphin, Dr. John, Admiralty judge
-, report of
-, alluded to

Godscall, John, pass for

Goffe, Alex., pass for
-, Col. Wm.
-, as Major-general
-, letter to
-, payments to
-, references to
-, regiment of
-, reports of
-, alluded to

-, export of
-, medal, &c.
-, wire

Goldenburgh, Henrick, pass for

Goldsmiths' hall, London
-, charges on or payments from
-, payments to
-, treasurers at, for delinquents' estates
-, certificate of
-, warrant to
-, alluded to

Gooday, Major Sam., petition of

Goodman, Dr. Godfrey, petition of
-, John

Goodrich, Major

Goodson, Vice-Adm. Wm.
-, Mary, wife of

Goodwin, Geo.
-, Rob.
-, Dr. Thos.
-, certificate of

Goodwin sands

Goodyear, Moses

Gookin, Dan., payment to
-, Vincent
-, letter of
-, pass for

Goone, Jan de, pass for

Goosen, Hendrick, pass for

Gordon, John, pass for
-, Mr., of Rothuney, Scotland

Gore, the

Gorges, John
-, Thos.
-, Col.

Goring, George, Lord Goring, and Earl of Norwich

Goring house
-, Sussex

Goris, Hermanns

Gosford, Scotland, laird of

Gosnall, Col.

Gosnell, Geo., letters of

Gosnold, Ralph

Gospel, the
-, preachers of, see Ministers.
-, propagation of, Act for
-, society for

Gosport, Hants

Goss, Hen.

Goswell, Mr.

Gough, Hen.

Gould, Geo, pass for
-, Isaac

Goulding, Thos.
-, Capt.

Gourdon, John

Goutier, Aubin, pass for

Government, Christian principles of
-, kingly
-, the present
-, affection or fidelity to
-, bonds, or recognizances, or engagement not to act against
-, disaffection or disservice to
-, expense or charges of
-, instrument of
-, insurrections, &c., against
-, persons concerned in, or rebels, see Delinquents.
-, estates of, see Delinquents' estates.
-, trial, &c., of see also Oyer and terminer, trials by.
-, speeches against

Grace, Jas.
-, John, pass for
-, Rich.
-, Thos., pass for

Graffery, M., pass for

Graham, Sir Rob.

Grandamage, Dirick and Maria, pass for

Grandison, Viscount, see Villiers.

Grand Seignior, see Turkey, Grand seignior of

Grange, the

Granger, alias Gurdon, Abr.
-, articles with
-, examinations of
-, letters of
-, petition of
-, wife of
-, brother of, see Greenway, Nich.
-, John, his brother, alias Paynter
-, Roger

Grassingham, Rob
-, letters of

Gravenor, chaplain

Graves, Rich.
-, letter to
-, report by
-, Wm., petition of

-, blockhouse
-, exports from
-, letters dated from
-, officers of, warrant to
-, ships at, to, or from

Gravesend, Hugo, pass for

Gray, Andrew, 8th lord Gray
-, see Grey

Great, John

Great Christopher (ship), owners of
-, President, officers of, deposition of

Great seal, the
-, commissioners of see also Whitelock, B.; Widdrington, Sir Thos.; Fiennes, Nath.; and Lisle, John.
-, lord keeper of
-, motto for
-, warrants, &c. under

Greave, John

Grebell, Allan, petition of

Greek or Grecian
-, language
-, philosophy


Green or Greene, Edw.
-, certificate by
-, Eliz., pass for
-, Hercey
-, letter of
-, Jas., certificate of
-, Jerome
-, John, letters of
-, Nich.
-, petition of
-, Rich., petitions of
-, Rob.
-, Thos., of Dover
-, accounts, &c., of
-, petition of
-, Thos., of Worcestershire
-, Thos., servant, pass for
-, Wm.
-, statement by
-, Mr.
-, Mr., of Manchester
-, Mrs.
-, Dr., registrar of Drury house

Greenhill, Wm., certificate of
-, minister

Greenland commissioners
-, petition of
-, ships at, to, and from

Greenley, Wm.

Greenwall, Rich.

Greenway, Nich.
-, articles with

-, castle
-, park
-, residents in

Grenville, Sir Rich.

Gresham, Marm.

Grettleton, co. Wilts

Greville, Francis, Lord Brooke

Grey, Thomas, Lord Grey of Groby

Grey or Gray, Col. Ed.
-, Martha, sister of
-, Hen., pass for
-, John de, pass for

Greys, ships at

Griffin, John

Griffith, Capt. Hen.
-, Capt. John
-, Thos.
-, clerk
-, Mr. (of Aleppo)

Groome, Hen.

Gross or Grosse, Davy
-, Chas. le, pass for
-, Capt. Chr.
-, certificate of

Grosvenor, Col. E.
-, letters of
-, John, petition of

Grotius, Hugo

Grove, Berks

Grove, Capt. John, letters of
-, prisoner


Guards, the see also Mews, guards at, and Cromwell, life guards of.

-, bailiff of
-, castle Cornet in
-, governor of see also Bingham, Col. John.
-, inhabitants of
-, passes to
-, ships to or from

Guibon, Col., see Gibbon.

Guildford, Surrey
-, mayor of, letter to

Guildhall, London
-, letter dated from
-, treasurers
-, treasury

Guilielmus, Fudreas, pass for

Guinea, ship to

Guiot, Francois, pass for

Guise, Wm.

Gullie, Capt. Fras.
-, Capt. Wm.

Gulston, Mr., of Kingston-on-Thames

Gun, John, pass for

Gunpowder, manufacture of
-, storing of

Gunville, Thos.

Guppy, Fras., examination of

Gurdon, Abr., see Granger.
-, Dr. John
-, Mr., of Suffolk

Gurney house, London
-, trustees or treasurers, see Deans and Chapters' lands

Gutteridge, gunner

Guy or Gay, John
-, information of

Guydott, Keylway or Keiling
-, payment to
-, petition of
-, Wm.

Guyot, Ant.

Gwyn, Geo.

Gwynn, Wm.