General Index: H, I, J, K

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: H, I, J, K', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 650-660. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



H—, Sir C.

Haarlem, Holland

Haberdashers' hall, London
-, commissioners for composition and sequestration of delinquents' estates at
-, officers of
-, salaries of
-, payments by or from
-, report by

Hacker, Col. Fras.
-, letter to

Hackett, Pieter, letter to
-, Thos.
-, Mr.

Hackney coaches, rules for
-, coachmen

Haddock, Capt. Wm.
-, letter of

Haesborough, letter dated from

Haggerston, Sir, or Col. Thos.

Haggett, John
-, Paul

Hague, the
-, inhabitants of see also Jane, Jos.
-, petition of

Haiter, Thos., letter of

Hale, Mat., Justice of Common Pleas
-, Wm.

Hales, Mr.

Hall, John
-, Ralph
-, Roger
-, petition of
-, Sam.
-, Thos., letter of

Hallett, Capt. Nath., letter of
-, examination of

Halsey, Wm.

Halstock, co. Dorset

Halton, Tim.

-, gunpowder
-, letter dated from
-, merchants of
-, passes to
-, resident at, see Bradshaw, Rich.
-, senator of
-, ships of, or Hamburghers
-, ships to or from

Hamerden, Hanna, pass for

Hamersley, Thos.

Hamilton, James, Marquis and Duke of Hamilton
-, Eliz., pass for
-, Jas., pass for
-, Sir Jas.
-, Major Rob.
-, deposition of
-, Thos.
-, Wm., petitions of
-, wife of

Hammond, Rob.
-, Capt.
-, Lieut.-Gen.

Hampden, Col. John

-, justices of peace of, certificate of
-, letters to
-, petition to
-, militia in
-, commissioners of, letter to
-, places in
-, sheriff of, letter to

Hampton see also Southampton.

Hampton Court
-, papers dated from

Hancklow, Eliz.

Hancock, Danser

Hand, John

Hane, Joachim

Hangings, see Tapestry.

Hanguitz, Fred. Adolphus, pass for

Hankin, Rich., petition of

Hanmer, Sir Thos., pass for

Hannam, Capt. Willoughby

Harby, Clement, letter to

Harcourt, Prince de

Harden, Scotland

Harding, Moses, letter of
-, Major Wm.
-, certificate by

Hares, Thos., certificate of

Harman, Captain John, letter of

Harmansez, Lucas, pass for

Harmer, John, letter of

Harnoult, France

Harpham, Wm
-, certificate by

Harr, Eliz., pass for

Harrington, John, mariner
-, John, of co. Somerset
-, Thomas
-, John, his son
-, Dr. Wm.

Harris, Edm.
-, Edw., certificate of
-, Capt. Leo.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Malachi, pass for
-, Peter, petition of
-, Salter
-, Wm.

Harrison, Fras.
-, Maj. Jas.
-, John
-, John, of Scarborough, certificate of
-, Capt. Mark, letters of
-, Rich.
-, Capt. Rich.
-, Thos.
-, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of
-, Maj. Gen. Thos.
-, minister

Hart, Wm., pass for
-, Capt.

Hartfell, Earl of, see Johnstone.

Hartland, co. Devon

Hartlebury, co. Worcester

Hartlepool, co. Durham

Hartlib, Sam.

Hartopp, Sir Thos.
-, Wm.

Hartred, Rob., pass for

Harvey, Col. Edm., custom house officer
-, letters of
-, Eliz., pass for
-, Sir Job
-, John
-, John, pass for
-, Wm.
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.

-, aldermen of, petition of
-, governor of
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, letters dated from
-, mayor, &c., of
-, petition of
-, minister at
-, officers at
-, ships at
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from
-, water, letter dated from

Harwood, John

Haselboren, Jas., pass for

Haskeins, Wm., pass for

Haslewood, Wm.

Hasteville, Sir David

Hastings, Sussex
-, manor

Hatfield, Essex

Hathorn, John

Hathway, John

Hatsell, Capt. Hen., Navy commissioner at Plymouth
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, wife of

Hattecheriffe (Aleppo)

Hatter, Rich., letter of

Hatton, Charles, pass for
-, Sir Chris.
-, Rob., serjeant at law

Haughton, letter dated from

Haules, Mr. (minister ?)

Haver, John, pass for

Haviland, Jas.

-, ships to or from

Hawes, John
-, Nath.
-, Major

Hawker, John

Hawkes, Thos., pass for

Hay, Gilbert, Earl of Erroll
-, Fras.
-, Geo.

Hayes, Edw
-, letter to

Haynes or Heynes, Major Hezekiah
-, letter to
-, Major Jas., see Heane.

Haynford, Norfolk

Haytubbe, Capt. Rob., letter of

Hayward, Edw., clerk of the survey at Chatham
-, account by
-, book of
-, letters of, &c.
-, order to
-, Wm.
-, Capt.

Healy, Wm.

Heane or Haynes, Major Gen. Jas.
-, Eliz., widow of
-, children of
-, petition of
-, Marg., pass for

Hearne, minister

Heath, Edw., petition of

Heather, Capt. Giles, letter of

Heatley, Eliz.

Heaton, Capt. N.
-, letters of

Hebditch, Wm.

Hebrew language

Hebrews, see Jews

Hechstetter, David


Heenvliet, (John Poliander Kirkhoven, lord of)
-, Katherine lady Stanhope, wife of

Hees, Anneken, and family, pass for


Helford, Cornwall

Helling, Dan., petition of

Helme, John, pass for

Hemebout, Mich., pass for

Hemel Hempstead, Herts

Hempson, Wm., letters of

Hemsgrove, W.

Hendricks, Otto, pass for

Hendrickson, Jacob, Sarah and family, pass for

Hendrickssen, Juriaen, pass for

Hendricxen, Pieter, pass for

Henley on Thames, inhabitants of

Henly, Hen.
-, Rich.
-, petition of

Henning, Tobias, pass for

Henrietta Maria, Queen dowager
-, Court of
-, creditors and servants of
-, lands of, see Charles I., Crown lands.

Henry III.

Henry VI., grant of

Henry VIII.

Henry Stuart, Prince, son of Charles I.
-, tutor of, see Lovel, Rich.

Henshaw, Thos., pass for
-, Major

Hensius, Johannes, pass for

Hepburn, John, pass for

-, commissioners for

Herbert, William, 3rd Earl of Pembroke
-, Philip, 4th Earl of Pembroke
-, Philip, 5th Earl of Pembroke
-, Richard, Lord Herbert of Cherbury
-, Lord, see Somerset.
-, Edw.
-, Sir Edw.
-, lady of
-, Hen.
-, Thos., letter of
-, William and wife, pass for
-, clerk of Council in Ireland

Herculean labours

-, garrison
-, governor of, see Rogers, Col. Wroth.

-, justices of peace in
-, letters to
-, militia in
-, commissioners of, letter to
-, officers in
-, letter to
-, places in


Herickssen, Gerard, pass for

Hermanssen, Everard, pass for
-, Sam., pass for

Herne Ashwood, Sussex

Herring, Jannake, pass for
-, Mich.

Hertford, Marquis of, see Seymour.

-, justices of peace in
-, militia in
-, commissioners of
-, places in
-, receiver in

Hesilrigg, Sir Art.

Hesperian dragon

Hessam Moor, Yorkshire

Hesweigh, Mat., pass for

Hewer, Thos.

Hewerton, Marg., pass for

Hewes, Eliz.
-, Jane
-, Thos.

Hewsen, Col. John

Heydon, Sir John
-, family of
-, Charles, son of, petition of

Heydon Manor

Heynes, Major, see Heane.

Hiatt or Hyett, Abr., letter of

Hicks, Rich.
-, Sir Wm.

Hide, John
-, Marg., pass for

Higgins, Wm.

Higginson, Capt. Sam., letters of

High Commission Court

Highgate, Middlesex

Highland, Sam.

Highlanders, see Scots, Highlanders.

Highlands, see Scotland, Highlands in.

Highness, His, see Cromwell, Oliver.

High Park


-, Ordinance for repair of
-, robberies on

Hilders, Hen., pass for

Hildesley, John
-, letter of
-, letter to

Hill, Col. Art.
-, Chris.
-, deposition of
-, Fras.
-, Hen., jun., letter to
-, Jas.
-, John
-, letter of
-, Rich.
-, Rich., of Fulham
-, Rich., of Rochester
-, Rich., prize goods' commissioner
-, letter of
-, petition of
-, Roger
-, letter to
-, Capt. Valentine
-, Hannah or Elinor, widow of
-, children of
-, petition of
-, Wm.
-, Alderman of Plymouth
-, Capt.
-, cook
-, Mr.
-, searcher

Hilliard, Capt.

Hills, Hen.

Hinde, Jas.
-, petition of

Hinderson, Derrick

Hinderssen, Sam., pass for

Hingston, John

Hinton, Dr. John, certificate by

Hippesley, John, letter to
-, Sir John

Hipsley, Fras., pass for

Hirst, Capt. John, pass for


Hobart, Eliz., pass for
-, Col. John

Hobson, John, J.P. for co. Lincoln
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, warrant to
-, John, consul at Venice
-, letters to
-, Judith
-, petitions of

Hodges, Fras.
-, Rich., certificate of
-, Thos., letter to
-, Capt.
-, Mr.

Hogrose, Hugh

Hogue bay
-, cape

Holbeach, co. Lincoln

Holburne, Maj.-Gen. Jas.

Holby (royalist)

Holdenby, co. Northampton

Holding, messenger

Holland, Earl of, see Rich.

Holland, Anne
-, Anne, petition of
-, Cornelius
-, Capt. Phil.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Capt. Rob.

Holland, or the United Provinces
-, admirals of, see Opdam and Swart.
-, ambassadors or deputies from see also Nieuport, Lord.
-, secretary to
-, correspondence, papers in
-, exports from
-, passes to
-, peace with
-, places in
-, posts from
-, residents in
-, ships of, see Dutch ships.
-, ships to or from
-, States General of
-, mariners of, passes for
-, service of
-, States Provincial of
-, subjects of, passes for
-, trade of
-, travellers to or from
-, treaty with
-, commissioners for
-, war with

Hollanders, see Dutch ships and Dutch men.

Hollansbee, Nich.

Hollis, John, Earl of Clare, letter of
-, letter to
-, Roger
-, deposition of

Hollowbrook coppice, Whittlewood

Holman, Ben.
-, Katherine, petition of

Holmeden, John

Holmes, Isaac
-, petition of
-, letters of
-, Wm.

Holsey, or Halsall, Major Jas.
-, royalist

Holshot farm

Holstein, Gedeon, pass for



Holt, co. Denbigh
-, co. Norfolk

Holt, W., certificate of
-, letter of
-, Mr. (victualler)

-, bay, letter dated from

Holy Island
-, governor of
-, soldiers of

Home, James, 2nd Earl of Home


Honeywood, Priscilla, pass for
-, Sir Rob. & Rob., pass for
-, Sir Thos.
-, letter to
-, payment to

Hoo, Kent

Hood, Saunder

Hoogen, Abr., pass for

Hook, John

Hooke, Thos., pass for

Hookes, Owen
-, petition of

Hooper, Edw.
-, Fras.
-, Geo.
-, John
-, John, mariner, deposition of

Hope, the, see Tilbury Hope.

Hoper, Marg., pass for

Hopkins, Edw., Navy Commissioner
-, letters of
-, letters to

Hopper, John, certificate of

Hopton, Sir Ralph

Hordley, John
-, deposition of

Hore, Chris.
-, Leonard

Horemans, John, pass for

Horne, Holland, ships of

Horne, John
-, Sir John
-, Pieter, pass for
-, Rob


Horseman, John, pass for
-, Rob.
-, Major

-, prohibition of

Horses, export of
-, licenses for
-, refused

Horseydown, letter dated from

Horth, Thos., letter to
-, petition of

Horton, Col. Thos.

Hoseley bay
-, letter dated from

Hoskins, Bennett, letters to

Hospitals see also Ely House & Savoy hospital.

Host, Derick

Hotham, John
-, Isabel, his wife
-, Henry, his son

Hoton, co. Leicester

Houbson, Jas.
-, John

Houghton, Sir Richard

Hounds, export of

House, the, see Parliament.

Houston, Louisa, petition of
-, husband of

How, Captain, Marshal General

Howard, Thomas, Earl of Arundel
-, James, Earl of Suffolk, petition of
-, brother of
-, Thomas, Earl of Berkshire
-, Henry, son of, pass for
-, Henry, Earl of Northapton
-, William, Viscount Stafford
-, pass for
-, Edward, Baron Howard
-, Col. Chas.
-, letter to
-, Sir Chas
-, Dorothy, widow of
-, children of
-, Thos., pass for
-, Mr.

Howcraft, Ann, petition of

Howell, Mary, petition of

Howett, Enoch
-, assignment by

Howitt, Capt. Sam., Vice-Admiral

Howlett, Mr., of Norfolk

Howley, Thos.

Hoyer, Justinus

Hubacke, Laurence

Hubbard, John
-, Mich.

Hubbert, Edw.

Hublyn, Nich., pass for

Hudson, Mr., of Bristol

Huett, Rich

Hughes, John
-, letter of


Huison, John

-, deputy governor of, see Elton, Major Rich.
-, garrison
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, residents in
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships, or fleet of
-, Trinity house in

Hull, Geo.
-, Jos.

Humber, the
-, letter dated from

Humes, Mr.

Humiliation, days of, see Fasting.

Humphrey, Col. John
-, Rowland, letter of

Humphreys, Rich.

Humphries, John

Hungarian students

Hungerford, Dame Marg., petition of
-, Col

Hunger Road, Bristol
-, letters dated from

Hunt, Arthur
-, certificate of
-, Jas., petition of
-, John
-, Capt. John, pass for
-, Ralph, petition of
-, Thos.
-, Wm. (minister)
-, Wm., of Yalding

Hunter, Eliz.
-, Hen., pass for

-, militia in
-, commissioners for

Hurst, Hamerston, or Humberston, Navy agent at Kinsale
-, Capt.

Hurst castle

Husbands, Azariah
-, petition of

Hutchinson, Rich., Navy treasurer
-, bills charged on
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, orders to
-, orders to, alluded to
-, payments by
-, payments to

Hutton, John, pass for

Huygen, Gilb., pass for

Huyssen, Lord John, pass for

Hyde, Sir Edw., Chancellor of the Exchequer to Charles II.
-, note by

Hyett or Hiatt, Abr., letter of

Hythe, New, Kent



-, fishery
-, letter dated from

Idle river

Idlers, enquiry about

Ifferson, Arfind, pass for

Imports, see Customs.

Inchgarvey, Scotland

Inchiquin, Earl of (Murrough, O'Brien)

-, Act or Ordinance for
-, commissioners for

Indies, the see also East and West Indies.

Inglis, Mr., Widow of

Ingoldsby, Col. Rich.
-, payment to
-, regiment of
-, Mr.

Ingram, François, pass for
-, Hen. and Art., pass for

Inspection, commissioners for, see Treasuries.

Insurrection, see Government, insurrection against.

Intelligence, payments for


Intercourse, merchants of, see London, merchants in.


Inverlaoth, Scotland

-, governor at
-, letters, &c., dated from


Ipelaer, David, pass for

-, bailiffs of
-, canvas
-, letters dated from
-, ships of

Ireland, Col. Gilb., governor of Liverpool
-, petition of

-, auditor in
-, bill of exchange from
-, chancery court in
-, chief baron in
-, coast of, see Irish coast.
-, committee for, see Irish Committee.
-, commissioners for claims of
-, commissioners of Parliament in
-, common pleas court in
-, council in see also Lord deputy and council in, and Dublin, council in.
-, clerk of
-, seal for
-, courts of justice in, seals for
-, exchequer court in
-, excise in
-, garrisons in
-, gentlemen of
-, great seal for
-, horse from
-, justices in
-, lands and estates in
-, adventurers for
-, forfeit, commissioners of
-, lord deputy of, see Fleetwood, Chas.
-, (late)
-, and council in
-, letter of, alluded to
-, letter to
-, alluded to
-, orders of
-, Mint in
-, natives of
-, nobility and gentry in
-, north of
-, Parliament of
-, passes to
-, places in
-, posts in
-, preachers in or to
-, Protestants in
-, rebellion in
-, rebels in
-, seals for
-, services in
-, settlement of
-, ships in, to, and from
-, travellers to and from
-, Upper Bench court in
-, West of

Ireland, English forces in or to
-, assessments for
-, artillery train for
-, commander in chief of
-, establishment for
-, major-general of, see Cromwell, Hen.
-, money or pay for
-, reductions in
-, returned to England
-, accounts of
-, service in
-, stores, provisions, &c., for

Ireton, Hen., late lord deputy of Ireland
-, Alderman John
-, payment to

-, affairs
-, coach
-, command
-, committee
-, and Scotch committee, late
-, expedition
-, greyhounds
-, lands, see Ireland, lands in.
-, men
-, prisoners
-, rebels, see Ireland, rebels in.
-, sea, letter dated from
-, ships
-, traders
-, troops

Iron ware

Isaacson, Randolph, petition of

Isabella, Lady

Islip ship, loss of see also Tarleton, Capt. Edw.
-, enquiries relative to

Italian language



Itchin Abbas farm, Hants


Jackson, And.
-, deposition of
-, Col. John
-, Jos.
-, Miles
-, Step.

Jacobsen, Huybert, pass for

Jacobson, Thos., pass for

-, letters dated from

James I.
-, grants of
-, petition to
-, privy seal of
-, son of, Prince Henry

James, Duke of York, lord admiral
-, commissions of, alluded to

Jane, Jos., letters to

Jans, Jamelien, pass for
-, Maryen and children, pass for

Janssen, Abr., see Johnson.
-, Barent, pass for
-, Jacob
-, pass for
-, Jean, pass for
-, Joast, pass for
-, Sibrant, and Sacharias, pass for

Jarvis, John

Jean, Jean de

Jedburgh, Scotland

Jefferies, Capt., see Geffery.

Jefferson, Mr.

Jeffryes, John

Jegon, Rob.

Jenifer, Jas.
-, certificate of
-, letter of

Jenings, Rob., letter of

Jenkin, Griffin

Jenkins, Jas.
-, Nich.
-, Wm.

Jenks, Edw.
-, wife of

Jennett (royalist)

Jennings, Theodore
-, carpenter
-, minister

Jepson, Wm.

Jermy, Col.

Jermyn, Sir Thos.
-, Mary, widow of
-, petition of
-, eldest son of
-, Robert and Elizabeth, children of
-, petition of
-, Thomas and Henry, sons of

-, bailiffs of
-, delinquents in
-, Elizabeth castle in
-, letter dated from
-, exports to or from
-, garrison or forces in
-, money or pay for
-, government of
-, governor of see also Gibbon, Col.
-, inhabitants of
-, petition of
-, required to compound
-, men
-, Mont Orgueil castle in
-, prisoners in
-, receiver general of
-, residents in
-, ships to or from
-, soldiers of
-, travellers to or from

Jerusalem, British

Jessop, Wm., clerk to Council
-, certificate by
-, letters to
-, payments by
-, payments to
-, Mr.




Jewish Rabbis

Jews or Hebrews

Jeynson, Thos.

Joachim, Adriana, pass for

Joakin, John

John, Theaura

Johnson or Janssen, Abr.
-, petition of
-, Magdalene, wife of
-, Dan., letters of
-, Eliz., petition of
-, Fras., pass for
-, Jacob
-, John, petition of
-, Dr. John
-, Nath., pass for
-, Capt. Rich.
-, Thos.
-, Wm., mayor of Newcastle-on-Tyne
-, letters of, alluded to
-, letter to
-, Mr.
-, shipwright, Blackwall

Johnston, Scotland, see St. Johnston.

Johnstone, James, Earl of Hartfell

Jones, Roger, Viscount Ranelagh
-, Katherine, Viscountess Ranelagh
-, Edm.
-, Hum.
-, John
-, petition of
-, Lieut.-Col. John
-, petition of
-, Col. Phil.
-, as member of Council
-, letter to
-, payment to
-, Capt. Roger
-, letters of
-, Sam. and Mary, pass for
-, Col. Sam.
-, Wilhem, pass for

Jonson, Rob.
-, petition of

Joosten, Abr., pass for

Jordan, Rear-Adm. Jos.
-, Nich.
-, letter of
-, family of
-, Major Thos.

Jorey, Sy., letter of

Jorissen, Adrian, pass for

Josias, King

Josylin or Joseline, alias Thurloe, letters to

Joukes, Goosen, pass for

Jounson, Ralph

Joyce, Lieut.-Col.


Judges and justices of assize see also Steele, Wm.; Exchequer, barons of; and Upper Bench, Common Pleas, Scotland and Ireland, judges in.

Judges Advocate, see Walker, Dr. Walter; Whalley, Hen.; Fowler, John.

Juriaens, Hans, pass for

Jurian, Jan, pass for


-, grand

Justice, High Court of
-, committee for
-, expenses of
-, orders in
-, officers of
-, petition of
-, salaries of
-, ministers of

Justices, lord chief see also St. John Oliver; Rolle, Hen.
-, of assize, see Judges.
-, of peace see also under the several counties.

Juxon, Dr. Wm.


Keat, Lancelot

Keate, Gilb.
-, John, account by

Keeling, Thos.

Keir, Sir George
-, Lady Emlyn, widow of
-, petition of

Keith, William, earl marshal of Scotland

Kellet, co. Lancaster

Kelly, Earl of, see Erskine.

Kelsey, Col. Thomas, lieut-governor of Dover Castle
-, as Major-general
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, petition of
-, references to
-, wife of

Kelsey, Scotland

Kelwey, Mr.

Kemble, Anne, pass for

Kempe, Mat.
-, examinations of
-, warrant to

Kempson, Nich., pass for

Kendall, Geo., clerk of the survey at Deptford
-, letters of
-, Thos., certificate by
-, Wm.

Kennedy, Gawen, pass for
-, Capt. Rich.
-, examination of
-, letters of

Kenrick, Mr.

Kent, Jacob Corn., pass for
-, Valentine, pass for

-, commissioners in
-, letter to
-, orders of
-, excise in
-, justices of peace in
-, letter to
-, militia in
-, places in
-, troops in

Kentish road

Kerby, Thos., pass for
-, Mr.

Kerff, Nicolaes, pass for

Kerr, Robert, Earl of Ancrum
-, William, Earl of Lothian
-, petition of

Ketcher, Barth.

Kettleton, Capt.

Key or Keyes, Col. Geo.
-, wife of

Keylock, Ant., letter to

Kibworth, Beauchamp, co. Leicester

Kidder, Thos.
-, petition of

-, bailiffs of

Kiffin, Watkin
-, petition of
-, Wm.
-, certificate by

Kildare, Earl and Countess of, see Fitzgerald.

Killigrew, Tom
-, Sir Peter
-, petition of
-, Capt. Simon, pass for

Kilsyth, Scotland

Kilvert, Marg.
-, petition of
-, Roger

Kincardine, Earl of, see Bruce, Edward.

Kinchott, Christian, pass for

King, Ann
-, Edm., payments to
-, Edm., carpenter
-, Edw.
-, Fred., pass for
-, Dr. Hen., Dean of Rochester
-, John
-, John, pass for
-, Serj. Major Nathan.
-, Rob.
-, Thos., pass for
-, Mr.

King or Kings see also Charles II.
-, the late, see Charles I.

Kingdom, the

Kinghorn, Earl of (Patrick Lyon)

King's Bench, judge of, see also Upper Bench.
-, channel
-, road, Bristol, letter dated from
-, ships to or from

-, bailiffs and officers of
-, Guildhall at
-, magistrates, &c., of
-, petition of

Kinkid, Marg.
-, petition of

Kinnersley, Clement, wardrobe keeper

-, governor of
-, harbour, letters dated from
-, letters dated from
-, navy agent at, see Hurst, Humberston.
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of
-, ships victualling at

Kinsan, Arent, pass for

Kintale, Scotland

Kintyre, Scotland

Kip, Lambert, pass for

Kirby, Fras., certificate of
-, Rob., certificate of
-, Waltor

Kirk, Sir Lewis

Kirkewood, Gilb., pass for

Kite, Thos.

Kitson, Cornet
-, Jane, widow of

Kneebon, Rich.

Kneeland, Wm.

Knight, Capt. John

Knightly hundred, Warwick


Knights, Firm-in-faith, pass for

Knollys, Nicholas, Earl of Banbury
-, petition of
-, Isabella, Countess of Banbury
-, petition of
-, Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Banbury, see Vaux.

Knowles, Mr.

Koirdsit, John, pass for

Kynnaston, Col. John
-, Eliz., widow of

Kynnogh harbour, Scotland