General Index: L

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: L', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 660-666. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Lacie, Rich.
-, sister of

Lact, John de, pass for

La Faille, Ant., pass for

Lago, Lieut. Col.

-, bay or road
-, governor of, see Dunquam, Capt.

Lagum, Barth. de, petition of
-, family of

Lake, Mr.

Lambe, Fras., pass for

Lambermont, Lewis de
-, pass for

Lambert, Lieut. Dan., letters of
-, John
-, John, certificate of
-, Maj. Gen. John, or Lord
-, as member of Council
-, as Major-General
-, letters, &c., to
-, alluded to
-, payment to
-, petition to
-, references to
-, regiment of
-, report of, alluded to

-, house, letter dated from
-, prisoners at

Lamego, Ant. Duarte Rodrigues

Lamerton, Scotland

Lamplugh, Geo.
-, Thos., letters of

-, commissioners in
-, gaol
-, high sheriff of
-, inhabitants of
-, justices of peace for
-, militia in
-, places in

Lancaster, Duchy of

Land, improvement of, invention for

Landguard fort
-, governor of, see Gifford, Ben.

Landlords, malignant, &c., complaints against

Land's End
-, ships to or from

Landsmen, see Soldiers.

Lane, Mr., Sec. Nicholas' son-in-law
-, Mrs. (Papist)

Langdale, Sir Marm.
-, Mat., certificate of

Langham, H., letter of

Langhorne, John
-, letters of

Langley, Wm., minister
-, Wm., servant

Langrish, Maj. Hercules, letter of
-, wife, &c., of
-, Capt. Hercules, his son
-, Cornet Lucullus, his son

Langsford, Capt.

Lanier, Jean, pass for
-, Nich., pass for

Lanne, Ann, petition of

Lanyon, France

Laramore, Dorothy, pass for
-, Moses, pass for

Lardge, Thos.

Lark, Lieut. Sam.
-, letter of

Larkin, Edw.
-, petition of

Latham, Thos., letter of

Latham house, Lancashire

Latimer, Mr.

Latin book
-, language
-, secretary

Lauderdale, Earl of, see Maitland.

Launceston, Cornwall

Launder, Rebecca, pass for

Laurenssen, Lawrence, pass for

Law, Sam.

Lawes, Thos.

Lawis, Col. Jas., pass for

Lawrence, Hen., president of Council
-, letters of, see Council, letters of.
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, Joachim
-, petition of
-, John
-, Rich.
-, letter to
-, Roger
-, Thos., pass for
-, Thos. and family, pass for
-, Thos., of Colchester, petitions of
-, (shipmaster)

Lawson, John, Vice-Admiral
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded, to
-, wife of
-, Capt. Rob.



Leake, And., pass for
-, Rich.

Leamington Hastings, co. Warwick

Leate, Huet
-, Nich.

Leather, export of
-, tanning of

Leaze, Dan.

Leconfield, co. York, inhabitants of, petition of

Ledo or Leda, Marquis de, Spanish ambassador

Ledgant, Capt. Wm., letter of

Ledgard, Thos.

Lee, Fras., pass for
-, John
-, Jos., petition of
-, Sam.
-, minister

Lee road
-, letters dated from
-, ships in, to, or from

Leech, Fras.
-, John

Leeckes, Joris, pass for

Leendertssen, John, pass for

Leenhoff, Fred., pass for

Legg. Col. Wm., late wardrobe keeper

-, merchant of
-, road
-, paper dated from

Leicester, alderman of
-, Earl and Countess of, see Sydney.

Leicestershire, commissioners in
-, letters to
-, justices of peace for, letter to
-, militia in
-, place in

Leigh, Edw., letter of

Leigh, Essex


Leith, near Edinburgh
-, commissioners at
-, treasurer to, see Wilson, Ant.
-, deputy, see Bilton, Geo.
-, Firth of, letter dated from
-, letter dated from
-, road
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Leke, Francis, Lord Deincourt
-, daughter of

Lempriere, Mich.
-, Dr.

Lenox, Duke of, see Stuart.

Lenrick, Lord

Lenthall, John, petitions of
-, Sir John
-, certificate by
-, Wm., speaker of Parliament and Master of the Rolls
-, certificate by
-, letter of
-, Mr.

Leopold, Archduke, see Austria.

Lernon, Hen.

Lesley, Lieut.-Gen. David

Leslie, John, Earl of Rothes

Letter office, see Post office.

Letters, intercepting of

Levalle, Cairay de, pass for

-, or Turkey company
-, governor of
-, letters of
-, petitions of
-, treasurers of

Levellers, the

Lever, Sam., & Co., petition of

Leverett, Capt. John
-, letter of

Leverington, Capt.

Levett, Thos.

Levingstone, Alex., pass for
-, Jas. and Mary, pass for
-, Sir Jas.
-, Lady Marg., see also Livingston.
-, petitions of

Lewes, Rich.
-, Major

Lewin, Dr.

Lewis, Edw.
-, John, petition of
-, Thos., pass for


Leyes, Jacob, deposition of

Libb, Edw., pass for


Lieven, John, pass for

Light, John

Lightfoot, Capt. John

Ligon, Wm., letter to

Lilburne, Geo.
-, Lieut.-Col. John
-, Eliz., wife of, petition of
-, children of
-, Richard, father of
-, petition of
-, Col. Rob.
-, letter to
-, statement by
-, Capt. Thos.
-, letter to

Lillingston Lovell, co. Oxon


Limery or Limbry, Capt. John, Navy victualler, letter of

Limston, co. Devon

-, aldermen, &c., of
-, Bishop of, late, Thos. Winniffe
-, mayor, &c., of
-, letter to
-, registrar of

-, commissioners in
-, letter to
-, justices of
-, letter to
-, militia in
-, places in

Lindenow, Christian, pass for

Lindsay, Ludovic, Earl of Crawford and Lindsay
-, Alexander, Lord Spynie
-, Alexander, Lord Balcarres

Lindsey, Earl of, see Bertie.

Lindsey, Rob.
-, Eliz., his wife

Lingen, John

Lingley, John

Linlithgo, Scotland

Linscott, Wm.

Lippingcott, Fras., petition of

-, river or port of
-, ships to or from

Lishman, Wm.

Lisle, Viscount, see Sydney.
-, John, Lord Commissioner of the Great Seal and Treasury Commissioner
-, Capt.

Lismore (Scotland), letter dated from
-, road
-, letter dated from

Little, Rob.

Littleton, Chas.
-, Sir Hen.
-, Thos., work by

-, castle
-, governor of, see Ireland, Col. Gilbert.
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, Navy agent at, see Windis, Sam.
-, residents in
-, road, letter dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of
-, water, letters dated from

Livesly, Rich., note by

Livingston, James, Earl of Calendar
-, information of
-, petition of
-, Margaret, Countess of Calendar
-, first husband of, Earl of Dumfermline

Lizard, the
-, ships at, to, or from
-, the (ship), officers of, certificate of

Llanternam, co. Monmouth

Llanvihangel, co. Monmouth

Lloyd, Sir C.
-, Jenkin
-, petition of
-, John
-, Dr.
-, Mr.

Loader, Mr.

Lochaber, Scotland

Locke, Eliz., letters of
-, father of
-, Mat., letter of
-, letter to

Lockhart, Col. Wm.

Lockier or Lockyer, Nich.
-, payment to

Loenins, Hendrich, pass for

Loftus, Sir Adam.
-, Sir Art.



London, the city, or the town
-, aldermen of see also under the several names.
-, court of, rules by
-, petition of
-, apprentices of
-, arms of
-, army in
-, bills
-, carmen of, petition of
-, widows, orphans, &c., of, petition of
-, churches
-, citizens of
-, city of
-, companies of, also— Barber surgeons, petition of
-, hall, letter dated from
-, masters, &c., of
-, Goldsmiths' hall, see Goldsmiths' hall.
-, Grocers' hall committee
-, Haberdashers' hall, see Haberdashers' hall.
-, Sadlers' hall, committee at
-, Stationers' hall
-, Watermen
-, Watermens' hall, governors of
-, order to
-, Common Council of
-, petition of, alluded to
-, congregations in and about, petition of
-, Council for Charles II. in
-, departure from
-, license for
-, designs against
-, forces in
-, gentlemen of
-, hackney coaches in, rules for
-, handicraft men in
-, justices of peace of
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, licenses to come to or remain in
-, lord mayor of (Sir Chris. Pack)
-, commission to
-, letters to
-, petition of
-, mails to or from
-, manners of
-, merchants of
-, names of
-, merchants of the Intercourse in
-, petition of
-, militia in
-, commissioners of
-, commission to
-, new buildings in
-, persons in and about
-, poor of, coals for
-, port of
-, searcher in
-, printers in
-, prisoners in and sent to
-, receiver in
-, recorder of, see Steele, Wm.
-, regiments in
-, registrar in, to the Major-generals
-, residents in, or Londoners
-, petition and proposals of
-, sheriffs of
-, court of
-, letter to
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of
-, stationers of
-, tradesmen in, petition of
-, travellers to or from

London, streets, buildings, &c., in also
-, Aldersgate Street
-, Aldgate
-, Allhallows the great
-, Axe Yard
-, Barbican
-, Baertholomew's fair
-, Bartlett's Court
-, Bishopsgate Street
-, Blackfriars
-, Bread Street
-, Brewer's Yard
-, Bridewell
-, governor or keeper of
-, Broad Street
-, Camden House, commissioners at
-, Cannon Street
-, Chancery Lane
-, Charing Cross
-, Charterhouse, governor of
-, paper dated from
-, pensioner in
-, Cheapside, letter dated from
-, Chillingdon's church
-, Chiswick Street
-, Clerkenwell
-, Cockpit, paper dated from
-, Cornhill
-, Counter prison
-, Covent Garden
-, Cripplegate
-, Crooked Lane
-, Custom House, see Custom House.
-, Derby House, see Derby House.
-, Doctors' Commons
-, paper dated from
-, Dowgate
-, Drury House, see Drury House.
-, Dunghill Lane
-, Dunstan's church
-, Ely House, see Ely House.
-, Exchange, new
-, old
-, Exeter House
-, Fenchurch Street
-, Fetter Lane
-, Fleet, the prisoners in
-, Conduit
-, Street
-, Gray's Inn
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, Lane
-, Guildhall, see Guildhall.
-, Hanging Sword Court
-, Harper Lane
-, Holborn
-, House of Correction
-, James' Parish, Clerkenwell
-, Katherine's (Tower)
-, King Street
-, Leadenhall Street
-, Little Britain, commissioners in, see Mariners, sick and wounded, commissioners for.
-, letters dated from
-, Long Acre
-, Marylebone park
-, Mary Maudlin church
-, Mews, the, see Mews.
-, Minories
-, Moorfields
-, Moorgate
-, Moor Lane
-, New Fish Street Hill
-, Newgate
-, letters dated from
-, officers of
-, Newgate, press-yard in
-, prisoners in
-, New Market place
-, Old Fish Street
-, Hill
-, Jewry
-, Paternoster Row
-, Piazza
-, Poultry Compter, letter dated from
-, Prize office, see Prize office.
-, Probate court
-, Queen Street
-, St. Andrew's church
-, St. Andrew's wardrobe
-, St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, inhabitants of, petitions of
-, St. Bride's
-, St. Clement's
-, St. Dunstan's church
-, St. Giles' in the Fields
-, St. James'
-, park
-, St. Martin's in the Fields
-, Lane
-, St. Olave's
-, St. Paul's
-, Churchyard
-, St. Swithin's Lane
-, St. Thomas the Apostle
-, Savoy
-, hospital
-, commissioners of, see Ely House.
-, Scotland Yard, labourers in
-, Seething Lane
-, Sepulchre's
-, Sheere Lane
-, Shoe Lane
-, Smithfield
-, East
-, Somerset House
-, Southwark, see Southwark.
-, Strand
-, Suffolk House
-, Temple Bar
-, Inner
-, Thames Street
-, Threadneedle Street
-, Tower, see Tower
-, Street
-, Trinity parish
-, Wallingford House
-, Whitechapel
-, Wood Street
-, Worcester House, see Worcester House.


Long, Lisle
-, Lislebone
-, Walter

Long Dean, co. Northampton

Longe, Rob., letter of
-, Col., pass for

Longland, Chas.

Longthorp, co. Northampton

Lorcan, John

Lord, John, petition of
-, family of

Lord's day, or Sabbath

Lords, house of
-, journals of, papers printed in

Lorette, Notre Dame de

Lorne, Marquis of, see Campbell.

Lorphelin, Ezekias, pass for

Lort, Roger

Losileur, Capt.

Lothian, Earl of, see Kerr.

Loudoun, Marquis of, see Campbell.

Lough-Broome, Scotland

Love, Mr.

Lovel, Rich., tutor of the Duke of Gloucester
-, Theodore
-, pass for
-, Mrs.

Lovelace, Col. Fras.

Low Countries, see also Holland.

Lower, Thos.
-, Wm., pass for
-, Sir Wm.


Lowther, Sir John
-, Rob.
-, Justice

Lubec, ships of

Lucas, Isaac, pass for
-, Jacobus, pass for
-, Jehosaphat
-, petition of
-, parents, &c., of
-, John
-, John, of Westminster, letter of
-, Capt. Rob.
-, assignment by


Lucy, Rich.
-, Sir Rich.

Ludham, Norfolk

Ludlow castle
-, garrison

Ludlow, Lieut. Gen. Edw.
-, Sir Hen.

Lukin, Isaac

Lumley, Rich., Viscount Lumley, pass for


Lundee, Scotland, laird of

Lundy Island

Luss, Scotland

Lyckhont, Maria, pass for

Lyde, John, certificate of

Lydney, co. Gloucester
-, letters dated from
-, Pill

Lyme, Nich.

Lyme Regis
-, mayor of
-, letter to
-, merchants of
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Lynam, Rich.

Lynde, Mat.

Lynes, Hum., and family, pass for

Lynn Regis
-, letter dated from
-, mayor, &c., of
-, prisoners sent to

Lyons, Rich.

Lytton, Nath., pass for