General Index: M

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: M', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 666-672. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Mably, John, information of

Macclesfield, co. Chester

Mackay, John, lord Reay
-, George, master of Reay
-, Donald
-, Hugh
-, Rob.
-, Wm.

Mackeneth, Keneth

Mackenzie, Scotland

Mackenzie, Kenneth, Earl of Seaforth
-, Simon, his uncle
-, or Mackenye, Alex.
-, John
-, Thos.

Mackey, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of

Mackloude, Neale

Mackree, Peter

Macks, Edw.

Mackworth, Col. Geo.
-, wife of
-, Col. Hum., governor of Shrewsbury
-, certificate of
-, letter to
-, petition of
-, Thos.

Mac Naughton, A., letter of

Madderne, Major

Maddison, Capt. H.
-, letters of
-, Wm.

Maddox, John

Madeira wine

Madock, Ben.
-, pass for

Maertens, David, pass for

Maes, the

Maghie, Geo., pass for

Maghtingall, Rob., pass for


Magna Charta

Maiden Bradley, Wilts

Maidenhead, Berks

Maiden Newton, Dorset, paper dated from

Maidstone, Kent
-, gaol
-, letters dated from

Maidstone, John, steward to Cromwell
-, letter of
-, payments to

Maidwell, Lawrence
-, petitions of

Mainet, Joshua

Mainwaring, Peter, pass for
-, Thos., letter to
-, Mr., pass for

Maire, Chas. le

Maitland, John, Earl of Lauderdale
-, Anne, Countess of Lauderdale
-, petition of
-, Lord, see Campbell.
-, Capt.

Major, Capt. John, letters of
-, Lieut. John
-, certificate of
-, letters &c., of
-, Rich.
-, Mr., as member of Council


Majors General
-, commissions to
-, instructions, &c., to

Makins, Bathshua, petition of

-, letter dated from
-, road
-, ship to or from



Malivery, royalist

Malony, Thos., letter of

Malory, John
-, Sir John

Malyn, Mr.

Man, Edw.
-, Wm., pass for

Man, Isle of
-, officers, &c., in, petition of

Manby, Thos.
-, letters to
-, Mr., reference to

-, Earl of, see Montague.

Manenden, Essex

Manley, John, Postmaster-general
-, petitions of
-, Capt. John, pass for
-, Rob.
-, examination of
-, family of
-, letters of
-, pass for
-, petition of
-, Roger, pass for
-, Major

Manning, alias Butler, And. (traitor)
-, letters of

-, wife of

Mansell, Col. Bussy
-, Sir Rob.
-, pass for

Manton, Nath.

Manwaring, royalist

Manwood, Lady Dorothy, pass for

Maplestone, Mr.

March, Rich.
-, Capt. Wm.

Margate, Kent
-, road, letter dated from

Marham-on-the-hill, co. Lincoln

Mariners, or seamen, also casual notices, passim.
-, impress of
-, protection from
-, payment for
-, refractory, mutinous, or discontented
-, relief of
-, runaway
-, sick and wounded
-, commissioners for, at Little Britain
-, letters of
-, treasurer for
-, volunteers
-, wages of
-, tickets for
-, counterfeit
-, want of

Marini, Clement, and family, pass for

Marinus, Petrus, pass for

Marke, Hendrick and Marg., pass for

Market, clerk of the

Marks, Nath., pass for

Marland, John, petition of

Marlborough, Wilts
-, letter dated from

Marlow, Sir John

Marmaduke (ship)

Marque and reprisal, letters of
-, revocation of


Marseilles, ships of
-, ships to or from

Marsgoodin, co. Monmouth

Marsh, Mr.
-, widow of

Marshal, Earl, see Keith.
-, general see also Alsop, Roger.
-, to the fleet

Marshall, Thos.
-, family of
-, petition of

Marshalsea prison, Southwark
-, keeper of

Marshland, co. Norfolk
-, co. York

Marssen, Jean, pass for

Marston Moor, battle of

Marten, Lambert, pass for
-, Capt.

Martensen, Peter

Martesen, Urian
-, depositions of

Martin, Hen.
-, Nich., petition of
-, Nich. (Holsteiner)
-, Rich.
-, Wm.
-, petition of
-, Cromwell's gentleman


Martyn, Gab.

Marwood, Mary, payment to

Mary, Princess Royal, princess of Orange

Masham, Sir Wm.

Massam, John, petition of
-, Thos.

Massey, Hen., certificate by
-, Rob.
-, royalist

Master, Benj.

Masters, Rob., pass for

Mathew, Nich., certificate of

Mathews, John, pass for
-, Rich.

Matravers, John, petitions of

Matthews, Edm., deposition of

Mattock, Rich.

Mattshall, Norfolk

Maude's fort, Pendennis

Maule, Patrick, Earl of Panmure
-, Hen.

Maundy, Hen.
-, Thos.

Maurice of Nassau, Prince

Maurice, Prince Palatine

Maxwell, Lady Anne, petition of

May, Edw.
-, case of
-, petitions of
-, wife of
-, Hugh
-, pass for
-, Tristram
-, petition of

Mayagh, Rob., pass for

Mayden, Wm., letter of

Maydley, Rich., examination of

Mayerne, Sir Theodore de, or Dr.
-, Lady

Maynard, William, Lord Maynard
-, Serj. John
-, Thos.

Mayo, Phil., pass for
-, Col.
-, pass for
-, brother of, pass for

Mayor, John
-, Lieut.-Col. John, governor of Berwick
-, letter to
-, petition of

Mayors, &c., see also under the several towns.

Mazarin, Cardinal (Jules)

Mead, John
-, John, merchant, pass for

Meadow, Phil.

Meales, Capt. Hen., pass for

Meara, Thos.

-, maker of, see Simons, Thos.

Mediterranean, the, ships in, to, or from

Medlicott, Jer., petition of

Medway, the

Meech, Thos.
-, letter of

Meldrum, John
-, Jane, widow of, petition of
-, Rob.
-, Capt., son of

Mellidge, Capt. And.
-, letter of

Mells, co. Somerset

Memprice, Walter

Mendez, Henrique Geo.
-, pass for

Menne, Sam., pass for

Mennes, Lady Jane
-, Sir John

Mercado, Abr. & Raphael, pass for

Mercer, Eliz.
-, James

Merchant Adventurers' Company

-, claims of
-, names of

Mercus, Meinert, pass for

Meredith, Edw.

Meret, Joanne le, pass for

Merfell, Mic., letter of

-, inhabitants of, instrument by
-, justices of peace in, letter to

Meriot, Dan., pass for

Merry, Thos., pass for

Mersey fort
-, island
-, governor of, see Burrell, Capt. Wm.
-, prisoners sent to
-, river

Merston Biggott, Somerset

Meslouck, Paulus, pass for

Messervey, John, pass for
-, Capt.

Metcalfe, Thos.
-, Wm.

Methold, Sir Wm.

Methwyn, Paul, pass for

Mevis island
-, governor of

Mew, Mich., letters of

Mews, the
-, furniture for
-, guard at
-, keeper of, see Wynne, Dan.

Meyer, Jacob, pass for

Michel, Jervise
-, Rob.
-, petition of

Michell, Mr.

Mico, merchant


Middleham castle, co. York
-, governor of, see Foster, Capt. Thos.

Middlemore barony, Ireland

-, commissioners in
-, for charitable uses, remonstrance of
-, constables, &c., of
-, justices of peace for
-, militia in
-, places in
-, provost marshal of
-, receiver in
-, sheriffs of
-, letter to

Middleton, Hen., serjeant-at-arms
-, Lieut. or Capt. Hugh
-, letters of
-, Lieut.-Gen. John
-, letter of, alluded to

Middleton, co. Lancaster
-, co. York

Midford, Rob., letters of

Miles, Mich

-, letters dated from
-, Haven
-, letters dated from

-, commissioners
-, instructions to
-, alluded to
-, major-generals of, see Major-Generals.
-, moneys
-, officers of

Mill, Rich.
-, or Mills, Lieut.-Col.

Miller, Lieut. Hugh
-, Edward, son of
-, Katherine, widow of, petition of
-, Major John
-, Lawrence, pass for
-, Mr., alias Thurloe, letter to

Milleray, M. de

Millet, Col. Ralph

Mills, John, quartermaster, payment to
-, Lieut.-Col., see Mill.

Milner, Dick

Milo, port of Spain

Milton, John, payment to
-, Lieut. Thos.
-, letters of

Milton manor

Minehead, Somerset
-, road, letter dated from

Minerva or Pallas

Mines, Hen., deposition of

Mings, Capt., see Myngs

Minhere, Wm.

Ministers, chaplains, or preachers see also Scotland and Ireland, preachers or ministers in.
-, augmentation of livings for
-, committee for approbation of
-, complaints against
-, Godly, ejection or disturbance of
-, names of
-, plundered, committee for
-, order of
-, scandalous, and schoolmasters
-, committee for ejecting
-, letters to
-, in counties
-, letters to
-, Ordinance for ejecting
-, trustees or committee for maintenance of

Minnit, Anna, pass for

Minshew, Wm., pass for

Mint, the, Tower, see also Ireland, Mint in.
-, engraver of, see Simons, Thos
-, officers of


Mitz, Dan., pass for

-, Duke of (Francis I.), agent of

Mohun, Warwick, lord Mohun
-, Major

Moley, Edw., pass for

Molineux, Sir Fras.
-, Roger
-, petition of

Molins, Wm.

Molton, Long, Norfolk
-, South, co. Devon

-, business of raising
-, commissions for advance of, see Advance of Money.
-, loans of
-, transport of
-, want of
-, warrants for payment of
-, signed

Monger, John

Monk, Gen. George, commander in chief in Scotland
-, articles of, with Scotch nobles
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, passes of, alluded to
-, regiment of
-, warrants from, alluded to

Monmouth, bailiff, &c., of, letter to

-, justices, &c., of, letter of, alluded to
-, letters to
-, militia commissioners of
-, letter to
-, places in
-, residents in


Monroe, Geo.

Montague, Edward, of Manchester
-, Edward, Lord Montague
-, Lady
-, General, or Col. Edw.
-, as member of Council
-, as Treasury commissioner
-, Ralph, pass for

Montgomery, Hugh, Viscount Montgomery of Ardes

Montgomery castle

-, inhabitants of, instrument by
-, justices of peace in, letters to

Montigny, M. de, governor of Dieppe

Montrose, Scotland

Moore, or More, John, certificate by
-, Capt. John, pass for
-, Rich
-, Rich., surgeon
-, Rob., petition of
-, Rob., of Kent
-, Wm.
-, Mr.

Moorhead, Major Wm.

Mordaunt, Henry, Earl of Peterborough

Morden, Rich., petition of

Moreland, Mr.

Moresini, Gen.

Moreton, Albert
-, Capt. Geo., pass for

Morgan, David
-, Lucy and Dorothy, pass for
-, Marg.
-, Thos., pass for
-, Lieut. Thos.
-, Wm. (royalist)
-, Col.
-, Maj.-Gen.
-, Mr.

-, castle
-, ships to or from

Morley, Cuthbert
-, James
-, Sir John
-, Jonas
-, Mary
-, petition of
-, Capt. Thos.
-, Dr., minister
-, Mr.


Morphy, Scotland

Morrell, Hugh

Morris, Jas.
-, John, letters of
-, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of
-, Lieut. Thos.
-, Wm.

Morrison, Sir Alex.

Morse, Dan.
-, Rob., petition of

Mortality, bills of

Morton, Mr., of Essex

-, envoy to

Moss, John

Motcombe, co. Dorset

Mote's bulwark, Dover

Motston, letters dated from

Mott, Jan, pass for

Mould, John, deposition of
-, petition of

Moulton, Vice-adm.

Mount, the, Cornwall

Mountain, Sir Phil.

Mountjoy, Jas., petition of
-, Wm.
-, petition of

Moyer, Sam., petition of

Mucker, Abr.

Mudford, Somerset

Mugford, Milner, petition of

Mulgrave castle
-, Earl of, see Sheffield, Edm.

Muller, Andreas, pass for

Mullins, Thos., certificate of
-, letter of

Mumford, Sir Edw.

Mundy, Edw., letters of

Munster, Germany

Murford, Nich.
-, orphans of, petition of
-, Major Peter, letter of

Murray, Earl of, see Stewart.
-, James, Earl of Tullibardine
-, Sam.
-, widow of
-, Wm.
-, of Polemais

Muscovite, the

Muscovy Company
-, petition of

Musgrave, Chris.
-, Sir Phil.

Mushee (cook), payments to



Muskevadus sugar

Mussered, Wm.

Muster-master General

Mutton, Edw.

Myagh, Rob., pass for

Myngs, or Mings, Capt. Chris.
-, certificate of
-, letters of