General Index: P, Q, R

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: P, Q, R', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 676-686. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Paar, Comte de, Pierre Ernest

Pack, Sir Chris., Alderman of London see also London, Lord Mayor of.
-, as treasurer for the Savoy Protestants
-, petition of
-, report of
-, Capt. Hen.
-, certificate of
-, letters, &c., of

Packer, Wm., payment to
-, Major

Packet boats

Packington, Sir John

Packwood, John
-, letters of

Page, John, mayor of Plymouth
-, letter of
-, petition of
-, Mary, petition of
-, royalist

Paget, Wm., Lord Paget, pass for

Paine, Wm.

Painter, Hum.


Pakeman, Ezek., letter of

Palasche, alias Carolus, Jacob

Palatine Elector (Charles Louis)
-, Prince Maurice
-, Rupert, see Rupert.

Paleman, Wm., pass for

Palmer, Archdale
-, Edm., pass for
-, Elias
-, Jeffry
-, John, examination of
-, letter of
-, wife of
-, Lieut. Rich.
-, petition of
-, Capt.

Paluzzi, Signor

Panmure, Earl of, see Maule.

Panton, Thos.

Papal supremacy


Parbury, Somerset

Pardoe, Hen.
-, letter of

Pardon and Oblivion, Act of

Pardy, Rob.

-, archbishop of
-, parliament at
-, plaster of

Parishes, trustees for uniting and dividing

Parke, Capt. Fras.
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, note to
-, Rob., pass for

Parker, Geo., certificates of
-, John
-, petitions of
-, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, Rob.
-, Mr., letter to

Parkins, Mr.

Parliament, the, or the House
-, Acts or Bills in, alluded to (Jan. 1655)
-, (Feb.)
-, (March)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, (June)
-, (July)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, collection of, relating to excise
-, affection or adherence to
-, clerk of, Scobell, Hen.
-, committees of
-, disaffection or opposition to see also Government, the present.
-, forces
-, free
-, house
-, members of
-, elections of
-, orders and ordinances of, alluded to
-, party of
-, petitions to
-, petitions to, alluded to
-, services to
-, speaker of, see Lenthall, Wm.
-, subjects referred to
-, triennial
-, war against

Parliament, the late
-, Acts of, alluded to
-, committees of
-, dissolution of
-, members of
-, orders of, &c.
-, alluded to
-, service to
-, war against
-, the Long

Parliamentary history, paper printed in

Parnel, Eliz., payment to

Parr, John, pass for

Parrey, Hen., Dorothy, and Grisell, pass for
-, John

Parrott, Chas., pass for

Parry, Jas.
-, John
-, Thos.
-, accounts of
-, petition of

Parsons, Rob.

Parvo, Joan

Paslay, Lord and Lady, pass for

Passage, restraint on

-, alluded to
-, refused

Paston, Col. John

Pattison, Edw.
-, John
-, examination of

Paul, minister

Paulerspury, co. Northampton, inhabitants of, petition of

Paulet, William, fourth Marquis of Winchester
-, John, fifth Marquis of Winchester
-, Charles, Lord St. John, his son
-, Lord Francis, his son, pass for

Pauling, Alex.

Pauro, Geerat, pass for

Pauw, Reynier, pass for

Pawlett, Roger, deposition of
-, examination of

Paxford, Rich.

Payler, Geo., navy commissioner and ordnance officer
-, letters, &c., of

Payne, Geo.
-, John

Paynter, see Granger, John.

Payton, Thos.
-, pass for

Peace (ship), owners of

Pearce, Capt. Abr.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Capt. John
-, letters to
-, pass for

Pechell, Capt. Rich.
-, petition of
-, children of

Peck, John
-, Thos.
-, petition of

Pedmarsh, Essex

Peek, Thos.
-, reply of


Peirce, Sir Edw.
-, Capt. Wm.

Pelham, Major

Pelling, Edw., letter of

Pembridge, Wm.
-, Anne, widow of
-, petition of

-, Earl of, see Herbert.
-, letters dated from
-, navy agent at, see Browne, Rich.

-, commissioners for
-, justices of peace in, letter to
-, residents in

Pendall, John, pass for

-, castle
-, governor of
-, letters dated from

Penn, Vice-admiral or Gen. Wm.
-, certificates of
-, family of
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, petition of
-, sent to the Tower
-, squadron or fleet of
-, stores, arms, &c., for
-, warrant of
-, Margaret, lady, his wife, letter of
-, Capt.

Pennington, Ald. Isaac
-, petitions of

Pennoyer, Wm.
-, petitions of

Penny, Geo.

Penrose, Capt. Thos.
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Penruddock, John
-, Alice, widow of, petition of
-, children of

People, liberty of the

Peper, John

Percy, Algernon, Earl of Northumberland

Peregrine (ship), owners of
-, petition of

Perkins, Barth.
-, Moses

Pernambuco, Brazil

Pernett, Fras. and wife, pass for

Perry, Wm.

-, language

Persons, Wm., pass for

Perth, Earl of, see Drummond.

Pestell, Capt.

-, Sir Fras., pass for

-, Earl of, see Mordaunt.

Peters, Hugh
-, letter of
-, payments to

Petersen, Corn.
-, John and Ambrose, pass for
-, Capt. John

Petit, Rosier, pass for

Petitions, committee of Council for
-, order in
-, references to
-, reports of, alluded to

Petre, John, pass for

Pett, Chris., master shipwright at Woolwich
-, letters of
-, Peter, Navy Commissioner at Chatham
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, order by
-, Capt. Phineas (brother of Peter), clerk of the check at Chatham
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Mr., of Hoo

Pettie, John, letter of

Pettingale, Ann

Peyton, Thos.

Phaire or Faire, Col. Rob.


Phelps, John, payment to
-, Rich.
-, request by

Philip and Mary, Statute of

Philiphaugh, battle at

Philips, Jas., petition of


Phillips, Sir Erasmus
-, Geo.
-, Capt. Isaac
-, Capt. Mat.
-, Peter
-, Mr., of Bawley
-, Mr., ship of

Phillipps, Sir Rich.

Philliter, Capt. Abr.

Philpott, John

-, college of, president of

Pibble Stow, co. Northampton

Pichard, minister

Pickering, Sir Gilb.
-, as member of Council
-, Jas.

Pickersgill, John, pass for

Picks, Edw., pass for
-, Wm.

-, Protestants of, see Protestants.

Pierce, John
-, Major, letter to
-, (royalist)

Piersou, Eliz., pass for

Pieters, Jan., pass for

Pieterssen, Broer, pass for
-, Clem., pass for

Piggott, Ralph
-, Sir Rich.

Pight, Rich.
-, payments to

Pigot, Felix

Pilkington, Hen.

Pilsdon, Dorset

Pimlowe, John

Pindar jewel

Pinder, Susan, pass for

Pinkney, Jas.

Piper, John, and wife, pass for


Pirates see also Brest pirates.

Pistos, Rich.

Pitman, John

Pitt, John
-, letters of
-, order to
-, Rich., petition of
-, relatives of
-, Rowland
-, petition of

Pitts, Baruch or Abraham
-, Sir Edw.
-, John

Plague or contagion, the

-, fleet
-, ships, see Salvadore, &c.

-, committee for
-, reference to
-, report of
-, prisoners sent to

Player, Col.


Pleshy Essex

Pley, Capt. John
-, letter of

Plumleigh, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of

Plummer, Jas.

Plunkett, Capt.

Pluseardine, Scotland

Pluyn, Mich., pass for

-, brewers in
-, castle
-, Catwater at
-, letters dated from
-, constables of
-, dockyard at, officers of
-, fort
-, letters dated from
-, Friary, gate at
-, island
-, letters dated from
-, mayor, &c., of
-, petition of
-, men
-, merchants, &c., of, petition of
-, navy commissioner at, see Hatsell, Capt. W.
-, prison in, keeper of, warrant to
-, prisoners at
-, prize commissioners at
-, residents in
-, road
-, ships at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, Sound
-, letters dated from
-, stores at or to
-, travellers to or from

Plympton, Devon

Poelin, John Baptist
-, pass for

Pointer, Thos.
-, letters of

Poland, King of (Jean Casimir V.), or the Pole
-, agent of

-, passes to

Poles, the

Polidge, Ant., pass for

Polwheele, Major

Pond, John

Ponnett, Augustin

Ponwels, Cornelis, pass for

Poole, Sir John
-, pass for
-, Capt. Jonas, certificate of

Poole, Dorset
-, corporation of
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, ships at
-, ships of

Pooler, John

Pooley, Sir Wm.

Poor, the
-, employment of
-, relief of see also London, poor of.

Poortmans, Edw., letter of
-, John

Pope, the, (Alexander VII.)

Pope, Thomas, Earl of Down


Popham, Col. Alex.

Popish enemies
-, governors
-, landlords
-, priests, see Priests.
-, recusants, see Recusants.

Pordage, Anne, pass for
-, Dr. John
-, family of
-, petitions of

Poretch, Ant., pass for


Porte, the, see Turkey.

Porter, Ant.
-, letter of
-, Rob.
-, Thos.

Portine, Rob.

-, castle
-, governor
-, warrant to
-, engagement off
-, Road
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to or from

Port Lewis, or Louis

Port Patrick

-, dockyard
-, officers of, see Thorowgood, Chas.; Tippetts, John.
-, garrison of
-, surgeon for
-, governor of, see Norton, Col. Rich
-, deputy
-, harbour
-, letters dated from
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, Navy commissioner at, see Willoughby, Fras.
-, office at, letter dated from
-, persons in or residents at
-, prize officers at
-, ships at
-, ships building at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, stores at or for
-, travellers to or from

Portsmouth, ship, officers of, account by

Portugal, King of, (John IV.)
-, ambassador or agent from
-, Council of State to

-, coast of
-, commissioners
-, merchants
-, money
-, passes to
-, places in

-, ships

-, house
-, journeys
-, Master-General, see Manley, John.
-, masters
-, or letter offices
-, Ordinance

-, committee on

Postal service, orders for

Pott, Hendrik, pass for
-, Thos.
-, Eliz., widow of
-, petition of

Potter, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of
-, Simon

Potts, Thos., pass for

Poulett, John, lord Poulett
-, estate of

Poulton, John

Pound, Step.
-, petition of
-, Mary, his wife

Povey, Chas., pass for

Powell, Anne, pass for
-, Dan
-, Hugh, auditor
-, certificate of
-, Jas.
-, John
-, Morgan
-, Capt.

Power, Nich., pass for

Poyntz, Capt. John
-, letter of
-, petition of
-, sons of
-, Jeonett

Preachers, see Ministers.

Pregion, Ann, petition of
-, father of

Prerogative Court


Prescott, Edw.
-, certificate by

President, lord, see Lawrence, Hen.

Prestbury, Cheshire

Preston, Scotland
-, Grange, Scotland

Preston, Geo.
-, Isaac
-, petition of
-, Rich.
-, Thos., pass for

Prestwold, co. Leicester
-, inhabitants of, petition of

Pretty, Col. Hen.

Price, Geo., petition of
-, Col. Hen.
-, Hugh
-, John
-, John, of Dover
-, Sir Rich.
-, Thos.

Prideaux, Edm., attorney generel
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, references to
-, report of
-, alluded to

Priests (Popish)

Prince, the, see Charles II.

Prince, John Cornelison

-, regulations for

Prisons and prisoners, committee on

Prisoners and casual notices, passim.
-, charges of
-, rescue or escape of

Prisoners at war
-, list of
-, release of

Priteman, Christiaen, pass for

Privy seal
-, clerks of, petition of
-, lord

Privy seals of Charles II.

Prize goods
-, embezzlement of
-, sale of
-, money for
-, money
-, office
-, letters dated from
-, surveyor of
-, officers
-, warrant to

Prize ships or prizes
-, list of

Prizes and prize goods, commissioners and collectors of see also Hill, Rich; Turpin, Rob.
-, clerk of
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, orders to
-, references to
-, reports of, alluded to
-, sub-commissioners of

Probate of wills, commissioners for
-, court of, paper dated from
-, judges for

Proberts, Rob., payment to

Proclamations, see Cromwell, Protector, proclamations of.

Proctor, Thos.

Progers, Ed.

Pronger, Samp., pass for

Prosser, Rich., petition of

Protector, the, see Cromwell, Oliver

Protestant cantons, seeSwitzerland
-, princes

-, churches of
-, of Savoy or Piedmont
-, collection for
-, treasurers, &c., of
-, committee for

Proudlove, Randall

Provender, Geo., and wife, pass for

Providence, New England

Provost marshal

Prowse, John

Prujean, Dr. Fras., deposition of


Prymes, Eliz., pass for

Public debts and discoveries, commissioners for, see Discoveries.
-, faith bills and debentures
-, counterfeiting of
-, propositions to discover
-, doubling upon
-, news
-, worship see also Religion.
-, places for

Puckle, John
-, Capt.

Pudsey, Mich.
-, daughter of

Pujade, Adjutant
-, Eliz., widow of

Punritt, Susanna

Purefoy, John


Purling, Major Erasmus
-, wife of

Pury, Thos., sen., mayor of Gloucester
-, letter to

Putinger, Mr.

Pycroft, Randolph, deposition of

Pye, Sir Rob.
-, certificate by

Pyend, Step.

Pyke, Mr., of co. Somerset

Pyle [Rich.]

Pym, Col. John
-, Rich
-, Wm.
-, petitions of

Pyne, Col.





Queen, the, see Henrietta Maria.

Queen's Park


Queensborough, see Quinborow.
-, Earl of, see Douglas.

Quick, John


Quinborow, or Queensborough


Raby castle, Durham

Radham, John, see Redham.

-, justices of peace in, letters to

Ragley, co. Warwick

Rainham, Essex
-, Kent

Rainsborough, Col.

Ramsay, William, 1st Earl of Dalhousie

Ramsey, John
-, pass for

Rand, Edw.

Randall, Mr

Randolph, Amb., keeper of the State Paper Office
-, payment to

Rands, Dorothy

Ramdyll, Vincent

Ranelagh, Viscount, see Jones.

Rantzow, Sir Hen. and Sir Otto, pass for

Ranzes, or Rantsaw, Hen.

Ratcliffe, Sir Geo.

Ratcliffe, Middlesex, letter dated from

Rathbone, John

Ratte, Abr., pass for

Raven, John
-, petition of
-, Sam.
-, letter of

Ravenscroft, prisoner
-, brother of
-, mother of
-, sisters of

Raw, Edw.
-, Fras.

Rawlins, Rob., letter of
-, Wm., pass for
-, Capt.
-, Mr.

Rawson, Mr.

Raymee, Wm.

Rea, Capt. Thos.

Read, Ambrose
-, Hannah
-, Wm., deposition of

Reader, Thos., letter of

Reading, Berks

Reading, Peter

Reael, Joh., pass for


Rebello, Forreira, pass for

-, against the King
-, against Parliament see also Government, insurrection against; and Ireland, rebels and rebellion in.

Receiver-General, see Fauconberg, Thos.

Record, court of

Record office library, collection of Acts in


Recusants, Popish
-, Act for composition of
-, estates of

Redcastle, Wales

Redham or Radham, John

Redman, Major Dan.
-, payment to


Redwood, John
-, Nich.

Reeves, John
-, Thos.
-, minister

Reignolds, Capt. Jacob

Reinswood, M.

Religion see also Public Worship.
-, reformed
-, Roman

Remnant, Eliz.

Renters, Wm., pass for

Renton, John

Report, ship

Reprisal, letters of, see Marque and Reprisal.

Requests, masters of, see Bacon, Nath.; Sadler, John.

Retz, Cardinal de (J. F. P. de Gondi)

Revenue, the
-, charges on
-, committee or commissioners
-, orders of
-, alluded to
-, warrants of, alluded to
-, office
-, officers

Reymes, John, pass for

Reynard, Eliz.
-, examination of

Reyner, John

Reynolds, Thos.
-, petitions of
-, replies of
-, Commissary-General J.
-, report of

Rhodes, Capt. Wm.
-, letter of
-, payment to

Rian, Loch

Riccard, Ald.

Rice, Barth., pass for

Rich, Robert, Earl of Warwick
-, Robert, Earl of Holland
-, Robert, Lord Rich
-, Chas.
-, payment to
-, Col. Nath.

Richard, John, pass for
-, Mr.

Richards, Wm.

Richardson, Abel
-, John, pass for

Richaut, Sir Peter

Richauts, the

Richlewen, Julian, pass for

Richmond, Duke and Duchess of, see Stuart.

Rickmansworth, Herts

Ricord, Thos.
-, information of

Riddell, alias Bosche, Chris.
-, petitions of
-, Eliz., his wife
-, children of
-, Jas.
-, Sir Thos.

Ridder, Corn. Fred. de, pass for

Ridder, Wm., petition of

Ridge, John
-, Mr.

Rietvolt, Jacob, pass for

Riley, Hen., consul at Aleppo
-, letters to

Rinswood, Lord

Ripley, Rob., mayor of Hull, letter to
-, letter of

Risden, Thos., see Rysdon.

River, the, see Thames.

Rivers, Sir Thos.

Roade forest, Somerset

Roane, Rob.

Roberts, Ant.
-, Edw.
-, Elias, pass for
-, Mary, pass for
-, Rob.
-, payment to
-, Sarah, pass for
-, Capt. Thos.
-, letter to
-, petition of
-, Sir Wm.
-, Mr., of Essex

Robinson, Fras.
-, Hen.
-, Jas., bond of
-, John
-, John, of Essex
-, John, shipmaster
-, Luke
-, Nath.
-, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of
-, Rob. and family, pass for
-, Thos.
-, Wm., petition of
-, Sir Wm.
-, Mr., of Oxford
-, of the Hopewell

Roborough hundred, Devon

Roche, Paul

Roche forest

Rochelle, ships of
-, ships to or from

-, dean and chapter of
-, Earl of, see Wilmot.
-, mayor of
-, papers dated from
-, St. Margaret's in

Rockingham forest, walks in

Rodes, Hen.

Roe, Fras., pass for
-, Papist

Rogers, David
-, John, apothecary
-, John, prisoner
-, Neh.
-, Col. Wroth, governor of Hereford
-, letters to
-, royalist

Rohan, merchant of

Rolfe, Thos., petition of

Rolle, Hen., lord chief justice of the Upper Bench

Rolling ground
-, letter dated from

Rollock, Lord (? James, Lord Rollo)

Rolls, master of the, see also Lenthall, Wm.

Rolston, Col.

Rolt, Edw., ambassador to Sweden
-, payments to

Roman Catholic
-, letters
-, religion

-, church and see of

Romish Priest, seePriest

Romney marsh, Kent

Rood, Edw.
-, Margaret, widow of, petition of

Rookswood, Ed.

Roper, Christopher, Lord Teynham, pass for

Roscarrock, Mr., of Cornwall

Rosche, alias Riddell, Chris.

Roscoe, Brittany

Rose, Rich.
-, Mr.

Roseworm, Lieut.-Col. John
-, payment to
-, wife of, payments to

Rosin, M.


Ross, William, 10th lord Ross
-, Wm., pass for

Ross, Ireland

Rother (port)

Rothes, Earl of, see Leslie.

Rothuney, Scotland

-, letters dated from
-, merchants of
-, shipmasters bound for, petition of
-, ships of

Rottier, Abr. and Mark, pass for


Round-downs, battle at


Rous, Col. Ant., member of Council
-, Fras., letter to

Rouse, Jacob
-, Thos.
-, Mr.

Roux, Jacob de

Row or Rowe, Geo.
-, John
-, Nich., letter to
-, Peter, solicitor in the Admiralty Court
-, Rich.
-, Wm.
-, certificate by
-, Wm., Admiralty registrar
-, letter to

Rowes, John

Rowton battle

Roxburgh, Earl of, see Drummond.

Royalists, see also Delinquents, and Charles II., party of.

Royden, Capt.

Royse, Fras.

Roysteyn, Jan, pass for

Royston, John, letters of

Ruckhalls, Essex

Ruddle, Art.

Rudham, Norfolk

Rudyard, Quartermaster

Rufford abbey, co. Notts

Rugeley, Col. Simon

Rumbelowr, Nath.

Rupert, Prince Palatine
-, fleet, &c., of

Rushworth, John, certificate by
-, letter of

Russell, Francis, Lord Russell
-, Edw.
-, Sir Fras.
-, Hen., examination of
-, Hen., quartermaster
-, John, pass for
-, Col. John
-, Thos.
-, Wm.
-, Sir Wm.

Russia company, see Muscovy company.

Rustewein, Killian, pass for

Ruthin castle, Scotland

Ruthven, Sir Fras.

-, justices of peace in, letter to
-, militia in
-, commissioners of

Rutter, Eliz.
-, Sam.

Ryck, Cath. and Eliz., pass for

Rye, John
-, petition of

Rye, Sussex
-, clerk of the passage at
-, exports from
-, inhabitants of, letter of
-, jurates of
-, mayor of
-, deputy, &c., of, petition of
-, officers of, warrant to
-, ships of

Ryley, Matthias
-, Wm., Norroy King-at-arms and keeper of the Tower records
-, certificates by

Rymers, Paulus, and wife, pass for

Rysdon or Risden, Thos., pass for

Rysenbergh, Harman and Tistia, pass for

Ryves, Dr. Brune
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, petition of