General Index: S

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: S', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 686-696. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Sabbath, see Lord's Day.

Sacheverell, Capt. Ben
-, letters of
-, order to

Sackville, Richard, 3rd Earl of Dorset
-, Edward, 4th Earl of Dorset
-, Capt.

Sadler, Jas., petition of
-, John, Master of Requests
-, letter to
-, Col. Thos.

Sadlington, Capt. Wm.

St. Abb's Head

St. Anthony's Road

St. Christopher's Island
-, governor of

St. David's Head
-, parish, Cardigan

St. Domingo

St. George and Salvadore, see Salvadore.

St. Helen's
-, point, letter dated from

St. Ives, Cornwall
-, letters, &c., dated from

St. John, Sir Beauchamp
-, John
-, pass for
-, Oliver, Lord chief justice of Common Pleas

St. Johnston, Scotland

St. Kew, Cornwall

St. Leger, Col. Howard, pass for

St. Lucar

St. Malo
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

St. Martin's, France

St. Mary, Cape

St. Mawes, Cornwall

St. Minver, Cornwall

St. Nicholas, Thos.
-, petition of
-, counsellor
-, Mr.

St. Sebastian's

St. Simon, Duke of

St. Trose's, Essex

St. Valery, France
-, governor of

St. Vincent, Cape
-, letter dated from
-, Castle

Salcombe, Devon, letter dated from

Salesbury, Hugh, letters of

Salingon, pass to

Salisbury, or New Sarum
-, Earl of, see Cecil.
-, inhabitants of, request of
-, letter dated from
-, mayor, &c., of

Salkeld, John, letter of

Sally, Africa

Salmon, Lieut.-Col.

Salomons, Reynard, pass for

Salop, see Shropshire.

Salt makers and works

Saltern, Cornwall, letter dated from

Salters Island

-, export of
-, making of

Salvadore, Samson and George, silver ships

Salvage, see Ships, salvage of.

Salway, Major Rich.
-, letter to

Samaritan language

Samborne, Jo.

Sambrooke, John, pass for

Samson (ship), company of, petition of

Samuel, (royalist)

Samyne, John, petition of
-, proposition of

Sanders, Capt. Rob.

Sanderson, Geo., pass for
-, Major Geo.
-, petition of
-, Nich.
-, Raleigh
-, Capt.

Sandfoot Castle, Hants

Sandgate Castle, Kent

Sandham Castle, Isle of Wight
-, governor of

Sandiford, John

Sandown Castle, Isle of Wight

Sandwich, Kent

Sandye, John, pass for

Sandys, William, Lord Sandys, pass for
-, Col. Edwin
-, Sam.

Sankey, Capt. Thos., letters of
-, Councillor or Col.

Sansum, Capt. Rob.
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Sarbout, Maria, pass for


Sarum, New, see Salisbury.

Sass, John and Martha, pass for

Satisfaction (ship), seamen of, letters of

Saunders, Capt. Ga.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Col. Rob.
-, regiment of
-, Wm., certificate of

Saunderson, Barbara

Savage, Wm., pass for

Saville, James, Lord Saville
-, Joanna

-, Duke of (Charles Emmanuel II.)
-, sister of
-, Protestants of, see Protestants.

Savoy Hospital, London
-, Commissioners of, see Ely House.

Sawrey, Lieut.-Col.

Saxby, Thos.
-, certificate of


Sayers, John
-, Thos.
-, letter of

Scalloway Castle, Scotland

Scanderbeg subjects


-, bailiffs of
-, letter dated from
-, mayor, &c., of
-, ships of

Scarrow, John

Schagen, Pieter, pass for

Schiedam, ship of

Schoolmasters see also Ministers, scandalous, and Schoolmasters.


Schoonhoven, Holland

Schross, Fritz, pass for

Schuyshell, Wm., pass for

Scilly Isles
-, governor of
-, late
-, ships at, to, or from

Scoales, Capt. Rob.

Scobell, Hen., clerk of Parliament and Council

-, Act of General Pardon for
-, fines imposed by
-, committee on
-, Ordinance for
-, treasurer of
-, Admiralty Court in
-, judge in
-, archbishops, bishops, &c., in
-, arms of
-, assessments in
-, coasts of, see Scotch coast.
-, commander-in-chief of, see Monk, Col. Geo.
-, Commissioners for claims in, see also Leith, Commissioners at.
-, committee for, see Scotch committee.
-, Council in
-, clerk of
-, instructions to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, mace for
-, members of
-, messengers of
-, president of
-, letters to
-, references to
-, salaries of
-, seal for
-, Court of Sessions in, judge of
-, customs and excise in
-, Commissioners for
-, debtors in, Ordinance for
-, delinquents in
-, estates of
-, trustees for
-, donatives in
-, Earl Marshal of, see Keith.
-, estates in see also Delinquents in, estates of
-, Exchequer in
-, excise and customs in
-, Commissioners for
-, Fewe and Blanch duties in
-, fisheries in
-, fortifications in
-, garrisons in
-, gentlemen of
-, government in
-, committee on
-, expense of
-, opposition to
-, Highlands in
-, judges in
-, justice in
-, Courts of
-, laws of
-, magistrates in
-, manufactures in
-, ministers or preachers in
-, noblemen of
-, North of
-, officers, &c., in
-, Parliament of
-, passes to
-, persons in
-, places in
-, posts in
-, printing in
-, public debts of
-, rebels in
-, revenue of
-, Commissioners for
-, schools in
-, seals for
-, services in
-, sequestrations in
-, Commissioners for
-, ships in, to, or from
-, travellers to or from
-, Treasury commissioners of
-, union of, with England
-, Ordinance for, alluded to
-, universities of
-, war with
-, West of

Scotland, English forces in, or to
-, artillery train of
-, commander in chief of see also Monk, General Geo.
-, commissaries of see also Eldred, Nath.
-, contingencies in
-, establishment for
-, money or pay for
-, accounts of
-, officers of
-, reduction of
-, stores or provisions for

Scots, Scottish, or Scotch
-, army
-, cloth
-, coasts
-, committee
-, engagement of, to fidelity to England
-, Highlanders
-, invasion
-, King of; see Charles II.
-, Lowlanders
-, masters
-, men
-, merchant
-, money
-, rolls and records
-, ships

Scott, Francis, 2nd Earl of Buccleugh
-, lady Mary, his daughter and heir
-, Edw.
-, James
-, Sir Jas.
-, John, letters of
-, Sir John
-, Jonas, letter to
-, Lovell
-, Patrick
-, Peter, pass for
-, Thos., master attendant at Deptford
-, letters of
-, Wm.
-, Capt. Wm.
-, Sir Wm.
-, auditor
-, Mr., of Rouen

Scottistarbet, Scotland

Scoulding, Thos.

Scoutmaster-General, see Downing, Geo.

Scowry, Scotland

Scrope, Col. Adrian, Governor of Bristol

Scrottering, John

Scrymgeour, John, Viscount Dudhope

Scudamore, Wm.

Scutt, Major Geo., see Skutt.
-, Rich., usher of the Council Chamber
-, payments to

Seaforth, Earl of, see Mackenzie.

Seagh, Isaac, pass for

Seale, Kent

Sealy, John

Seaman, Capt. John, letters of

Seamen, see Mariners.

Seamer or Seaman, Paul
-, certificate of

Searle, Dan, Governor of Barbadoes
-, Geo., petition of

Seaton, Alexander, Earl of Dumfermline

Secretary, Mr., see Thurloe, John.

Seddon, Capt. Rob., letter of

Sedgmoor, Somerset
-, lords of manors near
-, petition of

Sedgwick, Major Rob.
-, letters of
-, payment to
-, Mr.

Segers, Cornelia, pass for

Seine head

Selby, Sir Wm.
-, wife or widow of, Dame Ellinor

Selkirk, Earl of, see Douglas.
-, forest (Scotland)

Selwood forest

Selwood, Hum.

Selwyn, Sir Nich.

Semple, James, 7th Lord Semple

Senior, Geo.
-, John

-, Commissioners for, seeHaberdashers' Hall Commissioners, and Scotland, sequestrations in, Commissioners for.
-, in counties
-, registrar for


Serjeant, Capt. Wm., letters of

Serjeants-at-arms see also Dendy, Edw.; Birkhead, Edw.

Serjeants-at-law, see also Glynn, John; Steele, Wm.; Warburton, P.; Twisden, Thos.

Serle, Dan., see Searle.

Seton, George, Earl of Winton

Sevenhuysen, Hercules, pass for

Sevenoaks, Kent
-, letters dated from

Severn, the

Sewell, Rob., letters of

Sewers, Commissioners of

Seymour manor, co. York

Seymour, William, 1st Marquis of Hertford
-, Henry, Lord Seymour
-, Hen.
-, Sir Edw.

Shafto, Capt. Thos.
-, Joan, widow of
-, petition of

Shakesheafe, Wm.

Shalmers, John

Shambrooke, Sam.

Shapcott, Col.

Sharland, Jas.
-, letter of

Sharpe, Thos.
-, Mr.

Shaw, John, petition of
-, Randall, or Ranulph

Sheareman, Capt.

Shee, Edm., passes for

Sheerness, Kent

Sheffield, Edmund, Earl of Mulgrave
-, as member of Council
-, castle of
-, Edm., Rob., and Wm., his sons
-, Col. Jas.

Sheild, Wm., letter to

Sheldrake, Wm.

Shelley, Capt. Giles
-, letters of

Sheppard, Jack

Shepperd, Mr.

Sherborne, Wilts

Sherbourne, Dorset

Sherburne, Edw.


Sherman, Mr.

Sherrant, France

Sherwill, Thos.

Sherwin, Capt. John
-, certificates by
-, letters of
-, Rich.

Sherwood Forest
-, Lord Warden of
-, Verderers, & c., of, letter of

Shetland Isles

Shewell, Thos., Navy agent at Bristol
-, letters of

-, North
-, South

Shilborne, Major Thos., officers of, petition of

Ships, boats, &c., casual notices of, passim; see also Navy and Fleet.
-, ballasting of
-, building of see also Baylie, Fras.; and Chatham, Portsmouth, and Woolwich, ships building at.
-, captains of
-, captures by
-, colliers
-, commanders of
-, letter to
-, embargo on
-, fire
-, impress of
-, lists of
-, merchant
-, hire of
-, men-of-war
-, officers and commanders of
-, book useful to
-, regulations for
-, owners of, petition of
-, pickeroons
-, privateers see also Brest privateers
-, repairs of passim
-, safety of
-, sale of
-, salvage of
-, Act for
-, searching of
-, shallops
-, summer guard
-, survey of
-, timber for
-, victuallers
-, victualling of also passim.
-, western guard
-, winter guard

Shirburne, Chas.

Shirley, Sir Geo.
-, Mary, widow of
-, Jas.
-, Mat., pass for

Shisell, Phil.

Shish, Jonas

Shorthand, notes, &c., in

-, castle
-, Earl of, see Talbot
-, governor of, see Mackworth, Col. Hum
-, mayor of

Shrimps, John

Shropshire, or Salop
-, assessment treasurers of, letter to
-, commissioners in, letter to
-, order by
-, inhabitants of, instrument by
-, justices of peace in, letter to
-, militia in
-, officers in, letter to
-, provost marshal of

Shunamite widow

Shute, Rich.
-, Wm.
-, petition of
-, Mr.

Shuter, Hen.

Shuttleworth, Nich.

Sibley, Rich.

Sick and wounded, see Mariners

Sigismund, Hans, pass for

Signet, the
-, clerks of, petition of


Silk, John


-, ships, see Salvadore, &c.
-, wire

Simon, Martin, petition of

Simons, Thos., seal and medal maker, graver to the Mint
-, letter to
-, payment to
-, petition of
-, warrant to
-, Thos., and children, pass for

Simpson, John
-, Capt. Jos.

Sims, John, deposition of

Sinclair, John, 6th Lord Sinclair

Sinclair, Scotland

Sittingbourne, Kent

Sixty, Johan, pass for

Skeldon, Ralph

Skewes, Step.
-, letters of

Skillingthorpe, co. Lincoln

Skinner, Augustine
-, Thos
-, Mr.

Skippon, Maj. Gen. Phil.
-, as member of Council
-, letter to, alluded to

Skipworth, Ralph, pass for
-, Sir Ralph

Skutt or Scutt, Major Geo.
-, certificate by

Sleigh, Edw.
-, Sam.

Slingeant, Edw., pass for

Slingsby, Fras., pass for

Small, ship off the

Smart, Thos.
-, Thos., of Dantzic
-, petition of

Smayles, Rob.

Smith, Bernard, pass for
-, Edw., pass for
-, Capt. Eustace
-, Jas., petition of
-, Sir Jas.
-, John, certificate of
-, John, pass for
-, John, co. Dorset, examination of
-, John, co. Worcester, letter to
-, John, cousin of Sec. Nicholas
-, John, minister
-, petition of
-, John, solicitor
-, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, Capt. Jos.
-, Mary and Marg., pass for
-, Mary and Rich., pass for
-, Lieut. Rich.
-, Rob., letter of
-, Capt. Rob., letters of
-, Thos., Navy commissioner
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, Thos., (late)
-, Thos., pass for
-, Thos., (of the Anne Percy)
-, Thos., of London, pass for
-, Thos., of Trinity House, petition of
-, Wm., letter of
-, Capt.
-, Capt., of Brest
-, Capt., of Wales
-, Major
-, Mr.

Smithsby, Thos.

Smithson, Major

-, Basha at
-, consul at, see Bretton, Spencer.
-, factors at
-, factory at
-, letter to
-, treasurer at
-, letter to

Smyth, Ant.
-, Catherine
-, Rich.

Smythe, Philip, 2nd Viscount Strangford
-, Isabella, Lady Strangford

Smyths, family of

Sneed, Rich., pass for

Snellius, Godefridus and Levina, pass for

Snodland, Kent

Snow, Mr.

Soake, near Winchester

Sochon, Dan., petition of

Soldiers, or landsmen also casual notices, passim.
-, accounts of
-, allowed to trade
-, arrears due to
-, Bibles for
-, free quartering of
-, impress of
-, maimed
-, committee for
-, sent on ship board

Soley, plotter

Solicitor-General, see Ellis, Wm.

Solicitors, State

Sollicoffers or Sollicost, David
-, petitions of
-, Tobias

Solme, Edw., petition of

Solomon, King

Solomons, Henrick, pass for

Somerdike, M.

Somerscales, Thos., letters to

Somerset, Henry, 10th Earl of Worcester
-, Edward, 11th Earl of Worcester
-, Margaret, Countess of Worcester
-, petition of
-, Henry, Lord Herbert
-, Sarah, pass for

-, commissioners in, letters to
-, deputy-lieutenant of
-, justices of peace for
-, letters to
-, men
-, militia in
-, officers in, letter to
-, places in
-, sheriffs of
-, letter to

Sommer, Jan Matyssen, pass for

Sommer Islands

Sound, the
-, ships in, to, or from

Soundings, the

Southampton, or Hampton
-, magistrates, &c., of
-, mayor, &c., of
-, letter to
-, merchants of
-, ships at

South or Southern Cape

Southern, John

Southesk, Earl of, see Carnegie

Southsea Castle, Hants
-, letter dated from

-, militia commissioners of
-, postmaster
-, printers in
-, streets, places, &c., in, viz.:—
-, Horseydown
-, Marshalsea prison
-, Olave's
-, Thomas's Hospital
-, White Lion

Southwell, Lady Ann
-, pass for

Sowthen, Sam

Sowton, Col. Dan.

Spa, the, Germany
-, passes to

Spaight, Thos., letter of

Spain, King of (Philip IV.), or the Spaniard
-, ambassador or lieger of see also Cardenas, don Alonso de; and Leda, Marquis de
-, council of
-, secretary of
-, daughter of, or the infanta (Maria Theresa)

-, coast of
-, embargo in
-, merchants trading to, petition of
-, places in
-, ships to or from
-, war with


Spanish agent or ambassador, see Spain, King of, ambassador of
-, Cortes
-, fleet or ships
-, men of war
-, fruits
-, gentleman
-, goods
-, letters
-, merchants
-, plate
-, subjects
-, treaty
-, wines
-, wools

Sparke, Edw.

Sparling, Capt. Thos.
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Sparrow, John, petition of

Spatchurst, Capt.

Spencer, John
-, petition of

Spilman, John
-, and son, pass for

-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Sprigge, Thos

Springfield, Essex

Springhall, Capt.

Sproughton, Suffolk

Spynie, Lord, see Lindsay

Squibb, Edm.

Stafford, Viscount, see Howard
-, Wm
-, pass for

-, commissioners in
-, letter to
-, grand jury in
-, justices of the peace of
-, letter to
-, militia in
-, letter to
-, officers in, letter to
-, places in

Stalker, Tom

Stamford fair

Stanaway Hall, Essex

Stanhope, Philip, Lord Stanhope, pass for
-, Lady, see Heenvliet.

Stanley, James, late Earl of Derby
-, Edw.
-, Wm.
-, letter to
-, Wm., merchant of Southampton

Stanthwaite, Edw.

Stanton, Ivan, pass for
-, Major

Star Chamber
-, keeper, &c., of

Starkey, Phil., payment to

Start, the

State, the, or the Commonwealth also casual notices, passim.
-, benefit to
-, charges on
-, damage or prejudice to
-, debts of
-, debts to
-, dishonour of or to
-, fidelity, &c., to
-, frands or abuses against
-, goods of
-, gunpowder for
-, guns for
-, honour of
-, loans to
-, opposition to
-, packets of
-, paper office, keeper of, see Randolph, Amb.
-, places in amity with
-, safety or peace of
-, Secretary of, see Thurloe, John.
-, service of
-, ships of, see Ships.
-, solicitor of

States General, see Holland, States General of.


Staughton, minister

Stawell, Sir John

Stead, Mr.

Stebbin, Rob.

Steel, John

Steele, Serj. Wm., recorder of London and justice of assize
-, letters to

Steinway, Jacob, pass for

Stence, John

Stephens, Ant., pass for
-, Edw.
-, Fridaysweed, pass for
-, Nath., letter to
-, or Stevens, Major Phil.
-, Randolph
-, Eliz., widow of
-, Lieut. Col. Rich.
-, Wm.
-, M. P.
-, royalist

Stephenson, Nich.
-, Thos.

Stepney, John, and wife, pass for

Stepney, Middlesex
-, Prusen's Island in

Sternegate, Essex

Sterry, Peter
-, payments to

Stevens, Sarah, pass for
-, Capt.
-, Major, see Stephens.

Stevenssen, Cales, pass for

Steventon, Wm.

Steward, James, Earl of Galloway
-, Alexander, Earl of Murray

Steygould, Chris., letter of

Stiles, Major

Stilgo, John
-, Thos.

Stillier, Ant., pass for

Stirling, Sir Arch.
-, John, pass for

Stirling, Scotland

Stirrep, Nath.

Stisted, Essex

Stoaker, John, pass for

Stoakes, John, cook
-, or Stokes, Capt. John, Rear-Admiral
-, certificate of

Stobbs, Scotland

Stocall, Jas.

Stockall, Aaron

Stockholm, resident in

Stockport, Cheshire

Stockwood, Dorset

Stogill, Edm.

Stoke's Bay
-, letters dated from

Stokes, Isaac
-, John, Rear-Admiral; see Stoakes.
-, Rich., letter of

Stone, Hen.
-, John
-, John, pass for
-, Capt. John
-, Katherine
-, Henry, son of
-, Sir Rob.
-, petition of
-, Major

Storey, Rob.

Stoupe, John Baptista

Stow, co. Northampton

Stowborough or Stowbury, co. Dorset, inhabitants of
-, petitions of

Strabran, Scotland

Strachey, Howard

Strafford, Lord, see Wentworth.

Stragariff, Scotland

Straits, the
-, ships in, to, or from

Strange, Hammond le
-, Roger le

Strangers, see Aliens.

Strangeways, Cornet Jos., payment to

Strangford, Lord and Lady, see Smythe.

Stranghannon, Scotland

Strangways, Sir John

Stredsett, Norfolk

Street, clerk of the check

Strelly, Mr.

Strey, Thos., letter of

Stribley, Wm., petition of

Strickland, Walter
-, as member of Council
-, Sir Wm.

Stringer, Ralph

Strode, Phil., pass for

Strong, minister

Stroud, co. Kent

Stroude, Squire

Stuard, Sir Edw., petition of

Stuart, James, Duke of Richmond and Lenox
-, Mary, Duchess of Richmond
-, Sir Lewis

Studland Bay, Dorset

Studley, Nath.

Sturvenisse, Lady of, pass for

Style, Sir Thos.

Suankenburgh, Pieter J. J. P., pass for

Subrantsen, Symon, pass for

Sudbury, letter dated from

Sudley, co. Gloucester, barony, &c., of

-, Earl of, see Howard.
-, justices of peace for
-, militia in
-, commissioners for
-, places in
-, prisoners in

Sugger, Wm., and wife, pass for

Sughars, Joachim, pass for

Sujet, Guilliam, pass for

Sulke, Thos.

Sullivan, Capt. Teige, certificate by

Sullock, Rich

Sulyard, And., pass for
-, Ralph, pass for

Sunderland, Durham
-, salt makers of


-, committee for
-, constables, &c., of
-, justices of peace of
-, letter to
-, militia in
-, places in

Surveyor general

Surveyor of works, see Embree, John.

-, commissioners in
-, justices of peace of, letters to
-, militia in
-, officers in, letter to
-, places in

Sutcliffe, Rob., letter of

-, marsh, co. Lincoln

Swaddel, Geo.

Swaffham, Norfolk

Swan or Swann, Barth., pass for
-, Rich.
-, Rob.
-, Rob., of St. Katherine's Hospital, certificate by

Swanley, Capt. Rich.
-, Capt. Rob., letter of
-, petition of

Swann, see Swan.


Swanton Morley, Norfolk

Swart, Dutch admiral

Swayne, Capt. Fras., petition of
-, Rich.
-, petition of
-, Anne, his wife
-, children of

Sweden, King of, or the Swede, (Charles X.)
-, ambassador or envoy from see also Coyet, Peter Julius.
-, ambassador to see also Rolt, Edw.
-, from Charles II.
-, treaty with see also Coyet, P.J.
-, Queen of (Christina)

-, passes to
-, ships of, see Swedish ships.

Swedes, the

Swedish armies
-, merchant
-, ships

Swetman, Thos., information of

Sweycker, Phil., pass for

Swin, the

Swinborne, postmaster

Swinton, John

Swiss, see Switzers.

-, cantons of, Protestant
-, ambassador to, see Downing, Geo.

Switzers or Swiss see also Cromwell, life-guard for.

Syburne, Walter
-, information by

Sydenham, Edw.
-, Sir Edw.
-, Rich., report of
-, Col. Wm., Treasury commissioner
-, as member of Council
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, note of

Sydney, Robert, Earl of Leicester
-, Dorothy, Countess of Leicester
-, Philip, Viscount Lisle
-, as member of Council
-, Col. Rob., pass for

Symes, Jas.

Symmons, Nich.

Symonds, Ben.
-, examination of
-, Capt. John
-, Mary, widow of
-, Rich.
-, Lieut.-Col.

Symons, Peter
-, Col. Thos.

Syriac language