General Index: T, U, V

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: T, U, V', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 696-702. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Taaffe, Theobald, 2nd Viscount Taaffe

Tacitus, Caius Cornelius

Tadnell, Valentine

Talbot, Francis, Earl of Shrewsbury
-, Lady, pass for
-, John
-, Lawrence, pass for
-, Rich., pass for
-, Sherrington
-, Capt. (royalist)
-, Mr.

Tancock, shipmaster

Tandy, Phil.

Tapestry or hangings

Tarleton, Capt. Edw.
-, letters of
-, Capt. Mich.
-, letters of

Tarry, Jas., letters of

Tasburgh, Peregrine
-, Wm.

Tatnall, Jas.
-, or Tatnell, Capt Valentine
-, Mr.

Taunton, co. Somerset

Taverner, Geo., pass for
-, Keith, and children, pass for
-, Capt.

Taylor, Chas.
-, letters of
-, Dan.
-, Edw., letter of
-, Geo.
-, Jane
-, letter of
-, Capt. John, master shipwright at Chatham
-, letters of
-, Capt. John (of the Lizard)
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Thos., of Maidstone
-, depositions of
-, Wm., of Newcastle
-, petition of
-, Wm., of Whittlewood
-, Wm., of York

Teate, Jos.
-, payment to

Teckell, Capt. Wm.

Tempest, Col. John
-, Rob.

Templar or Templer, Dudley
-, letter to

Temple, Sir John

Tenby, Pembrokeshire
-, governor of
-, letter dated from
-, road

Tennagel, Alard G., pass for

Tennissen, Martin, pass for

Terhaer, Nich., pass for

Terne, Lieut. H.
-, letters of
-, Nath., note by

Terry, Edw.

Tettenhall, Stafford
-, inhabitants of
-, petition of

Tewkesbury, bailiffs and justices of, letter to

Teyls, Stewart, pass for

Teynham, Lord, see Roper.

Thames, the, or the river
-, ballastage in
-, conservator of
-, officers of
-, ships in
-, ships building in
-, ships to or from

Thanet, Isle of, St. John's parish in

Thelwall, Col. Simon
-, petition of

Theobald, Sir Geo.
-, petition of

Theobalds' house and park

Thetford, Norfolk

Thimbleby, John, pass for

Thirlston, Scotland

Thirstell, John

Thomas, Ant., petition of
-, Dorothy, petition of
-, sons of, Evan, John, and Rice
-, Gilbert
-, Hen.
-, Rowland
-, Walter, pass for
-, Wm., wardrobe keeper at Windsor

Thompson, Capt. Edm.
-, letters of
-, Fras.
-, Col. Geo.
-, Jas., passes for
-, John, examination of
-, John, pass for
-, Leonard
-, Maurice
-, Simon
-, Thos.
-, Capt. Thos., certificate of
-, Capt. Wm.
-, Mr.

Thomson, Major Rob., Navy commissioner
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, (royalist)

Thorne, Rob.

Thorner, Rob.

Thornhill, Capt. Wm.

Thornton, Col. Sam.

Thorold, Rob.

Thoroughgood, Sir John
-, Thos.

Thorowgood, Capt. Chas., master attendant at Portsmouth
-, letters of

Thorpe, Fras., Baron of the Exchequer
-, letter to
-, Isaac
-, and family, pass for
-, Col. Rob.
-, petition of
-, Roger, information of
-, Mr.

Thorse, M. de, pass for

Those, Fras.

Throckmorton, Wm.

Thurloe, John, secretary to Council, Secretary of State
-, as Postmaster-General
-, letter of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, payments by, for intelligence
-, receipts for
-, petition to
-, State papers of, documents printed in
-, translation by
-, Mrs.

Tibbs, Wm.
-, certificates by
-, Mr., letter to

Tichborne, Alderman Rob.

Tickle, Capt.

Tilbury Fort
-, Hope, or the Hope
-, letters dated from
-, ships at
-, ships to or from

Tillcock, Rich., pass for

Tillibody, Scotland

Tilston, John

Timber, embezzlement of

Timberley, John
-, letters of
-, Thos., pass for

Tingle, Rich.

Tippetts, John, master shipwright at Portsmouth
-, certificate of
-, letters, &c., of

Tirrell, Sir John

Tison, Edm.

Tithes, or tenths

Titus, Major

Tiverton, co. Devon

-, planting of

Tobias, Mr., son of

Toft, Wm.

Tolhurst, Major-Gen.
-, letters of

Tollar, co. Dorset

Tolson, Thos.

Tomlyn, Geo.

Tomlyns, Rich.

Tompson, Hen.

Tonge, H., letter of

Tonnage and poundage

Tonsberg, Norway, ship of

Topham, Chris.
-, Thos.

Topsham, co. Devon

Torbay, co. Devon
-, letter dated from

Tories, the

Torrington, Great, co. Devon
-, mayor, &c., of, petition of
-, St. Clement's Norfolk

Tottey, Capt. John
-, petition of

Tottingham, Somerset

Tottington, Rich.
-, petition of

Toucher, Jos.

Toulon, France

Tower of London
-, armoury office in, workmen, &c., in, petition of
-, establishment of guards for
-, forces in
-, gunners in
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, lieutenant of, see Berkstead, Col. John.
-, late, see West, Col. Fras.
-, mint in, see Mint.
-, money in or from
-, officers in
-, petition of
-, salaries of
-, ordnance, arms, &c., in, to, or from
-, ordnance office in, see Ordnance Office.
-, prisoners in or sent to
-, proof, for arms, powder, &c.
-, records in, keeper of, see Ryley, Wm.
-, stores in
-, warders in
-, petitions of

Tower Hill
-, letters dated from
-, Wharf

Town, the, see London.

Townsend, Thos.
-, Col.
-, Mr., of Norfolk

Towse, John, certificate of

Tracy, John, letter of
-, pass for

Trade or commerce
-, advancement or security of
-, committee for
-, formation of
-, disturbance or prejudice to


Tragovista, Mich., pass for

-, estates of, see Delinquents' estates.

Trangmore Lyne

Trapani, Italy

Trapham, surgeon

Travis, Step.

-, lands forfeited for
-, trustees for sale of, see Drury House Trustees.
-, persons committed for

Treasurer, Lord

-, at war, see War, treasurers at.

Treasury or treasuries see also Exchequer.
-, committee for inspection of
-, frauds on
-, officers of

Treasury commissioners see also Scotland, Treasury Commissioners of, Lisle, John; Whitelock, B.; Widdrington, Sir T.; Sydenham Wm.
-, being members of Council, references to
-, letters to, alluded to
-, orders by
-, alluded to
-, payments by
-, petition to
-, references or orders to
-, alluded to
-, reports of
-, alluded to
-, warrants of, alluded to
-, warrant to
-, alluded to

Treggen, Jacob, pass for

Treherne, Mr.

Trelawny, Edw.

Tremaine, Col.

Trenchard, John

Trent river

Trerice, Cornwall

Treveer, ship of

Treves, Wm., and wife, pass for

Trevor, Sir John
-, report of
-, Richard, son of, pass for
-, Col. Marcus

Trinity house, Deptford Strond, masters, &c., of, petition of


Tropics, the

Trotman, minister

Truelove, Rob.


Trussels, Mr.

Tucker, Jas.
-, petition of
-, Thos.

Tudor, Thos.

Tufton, Cissell, pass for

Tuke, Edw., letter of
-, son of
-, Nath. and Joan, pass for

Tull, Peter

Tullibardine, Earl of, see Murray.

-, consul or agent at
-, governor of

Tunissen, Martin, pass for

Tunny, Mr.

Turk, Edw.

Turkey, Grand Seignior of, or the Turk, (Mahomed IV.)

Turkey, or the Porte
-, ambassador to see also Bendish, Sir Thos.
-, carpet
-, company, see Levant company.
-, leather

Turkish vessels or fleet


Turner, Alex., petition of
-, Capt. Chris.
-, wife of
-, John, petition of
-, John, sen. and jun., pass for
-, Thos., Navy commissioners' clerk
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, Capt. Wm.
-, Capt

Turpin, Rob., prize commissioner
-, petition of

Tuscany or Florence, Grand Duke of, (Ferdinand II.)

Tutell, Johanna and Hannah, pass for

Tuttell, John

Twisden, Thos., serjeant-at-law
-, petition of

Twisleton, Col. Geo., governor of Denbigh Castle
-, certificate of
-, payment to
-, Col. John
-, Rob.

Tye, John, letters of

Tyler, John
-, Mr.

-, bar
-, letters dated from
-, castle
-, letter dated from
-, haven, letter dated from

Tyrer (plotter)

Tyssen, Abr., pass for
-, Leender, pass for

Tyton, Edw., serjeant's deputy
-, payments to
-, Fras.


Ubank, Capt. Hen., pass for

Uldrick, Major Geo.
-, Christiana, widow of
-, children of


Underhill, Thos., petition of

Underwood, Col. Wm.

Unicorn (ship), owners of

United Provinces, see Holland.

Universities, the, see also Oxford and Cambridge

Upnor Castle
-, governor of
-, letters dated from

Upper Bench see also King's Bench.
-, judges of see also Aske, Rich., Newdigate, Rich.
-, Lord Chief Justice of, see Rolle, Hen.; Glynn, John.
-, prison

Upton, Art.
-, John
-, Col.

Urdge, Mrs.

Urlin, John

Ushant, letters dated from
-, ships to or from

Utenhoven, Jacob

Utera, Magnus, pass for


Uvedale, Sir Wm.

Uytenbroeck, Jacob, pass for


Vagrants, transporting of

Vale, Wm.

Vallis, Capt. Thos., letters of

Vallor, Thos.
-, petition of
-, family of

Van Aker, Pieter, pass for

Van Bergen, Petrus, pass for

Van Betlen, Jacob, pass for

Van Beveren, Cornelis, pass for

Van Beyerlant, Pieter, pass for

Van Bodancourt, Joh., pass for

Van Borsselen, Jacob, pass for

Vanbraist D'Bouter, pass for

Van Clief, Franchoys, pass for

Van Dalen, John P., pass for

Van den Ende, David, pass for

Van Denstein, Barth., pass for

Vandeput, Giles
-, propositions of
-, Peter

Vander Blake, Joh. and Adriana, pass for

Vander Brock, Mat., pass for

Vandoren, Jacob, pass for

Van Duynen, Jacob, pass for

Vane, Sir Geo.
-, Sir Hen., sen.
-, Sir Hen., Jun.
-, Sir Walter, pass for
-, Dr.

Van Eck, Jacob, pass for

Van Gelsdorp, François, pass for

Van Gena, John, pass for

Van Haerlem, Maryn, pass for

Vanhaven, Jan and Pernell, pass for

Van Hengel, Joh., pass for

Van Hertsbeeck, Petrus, pass for

Van Heythwyn, Geritt

Van Horne, Joh., pass for

Van Kipshaven, Isaac, pass for

Van Latham, Peter, petition of

Van Linde, John, pass for

Van Linden, Adrien, pass for

Van Loon, Johannes, pass for

Van Lore, Sir Peter

Van Mars, Pieter, pass for

Van Meer, Peter, pass for

Van Nieren, Sarah, pass for

Van Nottelen, John, pass for

Van Nutte, Isaac, pass for

Van Penen, Otto, pass for

Van Ray, Derick, pass for
-, Jacobus, pass for

Van Reemen, Gerrit, pass for

Van Rensen, Reyn., pass for

Van Riven, M.

Van Senu, Cath., pass for

Van Sprackel, Geo., pass for

Van Stight, Corn., pass for

Van Swolingen, Hend., pass for

Van Swyeren, Nich., pass for

Van Voorden, Geerland, pass for

Van Wale, And., pass for

Van Wannemaker, Adr., pass for

Van Wildenbergh, Coenrad, pass for

Vassall, Sam.
-, family of
-, petitions of

Vatteville, M., pass for

Vaughan, Richard, Earl of Banbury
-, Howell
-, Rice

Vaux, Edward, Lord Vaux of Harrowden
-, petition of
-, Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Banbury, his wife
-, petition of
-, Geo.

Venables, Col. or Gen. Rob.
-, certificate of
-, regiment of, officers and soldiers' wives, &c., of
-, petition of
-, treasurer of
-, sent to the Tower
-, wife of

Vendosme, Duke of (Cæsar)

Venetian service

-, ambassador or agent from
-, consul at, see Hobson, John.
-, senate of
-, state of

Venn, Ralph
-, Col.
-, regiment of
-, Margaret, widow of

Venner, Thos.

Verbeeck, Abr., pass for
-, John, pass for

Verd, Cape de

Verdelft, Maria, pass for

Vermeer, Wm., pass for

Vermuyden, Sir Corn.
-, petitions of

Vernon, Edw.
-, Walter

Vert, Rudolph de, pass for

Verth, M. de, pass for

Vervager, Sam. de, and wife, pass for

Vessey, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of
-, death of

Vicford, M.

Vickris, Rich.

Victualling office and victuallers, see Navy.

Vidgedown, steward


Vigo, Spain

Villaquizun, Francisco Romaro

Villars, Edw.

Villiers, John, Viscount Grandison
-, petition of
-, Mary, Dowager Viscountess, his mother

Vincent, Fras.
-, Thos.
-, Alderman
-, Mr.

Vincentisio, Domingo, pass for

Vinck, Wm., pass for

Viner, or Vyner, Alderman Sir Thos.

Vinkel, Johannes, pass for

Vinson, Rich.
-, letter of

Violet, Thos.

-, merchants
-, ships to or from
-, tobacco

Von Buchwold, Wolf, pass for

Von Bugstein, Wilhelm, pass for

Vontius, Nich., pass for

Vostermans, Johannes, pass for

Vroom, Joachim, pass for

Vue, see Ovey.

Vyanen, Brigedius a, examination of

Vygh, Alex., pass for

Vyne, Geo.
-, family of
-, petition of

Vyner, see Viner.