General Index: W, Y, Z

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1881.

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'General Index: W, Y, Z', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655, (London, 1881) pp. 702-709. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Wade, Dominic, pass for
-, Eliz.
-, Major John
-, letter of
-, Susanna
-, Thos., petitions of

Wadeson, Mr.

Wagstaff, Sir Jos., Major-Gen. for Charles II.
-, Sir Thos.

Wainwright, Jas.

Waith, Rob., letter of

Wakefield, letter dated from
-, lawn, Whittlewood Forest

Wakering, Dionysius

Walcott, Hum.

Walden, Gilbert, petition of
-, John
-, petition of

Waldenses, the

Walderswick, Suffolk

-, Act for Propagating the Gospel in
-, army establishment for
-, counties of
-, forces in
-, garrisons in
-, justices of peace of
-, passes to
-, North
-, militia in
-, South
-, militia in
-, Commissioners for
-, letter to

Walfare, John, petition of

Walgrave, Major

Walker, Clem.
-, John petition of
-, Dr. Walter, judge advocate of the Admiralty Court
-, letters of
-, payment to
-, petition of
-, references to
-, report of
-, alluded to
-, Wm., treasurer of army contingencies
-, certificate by
-, payments by

Wall, Wm., certificate by

Wallagh, Johannes, and wife, pass for

Waller, John
-, Sir Wm.

Walley, Alderman Charles, sen., Navy agent, victualler at Chester
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, letters, &c., to
-, payment to
-, petition of
-, Chas., junior
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, Capt. Elias

Wallington, Jos.
-, petition of

Wallis, Jas.
-, Major
-, Mr., of Bristol


Wallop, Rob.

Walmsley chapelry

Walpole, Cornet John
-, letters of

Walsall, Sam.
-, steward

Walter, Fras.
-, John, pass for

Walters, Major Geo.
-, John
-, Major Rob.

Walthew, John

Walton, Rob., payment to

Walwood Forest

Wandsworth, Surrey

Wanstead, Surrey

Wantage, Berks

-, letter dated from

War, articles of
-, commissioners of
-, council of
-, treasurers at
-, (Blackwell and Deane)
-, orders to
-, alluded to
-, payments by
-, payments to
-, warrant by
-, alluded to
-, warrant to
-, alluded to
-, treasurers at (late), Wollaston, Andrews. Allen, and Dethick
-, letter to
-, order to
-, payment by
-, payment to

Warburton, Peter, serjeant-at-law

Warcup, Edm., petition of

Ward, Capt. Jos.
-, Leonard
-, Joan, wife of
-, Wm., and wife, pass for

-, keepers of, see Kinnersley, C.; Legg, Wm.; Thomas, Wm.

Wards and Liveries, Court of

Wareham, Dorset

Ware Park, Herts

Waring, Thos., certificate by
-, Mr.

Warmouth, Rob.

Warner, Armiger
-, letter of
-, petitions of
-, Chris., pass for
-, John
-, Morgan

Warntord, co. Hants

Warrants dormant, payment of, ordered

Warren, John
-, examination of
-, Rich.
-, Wm., certificate of
-, petition of

Warrington, co. Lancaster

Warwick assizes
-, Castle
-, Earl of, see Rich., Robert.

-, iron makers in
-, justices of peace of, letters to
-, militia in
-, places in

Washbourne, Thos.

-, harbour

Waterhound, ship, officers of, certificate of

Waterhouse, Nath.

-, impress of
-, petition of, note of

Waterton, John, certificates by
-, writ by

Watkins, Bart., pass for
-, Edw., pass for

Watlington, co. Oxford

Watson, Abr., pass for
-, John, letter of
-, Mr.

Watts, Fras. and Sam., pass for

Wauchop, Sir John

Wauton, Valentine

Waymond, Geo.
-, letter of

Webb, Fras.
-, Mark, pass for
-, Nath., petition of
-, Wm., letters of
-, Col.

Webber, Thos., letters of

Webley, Hen.

Webster, Wm.
-, pass for
-, Wm., of Amsterdam

Weddon, Moses

Wedmore, co. Somerset
-, church in, petition of
-, magistrates of
-, letter to

Weedon, Phil., letters of

Weeks, John

Weights and measures

Wells, Ant., certificate of
-, Mr., sen. and jun., ministers

Wells, Somerset
-, letter dated from

Welsh coast
-, livings

Wentworth, William, Earl of Strafford
-, Thomas, Earl of Cleveland
-, William, Lord Wentworth
-, Sir Geo
-, pass for
-, John
-, Sir Peter

West, Col. Fras., late lieutenant of the Tower
-, Gilbert
-, petition of
-, Capt. W., letter of
-, Col. Wm.
-, certificates by

West, the, see England, West of.

Westby, Dan., pass for
-, Capt. Geo.

Western expedition, see West Indies.
-, station

West Indies
-, fleet, &c., sent to see also Penn, Wm., fleet of.
-, captains of, payment of
-, officers, &c., in, encouragement to
-, soldiers in, Bibles for
-, ships from

Westley, Capt. Geo.

-, bailiff, &c., of
-, departure from
-, letters dated from
-, militia commissioners in
-, new buildings in
-, printers in
-, streets, buildings, &c., in, viz.:—
-, Cannon Row
-, Gardener's Lane
-, Gatehouse, see Gatehouse.
-, King Street
-, Palace Yard
-, Peter's Church
-, Scotland Yard
-, Westminster Bridge
-, Whitehall, see Whitehall.

-, Earl of, see Fane, Mildmay.
-, justices of peace in, letter to
-, militia in

Weston, Ben., pass for
-, Hen.

Westrow, Thos.

West Seas

Westward ships, &c.

Wetton, Col.


-, letters dated from
-, mayor, &c., of
-, roads
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Whalley, Commissary-General Edw.
-, as Major-General
-, payments to
-, references to
-, reports of
-, alluded to
-, Hen., judge advocate

Wharff, Elias

Wharton, John
-, Sir Thos.
-, Capt.

Wheeler, Chas., pass for
-, John
-, Wm., payments to

Whetham, Col. Nath.
-, letter to

Whetnall, Rob.

Whetstone, John

Whichcot, Ben., provost of King's College, Cambridge, petition of
-, Col. or Major-Gen., Chris., governor of Windsor Castle
-, letter of, alluded to
-, warrants to

Whicker, John
-, petition of

Whistler, Dr. Dan.
-, payment to
-, John

Whitaker, Eliz., pass for

Whitan, chandler

Whitby, co. York

Whitby, Marie, pass for

White, Benj., pass for
-, Chas., Deborah, and Sarah, pass for
-, Fras.
-, certificate by
-, reports by
-, Jas.
-, John, pass for
-, Col. or Lieut.-Col. John
-, examination of
-, petitions of
-, Lieut.-Col. John, ordnance officer
-, letter of
-, Lawrence, pass for
-, Rich., note by
-, Rich., pass for
-, Rich., hoyman
-, order to
-, Rich., minister
-, Thos., mayor of Dover
-, Thos., Navy agent and victualler at Dover
-, letters of
-, Capt.
-, purser

Whitegrave, Thos.

Whitehall (Westminster)
-, Admiralty chamber at, see Admiralty chamber.
-, chapel
-, council at
-, council chamber at
-, furniture for
-, guard at
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, lodgings and rooms at
-, officers and servants at, salaries of
-, orchard at
-, painted chamber in
-, paper office in
-, passages in
-, preachers at
-, payments to
-, repairs of
-, residents in
-, Star chamber in, see Star chamber.
-, water conveyed to

Whitehead, Lewis
-, deposition of
-, Rich.

Whitehorn, Capt. Wm.
-, letters of

Whitelock, Bulstrode, commissioner of the Great Seal, Treasury commissioner
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, Sir Jas.
-, Rich.

Whiteway, John

Whitgift, co. York

Whithorne, John

Whiting, Jos.

Whitley, Mich.

Whittaker, Edw.

Whittell or Whittle, Sam., Custom House secretary
-, letters of

Whittington, Luke, letters of

Whittle, J.
-, Sam., see Whittell.

Whittlesea, co. Cambridge

Whittlewood Forest

Whitton, Edw.
-, Thos.

Wicher, Geo., pass for

Wickes, Rich., letter of

Wickliffe, Jas.

Widdrington, Sir Thos., commissioner of the Great Seal, Treasury commissioner
-, letter of

Widlowe, Nich.

Wiers Bay

Wifield, Mr.

Wigan, co. Lancaster, letter dated from

Wight, Isle of
-, governor of
-, merchants of
-, places in
-, ships at, to, or from

Wilcox, Rich. and Jane, pass for

Wildboare, or Wildber, Wm.
-, certificate by

Wilde, John, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer

Wildman, Major

Wildren, Thos.

Wilkes, Capt. Thos.
-, certificate of

Wilkins, anchorsmith

Wilkinson, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of
-, Dr.

Willemssen, John, pass for

Willes, John

Willeton, Phil.

Williams, Sir Abr.
-, or Lady, house of, used for ambassadors
-, Rebecca, his widow, payments to
-, Dawbeny
-, Joan, pass for
-, John
-, pass for
-, Maritger, pass for
-, Oliver
-, Rice
-, Quartermaster Rich.
-, certificate by
-, Wm., carpenter
-, Wm., merchant, pass for
-, Wm., printer, payments to
-, Sir Wm.
-, Mr., of New England

Williamson, Geo., letters of
-, master of
-, parents, &c., of
-, John, pass for
-, Jos., letters to
-, pupils of
-, sisters of

Williamssen, John, pass for

Willis, Sir R.
-, Rich.
-, petition of
-, Rob.
-, letter of

Willoughby, Francis, Lord Willoughby of Parham
-, Capt. Fras., Navy commissioner at Portsmouth
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, warrant of

Wills, probate of, see Probate.

Wills, Capt. Geo., warrant to

Wilmer, Marg.

Wilmore, Isaac

Wilmot, Henry, Viscount Wilmot and Earl of Rochester
-, servant of
-, Anne, Lady Wilmot
-, Edm., petition of

Wilmott, receiver

Wilson, Ant., treasurer to the Leith commissioners
-, Fras., pass for
-, Sam.
-, letter of
-, petitions of
-, Thos.
-, Capt. Thos.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, note by
-, Dr.
-, Mr., consul at Cadiz
-, Mr. (of the Victory)

-, commissioners in
-, insurrection in
-, justices of peace in
-, letter to
-, militia in
-, officers in, letter to
-, places in
-, sheriffs of
-, letter to

Wimbledon, co. Surrey
-, park

Wincanton, Somerset
-, letter dated from

Winchcombe, co. Gloucester
-, bailiffs, &c., of, letter to

Winchelsea, Earl of, see Finch, Heneage.

-, Marquis of, see Paulet.

Winchester, Rob., minister
-, letter to

Winckley, boatswain

Windebank, Sir Fras.

Windham Hugh, Justice of Common Pleas
-, Sir Hugh
-, son-in-law of
-, Wadham
-, family of
-, petitions of

Windis, Capt. Sam., Navy agent at Liverpool
-, brothers of
-, letters of

Windsor, almshouses in
-, governors, &c., of
-, Castle
-, forces in
-, garrison in
-, governor of, see Whichcot, Col. Chris.
-, letter dated from
-, prisoners in or to
-, Dean and Canons of
-, lands in
-, park
-, little
-, poor knights of
-, wardrobe at
-, keeper of, see Thomas, Wm.

Wines, see also French, Gascony, and Spanish wines.
-, licenses to sell
-, report on
-, prizing of
-, ships laden with

Winsby (ship), officers of, letter of

Winslow, Cheshire

Winslow, Edw.
-, Mr.

Winstanley, Evan
-, Jas.

Winter, Sir John

Winterton, co. Norfolk

Winton, Earl of, see Seton.

Wirrall, Fras.

Wisbeach, co. Cambridge

Wise, Lawrence, letter of
-, lawyer

Wiseman, John

Wister, Abr., pass for

Witcherley, Mr.

Witchling, Essex

Witham, river, co. Lincoln
-, co. Suffolk
-, postmaster of

Wither, Geo.
-, Major

Withers, Geo.

Witney, co. Oxon

Witt, M. De, of Amsterdam

Wittington, John, pass for

Witts, Abr. De, pass for

Wivenhoe, Essex

Wogan, Thos.
-, Capt.

Wolderswick, Jan, pass for

Wollaston, Sir John see also War, treasurers at, late
-, Rich.

Wolsley, Lieut.-Col. Sir Chas.
-, as member of Council
-, letter to

Wood, Edw., pass for
-, Col. Rob.
-, Sam.
-, Wm.
-, Major
-, Mr.

Woodbridge, Suffolk, letters dated from

Woodford, Essex

Woodhouselee, co. Somerset

Woodroff, John

Woodstock park

Woodward, Geo.
-, letters of
-, Rob., petition of

Woolfe, Lieut.-Col.
-, Jane, widow of

Woolgate, Step.
-, petitions of

Woollaston, Rich., account by

Woollen manufactures

Woolmer Forest

-, export of
-, ships laden with

Woolward, Mr.

-, dock
-, dockyard
-, letter dated from
-, master shipwright at, see Pett, Chris.
-, officers of
-, letters dated from
-, ropeyard at
-, ships at
-, ships building at
-, ships to or from
-, stores at or from

Wootton, Geo.
-, Mich.

-, battle of
-, Earl and Countess of, see Somerset.
-, inhabitants of
-, mayor, &c., of
-, residents in

Worcester house (London)
-, trustees or commissioners at
-, treasury at

-, gentlemen in, letter to
-, justices of peace in
-, letters to
-, militia in
-, officers in
-, letters to
-, places in
-, receiver for
-, residents in

Worden, Rob.

Works, surveyor of, see Embree, John.

Wormell, Jas., letter of

Wormwell, Mr.

Wornell, Capt.

Worsborough, co. York

Worsley, Lieut.-Col. Chas.
-, as Major-General
-, payments to
-, reference to
-, reports of
-, alluded to
-, warrants to

Worsopp, John, petition of

Worting, co. Hants, inhabitants of
-, petition of

Wotton, co. Bedford

Woulters, Arnold

Wrangel, General (Carl Gustav)

Wray, Wm., petition of
-, Mrs.

Wrettam, Norfolk

Wrexham, co. Denbigh

Wright, Lawrence, certificate by
-, Nathan
-, Thos.
-, Wm., clerk
-, petition of
-, Wm., merchant, petition of
-, Wm., soldier, pass for

Writs, fines on

Written, Alex., pass for

Wroth, Sigismond, pass for
-, Sir Thos.

Wyche, Wm., petition of

Wylde, Edm., pass for
-, Serj. John

Wyles, John, letter of

Wymers, Abr., pass for

Wynne, Dan., keeper of the Mews
-, payment to

Wyrley, Sir John

Wyssett manor


Yalding, co. Kent

Yarborough, Rob.

Yardley, Capt. Rich.

Yarmouth, Great, Norfolk
-, bailiffs of
-, letters of
-, fishers
-, letters dated from
-, merchants of
-, petitions of
-, North
-, ship of
-, prisoners sent to
-, residents at
-, roads, letters dated from
-, ships in, to, or from
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, stores and provisions at
-, travellers to or from

Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
-, Castle
-, roads

Yates, minister

Yaxley, John
-, Roger, letter of

Yean, Anna
-, daughter

Yearnfield, Somerset

Yelverton, Sir Hen., late Attorney-General

Yeo, Mr.

Yerbury, John, pass for

-, aldermen of
-, duke of, see James.
-, letters dated from
-, lord mayor of
-, merchant of
-, militia commissioners for
-, residents in

-, committee of accounts for, certificate of
-, letter of
-, engagement
-, high sheriff of
-, letter to
-, justices of peace in, letter to
-, lands in
-, militia in
-, commissioners for
-, places in
-, residents in
-, travellers to
-, East Riding of
-, North Riding of
-, West Riding of

Youghall, Ireland

Young, Capt. Ant.
-, letters of
-, brother of
-, Benj.
-, Lieut. Jos.
-, Lewis
-, Mat., petition of
-, Rachel, pass for
-, Thos., letter to
-, Mr.


Zacharias, Petrus. pass for

Zanchey, Capt.

Zanchy, Walter, statement by

Zankey, Col., pass for


-, passes to
-, ship of


Zealicon's garden

Zimmerman, Peter, pass for

Zinzan, alias Alexander, Sir Sigismund

Zouch, Dr. Rich.

Zwyckaw, Saxony