Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: February 1657

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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February 1657

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Vol. 162.
Feb. 2 Capt. Thos. Alderne, Darlston. Col. Jno. Clarke. Desires him to send a Spanish prisoner by one of the victuallers to Cadiz, to be exchanged for Noth. Noell, a merchant, who was betrayed there in a ship last year, and is now a prisoner, and in great necessity through the cruelty of the Spaniards. 1
" " Robt. Pulman and 3 others, Chatham Ropeyard. Certificate that the 20 lasts of Tar bought of Wm. Green were found to be very bad, so that with dirt, water, and clay, not less than a last was lost, and upon boiling a pot full of it in the presence of Commissioner Pett, ⅓ of it boiled away. 2
" " J. Stevenson and 2 others, Portsmouth. Account of cordage, tar, pitch, hemp, and yarn in the stores at Portsmouth. 3
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to renew the lease of a house in Leadenhall Street, used for transacting the affairs of the navy treasury, for 8 years, at 49l. 6s. 8d. a year, and a fine of 700l., and to make out bills for the fine and the rent, as they become due. 4
" 3 " " Order to make out a bill to Capt. Thos. Alderne for 1,985l., on account of hemp, which he had directions to buy for the navy. 5
" " " " Order to make out a bill of imprest to Wm. Lane, merchant of London, for 2,500l., and place it to the credit of Rich. Creed, deputy treasurer of the fleet at Lisbon, as imprest on account. With letter from Gen. Robt. Blake, of the Satisfaction, in the Bay of Wyers, 19 Dec. 1656, to the navy Treasurer, stating that he had ordered Creed to draw bills upon him for 2,500l., for so much disbursed by Thos. Amery, in furnishing wine and provisions for the fleet. 6,7
" " Jno. Browne, Harwich. " Has bought 15 cwt. more of the tallow at Ipswich, at 40s. a cwt., to be delivered at Harwich. The Portsmouth has come in to tallow and revictual. 8
" " Thomazin Harwood, widow, Wapping. Adm. Com. Petition for the exchange of Laurence Defever, prisoner in Chelsea College, for her son. Edw. Stoltenburgh, who, on returning a month since from the Madeiras, where he had been 3 years to learn the language, was taken prisoner in a ship of Apsam and carried to Ostend, and has no hopes of redemption but by exchange. With certificate of Rog. Allsopp, that Laurence Defever, of Ostend, who is a mere boy, and belonged to Capt. Debrewer's ship, is in Chelsea College. 9, 10
Feb. 3 Katherine Mechin Adm. Com. Petition for an order for exchange of her son, Peter Mechin, and of Humphrey Ceele, taken by a Dunkirk man-of-war while serving in the William bound to Jamaica, and carried to Dunkirk, for Peter and Francis Debrewer, prisoners in Chelsea College. With certificate of Roger Allsopp that Peter Debrewer, late quartermaster to Capt. Clinkard's ships company, and Francis Debrewer, one of his seamen, are young and unmarried, belong to Ostend, and are prisoners in Chelsea College, and note of the consent of the Admiralty Judges at Dunkirk to the exchange. 11, 12
" 4 Capt. Thos. Alderne, Darlston. Gen. Desborow. As the difference between Mr. Flood and Mr. Lodington has been referred to the Admiralty, and will be heard to-morrow, hopes he or Col. Clarke will hear the whole matter, and obtain a settlement, as well for their benefit as that of the public. 13
" " Wm. Burton, jun., Yarmouth. Navy Comrs Sends the bill of lading of the cordage and cables shipped in the Bachelor, of Yarmouth, for Portsmouth. Capt. Philip Holland, of the Assurance, will convoy her and the rest of the fleet to the Downs, and then return for orders to victual. 44
" " Ger. Bennett, Wm. Roberts, John Pryce, Excise Officers. " Nich. Bond and Edm. Hart, farmers of the excise of timber, beg an abatement for all timber delivered into the State's yards from 25th of March last to the 2nd inst.; desire full particulars of what masts, yards, spars, boards, &c., have been received, that the petitioners may have what they are entitled to under their contracts, and that the State may receive no damage. 15
" " John Masters, cook of the Diamond. Adm. Com. Petition for renewal of his warrant for cook. With copy of his former warrant, dated 4 Feb. 1651–2. 16, 17
" " Philip Travors Major Robt. Thomson. Sends account of a parcel of blocks and pulleys he has for disposal, on behalf of a poor man who is in prison for debt, and as he has a wife and 5 children who are in misery, hopes the Commissioners will purchase them. 18, 19
" 5 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay the wages, &c., due to Capt. Newberry, for the time he served in the Gloucester, any suspension thereon notwithstanding. 20
" " " Navy Comrs Order for transportation of the provisions and stores demanded by Capt. Hen. Hatsell, for supply of the stores at Plymouth. 21
" " " " Order for the speedy refitting of the Assistance at Chatham, and supplying her with 4 months' provisions. 22
" " " " Order to make out a bill to Robt. Sewell, inn-storekeeper at Chatham, for 15l., for discharging the duties of out-storekeeper there for 6 months. 23
" " " " Order to make out a bill to Martin Noel for 2,500l., for value received by Rich. Creed, deputy treasurer of the fleet at Lisbon, whose bill of exchange is sent. 24
" " " " Order to make out a bill to Edm. Ibbott, minister of the Kentish frigate, for 5l. on account of his pay, on giving security to repay it in case he does not serve so long. 25
Feb. 5 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make an allowance to Capt. John Child of 6d. a dollar on 22,000 French dollars he was to receive at Portsmouth, on passing his accounts. 26
" 6 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Westminster. Major Neh. Bourne. Sends Wm. Randell, master of the Providence of Plymouth, who has agreed to carry cordage, &c., to Plymouth, and desires the Commissioners will give him dispatch, and an order to receive 100 deal boards to lay on the ballast, to preserve the cordage. 27
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Send an account of timber delivered into the stores at Deptford, Woolwich, and Harwich, by Robt. Grassingham, out of Hitcham Wood, co. Suffolk, which, with 7 loads ready to be shipped at Ipswich, will make 701 loads. 28
" " " " Have considered the petition of Mr. Meech, out-storekeeper at Chatham, referred to them; also a letter from Commissioner Pett, with which they concur, that although there were some brass shivers embezzled, and Meech deserted his employment on that account, yet as there is no proof of his guilt, or that he connived in it, but properly demeaned himself while he transacted that business, order should be given for his wages. 29, 30
" " Jos. Stevens, soldier, St. Martin's in the Fields, Middlesex. Deposition that he was born in co. Dorset; details of service in Col. Haynes' regiment, in Col. Pride's, and in the Sussex frigate; was in the last engagement with the Dutch, and lost his left hand, a finger of his right, and received 5 wounds in his body, in consideration whereof a pension of 20 nobles was settled upon him at Chatham, which he still enjoys. A year since, met in Hartshorne Lane, Strand, Chas. Oliver, a countryman, who suggested how they might get money from the Admiralty by false letters, tickets, and certificates purporting to come from Col. Bingham, Capt. Edwin, Capt. Cuttance, and others, in favour of two pensioners named John Loader and Roger Winter. 31
" " Roger Winte, of Clement Dane's. Deposition that he was solicited by Widow White, whose husband was a mate of his in the Eagle, and slain in the engagement with the Dutch, to try and find Capt. Young, his late commander, and induce him to procure her some gratuity for her loss; and that going to meet her at the Navy Office he met John Loader, whom he know as a pensioner at St. Bartholomew's and the Savoy Hospital, who was also going to the Navy Office, but did not say on what business. 32
" 7 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to give instructions to Capt. Peter Butler, appointed to the command of the Satisfaction for the guard af the River Medway. 33
" " " " Order that bills of lading and invoices be sent with all the merchant ships laden with provisions for Gen. Blake's fleet and to the West Indies, that it may be known there what is laden on board each ship. 34
" " Capt. Rich. Country, Hind ketch, East end of the Moore. " Sends two muster books. Arrived this day at the mouth of the Thames, with 25 small vessels from northern ports. 35
Feb. 7 Capt. Jno. Stoakes, Rainbow, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs On coming down, found 120 able men on board, some of whom he shipped at London, but the rest, coming from the west parts, demanded conduct money. Mr. Child says they have ordered the contrary; hopes they will order him to pay it, or prescribe some other way whereby the ship may be manned. Is now 25l. out by encouraging men and paying scores. With draft of reply that the Commissioners have no power to comply with his request, although willing to afford him all due encouragement. 36
" 8 Wm. Ashford, Wildman, Portsmouth. " Having gone on board, hopes they will allow his wife his travelling charges from London to Portsmouth, as she has 4 children. 37
" 9 Wm. Poole Adm. Com. Petition for an order to the Navy Commissioners to adjust his accounts according to the freight books, having been purser of the Mary Rose, taken up to attend upon Capt. Badiley's fleet in the Straits. With reference to the Navy Commissioners. 38
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill of imprest to Major Wm. Burton for 1,000l. on account, for cordage for the navy, making 1,500l. imprested for that service. 39
" " Capt. John Best " Sends an affidavit before a master in Chancery, verifying his accounts; would have brought it, but hears the carpenter and gunner intend to arrest him, and were at the office door last Saturday with 3 serjeants; but the Commissioners having sent him to take his oath, they, out of civility to the Commissioners, let him pass. As his wife has just been confined at Hull, is anxious to get home, and loth to undergo the disgrace and prejudice of such a malicious stop, and therefore hopes they will pass his accounts and sign his servant's tickets. Has sent a bond to save the State harmless. 40
" " John Brown, Harwich. " Sends an account of provisions required for the stores; wants two cables sent down for the Roe ketch. 41
" " Richard Jennings Adm. Com. Petitions for the exchange of John Dyer and Oliver Thomas, shipmasters, prisoners at Dunkirk, for Jacob Lemott, John Noote, Jno. Hooborke, and Jno. Bruten, prisoners in Chelsea College. With certificate of Edw. Sandford, Deputy Marshal-General, that the men, who were formerly in Capts. Clinkard and Carr's company, are in Chelsea College; also certificate of the assent of the Admiralty at Dunkirk. 42–44
" " Capt. Wm. Whitehorne, the Essex, Downs. Navy Comrs The sails have arrived for the Redhorse pink. The Dartmouth has brought in an Ostend manof-war of 3 guns and 25 men, which had been out 5 weeks, but gained no purchase. The ships bound with provisions to Portsmouth are still windbound, and another has arrived from Yarmouth laden on the same account. 45
" 10 Adm. Com. " Order to make out a bill to Gen. Edw. Montague for 288l. imprest, on account of his pay as a general of the fleet. 46
" " " " " " "his pay and entertainment " from 2 Jan. 1655–6 to 9 Feb. 1656–7. 47
Feb. 11 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Andrew Pearce, purser of the Nazeby, for 100 dollars, at 4s. 7d. per dollar, in lieu of 100 pieces of 8 paid by him to Vice-Adm. Badiley, by order of Montague, general of the fleet, and disbursed by Badiley in finding 2 pigs of silver, which were lost; as also for 10l. paid by Pearce to Nich. Peake, late prisoner with the Spaniards, as a gratuity towards his loss in the West Indies. 48
" " T. Lodington, Victualling Office. Robt. Blackborne. Sends an account and bill of lading of provisions shipped in several merchant ships for Gen. Blake's fleet, a letter for Mr. Hempson as to its distribution amongst the fleet, and 2 other letters received from Portsmouth, respecting beer in the Wildman and another ship victualling there. 49
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Having to pass the account of Phineas Pett, formerly purser of the Resolution, finds there have been more men victualled by Gen. Blake's order than the established number; desire order for their allowance. 50
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Navy Comrs As the Kinsale frigate will soon be ready to sail, wants the boatswain and carpenters' indentures sent down, and also instructions as to allowing her any waste clothes. 51
" 12 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay the wages due to the officers and company of the Bramble at Deptford 52
" " " Navy Comrs To attend the Admiralty Commissioners this afternoon, and bring the contracts made with the owners of ships hired to carry provisions to Gen. Blake's fleet, that some course may be taken for making them responsible for the damage arising from waiting in the Thames the last 10 days, and not availing themselves of the late westerly winds. 53
" " " " Order to make out a bill to John Fowler for 20l., for his services as Judge Advocate of the fleet, and on account of wounds received in the Dutch war. 54
" " " " Order to ascertain on what account one tun of brandy was put on board the Portland, and on several other ships sent to the West Indies, under Gen. Penn, and whether, as the captains used it and claim it a perquisite, they ought not to stand chargeable for it. 55
" " " " Order for suspending payment of the wages due to Capt. Jas. Salmon, commander of the Bramble. 56
" " " " Order to consider the demands of the boatswain and carpenter of the Expedition, and give directions for supplying what is necessary for 6 months at Harwich, she being designed to attend the Iceland fishery. 57
" 14 " " Order to make out a bill to Capt. Ant. Young for 10l., for his services as commander of the Tredagh frigate in the Downs. 58
" " Capt. Jno. Stoakes, Portsmouth. " Will do his best to man the Rainbow, but the 40l. he received having been expended in press and conduct money, cannot do so without further assistance. The conduct money of each man from London is 7s. 6d., and those from the west and other places about 10s. 59
" 16 Adm. Com. " Order for the speedy refitting of 9 ships named for service in the Channel 60
Feb. 16 Major N. Bourne, Navy Office. Adm. Com. Sends two accounts of his disbursements in procuring timber from Giles Andrewes out of Hitcham Wood; with particulars of the bargains made, and the sale of lops and tops. Desires consideration of his services. 61–63
" " T. Lodington, Victualling Office. " The Golden Parrot and Hopewell, bound for Jamaica, cannot carry their proportion of victuals, and there will be 100 tons of biscuit and cheese left behind. The Guinny frigate has come into Portsmouth to revictual. 64
" " Com. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Repair and victualling of ships 65
" " Capt. Wm. Whitehorn, the Essex, Downs. Navy Comrs Wants sails and masts for the Dartmouth and a topmast or two. Capts. Rooth and Parker, before coming in, drove two of the enemies' men-of-war ashore, one near Mardike and the other near Calais. 66
" 17 Adm. Com. " Order to hire a ship to carry provisions left behind by the Golden Parrot and Hopewell, being the remains for 3,000 men for 4 months, belonging to the forces at Jamaica, and to furnish her with boatswain and carpenters' stores for the ships there, in lieu of those lost in the William. With account by Jno. Davies of the stores put on board the William for the use of 18 ships named at Jamaica. 67, 68
" " " " Order to make out a bill of imprest to John Upton for 1,000l. on account, for provisions bought by him for the navy. 69
" " " " Order to make an allowance of 10 men more to the Falcon flyboat, her present number being 50. 70
" " " " Order to suspend the wages due to the pilot of the Preston, he having run her upon Corkin Sand, near Yarmouth, where she was in much danger. 71
" " Augustin Aldridge, Lidney, Dean Forest. " Asks what timber is to be felled and converted this year, whether the ships that were loaded have arrived, and whether Mr. Furzer may have some of the cut plank. 72
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Whitehall. " Wants masts and timber for Plymouth. The President has sprung her mainmast and the Fagon has spent two. Will attend them in a day or two. 73
" " T. Lodington Robt. Blackborne. Wants a letter from the Admiralty Commissioners to Major Wade, to furnish Capt. Alderne with the iron hoop he requires. Asks him to remind them that the stores at Portsmouth are almost empty, 74
" " Gen. Geo. Monk, Dalkeith. Adm. Com. Desires the exchange of Rich. Everard, formerly master of a ship of Leith, which was taken by the Spaniards, who is now a prisoner at St. Sebastians. 75
" 18 John Browne, Harwich. Navy Comrs Desires the canvas demanded sent down, as several ships have come in and want sails; also provision for the sailmaker's wages, and an order for making some small anchors, much wanted in the stores. 76
" " Christ. Pett, Woolwich. " Asks for 16 or 20 more caulkers for the more speedy dispatch of ships named 77
Feb. 19 Thos. Scott. Col. Clarke. Recommends Johnson, boatswain of the Tulip, for a place in the Weymouth pink, the other not having returned from Newcastle. Is tallowing the Cornelian. 78
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay off the Dragon at Chatham as soon as she arrives in the Hope, reserving 3 months' pay, as accustomed. 79
" " " Navy Comrs Order for furnishing the London with 6 months' and 8 others named with 4 months' provisions, being designed for service in the Channel. 80
" " Manley Callis, Deptford. " Repairs of ships named. Wants 20 more caulkers taken on, and if any of the carpenters are discharged, cannot answer their expectations. 81
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Mr. Biggs, surgeon of the yards at Deptford and Woolwich, is sick, and not expected to live. Each yard should have a surgeon, as the workmen often risk their lives when an accident occurs, through there being no resident surgeon; recommend Matthew Graves of Deptford, and Rich. Whiteing of Woolwich, as they have both had long practice and experience in both yards under Mr. Biggs. 82
" 21 Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Navy Comrs The Kinsale frigate has sailed to Kinsale to victual. Has drawn a bill of exchange for 180l., payable to the Commissioners of Customs, and desires they will order payment. 83
" " Capt. Jno. Stoakes, Portsmouth. Mr. Turner Desires that the John ketch, taken up to attend on the Rainbow, may be entered, as also her men, from the 1st or 3rd inst., when she was victualled by her owner, otherwise the clerk of the check will only enter them from the time they arrived at Portsmouth. 84
" " " " Navy Comrs Has received the bill of imprest for 20l., and will be as provident as for his own private interest. Sailed for Spithead with 230 men last Wednesday, and hopes to be well manned and victualled and ready for orders in a week. The Yarmouth, Providence, and Wildman, sailed yesterday. 85
" 23 Sir John Barkstead, Tower, London. Adm. Com. Being informed a year since that divers parcels of arms were left at inns and alehouses by soldiers who quartered there, issued a warrant to search for and seize them, whereupon a quantity were brought into the Tower and delivered to Major John Miller. As they may be employed for the service, asks a warrant to the officers of the ordnance to receive them, and to give Major Miller a discharge. 86
" " Thomasine Harwood " Petition for the exchange of Rich. Walter, surgeon, prisoner at Ostend, for Jacob Hollobus, surgeon, prisoner in Chelsea College. With certificate of Rog. Allsopp that he has Hollobus prisoner, as also Mich. Vanbrooke and Arian Rince, who belonged to Capt. Peter Clarke and Capt. Clinkard's ships. 87,88
" " Thos. Hoplie, shipwright, Deptford. " Petition for the master carpenter's place in the Truelove; served as carpenter's mate in the Signet and Hampshire, has been engaged in the wars against the Hollanders, and employed in the yard at Deptford. With certificate of Manley Callis and Jonas Shish. 89,90
" " Navy Comrs. " Have received a survey of the Elias from Mr. Raven, the shipwright's assistant at Woolwich, and find it is necessary she should be brought to Woolwich, unladen, and laid aground, but think she may be dispatched in 6 days. 91
Feb. 23 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com As there are very few who are acquainted with cocoa nuts, can give little satisfaction therein, and cannot therefore contradict what the captain affirms, that they were taken in green and delivered dry, and that there were no embezzlements. 92
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Sends a survey made by himself and Wm. Thomson, of the Elias; as it is not safe to send her to sea until repaired, her provisions should be put into the Assistance and Drake. Particulars of ships. 93,94
" " Capt. John Taylor, Chatham. Navy Comrs Hearing that Mr. Aldridge can furnish such timber as may be needed at Chatham, has written him what sorts are required, and he only waits for an order to fell and convert it; desires it may be sent by the bearer, or must make a demand to have it elsewhere. 95
" " Capt. Wm. Whitehorne, the Essex, Downs. " On the arrival of the Providence, shall appoint him a convoy for Plymouth. As to charges occasioned to the State by his letters to them, has not sent one to them, but enclosed them in a packet to the Admiralty Commissioners, which cost the State nothing; will observe their directions for the future. Desires two cables may be sent down with the other stores by the Redhorse. 96
" 24 Rog. Allsopp, Chelsea College. Adm. Com Certifies, by desire of Margaret Muzall, that there is an Ostend prisoner in Chelsea College named Melior, who was formerly a seaman in Capt. Peter de Clarke's ship, and has a wife and three children. With letter from John Muzall, in Ostend prison, to Margaret Muzall, Horsham, Sussex. Sailed on 4th Aug. with John Wilkins, of Redriff, and after taking in their lading at Falmouth, went for the Canaries, and returning with a cargo of wine, were forced into Waterford by stress of weather and want of provisions. Coming out, when off Scilly, they were taken by 4 Ostend men-of-war, after 3 hours' fighting, and sent prisoners to Ostend, where they now remain, stripped to the skin, and kept on an allowance of 1½d. a day. Desires she will go to Chelsea College, and having obtained the name of an Ostend prisoner there, take it to the Admiralty, and get an order for their exchange, as also go to his late master's wife, who lives near Redriff church, pay her 10s., and she will thereupon write her husband to refund it to him. Expected to have been cleared before, but the ship and the merchant who came to buy the wine in her are clapped up in prison at Dunkirk. 97, 98
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill of imprest to Major Wm. Burton for 700l. on account, for a parcel of cordage contracted for. 99
" " " " Order to pay the wages of the officers and company of the Elias, coming into port, save the captain, master, and pilot, which are to be suspended until further notice. 100
" " " " Order for bringing the Elias into Chatham or Woolwich to repair, disposing of the provisions on board, and for taking up two anchors and cables left by her in the middle ground of the North Channel. 101
" " " " Order to make out a bill of imprest to Capt. Thos. Alderne for 4,000l., to carry on the affairs of the navy. 102
Feb. 25 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to provide and ship in the James to be sent to Gen. Blake, one pipe of the best Canary wine; Major Bourne to take care of this business. 103
" " " " Order for refitting and victualling for 4 months 6 ships named for service in the Channel 104
" " Jo. Falkiner, Tower Robt. Blackborne. Sends a letter from Hen. Quintin, offering to supply cannon for the London, fitting out for sea, at the usual rates; to be communicated to the Admiralty Commissioners. 105, 106
" " John Hutton, South Shields. Navy Comrs Apologises for exceeding the time granted to visit his wife and children, having been ill; will sail with the first ship from Tynemouth Haven, and considering the long time he has been in the service, hopes they will not employ any other in his place. 107
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Received their order for disposing of the provisions on board the Elias to other ships; if the Portland or Princess Maria are appointed for sea, they can soon receive both her provisions and men. 108
" 27 " " Have hired the Exchange of London for transporting the cordage, sails, &c., sent for the West Indies in the William, which was surprised by the Dunkirkers, and also for taking what was left behind by the Golden Parrot and Hopewell, but she has room for 100 tons more. 109
" " Thos. Wilde, Yarmouth. Navy Comrs Has contracted with Geo. England for cordage at 43s. per cwt., payable in a month, provided another person, who is presumed to be Major Burton, refuses to have it. Particulars of the prices at which anchors and cables were sold at the house of Wm. Scapes, in Yarmouth, some of which may be repurchased, if needed. 110
Feb. Capt. Thos. Alderne Eight bills of lading of provisions and stores received from him, shipped during the month of Feb., for Gen. Blake's fleet. 111–118
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Certificate for discharging the accounts of the Prize Goods' Commissioners, that the prize St. Clara, of Ostend, appraised at 311l. 19s. 6d., and two guns and a cable belonging to the Nostra del Rosaria prize, appraised at 39l. 12s. 0d., were delivered, by their orders, to Capt. Hen. Hatsell for the State; also the Ann of Dunkirk prize, appraised at 43l. 8s., 4 pieces of ordnance, appraised at 12s. per cwt., 2 cwt. of shot at 5s. per cwt., and a quantity of ironwork at the same rate, were delivered to Major Wm. Burton on the same account. Request for an order for 2 chests of sugar claimed by Capt. Thos. Morgan. 119