General Index: M, N, O

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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'General Index: M, N, O', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7, (London, 1883) pp. 647-655. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]



Maas, the
-, ships to or from

Macclesfield forest, Cheshire

Macdowell, Sir James

Machon, John

Mackey, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of
-, Capt.

Mackworth, Sir Francis
-, letter of
-, Col Geo.
-, reports of
-, son of
-, widow of


Maddock, Nich., letter of

-, wine

Madey, Wm

-, letter dated from

Maestricht, letter dated from


Magden, Mr.


Maidenhead, Berks

Maidnal, Sir James

Maidstone, Kent

Maidstone, John, steward of the Household

Maintree, co. Essex

Maister, Wm.
-, letter of

Maisterman, John, letter of

Maitland, John, Earl of Lauderdale
-, Anne, Countess of Lauderdale

Major, John, petition of
-, Wenchley, petition of


Majors-general, the see also under the several counties.
-, letter to
-, instructions to
-, alluded to
-, and commissioners for securing the peace


Malden, co. Essex


Malpas, co. Chester


Malyn, Wm., Cromwell's secretary
-, letter of
-, letter to

Mamora, Barbary

Man, Abr.
-, Nich.
-, Prudence, widow of, petition of

Man, Isle of
-, deputy governor of
-, lord of

Manby, Thos.
-, letter of

-, Earl of, see Montague, Edw

Manchy, Mr.

Mancini, Mdlle

Mandrey, John

Maning, Anne

Manley, Maj. Rob.
-, Mr.

Manning, John
-, petition of
-, Wm.

Mansell, Anne
-, Sir Edw.
-, John
-, Mr.

Manton, Nath.

Manton Farley, co. Wilts

Maplesden or Maplestone, Mr.

Maplestead Magna, co. Essex


March, John, see Marsh.
-, Wm.

Marchant, Alex.
-, Eleazer, petition of
-, Thos., his son

Marda, Port of

Mardike Pitts
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Mardow, fleet at

Marett, Phil.

Margate, Kent
-, Roads, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Marichurch, Mr.

Mariners and seamen
-, impress of
-, protection from
-, mutinous or unruly
-, runaway
-, sick and wounded
-, commissioners for
-, treasurer for, see Bressie, John.
-, volunteers
-, want of

Marisco, Charles

Markes, John

Market Bosworth, co. Leicester

-, clerk of

Markham, Hen.
-, John

Marks (surgeon)

Marlborough, Wilts
-, mayor, aldermen, and justices of peace of

Marlow, Great, co. Bucks
-, letter dated from

Marmaduke, the, owners of, petition of

Marque and reprisal, letters of

Marriott, Rich.
-, petitions of
-, or Marryot, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of


Marsh, Geo.
-, or March, John
-, Thos.
-, Alice, widow of
-, petition of
-, Mr.

Marshal-general, see Allsopp, Col. Roger.
-, deputy, see Stainforth, John; Sandford, Edw.

Marshall, Blank, letter of
-, Stephen
-, Walter

Marston Moor, co. York

Marten, Adrian

Martens, John

Marteston, Urian

Martin, Dominic
-, John
-, Matt., petition of
-, Nath.
-, Rich.
-, Capt. Rob.
-, letter of

Martinengas, Ludovious

Martin's town


Mary, Queen

Mason, Ben.
-, Rich.
-, Robt.
-, (Royalist)

Massey, Rob.
-, Col.

Mass house

Massinden, Great, co. Bucks
-, Little

Massy, Edm.

Masters, John, letter of
-, Nath.

Mathew, Edm.
-, or Mathewes, John
-, letter of

Matthews, Baldwin
-, Edw.
-, letter of
-, Thos.

Mauleverer Manor and Park, co. York

Mauleverer, Sir Rich.
-, Thos.

Maunder, Thos., sen.
-, Thos., jun.
-, Wm.

Mawes Castle, Cornwall
-, governor of

Maxfield, Wm.

Maxwell, James, late Earl of Dirleton
-, Anne, Countess of Dirleton

Maynard, William, Lord Maynard
-, Thos.

Mays, Rich.

Mazarin, Cardinal (Jules)

Mead, Wm.

Meade, Chris.

Meader (prisoner)

Meadows, Phil., agent to Portugal

Measey, Mich., petition of

Meath, Earl of, see Brabazon, Edw.


Mechin, Katherine, letter of
-, Peter


Mediterranean fleet

Medway River
-, letter dated from
-, ships in

Meech, Thos.
-, letter of

Meggison, Geo., petition of

Melcombe Regis, co. Dorset

Meldrum or Mildrum, Capt. Wm.

Melior, prisoner

Mell, David, petition of

Mennes, Sir John

Merchant Adventurers' Company
-, governors, &c., of
-, petition of

Merchants, and casual notices, passim.

Merewood Forest

Merion, Ireland

Merlett, Wm.

Messiah, the

Methall, Capt.

Metham, Kath.

Mevis, governor of

Mews, the

Mexico coin

Meyres, Lieut.-col. John, governor of Berwick


Michell, Col. H.
-, quartermaster

-, letter dated from
-, ships of

Middlemore, Robert

-, commissioners for
-, justices of peace for
-, Maj.-general of, see Berkstead, Sir John.
-, Major-general and commissioners of
-, places in

Middleton, Geo.
-, Lieut.-col. or Gen. John
-, letters of
-, Mary
-, Roger
-, letter to
-, Thos.
-, Capt.
-, Col.

Midford, Rob., paper of

Midgley, John

Milberry Bubb, co. Dorset

Mildmay, Capt. Ant.
-, Hen.
-, Herbert

Mildrum, Wm., see Meldrum.

Milford, or Milford Haven
-, Island
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, travellers to or from

-, commissioners, certificate by
-, forces
-, payments for
-, money
-, officers

Mill, Col.

Miller, John, letter of
-, Major John

Milles, Hen., letter of

Mills, Col.

Millward, John

Milne, John

Milston Edges, co. Derby

Milton, co. Kent
-, South

Minehead, co. Somerset
-, inhabitants of, petition of


Ministers, see Ambassadors.

Ministers, preachers, or chaplains
-, augmentation of livings for
-, commissioners for
-, certificate of
-, commissioners for approbation of
-, references to
-, disturbances of, by Quakers
-, ejected
-, plundered, committee for
-, scandalous
-, Act for ejecting
-, committee for ejecting
-, sequestered
-, allowances to their families
-, permitted to preach and teach
-, trustees for maintenance of
-, augmentations by
-, approved
-, certificates of, alluded to
-, approved
-, orders by
-, references, orders, or recommendations to

Mint, the, Tower
-, graver to, see Simons, Thos.
-, master of, see Gurdon, Dr. Aaron.
-, officers of

Missenden, Great and Little, co. Bucks.
-, inhabitants of, certificate by

Mitcham Manor

Mitchell, Wm., letter of

Mixon, Gooden

Mole, John, petition of

Molins, Michael

Mompesson, Thos.

Monday, Mr., see Mundy.

Money see also Portugal, money from.
-, embezzlement of
-, export of
-, want of

Monk, Gen. Geo., Commander-in-chief in Scotland
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, orders to
-, secretary of
-, Rich.

-, Major-general of

Montague, Viscountess, see Brown.

Montague, Edward, Earl of Manchester
-, Lady Anne
-, Col. Edw., Admiralty and Treasury Commissioner, and General of the fleet
-, as member of Council
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, alluded to

Montauban, France

-, places in

Montpelier, France

Moody, Geo.
-, Capt., Sam.

Moore, Horatio
-, John, petition of
-, Rich., petition of
-, Robt.
-, petition of
-, Thos.
-, Col.

Moore, the, letter dated from

Moors, the

Moranto, Porte

Mordaunt, Geo.

Mordo, Malcolm

Morea, the

Moreby, co. Lincoln

Moreland, Sam.
-, work by, on Piedmont

Moreton, Capt. Geo.

Morgan, Major Ant.
-, David
-, John
-, Phil.
-, Capt. Thos.
-, Walter
-, Capt.
-, Col.
-, Major-gen.

-, ships at, to, or from

Morley, Cuthbert
-, James
-, Thos. and Wm.
-, Capt.

-, king of (Muley Archy)

Morrice, Kath.
-, Mr., see Morris, John.

Morris, Ellis
-, letter of
-, or Morrice, John, customs' officer at Gravesend
-, letters of
-, Rich.
-, Sam.
-, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of

Morrison, Dr.

Mortality, bills of

Mortlake, Surrey

Morton, Edw.

Moseley, co. Worcester

Mosley, Sir John

Mosse, Andrew, petition of

Moston, co. York

Moston, Ambrose

Mould, the ships in

Moulin, Dr. Peter du

Moulton, co. Suffolk

Mounson, Sir John

Moxham's House, co. Wilts

Moxon, Geo.

Moyse, Capt. Rich.
-, petition of

Mulgrave, Earl of, see Sheffield.

Munday, Thos.

Mundy or Monday, Mr.


Murcot, Mr.

Murders, prevention of

Murford, And.
-, Major Peter, deputy-governor of Portsmouth
-, letters of
-, Wm.
-, Capt. Wm.
-, certificate of

Murray, Earl of, see Stuart.
-, Sir Herbert
-, Mr.

Murthey prebend, co. Pembroke

Muscoviter, the, and Muscovy, Duke or Emperor of, see Russia.

Muscovy, or Russia Company
-, ships from

Musgrave, Sir Phil.
-, young

Music, committee of council for
-, professors of, petition of

Muskerry, Mr.

Musselburgh, Scotland

Mussulman, or Turk

Mutton, Mr.

Muzall, John
-, letter of
-, Margaret, wife of


-, River

Nantwich, co. Chester

Napier, Sir Rich
-, Rob.
-, Col.


Narrow seas between Dover and Calais
-, ships in, to, or from

Nary, Capt. John

Naseby, battle of

Nation, the, see England.

Nations, see England, Scotland, and Ireland.
-, law of

Nau, Stephen

Navigation, Act of

Navisford, co. Northampton

Navy, the and Casual notices, passim; see also Fleet, and Ships.
-, affairs
-, debts of
-, dockyards
-, officers of
-, ministers
-, office
-, frauds on
-, letters dated from
-, officers
-, payments or money for
-, provisions or stores for
-, embezzlement of
-, sale of
-, treasurer, see Hutchipson, Rich.
-, treasury
-, victualler, see Alderne, Capt. Thos
-, victuallers
-, letters to
-, victualling of
-, complaints of
-, instructions for
-, victualling office
-, cashier of
-, letters dated from

Navy Commissioners see also Willoughby, Fras.; Hopkins, E.; Pett, Peter; Thompson, Rob.; Bourne, Neh.; Hatsell, Hen.
-, bills signed by, lists of
-, instructions to
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to (July 1656)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, (Jan. 1657)
-, (Feb.)
-, (March)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, orders to (July 1656)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, (1656)
-, (Jan. 1657)
-, (Feb.)
-, (March)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, and treasurer, orders to
-, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, petitions to
-, references to
-, warrants to, alluded to

Navy and Customs' Committee, the late

Nayler, Gates, letter of
-, or Naylor, Jas.
-, Anne, his wife
-, petition of

Needham, or Nedum, Marchmond

Needwood Forest, co. Stafford

Nelson, Col. John

Ness, the
-, ships at or about

Nevill, John, Lord Abergavenny


Newberry, Capt. Rich
-, letters of
-, Thos
-, letters of

Newborough, co. Stafford

Newburgh, lord, see Livingston.

Newbury, co. Berks
-, letter dated from

-, aldermen of
-, commissioners at
-, Earl, or Marquis of, see Cavendish.
-, inhabitants of
-, letter dated from
-, mayor, aldermen, and common council of, petition of
-, merchant adventurers of, petition of
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of
-, travellers to or from
-, Trinity House at, master and brethren of, petition of


New England
-, masts from
-, ships at, to, or from

New Forest, Hants

-, fishery
-, ships at, to, or from

Newhaven, France
-, ships at, to, or from

Newland, Mr.

Newman, John, letter of

Newport, Isle of Wight
-, Pagnell, co. Bucks

Newstead, Chris.

Newton, Wm.

Newton, co. Brecon

Nicholas, Sir Edw., secretary to Charles II.
-, letters to
-, papers endorsed by
-, queries by

Nicholletts, Rich.

Nicholson, John
-, petition of

Nieuport, Flanders
-, cloister of English Carthusians in, letter dated from
-, fishermen of

Nieuport, Lord, ambassador from Holland

Nimeguen, letters dated from

Nisbet, Alex.
-, Janet, his widow

Nixon, Capt.

Nodell, Mr.

Nodes, John

Noel, Martin
-, petitions of
-, Nath

Noote, John

Norcliffe, Ben.

Nore, the, ships to or from
-, Head, the
-, letters dated from

-, coast
-, commissioners for
-, justices of peace in
-, Maj.-general of
-, merchants of
-, places in

Norham, co. Durham

Norman, Capt. Dan.
-, Thos.


Normanton, John

Norris, Edw
-, brother of
-, letters of
-, Sir Francis
-, letters of
-, Lady Elizabeth, his wife
-, Fras.
-, Wm.
-, Mr.

Norroy, king-at-arms

Northampton assize
-, governor of

-, commissioners of
-, justices of assize for
-, Maj.-general of
-, places in
-, sheriff of

North Cape, the

Northend, Capt., letter to

Northern road

Northleigh, Jeffrey
-, letters of

North sea fishers
-, seas

-, Earl of, see Percy.
-, Maj.-general of, see Lambert, Lord.

Norton, Col. Ben
-, reasons by
-, Sir Gregory
-, Sir John
-, Rich.
-, Col. Rich., paper signed by

Norton, King's, co. Worcester

-, coast of
-, Naze of
-, ships at, to, or from

Norwell, Wm.

-, cathedral
-, prebendaries, &c., of, petition of
-, dean and chapter of
-, Earl of, see Goring.
-, merchants of
-, ministers of
-, pass to

Norwood, Maj. Hen.
-, John


Nottinghamshire, commissioners of
-, Maj.-general of (Whalley, Edw.)
-, places in

Noyals canvas

Nun Monkton, co. York

Nutley, James, letter of
-, Mr.

Nuton, persons at

Nutt, Rich., payments to

Nutton, Capt. Mich.
-, letters of

Nye, John

Nysse, Claudius de, petition of


Oateley, Capt. Adam

Oatley, visitor at

Oblivion, Act of, see Pardon.

O'Brien, Murrough, Lord Inchiquin, certificate of

Obstructions (in sale of lands), commissioners for removing

Ochiltree, Lord (James Stewart)

Ockford, co. Dorset

Ocumness, ship at

Odington, co. Gloucester

Officers, civil
-, legal
-, military, see Army, affairs of.

Offin, Wm.

Offley, David
-, Thos.

Offley, co. Herts

Ogilvy, James, Lord Ogilvy
-, petition of
-, J., letter of

Oglander, judge of co. Hants

Ogle, Henry
-, John
-, Wm.
-, Capt.

Okey, Col. John

Oldfield, Somerford

Oliver, Charles

Opey, Mr.

Oran, Barbary

Orange, Mary, princess of, princess royal
-, William, prince of, her son
-, Amelia, princess dowager of, daughters of

Orchantson, John

-, office, Tower
-, letters dated from
-, officers
-, letters of see also Billers, Wm.; Falkiner, John; Palmer, Elias.
-, orders or references to
-, alluded to
-, paper of
-, warrants to, alluded to
-, stores

Orfordness, Suffolk
-, letters dated from

Orkney Isles
-, Floss of, letter dated from
-, governor of
-, letter dated from
-, ships of
-, ships to

-, papers dated from

Orleston, Scotland

Ormond, Marquis of, see Butler, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
-, Lady, see Butler.

Orton, Rob.

Osborne, John, petition of
-, Phil.
-, Wm.
-, Mr.

-, English squadron before, list of
-, commander of, letter to
-, fishermen
-, inhabitants of
-, letters, &c., from
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, pirates
-, prison
-, letter dated from
-, prisoners at
-, Road
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of, or Ostenders
-, travellers to or from

Otway, John

Oudinet, M.

Over, co. Chester

Overforth, co. Westmoreland

Overton, Col. or General Rob.
-, Anne, wife of

Ovingdeane parish, Sussex

Owen, Dr. John
-, wife of
-, Rich.
-, Capt. Wm.
-, Mr.

Owens, Capt. John

Ower, Capt. Ed.

Owston, co. York

Oxenbridge, minister

Oxford (city)
-, mayor of
-, paper dated from
-, (University)
-, chancellor's court of, registrar in
-, vice-chancellor of
-, assistant
-, dean of
-, degrees at
-, divinity reader in
-, heads of
-, members of
-, scholars of
-, visitors of
-, colleges of also—
-, All Souls
-, Christ Church
-, Hart Hall
-, New, master of
-, Queen's
-, letters dated from
-, provost of

-, commissioners of
-, forces in
-, Major-general and commissioners of
-, places in

Oxinton, Edw.