General Index: P, Q, R

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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'General Index: P, Q, R', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7, (London, 1883) pp. 655-664. British History Online [accessed 21 April 2024]



P. R.

Pack, Sir Chris.
-, letter of
-, petitions of
-, reasons by
-, Capt. Hen.
-, letters of

Packer, Maj.-gen. Wm.
-, letter to

Packet boats

Packhurst, Robt.

Packington, Fras.

Packwood, Jno.
-, letters of


Page, Henry
-, John

Paget, Wm.
-, letter of

Paine, John, letter of
-, Rich.
-, Rob., see Payne.

Painter, John, letter of

Painton, co. Devon

Paisley, Lord

Palatine Elector (Charles Louis)
-, Prince, Rupert

Pallesew, Georgius Rosenkrantz

Palmer, Ed., petition of
-, Eliah
-, letters of
-, Elias, Ordnance officer, letters of
-, Jonas
-, letter of
-, Dr.
-, the

Paltipu, Mr.

-, ships at


Pardo, Henry

Pardon and Oblivion, Act of

-, Cordeliers, in
-, letter dated from
-, letters dated from
-, merchants of
-, places in
-, travellers to or from

Parish clerks, petition of

Parke or Park, Capt. Fras.
-, letter of
-, Thos.

Parker, John
-, accounts of
-, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, Nath.
-, Capt. Nich.
-, letters of
-, Thos.
-, Wm.
-, Mr.

Parkhurst, Robt.
-, Mr.

-, Acts or Bills in
-, alluded to (July 1656)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, (undated)
-, (Jan. 1657)
-, (Feb.)
-, (March)
-, (April)
-, clerks of
-, commissioners of
-, committees of
-, conformity, &c., to
-, dissolution of
-, elections for
-, forces of
-, guard for
-, house
-, meeting of
-, members of
-, secluded
-, orders and ordinances of
-, alluded to
-, petitions to
-, proceedings in
-, sermons before
-, servants of
-, service against
-, services to or for
-, soldiers of
-, speaker of, see Lenthall, Wm., and Whitelock, Bulstrode.
-, subjects referred to
-, triennial

Parliament, the late
-, loans to
-, orders, &c., of
-, alluded to
-, Barebones
-, Long

Parrott, Chas.

Parry, John
-, Rich., petition of

Parsons, John

Partridge, Nath.
-, Rich., petition of

Pascall, Mich.

Passage, the

-, alluded to
-, requests for

Patcham, co. Sussex

Patching, Thos.

Patrick, Elinor
-, John

Patron, John, sen.
-, John, jun.

Patshell, John, petition of

Pattison, Mr.

Paul, Wm., farmer of the prizage of wines

Paulet, John, Marquis of Winchester

Pawlett, Dame Eliz.

Pawley, Geo., alias White, Rich., letter of

Pawling, Andrew

Paxford, Rich.
-, letter of

Payler, Geo.
-, certificate by

Payne, Chris., letters of
-, or Paine, Rob.
-, petition of

Paynton, Thos.

Peace, commissioners for securing, see also under the several counties.

Peache, Mr., of Deal

Peacock, Rob., letter of
-, Capt.

Peake, Nich.

Pearce or Pearse, And.
-, Capt. John, letter of
-, Maj.
-, Mr., of Deal

Peard, Justinian, letters to


Pearne, Edm
-, John

Pearson, George, sen. and jun., petition of

Peasonhall, co. Suffolk

Peck, Hen.
-, or Pecke, Philip
-, Mr.

Pecket, Ellen

Peirce, Geo.
-, Thos.

Peirly, Thos.

Pelham, Robt.

Pellatt, John

Pelling, Edw.
-, petition of

Pembridge, Mr.

-, letters dated from

-, committee in
-, Major-general, &c., of
-, mayor of
-, places in

Penhallow, or Penhallowes, Capt.

Peniwell, Mr.

Penley Chapel, co. Flint

Penn, Gen. Wm.
-, petition to
-, wife of

Pennart Road, letter dated from

Pennoyer, Wm.

Penrose, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of

Penruddock, John
-, Arundel, wife of
-, Jane, and other daughters of
-, Thos., petition of

Penryn, Cornwall

Penstroyd, co. Montgomery

Penton Crafton, co. Hants

Pentridge, co. Dorset?

Pepin, Fras.

Pepper-harrow, co. Surrey

Pepys, John
-, Sam

Percy, Algernon, Earl of Northumberland
-, Josceline, Lord Percy

Perriere, Gabriel du

Perrins, John

Perrott, Chas., letters of
-, Rob.

Perryman, Arthur

Persian, a

-, money

Pery, Fliz


Peterhead, Scotland

Peters, Hugh
-, letter of

Petersfield, co. Hants

Petherton, South, co. Somerset

Pethy, Rowland, petition of

Petitions, committee for
-, references to


Pett, Christ., master shipwright at Woolwich
-, letters of
-, Peter, Navy Commissioner at Chatham
-, letter to
-, letters of
-, Capt. Phineas, clerk of the check at Chatham
-, letters of

Petty, Robt.

Pevensey, Sussex
-, letter dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Pewtinger, Mr.


Philip and Mary

Philips, Capt.

Phillips, or Philips, Henry
-, James
-, petition of

Phillpott, Edw.

Phince, John

Phipps, Capt. Edm., or Edw.
-, Margaret, widow of
-, petitions of
-, Capt.

Physic, doctors of, or physicians

Physicians, College of

Pibas, John

Picken, John

Pickering, Sir Gilbert
-, as member of Council
-, report of
-, Capt. Wm.
-, letters of
-, Capt.
-, of Oxford

Pickering, co. York

Pickle herring


Pie, Mr., of Deal

Piedmont, distressed Protestants in
-, collection for
-, committee for
-, history of

Pierrepont, Fras

Pight, Rich

Pigot, Mr.

Pile, Dick, or Grove, Wm.
-, letter of
-, Fras., information of

Pinchback, Wm.

Pindar, Sir Paul

Pinkard, Rich

Pinkey, Scotland, letter dated from

Pipe, the, see Exchequer.


Pirates see also Brest and Dunkirk pirates.

Pirford, co. Surrey

Pitcher, Matth.

Pitchmarsh, residents in

Pitfill, Thos.

Piton, Phil.

Pitson, Maj. John

Pitt, Edw.
-, Geo.
-, John
-, letters of
-, timber commissioner
-, of Hampton

Pitts, Mr.

Place, John
-, Capt.

Placens, work of

Plague, or sickness, the

Plantations, foreign

Plate see also Spanish money, coin, or plate.
-, fleet

Plato, M. del

Pley, Capt. Geo.
-, letters of
-, Capt. John
-, letter of

Plumleigh, Capt. Robt.
-, letters of

Plunkett, Simon
-, Sylvester
-, Mary, his widow

-, castle
-, Catwater at
-, letters dated from
-, letters dated from
-, forces in
-, fort, letter dated from
-, inhabitants of
-, petition of
-, mayor of
-, letter of
-, Navy Commissioner at, see Hatsell, Hen.
-, persons in or about
-, prisoners at
-, ships at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, Sound
-, letters dated from
-, ships to or from
-, storekeeper at
-, stores at or for
-, travellers to or from
-, victualler at

Plympton parish, co. Devon, inhabitants of, petition of

Pocock, John


Poicteven, Mdlle.


Poindexter, John

Pointer, Thos.
-, letters of

Poland, King of (Casimir V.)


Polbrook, co. Northampton

Poles, the

Polish Commissioners

Polson, Magnus, deposition of

Poltimore house, Exeter

Pomenfeild, Mr.

Poolard, Wm.

Poole, co. Dorset
-, ships of

Poole, Capt. Jonas
-, letters of
-, Wm., petition of

Poor, the, benefit of

Poortmans, John

Pope, the (Alexander VII.)

Pope, Thomas, Earl of Down

Popham, Gen.

Popish party
-, religion

Port Louis

Porter, Maj. Hen.
-, Jas., petition of

Portland Castle, co. Hants
-, governor of
-, Roads

Portman, John

Port Patrick

-, dock
-, dockyard
-, letters dated from
-, master attendant at, see Thorowgood, Capt. Chas.
-, officers of
-, governor of
-, deputy, see Murford, Maj. Peter.
-, harbour, letters dated from
-, letters dated from
-, magistrates, &c., of
-, mayor of
-, Navy Commissioner at, see Willoughy, Fras.
-, north wharfat
-, postmaster at
-, prisoners at
-, prize goods, or money, brought to or from
-, ropeyard at
-, Round Tower at
-, ships at
-, ships building or repairing at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, State's yard at, see Dockyard.
-, stores at, of, or for
-, travellers to or from
-, victualling office at

Portugal, King of (Alphonso VI.)
-, ambassador or agent of
-, brother of

-, agent to, see Meadows, Phil.
-, money from
-, committee on
-, passes to
-, peace with
-, prize
-, service in
-, ships at, to, or from
-, wines from

-, ambassador or agent, see Portugal.

Posahazy, John

Post fines



Potter, Abr.
-, Hugh
-, John.
-, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of
-, Wm.
-, Mr.

Potterspury, co. Northampton

Potts, Simon

Poule Head, Bordeaux

Povey, Commissary Rich.

Powell, Capt. Hen.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, John
-, Rice
-, Robt.
-, Vavasour
-, Mr.

Pownall, or Pownell, Capt. Philemon
-, letters of

Pownall, Lieut.-Col.

Poynts, Capt. John
-, letter of
-, Sydenham, letter of

Pratt, Sir Geo.

Preachers, see Ministers.

Prelatical party

Presbyterian parsons



Preston, Capt.

Prestwich, Thos.

Price, Chris.
-, Hugh
-, John
-, Meredith
-, Rich.
-, Robt.

Pride, Robt.
-, letter of
-, Sir Thos.
-, certificate of
-, Col. Thos.

Prideaux, Edm., Attorney General
-, orders or references to
-, report of
-, alluded to
-, warrants to
-, alluded to


Prigeon, Anne

Prigg. Dan.

Princess Royal, see Orange, Mary, Princess of.

Princesses. the (Cromwell's daughters)

Printing, committee for regulating

-, committee for
-, petitions, &c., of
-, transportation of

Prisoners at war see also Dunkirk and Ostend, prisoners at, and Spanish prisoners.
-, exchange of
-, lists of
-, wives of

Pritchard, Wm.

Privy Council, see Council.

Privy Seals (the Protector's), letters or warrants
-, clerks of

Prize goods
-, embezzlement of
-, sale of, treasurer of
-, money, see also Spanish money
-, office
-, letters dated from
-, officers
-, ships or prizes

Prizes, commissioners for
-, deputy of
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, orders or references to
-, sub-commissioners of

Probate of Wills, Court of
-, judges of

Proby, Henry

Progers, Mr.

Prohibitions, case of

Protector, the, see Cromwell, Oliver.

Protestant interest
-, religion
-, strangers


"Proxies and synodalls,"

Pryce, John, letter of

Pryor, Symon, letter of

Public debts
-, faith bills or debentures see also Scotland, public faith bills in.
-, doubled bills on
-, revenue, see Revenue.
-, worship

Puckle, James
-, letter to
-, letters of
-, Wm.

Puddle Trenchard, co. Dorset

Pugh, Peter
-, Thos.

Pullifant, widow

Pullin, Anthony

Pulman, Robt.
-, letter of

Pulmer, Wm., letter of

Purefoy, Phil.

Purvis, Dr.

Pycock, Geo.
-, Thomas

Pye, Mr.

Pyott, Ed.

Pywell, co. Northampton


-, appeal by
-, Committee of Council on
-, persecutions of

Quan, Elias, petition of

Queen, the, see Henrietta Maria.

Qucenborough, or Quinborough, Kent, ships at, to, or from
-, hemp
-, letters dated from
-, Swale
-, water, ships in


Quin, John

Quintin, Hen.


Rabenett, Rich.
-, Thos.
-, letter of

Radavis, John

Radnor, New

-, commissioners in
-, places in

Radport, Mr.

Ragatsky, General

Raikes, Thos., letter of

Ramsey, co. Hunts

Ramsgate, Kent

Rand, James

Randall, John, petition of
-, Sam., deposition of
-, Thos., petition of

Randell, Wm.

Randolph, Ambrose

Ranelagh, Viscountess (Katherine Jones)

Ranshaw, Mr.

Ravely, Little, co. Hunts

Raven, Sam.
-, letters of

Rawdon, Major

Rawling, Hen., petition of
-, Rich., petition of

Rawlins, Mr.
-, of Oxford

Rayes, Mr.

Rayners, Henrick

Rea, Capt.

Read, Thos., petition of
-, Capt.
-, Lieut.

Reader, Capt. Godfrey
-, letters of
-, Wm., examination of

Reading, Nath.
-, petition of

Reading, co. Berks

Reape, Mary, petitions of
-, Nath., her son

Reason, Giles, letter of

Rebellion against Parliament
-, against the King

Rebels against Parliament
-, against the King

-, of counties see under the several counties.

Record office library, collection of Acts in

Recorder, Mr., see Long, Sir Lislebone.


Recusancy, sequestration for


Redbridge, co. Hants

Redcastle, governor of

Redriffe, co. Surrey

Red Sands, the

Reed, Rich., certificate by

Reeves, Miles
-, Peter
-, letter of

Reformation, the

-, Popish
-, reformed

Remington, Rob.

Report, ship, owners of

Reprisal, letters of, see Marque.

Requests, masters of

Revel, John

Revenue, public
-, committee, late
-, order of
-, receivers of

Reymond, Barth., petition of

Reynolds, Jas.
-, Sir John, commander of the English forces in France
-, commissary
-, solicitor-general

Rhenish wine

Rhodes, Capt. Wm.

Rich, Robert, Earl of Warwick
-, Robert, his grandchild
-, Robert, Earl of Holland, letter to
-, Henry, Lord Kensington
-, Robert, Lord Rich
-, Charles
-, Hatton
-, Col. Nath

Richard II.

Richard, Phil., petition of

Richardson, Sam.

Richaut, Paul

Richelien, France

Richmond, co. Surrey
-, paper dated from
-, co. York
-, Duke of, see Stuart.

Rickman, Nich.
-, Frances, his wife

Ridcourt, John

Riddell, John

Ridge, the, Harwich

-, hemp

Riggs, Jos.
-, petition of

Right, Wm.

Riley, Hen., consul at Aleppo
-, letter to

Rime, co. Dorset

Rince, Adrian

Rinicom, Rich.

Risbert, Rich., examination of

Ritch, John

Riveley, Capt. Ant.
-, letters of

River, the, see Thames.

Rivers, Lord (Thos. Savage)

Rives, Dr.

Roach, Mr.

Roades, Capt.

Roads, the
-, letter dated from
-, ships in, to, or from

Roaper, Geo.

Robartes, John, Lord Robartes

Robberies, prevention of

Robert, Ant.

Roberts, Geo.
-, James
-, Wm., letter of
-, Sir Wm.
-, Capt.

Robin, J.

Robins, Rob., letters of

Robinson, Edw.
-, Hum.
-, letters of
-, John
-, Luke, letter to
-, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of

Robyn, Balshazar

-, prisoners at
-, ships at, to, or from

Rochester, Kent
-, aldermen and inhabitants of, letters of
-, college at
-, dean and chapter of
-, Earl of, see Wilmot.
-, letters dated from

Rocket, John

Rockingham Forest, co. Northampton

Rogers, Edm., petition of
-, Edw.
-, Heu
-, John
-, Neh.
-, petition of
-, Lieut.-col. Wroth

Rolfe, Edm.
-, Major
-, papers of

Rolling Grounds, the, Harwich

Rolls, master of, see Lenthall, Wm.

Rolt, Edw., late ambassador to Sweden

Roman Catholics


Romsley, co. Salop

Rooksby, Maj. Thos
-, son of
-, Capt.

Roome, Wm.

Rooth, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of


Roper (Royalist)

Rose, Capt. Sam., letter to

Rosemarket, co. Pembroke

Roseworme, Lieut.-col. John, Engineer General

Rosin or Rozin, Louis

Ross, T., letters from
-, letter to
-, petition of
-, wife of

Rothes, Earl of, see Leslie.

Rothwell, co. Northampton

-, merchants of
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

-, merchants of
-, ships at, to, or from

Rous, Col. Ant.
-, as member of the Council of State
-, Fras.
-, Rich

Rowdham, co. Norfolk

Rowe, John, letter of
-, Col. Owen
-, Wm., Admiralty registrar

Rowlandson, Rich.

Rowley, Thos.

Rowlson, Thos

Rowton Moor, co. Notts


Royston, co. York

Rozin, Louis, see Rosin.

Rudacke, Geo., letter of

Rudd, Mr.

Ruddock (prisoner)

Rudyard, Sir Ben.

Ruffhead, John
-, letter of

Rugeley, John
-, Col. Symon

Rule, Rob.

Rumney, John, petition of
-, Wm.

Rundell, John, petition of

Runton Holme, co. Norfolk

Rupert, Prince


Ruscombe, co. Berks

Rushell, Thos.

Rushock, co. Worcester

Rushworth, John

Russell, Dan., petition of
-, Sir Fr.
-, Rich., petition of
-, Robt.
-, Thos., letters of
-, Sir Wm.

Russia or Muscovy, Emperor or Duke of, or the Muscoviter

-, company, see Muscovy company.

Rutherford, Col.

Rutland, Thos., letter of


Ruyter, Mich. Adrian, Dutch admiral

Ryder, Wm., petition of

Rydley, Mich.

Rye, co. Sussex
-, letter dated from
-, mayor of
-, passes to or from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, travellers to or from

Rye, John
-, petition of

Ryley, Wm., keeper of the Tower records

Rymer, Ralph

Ryves, Dr. Brune
-, letter of
-, John