General Index: S

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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'General Index: S', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7, (London, 1883) pp. 664-673. British History Online [accessed 19 April 2024]



Sabbath, see Lord's day.

Sacheverell, Capt.
-, Mr.

Sackville, Richard, Earl of Dorset

Sadler, John

St. Abb's Head

St. Albans, Herts

St. Anace, fort of

St. Barbe, Wm.

St. Christopher's

St. David's, co. Brecon

St. Dennis, Cornwall

St. George's Channel, ships in

St. George's day

St. Germain des Pres, Paris

St. Helen's
-, Road

St. Ives, co. Cornwall

St. John, Oliver, Lord St. John

St. John of Jerusalem, knights of

St. Just, Sieur de

St. Keverne, co. Cornwall

St. Magnus' Sound.
-, Malo
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

St. Martins
-, papers dated from
-, Island
-, letter dated from
-, Roads

St. Mary's

St. Michel, Sieur de

St. Sebastian's
-, Admiralty court at
-, papers dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

St. Sillin

St. Valery de Somme

St. Vincent, Cape, letter dated from

Salesbury, Hugh, letters of

Salisbury, or New Sarum
-, insurrection at
-, letter dated from

Salkeld, Little, co. Cumberland

Salloway, M.P.


Salmon, Capt. Ed., letters of
-, Col. Edw., Admiralty Commissioner, governor of Scarborough
-, letter to
-, Mary, his wife
-, Lieut. Edw.
-, Capt. James
-, Nich.
-, Thomasin, his wife

Salt, Wm.

Saltash, co. Cornwall

Salter, Nich.

Saltes or Salts Island


Salway, Maj. Rich.

Samford, co. Sussex

Sampson, Thos.
-, petition of

Samyne, John

Sanoho Panza

Sandbach, co. Chester

Sanders, Capt. Gab.
-, letters of
-, paper of
-, Capt. Nich.
-, or Saunders, Capt. Rob., certificates of
-, letter of
-, captain of the Fame

Sanderson or Saunderson, John
-, Mr.

Sandford, Edw., deputy marshal-general, letters of
-, list by

Sandgate Castle, Kent

Sandown Castle, Isle of Wight
-, governor of, letter to

Sands, John

Sandwich, Kent
-, guard at
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

Sankey, Robt.
-, Mary, relict of
-, Nich., maps of

Sanson, James

Sansum, Capt. Rob
-, letters of

Santa Cruz

Santen, Christian Paul, petition of

Santoft Church

Santon, co. Norfolk

Sapphire frigate, officers of


Satisfaction, the (ship), officers of, letter of
-, petition of

Sares, Rob.

Sargeant or Sergeant, Geo.
-, letter of

Sarum, New, see Salisbury.

Saumur, France

Saunders, Col. Robt., letter of see also Sanders.

Saunderson, John, see Sanderson.

Savage, Thomas, Lord Rivers

Savery, Dr.

Savile, Thomas, Earl of Sussex

Savill, John, petition of

Savoy, Duke of (Charles Emanuel)
-, ambassador of

Sawter, Wm., petition of
-, wife of

Sawyer, John
-, Joseph, son of

Sayers, Hen., letter to

Saywell, Gab., certificate by
-, Thos.

Scales, Ant.


Scapes, Wm.

-, Castle
-, letters dated from
-, garrison
-, governor of, see Salmon, Col. Ed.
-, inhabitants of
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Scarborough, Matthew

Scate roads

Scaw, the

Schevering, Severin, pass for


-, augmentations of livings for

Scilly Isles, governor of
-, pirates of
-, ships at, to, or from

Scobell, Hen., clerk of Council
-, certificate by
-, letter to
-, references to

-, Act or Ordinance for Pardon in
-, assessments in
-, boroughs of
-, coast of
-, commander-in-chief in, see Monk, Geo.
-, commissioners from
-, commissioners of Parliament in
-, commissioners for, see Scotch commissioners.
-, council in or for
-, instructions to
-, letter of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, members of
-, orders or references to
-, president of
-, creditors in
-, debtors in
-, delinquents' estates in
-, donatives on
-, forfeited, or excepted
-, trustees for
-, letter to
-, Earl Marshal of, see Keith, Wm.
-, Estates of, commissioners of
-, exchequer of
-, commissioners of
-, excise in
-, fasts or festivals to be observed in
-, governors of towns, &c., in
-, Great Seal of
-, insurrection in
-, judges in
-, justice in, commissioners for execution of
-, Kings of
-, lands in
-, laws of
-, livings vacant in
-, marshal's court in
-, ministers in, see preachers in.
-, officers in
-, Parliament of
-, Acts of
-, passes to
-, persons in
-, confiscated in
-, fines on
-, physicians in
-, places in
-, preachers in
-, Privy Seal of
-, public faith of
-, rents in
-, residents in
-, revenue of
-, sequestration commissioners in
-, service in
-, sheriffs of
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of, see Scotch ships.
-, shires of
-, travellers to or from
-, treasurers in
-, union of, with England

Scotland, English forces in
-, establishment for
-, officer of
-, payments for
-, stores for

Scots, Scotch, or Scottish
-, army
-, boats
-, captain
-, colours
-, committee
-, references to
-, deputies
-, fines
-, fleet
-, foot
-, guard
-, King of, see Charles II.
-, malignants
-, money
-, Parliament, see Scotland, Parliament of.
-, prisoners
-, Queen of, Mary
-, regiment
-, service
-, ships

Scott, or Scot, Eliz.
-, Joanna, petition of
-, John
-, Maj. John
-, Theop.
-, Jane, wife of, petition of
-, Thos.
-, letters of
-, Wm.

Scoville, Rich., certificate of

Scroope, Col.

Scrope, Adrian, petition of
-, father of

Scudamore, Mr.

Soutt, Rich., usher of the Council Chamber, payments to

Sea, the, letters dated from
-, sovereignty of

Seabrooke, Capt.

Seager, John
-, petition of


Seamen, see Mariners.

Searle, Dan., Governor of Barbadoes

Searles, Mr.

Secretary, Mr., see Thurloe, John.

Sedburgh, co. York, grammar school at

Sedgefield, co. Durham

Sedgewick, Maj.-gen. Robt.
-, Joanna, relict of
-, Wm.
-, certificates by

Seeres, Stephen

Seine Head
-, ships at, to, or from

Selby, co. York

Selby, Sir Theoph.

Selden, John, works of

-, Commissioners for
-, certificates of, alluded to
-, officers of

Sergeant, Geo., see Sargeant.

Serjeants-at-arms see also Birkhead, Edw.; Dendy, Edw.; Holden, Hum.
-, deputies of

Serjeants-at-law see also Bradshaw, John; Greene, John.

Serle, John
-, petition of

Sestad, Hannibal

-, prisoners at
-, ships of

Sevin, Sieur

Seward, Thos., petition of

Sewell, Robt.
-, letters of

Sewers, Commissioners of
-, certificate of
-, court of

Sexby, Ed.

Seymour, Hen.
-, petition of
-, Capt.

Shadford, Capt.

Shaftesbury, co. Dorset

Shakespeere, Mr.

Shalcross, Rich.

Shalford, co. Essex

Shanks, Mr.

Shannon, or Cooper, Mr.

Shapcot, Robt.

Sharland, Capt. Sam.
-, letters of

Sharpe, Capt., Hen.
-, Capt. John, letters of

Sharpie, minister

Shatterden, Mr.

Shaw, John

Sheffield, Edmund, Earl of Mulgrave
-, as member of Council
-, letter to

Sheffield, co. York, inhabitants of
-, petition of

Sheild, or Shield, Capt. Wm.

Shelborne, Col. Thos.

Sheldrack, Wm.

Shelford, troops at

Shelley, Capt. Giles
-, letters of

Shenley, co. Herts

Shephard, Shepheard, or Sheppard, Wm.
-, letters of
-, payments to

Sherard, Bennet, Lord Sherard

Sherborne, Mr.

Sherborne, co. Dorset
-, hospital, co. Durham

Sherley, Dan, letter of

Sherman, Francis, petition of

Sherwin, or Sherwyn, Rich

Sherwood Forest


Shewell, Thos.
-, letters of

Shews, Wm., letter of

Shield, Wm., see Sheild.

Shields, Northumberland
-, South, letter dated from

Shipmasters, receipts by

Ships, see also Navy and Fleet, and casual notices, passim.
-, building of
-, burning of
-, capture of
-, channel guard
-, colliers
-, commanders of
-, embargo on
-, enemy's see also Spanish ships.
-, engagements with
-, fire
-, lists of
-, men-of-war
-, merchant
-, capture of
-, hire of
-, officers of
-, bonds of
-, warrants for
-, pickeroons
-, privateers
-, repairs of and passim.
-, revolting to Charles II.
-, sale of
-, summer guard
-, victuallers
-, victualling of passim.
-, winter guard

Shires, Thos.

Shirley, Anth.
-, Dan.
-, Sir Rob.

Shish, Jonas
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Shoe Beacon

Shoreham, Sussex
-, New
-, Cliff, Folkestone, Kent

Shorthand notes

Shorton, Robt.

Shoulden, co. Kent

-, Castle
-, governor of

-, Maj.-general and commissioners of
-, places in

Shurstow, Arthur

Shuttleworth, Mr.


Sick and wounded, commissioners for, see Mariners, sick and wounded.

Sickness, see Plague.

Signet, the, clerks of


Sillau, Ben.

Silum, co. Northampton

-, coin
-, export of
-, pina
-, ships see also Spanish money.

Silver, Wm.

Simonds, or Simmonds, Capt. Jno., letters of
-, Nich.
-, Mr.

Simons, Thos., graver to the Mint.

Simpson, B
-, or Sympson, James
-, petition of
-, John
-, certificate of
-, Matt.
-, Robt.
-, Wm., letter of
-, Mr., of Dover, letter to

Sinai, Mount

Sinclair, John, 6th Lord Sinclair

Singleton, Sussex

Sipton, co. Suffolk

Sittingbourne, Kent

Skelton, Capt. John
-, Thos., letter of
-, Mr., of Oxford

Skepper, Rich.

Skewes, Steph., letter of

Skinner, Lady Mary
-, Thos.
-, letter of

Skipper, Capt.

Skippon, Col. Phil., Major-general of London, as member of Council

Skoomaker, Arent

Slader, Mr.

Sladway, the

Slater, Major

Slaugham, co. Sussex

Slaughter, John

Sluce, Chris

Sluys, see Helvoetsluys

Slyfeild, Luke
-, certificate by

Smelt, Thos.

Smith, Anth., certificate by
-, Edw.
-, Fras.
-, Geo.
-, letter of
-, Hannah, petition of
-, Col. Henry
-, Capt. Jas.
-, or Smyth, Capt. Jer.
-, letters to
-, letters of
-, John, late
-, John, Minister
-, John, schoolmaster
-, John, of Warwick, letter of
-, Capt. Jno.
-, letters of
-, Sir John
-, Jonathan
-, Nath.
-, Pat.
-, Rich
-, widow of
-, Robert
-, Capt. Robt
-, Silvanns
-, Simon
-, Thos., letter of
-, Wm., letters of
-, Capt.
-, Dr.
-, Mr.

Smithsby, Thos.
-, petition of
-, Thos., jun.
-, minister

Smithson, or Smythson, Adam
-, letter of
-, Major Geo.

-, consul at, see Bretton, Spencer.
-, ships at, to, or from
-, treasurer at

Smyth, see Smith.

Smythson, see Smithson.

Snadland, Kent

Snawden, John, petition of

Snell, Chris.

Snord, James

Sochon, Dan., petition of

Soldiers, casual notices, passim; and see Army.
-, allowed to trade
-, free quartering of
-, maimed, treasurers for
-, pressed
-, transport of
-, volunteers

Sole Bay, see Southwold.


Somer, John, letter of

Somerset, Henry, late Earl of Worcester
-, Henry, Lord Herbert

-, commissioners of
-, Maj.-generals and commissioners of
-, places in
-, sheriffs of

Sommers, Mr.
-, Mrs.

Sorbonne, the (Paris)

Sound, the, ships at, to, or from

Soundings, the
-, ships at, to, or from

South, Robt., petition of
-, Thos.

Southampton or Hampton
-, inhabitants of
-, petition of
-, ships of
-, ships from

South Cape

Southern fleet or expedition
-, Frith, letter dated from

Southill, co. Bedford

South Moulton, co. Devon

-, constables of
-, letter dated from
-, places in, viz.:—
-, Old Parish Gardens, inhabitants of, petition of
-, St. Saviour's
-, White Lion prison

Southwell, Rob., letter of

Southwell, co. Notts

Southwold, Suffolk
-, or Sole Bay
-, letter dated from

Spain, King of, or his Catholic Majesty, or the Spaniard, Philip IV.
-, ambassador from
-, court of
-, subjects of

-, coasts of
-, Irish soldiers sent to
-, ports in
-, prisoners in
-, service against
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of, see Spanish ships.
-, travellers to or from
-, war or differences with

-, or Spain, letters of marque against

Spanish affairs
-, ambassador, see Spain, ambassador from.
-, army
-, bill of lading
-, coast, see Spain, coasts of.
-, commissary
-, council
-, fleet or ships
-, games
-, gentlemen
-, goods
-, guns
-, letters
-, marquis and wife
-, money, or coin, or plate
-, assay of
-, papers
-, party
-, plate fleet see also plate fleet.
-, ports, see Spain, ports in
-, prisoners
-, privateers
-, prizes
-, salt
-, treasure
-, victory
-, war, see Spain, war with.
-, wine
-, wool

Sparkes, Edw.
-, Geo., will of
-, Eliz., his wife
-, Charles and John, his sons

Sparling, Capt. Thos
-, letters of

Sparrow, John
-, letter to
-, Wm.

Spaw, the, Germany, passes to

Speaker, the, see Lenthall, Wm.

Spearing, Thos., letter of
-, Capt. Wm.
-, Mary, his widow

Speed, Wm.

Speenhamland, co. Berks

Spence, Abr.
-, petition of

Spencer, John


-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Splinters, the

Spont, Simon

Spottiswood, Dame Jane

Sprigg, Thos

Sprigge, J., letter of

Spurn, the
-, letters dated from

Stafford, Lord William
-, Katherine
-, Mary
-, Capt

-, justices of peace of
-, Major-general of,see Bridges, Col. Tobias
-, Maj.-general and commissioners of
-, places in

Stainer, Capt.

Staines, letter dated from

Stainforth, John, deputy Marshal-general
-, letters of

Stalham, John

Stamboline (ship), owners of

Stamford, co. Lincoln
-, co. York

Stane, Commissary-general

Stanhope, Katherine, lady Stanhope
-, Philip, Earl of Chesterfield (her son)

Stanley, James, 7th Earl of Derby
-, Mr.

Stapely, James

Staples, the

Starkey, Geo., information of

Starr, Capt. Rob.
-, letter of
-, petition of

Start, the

State, or Commonwealth, the and casual notices, passim; see also Government, the present.
-, advantage to
-, affairs of
-, affection for
-, charge of
-, counsellors for, see Counsel-at-law.
-, creditors of
-, damage or prejudice to
-, debts of
-, debts to
-, departure from
-, designs against
-, dishonour to
-, enemies of
-, frauds against
-, goods, &c., for
-, houses of
-, intelligence for
-, loans to
-, Paper Office
-, purveyor of
-, safety or peace of
-, service against
-, service to
-, persons slain in, grants to relations of
-, ships see also Ships
-, sufferings for

States General, see Holland

Statham, Mr.


Staveton, co. Wilts


Steele, Wm., Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, Lord Chancellor of Ireland
-, son of

Steeple House
-, Marden, co. Cambridge

Stephens, Caleb
-, James
-, Jeremy
-, Nath.
-, Dr. Phil.

Stepney, Middlesex

Sterling, Thos., letter of

Sterrie, Hen., certificate by

Sterry, Peter
-, payments to
-, petition of

Stevens, Hugh
-, John
-, Jos., letter of
-, Roger

Stevenson, J., letter of

Steward, Lady Kath.

Stewart, James, Lord Ochiltree
-, Sir Wm.


Stirrup, Nath.

Stoakes, or Stokes, Henry
-, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, Governor

Stocke, John

Stocker, Thos.

Stocks, John

Stodart, Matt.

Stoke Orchard, co. Gloucester
-, Prior, co. Worcester

Stokes Bay

Stokes, Capt., see Stoakes.

Stoltenburgh, Edw.

Stone, Edw.

Stonehouse, Dame Mary

Stoope, John, Baptista
-, Mr.

Stopford, co. Chester

Storey, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of

Story, Capt. Edw.

Stow-in-the-Wold, co. Gloucester

Stowell, Sir John

Stradling, Geo.
-, letters of
-, Tom

Strafford, Earl of (Thos. Wentworth)

Straits, the
-, ships or fleet to or from


Strangers, John
-, Hannah, his wife

Strangways, Capt. Thos.

Stratford, co. Suffolk

Stratford (Mr.)

Strathfieldsay, co. Hants

Stratton, co. Cornwall

Straughan, Capt. Jas.

Streate, Rich., letter of

Streater, John

Strickland, Walter, or Lord
-, as member of Council
-, report of
-, Sir Wm.
-, letter to

Strode, John

Stroud, Wm.

Stroud, Kent
-, ships of

Strutt, Capt. Jas., letters of

Stuart, James, Duke of Lennox and Richmond
-, James, 3rd Earl of Murray
-, Margaret, Countess of Murray
-, Alexander, 4th Earl of Murray
-, petition of

Stubber, or Stubbers, Col. Peter

Stubbs, Sheffield

Stunsfield, co. Oxford

Sturdie, John

Style, Maurice
-, Lieut.-col. Wm., letter to

Subsidies, see Customs.

-, cloth
-, commissioners of
-, inhabitants of
-, places in

Sumer, John

Sunday, see Lord's Day

Sundercomb Mills

-, ships to or from

Sunkeld manor, Little, Cumberland

-, justices of peace for
-, Maj.-general and commissioners of
-, places in

Surveying, commissioners for, letter of

-, commissioners of
-, Earl of (Thos. Saville)
-, Maj.-general and commissioners for
-, places in

Sutton, Rob.
-, Thos.

Swaffham, co. Norfolk

Swale, the
-, letter dated from

Swann, Thos.


Swart, Flemish admiral

Swayne, Rich.
-, Anne, his wife
-, petition of

Sweden, Queen of (Christina)
-, King of (Charles X.)
-, ambassador from
-, ambassador to, Rolt, Edw.
-, secretary of
-, service of

-, news from
-, travellers to or from

Swedes, the

Swedish colours
-, ambassador, see Sweden, ambassador to.
-, ships

Swetnam, or Swetenham, Lawrence

Swift, Wm., secretary to Ambassador Lockhart
-, letters to
-, mayor of Holyhead

Swinn, the
-, letter dated from
-, vessels in

Swinton, Scotland

Swinton, John
-, father of
-, Judge J.
-, Margaret

Swords, manufacture of

Sydenham, Sir Edw.
-, Hen.
-, Sir Ralph
-, Rich.
-, Col. Wm. or Lord
-, as member of Council
-, as Governor of the Isle of Wight
-, letter of

Sydney, Philip, Viscount Lisle, as member of Council
-, report of

Sylyard, Fras.
-, Sam.

Symmonds, Geo.
-, Martha

Symon, Thos.

Sympson, Jas., see Simpson.

Synoch, Jas.

Szanty, Mich.