Letters and Papers relating to the Navy: July 1658

Pages 426-432

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1658-9. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1885.

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July 1658

Date. From To Subject. References.
1658. Vol. 192.
July 1 Capt. Jno. Taylor, Chatham. Navy Comrs The Pembroke is tallowed, and her guns mounted, but has not heard of the hoy with her victuals. Is in hand with the Amity, but tallow is needed for the stores. Is desired to ask that the London may be paid off at Chatham, the town being poor and in need. 1
" " Adm. Com. " Order to provide shipping at Dover on Tuesday next to carry 100 horse, besides officers, to Dunkirk. 2
" " " " Order to provide the Diamond, bound to Jamaica, with a suit of harping irons and other fishing tackle, the charge not exceeding 10l. 3
" " " " Order to make out a bill to Jno. Fowler for his pay, &c., as Judge-Advocate of the fleet, since his last payment, at 8s. a day, payable to Katherine, his wife. 4
" 3 " " Order to make out a bill to Luke Slyfield for his pay, &c., as deputy-marshal of the fleet in the Downs, from 8 Oct. 1657 to 8 June 1658, at 2s. a day. 5
July 3 Elle, widow of Capt. Wm. Ledgant, late commander of the Elias. Adm. Com. Petition for payment of a year's wages due to him on 22 April last, the day he died, being poor and having two children. With order to the Navy Commissioners to make out a bill accordingly. Also certificate by Major Wm. Burton of Capt. Ledgant's death. 6, 7
" 4 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Capt. Hen. Hatsell for Rich. Vinson, for 40l. for services as storekeeper at Plymouth under Hatsell for one year, ending the 4th inst. 8
" " " " Order to make out a bill to Capt. Hen. Hatsell for 270l. for his and his clerks' pay, &c., as agent for managing the affairs of the Navy at Plymouth for one year. 9
" 5 Major N. Bourne, Navy Office. Adm. Com. Being at Woolwich, and finding that the great shallop lately built at Chatham for the Flemish coast had been brought there with the Speaker, and that no one had particular charge of her, so that her brass guns and other provisions were in danger of being embezzled, had her hauled on shore and her guns secured. If she is not to be employed for the business she was built for, it would be best to lay her somewhere else, or in a few weeks she may come to the same end as the Horsleydown shallop did. She might be useful on the coast at this time of year, or never. 10
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Navy Comrs Repeats his letter of 7 June, fearing somebody is doing him ill service by keeping his letters. Understands they have given order for receiving the hemp sent in David King's hoy; hopes they will hasten away the Amity for Iceland. 11
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. According to their reference of the petition of Capt. Jonas Poole, have examined the taking up of the Mary Rose in the Straits by Capt. Badiley and Mr. Longland, and find she was let by the latter, for whose use the bill of freight was made out and received. No force was used, but a protest from Capt. Badiley when the ship was in pay that she was then not delivered. Capt. Poole has produced certificates from credible merchants that he was damaged to the extent of 500l. by her being unloaded at Porto Ferraio. With certificate by Wm. Vincent and Wm. Rider, 28 June, that as arbitrators between Capt. Jonas Poole and the owners of the Mary Rose, they have examined the accounts of the ship for her voyage from England to Scanderoon, and thence to Leghorn, in 1652, and find that she was taken by Capt. Badiley for the service of the State, and her goods, which were designed for England, were turned on shore at Porto Ferraio, where much of them was lost, damaged, and stolen, which Capt. Badiley was legally bound to make good to the owners in London. Noted to have a certificate that Capt. Poole has made good to his owners that damage of 500l. which was allowed to the freighters. 12, 13
July 5 Capt. John Gardener, of the Golden Falcon. Adm. Com. Certificate that Nath. Phillips was on short allowance from 26 Nov. 1655 to 2 April 1657. Noted. 424 days at 2d. a day, 4l. 2s. 4d. 14
" " Thos. Teddeman, Dover. Navy Comrs Has agreed with the masters of 4 vessels of Dover for transporting 100 horses to Dunkirk, at 13s. each. Will have all ready by Tuesday, and when they are shipped, will send up an account of the whole charge. 15
" 6 Adm. Com. " Order to examine the account of Thos. Arden, woodward of New Forest, of money disbursed for felling, squaring, and carrying 200 oaks and beeches to the water side for the navy, and to make a reasonable allowance. 16
" " " " and Treasurer. Order for payment of the wages due to the officers and company of the London at Chatham 17
" " Capt. Wm. Whitehorne, the London, Chatham Dock. " Having arrived in the Medway, has no further use for the ketch that has attended upon the London while she has been at sea. 18
" " John Morris, Gravesend. " Arrival and departure of ships 19
" 7 Susan Letherman Adm. Com. Petition for the release of Philip Farmell, private seaman, formerly belonging to the St. Maria of Ostend, and a prisoner in Chelsea College, in exchange for her brother, Thos. Partridge, who was taken by a Spanish man-of-war and carried to Flushing, where he will remain as a prisoner until Farmell is exchanged for him. With certificate of Jno. Stainforth, deputy marshal-general, that Farmell is in his custody at Chelsea College. 20, 21
" " Ordnance Officers Account of contracts made with 3 powder makers named, with particulars of the quantity delivered, and what remains to be brought in; also of the serviceable and unserviceable powder in the stores and at Windsor. 22
" 8 Major N. Bourne, Deptford. Adm. Com. Supposes they have heard of the embezzlement of cordage by the boatswains of the Richard and Diamond; is investigating the matter, and as it is necessary to appoint others in their place, recommends Skinner, formerly boatswain of the Great Charity, and lately assistant to the master of attendance at Woolwich, as one, and the person recommended by the captain of the Diamond as the other. An intimation should be sent to the General to secure the boatswain of the Richard. 23
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor Major N. Bourne, Navy Comr Deptford. Mr. Arkinstall and the paymasters have arrived, but the London is yet in Long Reach, and the pilot on board desires order for 40 or 50 of her men to be kept on board, to secure her until the wind serves to bring her up. 24
July 8 Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Capt. Fras. Willoughby. Desire a note to the Petty warrant Victuallers to take more care for providing beer, &c., as of late some of the ships have been without beer for two days together, which has caused 20 or 30 of the men of the Constant Warwick to come off and complain; pacified them with words and got them to return to their business. On sending to Mr. Salisbury about it, he at first said it did not concern him, but afterwards that what was amiss should be amended; if a few words were sent him to have more care, it would do good. Particulars of ships under repair. 25
" 12 Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Adm. Com. Has communicated their letter to the merchants, who are very sensible of their favour. Asks leave to hire the Black Horseman of London to bring up timber and shot from Hunger Road, at 30s. a ton the timber and 16s. the shot. 26
" " Robt. Beate " Petition for an order for the release of Jaques Mounterdee, a prisoner in Chelsea College, in exchange for Geo. Smith, a Scotchman, taken at sea and carried to Ostend, who has been set at liberty by the Admiralty Judges at Ostend, under caution to effect such exchange. With pass from the Admiralty Judges at Ostend for Smith, and certificate of Jno. Stainforth that Mounterdee, a seaman lately belonging to the St. Peter of Ostend, is a prisoner in Chelsea College. 27–30
" " James Combes " Petition for the boatswain's place in the Bridgwater, having served the State at sea for several years, and been boatswain in the Sophia two years; but she being constantly in harbour, and his wages small, he has not sufficient subsistence for his wife and family. With certificate of Jno. Green, Thos. Scott, and Jas. Ansdell, recommending him as boatswain to the new frigate building at Deptford. 31, 32
" 13 Jeremiah Haslupp " Petition for the carpenter's place in the Rosebush at Deptford; suffered much loss in the Paragon, wherein he was also burnt and wounded, and was master carpenter in the Charity. With certificate of Christ. Pett and 3 others. 33, 34
" " Capt. Hen. Peck, Amity, Yarmouth Roads. Navy Comrs Has come in as ordered. Is much troubled about a ticket given to Jno. Turner, for piloting the Amity to and from Plymouth; hopes it will be attended to. 35
" " Adm. Com. " Order to make out a bill to Capt. Wm. Whitehorne for 40l., for his pains in managing the Downs squadron from 9 Feb. to 29 June 1658, and for his disbursements and expenses. 36
" 17 " " Order to make up the pay of Gilbert Cornelius, 4l. 13s. 4d. a month, on their certificate, on examination of his papers, that he was employed as Judge-Advocate in the West Indies by Vice-Adm. Goodson from 16 July 1655 to 16 July 1656; that he received 37s. a month as midshipman in the Torrington, and that if the same were made up 4l. 13s. 4d., a month, which is after the rate of 3s. 4d. a day, it would be sufficient compensation. 37
" " " " Order to make an additional allowance of 10 men to the Colchester, above her present complement of 100. 38
July 17 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Martin Aldrich for the pay of a lieutenant of a 4th-rate ship, for the time he so served, on his petition that, being lieutenant of the Bear in her last voyage to Jamaica, on 21 July 1656 he was appointed commander of the Cardiff, until she was laid up, and that he afterwards entered himself on board the Mathias, where he continued from 27 Jan. 1656–7 to 17 April following, when she was paid off, and praying allowance for his said service. 39
" " " " Order to pay Rob. Turpin 500l. on account for sick and wounded seamen 40
" 19 Christ. Pett, Sam. Raven, Wm. Badiley, Woolwich. " Many of the Flemish ships in the harbour are in bad condition, not fit for repair, and lying at a daily charge; the Sampson, Marigold, Golden Falcon, and Falcon flyboat, should be put up for sale, and the remainder have their upper decks caulked, to preserve them from the weather, which will much damnify them during the ensuing winter. 41
" 20 Burgomasters and Aldermen, Dunkirk. Certificate that Anth. Garcy, and 11 other men and boys named, inhabitants of Dunkirk, were taken at sea, while serving under Capt. Jaques Jardin, and are now prisoners at York. [Dutch, with translation]. 42, 43
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order—on certificate of Christ. Pett, master shipwright at Woolwich, that there is a want of a mastmaker in the yard, for the more speedy dispatch of ships fitted there, and recommendation of Fras. Sturton, carpenter of the Speaker, who, having lost one his legs, is unfit to go to sea;—to consider whether a mastmaker is wanted there, and if Sturton is fit, to appoint him, with the same allowance as the mastmaker at Deptford. 44
" " " " and Treasurer. Order to pay the wages due to the officers and companies of the Convertine and Paul, lately come from Jamaica. 45
" 22 " " Order to make out a bill to Lieut. Jno. Cuttle for 10l., for his care during the time he had charge of the London and Portland, in the absence of their commanders. 46
" " Navy Com. Adm. Com. Find from the officers at Chatham Yard that there are several parcels of decayed and unserviceable provisions, as old ropes, sails, ironwork, anchors, junk, &c., which pester the stores; also from the officers at Woolwich Yard that the Sampson, Marigold, Golden Falcon, and Falcon flyboat, are too defective for repair, and are now a daily charge. Advise their sale, this being the best season of the year for it. 47
" 27 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for sending on board the Sea Flower ketch Wm. Blackburne and 4 others, now prisoners under charge of the Messenger, and deliverng them into the custody of Walter Dickenson, midshipman, to be conveyed to the Downs, and disposed of as Lord Gen. Montague shall direct. Also to send the witnesses against them, and deliver the examinations to Dickenson, who is to give them to the Judge-Advocate of the Fleet, or whom else the General shall direct. 48
July 27 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for a bill of 500l. to Rob. Turpin, for sick and wounded seamen 49
" " " " Order to make out a bill to Hen. Champlyn, marshal of Plymouth Castle, for his care in securing prisoners sent thither from on board the ships and frigates of the Commonwealth, from 16 July 1657 to 16 July 1658, after the rate of 1s. 6d. a day. 50
" " " " Order to receive the keys of the storehouses at Woolwich from Wm. Ackworth, storekeeper, he having been suspended from office on account of frauds and embezzlements committed of late, and to take order for stating the remainder of the stores under his charge, and entrust them to some faithful person. 51
" " Geo. Randall Adm. Com. Petition for release of Jago Fran, prisoner in Chelsea College, in exchange for himself. Was taken prisoner by an Ostend man-of-war last May, and was in Ostend Prison a long time, until released on parole, to procure Fran's discharge. With certificate of Jno. Stainforth that Jocas Ferroone, a seaman belonging to the St. Maria of Ostend and taken by the Portland, is a prisoner in Chelsea College; also by Vice-Adm. Wm. Goodson and Thos. Pointer that the petitioner belonged to the Speaker when taken prisoner. 52, 53
" " Mr. Beckford Account for a quantity of cocoa nuts, sold at 25l.. per cwt., amounting to 127l. 5s. 7d. 54
" 29 Adm. Comrs. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order for payment of the wages due to Nathaniel Lane for the time he served as minister on board the Converture, notwithstanding he had no warrant. 55
" " " Navy Comrs Order—the Protector having directed that the squadron in the Straits be continued out the next winter, except the Tredagh, Jersey, and Yarmouth, now coming home, and Capt. Jno. Stoakes, commander-in-chief of the fleet, having stated that there is a great want of all sorts of boatswains' and carpenters' stores for 10 ships named—that they consider what proportion must be provided, and take care for their speedy sending, by the ships that are to be taken up by the Commissioners for Victualling. 56
" 30 Jno. Wentworth, late commander of the Paul. Adm. Com. Petition for an order to the Navy Commissioners to pay such wages as are due to him, as also what is due on certain tickets. Was appointed commander of the Paul by commission from Edw. Doyley, commander-in-chief of the forces at Jamaica, and by warrant from Gen. Wm. Brayne, directed to Capt. Chas. Wager, the former commissioner, 90 men were to be borne upon her; but on paying off the ship, petitioner not having the warrant to produce, the Navy Commissioners suspended payment of his salary, as there were 30 supernumeraries put into the ship by virtue of this warrant, more than were borne upon the establishment. With order to the Navy Commissioners to pay the wages due, notwithstanding the 30 supernumeraries, as it was done by order of Lieut.-Gen. Brayne. 57
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Sir Thos. Vyner for 50l., and take his bill of exchange for payment thereof to Capt. Gervas Harestaffe at York, for maintenance of Spanish prisoners. 59
July 31 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to examine the 2 accounts of Cornelius Burroughs, steward-general of the fleet at Jamaica, of all victuals received and issued in the West Indies for the ships and forces; also a book of accounts from the storekeeper at Jamaica, of all sea stores received and issued there to the ships; to consider whether the said accountants have charged themselves with all the provisions that have been sent from hence to Jamaica; also to charge the respective ships and officers with such as have been delivered to them, and to cause such particulars as relate to the gunners' stores issued to any of the gunners of the fleet to be sent to the Ordnance officers, that they may be charged to the account of the respective gunners; also to transcribe such part of the accounts as relate to stores or victuals issued to the officers or soldiers belonging to the army at Jamaica, and transmit them to the Admiralty Commissioners with speed. 60
" " Shedricke Crispin, mariner. Adm. Com. Petition for an order to the Navy Commissioners to sign his ticket for his wages for the time he served in the Martin, whence he exchanged into the Convertine. With order to the Navy Commissioners for payment, if there is no other objection than that it is written, not printed. 61
" " Capt. Edm. Smith, Hull. Ant. Wells Has examined the account returned for washing, graving, and tallowing his frigate, and for the stores supplied, amounting to 44l. 15s. 8d., and desires he will pay it; with receipt by Wm. Blaydes for 31l. 8s. 2d. in part thereof. 62