Letters and Papers relating to the Navy: August 1658

Pages 432-439

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1658-9. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1885.

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August 1658

Date. From To Subject. References.
1658. Vol. 192.
Aug. 1 Capt. Jno. Louyd, Diamond, Downs. Adm. Com. Has safely arrived with the victualler and Chestnut ketch, and is only waiting for a wind 63
" 2 " " As the wind has come about to the north-east, is enabled to sail, but the master of the victualler is absent; not knowing whether he is detained by them, will remain in the Downs until he hears from them, or the master arrives. 64
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to examine the account of Rich. Browne, of Pembroke, for necessaries supplied to the Bolring, Paradox, and Kinsale, and make out a bill for what is due. 65
" " Major N. Bourne, Navy Office. Adm. Com. Hearing that the boatswains, with others sent down to the Downs, are on their trial, and that the boatswain of the Diamond is like to suffer punishment with the rest, desires they will remember their promise that he should be indemnified; if this is not performed, it will reflect upon him, who made it in their name, and will for the future lay a discouragement on the like. Has nothing to move in extenuation of his crime, but that he may have the mercy promised; hopes they will take such care that he may be released without punishment, and for that purpose write a word to the General. 66
" " Col. Thos. Fitch, the Citadel, Inverness. " Being ordered to supply the stores with provisions for the garrison and field forces, in case it should be necessary to take the field, as also with ammunition and carriages for the guns in the citadel and castle, has ordered the Lieut.-Colonel, now going for London, to take care about them. Begs they will grant him a convoy. 67
Aug. 2 Navy Victuallers Account of the cost of victualling 100 men for a month, at the assumed price of provisions this year, total 84l. 19s. 5½d., at 7¼d. per man per day. The salaries of the Victualling Office, &c., will be answered by the abatements made on what is paid to pursers, and flour, beverage, &c., in lieu of flesh and beer, in southern service. 68
" " Capt. Robt. Sansum, the Portsmouth, Downs. Adm. Com. Being ordered by Lord Montague to go to Portsmouth to refit for the southern service, and hearing that a lieutenant will be borne upon his ship, requests they will confer the place on Barth. Capel, his master's mate, he having served under him in several ships for 7 years, and most of the time as a master's mate. 69
" 3 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for the speedy refitting of the Langport at Portsmouth for the southern service, to carry 260 men and 50 guns. 70
" " " " Order to make out a bill to Jno. Powell for 37l. 16s. 6d. and to Thos. Davies for 12l. 2s. 2d., disbursed by them as Admiralty messengers. 71
" 4 Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " Delivered their order to Capt. Wilkinson to victual at Hull; he sailed to-day and took a convoy with him. The Vulture has gone over with some Newcastle ships, laden with cloth and lead, and then to victual at Harwich. Hearing that the master's mate was not fit to be trusted with the command, put a sufficient man on board with him as pilot, and gave him private instructions what to do if need required. The captain recommends Richard Muns, a stout, able, and honest man, to command her, until he is again able to do so. 72
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Arrival, cleaning, and repairing of ships named 73
" 5 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for the speedy refitting of the Tiger at Woolwich for the southern expedition, to bear 160 men and 34 guns. 74
" " Major N. Bourne, Deptford. Adm. Com. Finds the Mayflower has a breach made under water, for 8 or 10 feet long and 6 or 7 feet deep, her gun deck blown up, and a great part of the upper deck shaken by the force of the blow; as she is so much broken up, it will be an advantage to put her up for sale at once, and let those who buy her be at the cost and trouble of removing her. The Beaver, which has been lying upon charge too long, is likewise brought to little better end; she was brought upon the careen yesterday, but her works under water being very bad, she sunk, so desires a speedy sentence upon her also. 75
" 6 Capt. Jno. Louyd, the Diamond, Spithead. " Left the Downs last Wednesday, with the victualler and Chestnut ketch, but meeting with gusty weather off the Isle of Wight, put into Spithead; waits a fair wind. 76
Aug. 6 Capt. Sam. Sharland, the Kinsale, Milford Haven. Adm. Com. At his last tallowing, gave an account of the insufficiency of his frigate for winter service. Has since been cruising on the Irish coast, in company of Capt. Cowes, by order of the Lord Deputy; also about Lundy and the Land's End, but has not seen any of the enemy. Having sprung a leak, and Capt. Cowes wanting victuals, they came in together; has since sprung another leak, and had 3 or 4 feet of water in the hold and his powder damaged; has hauled on shore to stop them. 77
" " Rob. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Hull. Navy Comrs Cannot get provisions without order from the agent, who is in London. Met several Holland ships of 30 or 40 guns, who pretended they were convoying busses or going for Russia. Insisted on searching the hold of one, but found only provisions. 78
" 7 Adm. Com. " Order to examine the account of Rich. Browne, of Pembroke, of money disbursed for tallowing the Lizard, and to make out a bill for what is due. 79
" 9 Capt. Nich. Parker, Bryer, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. While with the Warwick and some ships from Rochelle, chased 3 Ostenders, leaving his convoy to follow, and took one of them, called the St. Anthony of Ostend, having 12 guns and 160 men, but lost 4 men in boarding her and had 5 wounded, the Ostender losing 10 or 12, and the captain being shot through the body. Left the Warwick in chase of the others, and meeting with a fleet of Bristol ships, and the wind changing, they all put into the Sound; will see them on their way the first opportunity. 80
" 10 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Capt. Edw. Allen, cashier to the Victualling Office, for 1,000l. for the discharge of debts for provisions upon the old declaration for the last year. 81
" " " " Like order for 3,000l. a-week for 4 weeks, commencing 14th June and determining 12th July last, for carrying on the victualling affairs upon the new declaration for the present year. 82
" " " " Order to make out a bill to Jno. Pitt for 20l., for transacting affairs in the Downs enjoined him by the commander-in-chief there, for half a year ending the 7th inst., over and above his pay on the sea book. 83
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. If the Dragon comes in, will give her all despatch. Cleaning, repairing, and sailing of ships 84
" 11 Rear-Adm. Jno. Bourne, Swiftsure, Downs. " Will order the ships going to the Maas or the Brill to acquaint Mr. Downing of their arrival, and to attend his directions. Has secured Thos. May, boatswain of the Nantwich, on board the Swiftsure, and sends his examination taken by the Judge-Advocate, admitting that he knows Jno. Bulmer, who was formerly in the fleet, and that he has seen him several times at the Red Lion, Deptford, but denying that he ever sold him any cordage, or ever received money from him; desires further order concerning him. Also that the Swiftsure and Richard may be supplied with boatswains in the place of those dismissed by the Court of War. 85, 86
Aug. 11 Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Delivered their warrant to Mr. Muns, who is going to Harwich to his charge, as is also Capt. Bevans from the North Seas, having but 3 days' victuals; he will wait there for orders. The herring fishing will begin in 14 days, and he is well adapted as a convoy for them, his ship drawing but little water. It is reported that 10 vessels laden with coals were taken last Sunday morning off the Spurn, by 3 of the enemies' men-of-war of from 10 to 24 guns each; is afraid they will do a great deal of harm. The Elizabeth, bound for Hull, is in the Roads walting for a wind. 87
" " Capt. Jno. Copping, Langport, Portsmouth. " Understands they have ordered him to take in 50 barrels more of powder than his store, but his own will be as much as can be stowed in the powder room; has no other place for it but the hold, if he takes in 6 months' provisions, and to put it there would be very dangerous; if he takes in 8 months' provisions, the ship will be so full that the powder cannot be stowed at all. Will heave down to-morrow, and hopes to have the careening done this week. 88
" 12 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Capt. Jno. Taylor for 150l. payable by the Treasurer of the Navy out of the Mardike money, and to charge the same as an imprest on his account, according to the directions of the Mardike Committee of Council. 89
" " " " Order for the speedy refitting of the Dragon at Chatham for the southern expedition, to bear 160 men and 36 guns. 90
" 13 " " Order to make out a bill of imprest to John Upton for 600l., on account of provisions bought by his order for the navy. 91
" " " " Order to examine the account of Rich. Browne, of Pembroke, for necessaries supplied to the Paradox, and make out a bill for what is due thereupon. 92
" " " " Order to direct the speedy refitting of the Cheriton for service in the Channel 93
" 16 " " Order to make out a bill to John Hunt for 44l. 18s. 3d., disbursed by him for the diet of Lord Montague and other incidental expenses, while he was at Chatham in May last. 94
" " Cap. Edw. Nixon, Pearl, Bridlington Bay. " Has been cruising in his station since 26 July last, and, wanting fresh water and meeting with very high winds, has been forced into Bridlington; having 7 weeks' provisions left, will hasten back as soon as his water is on board. As he may lose part of his inheritance left him by his father, through want of opportunity to stay on shore to settle the business, asks liberty for 8 days to go to Newcastle to secure his estate, and despatch other business of great concernment. 95
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. Repair and victualling of ships. Recommends Jno. Taylor to succeed the deceased cook of the Vanguard. 96
Aug. 16 Peter Butler and 3 others. Certificate to the good conduct of Rich. Harvey, as chaplain to the Satisfaction, in the voyage to St. Helena and back 97
" 17 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for the laying of two mooring chains at Chatham for mooring of the State's ships, in the same manner as has been done at Woolwich. 98
" 21 " " Order to make out a bill to Capt. John Taylor for 500l. out of the Mardike money, charging the same as an imprest on his account. 99
" " Wm. Blaydes, Hull. Adm. Com. Capt. Penrose, of the Maidstone, having come in to transport soldiers to Mardike, supplied him with 26 tons of fresh ballast, and took his bill for the charge, amounting to 1l. 6s. 0d. The Weymouth pink also arrived as convoy to the London ships from Yarmouth Roads, and was cleaned and furnished with what she required. Has ordered Ensign Rich. Elton to present the bills, and desires they will direct payment. With the order for payment 26 Aug. 100, 101
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor " Cannot walk the streets or appear in the yard at Chatham but he is met with extreme complaints and cries by the lame and maimed persons; 140 that have above two years' due to them follow him openly, as if the debt were his. Makes it his earnest prayer that mercy or justice may prevail for their relief; they have no other to apply to but the Admiralty, who engaged to succour them in case of being maimed. 102
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for the speedy refitting and cleaning of the Convert and Wakefield, the former at Woolwich and the latter at Chatham, for service in the Channel. 103
" 24 " " and Treasurer. Order for payment of the wages due to the officers and companies of the Dragon and Tiger, reserving 3 months' in hand as accustomed. 104
" " " " Like order for payment of the Satisfaction at Woolwich 105
" 25 [Jno. Stainforth], Chelsea College. Note of 3 Spanish prisoners, private seamen, who have escaped 106
" 26 Rear Adm. Bourne, Swiftsure, Downs. [Adm. Com.] Has sent the Providence and Truelove to Woolwich, and will pursue their directions for victualling the small frigates on the other side; when the Bramble returns with her victuals from Dover, will send her to Newport in the room of the Acadia. Will advise with Sir Richard [Stayner] about recommending boatswains for the Richard and Swiftsure; had already sent the Cornelian to Ostend, being of small draft of water, as also the letter to Lord Lockhart by the Nonsuch 107
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Repair, victualling, and sailing of ships. When the Langport arrives at Spithead, a survey should be made of all the officers' stores, that they may be assured they have what they indent for. Asks whether she is to remain in petty warrant while there, and whether to allow conduct money to a number of seamen who have come with their clothes to join her, they being importunate for it. 108
Aug. 26 Capt. Sam. Sharland, the Kinsale, Milford Harbour. Adm. Com. Gave notice that his frigate was very leaky. Since then has been on the Irish coast, but cannot possibly lie at sea; will ply between Milford and Lundy until he receives orders. 109
" 27 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Received their order for the supplying victuals at Kinsale, and will send some ships. Hopes they have an agent there to tallow such as may be sent there to victual, but for more security, when he sends any, will give the captain credit or money to buy tallow before they take in victuals, so that they may be the fitter for service; other supplies of what is wanting to any frigate he sends shall be given here. There are several laden vessels at Plymouth, Dartmouth, and Topsham bound for Morlaix, and many there have long waited a convoy, which is earnestly desired; has ordered the Sorlings 14 days' provisions, and appointed her for that service. The Bryer, being much damaged by shot when she took the last man-of-war, is in harbour under repair. Particulars of ships. 110
" 28 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to refit the Speaker, Plymouth, Centurion, Nonsuch, and Ruby for present service, and supply them with such stores as may render them fit to be kept out at sea the whole winter. 111
" " Robt. Grassingham, Harwich. " Wrote them of his want of money to carry on the naval affairs, but has not received any answer, and is in great straits, there being much due to workmen, who are daily troubling him for their wages; it has been customary, ever since the State has had any work done at Harwich, to pay the wages as soon as due, there being no constant employment. For answering the necessities of such men as were willing to labour for the State as work came in, has disbursed 100l. in wages, although he had none in the bank, and has now not wherewith to defray the necessary expense of his family without borrowing; this, if considered, cannot but move them to give him a quick supply. 112
" " Jno. King, John ketch, Nore Head. Robt. Blackborne. Has been daily cruising in his station and chased a man-of-war, but night coming on, lost him; no harm has yet been done there. Convoyed 2 hoys from Harwich to the river, one with powder on the State's account, and the other that had attended upon the taking up of the guns of the Liberty. 113
" " Capt. Jno. Pearce, Lily, Downs. " Is attending on Rear-Adm. Bourne to transport packets for Flanders and other services. John Smith, who was sent as cook, was welcome, although he stayed 5 weeks from his charge after the date of his warrant. He then was on board but 7 days before he went to Dover to victual, and the vessel being off the ground 6 months, he was disguised in drink every day, and after the ship was despatched, he stayed behind 25 days without notice. Knows not where he now is. He is also given to other vices. 114
" Capt. Thos. Penrose, the Maidstone, Weymouth Roads. Adm. Com. Has given Sir John Copplestone notice that he has been ready to transport his soldiers since the 20th inst., and has heard that some are marching from Hanniton. Having had a proportion of victuals taken out of his frigate while in the Downs, has not above 3 weeks' left. 115
Aug. 29 Capt. Jno. Copping, Langport, Spithead. Adm. Com. Has been refitted at Portsmouth; his provisions are soon expected; will then be ready for further commands. Several voluntary seamen have come from London, and for their encouragement, as well as that of others expected, has engaged for their conduct money, and advanced it to some to bring down their clothes, not questioning but that the Commissioners will grant order for repayment at Spithead. Asks for an order for a new saine which is in the stores at Portsmouth, as there is an absolute necessity for it, for the refreshing and relief of his men when at short allowance, if bound for the Straits. With order thereon in the Admiralty Committee 31 Dec. for the Navy Commissioners to give such directions as they think meet. 116, 117
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Arrival, cleaning, victualling, and departure of ships 118
" 30 Capt. Abr. Allgate, the Oxford, Spithead. " Has been prevented getting over to St. Male with his convoy through contrary winds, but has brought the vessels from Dartmouth, Topsham, and Lyme to the rest in Weymouth Roads, where the Lark also is with her convoy. Having but 8 days' provisions, and the Lark being also short, conferred with Capt. Lardge, who advised him to make to Portsmouth for a month's provisions, and to provide the Lark with half, so that both of them could perform the service; but since coming to Spithead, has been prevented getting on shore by the weather. Capt. Thorowgood will send on board what is needed, when he will return to Weymouth Roads and proceed with the convoys. Has not heard of any of the enemies being upon the coast, except two shallops of two guns each near Lyme, but they made little stay. 119
" " Rear-Adm. Jno. Bourne, Swiftsure, Downs. " Has sent up the Flemish vessel brought in by the Dartmouth to Woolwich, and acquainted the Commissioners for Prize Goods therewith; sent instructions to the Nantwich to go there also to refit, and as soon as the Assurance, Newcastle, and Pembroke arrive, will send them to Portsmouth to victual. 120
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Constant Warwick, Plymouth Sound. " Plying on his station, between the mouth of the Channel and off Scilly, chased and took the St. Mary, belonging to the Irish, having 4 guns and 35 men; it was commanded by Jas Long, an Irishman, who had a commission from James Stuart, whom they call Duke of York. The wind changing was forced to carry his prize into Milford, but has since delivered her up to the Prize Officers at Plymouth, and sent his prisoners, who are nearly all Irish, to the castle there. Waits orders from Capt. Hatsell. 121
" 31 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order for payment of the wages due to the officers and company of the Truelove at Woolwich 122
" " " " Like order for the Providence at Woolwich 123
Aug. 31 Capt. Robt. Colman, Elizabeth, Buoy of the Nore. Adm. Com. Convoyed the vessel with powder from Hull, also 3 others laden for London on the 20th inst., and the next day got through Yarmouth Roads, where he anchored, and having had contrary winds ever since, has only just gained the Nore. Is very scant of provisions, has neither beer nor water, and has been unable to send a boat on shore for 11 days. Had the greatest storm yesterday he has seen for many years; one vessel cut her mainmast by the board, and 3 drove ashore by him, and all the anchors and cables he had were little enough to hold him. 124
" " Jno. Kirke and Stephen Turner, Woolwich. Information against Mr. Ackworth. Being in the house of Hen. Hurst, in Plum Street, with Jos. Churchman and Mr. Whiteing, surgeon of the yard at Woolwich, and having some discourse about Ackworth, the storekeeper at Woolwich yard, Hurst complained that he had put him out of his place there the better to act his deceits, and that he was the veriest knave living, as he not only wasted the candles and other stores for his own use, to the amount of 200l. a year, but had also sold two copper boilers of the value of 30l. or 40l., and that he could declare enough to hang him; but as he had such great friends, he durst not meddle with him. Also the following propositions by informants: 1st. Whether the ground at the upper end of the State's yard, formerly in the possession of Mr. Sheldon, clerk of the Check, and lying within the common pale of the State's ground, does not belong to the State, although Ackworth keeps possession, and pretends to pay rent for it? 2nd. Whether Ackworth's letting a person have a room over the State's chief storehouse, with a trap door in it, is according to his trust? 3rd. Whether the clearing out of one of the lofts in the State's storehouse, and thrusting the oakum and hair together, to make room to lay a great quantity of corn, is according to his trust? or not? With notes of the examination of Hen. Hurst, late clerk to Mr. Ackworth, charging him with embezzling candles and other stores, some of which he used, and sold the remainder; also of Jos. Lawrence, that he knows nothing of the barrels of nails conveyed by Ackworth to some of his tenants, beyond what he has heard from Capt. Taylor and from one of Ackworth's tenants living at Woodbridge, and that when he sent for money to repair his house, Ackworth sent him nails. 125, 126
" " Gabriel Evans Adm. Com. Repeats his information of 12 July against Jas. Lashly or Leslie, gunner of the Convert, adding that Leslie threatened him, while in the North Sea, for reporting the above to the captain, Rowland Bevans. 127
" " Jno. Morris, Gravesend. " Particulars of the arrival and departure of ships on the 1st, 5th, and 31st inst. 128–130