Letters and Papers relating to the Navy: September 1658

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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1658-9. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1885.

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September 1658

Date. From To Subject. References.
1658. Vol. 193.
Sept. 1 Capt. Thos. Lardge, Lark, Weymouth Roads. " Thanks for leave to remain on shore while he was sick. Since then the Commissioner at Plymouth has ordered him, with Capt. Allgate, of the Oxford, to convoy some vessels from Plymouth, Dartmouth, Topsham, Lyme, and elsewhere to St. Malo, but having been detained by contrary winds and foul weather, and their provisions growing short, Capt. Allgate went to Portsmouth for a supply for himself and the Lark, leaving the latter in the Roads with 8 sail bound for St. Malo. Expects his return to-day, and they will then proceed on their voyage. Had a most violent storm last Sunday and Monday, which forced one vessel from Newfoundland under convoy to cut her mainmast by the board, and another was forced on shore, but her men were saved. 1
Sept. 1 Capt. Robt. Sansum, the Portsmouth, Spithead. Adm. Com. Will proceed to the Downs as ordered, and take several others with him under convoy 2
" " Capt. Thos. Penrose, the Maidstone, Weymouth Roads. " Heard from Sir Jno. Copplestone that the soldiers would arrive at Weymouth last Monday, and now hears they will come to-day; if they do, will quickly have them on board, and transport them. 3
" 2 " " " Sir Jno. Copplestone came to Weymouth yesterday and 78 soldiers to-day, and as there are not any more coming at present, is about sailing with them. When last in Dunkirk Road, received some victuals from the Naseby, which he thought was for his own use, but on returning to the Downs, it was demanded back as having been put on board his ship as a store for her use 4
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Vice-Adm. Wm. Goodson for 27l. 15s., disbursed by him upon journeys and other occasions for the service of the Fleet. 5
" " Capt. Abr. Allgate, the Oxford, Spithead. Adm. Com. Hearing of false reports made by his gunner and boatswain, that he might have taken the man-of-war he chased a month since if he had done his uttermost, can only say that nothing was neglected which he judged needful to hasten up with him; begs investigation, as if he should suffer from such abuses, it would render him odious amongst his men, and unfit to command them, they being enemies to the truth, and hating the very appearance of godliness, refusing to hearken to reproof or counsel, though tendered in never so much love to them. Enquired of the boatswain, in presence of Captains Tippetts and Woolters, touching what he had said. He first denied it, but when brought face to face, could say little or nothing for himself. Desires that such things may be rightly weighed, and that the innocent may not be condemned with the faulty. 6
" " Rear-Adm. Jno. Bourne [Downs]. " Conferred with Sir Rich, Stayner as to a fit boatswain for the Richard. Crabb on board of her, formerly a master and master's mate, and Trippett are proposed. Has no one on board his own ship to recommend; advises her supply by removing the boatswain of the Worcester, Bridgwater, or Assistance, all recommended by their commanders. Has sent the Dartmouth with 80 sail of herring fishers to the fishing grounds off North Yarmouth, and ordered him to protect and guard them during the fishing season there and off the North and South Foreland; when the Lily returns from Dover, cleaned and victualled, will send her to assist him, as also the Eaglet ketch when she returns from Dunkirk as convoy to some vessels laden with horse. The Adventure has arrived with several vessels under convoy from the westward, and is ordered by Capt. Hatsell to attend for further orders, but she wants a new mainmast, repairing, and victualling, to enable her to keep at sea. The Cheriton has also arrived, and is going for Dunkirk. 7
Sept. 2 Capt. Peter Motham, Foresight, Spithead. Adm. Com. On arriving at Plymouth, received order from Commissioner Hatsell to supply the Gainsborough with 14 days' provisions, and to sail to Portsmouth and report to the Admiralty Commissioners. While at sea the last month, plied off Scilly, and endeavoured to speak with all the vessels he could, but could not gather anything from them worth noticing. 8
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Refitting, victualling, and sailing of ships 9
" " Capt. J. Grymesditch, Elias, Yarmouth Roads. " Has arrived with most of the Iceland fleet; hopes the rest are safe, but they were separated by a violent storm last Monday. Has not seen the Amity since Saturday night, when she lost both him and them, save about 8 of the Fishery who were with her, and who then steered a more inwardly course; is hourly expecting them in the Roads. Has been on short allowance above 3 months, and his victuals nearly exhausted. 10
" 3 " " " The Amity, with the rest of the fleet, have safely arrived, many of them being much disabled by the late storm, which caused her stay. 11
" " Capt. Hen. Pack, Amity, Yarmouth Roads. " Got to Iceland on the 4th ult., and departed on the 10th, with the Elias and 72 sail of fishermen; but meeting with very bad weather, had to lay to off Buffon Ness, to take up and preserve those which were disabled; has brought them into Yarmouth Roads to-day. The Amity is very strong and tight, has a month's provisions, and if cleaned, will not be inferior to any in sailing. Waits orders. 12
" " Jas. Disbrowe, J. Clarke, Prize Office, London. " Rear-Adm. Bourne having sent up the Love of Amsterdam to Woolwich, have sent down their officers to seize her. John Gardner and his crew having brought her up, asks what they deserve, and it shall be paid on their order. 13
" " Capt. John. Taylor, Chatham Dock. " The Plymouth is fitted and ready for her men, victuals, and ordnance; the Dragon is almost victualled, and may sail next Monday to the Hope, and the Wakefield is tallowed and ready to victual. 14
" 4 Capt. Thos. Sparling, Assistance, Ostend Road. " Sends a survey made by Hen. Tilden and 5 others of the damage received by the Expedition, commanded by Capt. Edw. Thomson, before Ostend, which is so great that she is not fit to continue upon that station; also a certificate of Christ. Pett and Saml. Raven that when she was at Woolwich, she ought to have been docked, but was only repaired for a Channel voyage. Arrived at Ostend on 25 Aug., and Capt. Blake left the next day; since then has had a continual storm, some days it being more violent than others, and particularly on the 30th, when anchors and cables would not hold, many were lost, and his ship received such hard knocks that she and others had like to have foundered, and the Cornelian, not being able to endure it, cut her cables and endeavoured for Flushing. Besides the defects in the Expedition, 55 of her company are sick and dead, and 20 of the former are now on shore; but only having her, and 2 or 3 of the enemies' frigates being daily expected out, is constrained to detain her 2 or 3 days longer, when he will send her home. 15–17
Sept. 4 Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. The Nonsuch has been repaired and victualled, and is ready to sail to Spithead, but having spared 4 of her guns to the army at Dunkirk, the captain desires order for a supply. The Foresight having come in, asks whether she is to be graved, and whether he shall enter men on board the Ruby if they offer themselves; as she is off the ground and ready to take in her provisions, her purser or steward ought to be present. 18
" " Capt. Jno. Tippetts, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Received their further commands respecting the Nonsuch and Ruby, and having added 20 workmen, will give them and other ships all possible dispatch. Asks whether the Assistance and Pembroke, which are expected in, are to be sheathed, that provision may be made. 19
" 6 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order for payment of the wages due to the officers and company of the Elizabeth at Woolwich 20
" " Capt. Thos. Bowry, Rocketch, off Lynn Deeps. Adm. Com. The ketch being foul, and having only 14 days' victuals left, desires further commands 21
" " Capt. Thos. Wright, Fame, Yarmouth Roads. " Convoyed several vessels to the Brill, by order of Major Burton, and acquainted the Resident there of his arrival on the 18th ult.; he gave him a packet to deliver with all speed; was detained there by storms and contrary winds until the 4th inst., when he came out with 11 convoys, with whom he has now arrived. As his victuals will expire on the 10th inst., will ply in his station until it is expended; desires order meantime where to go for a supply. Hears that the Vulture, which came on the coast of Holland, with a vessel out of the Roads, on the 28th, was forced into Emling by the storm, and that she lost two anchors and cables, out her mainmast by the board, and heaved 2 guns, &c., overboard. 22
" 7 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for the refitting of the Newbery at Chatham, and supplying her with stores sufficient to enable her to keep out the whole winter. 23
" " " " Order for the repair of the Elizabeth at Woolwich, that she may be ready for any emergency 24
" " Capt. Gervas Harestaffe, Clifford Tower. Adm. Com. Sends the names of 37 Flemish prisoners mustered by him in York Castle; none have died, escaped, or been exchanged since his last. 25
" " Capt. Robt. Sansum, the Portsmouth, Yarmouth Roads. " Received order on the 4th inst. from Rear-Adm. Bourne to convoy several ships bound out of the Channel westward until he met some of the western guard, who were then to see them 100 leagues south-west; but in case he did not meet with any of the guard, he was to proceed with them himself. The wind proving contrary, however, he was forced to put into the Isle of Wight, where he arrived on the 5th inst. 26
" " " " " Understanding there is an embargo on the ships bound southward, desires order for further proceedings. 27
Sept. 7 Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. All hands are at work on the Ruby, and if men are not wanting when she is launched, to rig and take in her provisions, she will soon be dispatched. The Nonsuch is taking in her beer, and will soon be ready to sail. The Winsby has passed through the Roads, with 16 sail bound towards Bordeaux and Rochelle. 28
" 8 Thos. Wilson Certificate that Rich Light, late steward of the Plymouth, has passed his accounts from 23 Mar. 1653–4 to 13 Oct. 1655, and received his wages for that time; also certificate of Thos Sprigge and Thos. Lewis, Dec. 1658, that Light has passed his accounts in the Victualling Office from 13 Dec. 1655–6 to 18 Dec. 1657. 29, 30
" 9 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for the speedy refitting of the Nantwich at Woolwich, and her supply with such a proportion of stores as may enable her to keep out the winter. 31
" " Capt. Fras. Allen, Advice, Leith Road. Adm. Com. Arrived at Elsinore the 1st Aug., where he found the Norwich, as also two fleets, one of 16 sail bound for Scotland, and the other of 19 sail for Hull and London. Put to sea with the fleets, and parted company near the Naze, himself taking the fleet for Scotland, and Capt. Nutton that for Hull and London. Saw all his fleet to their ports, and then went to Dalkeith, to wait on General Monk, who ordered him 7 weeks' victuals, which was all there were in Scotland; believes he shall come to the Roads next week, with a fleet bound for London. When at Whitehall, gave them an account of the weakness of his frigate, and she is now so open above water that no oakum will keep in her seams, so that there is not a man that has a dry cabin, and the great cabin is as bad as any place in her for wet. Has caused the carpenters to put tarpaulins upon her quarters, but to no purpose; never saw a ship give so much way, but under water she is as firm as any in England, and if repaired and cleaned, as stout a ship with a sail as any 4th-rate frigate can be. If they give order to Capt. Taylor to strip her upper deck he will find many timbers that have been shot and nothing put in their room but chocks to keep the work straight, as Capt. Smith very well knows, for he was then at Portsmouth. 32
" " Comr. Peter Pett, London. Navy Comrs Has perused Mr. Furzer's plan, and finds his length and breadth will do, but his depth in the hold of 13 feet 6 in. is 8 inches too little; if this is altered, with some defects in the midship bend and lines, as shown him, she may do very well. With note that the length by the keel is to be 104 feet; breadth, without the plank, 32 feet 8 in.; and depth in hold 14 feet 4 in. 33
" " Capt. Sam. Sharland, the Kinsale, Milford. Adm. Com. Has been about Lundy and the Channel, but neither heard nor seen any of the enemy. Has heard to-day of the death of his Highness, his late lord and master, and of the happy establishment of his Highness the Lord Rich. Cromwell in his father's stead of the latter, he and his company are very joyful. Will return to the Channel, and call in at Milford once a week for further commands, but cannot keep the sea in foul weather, the frigate being so very leaky. 34
Sept. 9 Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Recommends Lewis Hawkins to succeed the cook of the Portsmouth, who died yesterday; he is a very able seaman, and suffered much loss on the burning of the Paragon. 35
" " Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Tynemouth. Adm. Com. Spoke the Newcastle and Pembroke off Scarborough; while riding at anchor in the late storm, broke 2 of his cables and lost his pinnace. After convoying some Hull ships southward, put his old cables on shore at Harwich, but only received one in return and no pinnace; the carpenter has promised to build him one by the time he returns. 36
" " " " Navy Comrs To the same effect 37
" 10 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Desired the surgeon of the hospital to take the best care he could of the prisoners, and none have died lately, but several have recovered. The marshal having stated that there are now 50 sick, and several with the spotted fever, and that the room where they are is not large enough, has given direction for enlarging it, as also for preventing infection. The Sorlings has come in with 14 vessels from Morlaix, and wants cleaning; will order Capt. Morris to convoy those bound towards London as far as the Isle of Wight. 38
" " Elia Palmer, Wm. Billers, Ordnance Office. " On passing the accounts of Jno. Miller, gunner of the Wakefield, find that more than a ton of powder has been consumed, for the most part in saluting castles, towns, and persons; have sharply reproved him for it, but as he was under the command of Capt. Baskett, who ordered it, and has vouched his accounts, have passed them, but submit the captain and the case to their censure. 39
" " Elia Palmer, Jno. Falkner, Ordnance Office. " Certify, at the request of Robt. Willis, master of the Diver hoy, that they have received brass culverins mentioned, recovered by him, formerly belonging to the Liberty. With note of the wages due to his men; total 79l. 8s. 7d. 40, 41
" " Capt. Mic. Nutton, the Norwich, Yarmouth Roads. " Took charge, by order of Gen. Monk, of a convoy at Dundee bound for Elsinore, where he found 15 sail bound for Scotland and several for England, which he would have seen as far as he could, his orders being for Scotland, but Capt. Allen coming in went aboard him, when it was agreed that Allen should take those bound for Scotland, and himself those for England, the latter being 15 sail, and laden with tar, hemp, and corn. Left Elsinore the 9th ult., but was put back by contrary winds, and twice into Norway, but kept both fleets together, and agreed to do so until 20 leagues to the west of the Naze of Norway, where they parted on the 3rd inst. Will see his fleet to the Lee Road, and then wait on them for orders; his frigate is foul; he has but 6 days' victuals, and wants cables and sails. 42
" " Capt. Valentine Tatnell, Adventure, Chatham River. " Has just arrived, by order of Rear-Adm. Bourne, and desires orders 43
Sept. 11 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Capt. Jno. Taylor for 300l., payable out of the moneys of Mardike, charging the same as an imprest on his account. 44
" " " " Order for the speedy refitting of the Adventure at Chatham, for service in the Channel 45
" " Col. Hen. Smith, Hull. Adm. Com. Has enquired for the names of the masters and vessels lately taken on the coast, and finds they are a flyboat belonging to Ipswich, a small vessel of York, one of Newcastle, and one of Burlington; one of Hull was carried to Flushing, and there were 3 others, but cannot learn to what place they belonged. The cloth ships bound for Dort have been convoyed from Hull to Yarmouth Roads by Capt. Nixon, but those bound for Hamburg being great vessels deeply laden, and of very great value, the merchants dare not venture them that way—there being so much danger on that coast, in respect of the sands—and have prevailed with Capt. Holland to sail with them 30 leagues from his station. Hears that 15 Dutch men-of-war went out of Amsterdam towards the Sound on the 10th inst., and that there were 6,000 soldiers on board; Geo. Loggan, master of a ship from Norway, saw a fleet not far from the Sound, which he conceived were those before mentioned. 46
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor, Chatham. " The Dunbar being now in the dry dock, desires that 3 of the Navy Commissioners may be appointed to view her, and agree as to what is fit to be done to make her serviceable. 47
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Dockyard. " Will grave and tallow the frigates when they come in. Told the captain of the Foresight to use his victuals, to prevent decay, or he would have gone into petty warrant, which he will have to do next Monday. Will enter men on the Ruby, and send the Nonsuch to Spithead. 48
" 12 Rear Adm. Jno. Bourne, Richard, Downs. " The Tredagh and other ships have come in to repair and victual, also a small vessel with corn, which was taken by Capt. Symonds. The Expedition has also arrived, having landed an ambassador at Calais from Flushing. 49
" " Capt. Thos. Wright, Fame, Yarmouth Roads. " Gave notice of the expiration of his victuals on the 10th inst.; has been on short allowance since, expecting an answer. Hearing there is none at Harwich, is going to the Hope, by order of Major Burton. 50
" " Capt. Rich. Muns, Hague. " Saw a convoy safe to the Maas, by order of Major Burton, but in returning, lost his anchors, cables, masts, rigging, and 2 guns, in a storm, and shipped so much water that it split his boat upon the deck, so was forced to throw it overboard; his frigate was so leaky that it necessitated continuous pumping and baling, which his men performed most courageously. Put into the Hague and applied to the English Resident, who gave order to a merchant at Amsterdam to supply what he needed, to the amount of 200l.; will refit with expedition, and return to his station; hopes they will order payment of the money. 51
Sept. 12 Geo. Downing, Resident, the Hague. Adm. Com. Capt. Rich. Muns, commander of the Vulture, reported that, after convoying some vessels from Yarmouth to the Maas, he lost his two best anchors and cables, was forced to cut down his mainmast, and was in great danger of perishing in the late storm; that he did not know what to do for money to refit, and that if he stayed until he received an order from the Admiralty Commissioners his men's wages and victuals would come to as much as would fit him to sea, as also that he was appointed to guard the fishers, who might be prejudiced by his long stay; has given him credit to a merchant at Amsterdam for 200l., and desires order, that he may be able to charge a bill of exchange on them for reimbursing the merchant, as also some authority for doing the same service again on like occasion. 52
" " Capt. Thos. Bowry, Roe ketch, Lynn Deeps. " Is waiting orders, the ketch being very foul, and having only 7 days' provisions left. Is sorry to hear of the great change which has happened to the nation, but much rejoices to hear the government is settled on so hopeful a prince as his Highness, Richard, Lord Protector, to whom he acknowledges all fidelity. 53
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " Has received a letter for Capt. Wright of the Fame, but he having waited some time for orders to revictual, advised him to sail for the Thames. 54
" 13 Capt. Robt. Duck, Hunter, off the Ness. " Has been plying on his station, and convoyed several vessels up and down the Swinn; asks whether to convoy those laden with merchants' goods from Orfordness to the Yarmouth Roads. Has only 7 days' provisions left; will remain out until it is expended, and then return to Harwich. 55
" " Navy Com. " Send a petition from 46 seamen formerly belonging to the Speaker, 8 of the Wakefield, 7 of the Mermaid, 4 of the Drake, and 14 of the Nightingale, prisoners in Ghent, desiring that 6 weeks' pay out of the wages due to them may be sent forthwith, as they are almost naked, and in a country so extremely cold that several of them have lost their feet, many have died, and the remainder are all sick, and in a deplorable condition. With a list of the whole, and another list of 30 of the above prisoners. 56–59
" " Capt. Thos. Penrose, the Maidstone, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Landed the soldiers at Dunkirk, and is now ordered to Ostend by the rear-admiral, but his ship is so defective from the blows she received there that he fears she will not be able to abide a storm; is told she will not stay long there. 60
" " Jno. Stainforth Adm. Com. Certifies, at request of Frances Beverley and others, the names of Spanish seamen and soldiers prisoners in Chelsea College, taken in the Flying Fame, Virgin Mary, St. Civilliano of Havannah, and the St. Peter of Ostend, by the ships of the Commonwealth. 61
" 14 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Vice-Adm. Wm. Goodson for his pay, &c., as vice-admiral of the fleet, from 18 Feb. 1657–8 to the time the Speaker was paid off, at 40s. a day. 62
" " " " Order for the speedy refitting of the Norwich at Deptford, for service in the Channel 63
Sept. 14 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order to pay the wages due to the officers and company of the Nonsuch and Wakefield, reserving 3 months, as accustomed. 64
" " " " Order to make an allowance to Robt. Lord of the pay of a lieutenant of a 4th-rate frigate, for the time he served as lieutenant in the Satisfaction. 65
" " " " Order to suspend the wages due to Capt. Jno. Baskett, commander of the Wakefield, until further order. 66
" " Capt. John Baskett, the Wakefield, Hope. Adm. Com. Has received their sharp reproof from Mr. Blackborne, concerning an unnecessary expense of powder, on the information of the Ordnance officers, as also notice that his pay is stopped, to which he will freely submit, but is confident he has not given order for the firing of one picee of ordnance more than might conduce either to the honour or profit of those whom he has served. When he first came to Chatham, sent all his ammunition to the Tower to be exchanged, it being for the most part useless, and has not yet received a recruit. Will sail to-morrow with his convoy, or if it comes down, to-day. If his frigate is paid, begs he may have the same privilege as his men. 67
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Thos. Newberry, Portsmouth. " Have surveyed the boatswain, gunner, and carpenter's stores on board the Langport at Spithead, and compared them with the indents, and find the 2 latter agree, but the boatswain having 2 four-inch cables more than he indented for, which he alleged he saved by good husbandry, has ordered them to be brought into the stores; hopes this will put them into some fear, not to dare to embezzle anything now on board. Finding the Nonsuch delivered 4 guns while at Dunkirk, by order of Gen. Montague, have supplied him with 4 others. 68
" 15 Capt. Thos. Wright, Fame, Hope. " Gave an account of the shortness of his provisions; has since gone to short allowance and stayed in the Road, expecting an answer, until Mr. Burton advised him to come up to the Hope. Asks where to go for a supply. 69
" 16 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make an allowance to Robt. Willis, diver, of 20s. per cwt. for 4 brass guns, formerly belonging to the Liberty and sunk at Harwich, as also for 2 anchors and a broken copper furnace recovered by him. With receipt of the guns, &c., by John Davies, 13 Sept. 70, 71
" " Rear Adm. Jno. Bourne, Richard, Downs. Adm. Com. Sends an account of the stations of the Downs squadron, with particulars of their provisions, as also of the arrival and departure of ships named, and their victualling. Asks what to do with 4 prisoners he has on board, as also with 2 on board the Bridgwater, who were in a prize which was retaken by the Selby 2 months since. Capt. Lambert, who is before Nieuport, believes they expect an assault there shortly, as they are daily burning the houses at both ends of the town. 72, 73
" " Capt. Edm. Curtis, the Newcastle, Spithead. " Has been on the coast of Norway and Jutland, amongst the English fishermen, as also the north parts of England, but has not seen any pickeroons, nor heard of any but one about Norway. Will go for Portsmouth, but has experienced much rough weather lately. Desires leave for 14 days to go to Dartmouth on business; his lieutenant will look after the ship while in harbour. 74
Sept. 16 Capt. Jno. Louyd, Diamond, Falmouth. Adm. Com. Has been plying off the Lizard, where he experienced much foul weather, the Chestnut ketch having spent her tiller, and the Brother's Adventure sprung a leak, they all made for land, to prevent further damage. Met a Frenchman with some bankers from Newfoundland, who was set upon by 2 Biscay men-of-war, of 14 and 34 guns; they boarded one of the bankers, and killed and wounded most of her men, and were at last put off, but not without much damage to all the rest of the fleet, they being much shattered by the enemies' guns. Since then there have been some men-of-war in and about the Channel, who have come close up, but by reason of his charge, and having several other merchantmen committed to his care by Comr. Hatsell, it was not convenient to give them chase. 75
" 17 Capt. Sam. Sharland, the Kinsale, Milford Haven. " Will sail for Deptford, his frigate being so weak and leaky that he cannot keep at sea 76
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Arrival and cleaning of ships 77
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Constant Warwick, Plymouth Sound. " Convoyed several vessels from Exeter to Newhaven, with the Bryer, by order of Capt. Hatsell, and brought some back; having only 10 days' provisions left, is going with Capt. Parker to Kinsale, to tallow and victual. Complains of his master, Timothy Clamp, who has much neglected his duties through drink; as he wishes to leave his employment, recommends Wm. Jones, who served under him in the Nightingale, to succeed Clamp. 78
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Thos. Hampton, minister of the Ruby, for 5l. imprest on account of his pay. 79
" 18 " " Order for refitting the Newcastle, Pembroke, and Assurance, at Portsmouth, and supplying them with stores to keep out the winter. 80
" " Robt. Grassingham, Harwich. Adm. Com. Desires payment of a bill for 34l. 5s. 2d. to his brother Richard, for loss occasioned by putting to sale, by order, of provisions taken up by him for the use of soldiers belonging to Col. Salmon's regiment, who were ordered to be transported to Mardike, but were not sent. Had an order 9 months since from the Admiralty Commissioners to the Navy Commissioners for payment, but on its being presented to the Treasurer, he refused to pay it; it was again presented to the Admiralty Commissioners, but to no purpose, and his brother has been put off from one man to another ever since. 81
" " Capt. J. King, John ketch, Rolling Ground. " Has been plying on his station, and hearing that 2 men-of-war had taken a fisherman, gave chase, and would have captured one of them but for night coming on; nevertheless rescued the fisherman. 82
" " Capt. Thos. Morris, Portsmouth. " Convoyed several vessels from Morlaix to Portsmouth, by order of Capt. Hatsell, and then returned to his station, but having spent his mainmast, was forced to come in again, and the commissioner has promised a new one. If he can, will get to Plymouth with the 4 days' provisions left; but if not, must take some at Portsmouth. 83
Sept. 18 Thos. Betteridge Adm. Com. Petition for the place of gunner of the Truelove; has served in her and on the Wren 2 years. With certficate by John Smith and 2 others. 84
" 19 Rear Adm. Jno. Bourne, Richard, Downs. " Delivered their orders, which arrived with the victualling ship, to Capt. Sanders and Mr. Morley, who will sail the first opportunity. On hearing of the arrival at Dover of Capt. Bourcher, with the money for the soldiers at Dunkirk, ordered the Hawk ketch to take him in, and to sail over with the Rose pink, which was going as a convoy to some vessels bound thither with horses; will provide a vessel for the transport of Lord Herbert and Lord Bruce with his lady to Dieppe. Capt. Lambert Cornelius, of the Bramble, has come in with a prize called the White Fortune of Amsterdam, laden with salt, which he took going into Ostend, and has sent her to the Sub-Commissioners at Dover. Encloses the examination of John Gelove Johnson, her master, taken by Judge-Advocate Fowler on board the Richard. Has supplied Mr. Cook with a vessel to carry the wounded soldiers from Dover up the River. Particulars of ships. 85, 86
" " Capt. Edw. Nixon, Pearl, Bridlington Bay. " Has come in for ballast and water, and to repair the pump; his foremast being rotten, and having only two weeks' provisions left, desires order where to go to refit and victual. 87
" 20 Capt. Rich. Hodges, Basing, Beaumaris. " Has been plying at sea; putting into Kinsale for two months' victuals, received order from the Lord Deputy at Dublin to transport Dr. Waterhouse and Mr. Underwood, with their servants, to Beaumaris or Holyhead. Is about to return to Dublin, but is in great want of sails, cordage, &c. 88
" " Capt. Rich. Muns, Amsterdam. " Has used all diligence to refit the frigate, and hopes to be at sea on the Texel within 3 days. Cannot give a perfect account of the whole charge, not having got in all the bills, but will send it. 89
" " Ordnance officers Navy Comrs Have lodged 2,000 barrels of new powder with Commissary Thos. Knight, at Windsor Castle, to remain there until further order, but having great quantities to issue for the supply of several garrisons, and also to ships fitting out for sea, for which there is not sufficient new powder in the Tower, desire order to Knight to deliver such quantities as he shall receive directions for from the Ordnance Office, and they will send him more as it comes in. 90
" " Capt. Gab. Sanders, Tiger, Downs. Adm. Com. Will prosecute their orders, but his gunner being sick at Gravesend, and not able to go the voyage, has committed the charge to Wm. Cotterell, gunner's mate, who has been with him 4 or 5 years; recommends him to succeed the gunner, having the indenture and instructions and all things complete. 91
Sept. 21 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for the speedy refitting of the Elias and Expedition at Deptford, for service in the Channel. 92
" " " " Order to make out a bill to Capt. Jno. Taylor, master shipwright at Chatham, at the rate of 200l. a year, for his care and pains between 30 June 1657 and 30 June 1658, deducting the salary he has received within that time on the ordinary. 93
" " " " Order for the repair of the Tredagh and Yarmouth at Woolwich, and the Jersey at Deptford 94
" " " " and Treasurer. Order for payment of the wages due to the officers and companies of the Tredagh, Yarmouth, and Jersey, lately come up to the River. 95
" " Capt. Jno. Grove, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Being ordered to Portsmouth to sail with the fleet there, and knowing the great want of his company of money, as the Nonsuch has been paid off to within 3 months, hopes that the same favour will be extended to his men, who have 22 months' pay due; also that his surgeon's chest may be recruited, it having been much exhausted through the sickness of the men since he went northward, and that he may have a supply of tickets for some sick men, who are not fit to go the voyage. 96
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Constant Warwick, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. Is ordered by Capt. Hatsell to go with Capt. Parker to Kinsale to tallow and revictual, and then to lie at the mouth of the Channel till his provisions are expended. Capt. Hatsell, with Capt. Heaton and other commanders, has enquired into the negligence of his master, and finding him very unworthy, and desiring discharge, ordered a ticket to be given him, and he to be let go. 97
" " Capt. John Smith Certificate that Thos. Hople has served well under him as master carpenter of the Truelove. 98
" 22 Rear Adm. Jno. Bourne, Richard, Downs. Adm. Com. Capt. Sanders and Mr. Morley are still prevented getting out through a westerly wind, but will go the first opportunity, as will Capt. Haddock, to whom he has delivered their orders. Was forced to send the Portsmouth with Capt. Compton, who had a message from his Highness for Dunkirk; on her return, will retain her to answer special commands. Most of the ships in the Downs are getting short of provisions; has sent to Dover for a week's supply for the Essex. 99
" " Capt. Jeffery Dare Col. Jno. Clarke. Wants employment, having been in the service ever since he was taken by the Dutch fleet off Dover, at the beginning of the war, when he lost his ship and estate, whereupon the then Generals at sea, commiserating his great loss and sad condition, gave him a command. Was in most of the Dutch engagements, and continued in service until his return from Jamaica in the Bear, the last of 5 ships he has commanded. Has been without employment 14 months, and has a wife, 6 children, and an aged mother, and nothing to maintain them but a small tenement, which he must sell unless he can get employment. Cannot get into the merchant service unless he could buy part of a ship, and partly freight her. 100
Sept. 22 Capt. Rich. Haddock, Dragon, Downs. Adm. Com. The Canary ships, which were under Capt. Sansum's convoy, he left in Torbay, under charge of the Gainsborough, one of the western guard, who was to convoy them 100 leagues to sea, so that it will be needless calling in at any of the western ports for them. There are several merchantmen in the Downs bound westward, which he will take care of; wishes the other Canary ships in the river were with them. His carpenter having just died, after 8 days' sickness, recommends Edw. Goodwin, his mate, who has been long in the service, to succeed him. 101
" " Capt. Robt. Mackey, the Yarmouth, Woolwich. " After receiving an order from Adm. Stoakes to come for England, had another to take in custody, and bring to England, Wm. Barrett, a seaman, who was apprehended at Leghorn for the murder of Peter Pelly, master of the Concord. On arriving in the Downs, the rearadmiral said he had nothing to do with the case, and directed him to proceed to Woolwich, and refer to the Admiralty Court. Having the man still on board, and in irons, desires order concerning him. 102
" " Capt. Jno. Simmonds, the Jersey, Deptford. " Has just arrived, and asks order as to the disposal of his frigate 103
" 23 Capt. Rich. Cowes, Paradox, Milford Haven. " Landed Dr. Worth at Waterford, and then plied in his station until forced into Milford by foul weather. The Irish coast is clear of pirates; since he has been there, less damage has been done by the enemy than in any former year; it has not been for want of looking after them that they have escaped. 104
" " Jno. Froud " Presented a petition, certificate, and recommendation for the minister's place in the Mermaid; being poor, and having travelled from Plymouth at his own charge to offer his services, and lying at great expense, desires a speedy answer; also an order for payment of 4 months' wages for his services in the Lichfield. 105
" " Capt. Jno. Grove, the Pembroke, Portsmouth. " Asks to retain the 4 guns he took from the Ostenders, the Admiralty Commissioners having promised that if he could get any more, he might use them. 106
" " Capt. Robt. Kirby, Portsmouth. " Is hastening the refitting and victualling of his ship; will take in the two demi-cannon formerly belonging to the Ruby, which the Ordnance officers have directed Mr. Newbery to deliver him, and which will be very useful. 107
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Cleaning and victualling of ships 108
" " Capt. Jno. Woolters, Nonsuch, Spithead. " Thanks for payment of the wages due to his men, who are now quiet, and his fears frustrated; as soon as he has taken in the remainder of his provisions, will sail and prosecute their orders. 109
Sept. 22 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to hire the Swallow ketch to attend on the Speaker frigate in the present expedition; also to hire another to attend the Swiftsure, if she has not one. 110
" " " " Order for the refitting of the Swiftsure at Chatham, and furnishing her with stores to keep at sea the whole winter's service. 111
" " " " Order for a survey of the small frigate at Deptford, taken as a prize by the Jersey in the Straits, to ascertain whether she is fit to be employed as a man-of-war. 112
" 25 " " Order to make out a bill to Rich. Bradshaw, resident at the Hague, for 25l., advanced by him for victualling the Foresight, and to charge the same as an imprest on Capt. Motham. 113
" " " " Order for the speedy refitting and cleaning of the Roe ketch at Deptford 114
" " Capt. Anth. Archer, Forester, King's Road. Adm. Com. Came in by order of Capt. Hatsell to convoy 20 ships bound for Lisbon, the Straits, Virginia, &c., and will see them as far as his orders extend. Has been delayed sailing by an embargo, as also contrary winds; having only 10 days' victuals left, has sent to Milford for 5 weeks' provisions. 115
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " The Foresight is still detained in port through weather; she lacks 40 tons of beer which is promised, as also that for the Pembroke and Ruby. Has entered 100 men on the Ruby, and hopes by the time she is ready she will want but a very few more. 116
" 26 Capt. Thos. Lardge, Lark, Portland Road. " Convoyed a fleet to St. Malo with the Oxford, by order of Capt. Hatsell, and brought back such as were ready there, bound for England; was forced into Torbay by foul weather, but hopes to reach Spithead to-morrow, with a vessel laden on the State's account. Having been off the ground some time, desires order to proceed to Portsmouth, to refit and victual. 117
" " Capt. Thos. Morris, Sorlings, Downs. " Having taken in 14 days' provisions, sailed from Spithead, intending to proceed to his former station westward; but meeting with contrary winds and foul weather, has been beating to windward for 5 days, and is at last forced into the Downs. Will gain his station unless otherwise ordered. 118
" 27 Capt. Abr. Allgate, the Oxford, Spithead. " Returned from St. Malo with 14 sail under convoy, bound for Plymouth, Dartmouth, &c, and saw them to their ports, the Lark proceeding with those bound for the Downs and Weymouth Roads. While at St. Malo, a Frenchman arrived from St. Lucar, who was chased by two of the enemies' ships, but was relieved by two English frigates, commanded by Capts. Potter and Blake; they pursued the enemy, and ran one of them on shore, which was fired, but the other got away. Complained to Comr. Willoughby of the mutinous carriage of his boatswain and gunner, and was ordered to take in a fortnight's provisions and proceed to Plymouth, to have the business examined; desires that Capt. Hatsell or Heaton may hear it and report. 119
" " Rear-Adm. Bourne, Richard, Downs. " Movements of the ships named in the Downs squadron 120
Sept. 27 Wm. Brousey His wife, Green-dragon Alley, Wapping. Having been taken off Falmouth by an Ostend man-of-war, and put into prison, knows not when he shall be released; desires she will go to Chelsea College, and get some Ostend prisoner there released, who will then strive to clear him by exchange. 121
" " Jno. Froud Adm. Com. Desires an order to the Navy Commissioners to sign his ticket for 4 months' wages due for services in the Lichfield, as they cannot do it without order. 122
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Capt. Vessey of the Constant Warwick having complained of his master, Timothy Clamp, as a drunken idle fellow, and as having caused strife in the ship by keeping a journal of what was done on board, and also endangered it by altering her courses, advised him to put his complaints in writing, which being done, found that several of the matters occurred a year since, but that he was lately drunk when at Scilly. Sent for Clamp, when he admitted the latter with regret, but as he had been for some years a professor of religion, and went under the notion of an honest man, sent for Capt. Heaton, intending to have him tried by a council of war; but he, having notice thereof, sent a paper desiring to be dismissed the ship, which was granted. Having had a good report of Wm. Jones, formerly master of the Nightingale, and mate of the Constant Warwick, has advised Capt. Vessey to entertain him as his master until he returns from Ireland, when he will receive further order therein. Will appoint two ships to convoy those bound for Rochelle and Bordeaux, as also to bring those back laden for England. The weather having changed, the Constant Warwick and Bryer will proceed to sea, as would the Sapphire had she more men; two of her company have died, and there are 37 more sick with a violent fever, and 3 were put on shore sick this morning. As sufficient men cannot be got to man her, and as it would seem harsh to force them on board in her present condition; she should be brought into harbour, unladen, and thoroughly cleansed. 123
" " Capt. Hen. Pack, Amity, Yarmouth Roads. " Has cruised as far as Newcastle, but not seen or heard of any of the enemy; having but 5 days' provisions, and there being several ships bound towards Yarmouth, took them under convoy, and on arriving, received order from Major Burton to take another convoy to the Hope. 124
" " Capt. John Parker, Cheriton, Yarmouth Roads. " Has been plying on his station before Ostend, with Capt. Sparling and the Cornelian. During 20 years of sea life, never knew a storm continue so long and so violent as he experienced there; it drove him as far as Yarmouth. Intends setting sail again to-day, to return to his station. 125
" " Capt. Robt. Sansum, the Portsmouth, Downs. Col. Jno. Clarke. Is to convoy some ships, and to have a lieutenant allowed; desires that Barth. Cappell, his master's mate, may be appointed, he having so served in several ships for 6 years. 126
Sept. 28 Jas. French, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Finds that while he was a prisoner in Ostend, Capt. Curtis of the Newcastle, of which he was purser, made out several tickets for the pay of men named, who formerly belonged to the ship, but had run away, and converted the money to his own use. As the Admiralty Commissioners may direct the paying off of the ship's company, and he is commanded to sign the sea books, whereby he may lay under the scandal of another man's fraud, desires they will examine the business; has been informed of the abuse by several of the officers. With examinations of 4 of the ship's officers before Col. Jno. Clarke, substantiating the fraud. 127–129
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Sends a letter from Capt. Potter, which will give an account of the man-of-war he was instrumental in destroying, as also when the Spanish fleet is expected home. The Mermaid has come in with a small frigate of St. Sebastian's, which she took in the Soundings; she had 7 guns and 50 men when chased, but threw one gun overboard and 6 men perished when she was boarded, so that only 44 prisoners have been added to the rest in the Marshalsea. Arrival, repair, and victualling of ships. 130
" " Capt. Rich. Muns, Vulture, Texel. " Since leaving Amsterdam, has been kept in the Texel by stormy weather, but is hourly expecting to get to sea. Has many taken men on board for passage, also a cobble of Burlington, that was fishing at Yarmouth, and driven into the Texel; also a hoy with horses under convoy, belonging to the Swedish Ambassador. The Holland men-of-war are still riding at the Vlie. 131
" " Jno. Tancock, Plymouth. " Has taken the command of the Fagons during the absence of Capt. Thos. Elliot, and according to an order from Capt. Smith, went to Capt. Hatsell at Plymouth; will bring the frigate into Catwater to be refitted and victualled. 132
" " Capt. Eustace Smith, the Gloucester, Spithead. " His provisions being expended, came in with the Hind ketch, and ordered the Preston and Fagons to Plymouth to revictual, and then return to their station. Capts. Porter, Blake, and Newbury, having plenty, directed them to ply in their station until out, and then return to Plymouth for orders. Capts. Porter and Blake had a dispute with two of the enemies' ships-of-war near Cadiz, and put one, having 28 pieces of ordnance, on shore, when her company burnt her, but the other escaped. Put one of 18 or 20 guns on shore himself, which was also destroyed. Has 16,050 crowns on board the Gloucester, for goods sold, and desires order as to its disposal. 133
" " Capt. Robt. Robinson, the Preston, Plymouth. " Has come in by order of Capt. Eustace Smith, has lost 40 feet of the false keel since coming from Hull, but is otherwise very strong and well fitted. Has upwards of 25 months' pay due, and desires their pleasure therein, as he is now about to sail. 134
" 29 " Portsmouth " Has come in by order of Comr. Hatsell to revictual and mend the false keel; and wants powder. 135
" " Navy Comrs. " Send a letter from Phineas Pett at Chatham of 28 Sept., stating that the Entrance frigate has been set on fire by the pitch boat, during the absence of the workmen, has driven on shore on the east side of the river, and is stik burning; but that all endeavours will be made to save what is possible. Have written Mr. Pett, the Navy Commissioner there, to inquire by whose default the accident occurred. 136, 137
Sept. 30 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to examine the account annexed of Capt. Ant. Young, commander of the Tredagh, touching the proceeds of a parcel of corn taken out of a prize, and sold at Lisbon by him for 319l. 1s. 5¾d., and to direct the balance to be paid to the Navy Treasurer. 138
" " " " and Treasurer. Order for payment of the wages due to Jno. Cooley, late of the Tredagh, who came home in the Gift prize at Deptford, notwithstanding any former suspension. 139
" " Rear - Adm. Jno. Bourne, Richard, Downs. Adm. Com. Arrival and departure of ships. Has sent up to Tower Wharf 9 prisoners who were on board his ship, and on the Bridgwater and Assistance. 140
" " Capt. Robt. Kirby, Portsmouth. Col. Jno. Clerke. Has most of his beer on board, but waits for the other provisions. Has had a sad accident by fire, whereby he lost most of the joiner's stuff, which was fitted, and ready to be put on board, for his and the officers' cabins; they are hastening a new supply. 141
" " Col. Ant. Rouse,Wotton. Adm. Com. Sent an express to his deputy, Major Ceely, to seize and secure the masts and pipe staves belonging to the State, as also what was saved by Major Bourne. Being with Capt. Hatsell at Plymouth last Monday, sent a warrant to take charge of what was saved, as also an order to his deputy to board a vessel laden with pipe staves at Fowey; but Mr. Peter, the mayor there, who owned the vessel, and bought the pipe staves of Mr. St. Aubin, resisted, and threatened to throw him overboard if he attempted to remove them. There were 1,700 staves, being the 7th part of the whole that he bought. Asks them to consider the consequences of a State's officer being so threatened, and the Court of Admiralty set at nought, and to send a messenger to bring Peter up, to be punished as a stubborn knave, and thus strike terror for the future into such malignant fellows. 142
" " Capt. Robt. Sansum, the Portsmouth, Downs. " Will convoy the vessels as directed; wants 10 more men, having only 150, which are 10 less than allowed to the Dragon, a smaller ship. 143
" " Capt. Valentine Tatnell, Adventure, Chatham. Robert Blackborne. As he hopes to be ready to sail next Monday, begs payment of some of the wages due to his company; they have been a long time without. 144
Sept. Robt. and Mary Shepard, Deptford. [Adm. Com.] Brought the Norwich to anchor at Deptford on Saturday, and the next day, Dorothy Mawgridge came to their house, and asked why her son Richard had not come on shore; told her they supposed he had; the day after, she coming again, and demanding his indentures, delivered them, took a ticket for the time he was a servant on board, and discharged him on the book. 145
" " John Morris, Gravesend. Adm. Com. Particulars of the arrival and departure of ships during the month. [9 papers] 146–152