James 1 - volume 113: April 1620

Pages 135-141

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1619-23. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1858.

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April 1620

April 1.
59. Chamberlain to [Carleton]. Details of the tilting match; the Prince's handsome display and gallant running; the French Ambassador was absent, because he was not allowed the preference of place over the Spanish Ambassador. Account of the King's visit in state to St. Paul's. The Bp. of London preached from Psalm cii. ver. 13, 14, the text being chosen by His Majesty; the Bishop urged the repairs of St. Paul's, and the King said after that he would fast on bread and water, but it should be done. The Prince rode bare-headed before the King, but many of the train stayed behind on disputes for precedency, the Knight's Councillors being unwilling to follow Earls' sons, as decided by the Earl Marshal's Commissioners. Mr. Greames, Gentleman of the Horse to Buckingham, and Sir Wm. Fielding's brother, Esquire of the Stable, have lost their places for fighting a duel. The Lord Mayor about to raise money for the King of Bohemia; the nobles and clergy are contributing.
April 3.
Dover Castle.
60. Sir Hen. Mainwaring to [Lord Zouch]. Will send up the tobacco when adjudged forfeited, and his Lordship can either keep it or bestow it on Mr. Porter. Hugessen has hindered the sale of his lordship's pinnace by pretending to have bought it; he offers only 160l., and it is worth 200l. Has bound over the Farmers' agents to bring all informations on prohibited exports into his Lordship's court, but they, as well as the Mayor Mr. Garrett, and Hugessen, are implicated therein, and fear detection if they prosecute rigorously. Sundry business matters. Has got a spy through whom to discover the poachers, some of whom catch 100 hares in a night; thinks they should be imprisoned. Forwards the examination of a recusant who was sent to him by the Mayor of Folkestone, Mr. Philpot. Incloses,
60. i. Examination of Ant. Lynch, of Galway, Ireland. Went to Rouen on his way to England, but conversed with no Jesuits nor priests; does not understand the Oath of Allegiance, and therefore will not take it. Dovert, April 2.
April 3. 61. Thos. Godfrey to Nicholas. Complains that seven sheep, which he bought when they were seized from Stephen Browne, for his refusal to pay the poor rate, were taken from him by Browne. Requests that he may be brought before Lord Zouch for trespass, and for former ill dealings in export of wool. These riots will not cease till the Judges' opinion on the poor rates has arrived.
April 5. Grant to Thos. and Eliz. Ellis, and Elizabeth their daughter, of the keeping of the gardens on the south side of Windsor Castle, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 317.]
April 5. Licence to Rich. Dike, &c. to make, seal, and issue gold and silver thread, for three years. [Ibid., p. 317.]
April 5. 62. Wm. Fortescue to Sir Edw. Conway. Begs a warrant at request of his tenants of Wheatly, for Fras. Taylor, who is guilty of disorderly conduct there, and for Woodward, keeper of the alehouse where he lodges, who refuses to eject him.
April 6.
63. Mayor of Plymouth to the Council. Cannot collect half of the required contribution against pirates, all but two of the inhabitants of Truro, the largest seaport in Cornwall, refusing to contribute, and their example being followed by others at Peran and elsewhere. Has advanced the whole 500l., but begs that the parties refusing may be compelled to pay their proportions.
April 6.
Dover Castle.
64. Sir Hen. Mainwaring to [Nicholas]. Wishes to come to London after the Chancery term. Sends a gin by which hares are caught in the warren, to be given to Lord Zouch, &c.
April 6. 65. Sir John Bentley to the Council. Sends fourteen letters taken from John Boardman, servant to the late John Browning, and messenger between England, Ireland, and Spain, whom he has committed to the gaol at Derby.
April 6.
66. Sir Hen. Savile to Carleton. There is an attempt to gain Wraysbury for John Levingston, as well as to exclude Carleton from Langley, in behalf of Sir John Kidderminster. Incloses,
66. i. The King to the College of Windsor. For John Levingston, of the Bedchamber, to be admitted tenant of Wraysbury in preference to any third person, if the present tenant, And. Windsor, be not continued.
April [6 ?] 67. Thos. Fulnetby to Lord Zouch. Will not surrender without permission the goods which were saved from a Flemish pink cast away near Romney. Begs leave to kill a hare on Good Friday, as hustsmen say that those who have not a hare against Easter must eat a red herring.
April 7.
68. Order in Council for Capt. And. Westcote to receive a grant of 500 acres for the next plantation in Ireland, in consideration of his putting to flight Surley McDonnell, the pirate.
April [8 ?] 69, 70. Abstract of the Commission for the Repair of St. Paul's Cathedral, with a list of the Commissioners prefixed. Two copies.
April 8. 71. Edm. Kinsman to Luke Wilson, of Portland. Is troubled not to receive the stones expected. Urges him to prepare and send stone as fast as possible, it being much needed, especially as a commission is issued for the repair of St. Paul's Cathedral, which will require 20,000l. worth of stone.
April 8. Grant to Sir Thos. Puckering, Bart., of the wood called Cresset Coppice, co. Warwick, for twenty-one years. [Grant Bk., p. 303.]
April 10.
Dover Castle.
72. Sir Hen. Mainwaring to Lord [Zouch]. Vessels have touched at Dover, carrying 1,400 or 2,000 troops to Dunkirk. Business matters. Two sons of the Earl of Mar have landed from Italy. Wishes to come to London, calling by the way on the Earl of Dorset.
April 10. 73. The Same to [Nicholas]. Sends the stag's horn, lately cast, to Lord Zouch. Hopes his remarks on Hugessen and others are not thought to proceed from malice.
April 10.
74. Mayors and Jurats of the Cinque Ports, &c. to Lord Zouch. Art. Ruck, of Sandwich, and Wm. Wymond, of Winchelsea, Bailiffs of the Cinque Ports at Great Yarmouth, complain of contempts committed on them by the Bailiffs of Yarmouth, tending to deprive them of their share in the government during the fair. Beg that his Lordship will either fix a day to hear the cause himself, or consent to their exhibiting a bill against them in the Star Chamber.
April 10.
75. Art. Ruck to Nicholas. Has informed the ports of the unkindnesses he and his partner experienced at Yarmouth, and of Nicholas' painstaking in their behalf. Begs that information may be sent to him at Yarmouth of the time when the case is to be heard. Incloses,
75. i. Mayors and Jurats of the Cinque Ports to the Same. On the same subject as their letter to Lord Zouch. Beg his influence to have a day appointed for their hearing. His pains about Cinque Port matters shall not be unrequited. Sandwich, April 10.
April 10.
76. Wm. Ward, Mayor of Dover, to Lord Zouch. Has not dealt underhand in giving in false accounts of Brames' goods. Business matters.
April [10 ?] 77. Sir Jas. Wolveridge to the Same. Thanks for good tidings of the progress of the war in Bohemia; trusts that party will avenge the death of John Huss and Jerome of Prague, &c.
April 10. Grant to Sir John Wood of all fines and compositions for confirmations and grants of fairs and markets, without account. [Grant Bk., p. 306.]
April 13.
78. Warrant from the Commissioners of Sewers to the Clerk of the Sewers, to summon a general session at Huntingdon, to deliberate on the propositions and demands of the undertakers for draining the fens, which have received the King's approval.
April 14.
79. John Philpot to Nicholas. Hopes his oyster suit may be laid before the Council, before Sir Albert Morton's month has expired, and that the Knight Marshal will influence some of the Lords beforehand.
April 15. 80. Objections by Sir Robt. Mansell and the other patentees of the glassworks, to the proposed grant to Sir Ralph and Dame Ann Bingley, for the manufacture of looking-glasses.
April 15. Commission to Geo. Archbp. of Canterbury and others, to inquire into the decays of St. Paul's Church. With note that this commission was renewed by a letter from Sec. Calvert. [Grant Bk., p. 293.]
April 17. Commission to Sir Wm. Paddy, Matt. Gwynn and others, to set down in writing directions as to garbling and distinguishing tobacco. [Ibid., p. 293.]
April 17.
Dover Castle.
81. Sir Hen. Mainwaring to [Lord Zouch]. Details official matters. The Mayor abuses his place by selling licences under his own hand to French fishermen. The Irishman will take the Oath of Supremacy, but not that of Allegiance. Moyle Lambert, General of the States' ships, has sunk some Turkish men-of-war.
April 17.
Dover Castle.
82. The Same to [Nicholas]. Begs. a speedy answer from Lord Zouch to his request to come to London.
April 17. 83. Memorandum of a remonstrance with a Friar in Newgate, that some words against the King and Lords, in an apology which he intended to publish, were scandalous, advising him not to utter them, but to submit them first to the King, &c.; which he refused. Indorsed, "Mr. Cox."
April 20. Commission to Hen. Lord Clifford and others, to survey and build a bridge at Berwick. [Grant Bk., p. 293.]
April 21.
84. Sir Drew Drury to Lord Zouch. Levins, a contemptible wretch, who professes to have money owing him from his late father, has obtained a letter from the King to Lord Chief Justice Montague, to revoke an injunction against him. Beseeches his Lordship to testify to the worth and honesty of his late father, who protested on his deathbed that he owed Levins nothing.
April 23.
85. John King, Droit Gatherer for Lord [Zouch], to the Same. A year before, a fisherman tainted the oysters, by throwing a quantity of stale fish into the haven of Balfleet. Begs that he, and all who offer to dredge oysters at improper times, or who meddle with his Lordship's portion, may be punished.
April 24.
86. Warrant to the keepers of several gaols specified, for delivery of Thos. Wilson, Wm. Brooke and his wife, Wm. Hobby, Art. Wilbeck, Hen. Parkinson, Hen. Price, Thos. Griffith, Luke Ford, and Robt. Drury, imprisoned for refusing to take the Oath of Allegiance, on condition of their leaving the kingdom within forty days. Granted at suit of the Spanish Ambassador's wife.
Sign Manual of the above, dated March 22, 1620. [Sign Man., vol. XI., No. 46.]
April 24.
87. Petition of Wm. Dyos, late Secretary and Remembrancer of London, to the King. The Lord Mayor and Aldermen refused to allow him to sell his place to an efficient person, and persuaded him to surrender it to them; after which they compelled him to accept 400l. less than he had paid for it. Prays for mediation of some of the Council in his cause. With reference thereon. Incloses,
87. i. Statement of the complaints of the Same, against the Mayor, &c. of London, in reference to the above and other grievances.
April 24. Release to Fras. Earl of Rutland from the office of Constable of Nottingham Castle. [Grant Bk., p. 304.]
April 24. Grant to Geo. Manners, Thos. Savage, and Ralph Hansby, of the office of Constable and Porter of Nottingham Castle, and of Steward and Guardian of Sherwood Forest, &c., co. Notts, for life. [Ibid., p. 302.]
April 25. Licence to Sir Giles Mompesson and others, to convert sea coal, stone coal, and other fuel, excepting wood, into charcoal. [Ibid., p. 302.]
April 25. Grant to Hugh Gerrard and others of the sole power to make charcoal. [Ibid., p. 319.]
April 26. 88. References to entries in the Council Books, relative to coin and bullion, and other Mint affairs, from Nov. 4, 1618.
April 26.
89. Justices of Hampshire to the Council. The reason of the cheapness of corn has chiefly been that so much was thrashed to provide fodder for the cattle during the hard winter. The prices are rising, and will soon be above the average. Request respite of the order to erect storehouses.
April 27.
90. Justices of Peace of Warwickshire to Sir Hen. Hobart and Sir Edw. Bromley, Justices of Assize. The erection of a storehouse for corn will, under present circumstances, be a burden to the country, and is not necessary, the county growing but little, and the poor scarcely maintaining themselves at the present rates of corn.
April 27. Commission to Sir Hen. Mildmay to deliver into the Treasury certain plate named which is to be sold. [Grant Bk., p. 302.]
April 27. Commission to Geo. Archbp. of Canterbury and others, to sell the parcels of plate therein mentioned. [Ibid., p. 293.]
April 27. Commission to the Same, to survey indentures as to pretermitted customs, and to make such abatements as they think fit. [Ibid., p. 293.]
April 28. Grant to Jas. Cleyborne of the forfeitures of divers persons for buying corn, cattle, &c. contrary to statute. [Ibid., p. 338.]
April 28. 91. List by Dr. John Lambe of contributions in Rothwell Deanery, co. Northampton, to the aid for the King of Bohemia. Total 26l. 13s. 6d. With later memoranda of 16l. 14s. 6d. additional.
April 29.
92. Chamberlain to Carleton. Is included in a Commission of sixty-six persons appointed for the repair of St. Paul's Cathedral. The Commissioners were invited to dine with the Lord Mayor, whose daughter is just married to Lord Effingham, though he is worn out in estate, credit, and years. The King is at Greenwich. At St. George's Feast, Buckingham slighted the Earl of Rutland; yet it is thought he must marry his daughter, as she is converted for his sake. The Lord Chamberlain's son is christened Henry, but is so physicked that he has little chance of life. Death of Alderman Bennet, brother of Sir John. The Lord Chief Justice married to Widow Hare. The King of Denmark said to have discovered the north-west passage by means of an English pilot. Much scheming to remove the Attorney General; he will not court the favourite.
April 29.
93. Commissioners for the Passage at Sandwich to Lord Zouch. Have seized certain dangerous Popish books, with crucifixes and pictures of saints, brought from abroad by Thos. Wrest, and have committed him to prison, though he took the Oath of Allegiance.
April 29. Grant to Rich. Jones of the office of keeping the Original Seal in cos. Denbigh and Montgomery, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 329.]
April. 94. Notes of injuries on Sir Robt. Kemp and others, committed in quarrels at horse-races, by men of Ipswich, &c.
April. 95. Note of moneys hitherto paid to Sir Lionel Cranfield, in part of 20,000l., for the funeral expenses of the late Queen; total 13,500l.
April. 96. Statement by Sir Wm. Ayloffe and Sir Ant. Thomas, Undertakers for Draining the Fens, that their intentions were, and still are, to drain, in three years, and at their own expense, all the fen lands in cos. Northampton, Huntingdon, Cambridge, Isle of Ely, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Lincoln, excepting such pools and meres as lie below the sea level; to re-open the rivers Nen and Welland, now filled up, &c., and to keep all the said lands well drained, on condition of the grant of their demands, as stated, being a proportion varying from one half to one eighth part of the several plots of lands specified, which are to be drained.
April ? 97. Petition of Sir Fras. Crane to the King, for reference to the Commissioners for the Earl Marshalship, of the cause between him and Sir Sam. Tryon, who promised to pay 2,100l., owed as his wife's portion, on his procuring him to be made a Baronet, like Sir Nich. Bacon, but evades performance because of some necessary difference between his patent and that of Sir Nicholas. [See 15 April, 1621.]
April. 98. Archbp. of Spalato to the Same. His deanery of Windsor would have made him most fortunate, because the two rectories of Langley and Wraysbury, both belonging thereto, were nearly falling in, one of which he had promised to Sir Dudley Carleton, to whom he owes almost life, the other to a friend who always offers him a country home; was frustrated of his first hope by His Majesty's letter, requiring Langley for Sir John Kidderminster, and now receives letters to bestow Wraysbury on another servant of the King. Earnestly entreats that his latter grant may be left to himself. Latin.