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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1691-2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Cabinet Council, meetings of
-, Committee of
-, the Lords of
-, (see Council).


Cadane, Anne

-, Bay of
-, expedition against
-, squadron at

Cadroy, Noah

Caesar, Sir Charles

Cagnony, Mr.

Caher, Theobald, Lord

Caillon, Josias
-, Paul
-, Suzanne

Cain, Lieut. John

Cairnbulg, Fort of

Caithness, Commissary of

-, governor of
-, passengers from

Calckberner, Consul

Calddeugh, George

Caldwell, Charles
-, Sir James

Cale, Weely

Calenderers, company of

Calmell, Massilian

Calshott Castle

Calthrop, Col., (see Colthorp).


Cam, Gerrit Dirckse


-, St. John's College in
-, high sheriff of
-, professor of Divinity at
-, University
-, tender of oaths in
-, Chancellor of
-, Vice-chancellor of
-, Senate of
-, (see Universities, the).

Cambridgeshire, high sheriff of

Cammill, Mrs.

Campagne, Joseph

Campbell, Alexander
-, Archibald
-, Colin
-, Emilia
-, George
-, Isabella
-, Capt. James
-, Capt. John
-, John
-, Capt. Joshua
-, Margaret
-, Mr.
-, Capt. Robert

Camphier, town of

Campion, William

Canada, lake of

Canaries, James

Canary, fleet, the
-, Islands, the
-, trade with

Candia, Bossa of

Cane, Edward
-, John

-, siege of

Canning, Richard

Canock, Maria

Canon, pass for

-, Archbishop of
-, letter to
-, John, archbishop of
-, archbishopric of
-, Cathedral
-, bedeman's place in
-, Church of
-, Dean of
-, liberty of St. Augustine's Monastery
-, Mayor of
-, prerogative court of
-, vicar-general of

Cantwell, Walter

Cape Clear
-, Finisterre
-, of Good Hope
-, St. Vincent

Capell, Sir Henry, K.B.

Capion, Catherine


Caprara, General

Captives, redemption of

Carbonnel, Thomas

Carbrooke (Norfolk), manor of

Cardiff gaol

Cardozo, Gaspard

Cardross, Henry, Lord

Carelez, Mary

Carey, Anne
-, Anthony
-, Captain
-, John
-, Norbert
-, Capt. William

Caribee Islands

Carl, Marcus

Carleton, Christopher
-, Edward
-, Mr.
-, Capt. Villiers

Carlin, Maria

Carlingford, Lord

-, Cathedral
-, garrison at

Carlisle, Mrs.

Carlow, county of


Carmaind, Yambish

Carmarthen, Thomas, Marquess of
-, letter from

Carmichael, John, Lord

Carnarvon, high sheriff of

Carnay, John, (see Kearney).

Carncross, Dr.
-, Alexander

Carol, Joost
-, wife of


Caron, Lewis

Carpenter, George

Carpentrie, John

Carr, John
-, Mrs.

Carr, Nicholas

Carrell, Capt. Charles

Carrickagunnell, castle of

-, castle of
-, siege of

Carriere, Anthony

Carrington, Thomas

Carross, Christian Ernst

Carstairs, William
-, Major

Carstsen, John

Carter, Rear-Admiral
-, James
-, Mary
-, Capt. Richard
-, Sarah
-, Thomas
-, William

Carteret, Sir Edward
-, (see de Cartaret).

Cartier, Claude

Cary, Richard

Carvalho, David

Casar, Robert

Casaubon, Lieut.-Col. Stephen

Casbird, Joseph

Cashel, archbishopric of

Caspars, Barbara


Cassier, Benedict

Cassilles, John, Earl of

Casson, Capt. Ami

Castanaga (Gastanaga), Marquis de
-, letter from

Castelfranc, Mr.

Castelmoneayo, Marquis de, letter from

Castiliano, Jacob

Castillo, Emanuel

Castle, John

Castle Connell

Castle Coole

Castle Cornet

Castlehaven, Elizabeth, Countess-Dowager of
-, James, Earl of

Castlemain, Earl of

Castleton, George, Viscount

Caswell, Barbara


Cathbard, Col.

Cathcart, Capt. Malcom

Catherine of Braganza, Queen Dowager
-, her departure to France

Catholic Princes, the

Catinat (Cattinat), Mons.

Cattel, James

Cattepoel, Capt. William

Catts, Sir James

-, battle of

Cavendish, Lord

Caverett, Lieut.


Cazalet, Peter

Cecil, Robert
-, William

Cecilas, Count de

Celery, Paul

Cenlos, Count de

Cephalonia, Isle of

Cerclaes, Count (see De Tilly, Count Cerclaes).

Cercu, Jean

Cesteau, Isaac

Chacon, Don Gonzalo

Chadburne, Robert

Chages, Francisca

Chaigneau, John
-, Isaac

Chaire, Albis
-, William

Chalmers, John

Chamber, Treasurer of the (see under William III.).

Chambers, John

Chamberlain, Dr. Hugh

Chamberlayn, James

Chameau, Anthony

Chamier, Mons.

Champneys, Arthur

Chancery, Court of
-, dispensations in

Chancery Lane (see under London).

Channel, the
-, disabled French ships in

Channel, Islands, the (see Jersey, Guernsey, &c.)

Channel Squadron, the

Chanteloup, Julian

Chantrell, Francis

Chantry, a bookseller

Chapeau, John

Chapel Royal, the, gentlemen of


Chapiot, John

Chaplin, Edward
-, Jeremiah

Chapman, Henry
-, John
-, Simon
-, Susannah


Chapon, Raimond

Chard (Somerset), vicarage of


Charing Cross (see under London).

Charities. See Briefs.

Charlemont, surrender of

-, governor of
-, letter dated at
-, siege of
-, Thomas

Charles I.

Charles II.


Charlton, Francis

Charmont, Joseph

Charron, James

Charterhouse, the (see under London).

Chartres, Duke of

Chatelain, Isaac

-, dockyard

Chatillon, Elie

Chatlet, Peter

Chauvin, Peter

Chaworth, Patricius, Viscount

Chayer, Mary

Cheapside (see under London).

Cheetham, James

Chelsea College or Hospital
-, building of
-, chaplain of
-, list of inmates
-, maintenance of
-, suggestions for its annual support

Chemineau, Leon

Chenebier, Catherine

Chepstow Castle



Cheshire Cheese, recommended as food for soldiers

-, cathedral of
-, County Palatine of
-, chief justice of
-, salt mines in
-, sheriff of
-, passes for
-, postmaster at
-, Castle
-, Irish prisoners in

Cheter, Richard

Chetwood, James

Chevalier, Helie
-, Peter

Chevenix, Capt. Philip


Cheyne, Lord

Chichester, Bishop of

Chichester, Lieut. John

Chidley, Mr.

Chiffinch, William

Child, Josiah

Childrey, John

Chilton, Catherine
-, Margaret

Chimines, Mons.

Chimney Money, Act concerning

Chippenham, election at


Cholmondeley, Col.

Chrironne, Mary

Christ Church, Canon of

Christ's Hospital (see under London).

Christian the Fifth

Christian, Anne
-, Edward
-, John
-, Mary

Christians, Peter


Christopherson, Peter

Chudleigh, Mr.

Church of England, the, expulsions from
-, preferment of foreigners in
-, (see also Ecclesiastical Matters).

Churchill, Col.
-, El.
-, Joshua
-, Thomas
-, William

Churchtown (co. Cork)

Chute, Thomas

Cirusano, John Pauli

Claasen, Joseph
-, Simon

Claasz, Abraham
-, Jacob

Claes Tryntje

Claese Gerrit
-, Joost
-, Lysbet

Claims, Court of

Clancarty, Donough, Earl of
-, Elizabeth, Countess of

Clanes, James

Clang, Erasmus

Clankaanell, Captain of

Clanricard, Ulick, Earl of
-, Helen, Countess-Dowager of

Clanronald, Captain of

Clansz, Abraham

Clant, Cornelis

Clarges, Sir Walter

Clare, county of

Clare, Viscount, (passim).

Clarendon, Earl of

Claris, John

-, Francis
-, Mr.
-, Thomas
-, (see Clarke, Clerk, and Clerke).

Clarke, Capt.
-, George, letter from
-, James
-, Francis
-, Mr.
-, letter to
-, Samuel
-, William

Clarkson, Robert

Clary, Abraham

Clasen, Martin

Clasford, Henry

Clauveau, James

Claypole, Thomas

Clayton, Billedge
-, John
-, Capt. Laurence
-, Robert
-, Sir Robert
-, William

Cleef, Anna

Cleeland, Mr.

Clements, Elizabeth

Clementsen, Michael

Clementson, Barbara

Clench, Brune
-, Dr.

Clerk, Anna Catherina
-, John
-, Samuel
-, Talbot
-, (see Clarke, Clarke, and Clerke).

Clerk of the Crown

Clerk of the Signet

Clerke, James
-, Thomas
-, (see Clerke).

Clerkenhall (Clerkenwell ?) (see under London).

Clifford, Lord-Treasurer

Clifford's Fort

Clifford's Tower

Clifton, Baroness, letter to

Clinch, Dr., murder of

Clipping and coining
-, (see Coinage).

Clivesten, Manrits

Cloedt, Jan Jongh

Clogher, bishopric of

Cloppenburgh, Hartigh

Cloudesley, Paul

Cloyne, Bishop of

"Club," the, reference to (passim)

Clud, Lieut.-Col.

Clyde, the

Coal, used for smelting

Coal pits

Coan, Jolinde

Coarter, Myndert

Cobham Hall


Cock, Robert

Cocke, Henry

Cockburne, Archibald
-, Capt. Charles

Cockerington (co. Lincoln)

Codercq (sic), Peter

Codington, Dixie

Codnell, John

Codrington, Col. Christopher

Coeg, Juda

Coen, John
-, Myer

Coes, Albrecht

Cogent, Abraham

Coghill, Sir John

Cogin, David
-, Isaac
-, Sarah

Coffina, Mary

Coinage, copper
-, matters relating to
-, (see Clipping and Coining).

Colby, Theodore

Colchester, pass to

Colchester, Maynard
-, Richard, Lord

Colas, Philip

-, Capt.
-, Elizabeth
-, Henry
-, John
-, Louis
-, Sir Michael
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, Col. William

Colebrowne, Peter

Coleman, Elizabeth

Coleman Street (see under London).

Colepepar (Culpepper ?), Robert

-, commander at

Colet, John

Colien, Emanuel

Collens, Mark

Coller, Anthony

Colleton, Sir Peter

Collie, Samuel

Collier, Benjamin
-, Col.
-, Sir David
-, Capt. Henry
-, Jeremy
-, Mrs.

Collin, Abraham

Collingwood, Col. Francis

Collins, Dr.
-, Daniel
-, Francis
-, George
-, Capt. Grenville
-, William

Collysson, Robert

Colman, Honor

-, Elector of

Colomb, John Baptist

Colombier, Capt. Anthony
-, Ensign

Colombine, Lieut.-Col. Ventris

Colonies. See Plantations.

Colonsay (?)

Colt, Col. Edward Dutton
-, " the Chevalier,"
-, John Dutton
-, Sir William Dutton
-, William

Colthorp, Lieut.-Col. (see Calthorp).

Coltman, John

Combe, Phillip
-, Robert

Combel, John

Combe Martin (co. Devon)

Combes, Bartholomew

Combs, William

Comentry (?)

Committee, Lords of the

Common Pleas, Court of
-, Lord Chief Justice of

Commons, House of
-, petition to
-, Speaker of

Compigny, Magdalen
-, Michael

Compine, Abraham

Compton, Sir Francis
-, Hatton
-, Jonathan

Comyn, Jacob

Conbet, Mons.

Conde, Prince of

Condon, Capt.

Confederates, The. See Allies.

Confession of Faith, The

Confey (co. Kildare)

Congrave, Ralph

Congress, The. See The Hague.


Conigrave, Capt. Francis

Coninck, Catherine
-, Martha

Coning, George

Coningsby, Baron of Clanbrassil, creation of
-, Lord Justice
-, Mr.
-, Thomas
-, Thomas, Lord

Conly, Barthelemey

Conn, William


Connock, John

Conon, John

Consart, John

Conseille, Abraham

Constable, Sir Philip
-, Thomas


Contales, Capt. Francis

Continent, affairs on
-, campaign on (passim) (passim) (passim)
-, differences between commanders of allied army
-, feeling of the country with regard to
-, movements of the Allies there
-, Army of, William III. on
-, regiments in, lists of
-, treatment of English Officers on

Convention, the

Convex glasses, patent for

Conway, Benjamin

Cony, Edward

Conyngham, Lady

Cook, Elizabeth
-, John
-, Mary
-, Mrs.

Cooke, James
-, Mrs.
-, Sir Thomas

Coole, Capt.

Cooper, Mr.
-, Patrick
-, Capt. Richard

Coopmans, Jan Frederick

Coote, Capt. Chidley
-, Col. Richard
-, Thomas

-, letter dated at

Copper Mines, governor and company of

Copping, John

Copsen, Arien

Corbet, Andrew
-, Peter

Corbett, Gauwen
-, Henry
-, Capt. Jean

Corbierre, Pierre

Cordier, John

Corea, Abraham
-, wife of

Corfu, Island of

-, Cat Hill, at
-, Dean of
-, Governor of
-, Harbour of
-, Long Island in
-, prisoners at
-, scarcity at
-, suggested fortifications at
-, surrender of

Cork, Earl of (see Burlington and Cork).

Corker, Edward
-, William

Cornaut, Estienne

Corneille, Rodolphe

Cornelisse (Cornelis), Bouwe
-, Gysbert
-, John
-, Lodewyck
-, Peter
-, Sander
-, William

Cornelissen, Christiana
-, Cornelis
-, John
-, Simon

Cornewall, Syriack

Cornish, Henry
-, John

Cornwall, county of
-, Duchy of
-, auditor of the

Cornwall, Capt. Edward

Cornwallis, Charles, Lord
-, Mary

Corry, James.


Corso, Gio

Cortenall, Maria

Corticelli, Angelo



Cosin, Daniel

Cossart, David
-, Isaac

Costagan, Darbey

Costello, Dillon, Lord of

Coster, Elizabeth
-, Huybert
-, Jacob
-, Peter

Cottereau, Marc Anthony

-, Lieut.-Col. Charles
-, John
-, Sir Robert
-, letters to
-, William

Couchman, Charles

Coudrieres, James

Coulan, Richard

Couliette, Daniel

Coulon, Mrs.

Council, Clerk of the
-, Lords of the
-, Order of the
-, President of the
-, see Cabinet Council.

Couper, Jean

Couppe, P.
-, Le Sieur

Couppett, Francis

Courcelles, Peter

Court, Heudrina

Courteen, Sir William

Courteney, Capt. Richard
-, William
-, children of
-, sister of
-, wife of

Courtillan, Suzanne

Courtis, John



Courzon, John

Cousart, John

Couturier, Philip

Coventry, Dean and Chapter of
-, Bishop of
-, bishopric of

Covitrey, Martha

Coward, William

Cowden, Mary

-, letter dated at

Cowes Road

Cowley, Alice
-, Thomas

Cowper, Charles
-, Sir William

Cox, Col.
-, Mr.
-, Richard
-, Sir Richard
-, Thomas
-, William

Coxe, Daniel

Coxe, John

Coy, Capt. Hambden
-, John

Coye, Col. John

Cozyn, Elias

Cradock, John
-, Sarah
-, William

Craei, Andrew

Craeyesleyn, Isaac

Craggs, Mr.

Craine, Sir Francis


Cramer, Benjamin Isaac
-, John

Crane, Mary
-, William

Craven, Levin
-, Sir William

Crawford, Daniel
-, Esplaine

Creagh, Lucy
-, Sir William

Creech, Mr.

Creecher, Benjamin
-, Thomas

Crefeild, Ralph

Creighton, Col. Abraham
-, David
-, Robert
-, Col. Thomas

Creisseil, David

Crelly, Robert

Creutzman, Martin

Crewe, Mr.

Criche, Mr.

Crick, Abraham
-, Anne

Criespan, Daniel

Crighton, William

Crispe, Thomas

Crochell, John

Croese, Jacoba

-, Capt. Edward
-, George

Cromarty, Bay of


Crone, Matthew

Crookshank, John

Crop, Evert John

Crosby, David
-, William

Cross, James
-, John

Crosse, Capt., letter to
-, Joseph
-, Paul
-, William

Crossman, James

Crow, Barbara
-, Capt. James
-, John
-, Katharine
-, Nathaniel
-, Stephen
-, Thomas
-, William

Crown, the
-, Clerk of, letter to

Crown Lands, Surveyor-General of

Crown Office, the

Crowther, George

Crude, Thomas

Crull, Joost

Crump, John

Crus, Peter

Cruyck, John

Cruytza, John Baptist

Crylsaert, John Battista

Crymes, Henry

Cucut, Peter Abraham

Cuisinier, John

Culenburg, letters dated at
-, mention of

Culliford, John
-, Mr.
-, William
-, Major William

Cullivert (Culliford ?), Major

Culmore, fort of

Culpepper (see Colepepar).

Cultearn, (sic) minister at

Cumberland, fishery in the rivers of

Cumberland, Dr.

Cunningham, Sir Albert
-, Capt.
-, Charles
-, Colonel
-, Henry
-, Marlo
-, Martha
-, Patrick
-, Timothy
-, William

Cursell, Margaret

Cursy, Daniel

Curtis, Robert

Curtius, Adolph
-, Thomas
-, Sir William

Curzon, Sir Nathaniel

Cusack, Richard

Customs, the
-, Commissioners of
-, state of

Custom House, the
-, officers of

Cuthbert, John
-, Nathaniel

Cutler, Sir John

Cutt (Cuff ?), Francis

Cuttle, Benjamin

Cutts, Charles
-, John, Lord

Cuyp, Martin