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Pages 565-572

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1691-2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Babb, Christopher

Babbe, George

Babington, Col.

Babring, Philip

Bacciocco, Anthonio

Backwell, Lee

Bacx, William

Badcocke, George

Bade, Mons.

Baden, Prince Louis of
-, letter from


Bagell, Mr.

Bagnall, Ann
-, Dudley
-, Mr.

Bagnoux, Mons.


Baignioux, Henry
-, Mary
-, Mary Anne
-, Paul

Baillie, Capt. William

Baillon, Frances

Bailly, George
-, James
-, Peter

Baird, Capt. John

Baites, Thomas

Bakeman, Ernest

Baker, Anne
-, Capt.
-, Col. Henry
-, Consul Thomas (passim)
-, William

Baldi, John

Baldwine, John

Bale, John


Balfour, Major

Bali, Peter


Ball, Mr.

Balley, John

Ballow, Daniel

Ballymote, Castle of


Baltic, the


Baltimore, Charles Lord

Baltine, Edward

Bamberg, Bishop of

Banffshire, Sheriff of

Banier, Lieut.-Col.

Bankers, the debt from the Crown to

Banks, Capt.
-, Joseph
-, Ralph

Bankruptcy, Commissioners of

Bann, the

Bannier, John

Bantry Bay, battle of


Baptist (Baptiste), Elizabeth
-, John
-, Joseph

-, Governor of
-, lotteries in

Barbanon, Prince of

Barbary, passes to
-, wars with

Barbier, Claude

Barbon, Henry


Barckley, George

Barclay, Sir George

Bareith, Margrave of

Barent, Tunnis

Barents, Anne
-, Isaac
-, Philip

Bargany, Master of

Barkas, John

Barker, Mrs. Ann
-, Consul


Barkley, Henry

Barkstead, Francis
-, John

Barley, Mary

Barlie, Mary

Barlin, Clement

Barlow, Dr. Thomas


Barnard, Mark Anthony

Barnes, Andrew
-, Charles
-, Elizabeth
-, William


Barntown (Barnetown)

Barnwell, Matthew

Baroe, Jacob

Baron, Mr., letter to

Barons, Isaac

Baros, Ahasuerus
-, Annetje

Barr, Peter

Barr, Magdalen
-, John

Barremeyer, Jacob

Barry, Frances
-, Francis
-, Capt. James
-, Matthew (passim)
-, Mr.
-, Richard
-, Suzannah

Barrington, Francis

Barrymore, Richard, Earl of

Bartels, Gerret

Bartman, Mr.

Bartlett, Mr.

Baruch, Isaac Motes

Baskerville, Anthony

Bass Rock, the, garrison at
-, Isle of
-, Lieutenant of the

Bassa, Hali

Bassett, Mr.

Bassire, William

Bastile, the, letter dated at

Bastion, Hendrick

Bastraens, Joseph

Bateman, William

Bates, Thomas


Bath, John, Earl of
-, chaplain to

Bath and Wells, diocese of

Bathe, Capt.

Bathurst, Joseph

Batson, Richard

Batt, John

Batteley, Dr.

Baudouin, Ann
-, James

Bauering, John

Bauman, Ensign
-, Hans

Baumgarten, Baron de
-, Andrew

Baumgartner (see Paumgartner).

Bauvenfeindt, Wolfgang Fredrich

-, Maximilian Emanuel, Elector of
-, letters from
-, Elector of, letter from
-, Electress of
-, Envoy from Elector of
-, Envoy Extraordinary to the Elector of
-, troops of

Bawdon, Letitia
-, Sir John

Bayle, John

Bayly (Bayley), George
-, John
-, William

Beach, Dr.

Beachy Head
-, engagement off

Beake, Thomas

Beaminster, vicarage of

Beardmore, Edward

Beardwell, Benjamin

Beare, Manor of

Beat, Bernard

Beaubuisson, Mons.

Beaufew, Ensign

Beaufort, Duchess of

Beaujoy, James
-, Louise
-, child of

Beaumont, Capt.
-, Col.
-, Dr.
-, Joseph
-, Richard
-, Capt. Richard

Beaune, Adam

Bebis, Abraham

Becceler, Mr.

Becher, Col. Thomas

Becker, Claas
-, Thomas

Beckers, Andrew

Beckestein, Peter

Beckett, Samuel

Beckman, Sir Martin (passim)

Beckwith, William

Bedchamber, pages of the

Bedford, Earl of
-, Capt.
-, Edward
-, Helkiah
-, Mr.
-, Thomas
-, letters to
-, from

Bedfordshire, sheriff of
-, Godlington, parish of

Bedloe, Capt.

Bedmar, Marquis of

Bedsworth, Maurice

Beech, Dr., Trial of

Beeckman, Gerradus

Beendicks, Christian

Beer, Excise on
-, cure for wounds
-, exportation of, from England and Wales into Ireland

Beeston, Col.

Beetson, Henry

Beheathland, Hugh

Beker Dirk


-, "Soveraigne" of

Belfont, Gustavus


Belhaven, John, Lord

Belingtin, Margarett

-, Capt. Henry
-, Robert
-, Alderman Thomas

Bellahy, Castle of


Bellasis, Sir Henry
-, letters to
-, Lady

Bellefont, Marquis

Bellenden, Lord

Bellew, Frances Arabella
-, John, Baron of Duleek
-, Lord
-, Lady
-, Matthew
-, Walter

Bellings, Mary Catherine

Bellingown's garrison

Belmark, Marquis de

Belrieu, Margueritta

Belson, John
-, Maurice

Belt, Jacomintie

Beltzer, Samuel

Belwood, Capt. Roger

Bembo (Benbow ?), Capt., letters to

Benade, John George

Benaerde, Gerard

Benefield, Frances

Benger, Richard

Beniengh, Jurrie

Benjamin, Jacob

Bennet, Adam
-, Capt.
-, Penelopea

Benson, Dr. George

Bent, Joseph
-, Peter

Bentinck, Cornet Christopher

Bentley, Richard

Berchere, James Lewis
-, Lewis

Berckman, Arent Janse

Berenberg, Henry

Berents, Wessel

Bergen op Zoom

Bergenaen, Peter

Bergesen, Hans


Berghuyse, Katherine

Berk, Thomas

Berkeley, Jane
-, John, Lord

-, letter dated at

Bernall, Gaspard
-, Isaac

Bernard, E.
-, Charles
-, Sir Robert


Berniere, John Anthony

Bernies, Andrew

Bernis, Samuel David

Berrard, Lewis

Berrynarbor (co. Devon)

Berse, Baron de

Bersign, Peter

Bersyn, Peter

Bertelot, Jacque

Bertheau, Mons.

Bertillier, Martin

-, Governor of
-, Mayor of

Beskes, Jan.

Beson, Jacob
-, Peter

Bessen, Peter

Best, Mons.

Betard, The Sieur


Bethlehem Hospital, discharge of a patient of
-, Governors of

Bethlem, near Louvain, letters dated at

Beveridge, Col. William

Beverley, Thomas

Beverege, Dr.

Beverstone (co. Gloucester)

Bevesier, Cape de

Bevionde, John

Beyer, Francis

Beyl, Amerentia

Beylenberg, Hans

Bibb, Capt. Edward

Bidall, Mr.

Biddulph, Sir Michael, letter to
-, William


Bidwell, William

Bickerston, Mrs.

Biege, Captain

Bieliz, Captain

Biggin (Northants), manor of

Biggs, Thomas

Bighum, William

-, ships to

Billard, Suzanne

Billing, Richard

Billingborough, Little Lane in

Billingsley, Col. Rupert, letter to

Billop, Capt. Christopher

Bing, John

Bingham, Captain

Binnevest, Peter
-, wife of

Birch, Col.
-, Dr.


Bird, Nathaniel

Birkenfeld, Prince of

Birkhead, William, letter from

Birnie, Walter

Birth, Field-Marshal

Biscay, Bay of

Bischop, John
-, Magdalena

Biscope, W., letter from

Bishop, Cornelis

Bitham, Thomas

Bitterman, Simon Jenter



Blackborne, Mary

Blackbourne, Mary

Blackburne, George


Blackford, William

Blackemore, Bennet, Giles, Daniel, John, and Michael

Blackhead, Stephen

Blackiston, Nathaniel

Blackstakes, The

Blackwater river

Blackwell, Consul Lambert

Blaen, William

"Blair of Atholl"

Blaire, Col.

-, Anne
-, John
-, Thomas

Blancard, Abraham

Blanchfeild, Joan

Blanchfields, Lieut. Nicholas

Blasketts, the

Blathwait (Blathwayt), William

Blayney, Lord

Blesin, Mr.

Blessington, Murrough, Viscount

Blight, Thomas, (passim).

Block, Eberhard

Blom, Anthony

Blome (Bloom), Lieut.-Col.

Blondel, John
-, Mary

Bludner, Gregory

Blunt, Sir Thomas Pope
-, wife of

Blythman, Jasper

Boad, Major Henry

Boardman, Anne

Bode, Capt. Philip Julius


Bodrigo, Jacob

Boel, Gerrit

Boequet, Philip

Boffin, articles of
-, island and fort of

Boffin, Lord

Bogenaar, Laurence

Bogvet, Philip

Bohun, Edmund

Boisemorell, Capt. Andrew

Boiset, Margaret Louise
-, Mary
-, Nicholas
-, Robert

Boitet, Robert

Bolton, Charles, Duke of

Bolton, Capt. Adam
-, Anne
-, Cornelius
-, Elizabeth
-, Nicholas
-, Richard


Bon, Lawrence

Bonchand, Michel

Bond, James

Bondor, Anthony

Bon, Elizabeth
-, Margaret

Bonean, Peter

Bonel, Samuel

Bonenqui, Consul

Bongar, Andrew

Bonham, Anne
-, Diana
-, Margaret
-, Thomas

Bonhomme, Elliner

Bonnel, Abraham

Bonnet, Richard

Bonnin, Francis

Bonnington, John

Bonsquet, Aaron

Bontandon, Mary

Bonython, Charles

Books, licences to print or publish

Boom, Joachim
-, Capt. Maerten Barduse

Boone, George

Boosemans, Catharina

Booth, Mr.
-, Capt. Charles
-, daughters of
-, Edward
-, George
-, Henry
-, Thomas
-, Sir William

Bophin, Lord

Borchman, John Caspar


Boreman, William

Born, Capt. William


Borr, Jacobus

Bosch, Fennecke

Bose, Mons.

Bosmalen, Nicholas

Bostock, Elizabeth

Boubay, Anthony
-, son of

Boucquet, John

Boudewyns, (Boudevin) Grietje
-, Michael

Boue, David

Bouffet, Jean

Boufflers (Bouffleurs), General, or Marquis de

Bouillon, Thomas

Boulan, John

Boulede, Jane

Boulengier, Lieut.-General


Bourceau, Francis

Bourdeau, Charlotte
-, James
-, Judith
-, Rachel

Bourdieu, Mons.

Bourdon, James
-, Philip

Bourgeois, Robert

Bourgett, Peter

Bourke, Colonel
-, Mrs. Elizabeth

Bourne, Andrew
-, Deborah
-, daughter of

Bours, Christina

Bout, Johan

Bouzanquet, David

Bov, Catherine

Bove, David

Bovillane, Gideon

Bovissavi, Lucas

Bowes, Sir Francis, letter to
-, Thomas

Bowles, Phineas
-, Thomas

Box, County Wilts

Boyd, Elizabeth
-, Thomas

Boyer, Andrew
-, Gideon

Boyle, the Right Hon. Henry
-, Richard

Boyne, battle of

Boynton Col., Francis

Boys, Geoffrey
-, Thomas

Braamt, Dick
-, Henry

-, army of

Brabant, Duke of

Brabazon, Capt. Anthony
-, James

Brabazon (Brabenzon), Prince of


Brack, Nicholas

Bradford, John
-, Joseph

Bradshaw, Sir Cornwall
-, William

Bradwick (co. Devon)

Braems, Jacob

Brag, Elias

Brailsford, Anna Mary

Braithwaite, Capt. George

Brakel, Capt.

Braman, John

Brandenbergers, the

-, Elector of
-, Envoy to
-, troops of

Brandon, Lord, letter from

Brands, Jorgen

Brandts, Bastian

Brant, Lawrence

Brantom, Frances

Brardts, John

Brasier, Abraham

Brassaly, Mons., children of

Brauer, Martin

Braun, Lieut.

Brayne, Richard

Breadalbane, John, Earl of



Brelton, William

-, passes for
-, men-of-war

Bremer, Martin

Brent, Margaret
-, Mary
-, Capt. Thomas


Brereton, Lord
-, John
-, Thomas

Bressey, Mons. de, letter from


Breton, Michael

Brett, Daniel

Breviter, Emma
-, Sarah

Brewer, Col. Richard

Brewster, Sir Francis

Brian, Kennedy
-, Mary


Bribery, Memoranda touching

Brick, (Britt)

Bridgeman, George
-, James
-, William

Bridges, Mr.
-, Brook
-, Capt.
-, Sir Matthew


Bridonneau, Lewis

Bridverty, Timothy

Briefs, methods suggested for collecting

Brigadier, The

Briggs, Anne
-, William

Brigillis, Lysbet

Brill, The (Holland)
-, postmaster at

Brimisham, Margaret
-, Mary

Brindell, Mons.

Brine, Mary

Bringfield, Capt.

Brissac, Ensign
-, John

Brissant, John

Bristoe, Lieut.-Col.

-, assizes at
-, Bishops of
-, deanery of
-, diocese of
-, gaol at
-, passes from
-, George, Earl of

Britt, Edmund


Brittland, Reginald

Britton Ferry, letter dated at
-, John

Brocass, Mons., a French minister

Brockett, Mr.

Brodie, Captain

Bron, Michael

Bronchorst and Styrum, Elizabeth Philipina, Countess Dowager of

Bronckhurst, John

-, Oliver

Brooke, Fulke, Lord

Brookes, William

Brooks, Lady
-, George

Broomfield (a quaker)

Brother Barneby

Broughton, Sir Brian
-, Lady
-, Mary

Brousset, Marguerite

Brouwer, Adrian
-, Martin
-, Wouter

Brower, John

-, Edward
-, Capt. Thomas
-, Sir Valentine

Browne, Edward
-, John
-, Josiah
-, Mary
-, Matthias
-, Michael
-, Randell
-, Robert
-, Thomas
-, William

Bruce, Mr.
-, James

Brudenell, Lady
-, Lord
-, Thomas

Bruder, John William

Bruen's Castle
-, Quarry

Bruen, John

Bruen Stapleford (co. Chester)

Brug, Franke

-, hospital at

Bruggeman, Brugmane, Henry
-, Giles

Brunel, Ambrose

Brunskill, Percival

Brunswick and Luneburg, Ernest Augustus, Duke of.
-, Envoy to
-, letter from
-, Princes of
-, (see also Luneburg).

Bruntmornson, Henry

-, governor at
-, letters dated at
-, passes for
-, residents at
-, siege of

Bruta, Catherine

Bruton, James

Bruyin, John

Bruyn, Anna Maria
-, Mare
-, Margaretha

Bryan, John

-, Alexander

-, Col. John
-, letter to

Buchanan (sic), Col. John

Buchannan, Duncan

Bucholdt, Peter

Bucking House, a.

-, Assizes, the

Buckingham, Duchess of

Buckinghamshire, lands in
-, sheriff of

Buckle, Mr.

Buckholt, Kasten

Bucknall, Ralph
-, Samuel
-, Sir John

Buckridge, Edmund

Buet, James
-, Ren

Builly, Nicholas
-, William

Bulde, Isaac

Bull, Alderman

Bullock, Capt. Robert

Bulkeley, Sir Richard
-, S., letter from

Bulstrode, Henry

Bunce, Anne

Bunch, Sir James

Bunnell, Jacob

Bunts, James

Burdon, Ezereel

Bureau, Pierre

Burgartt, Jacob

Burges, Jane

Burgh, Ulysses, D.D.

Burgon, Mary

Burjand, Mr.

Burk, John
-, Col. Thomas
-, Ulrick
-, wife of
-, Walter

Burke, Capt.

Burleigh, John, Lord

Burlingham, Jeremiah

Burlington and Cork, Earl of

Burmaster, Gerard

Burmester, Nicholas

Burn, David
-, Capt. Patrick

Burne, Father

Burnet, Gilbert (see Salisbury, of)
-, Thomas, D.D.
-, Sir Thomas

Burnett, William
-, Capt. William

Burroughs, Major Thomas

Burrowes, St. John

Burrows, Thomas

Burst, Hans Henrick

Burstall, free school in the parish of

Burstall, vicar of

Burton (Yorkshire), Bank end at

Burton, Benjamin
-, Elizabeth
-, John
-, Mr.
-, Thomas

Bury, Edward
-, Capt. Theodore

Busbey, Richard

Bush, Arthur
-, Thomas

Bushell, Edward

Bussleton, letter dated at

Butler, Edmund
-, Major Edward
-, wife of
-, Edward
-, John
-, Lieut.-Col.
-, Piero
-, Richard
-, Thomas
-, William

Butts, John

Butt, Daniel

Butters Bridge (sic)

Buttler, Margareth

Byde, Sir Thomas

Byerley (Byerly), Col. Robert

Byrne, Lewis
-, Major Thady
-, wife of

Byron, Sir Edward
-, William, Lord