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Pages 559-565

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1691-2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Aarsen, William

Abbot, Mordant

Abel, a bookseller

Abema, Mr.

Abendana, Jacob

Abercorn, Charles, Earl of
-, Claudius, Earl of



Abingdon, vicarage of St. Helen's in

Abney, Sir Edward

Abrahall, Capt. Gilbert
-, Capt. William

Abraham, Capt. Gilbert
-, Jacob

Abrahams, Abraham
-, Hertog
-, Heschall
-, Isaac

Abrahamsy, Symon

Accounts, Commissioners of


Achmouty, Capt. John

Actoroff, Sibrandt

Adams, John
-, Richard

Adderley, Mr.

Addis, Mr.
-, John

Addison, Thomas
-, Mr., letter to

Aders, Jacob

Adersey, Robert

Admans, Edmund

Admiral, the Lord High

Admiralty, the
-, Commissioners of the
-, letters from
-, letters to
-, Court of
-, Deputy Registrar of the
-, Judge of the
-, King's Advocate in
-, Lords of the
-, letters from
-, letters to
-, Lords of Appeal
-, Marshal of the
-, Office of
-, letters dated at
-, Procurator General of
-, Records of
-, Secretary of the

Adriansen, Anthony
-, Jacob

Advocate General, the

Aelmond, Admiral (see Allemonde).

Aenlicker, Rudolf

Aerderick, Peter

Aertze, John

Aeth (see Ath).



African Company, the Royal

Agilar, Isaac


Aglionby, William

Agment, William

Agnew, Andrew

Ailesbury, Lord


Aitkin, John

-, letter dated at


Alamonde (see Silk).

Alavoyne, Samuel

Alaxy, Richard

Albemarle, Duke of
-, Duchess of
-, Christopher, Duke of
-, George, Duke of

Albertini, Paoli

Alberts, Simon

Albura, Frau

Alchorne, Thomas

Alden, Anthony

Alderman, one pressed as a common seaman

Aldermanbury (see under London).

Aldersey, Robert

Alderson, Hierome

Alderts, Barent

Aldgate (see under London).

Alere, James

Alexander, Francis
-, Lieut

-, Consul at
-, Dey of
-, letter, dated at

Alienation Office, the

Alion, Antoinette

Alix, Mons.

Allegiance, Oath of

Allemonde (Almonde), Admiral
-, Mons

Allen, Charles
-, Henry
-, James
-, John
-, Sir Joshua
-, Major Thomas

Allestry, William

Allet, John

Allgood, Lancelot

Allied powers, the

Allies, the (passim)

Allwell, Ann
-, Elizabeth

Ally, Mary

Almeida, Paul

Almonde, Admiral (see Allemonde).

Alnage Bill, the

Alpinwat, Edward


Alva, Col.

Alvarans, David

Alvarenga, David
-, Samuel

Alvares, Abraham

Alvarez, Saloman
-, wife of
-, mother of

Alvin, Aaron

Alvringe, David

Ambleteuse Harbour

-, Archbishop of

Amego, Jacob

-, dye discovered in
-, escheats in
-, islands in
-, mines in
-, North
-, search for wreck on coast of
-, see also under the names of places in, New England, &c.

American plantations, the
-, see also under Plantations.

Amia, David

-, deputies of
-, passes to

Andalusia, English in


Anderson, Alexander
-, Andrew
-, Capt. George
-, Henry
-, Jens

Anderton, Sir Edmund
-, John
-, William

Andre, James

Andrew, Dionisius

Andrews, R.
-, William

Andriensen, Cornelis

Andries, Maynardt

Andriese, Yan

Anen, Victor

Angelras, James

Angerer, Georgio

Anglesey, Earl of

Angus, Earl of

Annandale, Earl of
-, confession by

Anne, Princess of Denmark (see Denmark).




Apendorf, John Smith

Apleter, Major

Appeal, Lord of

Appeals and Prizes, Commissioners of

Appelroot, Albert

Appin, Laird of


Apsley, Sir Peter


Arbruchell, Lord (? Laird of)

Arches Court, The


Arcliffe Fort

Arcour, Count de

Ardagh, bishopric of

Arens, Rotter

Arffe, Mons.

Argyll, Earl of
-, letters to

Arientz, John

Arins, Hubert

Arisen, Huybert

Arles, Corbes

Arlington, Lord

Armagh, Archbishop of, James Margetson
-, county
-, Dean of
-, deanery of

Armonts, Jacob

Armstrong, Capt. Andrew
-, Charles
-, Capt. Thomas
-, William

Army, James II.'s
-, Irish officers and soldiers in
-, O'Donell's brigade in
-, troops in, sent for foreign service
-, William III.'s (passim)
-, arms for
-, artillery for
-, artillery in, Germans preferred for
-, brigades in, list of
-, clothing of
-, Danes in
-, transport of passim
-, Danish battalions in
-, Danish cavalry in
-, Danish forces in
-, Danish infantry in
-, Danish officers in
-, disposition of on the Continent
-, documents relating to
-, Dutch Footguards in
-, Dutch troops in
-, estimates of the cost of
-, facts concerning
-, French physicians and surgeons in
-, in Flanders
-, in Holland
-, in Ireland
-, Irish forces in
-, Judge Advocate, the
-, list of regiments of, in the Low Countries
-, Master of Forbes' troop in
-, musters of
-, payment of troops in, abroad
-, petition concerning
-, precedency in
-, provisions, Deputy-Commissary of the
-, Provost Marshal, the
-, Provost Marshal General Deputy to the
-, quartering of soldiers in
-, quarters of
-, payment for
-, recruits for See also under Recruits.
-, regiments in
-, Argyles, Archibald, Earl of
-, Athlone's, Earl of
-, Babington's, Col.
-, Bath's, Earl of
-, Beaumont's, Col. John
-, Belcastle's, Col. Peter de
-, Bellasis's, Sir Henry
-, Berkeley's, John Lord
-, Beveridge's, Col. William
-, Bolton's, Charles Duke of
-, Brandenburg's
-, Brewer's, Col. Richard
-, Buchan's, Col. John (passim)
-, Byerley's, Col. Robert
-, Cardross', Henry Lord
-, Castleton's, George Viscount
-, Chauvet's, Major-Gen.
-, Churchill's
-, Colchester's, Richard Lord
-, Coldstreamers, the
-, Coldstreams, the
-, Collier's, Sir David
-, Collingwood's, Col. F.
-, Colt's, Colonel Dutton
-, Coutt's (Coote's), Col. Richard
-, Coy's, Col. John
-, Creighton's, Col. Abraham
-, Col. Thomas
-, Cunningham's, Col.
-, Col. Richard
-, Cutt's, Lord
-, Danby's, Earl of
-, Denmark's, Princess Anne of
-, Prince of
-, Dering's, Sir Edward
-, Derry
-, De Ruvigny's, Marquis
-, D'Offarrell's (O'Farrell's), Col. Francis Fergus
-, Douglas
-, Dragoons, Royal
-, Drogheda's, Earl of
-, Du Cambon's, Col. Francis
-, Earle's, Col. Thomas
-, Echlyn's, Col. Robert
-, Elphinston's, Lord
-, Enniskillen, the
-, Eppinger's Dragoons
-, Fitshardinge's, John Viscount
-, Fitzpatrick's, Col. Edward
-, Foot Guards
-, Fouke's, Col. John
-, Funnish, the
-, Galway's, Viscount
-, Gibson's, Col.
-, Ginkel's
-, Glencairn's, Earl of
-, Godfrey's, Col. C.
-, Goodwyn's, Col. Robert
-, Gower's
-, Graham's, Col. Charles
-, Guards, 1st troop of
-, Guards, 2nd troop of
-, Guards, Grenadiers
-, Hale's, Col. John
-, Hamilton's, Col. Gustavus
-, Lord George
-, Col. Frederick
-, Hanmer's
-, Harbord's
-, Hastings', Col. Ferdinando
-, Herbert's
-, Hesse-Darmstadt's, Ernest Louis, Prince of
-, George, Prince of
-, Hill's, Col.
-, Hodge's, Col. Robert
-, Horse Guards, the
-, Dutch regiment of
-, Ingoldsby's
-, Irish Dragoons, the
-, Jedburgh's, William, Lord
-, Jutland, the
-, Killigrew's, Col.
-, Kingston's
-, Kirke's, Col. Percy
-, La Cabinotte's
-, La Forest's
-, Langston's, Col. Francis (passim)
-, Lanier's, Sir John
-, Leinster's, Duke of
-, Leslie's, Col. Sir James
-, Leveson's, Brigadier
-, Levingston's, Sir Thomas
-, Lisburn's, Lord
-, Lloyd's, Col. Edward
-, Col. Godfrey
-, Lovelace's
-, MacKay's, Lieut.-Gen.
-, Macklier's, Major-Gen.
-, Marines
-, Marlborough's, John, Earl of
-, Matthews's, Col. Edward
-, Meath's, Earl of
-, Melonniere's
-, Michelbourne's, Col. John
-, Monmouth's, Charles, Earl of
-, Morgan's, Sir John
-, Mountjoy's, Lord
-, Nassau, the
-, Newbottle's, Lord
-, Newcome's, Sir Thomas
-, Norton's, Lieut.-Col. William
-, Ormond's, Duke of
-, Oxford's, Aubrey, Earl of
-, Portland's, Earl of
-, Prince Christian's
-, Prince Frederick's
-, Prince George's
-, Purcell's, Col. Toby
-, Queen's
-, Ramsey's, Col. George
-, Roscommon's
-, Rowe's, Col. Henry
-, Royal Foot Guards
-, Royal Fusiliers
-, Royal Horse
-, Royal Horse Guards
-, Russell's, Col. Theo.
-, Ruvigny's, Major-Gen.
-, St. George's, Sir George
-, Sanche's (?)
-, Scarborough's, Richard, Earl of
-, Schake's (?)
-, Schomberg's, Charles, Duke of
-, Scotch, the
-, Scots Dragoons, Royal regiment of
-, Scots Guards
-, Scravenmoer's
-, Sechested's, Col.
-, Selwyn's, Col. William
-, Stanley's, Col. J.
-, Stewart's, Col. William
-, Stuart's, Sir William
-, the Swiss
-, Talmash's, Major-Gen. Thomas
-, Tettau's
-, Tidcombe's, Col. John
-, Tiffins', Col. Zachariah
-, Trelawny's, Col. Chas.
-, Trelawny's, Col. Henry
-, Venner's, Col. Samuel
-, Villiers', Col. Edward
-, Ulster, the
-, Wharton's
-, Wilson's, Col.
-, Wolseley's, Col.
-, Wurtemburg's, Duke of
-, Wyndham's, Col. Hugh
-, Wynn's, Col.
-, Zeland, the
-, Zulestein's
-, suggestions as to, made by Count de Solms


Arnold, Adolp
-, Lieutenant
-, Nehemiah

Arran, Richard, Earl of

Arrigoni, Scipione

Arthur, Christiana
-, Eleanor

Artman, Peter

Arwarker, Edmund
-, wife of

Ash, St. George

Ashby, Champion
-, John
-, Sir John

Ashdown, forest or chase of

Ashfield, Charles

Ashmole, Mr.

Ashton, Sir Ralph
-, Thomas

Ashurst, Sir Henry
-, Lady
-, Sir William

Aske, Mary

Aspall, Mary

Aspin, Capt.

Asselin, David

Asshton, Mr.

Assize, Justices of

Assurance, oath of

Astley, Charles


Atherton, Charles
-, Peter

-, Castle of

Athlone, Godard, Earl of
-, petition of


Atkins, Baron
-, letter to
-, Jane

Atkinson, James
-, John
-, Philip
-, Capt. Samuel
-, letter to

Attainder, Act of

Attorney-General, the
-, letters to

Attwood, William

Aucher, Sir Anthony

Auchinleck, James

Auchmouty, John


Audibert, James
-, Magdalen

Audrey, Col.

Aughrim, battle of

Aughrim, Baron

Augustine, Capt.

Ausberg, Count of

Austen, Robert

Austine (Austen), Samuel

-, assizes at

Aylin, Sir John

Aylmer, Dame Ellen
-, Sir Fitzgerald
-, Capt. George
-, Sir Justin
-, Luke
-, Capt. Matthew

Aylway, Robert

Ayres, John
-, Robert

Azwanger, Christoph