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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1691-2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Haacks, John


Habeas Corpus Act, the, proceedings under

Haccliffe, Dr.

Hachclaer, Emanuel

Hackee, Pieter

Hackett, Alexander
-, Mary

Hackshaw, Robert


Hadley, George

Hadlo, Elizabeth

Hael, Margaret

Hagar (Hager), George

Hagdoren, Philip

Hagedorn, Lieutenant

Hagenbach, John

Hagget, John

Hague, the
-, congress at
-, envoy at
-, letters dated at

Hainault, Prince of

Haine, St. Paul
-, St. Pierre

Haines, John
-, Richard

Hairs, William

Halbert, Mr.

Hales (Hale), Col. John
-, Capt. Edmund

Haliburton, James

Halifax, Lord
-, Marchioness of

Halkett, Margriet

Hall, Dr.
-, Hannibal
-, Mrs.
-, Richard
-, Thomas
-, William

Hallobone, Margaret

Hallungius, Mr

Halsey, Thomas

Halshall, Mary
-, Susan


Ham, camp at
-, letter dated at

Ham, Bruin

Hambledon, Hans

-, English merchants in
-, Irish sent to
-, letter dated at
-, passes to
-, proconsul of
-, senate of
-, ship from

Hamel, Anne

Hamilton, Frederick, Col.
-, Sir George
-, Gustavus, Col.
-, James
-, Capt.
-, John, Capt.
-, Lieut.Col.
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.
-, Lieut.Gen. Richard
-, Robert
-, William, Duke of

Hamles, Henry

Hammer, Quartermaster

Hammond, Anthony
-, Edward

Hamon, Capt. Francis

Hampden, Richard
-, Mr.

Hamper, Robert

Hampshire, camp in
-, high sheriff of
-, militia of
-, (see Southampton.)

Hampton, Adam

Hanaper office

Hanmer, Brigadier
-, Sir John
-, William

Hannedes, Shaffras

Hanneton, John

-, Duke of
-, George Louis, Elector of
-, letter dated at
-, Prince of
-, troops of

Hansberg, Crauford
-, Rimond
-, Sarah

Hansdatter, Christina

Hanse, Adam

Hanse Towns, the

Hansen, Erick
-, Hans
-, Pieter
-, Roeloff

Hanssen, Lorents

Hanstone, Frank

Happe Frederick

Hara, Sir Charles

Harbin, Henry

Harbord (Harboard), Mr.
-, William
-, "Lord Ambassador,"
-, death of

Harborough, Dr.

Harcourt, Clifton

Harder, Anthony

Hardesley, Mr.

Hardham, John

Hardick, Jacob Janse

Harding, Henry
-, Mr.
-, Nicholas

Hardinge, John

Hardsoecker, John

Hardwick (co. Surrey)

Hardy, Peter

Harivant, Barbe
-, Mary

Harlem (New York)

Harloe, Capt.

Harman, Sir John

Harmer, Capt. William

Harnage, Richard


Harrickson, Harrick

Harricoh, Hassal

Harrington, Anne

Harris, Catherine
-, Edward
-, Ensign
-, John
-, Martha
-, Mr.
-, Lieut.Governor

-, Abraham
-, Christopher
-, Edmund
-, Elizabeth
-, John
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, Thomas
-, William

Harroway, John

Hart, John

Hartford, Daniel

Hartichem, Timothy

Hartington, Henry

Hartley, Capt. Henry

Hartman, Valentin
-, William

Hartop, Martin

Hartscamp, Helena

Hartstonge, Sir Standish

Hartwick, Ralph

Harvey, Anthony
-, Daniel
-, Sir Eliab
-, Elizabeth
-, John

-, master of the passage boats of
-, mayor of, letter to
-, packet boats at
-, passes to and from, (passim)

Harwood, Anne
-, George
-, Philip
-, Thomas
-, William

Hascard, Gregory, Dean of Windsor

Haseley, rectory of

Hasklever, William

Hasse, Casimir

Hastfer, Fieldmarshal

Hastie, Alexander

Hastings, defence of
-, fishing off
-, harbour
-, mayor of

Hastings, Lieut.Col. Anthony
-, child of
-, Caroletta
-, Elizabeth
-, Ferdinand
-, Col. Ferdinando
-, Capt. George
-, Major Knevitt
-, Lord
-, Richard
-, Robert

Hatfield Level, (co. Yorks)

Hatfields, William

Hatley, Gerard

Hatton, Lord
-, Thomas

Haughton, Anne

Hause, Frantz

Hauser, Jacob


Haution, John
-, Mary Elizabeth

Havekam, Coenrad Pietersen

Havish, Barthol


Havre de Grace

Hawker, Capt. Henry


Hawkes, Andrew

Hawkins, William

Hawley, Col. Francis
-, Henry

Hawtry, Ralph

Hay, the

Hay, Lady Anne
-, Captain
-, Joachim

Haydon, Matthew

Hayer, Peter

Hayes (Hays), Daniel
-, Sir James
-, John
-, Mr.

Haymarket, the (see under London.)

Hayne, James

Haynes, Richard

Hays, George

Hazlerige, Mrs

Hazlerigge, William

Head, Thomas

Headley, Mrs

-, Receivergeneral of

Hearn, John
-, Sir Joseph

Heatfill, Edward

Heath, Richard
-, Capt. Thomas

Heathcote, Gilbert

Heathfield, William

Hebert, Thomas

Hechsletter, Benjamin
-, wife of

Heckeren (Hecheren), Baron de

Heddon, Charles

Hedger, Major John

Hedges, Sir Charles
-, letters from
-, letters to
-, Sir William

Hedlam, Capt. John

Heeker, Lieutenant


Heigham, John

Heinsius, Pensionary
-, letters from
-, David

Heinson, John Theodore

Heisler, Hartman

Heiss, John

Helbers, Hendrick

Helder, Dennis

Heldiring, Henry

Hely, John

Helgesen, Andrew

Hem, Wulderig

Hemming, Edmund

Hemskerck, Mons. de

Hemskerke, Ester

Hen, John

Henchman, John

Henderick, Ernst

Henderson, John

-, manor of

Hendrick, Jan.

Hendricks, Gerrit

Hendrickse, Derck
-, Hendrick
-, Jannetje

Hendricksen, Andrew
-, Claas
-, Cornelis

Hendrickson, Nicholas

Hene, Henry

Henley, Mr.


Henriques, James
-, Rebecca

Henry III., confirmation by

Henry, Cornelius

Hepfner, George

Herald, Lancaster

Herbert, Benjamin
-, Brigadier
-, Colonel
-, Ham
-, John
-, Mr.

Herbert of Cherbury, Lord

-, bishopric of
-, cathedral of
-, chapter of
-, dean of

Herefordshire, collector of Excise in
-, high sheriff of

Hereius, Isaac

Heremant, Maria

Herlington, (?) Lieut.

Hermans, Hans

Hermanns, John

Hermanse, Andries
-, Herman

Hermon, Michael

Herne, Sir Joseph
-, letters to

Herpstein, Magnus Frederick

Hershaw, George

Hert, Jacob

Hertfordshire, Custos Rotulorum of
-, Deputy Lieutenants of
-, Lord Lieutenant of

Herveart, Mons.

Herwaerden, Jacob

Herwagen, John Rudolph

Hesleline, Joshua

Hesse, Prince of
-, letter to

HesseCassel, Landgrave of
-, letter to
-, envoy to

HesseDarmstadt, Prince George of
-, Ludowick Ernest, Prince of

Hessel, Johns

Heulens, Johanna

Heym, John Jacob
-, children of
-, wife of

Heyns, John

Heysius, Francis

Hickey, Michael

Hickson, Elkana
-, son of

Higden, Henry

Higgin, Mr.

Higgins, Alexander

High Admiral, office of

Highland lords, the, desire to hold their lands directly of the King

Highlanders, the, (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim)
-, Lord Melville's, remarks on (passim)

Highlands, suggestions for the subjection of
-, (see Scotland.)

Highways or footpaths, diversion of


Highway robbery
-, pardon for
-, proclamation against

-, Colonel
-, George
-, John
-, Lieutenant John
-, Mr.
-, Nicholas
-, Capt. Richard
-, Major Scipio

Hillebrand, Casten

Hills, Joseph

Hillyard, George

Hinckell, Mr.

Hind, John

Hinds, Thomas

Hingstman, Andrae

Hinoyssa, John

Hins, Matthew

Hipton, George
-, Jane

Hipwell, Mary


Historiographer Royal, appointment of


Hoare, Mr

Hoblyn, Robert

Hobush, Capt.

Hodges, John
-, Col.
-, Robert

Hodgeson, Marmaduke

Hodgkin, Richard

Hodgson, John

Hodston, John

Hoefnagel, Cornelis

Hoffman, Frederick
-, John
-, Mons.
-, letter from
-, letter to

Hoffmans, Maria

Hofman, Adam
-, Anna Christina

Hoge, Thomas

Hogger, John

Hoill, Thomas

Holborn (see under London.)

Holburne, Capt. Charles

Holcomb, Richard

Holden, Mr.
-, Ralph

Holder, William

Hole Haven

Holegate, Capt.

-, Admiralty of, letters from
-, Ambassador from, secretary of
-, ammunition for
-, clergy from
-, English forces in
-, Jews from
-, packet boat from, accident to
-, passes from
-, passes to, (passim), (passim), (passim)
-, passengers from
-, Pensionary of
-, recruits for
-, recruiting in
-, Scotch ministers in
-, States of
-, transportation of troops to
-, treaty with
-, troops for
-, William III.'s visit to
-, (see also under Dutch, the, StatesGeneral, the).

Holland, (a highwayman)
-, John
-, Richard

Hollander, Simon

Hollard, John

Holles, Lord

Holliday (Hollyday), Barten (Barton)

Holman, Capt.
-, William

Holmes, Cordelia
-, George
-, Henry
-, Major
-, Mary
-, Sir Robert
-, letter to

Holroyd, Major Francis

Holst, Nicholas


Holt, Lord Chief Justice
-, letter to
-, Colonel

Holterfogt, Herman

-, passes to
-, packet boat at
-, postmaster at
-, letter to

Holy Island

Holyrood House

Hombach, Margareth

Home Circuit, justices of assize for

Hommell, Laurence

Honywood, Edward

Hooft, Capt. Claes

Hoop, Willimyntze

Hooper, Major Thomas
-, Sir William, letter to

Hoorn, Peter
-, wife of

Hootles, Thomas

Hop, Margaretha

Hope, the

Hope, Charles
-, Lieut.Col. John
-, Lady Margaret
-, Mr.
-, Sir William


Hopkins, Richard

Hops, William

Hopson, Thomas

Horard, Paul

Horbane, Capt.
-, orde, Charles

Hore, Matthew

Horn, Jacob


Horse guards, formation of the

Horsley, John

Horwood (see Whorwood).

Hos, Diederick

Hosier, Capt.

Hoskins, Thomas
-, Capt.


Hospital ship, reference to

Houblon, Sir John
-, James

Houghton, Henry

Hounds, pack of, sent to France

Hourdebourg, Israel

House of Commons (see Commons, House of).

House of Lords (see Lords, House of).

House, Thomas

Houssay, Claude


Hovelingh, John

How, Emmanuel
-, Gervase
-, John
-, Lieut.Col.
-, (see Howe)

Howard, Bernard
-, Edward
-, Lord George
-, Hon. Edward
-, Joan, Lady
-, Jonathan
-, Mary, Lady
-, Col. Philip
-, Sir Philip
-, Samuel
-, Thomas, Lord, of Escrick

Howard de Walden, barony of

Howe, John
-, Sir Scroop
-, (see How)

Hoy, John

Hoyer, John

Hoylake (co. Chester)

Hoyle, John
-, William

Hubbard, Mr.

Hubert, brigadier
-, Mr.

Hubrecht, Peter

Huddleston, Richard

Hudson, Daniel

Hugelman, Henry Philip

Hugh, Mr.
-, Mary
-, Thomas

Hughes, Capt
-, Elizabeth
-, Morris

Huite, George

Hulck, Matthias

-, garrison at

Hullaham, Jeremy

Hullon, Magdalen
-, (junior)

Hulper, John

HulstKorst, Otto

Humfreys, Nathaniel

Humphrey, Nathaniel

Humphreys, Dorothy


Hungerford Market (see under London).

Hunlock (Hunloke), Anne
-, Catherine
-, Elizabeth
-, Teretia

Hunt, Abraham
-, Henry
-, William

Hunter, Alexander
-, Capt.
-, John

Huntingdon, Earl of
-, letter to

-, assizes for
-, high sheriff of

Huntington, Dr. Robert

Huras, Lewis

Hurd, Edward

Hurley, John, Lord

Hurst Castle
-, Joseph

Husman, Paul
-, wife of

Hussey, John
-, Mary

Hutchinson, Charles
-, John
-, Richard

Hutton, George
-, Matthew
-, Thomas

Huxford, Samuel

-, letter dated at
-, Baron de

Huyberts, John

Huyskyn, Cornelia

Hzsman, Jan.

Hyde, Mr.

Hyde Park (see under London).

Hyne, Hugh

-, mayor of, letter to
-, mayor and jurats of

Hythe, West


Ifeild, John

Iligon (?)

Illen, Gille

Illingworth, Robert

Illuminating, payments for

Imperial Court
-, Majesty, His

Inch, Cramond

Inchelin, Mrs.

Inchiquin, Earl of
-, letter to

Incledon, John

Indemnity, Act of

-, goods from

Indians (American), trade with

Indies, East
-, West, The

Ingatestone (Ingerstone), Queen Mary goes to meet King William at

Ingle, Capt.

Ingleby, Sir Henry

Ingoldsby, Sir Henry
-, Major Richard

Ingram, Robert
-, Thomas

Inisherkin, Island of, governor of

Inland excise on beer

Inner Temple, the (see under London).

Innis, James

-, (see Enniskillen).

Inskipp, John

Inventions or patents
-, brewing and distilling
-, briefs, collection of
-, catching fish
-, convex lights
-, cotton hangings like tapestry
-, cranes
-, diving
-, fishing by "light,"
-, fives, game of
-, glazed printed hangings
-, glass, soldering of
-, heating water and refining sugar
-, lamplight
-, lead ore, smelting
-, leather
-, lighting
-, limemaking
-, lustring silks
-, lute strings
-, metals
-, paper and pasteboards
-, pitch and tar, making of
-, raising water
-, raising wrecks
-, royal lustring company
-, saltmaking
-, saltpetre
-, silk winding, patent for
-, smelting by seacoal, patent for
-, smelting
-, "spinnal yarn,"
-, stamping ores
-, street lighting
-, tanning
-, "travellers' conduct," the
-, whips


-, fort at
-, garrison at
-, (Iverlochy ?)


Inweal, Nicholas

Ipswich, deputylieut. of
-, tide surveyor at

Ireland, passim, passim, passim passim, passim passim passim passim passim passim passim passim passim passim
-, AccountantGeneral of
-, accounts, commissary of, in
-, Acts of Parliament in
-, agent of the prizes in
-, army in
-, accounts of
-, artillery in
-, commissioners of
-, estimates for
-, regiments to be raised in the north of, passim.
-, artillery in
-, Attorney General of
-, AuditorGeneral of
-, Barons of the Exchequer in
-, Bills in
-, bishoprics void in
-, bogs in
-, campaign in
-, "castles, forts, and places," survey of
-, cattle, importation of, into
-, Chancellor of
-, (see also Lord Chancellor of).
-, "chief governor" of (the Lord Lieutenant)
-, chimney money in
-, Church of, preferment in
-, civil list in
-, civil war in
-, clergy of
-, Clerk of the Council in
-, Clerk of the Crown in
-, Clerk of the Peace in
-, Clerk of the Works and Buildings in
-, coast of
-, coinage of
-, commissioners in
-, commissioners of Excise in
-, commissioner of Ordnance for
-, commissioners of the Revenue of
-, committee of inquiry in
-, Common Pleas, Prothonotary of
-, Court of
-, Company of the Royal Fishery of
-, concealments in
-, concordatum money in
-, condition of the roads in
-, considerations concerning
-, Controller General of
-, Council of
-, Court of Chancery of
-, registrars of
-, Court of Claims in
-, Court of Exchequer in
-, (see also under Exchequer of).
-, Court of King's Bench in
-, Chief Justice of
-, Clerk of the Crown of the
-, Custom duties in
-, departure of troops from
-, disposal of troops in
-, drainage of bogs in
-, embargo in
-, end of war in
-, English lawyers wanted in
-, English soldiers for
-, establishment of
-, establishment of French Protestants in
-, establishment of German Protestants in
-, estate of James II. in
-, estates in
-, Exchequer of
-, Chancellor of the
-, Chief Baron
-, (see also under Court of Exchequer of).
-, excise in
-, extended lands in
-, exportation of wool from
-, finances in
-, firstfruits in
-, first serjeant of
-, fisheries in
-, forces in or for
-, paymaster of
-, foreign Protestants in
-, forfeited lands in
-, forfeiting persons in
-, forfeitures in, Bill concerning
-, forts and fortresses in, report upon
-, garrisons in
-, gentry of
-, Governor of
-, government of
-, Great Seal of
-, grievances of
-, hearth money in
-, highlanders' designs on
-, high treason in
-, High Treasurer of
-, hospitals in
-, House of Commons in, Speaker of
-, importation of cattle into
-, beer into
-, James II's. army in
-, judges in
-, juries in
-, King and Queen's College of Physicians in
-, leather trade in
-, "Lieutenant General and General Governor of,"
-, lighthouses in
-, linen manufacture in
-, Lord Chancellor of
-, (see also Chancellor of).
-, Lords of the Council in
-, Lords Justices of
-, letters to
-, Lords Committee of the Great Seal of
-, Lord Chief Baron of
-, Lord Chief Justice of
-, Lord Lieutenant of
-, letters to
-, (see also Sydney, Viscount).
-, Lord President of
-, markets in
-, martial law in
-, meeting of Parliament in
-, merchants of
-, militia in
-, Act in
-, Minister of State of
-, money for
-, to be advanced on land in
-, monthly fast, to be observed in
-, Muster Master General of
-, nobility of
-, oath of fidelity in
-, office of the ordnance in
-, officers in
-, ordnance in
-, master of the
-, outlawries in
-, Papist hierarchy in
-, Papist lawyers in
-, Papists in
-, Parliament of
-, Acts of
-, Bills in
-, end of
-, prorogation of
-, Speaker of
-, passes to
-, paymaster in
-, to the forces in
-, peace, justices of the, in
-, peace, proclamation of, in
-, peerage of
-, penny post office in
-, Physicians, College of, in
-, ports in the south of
-, post office in
-, establishment of the "penny post,"
-, poverty in
-, Primate of
-, Privy Council in, list of (passim)
-, proposed legislation in
-, prosecutions in, for high treason
-, Protestants in
-, strangers in
-, quitrents in
-, rapparees in
-, Act concerning
-, Receiver General of
-, records of
-, recruits in
-, regiments in
-, regular clergy in
-, repeopling of
-, revenues of
-, Commissioners of
-, Receiver General of
-, roads in
-, robberies in
-, Rolls, Master of the
-, Roman Catholics in
-, Roman Catholics bishops in
-, royal fishery in
-, salaries of judges in
-, saltpetre manufacture in
-, saymaster in
-, scheme for raising money in
-, Scotch rebels in
-, Scotch soldiers for
-, Secretary of State for
-, secular clergy in
-, SerjeantatArms in
-, Settlement of, Acts of
-, ships for the defence of
-, SolicitorGeneral of
-, state of
-, streets, lighting of
-, subcommissioner of prizes in
-, surgeongeneral of
-, Swiss refugees in
-, timber in
-, trade of
-, in wool
-, with the West Indies
-, transport ships for
-, transportation of troops to
-, from
-, troops in
-, troops from
-, to serve in
-, vicetreasurer of
-, victuals, ministers of
-, war in
-, West of
-, "weightmaster" in
-, wheat, scarcity of, in
-, William III. in
-, wine measure in
-, winter quarters for the army in
-, works and buildings in, clerks of the
-, (see Irish).

Ireton, German

Irish, the
-, Army, the
-, disbanding of
-, (see also under Army).
-, Catholics
-, Channel, the
-, French privateers in
-, education of the
-, sent for foreign service

Irish Papists, voluntary desertion of Ireland by

Irish Parliament, the

Irish prisoners
-, sent to France
-, (see also under Emperor, the, and Venice).

Irish Society, the

Irish soldiers
-, for the Emperor's service
-, transportation of, to the Continent
-, who refused to go to France

Irish Sea, the
-, ships in
-, (see Ireland).

Iron, John

Ironside, Ensign

Irt, River, the

Irvin, Isabel

Isaac, Laurence
-, Moses

Isaacs (Isaacse, Isacze), Elias
-, Gerrit
-, Jacob
-, Simon
-, Solomon

Isarne, Michael

Island Donald


Isle of Wight. (See Wight, Isle of.)

Israel, Isaac

Israels, Jacob

Issen, Jacob

Istead, Ambrose

-, passes to
-, silk from

Iveagh, Lord

Ivory, Sir John


Jaagers, Jannetje

Jackes, John Conrad

Jackson, Sir Bradwardine
-, Capt.
-, Charles
-, Ensign
-, Francis
-, John
-, Lodowick
-, Lieut.Colonel Robert
-, Mr.
-, Sarah
-, William

Jacob, Benjamin
-, Sir John
-, Peter
-, Robert, letter from

"Jacobin" the word used for "Jacobite"

Jacobite plots


Jacobs, Andrew
-, Calm
-, Cornelis
-, Joseph
-, Magdalena
-, Michael
-, Peter

Jacobsen, Claus
-, Dirick
-, John
-, Isaac
-, Jan
-, Mary
-, Thomas
-, Peter
-, Vincent

Jacobson, Boy

Jacobsz, Moses

Jagers, Jannetje

-, Court of Common Pleas in
-, earthquakes in
-, governor of
-, Jews in
-, lieut.governor of
-, lotteries in
-, Navy Office in, clerk of the
-, Port Royal

James I

James II
-, army of
-, birth of a child of
-, blank commissions signed by
-, commissions from
-, departure from Dublin
-, drinking to the health of
-, followers of
-, grants by
-, his descent upon England
-, Irish estates of
-, officers of
-, offices held under
-, pass granted by
-, Privy Council of
-, proclamation by
-, references to
-, restoration of
-, trunk supposed to belong to

"James the third,"

James, Prince of Wales

James, Dr.
-, John
-, Mr.
-, William

James City (Virginia)

Jamin, Andrew

Jannetje, ("a dragoon's wife")

Jans, Elizabeth
-, Ells
-, Sophia

Janse, Catherine
-, Dirk
-, Evert
-, Henry
-, Jan
-, Joris
-, Teunis

Jansen, Abraham
-, Benjamin
-, Claus
-, Cobus
-, Dirck
-, Elias
-, Gerrit
-, Jacob
-, Jan
-, Johanna
-, John
-, Joris
-, Nicholas
-, Robert
-, Sander
-, Thomas
-, William
-, Wouter

Jansz, Christian
-, Henrietta

Janvers, Charles


Jaqueau, Moses

Jaquin, Cornet

Jarrett, William

Jaspartsen, Nicholas

Jaspery, Mary

Jedburgh, William, Lord

Jefferson, Thomas

Jeffery, John

Jefferys, Anthony
-, George, Lord, burial of
-, Sir James

Jelissen, John

Jemmelt, Warham

Jenison, Austin

Jenkins, George

Jenner, Mr.

Jennings, Capt.
-, Edward
-, Sir Edmund
-, Sir John
-, Jonathan

Jephson, Mr.

Jergensen, Jacob

Jermyn, Thomas, Lord.
-, letter to
-, letter from

Jermyn Street (see under London).

-, bailiff and Jurats of
-, defence of
-, French church in
-, governor of
-, inhabitants of
-, lieut.governor of
-, minister of the French church in
-, parish of St. Lawrence in
-, Procurator of


Jessen, Laurence

Jews, passes for
-, to come to England

Jibsen, Erasmus

Jobber, Francis

Joell, Alice
-, Thomas

Johanssen, Lieut.

John Owen
-, Peter

Johnsen, John William

Johnson, Abraham
-, Claus
-, Cornelius
-, Court
-, Dirck
-, Edward
-, Sir Henry
-, John
-, Lucas
-, Martin
-, Matthew
-, Mr.
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, Col. Thomas
-, Vincent
-, William

Johnston, Robert

Johnstone, James

Johnstoun, James
-, Mr.
-, Walter

Joliffe, William

Jolland, John

Jolly, Mrs. Mary

Jones, Daniel
-, Evan
-, Edward
-, Francis
-, Capt. James
-, John
-, Capt. John
-, Mary
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.
-, Richard
-, Samuel
-, Sir Theophilus
-, Thomas
-, William

Jongh, Pieternella
-, Willemina

Jonsen, Christen
-, Hans.
-, Joygen
-, Olde

Joosten, Mary

Jordan, Capt.
-, John
-, William

Jorgensen, Hans

Jorgeson, Bendix

Jorisz, Peter

Joselin, Edward

Josephs, John

Josepht, Samuel

Jouet, Moses

Joy, (Tey ?), Mr.

Juge, Benoite

Jumpe, Thomas

Junius, Johanna

Jurieuse, Mons.

Justice, Peter



Kalf, John

Kalyn, Margareth

Kamp, Claus Lang

Kane, Richard

Kanne, Paul

Karney, Edward

Katzenbergh, Hans Jurgen

Kay, Lieut.

Kayworth, Capt.

Kazin, Margareth

Keagle, Hester

Kearney, Capt.
-, Peter
-, (see Carnay).

Keating, Jeffery

Keef, Arthur

Keetman, John

Keholl, Farrell

Keightley, Thomas

Kelly, Lieut.Col. John
-, Nicholas

Kelsbrough Castle

Kemorrick, Edward

Kemp, Elizabeth

Kempthorne, Capt. Rupert

Kempton, Mr.

Kendal, letter dated at
-, Barony of, Marquis fee in

Kendall, Cuthbert
-, Col.
-, Richard

-, Samuel

Kenge, Charles

Kenmare, Lord

Kennedie, James

Kennedy, Anne
-, David
-, Captain
-, Morgan
-, Nicholas
-, Thadey

Kenney, James

Kenning, William

Kens, George

-, Letters dated at (passim) passim)
-, Campden House at
-, minister of
-, William III. at

Kent, assizes held for
-, coast of
-, commission of the peace for
-, high sheriff of
-, justices of Oyer and Terminer in
-, justices of the peace for
-, lieutenant of
-, militia of
-, mustering of troops in
-, muster master in
-, pressing of seamen in

Kenten, Robert

Kenton, Mr.

Ker, Major

Kercher, Capt. Thomas
-, Margretha

Kerfs, Adriana

Kerke, Major

Kerry, county of

Kerswelt, John

Kerwan (Kirwan), Sir John

Kessler, Reinard

Kettle, Philip

Keyes, Lieut. Richard

Keyle, Eve

Keyser, John

Kien, Hendrich

Kidd, George

Kiddley, Daniel

Kiggings, Capt.

Kilbolaine, Castle of

Kilbride (co. Meath)

Kildare, Bishop of
-, county of

Kilgore, Alexander

Kilham, George
-, Major George

Kilkenny (county)

Killaloe, Bishop of
-, bishopric of

Killegrew (Killegrow) Admiral Henry
-, Capt. James
-, Capt. Robert
-, Sir William


Kilmore, bishopric of

King, Alice
-, Anne
-, Charles
-, Edward
-, Gregory
-, John
-, Mrs.

Kingdon, Lemuel

King's Bench, Court of
-, Chief Justice of
-, Justices of the
-, prison
-, Marshal of

King's County (Province of New York)


King's Lynn (co. Norfolk), comptroller at

Kingston (co. Surrey)
-, assizes at
-, gaol at

Kingston, Dr.
-, Judith

Kingwell, Col.

Kinpley, Capt. William

Kins, Capt. E.

-, Bay of
-, fortifications at
-, harbour of
-, prisoners at

Kinsale, Almaric, Baron of

Kintore, John, Earl of

Kirkby, Christopher

Kirke, Capt. Percy
-, General
-, Lieut.Gen. Percy
-, MajorGen.
-, Mary


Kirtoun, James

Kirwan (Kirwen), Anne
-, Austras
-, John
-, Sir John
-, wife of
-, Simon

Kitely, Mr.

Kitson, James

Klader, Christian

Klein, John

Klepping, Lieutenant

Kling, Bernadus

Klinger, John

Klingerburg, Frederick

Klock, John

Klundes, John

Knapp, John

Knappert, Jurgen

Kneable, Christopher

Knibb, Mr.

Knibloe, John

"KnightBaronet," creation of

Knight, Isaac
-, Capt. John
-, William

Knil, John
-, William

Knipe, George

Knollys, Robert

Koch, the sieur, Hemming Christian

Koene, Dirck

Kohlar, John

Konig, Erasme

Koning, George

Koolsaet, Henry

Kooper, Jan Hont.

Kortham, Eler

Kos, Henry

Kosbeyers, Elsken

Kramer, Lieut.

Kranse, Christian

Krug, Francis

Kryger, Hermanus

Kugelman, Henry Philip

Kundz, John

Kygo, Capt.

Kylewers, John
-, wife of

Kyrby, Mr.