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Pages 611-617

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1691-2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Labadie, John

L'Abbadie, Peter
-, Ciprien

Labo, Joseph
-, and wife

Laborde, Stephen

Labordure, John

La Boule, Jean

La Bussiere

Labyn, Giles

Lacey, Col. Edward
-, wife of
-, William

Lacaux, Frances
-, John

Lackas, Samuel

La Cnocke, fort of
-, plan of

"Lacquering after the manner of Japan,"

Lacy, Robert

Laersen, Christopher
-, Martin

Laffert, Henry

La Fouleresse, Mons.
-, (see Fouleresse).

La Garde, Anthony

La Garenne, Dorothea

Lagrill, Lewis

Laho, James

La Hogue ("de Hague") Cape
-, James II., Irish troops at
-, defeat at
-, French ships burnt at
-, harbour constructed at
-, thanksgiving for victory at
-, victory over French at passim

La Jeunesse, Dadila

La Jour,

Lake, Lancelot

Laland, Lieut.

Laman, Christofer

Lamb, Mr.
-, Capt. Robert

Lambeque (Limburg), camp at

Lambert, David
-, John
-, family of

Lamberts, Gillis

Lambertsen, Arien

Lambertz, Philip

Lambey, Mons.

Lambkin, Henry

La Motte, Colonel

Lampers, Hans.

Lamps, patent for

Lancashire, deputylieutenants and justices in
-, justices of
-, protestant dissenters in

-, Duchy of
-, chancellor of the
-, justice of the peace for
-, high sheriff of
-, mayor of
-, town of

Lancaster, Dr.

Lancaster Herald of Arms

Landgrave, the

Landguard Fort
-, garrison at
-, governor of
-, pressed men to be kept at

Landicer, John

Land's End, the

Land tax, the

Lane, Ralph
-, Sir Thomas
-, Thomas

Laney, Mrs.

Langborne, John


Langer, (see Landguard Fort).

Langerbergh, Peter

Langerman, David

Langeveldt, Cornelius

Langevin, John

Langford, Francis

Langston, Col.
-, Major John

Langton, John

Lanier, Sir John

Lansdowne, Lord

Lanvay, John

La Porte, Peter


L'Archer, Peter

Largies, Laird of

Larisen, Jurgen

La Riviere, Mons.

La Roy, Cornelia

Larrivire, Mons.

Larsen, Andrew
-, Borre
-, Peter

Larson, Hans


La Sale, Deme

La Salle, John

Latas, John

Lathe, S. Augustine's, county Kent

Lathume, George

Laton, Robert

Lattorf, Captain

Lauder, Sir John, of Haltoun

Lauginger, Yeromy

Laurents, Frederick

Lause, Peter


Lavender, William, letter from

La Verdure, Serjeant

Lavrindes, James

Law, John

Lawes, John

Laws, John

Lawless, Major

Lawley, Robert

Lawrence, Anne
-, Anthony
-, Christian
-, Ellenor
-, Michael
-, Nathaniel
-, Richard
-, Thomas

Lawson, Henry

Laycock (Wilts)

Laycock, Lieut. Martin
-, Mary

Leach, Sir Simon
-, William

Lead (see Patents for Smelting).

Lead mines
-, in England and Wales, Company of
-, in Wales
-, ore

Leadenhall Street (see under London).

Leader, John
-, Richard

Leagrave, John

Leasenby, Margaret

Leather (see Inventions).

Le Bas, Paul Piere

Le Bass, Peter

Lebb, John

Le Bert, Paul

Le Blond, Francis

Le Brun, Edward

Le Chandelier, Gasper
-, Mary

Lechmere, Nicholas
-, Richard
-, Thomas

Le Clerk, Peter

Le Clerke, Mons.

Leckie, John

Leckuse, Major Peter

Le Cocq, Des Moulins, Henry

Ledent, Isaac

Le Duque, a Frenchman

Lee, Francis
-, Madame
-, Nathaniel
-, William

Leech, Capt. William

Leeds, recorder of

Leek, Capt.

Leemans, Anthony

Leers, Mr.

Leeuwen, Margaret

Leeward Islands, passim
-, governor of

Le Fevre, Abraham
-, Francis
-, Nicholas

Le Fevure, Etienne

Le Fewre, Rachel

Legaard, Capt. Lieut.

Legard, Mons.

Legat, Henry

Legeret, Isaac
-, John

Leggat, Henry

Legge, George

-, consul at
-, document dated at
-, letters dated at
-, port of

Le Grand, Anthony
-, Samuel

Le Grange, Francis

Le Halle, Thomas

Le Hardy, Charles
-, Philip

Le Hunt, John

Leicester, pass for

Leicestershire, deputylieutenants of

Leigh, Captain
-, Peter, Booth, county Chester

Leighton, Bold
-, Col. Baldwin

Leightonstone, hundred of

-, Mainhart, Duke of
-, letter to
-, "family of,"

Leipsic, letter dated at

Leister, William


Le Keux, John
-, Peter

Le Kruse,

Le Maire, John
-, Sir Peter

Le Maistre, Elizabeth
-, Stephen
-, (see Le Maystre).

Leman, Torbeis

Le Maystre, Luc.
-, (see Le Maistre).


Le Mesurier, Thomas

Lemkes, John

Lemmon, Thomas

Lemon, Sir William

Le Mothe, Mons.

Le Nain, Henry

Lendertsen, John

Le Neve, Edward

Lent, observance of, on the continent

Lente, Mons.

Leominster, Lord, creation of

Leonard, John

Le Pin, Jeremiah
-, Mons.

Le Platrier, John

Le Royer, Marc

Le Sage, Frederick

Le Sauvage, Nicholas

Leslie (Lesley), Sir James
-, letters to

Lespilier, Peter
-, wife of

Lespleite, Symon


Lessingham, Thomas

Lesto, Arnold

Letham, Charles

Lettar, Francis
-, Magdalena Maria

Le Turte, Gideon

Levant, the

Le Veau, Louis

Leveill, Paul

Leven, David, Earl of

Levenstein, Hans Hansen

Leverin, Mons.

Leveson, Richard
-, brigadier

Levet (Levett), Lady
-, Sir Richard

Levesy, Capt. John

Levi, Joseph
-, Seesman
-, Simon
-, Solomon

Lavinge, Mr., solicitor
-, Richard

Levingston, Robert
-, Samuel
-, Sir Thomas

Leward, Carribbee Islands

Lewis, Thomas
-, William

Lewters, Elizabeth David

Lexington, Robert Lord

Lexpert, David

Leyburn, Ann
-, Catherine


Leyenstern, Gottlieb


Leyssens, Mary

L'Hermit, Francis

Liard, John

Libels, proclamation against

Liber, Lewis

Liberchi, Count of

-, bishopric of
-, dean and chapter of

Lichfield, Earl of
-, and Coventry, William, bishop of

Lichtenberg, Christian William
-, Nicholas

Lichtenstein, Prince of

Lidstone, Lieut.

-, letter dated at
-, Bishop of

Liens, Robert

Lienra, Daniel

Lierre, regiments in

Lightfoot, Dr. Robert

Lighthouses, reference to


Lillierode, Mons.

Lillingston, Capt. Gervais
-, Lieut.Col.

Limbeck, letters dated at

Limbrey, Henry


-, articles of
-, Bishop of (Simon)
-, (Nathaniel)
-, capitulation of
-, cathedral of, destruction of, during siege
-, repairs of
-, city of
-, reported fall of
-, clergy of
-, damaged by siege
-, Dean
-, diocese of
-, fortifications of
-, merchants of
-, repairs at
-, siege of
-, surrender of
-, treaty of

Limerick, William, Earl of

Linard, Elizabeth
-, children of

Linch, Anne
-, Patrick
-, (see Lynch)

Lincoln, Bishop of
-, bishopric of
-, deanery of
-, diocese of
-, Thomas, bishopelect of

Lincolnshire, deputylieut. of
-, lordlieut. of
-, sheriff of
-, commissioners of sewers in

Lincoln's Inn (see under London)

Lindeboom, Col.

Lindemans, Anna

Lindley, Francis

Lindon, Mr., justice

Lindsay, Alison

Lindsey, Earl of
-, Stephen
-, Thomas

Linen manufacture, the
-, in Ireland

Linlithgow, George, Earl of

Linnicar, Nathaniel

Linsey, Stephen

Lion king at arms, office of

Liphen, George

-, passes to
-, river. (See Tagus.)

-, letters dated at

Lisburn, Lord


Lissingham, Thomas

Lister, George

Littlefair, George

-, Sir Charles
-, Capt. Edward
-, (see Lyttleton).

-, Custom house at
-, mayor of

Livingston, John
-, Dr. Robert

Lizard, the




Llanediveyney (Llanedwen)



Lloyd, Col. Brockwell
-, Col. David
-, Colonel, letter to
-, Evan
-, Capt. Edward
-, Elizabeth
-, Col. Godfrey
-, John
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.
-, Capt. Robert
-, Capt. Thomas

Loader, Richard

Lock, Ambrose



Lochiell, chieftain of

Lockhart, Sir William
-, Mr.

Loegardt, John

Loftus, James
-, Edmund


Lombard, Mons.
-, Charles
-, Peter


London (passim)
-, Aldermanbury
-, aldermen of
-, Aldgate Ward
-, Archdeacon of
-, banquet in the city of
-, Berkeley House
-, Bishop of
-, Calenderers, Company of
-, Chancery Lane
-, Charing Cross, sign of the King on horseback
-, Charterhouse, the
-, Cheapside
-, Christ's Hospital, list of children in, put as apprentices
-, churches of
-, city of
-, arms of
-, artillery
-, barges belonging to
-, convex lights in, petition against
-, loans from
-, City Marshall, the
-, Clerkenhall, (Clerkenwell ?) almshouse at
-, Coleman Street
-, common council of
-, corporation of
-, rights of, in the Thames and Medway
-, court of aldermen of
-, deputy recorder of
-, diocese of
-, chancellor of
-, distressed orphans of
-, Doctors Commons
-, Dowgate
-, Duke's Court
-, earthquake in
-, Exchange, the
-, French church in
-, in Hungerford market
-, Savoy
-, Soho
-, Furnival's Inn, Holborn
-, German (Jermyn) Street
-, Globe Tavern
-, Golden Square
-, Goodman's Fields
-, Gray's Inn
-, Great Queen Street
-, Green Man, the
-, gunsmiths of
-, debt from the government to
-, Haymarket, the
-, High German church in
-, Holborn
-, King's Head Tavern in
-, Hungerford Market
-, Hyde Park, keeper of
-, illuminated on William III.'s return
-, Inner Temple, the
-, Gate
-, Jermyn Street (see German Street).
-, Leadenhall Street
-, letters dated at
-, lighting the streets of
-, Lincoln's Inn Fields
-, Long Lane
-, Lord Mayor of
-, letters to
-, news of the victory of La Hogue communicated to
-, Lutheran minister in
-, Mall House, the
-, Mark Lane
-, merchants of, petition of
-, Middle Temple, the, Vine Court in
-, militia of
-, Milk Street
-, ministers of
-, Newgate
-, keeper of
-, prisoners in
-, New Queen Street
-, Old Bailey, the
-, Pall Mall, keeper of
-, papists expelled from
-, pass to
-, Paternoster Row
-, poor of
-, Recorder of
-, rejoicings in, over the viciory at La Hogue
-, Rolls House, the
-, St. Catherine Coleman
-, St. Dunstan's in the West
-, St. James's, French Minister at
-, living of
-, parish of
-, St James's Market
-, St. James's Park
-, St. James's Street
-, St. MartinsleGrand, French curate of
-, St. Martin's in the Fields
-, living of
-, St. Paul's Cathedral, commission for completing and adorning
-, Dean of
-, residentiaries of
-, Savoy, the
-, French minister of the
-, Irish prisoners in
-, "parish church" in
-, sheriffs of
-, wives of
-, Soho
-, Somerset House, suspicious persons in
-, Spring Gardens
-, Star tavern, the
-, Stillyard, the
-, Strand, Rose tavern in
-, Sutton's Hospital, (see Charterhouse).
-, Temple, the
-, Tower of
-, decorated on the news of the victory at La Hogue
-, guns at
-, governorinchief of the
-, letter dated at
-, Lord Jeffrey's body removed from
-, prisoners in passim
-, yeomanwarders of
-, Tower Hamlets, the
-, Unicorn, the, in Paternoster Row
-, Victualling Office on Tower Hill, letter dated at
-, Warwick Lane
-, Waterman's Hall

London, George

-, Bishop of
-, collector of customs of
-, governor of
-, guarded by London Companies
-, fortifications of
-, relief of
-, ruined churches in
-, siege of, (passim.)
-, special privileges suggested for
-, supplies sent to, from Scotland, during the siege of

Londye, Mons.

Londys, Henry

-, Derby
-, John

Long Island (see Cork).

Long Lane, (see under London).

Longfield, Robert

Longford, county of

Longueil, Isaac
-, Magdalen

Longuet, Daniel

Longueville, Henry

-, letters dated at

Loof, Luder

Loopmans, Christian


L'Orange, Abraham

Lord Chamberlain, the

Lord Chancellor, the
-, letters to

Lord Chief Justice, the

Lord President, the

Lord Privy Seal, the

Lord Steward, the

Lord Treasurer, the

Lords, House of

Lords Justices, the (see Ireland).

LordsLieutenant, the

Lorents, Christopher

Lorio, Mary Jane
-, son of

Lorraine, Duke of, letter from
-, Count Henry de, letter from

Losscher, Lawrence

-, (see Royal Oak).

Lothian, Robert, Earl of

Louensten, Hans Hansen

Loup, Laird of

Louth, co. of

-, letters dated at

Love, Anne

Lovelace, Lord, Baron of Hurley
-, letter to

Lovell, John
-, Mary

Lover, William

Lovett (Lovet), Christopher
-, John
-, Frances

Low Countries, the
-, army in
-, Governor of
-, recruiting in
-, (see Holland, Flanders, Netherlands, and Spanish Netherlands).

Lowder, Col.

Lowther, Capt.
-, Col.
-, Sir John
-, brother of
-, letters to
-, Mr.

Low, Miles

Lowe, Thomas


Lucan, manor of

Lucan, Earl of

Lucas, Lord
-, chaplain of
-, letter to
-, Gerrit
-, Judith
-, Nathaniel

Lucksen, Frederick

Luco, Mary

Luder, Hieronymus

Luke, Edward

Luloe, Isaac

Lumisden, Lieut.Col. Robert
-, letter to

Lumley, Lady

Lumm, Elnathan, Mr.

Luneburg, troops of
-, (see Brunswick and Luneburg).


Lushren, Ensign

Lustrings, (see Silk).

Lutheran church, ministers of

Luttrell (Lutterell), Colonel
-, Catherine
-, Henry
-, Simon

Luxemburg, Duke of

Lydd, bailiffs of, letter to

Lyencrona, Mons.

Lynagh, Oliver

Lynch, Anne
-, Frances
-, Nicholas
-, (see Linch).

Lynham, Patrick

Lynn Regis, comptroller of the customs of

Lyons, Cornet Jeremiah


Lyttleton, Edward
-, (see Littleton).

Lytton, Sir William