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Pages 617-626

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1691-2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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M, Bishop

Maarssen, Errich

Maartius, Herman

Maas, the (see Meuse, the).

Maas, John

Macarty, Lady Arabella
-, Colonel
-, Major Donoghue
-, Major
-, Colonel Owen

Macay, Lieut.Col.

Macclesfield, Earl of

Macdermot, Lieut. Connor

-, Sir Donald

MacDonel, neas
-, Capt. Allen
-, John
-, William

Macdonnel, Charles

Macdonnell, Mrs. Maido
-, David

Macdonogh, Capt. Henry

Macdougal, Col.

MacDougall, James

MacElligot (sic), Colonel



-, Col. neas
-, Lieut.Gen. Hugh
-, Capt. John
-, Capt. William

Mackaylay, Capt. Robert

Macken, Anne

Mackenzie (Mackenzy), Capt.
-, Colin
-, Sir George
-, Lieut.Col. Murdo
-, Patrick

Macklier, the Sieur, MajorGeneral of Swedes

Mackmullan, Jane

Mackus, John


Macleans, the
-, Sir John

Macnamarra, Thomas

Mac Sweeney, Andrew

Madona, Zackariah

-, envoy of the States at

Madtsen, Knudt

Madtzdatter, Maren

Maes, Theodore

-, convention of
-, hospital at
-, letters dated at

Magdalene, Maria

Magick, Charles

Magineys, Francis

Magrath, Richard


Maine, province of

Maine, Captain
-, Duke of

Mainge, Francis

Maintock (Maincock), John


Mairies, Janes

Maitland, Charles

Major, Capt. John

Maker (co. Cornwall), vicarage of


Malaguier, John Maund

Malart, Anne

Malburg, Count of


-, garrison at
-, letters dated at

Mall, Thomas

Mallet, Robert

Malone, Edmund
-, Edward

Malt, tax upon

Man, James
-, (see Mann).

Manchester, Charles, Earl of

Maucini, Piero

Mandhuy, Johanna

Mangarton, chapel of

Manle, Thomas

Manley, Charles
-, William

Manlove, Richard

Mann, John
-, (see Man).

Manners, James

Manning, Mrs.
-, Edward

Manningham, Thomas

Mansell, Bussy

Mansfelt, Capt. Michael

Mansfield, Mrs.

Mar, Earl of

Marcet, Jacob

March, Dame Ann

Marchand, Isaac

Marchard, Gerard

Marchwiel, co. Denbigh

Marcks, Benjamin

Mare, Charles

Marel, Annetje

Marescoe, Peter

Maressall, No

Margas, Philip

-, mayor of, letter to
-, deputies of, letters to

Margetson, James, Archbishop of Armagh

Margo, Adrian

Margot, Richard

Margurt, Philip

Maria, Alexander

Mariaens, Ross

Marie, Abel



Mariners disabled, suggestion for maintenance of

Marines, the (see army)

Mariners, proclamation for

Marinis, Anne

Mariot, Mary

Maris (Marris. Marys), Charles

Mariscoe, Peter

Marker, Severe

Mark Lane (see under London).

Marlborough, tradesmen of
-, Countess of
-, Earl of
-, John, Earl of

Marlee, Bonaventure

Marolfe, Benjamin

Marqueth, Peter

Marriot, Francis

Mars, John


Marsh (co. Bucks), rectory of

Marsh, Dr.
-, Mr.

Marshall, Francis
-, Capt. John
-, Ralph
-, Capt. Robert
-, Capt. Thomas
-, William

Marshalsea, the (see also under Southwark).

Marsigly, Count de

Marsilly, Lieut.Colonel

Marsilli, de, Lieut.Col.

Martens, Jacomyntje
-, Reynier

Martin, Capt.
-, Gerard
-, Hadgrirck
-, James
-, John
-, Joseph
-, Mr.
-, Thomas
-, (see Martyn).

Martine, William

Martini, John Christoph


Martyn, John
-, Thomas
-, (see Martin).

Maruco, Abraham

Marwood, Elizabeth
-, Sir Henry
-, Thomas

Mary II. passim, passim
-, communicates news of the victory at la Hogue to William the third
-, entertained by the Corporation of London
-, her desire for a good understanding between the English and Dutch
-, her aunt (see Catherine of Braganza).
-, letters from
-, letters to
-, meets the King
-, vicechamberlain of
-, warrant from

Mary of Modena
-, her accouchment

Maseres, Abraham

Maskall, William

Mason, Thomas

Masserene, John, Lord

Massachusetts, colony of

Masscher, John

Massomnean, Anne Mary

Master, Jorgen
-, Robert

Master of the Rolls (see Rolls, Master of).

Mather, Jenkin

Mathys, Dirck

Matthews, Austin
-, Col. Edward
-, letters to
-, Henry
-, Peter
-, Lieut.Col. William

Matthys, Gouert

Matthysen, Peter
-, wife of


Maty, John

Maubeuge, plan of

Mauger, John

Maunday money, order for delivery of

Maurice, Catherine

Maury, John

Maximillian Emmanuel, Elector of Bavaria (see Bavaria).

Maxwell, Colonel, letters to
-, Sir John
-, Mr.
-, Major Gen. Thomas

May, Sir Algernon
-, Isabella

Mayence, Elector of

Mayer, Andrew


Maynard, William

Maynell, Thomas

Maynwaring, Robert

Mayo, Mrs.
-, Sarah

Maysonny, Laurents

McClartie, Barbara

McDaniel, Lieut.

McDonagh, Terence

McDonald of Auchteraw
-, Sir Donald

McDonals, the


McFairland, Capt. John

McFarlin, Jane

McGill, Patrick

McIlvain, Capt. Patrick
-, wife of

McKay, Capt. Hugh

McKean of Glencoe and his clan


McLeod, The Laird of

McNeil of Bara

Mead, David
-, Sir John
-, Miles

Meader, John

Mean, Mons.

Meath, Edward, Earl of
-, county of
-, Bishop of
-, suspension of

Mecannagh, John

Mecavoy, Capt. William
-, wife of


Mediterranean, the

Mediterranean Squadron, the

Medway, the
-, batteries on

Meeres, Sir Thomas

Meerheim, Lieutenant

Mees, Capt.

Meester, William

Meesters, Mr.

Meffit, Patrick

Meggott, Dr. Richard

Mehaigne, River

Meier, John

Meister, Conrad



Meldore (sic), Lord

Melfort, Lord

Mellish, Charles

Melville, George, Earl of
-, letter from

Melyson, Mary

Menanteau, Anthony
-, Magdalen

Menard, Count (Count Meinhard de Schomberg ?)

Mendez, David

Mendipps, the


Menties, Catherine

Menting, Christian
-, Vytge

Mentzel, Geertryt

Mercer, John
-, Thomas

Mercier, Jane
-, Mary

Mercx, Dyna Hoch
-, Jacobse
-, Jannetje
-, Joris, Engelbat
-, Margrietha

Meredith, Sir Charles

Mereweather (Merryweather) Anne
-, Johanna

Merignac, John

Merliere, Mary
-, Peter

Meronnet, Paul

Merrick, Francis
-, William

Mesags, Catherine

Meslin, Martin

Messell, Mary

Messervy, Daniel

Messes, Henrick


Metaza, Mr.

Methuen, John

Mettayer, Mons.

Metz (see Mayence).

Meur, Abraham

Meur, Anthony

Meurer, Christian

Meuse, the
-, Admiralty of

Mevius, Christian

Meyer, Catharina
-, Christopher
-, Elizabeth
-, Gerrit
-, John George
-, Pieter

Meyn, John

Meyndertsen, Lambert

Michel, Jacob

Michielse, Aaron
-, Abraham
-, Isaac
-, Jacob
-, Sarah

Michielzy, Nathan
-, Salomon

Michelbourne, Col. John

Michell, Michell
-, Dr. Richard
-, (see Mitchell).

Michna, Martin

Mickrie, rock of

Middleburg (Zealand)
-, letter dated at

Middlefell, John

Middlesex, commissioners of the Peace
-, Custos Rotulorum of
-, deputylieutenants of
-, justices of the peace for
-, Lordlieutenant of
-, members for
-, militia of
-, sheriffs of
-, sessions in

Middlesex, Earl of

Middle Temple, the (see under London).

Middleton, rectory of

Middleton, Charles
-, Earl of

Midlothian, East

Midy, Bartholomew
-, Nicholas

Midwort (New York)

Mierander, Mr.

Miles, Lieut. Thomas

Militia, the
-, orders respecting
-, muster of, in Hyde Park
-, references to
-, (see also Ireland, militia in).

Milk Street (see under London).

Mill, Adiel

Miller, John
-, Thomas
-, Samuel

Millington, Sir Thomas

Mills, Mr.

Milsen, Hans


Mineral and Battery Works, Company of

Mines (see under Lead Mines, and Devonshire).

Mines and Minerals
-, (see Mining).

Mines, Rachel

Minge, Henry

Mings, Sir Christopher

Minie, Engineer

-, (see Mines).

Minne, Passokins

Minshull (Minshall), Francis

Minster, Kent, parish of

Misener, John

Misner, Michael

Mitchell, Anna
-, John
-, Michael
-, Petronella
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, Tresia
-, (see Michell).

Mitford, Capt. Robert

Moats' Bulwork

Moer, Francis

Moetmans, Anthony

Moisye, Nicholas

Mol, Jacob Adriansz

Moldora, Lord

Molenaar, Mary

Molesworth, Sir Hender
-, Sir John
-, Mr.
-, Robert

Molin, Lorents

Moll, John

Moller, Henry Silvester
-, Virgilius

Mollerfort, John

Molyneux, Sir Francis

Mom, Dores

Mompesson, Sir Thomas

Monaghan County


Monckton, Robert

Moncreife, Grizill

Moncriefe, William

Moncroft, George

Monins, Dame Elizabeth

Monk, Charles

Monmouth, Charles, Earl of
-, watermen of
-, Duke of
-, high sheriff of

Monnoyer, John Baptiste

Monregnon, Capt., pass for

Monro, Daniel
-, Capt, George
-, Sir George
-, Hector

-, siege of

Montague, Earl of
-, Mr.
-, Charles
-, James

Montarjey, Lieut.Col.

Montels, Isaac

Montezenus, Rodrigues

Montgomery, Francis
-, Sir James
-, Lord

Montgomeryshire, sheriff of

Montrath, Jane, Countess Dowager of
-, Earl of

Montserrat, Island of

-, Arthur
-, George
-, Sir William

Moore, Arthur
-, Atkins
-, Col.
-, Edward
-, Francis
-, George
-, John
-, Obadiah
-, Roger


Mordaunt, George
-, Capt. Lewis

More, Elizabeth

Moreau, Mr.

Morell, Capt. Andr Costard Rois

Moreno, Matatias

Moreton, Robert

Morgallion, Barony of

-, , a Jacobite
-, Capt. Anthony
-, Capt. Charles
-, George
-, Sir John
-, Thomas
-, William

Morison, Thomas



Morland, Anne

Morley, Isaac
-, Richard

Morley and Mounteagle, Lord

Mornson, Hillebrandt

Morris, George
-, Henrietta
-, Sir John
-, Lieut.Col. Redmond
-, Thomas
-, William

Morrison, Robert

Morse, Peter

Mortimer, Capt. Edmund
-, George

Morton, Charles
-, Lieutenant
-, Richard
-, Thomas

Mortoun, James

Moselle, the

-, Mark
-, Meyer

Motherofpearl, fishery of, in Cumberland

Mote Park

Mott, William

Mottley, Luke

Mottrum, John

Mounteagle, Lord (see Morley and Mounteagle).

Mountjoy, Lady
-, Viscount

Mount's Bay, letter dated at

Mourett, John

Moyle, Richard

Moyne, Isaac

Mudders, Michael

Mudge, Abraham

Mulgrave, Earl of
-, Lady

Mulhuyse, Adam

Mull, Isle of

Mulledy, Sir Anthony

Mullen, John

Muller, Frederick
-, Hans
-, Helena
-, Johanna
-, Lijsbet
-, Peter

Mullers, Margaretta


Mumbles Road

Mundy, Francis

Munich, letters dated at

Munster (Ireland)
-, (Germany)
-, Bishop of
-, diocese of

Muorson, William

Muralt, John

Murphey, Thomas

Murphy, Anne
-, Capt.
-, Father
-, Henry
-, Mary

Murray, Sir Archibald
-, Charles
-, Lieut.Col. James
-, John
-, Sir Patrick

Mussaia, Mr.

Musgrave, Sir Christopher
-, wife of
-, Capt.
-, "Squire,"

Murry, Nicholas

Mushart, Capt. Robert

Muskerry, Charles, Lord

Muslin, seizure of

Musters, CommissaryGeneral of

Mutlaw, Margaret

Mutton Island

Muysser, Gurtruydt


Nack Claas
-, Jane

Nailor, James

Nall, Capt. John

-, castle of
-, defence of
-, fall of
-, hospital at
-, letters dated at
-, magasines at
-, siege of


Napier, Robert
-, Capt. Robert

Nash, John
-, Mrs.
-, Mr., letter to

Nasmith, Francis

Nassau, Prince of
-, letter from
-, Henry de

Nathans, Abraham

Nation, George

Nattel, Christopher

Navy, the
-, American wood for
-, CommanderinChief of the
-, Commissioners of the
-, French refugee officers in
-, list of ships of, in the Irish Sea
-, paymaster of
-, principal officers of the
-, proclamation for mariners to enter the
-, stores for
-, treasurer of the
-, timber for
-, victualling of, Commissioners for the
-, letters to
-, letter from
-, (see also under Fleet, the).

Navy Bills

Navy Board the

Navy Office, the

Neagle, Sir Richard

Neale (Neal), Henry
-, John
-, Mr.
-, Thomas

Nedbury, Capt.

Needham, Mrs.

Neel (Nell), James

Nelson, Gilbert
-, Lars

Nenagh, castle of

Nesmond, Mons.

Netherbury, vicarage of

Netherlands, the
-, Scotch rebels to be transported to

Netherlands Squadron, the
-, (see Holland).

Netherway, John

Netterfield (Netterville), Lord
-, children of
-, Capt. William



Neufville, Peter

Neutre, John

Nevill, Capt.
-, Clement
-, Sir Edward


Newbottle (Newbattle), William, Lord

Newburgh, Lady
-, Earl of

Newbury, pass for

-, mayor of, letters to
-, passes for

Newcombe, Sir Thomas

Newcomen, Lady
-, Mrs.

Newcommen, Thomas

New England
-, copper mines in
-, governor of
-, passes to
-, passes for French Protestants to

Newenham Abbey (co. Beds)

Newfoundland, French fishery at

Newgate (see under London).

-, collector for
-, customs at

New Jersey, East
-, West

Newland, Sir Benjamin

Newlin, Thomas

Newlyn, Peter
-, Thomas

Newman, Richard
-, Thomas

Newport, Andrew
-, Richard

New Queen Street (see under London).

New Sarum (see Salisbury).

News letters

Newson, William

Newspaper, Post Boy

Newton, George
-, Henry
-, Capt. Jarvis
-, John
-, Mrs.
-, William


New Utrecht (New York)

New York
-, army in
-, governor of
-, letter to
-, passes to
-, province and county of, passim.

Niblett, Andrew

Nicholas, Anne
-, Dr.
-, Francis
-, Mary
-, Toussaints

Nicholls, Anthony
-, John

Nichols, Philip

Nicholson, Col.
-, John

Nicolaeta, Don Antonio

Nicols, John

Nieuport, Flanders
-, pass to

Niewenhove, John


Nimmo, William


Nisbett, Grace

Nix, John
-, Thomas

Noble, William

Noguier, Stephen

Noortwych, Peter


-, John

Norden, Jurgen

Nore, The
-, high sheriff of

Norfolk, justices of assize in

Norfolk, Dowager Duchess of
-, Duke of

Norfolk Circuit, the

Norget, Matthew

Norman, Edward

-, coast of

Norris, Capt. John

Norrys, John

North America

North Elmsall (co. York)

North Foreland, the (see Foreland, North).

North Sea, the
-, navigation of

Northampton, innholders and tradesmen of

Northamptonshire, sheriff of

North Wales, revenues of

Norton, Ambrose
-, Capt. James
-, Major
-, Lieut.Col. William

Norton Davie (co. Northampton)

-, King of
-, passes for

Norwich, see of

Nott, Capt.
-, Major

Nottingham, corporation of, charter for
-, passes to

Nottingham, Daniel, Earl of
-, imputations cast upon
-, letters from passim passim passim passim passim
-, letters to
-, office of
-, secretary to
-, Lady

Nottinghamshire, LordLieutenant of
-, DeputyLieutenants of

Noual, Mons. John

Nourse, Henry

Nugent, Christopher
-, Col. James

Nunes, Abigail
-, Isaac


Nurse, Charles

Nutt, John


Oakes, Capt.

Oates, Dr.

O'Brien, Catherine, Lady, letter to
-, Capt. Connor
-, Col. Daniel
-, Dermot
-, Lord
-, Teige
-, Terlagh

Obrain (O'Brien?), Arthur

O'Bryan, Terence
-, William

Ochmichen, Casparus Gottfriedt

O'Donnell, Col.
-, Mr.
-, Lord

O'Donnogh, John

Oerlandt, Henry

O'Farrell, Col. Francis Fergus

Offices and Salaries, list of

Offley, Joseph
-, Mr.
-, Thomas

-, Lieut.
-, Mrs.

Ogilvie, Sir James

Ogilvy, John
-, Thomas

Ogle, Ensign John
-, Mr., letter to
-, Lieut. Thomas

Oglethorp, Elizabeth

Oglethorpe, Sir Theophilus

O'Haugherne, Mr.

Ohmunger, John

Olard, John

Oldcastle Town

Old Bailey, the (see under London)

Oldham, Henry

Oldys (Oldyss), Dr. William, King's Advocate in Court of Admiralty

Olean, Peter

Oliphant, Israel

Olisfort, Meyudert

Oliver, Capt.
-, Daniel

Ollivon, Peter

Olniedo, Ferdinando Perez de

Olsen, Erasmus
-, Jens

Olson, Borie

O'Neale, John

O'Neile, Lady Frances
-, Sir Neile

O'Neille, Mary
-, Rose

Ongena, Lawrence

Ongley, Samuel

O'Niel, Henry

Onslow, Sir Richard

Oorpe, Col.

-, wine from


Orange, Prince of
-, Princess of

Orby, Mr.

Ord, James

Ords, "the two"

Ordnance, Board of
-, clerk of the
-, commissioners of
-, Lieut.Gen. of the
-, office of the
-, letter dated at
-, letter to
-, officers of the
-, letters from
-, letters to
-, treasurer of the

Ores, matters relating to


Orkney, commissary of

Orleans, Duke of

Ormonde, James, Duke of

Ormsby, Major Arthur

Orsetty, Bartholomy


Osbason, James

Osborn, Mr. Serjeant

Osborne, Daniel
-, Robert

Ossorio, Capt. Don Manuel

Ossory, Benjamin, bishop of
-, children of

Ostend, passim
-, Danes landing at
-, passes for

Osterwald, Louis

Oswald, James

Ottoman Port, the ambassador to, (see also Turkey)

Otway, James

-, governor of

Oundle, manor of, Northants

Oursell, Robert

Outfal, Jacob

Outlawries, matters relating to

Overhiel, Susanna

Overing, John

Overkerch, Annetje

Overton, Benjamin

Ovington, Thomas

Owen, John
-, Richard

Owens, Thomas

Owsley (Ousley), Mr.
-, Elizabeth

Oxenden, George

Oxenstiern, Count

-, Aubrey, Earl of
-, cathedral church at
-, diocese of
-, All Soul's College
-, Magdalen College
-, New College
-, (see Universities, the).

Oxfordshire, high sheriff of

Oysters, fishery for