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Pages 651-656

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1691-2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Waanse, Peter


Wagener, Christian

Waile, Edward

Wake, Dr.


Walcot, Humphrey
-, John

Waldeck, Prince of
-, health of
-, illness of
-, letter from
-, letters to

Waldegrave, Anne
-, Mary
-, Thomas

Walden, Lord

Waldoe, Sir Edward

Waldron, Capt. Henry

-, Auditor of
-, Court of Exchequer in
-, Marquis of Powis's, estate in
-, mines in
-, Prince of (James III.)
-, mother of
-, South, ReceiverGeneral of the revenues of

Walff, Christop

Walgraef, Maria

Walker, Anne
-, Mr., suggested for an Irish bishopric
-, John
-, Katherine
-, Margaret
-, Richard

Walklate, Rebecca

Wall, John Jacobsen

Waller, Capt. James
-, Mary
-, Thomas
-, William

Wallingford, town clerk of

Wallis, Dr.
-, Mary
-, Samuel
-, William

Wallpapers, patent for

Walmer Castle

Walmsley, Bartholomew
-, Eleanor

Waltham Forest

Walter, John

Walton, Parry

Wambold, Christopher

War, Secretary of
-, form of, prayer to be used during the time of

Waray, Capt.

Warburton, Lady
-, Mr.
-, Thomas

Warcup, Edmund
-, Lieut.Col.

Ward, David
-, Henry
-, John
-, Capt. John
-, Thomas
-, William

Warford, Robert

Waring, Mr.

Warland, Thomas

Warming, Coert

Warmoly, John

Warner, Henry
-, Col. Philip
-, Sir Thomas
-, Capt. William

Warre, Richard
-, letters to
-, William

Warr, Mr.

Warren, William

Warrenew, Peter

Warring, Richard

Warrington, Lord

Warthingbett, Thomas

-, Corporation of
-, new charter for
-, incorporation of

Warwick Lane (see under London)

Washington, Col.
-, daughters of

Wassenburg, Matthew

Wasson, Nicholas

Wate, Andrew

-, articles of
-, bishopric of
-, escheator of
-, Roman Catholics in, petition of

Waterloo (Flanders)


Watermen's Hall (see under London)

Waters, Anne

Watkins, George
-, Philip

Watson, Anne
-, Dorcas
-, Capt. James
-, Nicholas
-, Samuel

Watte, Robert

Watten, Capt. William

Watters, Agnes

Watton, Capt.

Watts, Alexander
-, Peter

Way, Richard

Wayford, Gaspar

Weale, John
-, Samuel

Webb, Charles
-, Ezekiel
-, Sir John
-, William

Weeks, John

Weert, William

Weghurst, Isaac

Weich, Lady

Weir, James

Weisbach, John George

Welch, Oliver

Welles, Thomas
-, daughter

Wells, Brigadier
-, Katherine
-, Samuel

Welsh, John

Welwood, Dr.

Wemyss, Lieut. James

Wentrel, Lucas

Wentworth, John
-, Paul
-, Capt. William
-, Sir William
-, daughter of

Werden, Sir John, letter to

Werge, Thomas

Wessel, Scotch volunteers at

Wessen, Luther

West Chester (New York)

Westcombe, George
-, Mrs.

Westerling, John

Western circuit, the, justices of


West Friesland, Admiralty of

West Indies, the
-, court martial in
-, expedition to
-, forces in
-, GovernorinChief of
-, plantations in
-, ships of

Westland, Oliver

West Meath, county of

-, Commissioners of the Peace for
-, deputylieutenants of
-, ferry at
-, innholders of
-, letters dated at
-, militia of
-, ministers of
-, papists expelled from
-, St. James's
-, St. Margarets
-, St. Stephen's Hospital

Westminster Abbey
-, prebends of

Westminster Confession, the

Westminster Hall

Westminster Palace

Westmorland, Henry, Earl of
-, Lady

Wentworth, Philadelphia, Lady

Weston, Mr., letter addressed to

Wexford, county of

Weyers, Lieut.


Weynall, Mr.

Wharton, Jonathan
-, Sir Michael
-, Sir Polycarp
-, Richard

Whatschofsky, Joseph

Wheeler (Wheler), Sir Francis
-, letter from
-, letter to
-, John
-, Thomas

Wheland, John

Whetstone, Capt.

Whitager, Elizabeth

White, Charles
-, Jane
-, John
-, Lettice
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.
-, Richard
-, Robert, Col.
-, Sarah


-, Earl of Nottingham's office at
-, Treasury Chambers, at

Whitehall Gate

Whitehead, Capt. George

Whiteing (Whitheing), Richard

Whitfield, Matthew

Whiting, Samuel

Whitley, Capt. Roger

Whittaker, Capt.

Whorwood, Capt.

Wichman, Lieut.

Wicks, Daniel

Wickham, Thomas

Wickhart, Dr.
-, John

Wicklow, county of

Wictenbr', Lieut.Col.

Widerick, Magdalena

Widdrington, Edward
-, Jane

Wigan, town clerk of

Wigans, Mr.

Wight, Isle of

Wiglesworth, John

Wilcocks, Charles

Wilcox, George
-, Giles

Wildebeare, Capt.

-, Major

Wilkins, Capt.

Willems, Catharina
-, Frederick
-, Isabella
-, Jannetje
-, Steyntje

Willemsen, Peter

Willemsz, Barent
-, Isaac
-, Jacob
-, John
-, Joost

Willern, Bartholdt

Willet (Willett), Claudius

William III. (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim) (passim)
-, army of, (see Army, William III.'s)
-, arrival of, at the Hague
-, attempt, or reported attempt, on the life of
-, Chamberlain of
-, Chaplain of
-, conspiracy against
-, country's opinion of
-, Clerk of the Closet of
-, departure of, for the Continent
-, entertained by the Corporation of London
-, estate of, in Ireland
-, gardener of
-, guard of
-, handwriting of
-, household of
-, huntsman of
-, in Ireland
-, instructions from
-, instructions from, for destroying the Highland rebels
-, instructions from, relative to Scotland
-, is told of the victory at La Hogue
-, landing of, as Prince of Orange
-, letters from
-, letters to
-, master cook to
-, Master of the Horse of
-, mother of
-, movements of
-, opinion of, regarding highwaymen
-, prayers to be used for
-, references to, as Prince of Orange
-, return of, to England
-, Scotch opinion of
-, secretary to
-, setting dogs of
-, signs the directions for the massacre of Glencoe
-, Treasurer of the Chamber of

William, Charles

Williams, Abraham
-, Andrew
-, Benjamin
-, Dorothy
-, Dr.
-, Henry
-, John
-, Lieut.Col. John
-, Sir Joseph
-, Maria
-, Owen
-, Richard
-, Sir Thomas

Williamson, Alexander
-, John
-, Sir Joseph
-, book dedicated to
-, letters to
-, Nicholas, letter from
-, Peter
-, Timothy


Willianns (sic), John

Willimsz, Gisbert

Willis, Dr.
-, Thomas

Willoughby of Parham, Lord
-, Sir Thomas

Wills, MajorGeneral

Wilmot, Capt.

Wils, William Paul

Wilshaw, Commander
-, Thomas

Wilson, Dr.
-, Capt.
-, Col. Edward
-, wife and family
-, Hugh
-, wife of
-, children of
-, John
-, Mary
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.
-, Reginald

Wilthew, Henry


Winchester, deanery of
-, mayor of, letter to

Winchester College
-, warden of

Winckebeck, William

Windisgratz, Count de
-, letter from

Winder, Edmund
-, Thomas

Windresse, William

Windsor, Dean of
-, forest of
-, minister of
-, prebend of
-, poor knights of

Windsor Castle

Wingatt, Robert

Winnard, Frances

Winnington (co. Chester)

Winnington (see Francis)

Winsburg Cornelis


Winssenburg, Richard

Winthont, Hendrick

Winter, Thomas

Winton, family of

Wirtemburg, (see Wurtemburg).

Wise, Thomas

Wishart, Mr.
-, Major George
-, letter to
-, John

Wissel, John

Wissen, Simon

Wissums, Nicholas

Wither (Withers), Col. Henry

Witherington, Thomas

Wivell, Capt.

Wogan, Catherine

Wolgand, Col.

Wolseley, Brigadier
-, Col.
-, Mr.
-, Robert

Wolstenholme, Sir John

Wolters, John

-, Benjamin
-, Major Cornelius
-, Capt. James
-, Capt. John
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.
-, Mary
-, Nathaniel
-, Richard
-, Dr. Thomas

Woodbee, Nicholas

Woodcock, Capt. Edward
-, John

Wooddeson, George

Woodstock, High Steward of

Woodward, Richard

Wool, exportation of

-, guns at
-, housekeeper at

Wooman, Franz Berent

-, Cathedral
-, Edward, bishop of
-, diocese of

Worcestershire, high sheriff of

Worchester, Thomas

Works and buildings, expences of

Worth, Baron

Worthington, William

Wotton, William

Wray, Sir Henry

-, on the Cornish coast

Wren, Sir Christopher
-, Mr.

Wright, Capt.
-, Charles
-, Nathan

Writ of Error

Wroth, Mrs.


Wurtemburg, Duke of

Wyat, John

Wyatt, Thomas

Wyborow, Capt. Richard

Wbrandse, Alexander

Wyche, Sir Cyril

Wye, Gilbert

Wylde, Capt., Baron

Wynants, Johanna

Wyndham, Col. Hugh
-, Major Sir Thomas

Wyngaart, Peter

Wynn, Mr.
-, Col.

Wynne, Mary
-, Capt. Maurice
-, Col.

Wnsbergen, Conelis



Yanse, Margaret

Yard, R., letter from

-, bailiffs of
-, North

Yarmouth, Earl of

-, John
-, Mary
-, Michael


Yelverton, Lieut.Col. Christopher

Yeomen of the Guard

-, Archbishop of

York, Duke of

Yorkshire, appointment of lieutenants of the ridings in
-, militia of

-, Anthony
-, Capt. Archibald
-, Capt. Bernaddot
-, Cornelis
-, Dr. John
-, Ralph
-, Robert
-, Temperance

Younger, Dr. John

-, bishopric of



-, Admiralty of
-, letter from

-, Duke of
-, letters dated at

Zintzic (Sinzig)


Zur Linden, David

Zylander, Peter