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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1691-2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Saal, Christopher

Sabine, John
-, Major Joseph

Sacheverell, Robert

Sackville, Blaise
-, Col

Sadler, Mr

St. Albans, Custos Rotulorum of

St. Albans Head

St. Ambrose Island

St. Andrews, Old College
-, New College

St. Antonio

St. Asaph, archdeaconry of
-, Bishop of
-, Dean and Chapter of
-, diocese of

St. Catherine Coleman (see under London)

St, Christopher
-, governor of
-, lieut.-governor of

St. Clair, Robert

St. Cristol, James

St. Dunstan's (see under London)

St. Eloy, Capt. Isaac Guoyguet

St. George, Sir George
-, Sir Henry
-, Mr
-, Oliver
-, Richard
-, Capt. Richard
-, Sir Thomas, Garter King at Arms

St. George's Channel
-, French privateers n

St. George's Down

St. Germains
-, castle of, James II. court at
-, commissions dated at

St. Helens

St. Ives, Cornwall, rectory of

St. Jago de la Vega

St. James's Park, &c. (see under London)

St. John, Col

St. John's
-, College

St. John de Luce

St. Leger, Anthony
-, John

St. Livens, Hantien

St. Loe, Capt. George

St. Malo

St. Martin's-le-Grand (see under London)

St. Martin-in-the-Fields (see under London)

St. Martins (France)

St. Mawes Castle

St. Omer

St. Pau, Lieut.

St. Paul's (see under London).

St. Pierre, Capt.

St. Prix, Charles

St. Sauveur

St. Sebastian
-, Mons. L'Abastide

St. Sylvain, Mrs.

St. Tron

St. Tubal fleet, the

Salchlin, David

Sale, Robert

Salee, captives at

-, assizes at
-, Bishop of
-, Dean of
-, Earl of

Salisbury, Charles
-, Edmund
-, Mrs.

Salle, James

Sallee, captives at

Salmon, provided for the siege of Londonderry

Salmon, John

Salt, manufacture of



Salthiell, Joseph

Saltick, Joseph

Saltpetre, patent for making
-, patent for making, in North America

Saltpetre Makers, Company of

Saluting at sea, orders relating to
-, (see Ships, Navy, Fleet).

Salvador, Joshua

Samber, Mr.

Samborne, Thomas

Sambre, the

Sampson, Richard

Samuels, Boundewyn

Sanbrooke (Sambrook ?), Sir Jeremy

Sandelier, Count

Sanders, Leendert

Sanderson, Capt. Alexander
-, Christopher
-, Francis
-, Robert

Sandfoot Castle

Sandgate Castle

Sandown Castle

Sands, Lieut.-Col. Henry

-, mayor of
-, letter to
-, deputy mayor of

Sandwich Bay

Sandys (Sandy), Col.
-, Capt. Edwin
-, Francis
-, Lieut.-Col. Henry
-, Joseph
-, Mary
-, Thomas (senior)
-, (junior)

Sapi, Giacome

Saportas, Moses

Sappels, Johanna

Sappon, Capt. Robert

Sarbruck, Prince of
-, letter dated at

Sarportis, Jacob

Sarrasin, David

Sarsfield, Colonel
-, Charlotte
-, Lieut.-Gen.
-, Mr.
-, Col. Patrick
-, William

Sasseghem, Mary
-, William

Satur, Mons.

Satyn, Samuel

Saumer, Catherine
-, Nicholas

Saunders, Morley
-, William

Saunderson, Capt. Chas.
-, Capt. Thomas

Sauter, John

Sauvage, Girard
-, Joseph
-, Margaret
-, Mary
-, Peter

Savage, Patrick
-, Philip
-, Mrs.
-, Robert
-, William

Saverra, Francis

Savile, Lady Mary
-, Lieut.-Col

Savill, Edward

Savinien (St. Vivien)

Savoy, the (see under London).

Savoy, Duke of
-, letter from
-, dukedom of
-, Duke of, envoy to
-, Victor Amadeus, Duke of
-, letter from

Sawyer, George

Sax, Henning

Saxe-Gotha, troops of

Saxer, Bartholomew

Saxes, James

Saxfield, Col

Saxony, Court of
-, Duke of
-, Elector of
-, created K.G
-, envoy to
-, troops of

Say, Dr

Say and Seale, Lord, letter to

Sayer, George
-, Peter
-, Sir Robert

Sayers, Robert

Scaeke, Major-Gen

Scaguller, Franciscus

Scalke, Henry

Scarborough, Earl of

Scarborough Castle

Scardevile, Henry
-, Joseph

Scarsdale, Earl of

Scawen, William

Schade, John

Schaek, Capt

Scheel, Mons
-, letter from

Scheffer, Mr
-, Peter

Scheibel, Zackarie

Scheldt, the

Scheppe, Col. George

Scheuring, Adriana

Schieking, Henry

Schiller, Capt

Schillinge, Hans Henrick

Schindler, Jacob

Schintz, Caspar

Schlaft, John

Schleswig, dukedom of

Schoening, Field-Marshal

Schomberg, Charles, Duke of
-, Meinhard, Count de
-, Marshal
-, (see Shamborg)

Schoning, Baron
-, letter from
-, Field-Marshal

Schoonebeck, Johanna

Schout, William

Schroder, Ensign

Schubardine, Elizabeth

Schutting, Hendrick

Schuylenburg, Mons
-, William de

Schwartz, Tobias

Schwers, Philip

Schweyer, Abraham

Scilly Islands, the

Sclater, Charles
-, Robert

Scole, Daniel

Scotch officers, petition of

-, Accountant in
-, Acts of Parliament concerning
-, affairs in
-, army in
-, artillery in
-, bishoprics of
-, bishop's rents in
-, campaign in
-, Chancellor of
-, Church of (passim)
-, government of
-, preferment in
-, Clerk of the register and Rolls in
-, "Club," the, proceedings in
-, Commissioner, the
-, Commissioners of the Royal boroughs in
-, Council and Session in, Lords of
-, Customs of
-, Danish troops in
-, description of affairs in
-, English forces in
-, episcopacy in, abolition of
-, episcopal clergy of
-, establishment of
-, events in
-, Exchequer of
-, forces in
-, General Assembly of
-, grant of office in
-, Great Seal of
-, High Commissioner to the Church of
-, history and constitution of
-, Justice General of
-, King of
-, King's Advocate in
-, lead ore in
-, Lion King at Arms, office of
-, Lord Advocate of
-, Lord Commissioner of
-, Lord Constable of
-, Lord High Admiral of
-, Lord High Chancellor of
-, Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal of
-, Lords of the Treasury of
-, letter to
-, Macers of Council in
-, manufacture of arms in
-, ministers, episcopal, in
-, Mint in, warden of the
-, movements of the army in
-, Nonconformist ministers from
-, Parliament of (passim)
-, adjournment of
-, Presbyterians in, muster of
-, President of the Council of
-, President of the Session
-, Privy Council of
-, letter to
-, rebels in
-, rebels from, seek shelter in Ireland
-, receiver of Crown rents in
-, records of
-, recruiting in
-, scarcity of Protestant ministers in
-, seamen of
-, Secretaries for
-, Secretary of State for
-, Secretary of War for
-, Solicitor General of
-, state of, described by Lord Melville
-, stores for
-, Supremacy Act in
-, thanksgiving in, for victory of the fleet
-, threatened invasion by French and Irish
-, Treasury, Chancellor of
-, Treasury, Lords of the
-, Treasury of
-, troops from
-, yeomanry of, emigration of, to Ireland
-, (see Highland) Highlanders, &c

Scott (Scot), Dr
-, Sir Edward
-, Capt. Francis
-, Nehemiah
-, William

Scottaewy, John

Scravenmoer, Mr

Scougall, James

Seaforth, Earl of

Seagar, Anthony

Seamen, wives and widows of, petition of
-, pressing of
-, proclamation concerning
-, English, forced to fight with the French
-, (see Fleet, and Pressing)

Seaton, Mr

Sebille, John

Secret Service money

Sedgwick, Mr
-, Zacheus

Seechested, Col

Segwart, Cornelius

Selby, Anne

Seldert, Meydert

Sellon, Thomas

Seloffe, Anthony

Selwyn, Charles
-, William
-, Colonel, William


Sempill, Robert

Semple, Don Charles Hugo

Senault, Louis

Senne, river, the

Seppens, Capt. Robert

Sergeant-at-Arms, office of

Sergeants-at-law, appointment of

Serles, Lieutenant

Servaes, Anthony

Servants, office for registering

Setting dogs, keeper of

Settlement, Act of

Seven, William

Severn river, water bailiff of

Sewers, commissioners of
-, laws of

Seymour, Sir Edward
-, wife of
-, Henry
-, Lieut.-Col. John
-, William

Seys, William

Shadwell, Thomas

Shaen, Lady Frances

Shales, Thomas

Shallett, Arthur

Shamborg (Schomberg ?) Anthony
-, (see Schomberg)


Shannon, the
-, wrecks in

Shannon, Lord

Sharp (Sharpe), William
-, Sir William
-, Walter
-, Capt
-, John

Shaw, George
-, James
-, Mr
-, William

-, garrison at
-, governor of, letter to
-, passes to
-, repairs at

Sheldon, Capt

Shele, William

Sheles, George

Shepherd, Samuel

Sheppey, Isle of

Shepton Mallet, manor of

Shepway, lathe of

Sherborn, vicarage of

Sherbrook (co. Lincoln)

Sherbrook, John

Sherburne, Mary
-, Sir Nicholas

Sheridan, William, bishop of Kilmore
-, deprivation of

Sherlock, Edward
-, William

Sherman, John

Sherrard, William

Sherwood Forest, timber from

Shetland, commissary of

Shimer, Anne

Ships, names of:
-, Adventure, the
-, Advice, the
-, Albermarle, the
-, Amity, the
-, Amsterdam, the
-, Angel Gabriel, the
-, Anne, the
-, Lady Anne, the
-, Aleppo Merchant, the
-, Arcania (the Arcana)
-, Arms of Copenhagen, the
-, Dantzick, the
-, Plymouth, the
-, Sweden, the
-, Bateman, the
-, Beauford, the
-, Bonaventura, the
-, Breda, the
-, Bridget, the
-, Britannia, the
-, Cambridge, the
-, Carolus, the
-, Catherine, the
-, Centurion, the
-, Charity, the
-, Charles, the
-, Charlotte, the
-, Charlotte Amelia, the
-, Chatham, the
-, Chester, the
-, Chestnut Tree, the
-, Christianus Quintus, the
-, City (or Town) of Copenhagen, the
-, City of Sluys, the
-, City of Warsaw, the
-, Cleveland, the
-, Cloudesley, the
-, Constant Warwick, the
-, Cornwall, the
-, Coronation, the
-, Crown, the
-, Crown Prince Frederick, the
-, Cygnet, the
-, Defiance, the
-, Devonshire, the
-, Diligence, the
-, Dolphin, the
-, Dove of Denmark, the
-, Dover, the
-, Dragon, the
-, Dreadnought, the
-, Duke, the
-, Duke of Bavaria, the
-, Dunkirk, the
-, Eleanor, the
-, Elizabeth, the
-, Elizabeth and Mary, the
-, Endeavour, the
-, Europa, the
-, Experiment, the
-, Faith, the
-, Falcon, the
-, Fir Tree, the
-, Flame, the
-, Fortune, the
-, Francis, the
-, Friends' Adventure, the
-, Garland, the
-, Germoon, the
-, Goes, the
-, Golden Fortune, the
-, Golden Monntain, the
-, Greenwich, the
-, Griffin, the
-, Guardian Angel, the
-, Guernsey, the
-, Guldenlew, the
-, Hampton Court, the
-, Happy Return, the
-, Harp, the
-, Hart, the
-, Harwich, the
-, Hawk, the
-, Henry, the
-, Hercules, the
-, Hind, the
-, Hope, the
-, Hope of Christiansand, the
-, Hope of Christianstadt, the
-, Hope of Frederickshall, the
-, Hopewell, the
-, House of Gavestein, the
-, Industry, the
-, Isabella, the
-, Jacoba, the
-, James, the
-, John, the
-, John and Thomas, the
-, Katharine, the
-, Kempthorne, the
-, Kent, the
-, Kingfisher, the
-, Lark, the
-, Lion, the
-, London, the
-, London Merchant, the
-, Love, the
-, Lyon, the
-, Madam Ann, the
-, Madonna della Reve, the
-, Maison la ville d'Altena, the
-, Margareta, the
-, Mariner's Adventure, the
-, Martin's Delight, the
-, Mary, the
-, Mary of Dublin, the
-, Merlin, the
-, Mermaid, the
-, Milford, the
-, Monk, the
-, Monmouth, the
-, Mordaunt, the
-, Nathaniel, the
-, Newcastle, the
-, Nord Sound, the
-, Nostra Dame de Penla de Franca, the
-, Orange, the
-, Orange Flower, the
-, Oxford, the
-, Patrick, the
-, Pearl, the
-, Pelican, the
-, Plymouth, the
-, Portsmouth, the
-, Prince, the
-, Prince William, the
-, Princess Anne, the
-, Prophet Daniel, the
-, Prophet Elias, the
-, Providence, the
-, Queen Esther, the
-, Radthuyst, the
-, Recovery, the
-, Resolution, the
-, Richmond, the
-, Ruby, the
-, Rupert, the
-, Russell, the
-, Rusticus Polanus, the
-, St. Albans, the
-, St. Andrew, the
-, St. Claire, the
-, St. Dominick, the
-, St. George, the
-, St. Francis, the
-, St. Jacob, the
-, St. John, the
-, St. Lawrence, the
-, St. Martin, the
-, St. Mary Magdalen, the
-, St. Michael, the
-, St. Peter, the
-, Salamander, the
-, Sally Rose, the
-, Sandadoes, the
-, Sandwich, the
-, Sapphire, the
-, Sarah and Anne, the
-, Sarah and Elizabeth, the
-, Scarborough, the
-, Sea Horse, the
-, Seven Provinces, the
-, Sheerness, the
-, Signe, the
-, Smoland Lion, the
-, Smyrna Merchant, the
-, Society, the
-, Sophia Amelia, the
-, South Dyke, the
-, Soverign, the
-, Spanish Princess, the
-, Sterling Castle, the
-, Suffolk, the
-, Supply, the
-, Swallow, the
-, Swan, the
-, Swift, the
-, Swiftsure, the
-, Tartan Velocrita, the
-, Thomas and Elizabeth, the
-, Three Brothers, the
-, Three Eagles, the
-, Three Fir Trees, the
-, Three Friends, the
-, Tiger, the
-, Treasure, the
-, Trial, the
-, Ulnberg, the
-, Unity, the
-, Vanguard, the
-, Victory, the
-, Virgin, the
-, Vyne, the
-, Warspite, the
-, Welfare, the
-, White Dove, the
-, Whitehall, the
-, William, the
-, William and James, the
-, William and Mary, the
-, Windsor Castle, the
-, Wisdom of Solomon, the
-, Wolf, the
-, Woolwich, the
-, Wrestling Jacob, the
-, York, the
-, Young Isaac, the
-, Zante, the

Ships and shipping, matters relating to
-, salutes of
-, passes for, proclamation concerning

Shipwrights, petitions of

Shipley, John

Shipping, Nicolas

Shipside, George

Shoomaker, John

Shorditch, Richard


Short, Alice
-, George
-, William

Shorter, John

Shovell, Sir Cloudesley
-, letter to

Shrewsbury, Earl of, Duke of (sic)
-, Lady

Shurdon, Elizabeth

Shute, Henry

Sick and Wounded, Commissioners for

Sigard, Isaac

Signet, clerk of the
-, warrants to

Silk industry
-, the, in England
-, (see also under Inventions)
-, company for winding

Silk throwsters

Siltart, Jacob

Silva, Pedro d'Acosta

Simens (Simense), Amerentia
-, Wifje

Simeon, Baron of

Simmonds, John

Simon, Josua

Simond, Lieut

Simons, Herd
-, Isaac
-, Samuel
-, wife of
-, children of

Simpson, Andrew
-, Elizabeth
-, Humphrey
-, Mrs
-, Richard

Simson, Samuel

Sincklar, James

Sinclair, Sir Robert
-, William


Sizer, Roger

Skedbrook (co. Lincoln)

Skelly, Bartly

Skelmerlie, Lord

Skelton, Anne
-, Capt. Charles

Skye, Isle of

Slade, Moses


Slamon, Darby

Slane, Lord

Slaney, Abel

Slape, Capt. Richard

Slater, Captain
-, Richard

Slaughter, Henry, Col

Slawter, Mary

Slegter, Albertyn

Sleuter, John

Slezer (Selzer), Capt.
-, John
-, Capt. John


Slingsby, Col.
-, Henry

Sluyter, John

Smallwood, James

Smelling, Mary

Smidt, Joost

-, Aaron
-, Anthony
-, Arthur
-, Diana
-, Edward
-, Eleanor
-, Elizabeth
-, Eve
-, Forester
-, Francis
-, George
-, Major Henry
-, Hugh
-, Jacob
-, Sir James
-, John
-, John Charles
-, Magdalen
-, Maria
-, Mary
-, Matthew
-, Mr
-, Mrs
-, Col. Paul
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, Solomon
-, Thomas
-, William

Smithwick, Capt. Henry

Smits, Helena



Smyth, Col. Robert

Snapes, Mr

Snoeck, Anna

Snouwer, Samuel

Snow, Capt. E

Snowdon, Lancelot

Soam, Capt

Soanes, Abraham

Soares, Mrs

Soermans, Edmond

Soho (see under London)

Sohrn, Capt. John Frederick


Soldiers, disabled, suggestion for maintenance of

Solicitor-General, the
-, report by
-, letters to

Solinieres, Daniel

Sollgaar, Christopher

Solmeider, John

Solmer, Adrian

Solms, Count de (passim)
-, letter from
-, letter to
-, referred to

Solus, Benjamin

Somercotes, North (co. Lincoln)
-, South (co. Lincoln)

Somerset, county of
-, sheriff of

Somerset, Duchess of
-, Duke of

Somerset House (see under London)

Somers, Sir John, attorney-general

Somersham, manor of

Sommerford, Samuel

Sontley (co. Denbigh)
-, footpaths in

Soomer, Yan

Sophia, Princess, her sympathy with James II

Sorensen, Hans
-, Soren

Soroder, Mr.

Sotherne, J.
-, letter from
-, letters to

Sound, the

Soundings, the

South, Capt.
-, Henry

-, letter dated at
-, passes to
-, Vice-Admiralty of
-, (see Hampshire)

Southesk, Countess of

South Foreland, the (see Foreland, South)

South Morton, co. Berks

Southsea Castle
-, deputy-governor of

Southwark, Axe Alley
-, Blackman Street
-, King's Head in
-, (see also under Marshalsea, the)

Southwell (co. Notts), chapter of
-, charities of
-, Sir Robert
-, Sir Thomas


Soulard, Lewis

Soverainson, Cornelius

Spaen, General

-, ambassador in
-, from
-, English agent to
-, envoy to
-, King of
-, passes to
-, products of
-, troops of

Spaniards, the
-, assistance from
-, the, project of

Spanish army, the
-, expedition, the

Spanish Netherlands, the

Spanyard, Peter

Sparfelt, Colonel

Sparre, Madam

Sparrow, Randolph

Spence, William

Spencer, Adam
-, John
-, William


Spiegel, Paul Henry

Spierinck, Maria

Spies, reference to

Spies, John


Spingeler, John

Spinsay, Joseph


Spring Gardens (see under London)

Spooner, Capt.
-, Thomas

Spranger, Henry

Spring, Peter

Springall, Adam, letter to

Sproston, Capt. Arthur

Sprott, Henry

Squibb, Arthur

Squill, Mr.

Squire, Hugh

Stacy, Andrew
-, John

Stafford, Philip
-, Richard

Staffordshire, high sheriff of

Stage, John

Stageno, Franco Philippo

Stair, Lord

Stalwyck, Mary

Stam, Helena

Stamp, Lady
-, Sir Thomas
-, William

Stanclif, James

Stanhope, Alexander
-, Arthur
-, Sir William

Stanley, Captain
-, Charles
-, Col.
-, Dr.
-, Elizabeth
-, Col. James
-, William

Stanwick, Thomas

Stapleton, John

Start, the

State, officers of

State Paper Office, the

States-General, the
-, envoy to
-, letters from
-, (see Holland)

State, Council of, letter of the

Stawen (or Stamer), William

Steadman, Henry

Stearne, Capt. Robert

Stedman, Mr.

Steegelets, Henrick

Steel, Venetian

Steele, Lawrence

Steelyard, the, (see under London, "Stillyard," the).

Stein, Lucas

Steinan, General

Steiner, John Rudolf

Steinkirk, battle of (see Enghien).

Stenton, Eleonore

Stephens, Arabella
-, Captain
-, Dorothea
-, Dame Frideswide
-, Capt. John
-, Sir John
-, Richard
-, Sir Williams, letter to


Stepney, George
-, Thomas

Sterling, Captain
-, James

Sterne, Robert

Sternhoff, Axel

Steur, Jacob

Stevens, Annetje
-, Godfrey
-, Jannetje
-, Jaspar
-, John
-, Sir Richard
-, Thomas

Stevenson, Alexander
-, (a place)

Steward of the household

Steward, William

Stewart, Capt. Alex.
-, Col. William
-, (see Stuart).

Steyn, Tobias

Stiddolph, Sigismond

Stidson, George

Stieses, Frederick

"Stillyard," the (see under London).


Stirling Castle
-, Lieut.-Gov, and Constable of

Stitt, John

Stoaker, Owen (see Stocker).

Stock, Abraham
-, Mr.
-, letter from
-, letters to

Stocker, Capt. Charles
-, (see Stoaker).

Stockholm, letters dated at

Stockloffins, Christopher

Stockton (co. York)

Stoke Climsland (co. Cornwall)

Stokes Bay

Stone, Mr.


Stooter, Peter

Stopford, James
-, Mary
-, Mr.

Stopforth, Capt.

Storke, Dericke

Storms, reference to

Storrs, William

Stoughton, William

Stoupe, Col.

Strabane, Barony of


Strachey, John

Stracke, Major-Gen.

Straetman, Mr.

Straits, the

Straits' Fleet, the

Strand, the (see under London).

Stratford (co. Wilts)

Stratford-on-Avon, Bridgetown House, letter dated at

Strathmore, Patrick, Earl of

Strathnaver, John, Earl of

Street Lighting (see Inventions).

Stretch, William

Strickland, Francis

Stridbach, John

Stringer, Francis
-, Capt. Thomas

Stripp, Mrs.

Strive, Hans

Strong, John

Stroud (Strode), Edward
-, Joseph
-, Capt.


Stuart, David
-, John
-, Lady Katharine
-, Col. William
-, (see Stewart).

Stuarts, Gireetze

Stubbs, Adam

Studholm, Elizabeth

Studley, Capt. James

Styrum (see Bronchorst and Styrum).

Suckley (co. Worcester), rectory of

Sucofsky, John

Suert, John

Suffolk, Deputy-Lieutenants of
-, Earl of
-, letter to
-, Henry, Earl of
-, James, Earl of
-, Theophilus, Earl of
-, Vice-Admiral of

Suite, Mr.
-, sheriff of

Sulliver, Henry

Sulliviere, Darbey


Sumpsion, Richard

Surrey, county of
-, assizes for
-, high sheriff of


Suspected persons, reference to

-, camp in
-, coast of, infested by French privateers
-, militia of
-, waste land in

Sutherland, George, Earl of

Sutterton (co. Lincoln)

Sutton, Sir Edward
-, Capt.
-, William
-, Capt. David

Sutton's Hospital (see under London).


Swale, Sir Solomon

Swan, Capt. Richard

Swann, Cornelius

-, collector of Customs at

Swartsenburg, Baron de

Swartz, Simon John

Sweat, Gilbert

-, King of
-, envoy to
-, envoy from
-, passes to
-, policy of
-, Secretary of

Sweeney, Charles
-, Elizabeth

Sweet, Thomas

Swift, Samuel

Swinglehurst, Roger

-, envoy to
-, French in
-, Protestant cantons of
-, refugees in

Swob, Frederick

Sydney, Henry, Viscount
-, made Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
-, his departure to Ireland
-, his property in Ireland
-, instructions to
-, letters to
-, letters from
-, memoranda by
-, Vice-Admiralty of
-, (see under Ireland, Lord-Lieutenant of).

Symes, Lancaster

Symonds, Capt. Gilbert

Symons, Emanuel
-, Isaac
-, Jacob
-, Thomas

Sympson, Mrs.

Synge, Dean


Taaffe, Christopher

Tack, Adam

Tagus, the

Talbot, Col.
-, George
-, Henry
-, Sir John
-, Lord
-, Mr.
-, Richard

-, buying of



Talmash (Tollemache)
-, Colonel
-, Major-General
-, Thomas
-, Lieut.-General Thomas

Talon, Lieut.-General
-, Simon

Talton, William

Tamworth, recorder of

-, Commander-in-Chief at

Tankred (Tankard) Henry
-, Capt. James

Tanner, Culpepper
-, Nathaniel

Tapestry, manufacture of

Tar, patent for making
-, in North America


Taragh, manor of

Tarbat, Viscount
-, letters from

Tartar, Abraham

Tate, Nathan

Tatham, John

Taunton, pass to

Taxes, various, suggested

Tay River

Taylor (Tayler, Taylour), Arthur
-, Capt.
-, Isaac
-, son of
-, John
-, Mary
-, Mr., letters from
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, Thomas
-, William


Tecklenburg, John

Teller, Andrew

Tempest, Sir John
-, Stephen

Temple, the (see under London).

Temple, Sir John
-, letters to
-, Capt. Richard

Tenchler, Andrew

Tennissen, Tennis

Tennison, Thomas

Tercroghan, castle of

Terhart, Gubbert

Terose, Austin

Terracon, Peter

Teshmaker, John Englebert

Tessiere, Peter

Tettau, Lieut.-General

Tewkesbury, Sir Henry Capell, Baron of

Tey (Joy ?), Mrs.

Teynagel, Cornelis


Thames, the

Thames Conservancy, the

Thanet, Isle of

Thanksgiving for the victory at La Hogue
-, public, proclamation for

Tharmoylen, Mons.


Thebaud, Paul

Thede, Francis

Thelluson, Jacob

-, Capt.
-, Margaret
-, Samuel
-, Stephen
-, Thomas
-, William

Thomasson, Thomas

Thomond, Donogh, Earl of

Thompson, Capt.
-, Isaac
-, John
-, Mr.
-, Robert
-, Samuel
-, Thomas
-, William

Thomson, Capt. William

Thonnet, Abraham

Thorel, John

Thorncroft, Capt.
-, (see Thornycroft).

Thorneton, Richard

Thornhagh, John

Thornton, Robert

Thornycroft, Capt. Edward
-, Henry
-, John
-, (see Thorncroft).

Thorold, Elizabeth
-, Sir Robert
-, William

Thourtun, Elazar

Thow, Hans Amonsen


Throckmorton, Charles

Thurby, Gervais

Thurlow, Elizabeth
-, Thomas


Thynne, Henry

Ticknall, George

Tidcombe, Col. John

Tiewis, Jurge

Tiffin, Catherine
-, Elizabeth
-, Zachary, Col.

Tilbury Fort
-, garrison at

Tilemans, Armetje
-, Christian


Tilleman, Marguaritta

Tillier, Mons. John Francis

Tilly, Major General Count

Tilson, Thomas

Tindall, Mr.


Tirart, Daniel
-, Elizabeth


Tirrey, William

Tirrim Castle

-, incorporation of trades in

Tizer, John

Tobacco, cultivation of

Tobias, Paulus

Tobyn (Tobin), Mrs.

Toelaer, Henry
-, John

Tollet, George

Tollemache (see Talmash).

Toller, John

Tompson, Capt. William

Tomson, Charles


Tonnier, John Frederick

Tonnington, General

Tonstall, George

Tooke, Capt.

Topham, Sir John
-, Serjeant



Torgo, letters dated at

Torner, Anetje
-, Benedict
-, Peter

Torrington, Earl of

Torture, order for examination by

Toryn, Samuel

Toseland (co. Huntingdon)

Toulier, John
-, Peter


Toulon Squadron, the

-, letter dated at

Tourville, Mons.

Toussant, Anne
-, John James

Tovart, Mary

Tovey, Richard

Tower Hamlets, the, (see under London).

Tower of London (see under London).

Towers, John

Towneley, Capt.

Townsend, Col.
-, Richard
-, Capt. William

Townson, Capt.

Traaf, Wicher

Trachy, John

Trade and Plantations, Committee for

Trade and Foreign Plantations. Lords of the Committee of Council for
-, (see also Plantations).

Trant, Sir Patrick

Transport Office, the

Transportation, Commissioners of
-, letters to

Trapaud, Elie

Traphoft, Lucas

Travecy, Mrs.

"Travellers Guide," an undertaking so-called

Travers, Mr.

Treason, matters relating to, &c.

Treasons Bill, the

Treasury, the, references to (passim)
-, Commissioners of the
-, Letters to
-, Deputy-Surveyor to
-, Lords of the

Treaties, matters relating to

Treby, Sir George (Lord Chief Justice)

Trecknall, George

Treffrey, Thomas

Trelawney, Major-General
-, Colonel Charles
-, Harry

Trelawny, Col. Henry

Trelon, William

Trench, John
-, William

Trenchard, Sir John

Tresford, Peter

Treswell, Dame Katherine

Tretenbach, Cornelia

Treves, Elector of

Trevor, Arthur
-, Sir John
-, wife of
-, Lord Commissioner
-, letters to
-, Thomas
-, Mr.

Trigg, Mr.

Trimleston, Matthias, Baron of

Trinity House, the

Trip, Elias

-, Consul of
-, Regent of

Tripolins, the


Tromp, Andrius

Trster, Joseph
-, wife of

Trotter, Mr.

Trumbull, Sir William

Trummer, Christopher

Trussell, Col.

Tucker, Capt.
-, Reginald
-, Symon
-, Ursula

Tudeman, Thomas

Tuddington, grant of fairs at

Tuddor, John

Tudman, Benjamin

Tudor, Mr.

Tuke, Lady

Tulip (Tulp), Monck Broerze

Tully, John

Tulot, Thomas

-, Waters

Tunbridge Wells

Tupper, Capt.
-, Capt. John

Turenne, Prince de

-, letter dated at

-, Ambassador to
-, peace with
-, sick from
-, silk from
-, (see also Ottoman Port, the).

Turkey Company, the

Turkey fleet, the

Turks, the

Turner, Elizabeth
-, Francis
-, Henry
-, William

Tweeddale, John, Earl of

Twigden, Daniel

Twingho, Henry

Twrie, Simon

Tyburn, executions at

Tyghe, Richard

Tyler, John

Tyndall, William

Tynemouth Bar

Tynte, Edward
-, Fortescue

Tyrconnel, Earl of
-, Frances, Dowager Countess of

Tyrell, Catherine
-, Sir Edward
-, (see Tyrrell).

Tyrion, Francis

Tyrone, John, Earl of
-, Richard, Earl of

Tyrrell, Capt.
-, (see Tyrell).

Tyrwhitt, George

Tyson, Mr.

Tyssen, Claas

Tyzacke, John


Udny, Arthur

Uilenbroeck, Meyndart

Ulmann, Ernest
-, Martin

Ulster, bishoprics in
-, province of

Ulster Association, the

Umfreville, Sir Charles

Uniack, Thomas

United provinces, the (see States General, the, Holland, and Netherlands).

Universities, the, form of prayer to be used in

Upnor Castle

Upton, Mr.

Urquhart, James

Urrell, Robert


Uthwat, Robert


Vaes, Samuel


Valensin, Mosch

Valet, Jane
-, Judith

Valkenaer, Elizabeth

Vallian, Catherine
-, Mary

Valont, Pierre

Valsasain, Count of

Vamen, Mr.

Van Achteren, Adolf

Van Aertse, Adrian

Van Almonde, Admiral, letter from

Van Ameren, Dirck

Van Amstel, Albert Ploos

Van Ass, Ernestine

Van Beeke, Andrew Coenraedne

Van Benningen, Isaac

Van Beveren, Jodocus

Van Binsberge, Henry
-, wife of

Van Blanken, Peter

Van Blootacker, Anthony

Van Braam, Abraham

Van Brecht, Capt.
-, Rogier

Van Briemen, John

Van Briensche, John

Van Broeck, Engelbrecht
-, Peter


Van Brook, Capt. Dudley

Van Bustler, Peter

Van Buyl, Michael

Van Cam, John

Van de Bril, Nicholas

Vanden Berge, Frans
-, Peter

Vanden Broeck, Laurentz

Vanden Burgh, Jacob

Vanden Hemel, Elizabeth
-, Sarah

Vanden Heuvel, John
-, Peter

Vanden Houten, Jacobus

Vanden Silver, Margretha

Vander Albe, Clasma

Vander Ameyden, Jacob

Vanderbeke, Louis

Vander Bosch, Susanna

Vander Broeck, Aeltze
-, son of
-, John Baptist

Vander Brugge, Jan

Vander Druyff, Abraham

Vander Dum, Nicholas

Vander Esch, Jacob

Vander Gracht, John

Vander Hill, Cornelius

Vander Hoeve, Capt. Cornelius
-, John

Vander Holst, Beatrix

Vander Hoof, Frans

Vander Hurst, Elizabeth

Vander Landen, Jacob

Vander Linde, Anthony

Vander Linden, Magdalena

Vander Lustre, Adrian

Vander Mars, Isaac

Vander Meden, John

Vander Meer, Elizabeth

Vander Mirer, Mr.

Vander Motten, Nicholas
-, son of

Vander Myle, Mons.

Vander Noen, Dirch

Vanderpoole, Mr.

Vander Pot, Capt. Barend, letter to

Vander Shaering, Gertrude

Vander Spelt, Dirck

Vander Steen, Renier

Vander Stot, Cornelius

Vander Tin, Gerard

Vandervelde, Catherine

Vandervelden, Huybertje

Vanderwicke, Adam

Vander Woestyne, Philip

Vander Zaan, Capt. C., letter from

Van Deuch, Gyles

Van de Velde, Elizabeth
-, brother of
-, daughter of

Van Deventer, Maria Francisca

Van Dingen, Yan Yanse

Van Dist, Jasper

Van Doenk, Gisbert

Van Dom, Susanna

Van Dongeren, Arnout

Van Dorp, John

Van Dresburgh, Judith

Van Dueren, Hendrich

Van Dumus, Mr.

Van Dyck, Cornelia
-, Dorothy
-, Giles
-, Sara

Vane, Anthony
-, Christopher

Van Egmont, Johanna
-, Nicholas

Van Elderen, Catherine
-, Johanna

Van Erff, Charlotte
-, Colonel

Van Ermelen, John

Van Esch, Willemina

Van Eyckholt, Evert

Van Forster, Christopher

Van Ganse, Frans

Van Gansen, Peter

Van Geyn, Herman

Van Gibs, Capt. John

Van Gots, Jacob

Van Groningen, Lambert

Van Gronsvelt, Cornelis

Van Gulick, Gertruyd
-, Lysbet

Van Haeren, Anna

Van Hagen, Maria
-, Salomon Matthys

Van Hattevelt, Lysbet Colaese

Van Hemels, Hendrick

Van Hill, Mr.

Van Hogenhoeck, Justus, letter from

Van Homrigh, Mr.
-, Bartholomew

Van Hoogstraten, Christopher

Van Hops, Jacomin

Vanhouse, Paul

Van Hout, Arnoldus

Van Houte, Catherine

Van Humery (Hummerick), Bartholomew

Van Ingen, William

Van Isselveer, Catherina

Van Kerper, Hendrina
-, Johanna

Van Kessell, Anthony

Van Komrig (Vanhomrig ?), Mr.

Van Kuysin, John Baptista

Van Langenfeldt, Capt. Reinholdt

Van Leenwen, Johanna

Van Leewen, Ida

Van Leut, Gerrit

Van Levenstein, Anna

Van Lime, Diederick

Van Loon, Herman

Van Luen, Nicholas

Van Lynne, Deederick

Van Mabeeck, Emilia

Van Malen, Maria

Van Markerck, Jan

Van Menleu (Van Meulen ?), Jannetje

Van Meurs, Anna
-, Claertje
-, Cobus
-, Henry
-, wife of

Van Mier, Adrian

Van Mirop, Jan Janse

Van Neercassen, Anthony

Van Nimwegen, Isaac

Van Oorle, Martin

Van Ooster, Cornelis

Van Ossenbergh, Cornelis


Van Poole, Mons.

Van Poterdale, Peter

Van Quickelberg (Quicklenburgh), Rebecca

Van Reven, Lucas

Van Rhemen, Capt.-Lieut. Frederick Adolf

Van Right, Cornelis

Van Ro, Jacob

Van Rossum, Catherine
-, daughter of

Van Ryssen, William

Van Santen, John

Van Schagen, Yob

Van Schay, Gerrit

Vansevenliove, Daniel

Van Someren, Arent
-, Jan
-, Mary

Van Son, Anthony

Van Steenberge, Cornelia

Van Steenhoven, Maria

Van Steenis, Geesbert

Van Suermondt, Hubertje

Van Sul, Johanna
-, daughter of

Van Sweite (Swiese), Ouzell

Vante, Lion

Vantol, James

Van Tringden, Peter

Van Ulsden, Cornelia

Van Valkenburgh

Vanvittinghoff, Lieut.-Col. Fridich

Van Voorden,

Van Vleit, Catherine
-, Cornelis
-, Govert
-, Nicholas

Van Vorschott, Janje

Van Wambecke, Adrian

Van, Weede, Major Gen. Everard, letter from

Van Weereas, Wessell

Van Well, John

Van Westervelt, Arnant

Van Wyck, Herman
-, wife of
-, son of

Van Zyl, Capt., letter to

Van Zijl, Admiral

Van Zutphen, Maria

Vaudemont, Prince of
-, letter to and from

Vaudry, Elizabeth
-, John

Vaughan, Richard

Vauquet, Daniel

Veatch, James

Vein, Esther

Veltes, Baethasar


Velthuysen, Levin

Veltman, Jannetje

Vendelars, Dorothea
-, children of

-, Doge of
-, Irish for the service of

Venner, Col. Samuel

Verboom, Hermanus

Verburgh, Dennis

Verdier, Theodore

Verdon, Michael

Verdouck, Jaques

Verge, Court of

Vergnon, Nathaniel

Verhaset (Verhaest), Mrs. Cornelius
-, son of
-, John

Verhoef, Peternella

Verhoeve, Elizabeth
-, son of

Verhorst, Arien

Vermeer, John

Vermeers, Magdalena

Vermeulen, Clara

Vermey, Adrian

Vermuller, John Henry

Vermullie, Johannes

Vernathy (Vernatti, Constantine)

Verner, Patrick

Vernon, George
-, James

Verreest, Rutger

Verrio, Mr.

Verrion, Elizabeth


Verstevens, Susanna Elizabeth

Vertangen, Peter

Vertilack, Mons.

Vervoort, John

Vesian, Francis

Vezini, Guiseppi

Viano, Capt. Philip

Vice, proclamation against

Victualling, Commissioners of

-, conducting of the Irish to
-, court at
-, letter dated at

Vienne, John

Vientin, Capt.

Vignamont (near Huy), letter dated at

Vilett, Margaretta

Villemisson, James

Villeneuve, Capt.

Villeroi, Duke of

Villepontoux, Isabeau
-, Jane
-, Jane (junior)
-, Mary
-, Peter

Villesauver, Peter

Villiers, Capt. Charles
-, Colonel Edward
-, Edward, Viscount
-, Henry
-, John
-, William

Vilner, Anne
-, Charles
-, Nicholas

Vilvorde, regiments in

Vincent, Elizabeth
-, Richard
-, Thomas

Vinck, Henry

Vinckenberck, William


Vinier, Peter

Vintinghoff, Colonel

Violent, William

Vionnet, Mary


Virgile, Andrew

-, Acts of Parliament of
-, christianity in, spread of
-, colony of, secretary of the
-, Exchequer, Court of
-, lieutenant governor of
-, navigation Acts of
-, quit rents in
-, Trade Acts in

Visch, Sara

Vischer, Gsbert
-, William

Visschars, Anna
-, daughter of

Visscher, David

Vivario, Peter

Vivian, James

Vizier, letters to

Vlack, Theodours

Vlengels, an engineer

Vlissingen (see Flushing)

Voluck, Isaac

Volunteers, institution of
-, (see also Army)

Vonch, John

Von Heyden, Baron

Voskul, Gen. Adrian

Voyer, Isaac

Vriendt, Catharina