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Pages 564-570

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1694-5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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La Bosse, Catharine

Laborie, Susan

La Bresse

Le Brune, Matthew

Lackareagh, manor of

Lacombe, Daniel

La Croix, Moses

Lafargue, Anna
-, Elie
-, Isabeau

La Faucille, Ren

La Feuille, Henri

La Fleur,

La Fort, Henry

Laghard, James

Laghlin, Daniel Kelly


La Grange, Capt. John

La Hogue
-, battle of

Lake, Francis
-, Capt. John
-, Warwick

Lalen, Salomon

Laleton, Martha
-, Paul

Lally, Edmund

La Mar, David

Lamb, Mr.
-, Thomas

Lambert, Anne
-, Captain
-, Lieut. George
-, Nicholas
-, Sir Philip
-, Ralph
-, Richard, Lord
-, Toussaint

Lamberti (Lamberty), Hieroime (Hierosme)

Lamberts, Johanna

Lambertsen, Cornelis

Lambire, Mr.

Lambrook, Sir Jeremy

Lamecourt, Ensign Charles David

La Melonire, Mons. See De la Meloniere.

Lamens, Arnout

Lamoreux, Andrew
-, Elizabeth
-, Judith
-, Susanna

La Mothe, Mons.

La Motte, Colonel

Lampe, Henry


Lamtien, Catharina

-, high sheriff of
-, justices, the

Lancashire plot, the

-, tradesmen in

Lancaster, Duchy of

Lancaster, Doctor
-, Lieutenant

Lancaster Herald

Lancefield House

Landen, battle of

Land forces, the

Landguard Fort

Landresky, Mr.

Landscron, Sigismond

Land's End, the

Land tax, the

Lane, Edward
-, Francis
-, Margaret
-, Sir Thomas
-, William

-, ferry at

Langdall, Mrs. Elizabeth

Lange. Banjamin

Langer, Jane

Langerman, Everhard

Langerys, Adriaan

Langham, Thomas

Langhorne, Sir William

Langhson, Thomas

Langley, Alice
-, Jonathan
-, Capt. Jonathan
-, Thomas

Langlois (Langloos), Isaac
-, Lewis

Langston, Colonel
-, Sir Francis
-, John

Langton, Philip

Languard Point


Lanning, Richard

Lanoir, Colonel
-, Sieur Don Antonio

La Noue, John

Lanry, Captain

Lantz, Peter

La Palma, Captain

La Pointelle, Lieut. Charles

Laprimodes, Morice

La Rabinire, Mons.

La Ramire, Captain

La Roche, Michel

La Rochelle

La Roque, Pierre

La Rose, Elisabet

La Rue, Capt. Francis
-, Stephen

La Serre, Catherine

Lasman, William

Lassean, John

Lasser, George
-, Henry

Lassy, Lewis

Latenbell, John

Latham, Mr.

La Touche, David

La Tour, James

Lauder of Fountenhall, Sir John

Lauder of Haltoun, Alexander

Laujeol, Antoine
-, Franois

Launay, Lewis

Launce, Captain

Laurenson, Jan

Lauze, John

Lavally, James

La Vatee, Mary

Lavet, Moses

La Vigne, Johanna

Lavin, Cormuck

Law, Lieut. Francis
-, Jeremiah

Lawler, Patrick

Lawley, Mr.

Lawrence (Laurens, Laurence), Ann
-, Jacob
-, Mr.
-, Peter
-, Diana
-, Katey
-, Thomas
-, Dr. Thomas
-, William

Laws, John

Lawson, George
-, John

Laxton, Williamin

Layton, Capt. Robert

Lea, manor of

Leacount, John

Leagues and Treaties, Rymer's work on. See under Fdera, the.

L'Eaisn, Mary

Leak, Leake,
-, Andrew
-, Captain
-, letter from

Leanard, Sir Stephen

Leary, Dermot
-, John

Leatham, Ensign John

Leather, Moses


Le Balleur, Margaret

Le Banc du Perce, Louis

Le Breton, Frances
-, Reno

Lebrun, Francis
-, Jacques

Le Bussire, Abraham

Lecaan, John

Le Cane, Dr. John

Lechmere, Thomas

Leckie, Mr.
-, Michael

Lecordier, John
-, Mons.
-, letter from

Le Cornu, Mr.

Le Court, Peter

Ledgingham, Robert

Lee, Abraham
-, Colonel
-, Henry
-, John
-, Peter
-, Capt. Thomas
-, William

Lee, river, the (Ireland)

Leech, Capt. Anthony
-, Robert


Leeds, Duke of
-, Duchess of

Leeds, Captain
-, Sir P.

Leeke, Sir Edward
-, Sir William

Leemans, Anthony

Leenaarts, Adriana

Leenard, John

Leendertsen, Isaac
-, Symon

Leers, Sarah

Lees, Colonel

Leevann, John

Le Faux, Isaac

Le Favour, John

Le Fevre, Frances
-, Peter

Leganess, Marquis de

Legate, Legatt, Henry

Legg, Edward
-, George

Leggat, Henry


Le Grand, Mons.
-, Peter
-, Susanna

Legrees (le Gris), Peter

Le Heup, Thomas

Le Hunt, Captain John

-, assizes at
-, High Sheriff of

Leicester, George


Leigh Road

Leigh, Abigail
-, Edward
-, Col. Edward
-, Colonel
-, Francis
-, Mrs. Margaret
-, Mr., of Lyme
-, Mrs.
-, Capt. Thomas

Leighton, Col. Baldwin
-, Robert


Leisler, Jacob


Leith Roads


Leixlip (Lexlip)

Le Jeune, Isaac

Le Maitre, Elizabeth

Lemman, Edward

Le Noir, Don Anthonie
-, Peter

Lennox, Duke of

Leoners, Haak

Leopold, George

Lepell; Nicholas

Lepine, Anne

Lermont, Lewis

Le Roy, Tobias

Le Sire, Judith

Leslie (Lesly), Corporal
-, Henry
-, Sir James
-, Mr.
-, Capt. Robert

Lespiault, James

L'Espine, Abraham
-, Ann
-, Peter

L'Estrange, Mary

Le Tellier Anthony

Letheiulier, Sir John


Le Tun, John

Leur, Jacob

Leusehner, Ernistode

Levant, the

Levant Company
-, letter from

Levant Merchants, the

Le Vasseur, Lewis James

Leven, David, Earl of
-, Lord

Leven, water of

Levens, Henry

Le Vent, Magdalen

Leveson, Brigadier Gen Richard
-, Walter

Levett, Sir Richard
-, Dr. William

Levinge, Sir Richard

Levingston, Col. Luke
-, Major General Sir Thomas passim
-, See Livingston.

Levison, William

Levy, Elias
-, Samuel

Lewis, Captain
-, Francis
-, Richard
-, Susanna
-, Capt. Thomas
-, Walter
-, William

Le Wright, John

Lexington, Robert Lord

Ley, Capt. Thomas

Leyall (Leyell), James
-, Mr.

Leycock, Captain Martin


Leyencrona (Leyconcrona), Mr.

Leyland, hundred of

-, exporting wool
-, marriage laws concerning

-, Bishop of

Lichtenberg, Captain

-, Bishop of
-, monastery of Mount St. Robert

-, ferry at

-, ferry at

Lilbourne, Robert

Lillingston (Lillington),
-, Capt. Gervace
-, Col. Luke

Lilly, Capt. Christian

-, articles of
-, fortifications of
-, governor of
-, powder explosion at
-, siege of
-, stores at
-, surrender of

Limerick, Earl of


Lincoln, Bishop of
-, Dean and Chapter of
-, high sheriff of
-, see of
-, Subdeacon
-, Subdean of

Lincoln, Alderman

Lindell, Mr. Justice

Lindeman, John

Lindley, Francis

Lindsay (Lindsey, Lindesay), Andrew
-, James
-, Dr. Thomas

Lindsey, Robert, Earl of

Lindsell, John

Lingebach, David

Linlithgow, Earl of

Linsh. See Lynch.

Lion, Abraham


Lionfeld, Martin

-, letters dated at

-, letters dated at
-, visitation at

Lisburne, Viscount


Lisle, Peter

Lismore, Dean of

Little, Francis
-, Mr.

Littleton, Dr.
-, Sir Thomas


Livesay (Livesy), Major

Livingston, Anna
-, Sir Thomas. See Levingston.

Lizard, the

Lloyd, Andrew
-, Capt. Arthur
-, Capt. Brochwell
-, Captain
-, David
-, Colonel
-, Col. Edward
-, Ensign
-, Gamaliel
-, George
-, Col. Godfrey
-, James
-, John
-, Capt. John
-, Morgan
-, Mr.
-, Thomas
-, Capt William
-, Col. William

Lobatto, Jacob

Lobbe, Albert

Lobeux, Nicholas

Look (Locke), Richard
-, Samuel

Loder, Robert

Lodwicke, John

Loe, the

Loeven, Roger

Logeois, John

Logger, Peter

Lombard, Peter

Lommons, Martha

Lonche, Hendrick

Londesburgh, Baron of

-, Aldermary
-, Aldgate
-, Bank of England
-, Barbican, the
-, Berkeley Square
-, Bishop of
-, Bridge
-, Broad Street
-, Butler's Wharf
-, Camberwell
-, Chamber of
-, Charing Cross
-, Charterhouse, the. See under Charterhouse.
-, citizens of
-, city of
-, Common Council of
-, Company of Merchants of
-, Creechurch, minister of
-, Danish church in
-, Drury Lane
-, riots in
-, Durham Yard
-, Eagle and Stone, the
-, Fenchurch Street
-, Fish Street Hill
-, hackney coachmen in
-, Haymarket
-, letter dated at
-, riots in
-, Hick's Hall
-, High Holborn
-, Hyde Park
-, disorders in
-, masked persons prohibited from entering
-, Inner Temple, the
-, Isleworth
-, Jerusalem Coffee House, the
-, Kensington
-, Ladd Lane
-, laying water pipes in
-, Leadenhall Street
-, letters dated at
-, Lieutenancy of the city of
-, Lincoln's Inn Fields
-, Little Queen Street
-, Lord Mayor of
-, letters to
-, Marine Square
-, Marshalsea, the
-, Newgate
-, criminals in
-, keeper of
-, pardon for convicts in
-, prisoners at
-, Old Bailey, the
-, port of
-, public thanksgiving in
-, Recorder of
-, St. Clement's
-, St. James's
-, letter dated at
-, St. James's Chapel
-, St. Martin's in the Fields
-, St. Nicholas Lane
-, St. Olave's
-, St. Paul's Cathedral
-, St. Thomas Hospital
-, Savoy, the
-, Irish prisoners in
-, the prison in
-, Scotland Yard
-, Soho Square
-, Somerset House
-, Southwark
-, Stratton Street
-, supply of water for
-, Surgeons Hall
-, Temple, the
-, Tower, the
-, Beauchamp Tower in
-, Governor of
-, prisoners in
-, repairs of
-, surgeon for
-, Tower Hamlets, the
-, Deputy Lieutenants of
-, Tower Wharf, the
-, Trinity House, the. See under Trinity House.
-, Wellclose
-, Westminster. See Westminster.
-, Whitehall. See under Whitehall.

-, citizens of
-, commons of
-, dean of
-, governor of
-, mayor of
-, postmaster of
-, siege of

Lonergan, Thady

Loney, James

Long, Anne
-, Darby
-, Lieutenant-Colonel
-, Major

Longan, Richard

Longardan, Richard MacDaniel

Longeviell, Barbara Anna


Longford, county of

Longford, Lord


Longleat House

Longo, Peter

Lonsdale, Lord

Loo, Miles

Lord Chamberlain, the

Lord Chancellor, the

Lord Chief Baron, the

Lord Chief Justice, the

Lord Keeper, the
-, letters to

Lord President, the

Lord Privy Seal

Lordell, John

Lords Commissioners, the

Lords, House of
-, upholstering of

Lords Justices of England. See under England.

Lords Justices of Ireland. See under Ireland.

Lorimer, Alexander

Lormier, Mrs. Magdalen

Lorne, John, Lord

"Lorrainer," a

Lothian, Earl of

Lotteoeuore, Firmin

Lotz. John Tobias

Loubere, John

Louis XIV.
-, order by

Louis, Paul

Loun, Cornelis



Louzada, Moses, Baruh

Lovelace, Lord

Lovell, Mr.
-, Sir Salathiel
-, William


Lovisse, Simon

Low (Lowe), Barbara
-, Captain

Low Countries, the, recruits for

Lower Saxony

Lowers, Capt. William


Lowre, Daniel
-, William

Lowry, John

Lowther (Louther), Helen
-, John
-, Sir John
-, Luke
-, Mr.
-, Sir William

Lubbersken, Tennis

Lubire, Mons.

Lucadon, Peter

Lucan, Lord

Lucas, Cornelis
-, Francis
-, John
-, Richard
-, Robert, Lord
-, letters to
-, Samuel
-, Thomas

Ludich, John

Lugon, Janne
-, John Samuel

Luijckesz, John

Luis, Capt. Richard

Luke, Dr.
-, Henry

Lumley, Mrs. Ann
-, Brigadier Gen. Henry


Lune, barony of

Lunenberg, House of
-, Duke of

Luppencott, Capt. Henry

Luther, Capt. Richard

Lutterworth, fairs in

Luttrell (Lutterell), Colonel
-, Col. Henry
-, Col. Simon

Luxdorf, Christian

Luyck, letters dated at

Luysa, Lady, Cathalina

-, bailiff of
-, French protestants in


Lyme Regis

Lymen, John

Lynch (Linsh),
-, Daniel
-, James
-, John
-, Joseph
-, Laurence
-, Nicholas

Lyon, Captain
-, Patrick


Lyrs, Elizabeth

Lytcot, Captain, letter from