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Pages 570-579

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1694-5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Maartensen, Bastian

Maas, the

Maas, Gerrit
-, Mary Isabella

Mabat, Lieut.

Maberine, Omfrio

MacAdam (McAdam, Mackadams), Capt. David
-, Philip

Macarthy (McCarthy), Charles
-, Justin
-, Capt. Owen

Macartney, Lieut.-Col. George

MacAulip, Tiege mac Shane

MacCasker, Bryan

Macclesfield, Charles, Earl of

MacCnoher, John MacDermot

MacCormack (Maccormick, MacCormuck), Edmond
-, Capt. James
-, Philip

MacCorry. Owen
-, Patrick

MacDermot, Dun

Macdonald, Major

Macdonalds, the
-, slaughter of

MacElexter, Bryan

MacElligot Colonel

MacGageran, Turlagh

MacGeighy, Tiege

MacGill, Bryan

MacGilmartine, Bryan

MacGowan, James

MacGuly, July MacShane

MacGwire. Connor
-, Hugh Groome
-, John
-, Patrick

MacHaran, Patrick

Machine vessels

Machline, Nicholas

MacHugh, Bryan
-, Gormuck
-, Murtogh

MacHugo, Jeffery

Macinallie, Daniel Oge

Mackarrell (Mackarell, McCarroll), Mr.
-, Robert

Mackenzie, Sir George (see Tarbat, Viscount).
-, John
-, Lieut.-Col. Murdock

Mackenly, Elizabeth

Mackevet, Owen-gar

Mackie (Mackey, Mackay), John
-, Mr.
-, Capt. Robert

Mackleen, Alexander

Mackloed, Garret

Macknamaraw, John
-, Matthew

Mackollough (Mackallough), Charles

Mackranall, Angus

MacManus, James
-, Keadagh
-, Patrick

MacMorto, Donogh
-, Morto MacHugh

MacMurray, Cormick

Macneale, Capt. Daniel

Macpherson, Sir neas

Macqueen, Donald

MacShane, Fanine
-, Tiege

MacSharry, Keadagh

MacSweeny, Murragh

Macthus, William

-, letters dated at

Madeson, Ellenor


Madryn, Richard

Madtzdatter, Mary

Maertense, Ary

Maes (Maez)

Maestrickt, garrison at


Maghery, manor of

Maghry, Dermod

Magrath, Redmond

Mague, Tiege

Mahon, Brian

Mahony, Cornelius

Maid, Matthias

Maie, Ensign Conway

Mailhe, Peter

Mailleraye, Lieutenant

Main Fleet, the

Mair, Capt. John

Maitland (Maithland), Col. James

Maitland Club, the


Maklannell, Mary

Malachane, Jean
-, John

-, letters dated at
-, ships

Malaigne. John

Malherbe, Marie

Mallard, Anne
-, Francis

Malle, William

Malleaghill, Patrick

Mallory, George
-, James
-, William


Man (Mann), Sir John

Manchester, Lord


Mandeville, Bernard

Manevelt, Matthew

Manfield, Robert

Mangle, Walter

Manley, John
-, Maria Williamina
-, Robert
-, William

Manners, James
-, Montague


Manning, Capt. Cornelius
-, Lancelot

Manrique, Don Jean Francisco

Mans, Deretlh
-, Johan

Mansell, Bussy
-, Thomas

Mansey, Roger

Manson, Jacob

Manwaring, Col. Charles

Many, Jeremiah

March, Henry

Marchant, Hugh

Marcus, Solomon

Mare, Symonter

Mareaens Roos

Mares, John

Maresco (Mariscoe, Marisco), Peter


Margate Road, letters dated at

Margham, Melior

Margueritt, Paul

Maris, Richard

Markham, Mrs.

Marine Regiments, establishment of
-, clothing for

Maris, Benjamin
-, Charles
-, Peter

Marisco, Peter. See Maresco.

Markham, Mrs. Mirtilla


Marlin, Peter

Marques, Moses

Marriott (Marriet), Ensign Francis
-, Francis
-, Isaac
-, John

Mars, John

Marsallis (Marselles), Catherine


Marsh, Dr. Narcissus

Marshall, Adjutant
-, James
-, Justice
-, Mr.
-, William

Marshalsea, the
-, keeper of

Martens, Clasje
-, Henrick
-, Wilhem

Martie, Hester

-, Mrs. Apollonia
-, Captain
-, Elizabeth
-, Emanuel
-, James
-, John
-, Mary
-, Lieut. Miles
-, Mr.
-, Nicholas
-, Paulus
-, Peter
-, Richard

Martine, Ro.

Martineau, Moyse

Martinez, Capt. Simon

Martins (Martyns), Johanna
-, Thomas

Martyr, Benjamin

Mary II. (Queen)
-, death of
-, funeral of

Maryland, governor of

Marzeb, Catherine

Masacane, Augustin

Masham, Henry
-, William

Masman, Thomas

Mason, John

Massareen, Lord

Massey (Massy), Anna
-, Captain
-, John
-, Mr.

Massico (Masico), Elizabeth
-, Peter

Massingberd, Sir William

Master of the Robes, the

Masters, Mr.
-, Robert

Masterson, Capt. Dominick
-, Mrs.


Mater, Alida
-, Antonia

Matthews, Mr.
-, Col. Edward
-, William
-, Col. William


Matson, Christopher

Matthewman, Ezra

Matthews (Mathews), Archdeacon
-, Captain
-, Col. Edward
-, George
-, Major

Mauger, John

Mauran, Antoine

Maurice, Margaret

Maurine, Marguerite


Mawdesley, Robert

Max, John

Maxwell, Sir George
-, Sir John

May, Edward
-, Mr.

Mayer, Reby

Mayers, John

Maynard, Ensign Francis
-, John
-, Lord
-, Mr.

Mayne, James

Maynero, Leonardo


Maysent, John

Maystetter, John Melchior

Mazel, James

Mazorra, John

Mazuel, James

McBride, John

McCartney, Elizabeth
-, Goorge
-, James

McConnal, Ensign

McCullin, Patrick

McDonogh (McDonnogh), David
-, Terence

McDonnel, Charles
-, John
-, Roger

McFadin, Turlagh Keith

McGhee, Daniel

McGillicuddy, Cornelius
-, Don

McKan, William

McKini, Lord Tarbut

McKnight, Richard

McMahon, C

McNaghten, Alderman

McNeale, Captain Daniel
-, Dr.

McNemara, Capt. Donogh
-, Hugh
-, Tige

Mead (Meade), Elizabeth
-, Captain Patrick
-, Richard
-, Capt.-Lieut. Robert
-, Samuel
-, Thomas

Meagher, Daniel

-, Bishop of
-, letter from

Meath, West. See Westmeath.

Meath, Edward, Earl of

Mediterranean, the
-, consuls in the
-, convoy, the
-, service, the
-, squadron, the

Medley, John

Medway, Edward

Medway, the

Meekeren, Christian

Mein, Jean, Jacques

Meirs, Charles

Meisters (Meesters), Mr.
-, letters from
-, letter to
-, William

Melfort, Lord

Melier, Abraham

Melvill, Lord

Melvin, John

Menanteau, Anthony

Menck, Rudolf

Mendes (Mendez), Abraham
-, Isaac
-, Jacob

Menius, George

Mensel, Jessina

Mensh, John Willemsen

Menssend, Gaspar

Mentor, Francisco

Mentzel, Samuel

-, James
-, John
-, William

Meppel, Pieter Jansen


Mercer, James

Merdelis, Catharina

Meredith (Meridith), Sir Charles
-, Mary
-, Capt. Thomas

Merick, Thomas

Merignac, Floris


Merrell, Isaac

Merrioneth, Lieutenant of

Merritt, Henry
-, William

Meryon, Lord

Meschinet, Francis

Messenger, John

Messengers bills

Messire, Captain

Meteleroome, Arent

Methuen, John
-, Mr.

Mettayer, Henry

Metzner, John Henry

Meuse, the

Meux, Thomas


Meyer, Christopher
-, Henry
-, Hertog

Meyering, Hermanus

Meyers, Mary Anna

Meylinck, Herman

Meyn, John

Meys, Anna

Micaut, Lewis

Michau, Mr.

Michelburne (Mitchelburne), Col.

Michiells, Jacob

Middleburgh (Middleburg)

-, deputy-lieutenant of

Middleton, Richard
-, William

Midon, Theodore

Migar, lands of

Mijs, Anne Marie


Milburne (Milborne), Charles
-, Jacob

Miles, Thomas


Milford, George

Milford Haven

Millard, Mr.

Millebeau, John Paul

Miller, Eustachius
-, John
-, Michael

Millicent, John

Millington, Stephen
-, Sir Thomas

Million, Henry

Millman, John

Millon, Jacob


Millward, Philip


Minfels, the camp at, letter dated at

Mingot, Giles
-, Peter

Minimes, Point of

Minns, Captain

Minto, Capt. Eleazar


Minzies. Capt. James

Mion, Francis
-, Jacob
-, Magdalen
-, Susan

Miremont, Marquis de

Mirne, John

Mitchelburne. See Michelburne.

Mitchell, Major David
-, Joseph
-, Sir Michael
-, Mr.
-, Capt. Samuel

Mitchell's Town

Mitchener, Robert

Miter, Daniel


Mitzherst, Daniel

Mocata, Moses

Mogin, Margaret

Mohr, Captain
-, Lieut. George William

Mohun, Charles, Lord

Moise, John

Molesches (Jersey)

Molesworth, Mr.
-, Robert

Moline, Patrick

Moller, Frederick
-, Capt. John

Mollet, Capt. John

Molyneux (Mollineux, Molineux), Carell, Viscount
-, Sir Francis
-, John
-, Mr.

Mompesson, Mr.
-, Roger

Monaghan, county of

Moncan, Claire

Monballier, Peter

Monchou. Jurgen

Monck, Richard

Mone, Abraham

Monjeon, James

Monk, Charles
-, Daniel

Monkes, John

Monmouth, Charles, Earl of

Monmouth, Custos Rotulorum of
-, Lieutenant of

Monro, Commissary Alexander
-, Patrick

Mons, Jacob

Monsur, John

Montagu (Montague), Charles
-, Irby
-, Lady
-, Lord
-, application by, for an advancement in title
-, Mr.
-, See Mountague.

Montargis, Colonel

Monte Sine, Joseph

Monthand, John

Montgomery, Countess of
-, Master Francis
-, Ensign Hamilton
-, Hugh
-, Sir James
-, Capt. John
-, Major-General
-, Robert

Montgomery, High Sheriff of the county of
-, Lieutenant of

Montier, Jacques

-, John


Montrath, Earl of


Montserrat, island of, Provost Marshal of

Monville, fort of

Moore (More, Moor), Alexander
-, Ann
-, Brent
-, Catherine
-, Claesje
-, Daniel
-, of Kerry, Daniel
-, Duncan
-, Francis
-, George
-, Gerret, Col.
-, Henrietta Maria
-, Henry
-, James
-, Lieut. John
-, Sir John
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.
-, Lieut. Samuel
-, Sarah

Mooumans, John Anthony

Moraghan, William

Morckman, Margarett

Mordaunt (Mordant), Charles
-, Capt. Henry
-, Colonel
-, Col. Henry
-, John
-, Sir John

Moreau, Mr.
-, Peter

Morel, Roland

Morey, John

Morfort, Magdalene

Morgan, Anthony
-, Charles
-, Capt. Charles
-, George
-, John
-, Capt. Thomas
-, W.
-, William
-, Capt. William

Morin, Elizabeth
-, Henry
-, John
-, Matthew
-, Peter
-, Samuel


Morley, Anne
-, John
-, Richard


Mornet, Susanna

Moron, Mr.

Morret, Solomon

Morrice, John

Morrin, Mr.

Morris, Benjamin
-, Edmond
-, George
-, Henry
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, Ensign Theodore
-, Thomas

Morrison, Henry

Morroe, Mr.

Morrogh, Andrew
-, Francis

Mortimer, Capt. Andrew
-, Major Mountjoy
-, William

Morton, Earl of
-, Matthew Ducie
-, Richard

Moseley, Christopher
-, John

Mosis, Besje

Mostyn, Lady

Moucan, Michael

Mouchard, Jacob

Moule, Mr.

Mount Alexander, Lord

Mountfort, John

Mountague, Elizabeth
-, George
-, See Montagu.

Mountjoy, William Viscount

Mourtheis, Abraham

Mowbray Herald-at-Arms

Moyle, Thomas

Moyne, Jane

Muise, Rear Admiral

Mulders, Elizabeth

Mulgrave, John, Earl of

Mullaghroe, manor of

Mullain, Dermod

Mullane, Daniel

Mulledy, Hugh
-, Redmond

Muller, Christian
-, Christopher
-, Hendries
-, John

Mullingar, garrison at

Mullone, Alderman

Mullowne, James

Mund, Henry


Munford, Captain

Mungan, Tiege

Munion, Mordochai


-, circuit, the
-, Vice-Admiral of
-, troops of

Munt, Henry

Munts, Catharine

Murdagh, Andrew
-, Ann

Murphy, John
-, Patrick

Murray, Lieut.-Col. Adam
-, Andrew
-, of Blackbarony, Sir Archibald
-, James
-, Capt. John
-, Lord
-, Mr.
-, Patrick
-, Robert
-, William
-, Lieut.-Col. William

Murrihy, Cornelius

Murritny, Patrick

Muschamp, Mr. Denis

Muscovada sugar

Muscovy fleet, the

Musgrave, Mary
-, Capt. Thomas

-, barony of

Mutlow, Robert
-, letter from

Mutter, Elizabeth

Muysken, Gerard

Mylnes, Mr.

Mynors, Capt. Robert

Myster, Captain


Naghten, Brian

Nagy, John

Nahaly, Tiege Oge

Nairns, Mr.

Naish, John

-, letter dated at

Nanfan. Capt. John

Nangle, Walter

-, Colonel

Nanning, Capt. Cornelius

Nanningh, Catharina


Napier, Lady


Napper, Francis
-, Capt. Robert

Nard, Capt.

Narrow Water

-, Richard

Nassau, Count de
-, Prince de

National Flag, respect to be shown to
-, See Saluting.

Naughton, John

Navarro, Madame

Navy Board, the
-, letters from
-, Commissioners of the
-, letter to
-, Comptroller of
-, officers of, augmentation of pay of

Navy, ships of
-, Treasurer of the
-, Victuallers of the
-, See also under Admiralty and Fleet.

Needwood Forest

Neering, John

Negrier des Landes, Martha

Negus, Daniel
-, Francis
-, Justice
-, Major
-, Mr.

Nelmes, Richard

Nelo, Peter A.

Nelson, Edward
-, Gilbert
-, John
-, William

Nelthorpe, Edward

Nepeu, Peter

Nesmond, Mons.

Ness, the

Netz, John Henry

Neukerk, Wouter

Neuster, Anne

Nevill (Nevell, Neville), Elizabeth
-, Rear-Admiral John
-, letter from
-, letter to
-, Mr.
-, Richard

Nevis, island of, Provost Marshal of


Newbury (Newberry),
-, Capt. Jasper

-, Deputy-Mayor of

Newcastle, Duke of


New College. See under Oxford.

Newcomen, Capt. Thomas

New England
-, laws of

New Forest, hunting in

-, convoys

Newgate. See under London.

New Harbour, near Galway

New Jersey

Newland, Sir Benjamin
-, Francis

Newlands, David

Newlyn, Peter
-, Thomas

Newman, Hans Michel
-, John
-, Mary
-, Samuel



Newport, Francis, Viscount

New River, the

New Romney (Romney)
-, Mayor of
-, letter to

Newsham, Catherine
-, Elizabeth
-, Margaret
-, Sarah

Newstead, Captain


Newton, John
-, Sir John
-, Capt. William

Newtown. Co. Down

New York
-, Fort of
-, Province of

Neylan, Edward

Nibler, John


Nicholai, John

Nicholas, Laurens

Nicholls Nichols, Henry
-, John
-, Mr.
-, Philip

Nicholson (Nicholsen), Col. Francis
-, Peter

Nickson, Capt. John

-, Burgomaster of
-, letter dated at

Nighall, Mr.

Nihill, Lawrence
-, Peter

Nilson, Andreas

Nimeguen, the Peace of

Nisbet, Halbert

Nivar, Peter


Noble, Mayor

-, Thomas

Nohe, the

Nolan, Bridget

Noland, Capt. John

Noll, John

Noorens, Garstin

Noppe, John

Noran, Farril

Norcliffe, Thomas

Norcott (Norcot, Northcote), Colonel
-, Mr.
-, Col. William

Nore, the

Norfolk, Duke of

-, Assizes, the
-, High Sheriff of

Normanby, Marquis of

-, Duchy of

Normell, Roger

Noris, Thomas

North, Edward
-, Mr.

-, disturbances in
-, Mayor of

North Butler's Town

Northcote. See Norcott

Northern Sea, the

North Foreland, the

North Sea, the

North Wales

Norton, Major
-, Capt. Owen
-, Richard
-, Lieut.-Col. William


Norwegian merchants
-, ships


Nottingham, Earl of


-, Deputy Lieutenant of
-, High Sheriff of

Nouguier, Anthony

Nouwens, Christian

Nowell, Mr.

Nugent, Christopher
-, Edmund
-, John
-, Mrs.
-, Thomas

Nuneaton School
-, new charter for

Nunez (Nunes), Isaac
-, Jacob

Nunnery, A.

Nusam, William

Nutt, Robert
-, Thomas

Nuttall, Lieutenant

Nuttes, Agnus



Oare, James

Obediente, Abram
-, Samuel

Oberhan, Madame

Obery, Daniel

O'Birne, Cahil

A'Bourne, Dan

Obreyan, William

O'Brian (Brian)
-, Capt. Christopher
-, Dermot
-, Manus
-, Murtogh
-, Tirlogh

O'Bruin, General Don Arturo

O'Bryne, Manus

O'Connor, Thomas

Oder, John

Odoa, Abraham

Odiarne, Charles

O'Donellan, Capt. Richard

O'Donnell, Andrew
-, Thomas

Odri, John

O'Farrell (Offarell, D'Offarell), Col. Fergus

Offering, Susanna

Office of Works, the

Ogilive, Francis
-, Sir James

Ogle, Capt. Thomas

Ogleby, Bartholomew
-, David

O'Grady, Donogh

O'Grevin, Henry

O'Hara, Constantine

Ohaugherne, John
-, Simon


Oldbury, John

Oldes, Edward

Oldfield, Captain Somerford

"Old Peru," a coin so called

Old Town

Oldys, Dr.

Olfers, Peter

Olley, Robert

Olivarling, Holger Melsen

Oliver (Olliver), George
-, Peter
-, Richard

O'Loghlin, Donogh
-, Roger

O'Mara, Daniel

O'Neale (O'Neele), Capt. Arthur
-, Col. C.
-, Sir Daniel

Onslow, Denzil
-, Foot
-, Mr.

Ooms, Gerrit Jansen

Oors, Peter

Oosterhout, Ary

Oosterleck, Mary

Orange, Prince of
-, Mary
-, Peter

Ordnance, Board of
-, letter from
-, Master of the

Ordnance Office, the
-, letters dated at


Orford, charter for

Orfordness, lighthouse at

Orington, William

Orkney Islands, the
-, Governor of the

Orlando, Charles

Orle, Martin

Orleans, Duke of


Ormond, Duke of
-, James, Duke of

Ormston, Joseph

Orrock, Jeremiah

Orson, Richard

Orwray, Anne

Osbaldistone, Mrs. May

Osborne, C.
-, Sir Edward
-, Elizabeth

O'Shaugnessy, Roger

Ossorio, Don Pedro Aris

Ossory, Thomas, Earl of

Ossulston, Lord

-, letters dated at
-, seamen of

Osterlin, Jacob

Ostowic, Innes

Ottell, Ernest

Otten, Teunis

Otterington, John

Otto, Christian

Ottoman Porte, the

Otway, Blathwait
-, James

Oughton, Thomas

Oulds, Robert

Oursel, Robert

Overfield, Cornelius

Overton, Mr.

-, lands in

Overy, Elizabeth

Owen, Capt. Edward
-, Griffith
-, John
-, Ensign Michael
-, Philip
-, Richard

Owerhazi, John

Owneby, Thomas

Oxenden, Henry
-, Sir James

Oxenstien, Count

-, almsman's place at
-, cathedral church of
-, New College
-, University of

Oxford, Aubrey Earl of

-, minister of
-, parish of

Oyer and Terminer, Commissioners of