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Pages 579-583

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1694-5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Pablos, John
-, Ignace

Pabon, Francis

Pack, Lieut.-Col.

Paderborn, troops for

Page, John

Paget, Justinian
-, Lord
-, Mr.

Paheau, Isabella

Pahl, Benedix

Pain, Mr.

Paine, John

Paisible, Mary


-, siege of

Palfi, Count

Palfrey. Captain
-, Capt. Stephen



Palluarte, Anna Margarita
-, Ignes

Palmer, Lieutenant-Colonel
-, Mr.
-, Pedro

Palmes, Major Francis
-, Guy
-, letter to
-, Sir Henry
-, Mr.

Palmstrauch, Capt. John

Palot, Daniel

Paniuille, Francis

Panton, Thomas

Papacheen, Commander

Paper Act, tallies upon the

Paper Office, Commissioners of the

Papillon, Mr.
-, Paul
-, Thomas

Papin, Charlotte

Papists, disarming of
-, horses of
-, See Roman Catholics.

Parensa, Salbador

Parfy, Thomas

-, letters dated at

Paris, Mrs. Sarah

Parizet, Catherine
-, Peter

Parker, Charles
-, Consul
-, James
-, Col. John
-, Michael
-, Mrs.
-, Timothy
-, Capt. Vernon
-, William


Parkins (Parkyns), Catherine
-, Sir Thomas

Parliament, reference to

Parmentor, Nathaniel

Parr, John

Parrott, John
-, Mr.

Parry, David
-, Mr.
-, Ensign Symon

Parsons, David
-, Sir John
-, Sir Lawrance
-, William

Parthon, Jane

Partridge, Anne
-, John
-, Capt. Richard

Paschal (Pascall), Benjamin
-, John

Pasche, Joachem

Pasquerean, Noah

Passavant, Rodolph

Passedoit, Frances
-, Madeleine
-, Pierre

Passports, Swedish

"Pasty Tower," the, at Nieuport

Patch, William


Patience, Nathaniel

Patillo, John

Patishall, James

Patou, Mary

Pattello, John

Paul, Captain
-, Obadiah

Paulen, Count

Paulsen, John

Paulus, Johan

Pauly (Paully), Mr.
-, Jacob Henry

Pauncefote. See Penceford.

Pauwebs, Annatie

Pawlet, Mrs. Mary

Pauwell, John

Pave, John Baptiste

Pay, Mr.

Paymaster, General, the

Payne, Ralph
-, William

Pays de Vaux

Pays de Gs

Peachey, Mrs. Mary

Peacock, James

Peake, Robert

Pean, Lewis Martin

Pearce, Lieut.-Col. Edward
-, Capt. Henry
-, Capt. Thomas

Pearson, Henry


Peck, Henry

Peddar, Captain

Peers, House of. See Lords, House of.

Peeterson, Catharina

Pelham, Henry

Pellat, Thomas

Pelletier, Adam
-, James

Pellisier, Susanna

Pells, clerk of the

Pemberton, Mr. Serjeant

Pembroke and Montgomery, Thomas, Earl of

Pembrokeshire, High Sheriff of
-, Lieutenant of

Penance, laws concerning

Penceford (Penceforte), Mr.
-, Tracy

Penerd, Catherine

Penketh, Charles

Penn, William

Pennington, Isaac

Pennock, Catherine

Pennsylvania, grant of

Penny, John

Pennyfeather, Mrs.
-, Thomas

Penewick, Capt. Stephen

Penning, John Schimmel

Pensionary, the. See Heinsius.

Pensioners, band of

Penso, Jacob

-, Mr.
-, Paul

Peppett, Robert

Pere, Anne

Pereira, Menasch Benjamin
-, Pasquall

Peries, John

Perigall, Jane

Perker, Mr.

Perkins, Christopher
-, Edmund
-, John
-, Mr.
-, William

Perlier, John

Perquine, Joseph

Perrin, Peter

Perrot, James
-, Lewis

Perrotet, Jane

Perry, John
-, Peter

Pers, Mary

Persode, Peter

Person, Hendrick

Peshall, John

Pessey, Anne

Peter, Gervais
-, Lady
-, Pouerate

-, Bishop of
-, Cathedral

Peters, Conrad
-, Mr.
-, Nicholas

Peterson (Petersen), Andrew
-, Gerrit
-, Moritz

Peterstone, Mr.

Petit, Mr.

Petitot, Francis
-, Margaret

Pett, Sir Phineas

Petter, John

Petty, Henry
-, Peter
-, Sir William

Petyt, Mr.

Peutemans, Peter

Peyton, Henry

Pfannensteil, Andrew

Phelan, Edmond

Philip, Francis

Philippan, John

Philippe, Martin

Philips (Phillips, Philipps),
-, Henry
-, Colonel
-, Henry
-, John
-, Kedagh
-, Lady
-, Neeltie
-, Mrs.
-, Rambont
-, Mrs. Robert
-, Capt. Thomas
-, Walter

Philipson, Miles

Philpot, James
-, John
-, Lieut. John

Phipps, Edward

Phoenix Park. See under Dublin.

Pickering, Christopher

Pickin, Capt. Edward


Pierce, Edward
-, Lieut. Col. Edward
-, Richard

Piercy, Anthony

Piering, Maria

Pierrepoint, William


Pieter, John

Pieters, Margaret
-, Maria

Pietersen, Pieterson, Arij
-, Catherine
-, Cornelius
-, Elizabeth
-, George
-, Jacob
-, John
-, Mary
-, Pieter

Pietersz, Cornelius

Pietet, Mrs. Mark

Pigot (Pigott), George
-, Mr.

Pilbrow, Henry

Pilcher, Robert

Pilgrum, Catherine

Pilow, Ruth
-, Solomon

Pilsworth, Thomas

Pine, Sir Richard

Pineau, Ann.
-, Anna
-, Elias
-, Lieutenant

Pinet, John

Pinsent, Sir William

Pinshbank, Lucy

Pinson (Pinsyn), Lieut. Edward

Piores, C.

Pipin, John

Pippard, Christopher.
-, Ignatius

Piron, Elias

Pistor, Nicholas

Pitcairne, alias Wheeler, Lieut.-Col. Andrew

Pitt, Richard

Pittern, Thomas

Pittman, Capt. Samuel

Pitts, Captain

Pitzol, Adriana

Pizamenta, Sebastian

Plantation Office, the

Plantations, the


Playhouses, erection of


Plott, Robert

Plowden, Lady

Plume, Dr. Thomas

Plumer, Thomas

Plunkett, James
-, Mr.
-, Peter
-, Walter
-, William


Plymouth Sound

Podewall, Major

Podmore, Arthur

Poer, Major James

Poey, Bernard

Poike, Richard

Poilblane, Henry

Pointie, Augustine
-, Elizabeth
-, Isaac
-, Mary
-, Thomas

Pointz, Captain
-, Robert


Polaque, Elias

Polferton, David

Poll Bill, the

Pollexfen, Captain
-, Thomas

Poll Farm


Pollock, Major Robert

Polworth, Lord
-, Mr.

Pomeas, James

Pomfret, Richard

Pomier, Odo

Pondom, Anna
-, Dorothea

Pont, Thomas


-, Mayor of, letter to

Poole, Sir James
-, Lieut. Robert

Poopey, Thomas

Pooth, Jacob

Pootje, John

Pope, Michael
-, Capt. Roger

Porne, Peter

Porten, James

Porter, Captain
-, Sir Charles
-, Capt. George
-, Robert

Portington, Anne
-, Mary


Portland, Earl of (ref. 1)

Portland Roads

Portlock, William

Port Louis


Portsal, near Brest

-, Commissioner at
-, defence of
-, garrison of
-, letter dated at
-, Lieutenant-Governor of
-, Mayor of, letter to

-, coin of
-, Envoy Extraordinary from
-, King of

Portuguese, the
-, envoy, the
-, ship a

Posadowsky, Mr.


Postmaster, the, letter to

Postmaster General, the

Post Office, Commissioners of the
-, management of
-, the general, letters dated at

Pot, John

Potever, Pieter

Pottery, manufacture of

Pottinger, Mr.

Potts, Henry

Pouane, President

Poulerich, manor of

Poulsen, Claas

Poultney. See Pulteney.

Poulton, Captain

Pound, Captain

Pousset, Francis

-, Captain
-, Francis
-, Mr.

-, Anne
-, Baron
-, Hugh
-, Francis
-, Jonathan
-, John
-, Capt. John
-, Mr. Justice
-, Sir Richard
-, Samuel
-, William

Power, Edmund
-, Mr. John
-, Capt. Thomas

Powis, Sir Thomas

Pownall, Thomas

Poyke, Richard

Poyne, Richard

Poynings Act

Pratt, Catherine
-, John
-, Peter

Prefines and postfines, grant of

Prens, Martinus


Prerogative Court, Judges of the

Presbyterian Ministers
-, pensions to

Presbyterians, the

Pressing, complaints against

Preston, Catherine
-, William

Prevost, Marguarite

Price, Charles
-, Edward
-, Joan
-, Capt. John
-, Mary
-, Morgan
-, Lieut.-Col. Nicholas
-, Richard
-, William

Prichard, Thomas

Priest, Richard

Priestman, Henry
-, Mr.

Prime, Philip

Primrose (Primerose), Archibald
-, Mr.
-, Lieut.-Col. Gilbert

Prince, Captain
-, Capt. James
-, Capt. William

Pringle, Robert

Prior, Matthew
-, Mr.

Prisoners, English

Prisoners, exchange of

Prisoners, sick and wounded

Pritchard, Thomas
-, Sir William

Privateers, bill for

Privateers, French

Privy Council, the

Privy Seal, the

Prizes, Commissioners for
-, office, the

Proby. Lieut. William

Prockter, Peter

Proes, Pieter


Provost General, the

Prower, Captain

Prowse, George

Public prayers in churches, laws concerning.

Puchon, Peter

Pujolas, Denis

Pulleyn, Dr. Tobias

Pulman, Major John

Pulteney (Poultney), Mr.
-, Thomas

Puplett, William

Purcell, Eliza
-, Francis
-, Col. Nicholas
-, Col. Toby

Purchase, Francis

Purdew (Purdue), John
-, Richard

Purefoy, Capt. William

Puset, Frances

Pylot, Lieut. Joshua

Pyndar, Reginald

Pyne, Sir Richard
-, Lord Chief Justice

Pyrke, Thomas


Quare, Daniel


Quartering soldiers, act concerning, reference to

Queen-Dowager, the

Queensberry, Duke of

Queen's County

Quernmore, Forest of

Quidt (Quedt, Quet)

Quin, Mrs.

Quince Rock, the

Quine, Thomas