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Pages 583-587

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1694-5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Raab, John

Rabaud, Raney

Rabault, de la Condriere, Guillaume
-, Ren

Rabinire (Rabinires). Lieut.-Col. Theophilus

Raboteau, Charles
-, Mr.

Ra Coursee

Rada, Marquis de
-, regiment of

Raddall, Mr.

Radnor, Earl of

Radnor, high sheriff of
-, lieutenant of

Railey, John

Raines, Janet
-, John

Rainsford (Raynsford), Francis
-, Mr.

Raleigh, Grenville

Ralton, Thomas

Ramsey (Ramsay), Captain
-, Garvin
-, George
-, Brigadier-General George
-, John
-, Capt. Lewis
-, Lieutenant-Colonel
-, Major-General
-, Ralp
-, William

Rance, Frances

Rand, Nordash
-, William

Randall, David
-, John

Ran, Jan.

Ranelagh, Richard, Earl of

Ranges, Martin

Rango, Mr.


Ransford, Elizabeth
-, Mark

Raou, Andrew
-, Ann

Rapho, Bishop of









Ratoth, barony of

Ratzburgh, siege of

Raven, Andrew


Ravenscroft, John

Raw, William

Rawdon, Sir Arthur

Rawlins, John

Rawlinson, Sir Thomas

Raworth, Mr.
-, Robert

Rawson, Gilbert

Rawsterne, Sir William

Raymond, James
-, Sir Jonathan

Raynes, James

Raynsford. See Rainsford.

Read, Major Robert


Reagh, Gnogher

Real, John
-, Patrick

Reames, Jonathan

Reaux, Susanne

Rechteren, Colonel

Recorder, Mr.


Redford, Elizabeth

Redmore, Capt. John

Rednore, John

Reed, Alexander
-, Gabriel

Reeks, John

-, market and fairs at

Reeve, Charles

Reeves, Philip

Regnauld, Peter

Reichenberg, Casimir


Reign, Alexander

Reinders, Elizabeth
-, John

Rely, Col. Miles
-, Owen

Renelagh, Lord

Renier, John
-, Mary

Rennison, John


Reppington (Repington), Edward
-, Mr.

Resse, Antoine

Revenue, state of
-, Commissioners of the

Revolution, the

Reyley, Alderman

Reyman, John

Reynell, Sir Richard

Reynolds, Richard
-, William

Rhade, Jacob


Rhine, the

Rhysbank, the

Ribbingh, Capt. Eric


Ricards, Samuel

Ricaut. See Rycaut.

Rice, Griffith
-, Thomas

Rich, Christopher
-, Francis
-, Sir Robert

Richards (Richard), Benjamin
-, Captain
-, Capt. Charles
-, Colonel
-, Francis
-, Godfrey
-, Henry
-, Col. Jacob
-, John
-, Lancaster
-, Peter

Richardson, Andrew
-, Lieutenant
-, Thomas
-, William



Richmond (Surrey)

Richmond (Yorkshire)

Richmond, Duke of

Rickaby, Jonathan

Riclemants, Passchier

Ridder, Gerret William

Riddle (Riddall, Riddell), Thomas
-, Walter

Rider, Alderman
-, Dr.
-, Dudley
-, Mr.
-, Thomas

Ridge, John

Ridley, Captain

Riedissell, Baron

Rigby, John

Rigg, John

Riggs, Francis
-, George

Rigo, Capt. James

Rigway, Francis

Rillet, Peter

Ringhausen, Barnaba

Rippa, Alice

Risteau, Isaac
-, Judith

Ritledge, Mr.

Ritsen, John

Ritter, John

Rival, Mr.

Rivers, Earl
-, Sir George
-, Lord

Rivire, Mr.

Rhodes, Charles

Robart, Mons. John

Robert, Lieutenant-Colonel
-, Mr.
-, Capt. Samuel

Roberts, Anne
-, Captain
-, Captain Edward
-, Evan
-, Sir Gabriel
-, John
-, Sir Thomas

Robertson, Laurance

Robinet, James

Robins, Mathew

Robinson, Anne
-, Captain
-, Lieut.-Col. Charles
-, Christopher
-, Edward
-, Ensign
-, "Esquire,"
-, Francis
-, George
-, James
-, John
-, Sir Leonard
-, Mr.
-, Molineux
-, Nicola
-, Nicholas
-, Richard
-, Thomas
-, Capt. Thomas

Robisone, John
-, Nicola

Roboteau, Lieut. George

Roche (Roch), Edmund
-, Ensign Henry
-, James

-, squadron, the

Rochefort, Rochfort, Captain
-, Robert


-, Mayor of

Rochester, Laurence, Earl of

Rochford, Earl of

Roclose, John

Rodney, Anthony
-, Captain George

-, Dermot
-, John

Roelossen, Rebecca

Roest, Hendrick

Roger, Lieut. Edward
-, James

Rogers, Capt. Adam
-, Brian
-, Christopher
-, Matthew
-, Richard

Rogerson, Sir John


Rogissard, Charles

Rohlfenk, Peter

Rokeby (Rookby), Mr. Justice

Rolas, Lieut.-Colonel

Roles, Rolls, George
-, Michael
-, Mr.

Rolfe (Rolph), George
-, Nicholas

Rolfson, Lawrence

Rollos, Philip

Roluffsen, Abraham

Roman Catholics, general fast by
-, See Papists.

Romboa, Anthony

Rombout, Anthony

Romieu, Jane

Romish priest, conviction of

Romney. See New Romney.

Romney, Henry, Earl of

Ronald, Peter

Ronan, John

Ronchi, Joseph
-, Young

Rondlet, Paul

Roods, Robert

Rooke, Sir George
-, letters from

Rookwood, Robert

Roony, James

Roope, Mr.


Roostguard, Fred.

Rory, Patrick

Ros (Roscarn), land of the


Rose, Col. Charles
-, John Melchior
-, Major

Rosee, John

Roselaer, camp at

Rosentrouch, Lieut.-Colonel


Roskam, Frederick

Rosmalen, Nicholas

-, castle
-, river of

Ross, Charles
-, Cornelia
-, Mr.
-, William

Rosse, Col. Charles
-, Lieut. Francis
-, William


Roswell, Captain

Rotcher, Justus Christianus


Rottmer, John

Rotwitz, Sigismond


Rougres, Arthur

-, James

Roune, George

Rour, river

Rous, Edward
-, Peter

Rousseau, Francis

Rouviere (Rovire), Anthoine
-, Peter

Rover, Matthias

Row (Rowe),
-, Col. Henry
-, James
-, John

Rowan, Lieut. Robert

Rowdon, Sir Arthur

Rowland, Captain
-, Elias
-, Richard

Rowlinson, Robert

Rowlls, Peter

Rowney, Lieut. Nehemiah


Roxburgh, Earl of
-, Lady
-, sheriffdom of

Roy, Francis
-, John
-, Peter
-, Prudence

Royal African Company. See African Company, the.

Royal game, preservation of

Royal Oak lottery, the

Royden (Roydon), Sir Arthur
-, Marmaduke
-, Mathew

Royer, Gideon
-, Jean

Royse, George

Ruan Stephen

Ruben, Thomas

Ruck, Edward

Rudd, Thomas


Rudge, Edward

Rudolft, Valentine

Rugeley, Mr. George

Ruiter, Caldeyron

Rumio, Bryan

Rupert, Edward

Ruskinga, Michael

Ruasell, Admiral, Edward
-, letters from
-, Brigadier
-, Christopher
-, family, the
-, Col. Francis
-, Jacob
-, John
-, Mr.
-, Thomas
-, Sir William
-, Wriothesley

Russent, Francis

Rust, Nicholas

Rutherford, Christian

Ruthven, Lord

Rutland, High Sheriff of

Rutlidge, James

Rutte, Gerrit

Rutter, Captain
-, William
-, Capt. William

Ruvigny, Captain

Ryan, Cornelius
-, Daniel Bawn
-, Edmond Knock
-, John
-, Morgan
-, Phillip Roe

Rycaut (Ricaut), Sir Paul

-, mayor of
-, French protestants at

Rye Bay

Rymer, Thomas

Rysbank, the (Rhysbank, Fort Risban)

Ryves, Edmund
-, Mr.