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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Aachen, Aken. See Aix la Chapelle.

Abbert, Abbart. co. Galway.

Abbot, Gilbert, lieutenant in Fairfax's regiment, commission

Abel, Abell, John, licence to return to England
-, William, pass from the Hague

-, magistrates of, corn rationed by
-, provost of, a commissioner for settling the communication of trade, Scotland
-, Old, university of, grant by the King to, professor of divinity in, salary of professor of oriental languages in, appointment and salary of professor of theology in

Aberdeenshire, tacksman of excise of

Abergavenny, Lord. See Nevill, G.

Aberluthnet, Aberluthnott. See Marykirk.

Aberuchell. See Campbell, Sir C.

Abingdon, Abington, Arlington [sic], Earl of. See Bertie, James.

Abingdon, Abington, co. Berks, presentation to the vicarage of St. Helen in

Abuses. See Dublin, marshalsea; Exchequer bills; Government officials.

Accounts, Commissioners of, their account (1695) of the disbursement of E. I. Co. money

Achonry, dean of. See Yeard, John.

Aclare, Auchclare, co. Carlow, lands

Acton, John, solicitor in the Coldstream Guards

Acton, [co. Middlesex], suspects at

Adair, Mr., allowances for public works in Scotland for

Adams, , a suspect
-, Giles, exporter of wool into France
-, John, petition of
-, Matthew, lieutenant in the first regiment of guards
-, Simon, fellow of Magdalene College, Oxford, pass from the Hague
-, Thomas, captain in Northcott's regiment

Adamson, , a suspect
-, John, returned from France without licence

Addison, Addisson, Mr., letters to, mentioned, as to the removal of State Papers after the Whitehall fire
-, Anthony, clerk, B.D., presentation to the vicarage of St. Helen, Abingdon, etc.

Adjutant of artillery, pay of

Adjutant and quartermaster of dragoons and marines, pay of

Adjutant General, pay of

Admiral, High, office of, allowance out of, Vice, jurisdiction and authority of

"Admiral, the." See Cabrera.

-, accounts. See Scotland.
-, Board, Commissioners or Lords of the Admiralty:
-, and bomb-ships for the Mediterranean
-, complaint against, in the Commons
-, complaint to
-, dilatory action of
-, and French naval preparations
-, instructions from
-, letters to
-, letters from, mentioned
-, matters referred to
-, orders to
-, payment of a fine to Greenwich Hospital desired by
-, petition to
-, proceedings of, minute of
-, reports of, mentioned
-, retrenchment by
-, secretaries to. See Bridgman, W.; Burchett, J.
-, squadron for the West Indies proposed by
-, and suspects from France
-, warrants to, for establishing four marine regiments, for a pension
-, See also Kendall, J.; Russell, E., Earl of Oxford; Wharton, G.
-, clerical staff of, reduction of, knowledge of foreign languages wanted by
-, Court:
-, advocate or proctor of, petition referred to, and see Newton, Henry.
-, appeal against sentence of
-, cases
-, deputy register of
-, judge of. See Hedges, Sir C.
-, and prisoners in France (hostages for the ransom of ships)
-, principal register of, grant of place of
-, proctor of. See above advocate.
-, warrants used in, form of
-, See also Cinque Ports, Dover, Dunkirk.
-, passes, continuance of, and see Algiers.

Adrianople, Turkey, Lord Paget's secretary from

Advice about choosing a Speaker, a pamphlet

Advice boats. See Navy.

Advocate. See Scotland, King's advocate.

Advocate-General. See Ireland, army in; Pinfold, Sir T.

Advocates. See under Admiralty Court; Scotland.

Aernhem. See Arnheim.

Aeth, Thomas D', pass to travel

Africa, governments of, presents for and see Algiers, Barbary Tripoli, Tunis; trade of, see African Co.; redwood from, duty on

African coast, fortified places on and see Ceuta and Oran, Mediterranean.

African Company, Royal, bill for settling the trade of, in the Commons in the Lords, complaint against, forts and garrisons of, maintenance of information from

Aghadonagh, Athedonogh, co. Longford, town and lands

Aghrim. See Aughrim.

Agillon. See Azza.

Aglionby, Dr. [William], agreement for re-establishing the packet boats signed by, movements of, negotiator of a postal treaty with France

Aids, parliamentary proceedings re appropriations out of

Aikenhead, Sir Patrick, late Clerk of the Commissariat of Edinburgh

Ailesbury, Ailsbury, Earl of. See Bruce, T.; Lord. See Bruce [C.].
-, Cp. Aylesbury.

Air. See Ayr.

Aitkin, John, Secretary of War and clerk of the court martial in Scotland, appointment and pay

Aix la Chapelleor Aachen (Aken), Germany, waters at

Aken. See Aix la Chapelle.

Akingalls. See Arkengalls.

Alamodes, proposal to increase duty on

Alary, Jacob, and Eva Sherfill his wife, subjects of Orange, pass for

Albemarle, late Duke of, see Monk, C.; Earl of, see Keppel, A. J. van.

Albenas, d', junior and senior, military pensions for

Albert, Charles Henri d', Due de Chevreuse, and Lord Portland

Aldbert, , military pension for

Alderwood, John, servant, pass and certificate

Aldriche, Mrs., of St. Germains, correspondence with, her husband

Ale, duty on. See Scotland.

Alehouse-keepers, proposal to licence

Ale-houses, parish clerks dependent on income from

Alexander, Henry, 4th Earl of Stirling, children of, petition in behalf of, his interest in Long Island, bought by James II
-, John, licence to stay in England
-, Mary, licence to stay in England

Alford, Benjamin, a slave, his ransom

Alford, co. Lincoln, baron of. See Nassau, H. de; barony of, creation of

Algiers: Dey of, the second in years to die a natural death, his successor, see Boba Hassan; government of, presents for, horse from, a present to Louis XIV, treaty with, and Admiralty passes, See also Ceuta and Oran.

Aliens, denization of, and see Denization; estate, grant of, frauds by, proposal for preventing, as masters of ships, voting of, at parliamentary elections, and see French protestants.

Allan. See Allen.

Allegiance, oath of. See Oaths.

Allen, Allan, Edward, a trustee for the new E. I. Co.
-, James, ensign in the Coldstream Guards
-, John, in Den of Morphie, grant of escheat to
-, Patrick, mortgagee

Allen alias Anguish, Richard, deputy lieutenant for Suffolk

Allies, the, Spanish succession proposals likely to arouse the jealousy of, subsidies due to, debate in the Commons on

Allonne, Allone, Dallone, M. d' [Abel Tassin d'Allonne, secretary to Wm. III], to attend the King at Loo, sent to Versailles

Almeras, Jacques, native of Orange, pass to return home

Almsmen. See Ewelme Hospital, Norwich, Oxford, Winchester and Worcester Cathedrals.

Almut, Henry, petition of

Alsace, postal regulations

Alsop, Josias, clerk, B.D., presentation to the rectory of Rendlesham

Althorpe, Althrop, Altrop, co. Northampton, Earl of Sunderland at

Ambassadors, envoys and residents. See also Foreign ministers.
-, audience by William III to
-, conductors and introducers of. See Bonneuil, M. C. de; Grey, T., Earl of Stamford; Sainctot, N.
-, customary entertainment of
-, hotel of the. See Paris.
-, house for the reception of, in London
-, instructions to
-, introducers of. See above conductors.
-, passages and ships for
-, pay and allowances of, and see under the several persons.
-, public audiences and entries of. See Bentinck, W., Earl of Portland; Bonde, K., Comte de; Hostun, C. d', Comte de Tallard.
-, from England to:
-, the treaty of a general peace (Ryswick), royal bounty and plate for, and see Herbert, T., Earl of Pembroke; Sutton, R., Lord Lexington; Villiers, E., Earl of Jersey; Williamson, Sir J.
-, Bavaria (Envoy Extraordinary). See Hill, R.
-, Berlin (Resident). See Ham, [J.]
-, Brandenburg (Envoy Extraordinary). See Stepney, G.
-, Brunswick-Lunebourg (Envoy Extraordinary). See Cresset, J.
-, Brussels (late envoy). See Wolseley, [R.].
-, Denmark (Resident). See Greig, H.
-, France (Ambassador Extraordinary. See Bentinck, W., Earl of Portland; Villiers, E., Earl of Jersey.
-, Genoa, republic of (Envoy). See Blackwell, Sir L.
-, Germany (Envoy Extraordinary),. see Sutton, R. Lord Lexington; princes of (Envoy Extraordinary), see Stepney, G.
-, Hamburg (Envoy). See Rycaut, Sir P.
-, Hanover (Envoy). See Cresset, J.
-, Hanseatic towns of Lower Saxony (Resident). See Rycaut, Sir P.
-, Holland. See below United Provinces.
-, India (Ambassador). See Norris, Sir W.
-, Netherlands (Resident). See Kennedy of Clouburn, Sir A.
-, Pinenburg, treaty of. See Cresset, J.
-, Poland (Envoy). See Stepney G.
-, Portugal (Envoy). See Methuen, J. and P.
-, Spain (Envoy Extraordinary). See Stanhope, A.
-, Sweden (Resident). See Robinson, J.
-, Swiss Cantons (Envoy Extraordinary). See Hervart, P. d'.
-, Turkey (Ambassador). See Berkeley, C., Viscount Dursley; Paget, W., Lord Paget; Rushout, Sir J.
-, Tuscany (Envoy). See Blackwell, Sir L.
-, United Provinces, States General of (Ambassador Extraordinary). See Villiers, E., Earl of Jersey.
-, Venice (Ambassador Extraordinary), see Montagu, C., Earl of Manchester; (Secretary), see Stanyan, A.
-, Vienna (Secretary). See Sutton, Robert.
-, to England from:
-, Bavaria (Envoy Extraordinary). See Simeoni.
-, Brandenburg (Envoy) and see Dankelman.
-, France (Ambassador). See Hostun, C. d', Comte de Tallard.
-, Germany (Envoy Extraordinary), see Auersperg, Comte d'; (Resident), see Hoffman.
-, Hanover (Envoy Extraordinary). See Platen, Comte de.
-, Holland (Ambassador). See Dutch Ambassador.
-, Hesse-Cassel, Prince of (Envoy). See Tettau.
-, Morocco (former Ambassador). See Benhada.
-, Poland (Envoy). See Gersdorf, [W. A.].
-, Portugal. See Portuguese envoy.
-, Spain. See Spanish Ambassador.
-, Sweden (Ambassador Extraordinary), see Bonde, Comte de; (Resident), see Leyoncrona.
-, Venice

Ambergris, Ambergreese, trade of the E.I. Co. in

Ambrose, , a suspect

America: and see Spanish America. colonies in, encouragement of pirates in
-, goldmines in, Darien commanding the richest
-, goldmines and wrecks in, expedition to discover
-, plantations in, transportation to Cp. Transportation.
-, ships for
-, silver mines in, proposal to discover
-, treasure hunting expeditions to

American Indians, powder for

Amiand, Anne and Isaac, denization for

Amies, William, licence to stay in England

Amsterdam: burghers of garrison of, soldiers of preacher to an English congregation at, see Weaver, S.; Secretary to the Admiralty at ships for and from

Amyraut, Monsieur

Anatomy, illustrated treatise on

Andernesse, [Scotland], ship of

Anderson, , major, half-pay for
-, Patrick, wright burgess of Edinburgh, appointed master wright and master plasterer

Anderson of Dowhill, John, a commissioner for settling the communication of trade, Scotland

Andover, co. Hants, M.P. for. See Smith, [J.].

Andre, Francis, denization for

Andrew, Sir Francis, licence to stay in England

Andrews. See Andros.

Andros, Andrews, Sir Edmund, governor of Virginia, his resignation

Anguish. See Allen.

Angus, Earl of. See Douglas, Archibald.

An history of standing armies in England, a pamphlet

Anjou, a duke of, as King of Spain and see Philip, Duke of Anjou.

Annaghdown castle, co. Galway, surrender of

Annan, Annand, co. Dumfries

Annandale, Earl of. See Johnston, W.

Annanhill, co. Ayr, lands of, called Annanhill Huntar

Anne, Princess of Denmark, "the Princess": court of, ball at health of, her lodgings at the Cockpit, miscarriage visitors to, and William III

Annesley, Maurice, crown grants to, enquiry in the Commons

Annuities: arrears of, supply for to be paid out of land tax

Ansloe, Charles, captain, company of

Anstruther of that ilk, Sir William, minister's stipend paid at the sight of

Anstruther, co. Fife, lands of

Anstruther Easter, co. Fife, minister of. See Wardrope, W.

Antigua, Antego, Antegoa, island of, Codrington's death at

Antrim, Earl of. See MacDonnell, R.

Antrim town, seditious sermon preached at

Antwerp, persons intending to reside at

Apothecary, accused of coining

Apparel, restraint of expenses of. See Sumptuary laws.

Appeals. See Admiralty Court; Chancery, court of; Parliament, House of Lords; Prize appeals.

Appleby, co. Westmorland, M.P. for. See Musgrave, Sir C.

Apprentice, ex-soldier, freedom refused to

Apprice, Robert, deputy lieutenant for Cambridgeshire

Appropriation clauses

Aqua fortis

Aran. See Arran.

Arboll, Wester, co. Ross, town, lands and fishing

Arbuthnott, Arbuthnet, Kirktown of, co. Kincardine, lands, fishings

Arcdeacon, Edward, Irish prisoner

Arcedeckney, Nicholas, of Carrowmore, petition for pardon

Archangel, Russia, ship from

Archduke, an, as King of Spain and brother of the Emperor

Archer, Leonard, of Deal, exporter of wool into France

Architecture. See Versailles.

Ardagh, barony of, co. Longford, lands

Ardagh, bishop of. See Richardson.

Argatie, Over and Nether, co. Perth, gift of the ward of lands of

Argyll, Duke of. See Campbell, Archibald.

Arkongalls, Akingalls, Easter and Wester, co. Haddington, lands

Arlington, countess of, see Bennet, Isabella; Earl of, see Bennet, Henry.
-, and see Abingdon.

Arlon, Luxembourg, evacuation of

Armagnac, Comte d'. See Lorraine, Louis de.

Armourer of ordnance, pay of

Armstrong, Mr., his house

Army: and see Artillery, Marines, Ordnance, Preface, v-vii.
-, allowances and bounty money. See below non-commissioned officers.
-, arrears due to. See below standing force.
-, cadets, company of. See below Regiments, Foot: Blue Footguards.
-, carriages for, impressment of
-, chaplains pay of
-, chirurgeon general, pay of
-, chirurgeons. See below surgeons.
-, clothing, merchant for Cp. equipment.
-, commissions in. See under several regiments.
-, corporal punishment in. See Running the gauntlet.
-, disbandment and reduction, proceedings in the Commons on supply voted for number of troops discharged
-, discipline in
-, equipment for
-, establishment, a new, draft of and see Ireland, Scotland.
-, foreign forces in, proceedings in the Commons on And see Dutch regiments, French regiments.
-, in Flanders. See Flanders.
-, garrisons. See Amsterdam, Fort William, Ireland, Isle of Wight, Newfoundland, Orange.
-, general officers, pay of, see under several ranks; provost marshals attending, supply voted for
-, in Germany and Savoy. See Germany and Savoy.
-, guards and garrisons. See below standing force.
-, half-pay. See below officers.
-, horses for. See Scotland, army in.
-, hospitals. See Hospitals.
-, immorality and profaneness in, proclamation against
-, in Ireland. See Ireland.
-, in Italy. See Italy.
-, military list, charges of
-, movements of. See under Regiments.
-, musters
-, in Newfoundland. See Newfoundland.
-, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, disbanded, bounty money and allowances for
-, officers, pay of, see under several ranks; disbanded or reduced, half-pay for, and see Marines; petition of
-, pensions. See Pensions.
-, physicians. See below surgeons.
-, provost marshal, establishment
-, quartering. See Barracks, Ireland, Marines.
-, quarters, retention of, supply for
-, reduction of. See above disbandment.
-, regiments. See below.
-, reviews. See French army, Ireland.
-, on the Rhine. See Rhine.
-, as a standing force, proceedings in the Commons on the maintenance of the and see Militia; arrears due to supply voted for
-, in Scotland. See Scotland.
-, surgeons, surgeons' mates, chirurgeons and physicians pay of
-, transports for
-, Regiments:
-, debts of
-, disbandment and reduction of and see below Lifeguards, Grenadier Guards, Bolton's, Carmichael's, Coot's, Erle's, Farrington's, Gibson's, Hill's, Lindsay's, Northcott's, Sanderson's
-, Dutch. See Dutch.
-, French. See below Belcastel's, Galway's, Melonnire's, Miremont's.
-, in the States' service. See under United Provinces.
-, list of, in order of precedency
-, movements of
-, off-reckonings of
-, reduction of. See above disbandment.
-, reformed. See Marines.
-, review of. See Ireland.
-, Scottish, in the service of the States General (Dutch pay)
-, Regiments, Horse:
-, King's
-, Queen's
-, Lifeguards
-, 1st, commission in reduction of
-, 2nd, commissions in reduction of
-, 3rd (Rivers), commissions in, reduction of
-, 4th [Scots Guards]
-, Grenadier Guards reduction of
-, Royal Horseguards, and see below Oxford's.
-, Dragoon Guards:
-, 1st (King's). See below Lannier's, Lumley's.
-, 2nd (Queen's Bays). See below Leveson's.
-, 3rd (Prince of Wales's). See below Plymouth's, Wood's.
-, 4th (Royal Irish). See below Arran's, Langstone's.
-, 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's). See below Arran's, Shrewsbury's.
-, 6th (The Carabiniers). See below Scarborough's, Wyndham's.
-, 7th (Princess Royal's). See below Cavendish's, Schomberg's.
-, Dragoons and Hussars:
-, 1st (Royal), commission in
-, 2nd (Royal Scots Greys). See below Teviot's.
-, 3rd (King's Own Hussars). See below Lloyd's.
-, 4th (Queen's Own Hussars). See below Essex's.
-, 5th (Royal Irish Lancers). See below Ross's.
-, 6th (Inniskillings). See below Echlin's.
-, 7th (7th Queen's Own Hussars). See below Jedburgh's.
-, Regiments, Foot:
-, 1st Footguards abstract of musters of commissions in and see below Romney's.
-, 2nd Footguards, Coldstream Guards abstract of musters of commissions in, and see below Cutt's.
-, [3rd Footguards, Royal Scots]. See below Ramsay's.
-, Blue Footguard [Dutch] company of cadets in companies of grenadiers in
-, 1st (Royal Scots), and see below Orkney's.
-, 2nd (Queen's Royal W. Surrey). See below Selwyn's.
-, 3rd (The Buff's, East Kent). See below Churchill's.
-, 4th (King's Own). See below Trelawney's.
-, 5th (Northumberland Fusiliers). See below Fairfax's.
-, 6th (Royal Warwickshire). See below Columbine's.
-, 7th (Royal Fusiliers), and see below O'Hara's.
-, 8th (King's). See below Webb's.
-, 9th (Norfolk). See below Stewart's.
-, 10th (Lincolnshire). See below Granville's.
-, 11th (Devonshire). See below Hanmer's.
-, 12th (Suffolk). See below Brewer's.
-, 13th (Somerset L.I.). See below Jacob's.
-, 14th (West Yorkshire). See below Tidcombe's.
-, 15th (East Yorkshire). See below Howe's.
-, 16th (Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire). See below Stanley's.
-, 17th (Leicestershire). See below Bridges's.
-, 18th (Royal Irish). See below Hamilton's, F.
-, 19th (Green Howards). See below Erle's.
-, 20th (Lancashire Fusiliers). See below Hamilton's, G.
-, 21st Royal Scots Fusiliers (Row's)
-, 22nd (Cheshire). See below Bellasis's.
-, 23rd (Royal Welsh). See below Ingoldsby's.
-, 24th (South Wales Borderers). See below Puissar's.
-, 25th (Scottish Borderers). See below Maitland's.
-, 27th (Inniskilling Fusiliers). See below Tiffin's.
-, Regiments, by names of colonels:
-, Argyll's, Earl of attending the High Commissioner, commissions in equipment for
-, Arran's, Earl of (James Douglas), 1st Colonel
-, Arran's, Earl of, (Charles Butler)
-, Belcastel's, Brigadier, French regiment, commission in in Ireland
-, Bellasis's, Lieut. Gen. Sir Henry commissions in
-, Bernant's, Col. de, in the States' service
-, Bolton's, Duke of, disbanded
-, Brewer's, Col. Robert, in Ireland, in the States' service
-, Bridges', Sir Matthew commissions in in Ireland
-, Brudenall's, Col. Thomas, commissions in, for Ireland
-, Buchan's, Col. John, commissions in, for Scotland, [disbanded]
-, Carmarthen's, Marquis of. See Marines.
-, Carmichael's, Lord, disbandment
-, Cavendish's, Lord [William], 1st colonel
-, Charlemont's, Lord, disbanded
-, Churchill's, Major General [Charles]
-, Clanricard's, Earl of
-, Collier's, Major General [Sir David], reduction of
-, Collingwood's, Col. Francis commissions in for the West Indies to land in the Leeward Islands
-, Colt's, Col. Edward Dutton see also Marines.
-, Columbine's, Col. Ventris for Ireland
-, Coote's, Col. Richard disbanded
-, Cunningham's, Col. [Henry], in Ireland, commission in review of
-, Cutt's, Major General John, Lord, 2; and see above 2nd Footguards.
-, Dorrington's,
-, Douglas's, Sir William, disbanded
-, Echlin's, Col. Robert, commissions in
-, Erle's, Major General Thomas commission in disbandment, officers of, members of a court martial
-, Essex's, Earl of
-, Fagel's, [Franois Nicolaas], Major General
-, Fairfax's, Brigadier Thomas commissions in, for and in Ireland
-, Farrington's, Col. Thomas, disbanded
-, Galway's, Lord, horse, in Ireland
-, Gibson's, Col. John, commission in, disbanded
-, Granville's, Sir Belleville, for and in Ireland
-, Gullenstiern's, Colonel
-, Hanmer's, [Sir John], in Ireland, review of
-, Hamilton's, Col., in Ireland, in the States' service
-, Hamilton's, Col. Frederick, commissions in in Ireland
-, Hamilton's, Col. Gustavus, commission in
-, Hamilton's, Col. George, for Scotland, debts of, in Holland, to be kept up
-, Harlsteyn's, Col., in the States' service
-, Hill's, Col. [Sir John], disbanded
-, Holst's, Col., in the Danish service
-, Howe's, Col. Emanuel, for and in Ireland
-, Ingoldsby's, Brigadier Richard, commissions in, for Ireland
-, Jacob's, Sir John, commission in, for and in Ireland, review of
-, Jedburgh's, Lord, two troops disbanded
-, Keppel's, Col. [J.R. van], in the States' service
-, Lacy's, Col.
-, Langstone's, Col. Francis, commissions in, for Ireland, review of
-, Lannier's, Sir John, 1st colonel
-, Lauder's, Col. [George], in the States' service
-, Leveson's, Major General Richard, commissions in, for Ireland
-, Lindsay's, Lord, disbanded
-, Livingston's, Col. [Thomas], in the States' service
-, Lloyd's, Col. [William]
-, Lorne's, Lord, for Scotland
-, Lumley's, Major General Henry
-, Luttrell's, [Col. Francis]
-, Macclesfield's, Earl of
-, McGill's, Col. George, [disbanded], in the States' service
-, Maitland's, Brigadier James, for and in Fort William, reduction of
-, Melonnire's, Major General Isaac de la, French foot, in Ireland
-, Miremont's, Marquis de, French regiment of dragoons, in Ireland
-, Mitchelburn's, Col. John, commission in
-, Mordaunt's, Col. [Henry], disbanding rumour, at Jersey and Guernsey, at Portsmouth, see also Marines.
-, Mountjoy's, Lord, disbanded
-, Murray's, Lieutenant General [Robert], Scotch foot, in the States' service
-, Northcott's, Col. William, commissions in, disbanded
-, O'Hara's, Sir Charles, for Jersey and Guernsey, and see above, 7th Foot.
-, Orkney's, Earl of, commissions in, his company, and see above 1st Foot.
-, Ormonde's, Duke of
-, Oxford's, Earl of, commissions in, 1st colonel, and see above Royal Horseguards.
-, Parker's,
-, Peterborough's, Earl of, 1st colonel
-, Plymouth's, Earl of, 1st colonel
-, Puissar's, James, Marquis de, commissions in, in Ireland
-, Ramsay's, Major General [George]
-, Rivers', Lord. See above 3rd Lifeguards.
-, Romney's, Lord and see above 1st Footguards.
-, Ross, Col. Charles, commission in, for Ireland.
-, Row's, Col. Archibald, reduction of and see above 21st Foot.
-, St. George's, Sir George, commission in
-, Sanderson's, Col. Thomas, commissions in, disbandment of
-, Scarborough's, Earl of, 1st colonel
-, Schomberg's, Duke of
-, Selwyn's, Brigadier [William]
-, Seymour's, Col. [William], commissions in, see also Marines.
-, Shovell's, Sir Cloudesley. See Marines.
-, Shrewsbury's, Duke of, 1st colonel
-, Stanley's, Col. [James], for Ireland
-, Stewart's, Major General [William], commissions in, for and in Ireland, mutiny in
-, Stewart's, Major, Scotch infantry
-, Strathnaver's, Lord, in garrison at Maestricht, in the States' service
-, Teviot's, Viscount
-, Tidcombe's, Col. [John], commissions in, for and in Ireland, review of
-, Tiffin's, Brigadier Zachary, commission in, for and in Ireland
-, Trelawney's, Brigadier [Henry], commission in, court martial in
-, Webb's, Col. [John R.] for and in Ireland
-, Wolseley's, Col. [William], disbandment, petition of the six youngest troops reduced out of
-, Wood's, Col. [Cornelius]
-, Wyndham's, Brigadier Hugh, commissions in
-, Wrtemberg's, Duke of, in Ireland

Arnauld, Arnaud, Daniel, native of Orange, pass to return home
-, Simon, Marquis de Pomponne, his diplomatic converstions with Lord Portland, notes on Burgundy, etc., presented to and the warlike preparations of William III, postal agreement with, articles of

Arnell, David, licence to stay in England

Arnhem, Aernhem, Holland

Arran, Aran, Earl of. See Butler, Charles; Douglas, James.

Arrat, , lieutenant colonel, half-pay for

Arthur, Daniel, licence to return from France
-, Sir Daniel, outlaw, mortgagee

Articles of Bophin, claim under

Articles of Galway, claims under, commissioners to hear, method of proceeding upon

Articles of Limerick, Irish officers included in

Articles of Sligo, claims under

Artillery carriages. See Inventions.

Artillery officers, pay of, and see Firemasters; Fireworkers.

Artillery trains, disbandment of, establishment for, from Newfoundland, for the Great Mogul, and see Ireland, army in.

Artsen, Jacob, ensign in Bellasis's regiment, commission

Arundell, Elizabeth, licence to stay in England
-, Francis, licence to return from France

Ashby, George, elected M.P. for Leicestershire

Ashfield, Charles, ensign in Tidcombe's regiment, commission

Ashhurst. See Ashurst.

Ashton, John, a suspect
-, William, captain in the 1st regiment of guards

Ashurst, Ashhurst, Sir Henry, bill of credit held by letter to
-, Sir William, a commissioner of Excise, letter to, mentioned, M.P. for London

Asp, Andreas, a Swedish subject, discharge from the Navy

Assassination plot against William III, bill to secure the conspirators concerned in, passed by the Commons laws against popish priests enforced after discovery of pension for the discoverer of rumour of new plots and see Conspiracy.

"Assassins, the." See Conspirators.

Assiter, Christopher and Richard, arrest of

Assize herrings, Scotland, lease of

Assizes, proclamation against profaneness, etc., to be read at Cp. Scotland.

Association oaths, forfeitures and prosecution for neglecting to take See also Oaths.

Assurance. See Friendly Society.

Astrologers and astronomers, allusions to the predictions of

Astry, Sir Samuel, H.M. Attorney and Coroner

Athedononogh. See Aghadonagh.

Atheism, blasphemy and profaneness suppression bill [from the Lords] in the Commons
-, Sir John Philip's bill, "Bill of Religion," in the Commons in the Lords, and see Books, Catholic League, Jews, Papists, Polytheism, Press, Profaneness, Protestant religion, Scotland, Socinianism.

Athenry, Lord. See Birmingham, E.

Athlone, Earl of. See Ginkel, Godert de.

Athlone, cos. Roscommon and Westmeath, governor of, pay of, ordnance establishment for

Atkins, Attkins, Mrs., case of
-, John, lieutenant in the Coldstream Guards

Atkinson, Samuel, a commissioner for transportation, post warrant for

Attorney General, action brought by draft of privy seal for determining the E. I. Co. sent to, in the Commons, speaks in favour of Charles Duncombe, matters referred to, Irish bills referred to, letters to, letterapproved by opinions and reports of, petition to writ of error brought by
-, See also Law Officers; Trevor, Sir T.

Attorney and Coroner. See King's Attorney.

Attorney and/or Solicitor General. See Law Officers.

Attorneys, bill regulating the number to be in court
-, Cp. Counsel.

Auchclare. See Aclare.

Auchindrain in Coylton, co. Ayr, lands, fishings and mills

Auchmouty, John, late lieutenant of Edinburgh Castle, pay of

Auchterarne [? Auquhorane, co. Aberdeen], room, lands and mill

Audley, Audly, , a dissenting minister, murder by
-, Mary, licence to stay in England

Auer, , lieutenant colonel, soldier's discharge from

Auersperg, Aversberg, Aversperg, [Leopold], Comte d' Auersperg, envoy extraordinary from the Emperor, hounds exported by, movements of, papist chaplains in the service of yacht for

Aughrim, Aghrim, battle of prisoner taken at

Augier, Fra., subject of Orange, pass for
-, Pierre, native of Orange, pass for

Aumont, Louis Marie Victor d', et de Rochebaron, Duc d' Aumont, first gentleman of the bedchamber to Louis XIV

Aungier, Francis, Earl of Longford, commissioner for the Great Seal of Ireland, petition of

Auquhorane. See Auchterarne.

Auriol, John, [French silk merchant], suspect, his impeachment

Austin, Edward, lieutenant in the 1st regiment of guards
-, Sir John, bart., a commissioner of Customs

Auvergne, d'. See La Tour.

Auverquerc, Auverquerque. See Nassau.

Avalon, [Newfoundland], French privateer of

Avanant, Richard d', ensign in the first regiment of guards

Aversberg, Aversperg. See Auersperg.

Avignon, France, proposed withdrawal of James II to

Aylesbury, Aysleby, Charles, lieutenant in the Dublin regiment, French army, a suspect
-, Cp. Ailesbury.

Aylmer, Matthew, vice-admiral:
-, Commander in Chief of the Mediterranean Squadron, and see Mediterranean Sq.
-, letters to
-, to make and confirm treaties with Morocco for the redemption of British captives, commission and instructions, for restraining the Sally men, for trade
-, movements of
-, to visit and take presents for Barbary governments, and see Africa, Algiers, Tripoli, Tunis.

Ayloffe, Sir Benjamin, letter to

Aylward, Mr., a suspect

Ayr, Air, co. Ayr

Ayre and Calder, rivers, Yorkshire, bill in the Commons for making navigable

Aysleby. See Aylesbury.

Azza, Agillon ben, a poor Algerine, repatriation of