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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Backster, Henry, licence to stay in England

Bageon, John, a suspect

Bagnall, Anne, and her five children, licence to stay in England

Bail, escheated. See Law, points of.

Bailiffs and parliamentary privilege

Bailing, Patrick, Irish prisoner

Baird, , captain, his company

Baker, , returned from France without leave
-, George, late constable of Manningtree, petition of
-, Henry, captain, [solicitor to the Treasury], account of payments to informers, his proposals for preventing the exporting of wool, suspects arrested and discharged at the request of
-, John, licence to stay in England
-, Nicholas, [Treasury official], caveat entered by, memo. of Attorney General's opinion signed by, report by
-, Walter, returned from France without leave

Balbedie, co. Fife, lands and barony

Balcherrie. See Bellacherrie.

Baldrey, John, a suspect

Balfour, co. Fife. See Bethune.

Balfron parish, co. Sterling

Ball, Samuel, bombardier

Ballan. See Ballon.

Ballandro, co. Kincardine, lands and mains

Ballindrumney [Ballindrimna], co. Galway

Ballinvally, Ballynally, co. Carlow, lands

Ballon, Ballan, co. Carlow, lands

Ballure, co. Carlow, lands

Ballykeenan, Ballykinen, co. Carlow, lands

Ballylein, Ballyleen, co. Carlow, lands

Ballynally. See Ballinvally.

Balmakelly, Balmakellie, co. Kincardine, barony of, erection of, lands, market and fishings

Balnirie, co. Longford, town and lands

Bamber, Bendick, licence to stay in England

Bamfeild, George, licence to stay in England

Banahan, Owen, informer

Banbridge, Charles, licence to stay in England

Banbury peerage claim. See Knowles.

Bandon. See Bethune.

Bank, proposals in the Commons thought contrary to the nature and institution of a

Bank bills, acceptance by the Treasury of, instead of specie, debate in the Commons as to the currency, payment and value of

Bank of England:
-, compared with the E. I. Co.
-, may not issue more bills than its funds can meet
-, dividend of
-, general court of

Bankers' debts. See Finances of Wm. III, Civil List.

Bankruptcy, commission of

Bannerman, John, captain, his company

Bantry, co. Cork, regiments landed at

Baptist, John, surgeon in the Coldstream Guards

Barb, a. See Horses.

-, council of, complaint against, president of, see Bond, F.
-, councillor of
-, emigrant to
-, to Falmouth, duration of a passage from
-, governor of. See Gray, R.; Russell, F.
-, militia of
-, mutineers landed at
-, ship from
-, sugar works at, neglect of

-, coast of, squadron to cruise on, and see Mediterranean Sq.
-, governments of, treaties and trade relations with
-, governors of, presents for
-, horses from, purchase of, and see Marshall, R.
-, wool

Barbaut, , military pension for

Barbesieux. See Le Tellier, L. F. M.

Barbut. See La Bastide.

Barcas, George, licence to stay in England

Barclay, Sir George, [conspirator], his company paid off in France

Barenclough, Elizabeth, condemned prisoner, pardon for

Barfoot, William, licence to stay in England

Barges. See King's barges.

Barker, Henry, licence to stay in England

Barkly. See Berkeley.

Barkman, John, captain, deceased

Barley, price of

Barlow, Barloe, , captain, certificate of
-, Mr., a suspect, in custody
-, William, his behaviour in Brussels, his case, his return to and licence to stay in England

Barn, Ardagh barony, co. Longford, manor, town and lands

Barnachly, co. Kirkcudbright, land

Barna Darrick [Barnadarrig, Kerry or Queens]

Barnard, Lord. See Vane.

Barnard, Bernard, of Barnard Castle, co. Durham, barony of, creation of
-, Cp. Bernard.

Barnardiston, , captain, letters to, letter from, mentioned
-, Samuel, deputy lieutenant for Suffolk
-, "Old" Sir Samuel, M.P. for Suffolk, in the Commons, re-elected
-, Sir Thomas, bart., deputy lieutenant for Suffolk, petition of

Barnes, Clement, release of
-, John, ensign in Northcott's regiment
-, William, licence to stay in England

Barnet, Jn., highwayman

Barnewall, Barnewell, John, commonly called Lord Trimleston, licence to return from France, petition for pardon

Baron, John, captain, late clerk of the Privy Seal and register of the Court of Requests

Baronetcies, patents for, see Clark, S.; Dalrymple, H.; Dalrymple of Killoch, J.; Dumbar of Durn, ; Firebrace, Sir B.; Germain, Sir J.; Hope, Sir W.; Kennedy, A.; Powell, T.; Rogers, J.; Steward of Cultness, Sir T.; Tipping, T.; fees for

Baronies. See Peerages.

Baronies in Scotland, erection of. See under Scotland.

Barr, co. Ayr, lands

Barracks in Fort William, decayed condition of, in Ireland, building of, in Orange, lack of

Barrailleau, Peter, pardon for trading with the enemy

Barratt, Peter, papers disparaging

Barrau, David, invention patent

Barrell, William, lieutenant in the first regiment of horseguards, commission

Barry, , father-in-law to John Coleman, information against, gentleman usher to the queen of James II
-, James, captain, licence to stay in England
-, Jacques and Pierre, Irish prisoners
-, Richard, 2nd Lord Santry, mortgagor
-, Susanna, licence to stay in England, S.O.3. 20. f. 138v.

Bart, Mons. [Jean] de, goods seized by

Bartram, Thomas, licence to stay in England

Bas, Mons. de, [Richard le Bas], "our Marechall of the Ceremonies," his controversy with Mons. Fonseca

Basile, Ozea, servant to Sir J. Woodhouse, pass to travel

Basset, Bassett, John, a suspect

Bastille, The, prisoner in

Batchelour, Paul, captain of marines, half-pay for
-, William, guarantor

Bateman, James, a trustee for the new E. I. Co.

Bath, Earl of. See Granville, J.

Battle, Battell, co. Sussex, prisoners at

Baumont. See Beaumont.

-, Elector of. See Maximilian Emanuel.
-, Electoral Prince of. See Joseph Ferdinand.
-, Envoy Extraordinary to. See Hill, R.

Bavington, John, a suspect

Baxter, John, nailer, a suspect

Bay of Bulls. See Bulls.

Bay of Cadiz. See Cadiz.

Bayle, , military pension for

Bayles, Charles, a suspect

Bayly, , captain, returned from France without licence

Bayonne, France, postal regulations for mails to and from

Beachy [Head], co. Sussex, naval action (1696) off

Beaghn, Timothy, licence to stay in England

Beake, Abraham, a trustee for the new E. I. Co.,

Beans, price of

Bearcrofts. See Monro, Sir A.

Beatson, William, tenant

Beaucleare, Dorothy de, licence to stay in England

Beauclerk, Charles, Lord Burford, grant in trust of the office of Register of the Court of Chancery
-, Duke of St. Albans, complaint of his conduct in Paris, envoy from Wm. III to Louis XIV, grant of Register of the Court of Chancery to, licence to stay in England, movements of

Beaujeu, , military pension for

Beaumont, Mr., a suspect

Beaumont, Baumont, Belgium, disputed claim to

Beauvoir, James de, act between Renouf and

Bechsteiner, Conrad, pass for France

Beckford, Beechford, Peter, deputy governor of Jamaica, commission
-, junior, pardon of murder for, petition and caveats against

Bed seized by Customs

Bedford, , coiner, information against

Bedford gaol, keeper of, letter to

Beds, English, compared with French, and see French.

Beds for bomb-vessels

Beechford. See Beckford.

Beechun, Joseph, exporter of wool into France

Beeralston, Beralston, Burlestone (in Beer-Ferris, co. Devon), parliamentary election for, M.P.'s for, see Gwynn, Sir R.; Hawles, Sir T.; Hobart, Sir H.

Beeston, Sir William, lieutenant governor of Jamaica, pardon for not taking the oaths, petition re

Begeshill, co. Aberdeen, lands

Beilhaven. See Belhaven.

Belasyse. See Bellasis.

Belcastel, [Pierre de], brigadier, military passes from, his regiment, see Army, regiments.

Belgrade, Turkey, treaty between the Emperor and Turkey mediated at

Belhaven, Beilhaven, Lord. See Hamilton.

Bell, Philip, licence to stay in England

Bellacherries [? Balcherrie], Easter and Wester, co. Ross, town and lands

Bellasis, Belasyse, Bellasise, Bellasyse, Sir Henry, lieutenant-general, his regiment, see Army, regiments.
-, John, licence to stay in England
-, Rowland, licence to return from France
-, Thomas, licence to stay in England
-, lieutenant in Bellasis's regiment, commission

Bellet, , military pension for

Bellew, , captain, licence to stay in England
-, Richard, Lord Bellew, licence to stay in England

Bellingham, Mons., recommendation from
-, Sir Richard, discharged from a debt

Bellomont, Earl of. See Coote, R.

Belye, Henry, soldier, pass from the Hague

Benbow, John, Rear Admiral, commanding squadron for the West Indies, his flagship, movements of, see also West Indies.

Beneficial grants. See Crown grants.

Benhada, former Morocco ambassador in England, re translation of a letter from

Benholm, co. Kincardine, harbour, white fishing and "stone" of

Benn, Thomas, a prisoner

Bennet, Bennett, Henry, Earl of Arlington, postal treaty with France (in 1670) made by
-, Isabella, Countess of Arlington, ball given by
-, John, quartermaster in the first regiment of guards

Bentinck, William, Earl of Portland, ambassador extraordinary to France; and see viii-xx.
-, secretary to, certificate from, and see Henning; Prior, M.
-, letters from, to Wm. III, to Sir J. Williamson, complains that his private letters to Holland are stopped and opened
-, letters to, mentioned
-, scheme for postal treaty with France to be communicated to, to be informed if Mons. Pajot makes difficulties
-, postal service for, complains he is badly served, and see Messengers.
-, his baggage, equipage, etc., delayed by flooding of the Seine, in Paris, packed for his return
-, journey to and movements in France
-, his lodgings in Whitehall. See Whitehall fire.
-, secret instructions to
-, takes leaves of the King, certificate
-, and the Dauphin. See Louis, the Dauphin.
-, comments on proceedings in the Commons
-, requests someone be sent to report on "the true state of affairs,"
-, commission for St. Christophers not sent to
-, his public entry into Paris: delayed, ceremonial difficulties of, and his method of dealing with them, account of the ceremonial for the use of his successors to be prepared by Mr. Prior, "an extraordinary concourse" watch it, compared with Tallard's into London, and see Paris, Pont Neuf.
-, conversations and negotiations with French ministers. See Arnauld, Simon, Marquis de Pomponne; Boufflers; Colbert, J. B., Marquis de Torcy; Neufville, F. de, Marshal de Villeroy.
-, and Louis XIV: audiences, private, "quite alone," public, farewell, audience de cong, See also Louis XIV and below Spanish succession.
-, on Lord Sunderland's "withdrawal,"
-, and the French court: his flattering reception, difficulties with "professional flatterers" and "grumblers," unlike anything he has ever seen, his "inflexibility" approved by, complains of being misrepresented by
-, demands the removal of James II, his subsequent silence on the subject and see James II.
-, protests against the conspirators remaining at the French court and requires them to be handed over, and see Conspirators.
-, on furniture, gardens, hunting and huntsmen. See under several subjects.
-, asks for further instruction, for writing letters to be shewn to William III's ministers
-, and prisoners in France. See Prisoners.
-, distrusts his "powers of speech," characterizes himself as "not lacking in self-control," as "too dogmatic and obstinate,"
-, crown grants to, proceeding in the Commons on
-, is disinclined to stay long in France, impatient to rejoin the King, asks leave to return, granted
-, his heavy expenses
-, his successor, urges his appointment, approves of Lord Jersey's appointment, and see Villiers, E., Earl of Jersey.
-, disputes on etiquette at his reception at the hotel of the ambassadors
-, keeps on good terms with Monsieur and Madame, entertained by Monsieur at St. Clouds
-, his conduct approved by William III
-, describes Mademoiselle
-, doubts the genuinness of Louis XIV
-, and the Spanish succession:
-, receives the French proposals, his surprise at their nature, asks for details, sends them to William III, the "new alternatives," xvii
-, expresses his private views and professes ignorance of William III's
-, his discussions with Louis XIV
-, advises William III as to negotiating with Tallard, to "insist on" Gibraltar, to be very firm on all points
-, complains that foreign envoys know of the proposals
-, requires better guarantees than "mere papers" for the safety of trade, prefers to depend on fortified places
-, agrees it would be dangerous for him to sign a treaty
-, appointed commissioner by William III
-, rejects Louis XIV's suggestions re St. Domingo and the Mediterranean
-, honours done to, to be repaid to Count Tallard
-, his daughter's illness
-, anxiety and "regrets" about Lord Shrewsbury, hopes his return will unite the Whigs
-, notes presented by
-, proposal made to, re a new sort of tar
-, the "show" he made in France
-, and the discovery of a new "St. Germain's plot,"
-, and the Prince de Vaudemont, visits him at Notre Dame de Liesse, and see Lorraine, C. H. de.
-, his negotiations as to Burgundy and Orange. See Burgundy, Isenguien, Orange.
-, to treat for the restoration of Dunkirk
-, proposed visits to houses and gardens in the environs of Paris
-, swindled by Davits
-, incivility of Lord Feversham's relatives to
-, his good reception in France
-, retinue and servants of, transport for
-, opinion of Mons. de Heemskerke's ability
-, leave-taking visits and formalities prior to his return to England
-, and the demand for the release of Jennings and Mackdonnel
-, yachts for
-, and the Prince de Cond
-, Louis XIV's gift to
-, to visit fortified towns in Flanders, xix
-, appointment for, rumoured
-, at Sir G. Rooke's near Canterbury
-, received by the King
-, expenses for
-, recommendation of
-, ranger of Windsor Great Park
-, custody of Windsor Little Park conferred on
-, Henry styled Viscount Woodstock, confirmation of a grant of estates in Ireland to

Bentley, co. Worcester

Beralston. See Beeralston.

Berchet. See Burchett.

Bergen-op-Zoom, Bergenopzoone, Holland, merchant of, military discharges dated at

Berger, Madame de. See Du Cros.

Beringhen, Jacques Louis, Marquis de, "Mr. le Premier,"

Berionde, John, merchant, denization of

Berkeley, Barkley, Berkly, , a suspect
-, Charles, Viscount Dursley, ambassador to Turkey Count Tallard received by
-, George, Earl of Berkeley, and Lord Normanby, health of
-, John, Lord Fitzhardinge, elected M.P. for Windsor
-, Richard, lieutenant in the first regiment of guards
-, William, Lord Berkeley, Master of the Rolls, Ireland, appointed commissioner to hear Chancery cases

Berkenhead. See Birkenhead.

Berkley. See Berkeley.

Berkshire, assizes for, trial at

Berlin, state of British affairs at, traveller to

Bermingham, Edward, Lord Athenry, pardon of outlawry for

Bermuda, Bermudos, governor of (S. Day), ordnance stores for

Bernant, de, colonel, his regiment. See Army, regiments.

Bernard, Ant., military pension for
-, Jac., military pension for
-, Mathew, pass from the Hague
-, Cp. Barnard.

Bernardon, , military pension for

Berne, Switzerland, peace celebration at

Berns, , sends news to Maxmilian Emanuel [from Spain]

Berry, a duke of, as King of Spain, And see Charles, Duke of Berry.

Bertie, Charles, licence to stay in England
-, Mrs. [Elizabeth], wife of [James], ne Willoughby, niece and heir of John Cary, her marriage
-, James, Earl of Abingdon, his submission to the Lords for his son [Robert]
-, [James], second son of the Earl of Abingdon, cause in the Lords between Lord Falkland and
-, Peregrine, customs officer, London, seizure made by
-, lieutenant in Carmarthen's marine regiment, commission
-, Robert, [M.P. for Westbury], his reflections on the Lord Chancellor, requested to attend the Lords on account of
-, Robert, Earl of Lindsey, warrant to

Bervie otherwise Inverbervie or Innerbervie, co. Kincardine, lands called Sillieflett

Berwick, Duke of. See Fitz James.

Berwick, North. See North Berwick.

Besanon, France, parlements of, decrees and judgments of

Bescawen, Mr., case in the King's Bench concerning

Bethum. See Bethune.

Bethune, Bethun, Bethum, of Balfour, David, heretor in Kilrenny
-, of Brandon, David, advocate, nominated commissary of St. Andrews

Beverton, Mr., recommendation of services of

Bewdley, co. Worcester, coiner at

Bezoar trade of the E. I. Co.

Bickerstaff, Sir Charles, money due from

Bideford, co. Devon, mayor of, letter to, post warrant to

Bidlo [Bidloo, Guillaume, schepen of Rotterdam], may aspire to be a member of the Vroedtschap

Bidulph, Francis and John, licences to return from France

Bigamy and polygamy, proposals for the easier discovery of, etc.

Bignoll, Charles, brickmaker, accused of coining

Bignoux, , military pension for

Bilbao, Bilboa, Spain, ship for

Billers, John, sheriff of Hertfordshire, licence of absence

Bills of Exchange, acceptance of, see Exchequer bills; theft of

Birch, Dr. [Peter], words reflecting on, duel on account of

Bird, , a suspect
-, Edward, pardon for
-, George, warrant for
-, John, master boat builder at Portsmouth, to be relieved of appointment as collector of the 3s. aid

"Birds, the two," coiners, one a prisoner

Birkenhead, Berkenhead, [William], a conspirator, employed in carrying letters in France, at St. Germains, warrant for his arrest

Birkie Muir, co. Haddington

Birnie, Edward, Irish prisoner

Birnie, Walter, pension of, arrears of

Births, registration of, proposals for regulating

Bishe, , a suspect

Bishop, Elizabeth, licence to stay in England

"Bishop, the." See Obeilh, J. J.

Bishop's Stortford, Storfford, co. Herts., Hadham Hall near

"Bishops, the" vote of, in the Lords, "how the law and the Gospel may differ,"

Bishops' courts and common register

Bishops' rents. See Scotland.

Bisset, Bissett, Alexander, son of Robert, grant of lands
-, Andrew, captain lieutenant in the Coldstream Guards
-, of Lessendrum, Robert, lease of lands to

Black, Jaques, Irish prisoner

Blackader. See Hume, Sir J.

Blackbarony. See Murray, Sir A.

Blackbourn, Mr., secretary to the new E. I. Co., letter to

Blackcastle, co. Haddington, free barony of, and see Hepburn, Sir P.

Blackcraig, co. Kirkcudbright, lands

Blackmoor. Cp. Blackstone, R.
-, , returned from France without licence, arrest of
-, John, licence to stay in England

Black Rod, formerly custodian of the small park at Windsor, gentleman-usher of, see Mitchell, D.; Shepherd, Sir F.

Blackstone, Richard, a suspect
-, Cp. Blackmoor.

Blackwell, Sir Lambert, British envoy at Florence, to the republic of Genoa and Grand Duke of Tuscany, to enquire into complaint against Mr. Burrows [Consul at Leghorn], expense for, and the installation of M. Capol as a knight
-, Samuel, letter from

Blair, Alexander, soldier, pass from the Hague
-, Hugh, late Dean of Guild of Edinburgh, grant of an escheat to
-, See also Colvill.

Blaithwayt, Blaithwhite. See Blathwayt.

Blake, , master of the John and Elizabeth
-, Francis, of Moyne, pardon for
-, Martyn, son of Francis, pardon for
-, Peter, of Corbally, petition for pardon
-, Thomas, licence to stay in England
-, Walter, of Oran, pardon for

Blakiston, Blakeston, Nathaniel, colonel, appointed governor of Maryland

Blanc [Blanco], Cape, trade duties on the African coast between Cape Mount and, discussed in the Commons

Blancard, le chevalier, a suspect
-, John, late provost marshal of Jamaica

Blanco. See Blanc.

Bland, William, licence to stay in England

Blasphemy, bill against, passed in the Lords, proclamation against, punishment for, and see Atheism.

Blathwayt, Blaithwayt, Blaithwhite, William
-, to attend the King in Holland
-, a commissioner of trade, letter signed by
-, letters from
-, official papers received from
-, patentee of offices of Clerk of the Crown, etc., Ireland
-, Secretary at war to William III, post warrant for

Bleake, William, wool exporter, arrest

Blecke, Gilbert, merchant of Rotterdam, pass from the Hague

Blench duties. See Dues, feudal.

Blessington, Viscount. See Boyle, Murragh.

Blisson, [Charles, griffier of Orange], note concerning the churches and walls of Orange from

Blois, de. See Bourbon, F. M. de.

Blue foot guards. See Army, regiments.

Blue squadron. See Navy.

Blundell, Sir Francis, M.P. in Ireland, caveat entered by, petition for grant of forfeited lands in Ireland
-, Samuel, a suspect

Blunt, Lyster, licence to stay in England

Blyth. See Plenderleith.

Boat builder. See Master boat builder.

Boba Hassan, Dey of Algiers, a friend of Britain, succession of

Bodenham, William, lieutenant in the first regiment of guards

Bodine, Robert, licence to stay in England

Boffin. See Bophin.

Bogie, Lady. See Johnson, Mary.

Bohun, [George, M.P. for Coventry], Governor and late Governor of the E. I. Co., speaks in the Commons

Boice. See Boyce.

Boig, Hugh, writer in Edinburgh, tenant

Boisbelan, , military pension for

Boistaquet, , military pension for

Boll (malt measure)

Bolles, Sir John, [M.P. for Lincoln city], in the Commons

Bolton, Boulton, Duke of. See Paulet, C.

Bombardiers of artillery, for bombvessels, mathematical qualifications for, pay of

Bombay, island of, granted to the new E. I. Co.

Bomb-vessels, ketches. See Mediterranean squadron; Navy.

Bonard, Vincent, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Bond, Francis, President of the Council of Barbados, petition on behalf of
-, Sir Henry, bart., licence to return from France, pardon and reversal of outlawry

Bonde, [Karl], Comte de, Swedish Ambassador Extraordinary:
-, audiences given by William III to, private, public, at Windsor, farewell
-, detained at Rotterdam
-, Garter ornaments of the late King of Sweden returned by
-, goods of, Customs inspection of
-, letter to
-, his plate, liberty to carry out
-, present from William III to
-, public entry, "made no great appearance,"
-, his retinue and reputation
-, his wife and son, present from William III to
-, yacht for

Bone lace, patrons of, reprimanded, trader in

Boniface, Lewis, ensign in Belcastel's regiment, commission

Bonneuil, Lord of. See Harlay, N. A. de.

Bonneuil, [Michel Chabanat de], introducer of ambassadors at the French Court, and Lord Portland, his impertinent behaviour

Bonrepos, Bonrepaux, [Francois Dusson de, French ambassador at the Hague]

Bontoux, , military pension for

Books, customs duty on, importation of
-, Cp. Library.

Books and pamphlets: containing doctrines against the Holy Trinity, etc., prohibition of the publication of, ordered to be burned, seditious, warrant to search for
-, And see:
-, Advice about choosing a Speaker.
-, An history of standing armies in England.
-, [Case of Ireland's being bound, etc.]
-, Charters granted to the East India Company from
-, Iconologia.
-, Irish Statutes.
-, Prince of Orange's 3rd Declaration dated at Sherborne.
-, Statutes of the Order of the Garter.

Booth, Edward, invention patent for
-, Laurence, keeper of Chester gaol, petition of, granted office of Constable of Chester castle
-, Sarah, coiner, pardon for

Bophin, Lord. See Bourk, J.

Bophin, Boffin, articles of. See Articles.

Bordeaux, Bourdeaux, France, franked letters, regulation of postal charges for, bags and seals for, ship for

Borlase, Humphrey, licence to stay in England

Born, Borne, Burn, Burne, , returned from France without licence
-, Gerard, employment in the Customs for
-, Martin, mariner, condemned for mutiny, petition of, pardon for

Boroughs, liberty of, and parliamentary elections

Boson, Elizabeth, widow of Joseph, petition for a pension
-, Joseph, late wharfinger at Exeter, his services to Wm. III

Bosque. See Petit.

Boston, Viscount. See Nassau.

Boston, co. Lincoln, creation of viscounty of

Bottomry, restrictions on the new E. I. Co. re

Bouchain, France, Lord Portland to visit

Boucher, Mr., gamester, his "ill luck,"

Boufflers, Bouflers, [Louis Franois de], Marshal de, his conversations, etc., with Lord Portland

Bouillon. See La Tour.

Boulogne, France, Lord Portland at

Boulter, William, (an officer of the Ordnance), letter signed by

Boulton, Samuel, licence to stay in England
-, Cp. Bolton.

Bounty. See Pensions.

Bourbon, Armand de, Marquis of Miremont, petition of, his regiment. See Army, regiments, Miremont's.
-, Franoise Marie de, (de Blois), Duchesse de Chartres, her representative at Lord Portland's reception, her health
-, Henri Jules de, Prince de Cond, "the Prince," "Monsieur le Prince,"
-, Louis Anguste de, Duc de Maine, Prince de Dombes and Comte d' Eu, state visit to Lord Portland

Bourdeaux. See Bordeaux.

Bourdin, , military pension for

Bourges, France, widow du Cros allowed to leave

Bourgogne, comt de, see Burgundy, Duchy of; intendant de la, see Desmarets, J. B., Sr. de Vaubourg.

Bourh, William, a suspect

Bourke, Bourk, Burk, Burke, David, licence to stay in England
-, John, commonly called Lord Bophin, bill for restoring his estates, etc., caveat against, licence to stay in England
-, late of Tyrrelan, pardon for, petition of, sons to be educated as protestants
-, Richard, Earl of Clanricard, his regiment. See Army, regiments: Clanricard's.
-, Thomas, captain, petition for pardon
-, first lieutenant of marines, half-pay for
-, Ulick, Viscount Galway, deceased, estate of, caveat against grant of
-, William, of Barna Darrick, licence to return to England

Bourn. See Eastbourne.

Bouvignes, Belgium, disputed claim to

Bowen, Morris, sheriff of Pembrokeshire, licence of absence

Bowers, Richard, licence to stay in England

Bowles, Tobias, licence to stay in England

Bowman, Thomas, leave to enter the service of Peter the Great
-, William, licence to stay in England

Bowy, Mr., English minister at the Hague

Boyce, Boice, Boys, , captain, returned from France without licence
-, Nathaniel, licence to stay in England

Boyd, James, captain, his company

Boyer, , military pension for

Boyle, Boyll, Mr., of Ormond Quay, Dublin
-, Alexander, licence to stay in England
-, Charles, 2nd Earl of Burlington, value of estate left to
-, Henry, legacy for
-, [Henry, M.P. for Cambridge University], in the Commons
-, Lionel, Earl of Orrery, lapse money for
-, Murragh, Viscount Blessington, a commissioner for the Great Seal of Ireland
-, Richard, 1st Earl of Burlington, death of

Boyle of Kelburn, David, appointments in Scotland: commissioner for auditing Treasury accounts, of the Exchequer, for settling the communication of trade, privy councillor

Boys. See Boyce.

Brabazon, Edward, Earl of Meath, a commissioner for the Great Seal of Ireland, petition for grant of forfeited lands in Ireland

Bradbury, , captain, his company of marines
-, William, (? same), captain of marines, half-pay for
-, ensign in the Coldstream Guards, commission

Braddyll, Bradyll, John, captain, licence to return from France

Bradock, Edward, lieutenant colonel and captain in the Coldstream Guards

Bradshaw, George, licence to stay in England
-, Henry, a suspect

Brady, Edward, coiner and highwayman, information against, a prisoner in Ireland at Chester
-, John, licence to stay in England

Bradyll. See Braddyll.

Bramptham [? Brampton, co. Suffolk], suspects at

Brand, , captain, his company

-, British envoy extraordinary to. See Stepney.
-, Elector of. See Frederick III.
-, Electress, "Electrice" of. See Sophia Charlotte.
-, envoy from, action by, letter to, yacht for
-, late minister from. See Dankelman.
-, ministers of, restitution of the island of Tortola demanded by
-, subjects of, denization of

Brandon, Lord. See Gerard.

Brandyshops, proposal for licencing

Bransby, Peter, servant to the Marquis of Tavistock, pass from the Hague

Brathwayt, Brathwaite, Francis, licence to return from France

Brauw. See Brewer.

Bray, Susannah, licence to stay in England

Brayne, Christopher, late Recorder of Oswestry

Brecon county, M.P. for. See Williams, Sir E.

Breda, Holland, hospital of, soldiers' discharges dated at

Bredon, Breedon, co. Worcester, coiners from

Bremen, letter to Wm. III from, mentioned, Swedish pretentions to, trade relations with, see Trade.

Brenan, Timothy and Eleanor his wife, returned from France without licence

Brest, France, squadron fitted out at

Breton, Bretton, Britton, Robert, of the Middle Temple, elected Recorder of Daventry
-, Samuel, seaman, condemned for mutiny, report on, petition of, sentence to be executed on
-, William, lieutenant in the first regiment of guards

Brewer, Brauw, [Richard], colonel, his regiment. See Army, regiments.

Breweries. See Fort William; Phenix Brewhouse.

Brewers, corporation of, in Dublin, illegal practices of

Brewster, Sir Francis, petition for a lease of lands co. Kerry

Brexton, [Clifford]. captain, his company

Bribery and hospitality at parliamentary elections, the Commons to distinguish between

Bridge. See Bridges.

Bridgeman. See Bridgman.

Bridger, John, agent for naval stores in New England, letter from, mentioned

Bridges, Bridge; and see Brydges.
-, Sir Matthew, his regiment, see Army, regiments; petition of
-, Robert, ensign in Bridge's regiment, commission
-, of Dublin, money borrowed by

Bridges. See Paris, Pont Neuf.

Bridgman, Bridgeman, Mr., of the council chamber
-, [William], secretary and late secretary to the Admiralty, letter to, his resignation

Bridgnorth, co. Salop, post warrant to

Bridgwater, co. Somerset, M.P. for, see Hoare, [R.].

Brieux, Andrew, invention patent for

Briggs, William, physician in ordinary, licence to print

Brill, The, or Brielle, Holland, prize taken to

Brine pits, proceedings in the Commons re
-, See also Salt.

Briscoe, Temple, captain, petition for grant of office of Marshal of the Four Courts, Ireland

Bristol, Earl of. See Digby, John.

Bristol, co. Gloucester, magistrates of, representation of, mayor of, letters to, suspects at, search for

Bristow, John, captain in the first regiment of guards

British seas, extent of. See International law.

Brittain, Brittaine. Cp. Breton.
-, James, warrant to be directed to
-, William, adjutant in the first regiment of guards

Britton. See Breton.

Broadlaey, Broadway, co. Carmarthen

Broad money. See Money.

Broad seal, Commons maintain their commitments against discharges under

Broadway. See Broadlaey.

Brocades, Brocatelles

Brocket, Mr., of Middle Temple Lane

Brodt, John, (ref. 1) licence to stay in England

Brohensen, John, captain, his company

Broker, Richard, returned from France without licence

Bromesgrove. See Bromsgrove.

Bromfield, John, ranger of the New Forest, grant
-, Originall, a suspect, returned from France without licence
-, William, licence to stay in England

Bromley, John, a suspect

Bromley, co. Stafford. See Gerard.

Bromsgrove, Bromesgrove, co. Worcester, coiners at

Brooker, Paul, a suspect
-, William, a suspect

Brooks, Brookes, John, licence to stay in England
-, a suspect
-, William, a suspect

Broome, John, late commander of the America Merchant, Admiralty court case against

Broomhall. See Bruce.

Brotherton, [Thomas, M.P. for Newton], in the Commons

Brough, James, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Brown, Browne, Barbara, and her daughters Barbara, Elizabeth, Mary, licence to stay in England for, her niece, see Roper, Elizabeth.
-, Daniel, captain, pass from the Hague
-, Edmond, licence to stay in England
-, Elizabeth. See above Barbara.
-, George, of Neale, co. Mayo, petition for pardon
-, Hugh, clerk of the bullion in Scotland, salary of
-, Jane, condemned prisoner, petition and pardon
-, Joan, condemned prisoner, petition for pardon
-, John, licence to stay in England
-, son of George
-, surgeon of the second troop of horseguards, commission
-, a suspect
-, Katherine, wife of Nicholas, pass from the Hague
-, Mary. See above Barbara.
-, Nicholas, soldier
-, Sir Nicholas or Nicholas Baker, 4th baronet, and 2nd Viscount Kenmare, his forfeited estates in co. Kerry, petition for a lease of, licence to stay in England
-, Rupert, his timber rights in Needwood Forest, letter to
-, Thomas, judgment for
-, first lieutenant of marines, half-pay for
-, returned from France without leave
-, Sir Valentine, 3rd baronet, and 1st Viscount Kenmare, his forfeited estate, co. Kerry, petition for lease of
-, William, a suspect

Brownstown, Ireland

Brownsworth, Hannah, licence to stay in England

Bruce, , captain, company of
-, , lieutenant-colonel, half-pay for
-, [Charles], Lord Ailesbury, parliamentary candidate for Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire
-, Thomas, Earl of Ailesbury, refused licence to stay in England

Bruce of Broomhall, Sir Alexander, pension for

Brudenall, Robert, adjutant in Fairfax's regiment, commission
-, Thomas, colonel, his regiment. See Army, regiments; Marines, regiments.

Bruges, Belgium, soldier's discharges dated at

Brunevalle, , military pension for

Brunswick-Lunebourg: Elector and Dukes of, envoy extraordinary to, see Cresset, J.; House of, history of, to be written

Bruntbrae. See Martin.

Brussels, Bruxels, Bruxelles:
-, army at the gates of
-, Mr. Barlow's behaviour at
-, Dykvelt at
-, envoy extraordinary at. See Hill, R.
-, late envoy at. See Wolseley.
-, hospital in
-, letter dated at
-, letters to, intercepted
-, persons desiring leave to return to England in, espionage proposals re
-, prisoners taken by the French at and near
-, William III at

Bruxby, Mr., petition of

Bruxels, Bruxelles. See Brussels.

Bryan, Bryean, Bryenne, , military pension for
-, Mr., movements and health of
-, Jean, Irish prisoner of war
-, Robert, licence to stay in England

Brydges, James, 8th Baron Chandos, candidate for appointment as ambassador to Turkey, and see Bridges.

Bryean, Bryenne. See Bryan.

Brysson, John, writer in Glasgow, appointed commissary of Hamilton and Campsie

Buchan, Earl of. See Erskine, David.

Buchan, John, colonel, half-pay for, his regiment. See Army, regiments.

Buchan, Scotland, lands of forest of

Buchannan of Carbeth, John the elder, and Moses his second son, lease of lands

Buck, Christopher, lieutenant in Carmarthen's regiment of marines, commission
-, Samuel, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Buck-hounds. See Royal Buck-hounds.

Buckinghamshire, parliamentary election in

Buckwheat, price of

Bullion, see West Indies, Dutch men-of-war; clerk of the, (Scotland), see Brown, H.

Bullock, John, informer

Bulls, Bay of, [Spain, N. of Cadiz], French squadron in

Burau, , military pension for

Burchalt, Elizabeth, pass to go abroad

Burchett, Berchet, Josiah, "sole" secretary to the Admiralty

Burden, Burdin, Herbert, returned from France without leave
-, Thomas, licence to stay in England

Burdett, Burdit, Edward, licence to stay in England
-, John, invention petition

Burdin. See Burden.

Burdit. See Burdett.

Burford, Lord. See Beauclerk, C

Burgeois, Mons., his memorial

Burgess, Samuel, pirate, recommended for pardon

Burgesses, election of. See Exeter; Westminster.

Burghley, Burleigh, Lord. See Cecil, J.

Burgundy, Duchess of, see Maria Adelaide; Duke of, see Louis, Duke of Burgundy.

Burgundy, duchy of, Comt de Bourgogne:
-, deputies of, considered unfitted to act as commissioners for William III, and see Heemskerck.
-, intendants and parlement of, Cp. Besanon; Tournay; Desmaret, J. B., Sr. de Vaubourg.
-, William III's property, its restoration under the treaties of Munster, Nimeguen and Ryswick, notes concerning, order for, signed by Louis XIV, privy seal for
-, See also Crevant, M. T. de; Gand, L. de.

Burials, registration of, proposals for regulating

Buringreen. See Burngrain.

Burk, Burke. See Bourke.

Burleigh. See Burghley.

Burlestone. See Beeralston.

Burlington, Earl of. See Boyle, Charles.

Burn, Burne. See Born.

Burnet, Gilbert, bishop of Salisbury, to be tutor to the Duke of Gloucester, rumoured, servant to, see Hoskins, H.
-, John, a highwayman
-, Robert, killed in a duel
-, William, major, half-pay for

Burngrain, Buringreen, co. Haddington, lands

Burnham, Benjamin, a suspect

Burning in the hand as a punishment for manslaughter

Burnley, Richard, post warrant for

Burrard, John, late ranger of New Forest

Burrows, Burroughs, Mr., [consul at Leghorn], complaint against
-, Thomas, recommended for the Charterhouse

Burton, [Bartholomew, Receiver General and Cashier of Excise], accused by Marriot
-, charges and bill against, in the Commons, in the Lords
-, committed to Newgate
-, estate of, left by his uncle Tillingham, as to forfeiture of
-, proposal to allow bail for, rejected
-, proposed prosecution of, at Westminster Hall

Burwashe, , his affidavits

Burwell, Dr. Thomas, fellow and late censor of the College of Physicians, London, petition of

Burworth, John, returned from France without leave

Bury St. Edmunds, co. Suffolk, gaol of, prisoner in, letter sent to Captain Barnardiston at

Bussy; and see Le Jay de Bussy.
-, , a suspect
-, Mons. de, trial of

Butcher, John, grant of quit rents in Queen's county to

Butler, , of the Exchequer Office, letter to
-, , captain, a suspect
-, Charles, Earl of Arran, his regiment. See Army, regiments, Arran's.
-, Edward, in England without licence
-, licence to stay in England
-, Henrietta, sister of James, Duke of Ormond, wife of Earl of Grantham
-, James, licence to stay in England
-, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, appointment rumour, caveat entered by, entertains Count Tallard, in Flanders, his house in St. James's Sq., movements of, his regiment, see Army, regiments, Ormonde's; tenant of, yacht for
-, John, of West Chester, late a slave in Sallee, pass from the Hague
-, Sir Nicholas, licence to stay in England
-, Thomas, colonel, petition for pardon
-, Tobias, Irish prisoner
-, Walter, licence to stay in England

Butter, exported from Ireland

Buttrice, Robert, exporter of wool into France

Butts, Daniel, licence to stay in England

Byerly, [Robert, M.P. for Knaresborough], colonel, in the Commons

Byron, Sir Edward, grant of forfeited lands to