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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Cabileon, , major, half-pay for

Cabinet council, matters referred to, William III at, Cp. Charles II, King of Spain; Conseil d' Etat.

Cabinet makers. See Joiners.

Cabrera, Thomas Enriquez de, Duke of Medine de Rio Secco, Count Melgar, hereditary admiral of Castile, "the admiral," reported government changes against

Cadboe [? Cadboll], chaplands of, diocese of Moray, lands held of

Cadboll, Catboll, co. Ross, town and lands

Caddick, John, licence to stay in England

Cadets. See Army.

-, Bay of, French squadron going to
-, the flota at (1697) See also Spanish galleons.
-, Mediterranean squadron at
-, report from
-, Sallee slave returned via
-, ship from

Cadwell, Patrick, Irish prisoner

Caen, France, franked letters to and from, regulation of charges on

Cage, Vavasor, ensign in the first regiment of guards

-, governor of. See La Tour.
-, letter dated at
-, mails to, from and via, regulation of charges, etc., ships for
-, packet boats, agreement for reestablishing, signed at and see Dover.
-, and Paris, journey between postal service between, regulation of charges for See also Messengers.
-, Lord Portland at, for and from
-, post office at, negotiations for re-establishing See also Postal treaty.
-, Count Tallard for and at
-, travellers from and to
-, yachts for

Calanan, , captain, of St. Germains

Calder, river. See Ayre.

Callendar, Edward, licence to stay in England

Callires, [Franois de], appointed "secretaire du cabinet" by Louis XIV

Callis, Manley, first lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Callow, Christian, condemned prisoner, petition and pardon

Calquhoon. See Colquhoun.

Calvert, Benedict Leonard, licence to stay in England

Cambray, France, fortress at, Lord Portland to visit

Cambridge university, M.P. for, See Boyle, H.; vice-chancellor of, See James. H.; Gonville and Caius College, late student of, Magdalen College

Cambridgeshire, deputy lieutenants of, names of, M.P. for, See Cullen, Sir R.

Cambridgeshire knight, quarrel at an election of, Cp. Elections, parliamentary.

Camelford, co. Cornwall, M.P. for. See Molesworth, R.

Camilly, , a French dancing master

Camnock. See Cumnock.

Campbell, , complaint against and arrest of
-, , captain, company of
-, Archibald, Duke of Argyll, appointments in Scotland: commissioner for auditing Admiralty accounts, for settling the communication of trade, privy councillor, lease of assize herrings to, his regiment, See Army. regiments, Argyll's.
-, Lord Lorne, his regiment, See Army, regiments: Lorne's.
-, Daniel, tailor of Edinburgh, appointed King's master tailor
-, Hugh, Earl of Loudoun, appointments in Scotland: commissioner for auditing Admiralty accounts, for auditing Treasury accounts, for settling the communication of trade, of the Exchequer, privy councillor

Campbell of Aberuchell, Sir Colin, privy councillor and commissioner of the Exchequer, Scotland

Campbell of Cesnock, Sir George, grant of lands to, privy councillor of Scotland

Campbelltown, co. Ayr, land, salmon fishing, wrack and wair

Camphire, [? Kampen in Overijssel, Holland], marquis of, see William III; town of, staple port in, convention of royal burghs to ratify contract for

Campsie, co. Stirling. See Hamilton.

Canarius, Dr. James, death of

Candle, Robert, mayor of Thetford, complaint against

Candlemas Day, ball at St. James's on

Candles, duty on, proposed in the Commons

Cane, Anne, licence to stay in England

Canisbay, Cannesbie, co. Caithness, lands

-, arrest at
-, marines from
-, mayor of, letter to
-, Sir G. Rooke's house near
-, William III at church in

Canterbury, archbishop of, See Tenison, T.; late archbishop, See Tillotson, J.

Cape Blanc. See Blanc.

Cape Finistere. See Finistere.

Cape Mount. See Mount.

Cape of Good Hope, ships off, and see Mount, Cape.

Capel, Capell, Algernon, Earl of Essex, entertains William III, his lodgings, See Whitehall fire; his regiment, See Army, regiments: Essex's.
-, Henry, Lord Capel, late deputy governor of Ireland, report by
-, Mary, Countess of Essex, health of

Capias utlagatum, See also Outlawries.

Capitation tax, deficiency of, Exchequer bills to be repaid by, proceedings in the Commons on

Capol. See Gaudent.

Cappawater, Coppah water, co. Carlow, lands

Caps, Henry and Unitia, licence to stay in England

Captains, army and marines, pay of, and see Portland; Militia, qualification of

Carbeth. See Buchannan, J.

Carcasses [gunnery] for bomb vessels

Cardistan, co. Kirkcudbright, land

Cardonnel, Adam, post warrant for

Carew, [Henry], teller of the Exchequer, his clerk, See Fernes.

Carey, Cary, John, formerly ranger of the New Forest
-, a trustee for the new E. I. Co.
-, (Jack, Old Mr.), late master of the Buck-hounds, cause in the Lords as to disposition of estate of
-, Lucius Henry, 5th Viscount Falkland, cause in the Lords between [James] Bertie and, as heir to John Carey, his mother, niece and heir to John Carey.

Carlingraig, Londoun parish, co. Ayr, lands

Carlisle, Archibald, brother of Eleanor, deceased
-, Eleanor, bounty for, her father and grandfather, masters huntsmen to Jas. I and Chas. I, her son, deceased
-, Lancelot, brother of Eleanor, deceased
-, Ludovick, uncle of Eleanor, one of the esquires to the Queen mother

Carlisle, Earl of. See Howard, Charles.

Carlow, co. Carlow. French church of, payment to minister of

Carlton, Margaret, licence to stay in England

Carmarthen, Marquis of. See Osborne, Peregrine.

Carmichael, John, 2nd Baron Carmichael, appointments in Scotland: commissioner for auditing Admiralty accounts, for auditing Treasury accounts, for settling the communication of trade. as High Commissioner to the General Assembly, commission and instructions, letter of exoneration and discharge, payment to, privy councillor, his regiment, See Army, regiments.

Carnegie, David, 4th Earl of Northesk, appointments in Scotland: commissioner of the Exchequer, privy councillor

Carnwath, Earl of. See Dalzell, John.

Carpenter, George, lieutenant colonel, troop of

Carphin. See Nisbet.

Carr, Mr., post warrant for
-, [William], appointed Excise commissioner

Carriage maker. See Waggon.

Carriages for the army, impressment of, See also Vehicles.

Carrick, earldom of, co. Ayr, fishings and mill in

Carrickfergus, co. Antrim, ordnance establishment for

Carrocullen. See Corracullin.

Carroll, John, captain, a suspect

Carrowmore, co. Galway

Carrownakelly, Carrownekelly, co. Galway

Carsphairn, Corspherne, co. Kirkcudbright, fair at, rencounter near

Carter, Henry, licence to stay in England
-, Peter, Richard and Robert, petition for leave to erect an insurance office
-, Thomas, commitment of
-, William, caveat entered by

Carteret, Mr., granted leave to return to England.
-, Sir Ch., post warrant for
-, Sir Edward, licence to stay in England

Carthagena, America:
-, churches of, restoration by the French of plunder taken from, as an "act of piety" to obtain clerical support there
-, French squadron for
-, ship captured at

Carts. See Inventions.

Cartwright, Henry, lieutenant in the Coldstream Guards.

Carty, Derby, Irish prisoner

Cary. See Carey.

[Case of Ireland's being bound, etc.]. See Molyneux. W.

Cassilis, Cassillis, Earl of. See Kennedy, John.

Castlemains, co. Ayr, lands, barony, teinds, patronages, mills, fishings

Castleplunket, co. Roscommon

Castleton, Sir John, bart., deputy lieutenant for Suffolk
-, Nathaniel, book of Irish Acts received from

Casus fortuiti a nemine praestandi, a rule in Civil Law and the Law of Nations

Catalonia, Spain, letters to and from places in, viaParis, postal regulation for

Catboll. See Cadboll.

Catherine of Braganza, the Queen Dowager, birthday of, celebration of, payments to

Cathieren, Lady. See Williamson, Lady C.

Catholic League abroad, alarm in England caused by

Cattle, action for impounding

Catway, Elizabeth, licence to return from France

Caulfeild, William, Viscount Charlemont, his regiment. See Army, regiments, Charlemont's.

Caumont, Antoine Nompar de, Marquis de Puyguilhem, Duc de Lauzun, James II's chief adviser, his politeness to Lord Portland

Causea. See Covesea.

Cavanagh, Cavanear, Cavenagh, Anthony, in England without licence, commitment
-, Francis, returned from France without licence
-, Thomas, a suspect

Cavendish, Arabella, Lady Spencer, death of
-, Lord James, licence to return from France
-, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle
-, William, Duke of Devonshire, Lord Steward of the Household, cause between Marquis of Normanby and complains of wasteful timber cutting in Needwood Forest, caveats entered by, his house of Chatsworth, letters to, appointed Lord Justice, in the Lords, votes for the bill against Knight, movements of
-, Marquis of Hartington [M.P. for Derbyshire], in the Commons, proposes recommitment of Duncombe, Sir T. Littleton for Speaker

Cawsey, Giles, defendant

Cecil, Cecill, Aur., lieutenant in the Coldstream Guards
-, Charles, licence to return from France
-, John, Lord Burghley, afterwards 6th Earl of Exeter, financial and matrimonial affairs of, his wife's [Annabella] portion
-, 5th Earl of Exeter
-, Robert, captain in Brudenall's regiment, commission

Cell, Celle. See Zell.

Cly, count of. See Harlay.

Cenney, , exporter of wool into France

Ceremonies, Marechall of, See Bas; Master of, See Cotterell, Sir C.

Ceremony, not understood by Lord Portland, and see Philip II, Duke of Orleans.

Cessnock, Cesnock, co. Ayr, lands and barony, regality of

Ceuta and Oran, Morocco and Algeria:
-, besieged by the Moors
-, defence of, troops offered by Louis XIV for
-, passage of the Straits barely secured by
-, possession of, English and Dutch must be in
-, Spanish succession proposals re

Chabrolles, , military pension for

Chainlorier [sic], , military pension for
-, Cp. Chamlorier.

Challenor. See Chaloner.

Chalmers, Charles, writer in Edinburgh, remission of slaughter to

Chaloner, Challenor, Chanlor, , coiner
-, William, suspected of counterfeiting malt tickets

Cham, Robert, licence to stay in England

Chamber, Ann, widow of Sir Thomas, denization of

Chamber, The, Treasurer of, authority to

Chamber, The Council, The old presence Chamber. See Whitehall fire; Privy Council.

Chamberlain, Chamberlaine, Chamberlayn, Chamberlayne, Edmond or Edmund, of Maugersbury, his trial for manslaughter, petition, pardon
-, Jo., letter from
-, Michael, outlaw, mortgagee

Chamlorier, , military pension for
-, Cp. Chainlorier.

Champagne, France, Lord Portland for, Prince de Vaudemont at

Champneys, G. S., letter from

Chancellary right. See Dues and rights, feudal.

Chancellor of the Exchequer. See Montagu, C.

Chancery, Court of. See also under Ireland.
-, appeal to
-, case
-, decree of and see Lord Chancellor.
-, judges of, reflections on and seeLord Chancellor.
-, register of, grants of the office of
-, secretary of the commissions in. See Engeham.
-, Crown Office, clerk of. See Chute, T.
-, Hanaper, fees paid into
-, Petty Bag office, scire faciasproceedings in

Chandos, Chandois, Lord. See Brydges, James.

Chanlor. See Chaloner.

Channel, English, ships in

Channel Islands. See Guernsey, Jersey.

Chanonstown. See Sheomstown.

Chantilly, France, journey to Calais from, Prince de Cond for, Lord Portland invited to

Chantrell, Francis, captain in the Coldstream Guards

Chapel, The, the new chapel built by King James. See Whitehall fire.

Chapel Royal, gentlemen of, payment in lieu of deer

Chaplain in ordinary

Chaplains. See Papist.

Chaplains in the army, pay of and see Army.

Chappell, Mr., letter to

Charas, Francis, licence to stay in England

Charitable collection. See London, poor of.

Charlemont, Viscount. See Caulfeild, William.

Charlemont, co. Armagh, governor of, pay of, ordnance establishment for town major of, pay of

Charles I, King of England:
-, grants by: of clerkship of the Ordnance of patent of honour to James, Duke of Hamilton
-, hospital for the poor incorporated by
-, masters huntsmen to
-, murder of, observance by parliament of the anniversary of

Charles II, King of England:
-, corn laws of
-, grants by: discussed in the Commons of Clerkship of the Pells, of Clerk of the Crown, etc., Ireland of constableship of Chester Castle, of hereditary revenue of the Excise, of lease of a house in Old Palace Yard, Westminster, of pensions places of keepers of the Council Chamber place of serjeant-at-arms of register of the Court of Chancery
-, lands purchased by
-, laws against papist priests enforced by
-, oaths of allegiance, etc., made 25th year of
-, services to

Charles II, King of Spain, his Catholic Majesty:
-, aunt of, mourning for, and see Eleonora Maria.
-, cabinet council called by Cp. Conseil d' Etat.
-, confessor of, reported change of
-, declares the electoral prince of Bavaria his heir
-, health of: war regarded as unavoidable in the event of his death warlike preparations by England and Holland attributed to his illness, his "complete recovery," "likely to live many years," reports and rumours of his death alarm in England caused by
-, offer of troops to, by Maximilian Emanuel by Louis XIV
-, portrait of, by John Closterman
-, renunciation of the Infanta confirmed by

Charles XI, late King of Sweden, mourning for, resignation of his Garter and ensigns vacancy in the Order of the Garter by the death of

Charles XII, King of Sweden (Majte de Suede), and the Order of the Garter would not ask for it as to return of the regalia to, in part satisfaction for damages, extrait du Protocol de la mediation de

Charles, Duke of Berry, audience to Lord Portland, and the Spanish succession: his succession rumoured the Spaniards to choose between Due d' Anjou and see also Berry, a duke of.

Charles, Prince [Landgrave] of HesseCassel, envoy from. See Tettau.

Charlotte Amelia, Princess of Hessen, Queen of Denmark, customs seizure of goods belonging to, groom of her chamber, See Ketschou.

Charlton, John, officer of the ordnance, letter signed by

Charrier, , military pension for

Chartered companies. See Companies.

Charterhouse, The. See London, places.

Charters granted to the East India Company, book

Chartres, Due de; See Philip II of Orleans; Duchesse de, See Bourbon, F. M. de.

Chassanage, Marquis de. See Sassenage.

Chatham, chest at. See Navy, Chatham Chest.

Chatsworth, co. Derby, Duke of Devonshire's house at

Chaworth, Patricius, deputy lieutenant for Nottinghamshire

Cheesley, Walter, major and cornet of his majesty's troop of guards in Scotland, commission

Chelsea, Chelsey, Little Chelsy, co. Middlesex, coiners at Earl of Ranelagh's house at

Chelsea Hospital, Royal, work by Sir C. Wren containing engravings of

Cheque, Checque, Clerks of the. See Marines; Muster mastergeneral; Sheerness.

Chelsome, John, ship's master, arrest of

Cheritt, Ann, pass to go abroad

Cherry, Richard, licence to stay in England

Cherwardine, John or William, silversmith of London, accused of coining and uttering 80l. a week

Chester, Thomas, parliamentary candidate for Gloucestershire

Chester city, West Chester
-, assizes at, murder trial at
-, castle of, constable of, grant of office of
-, coiner to be sent to
-, gaol of, keeper of. See Booth, L.
-, mayor of, letters to mentioned
-, news from
-, post warrant to
-, prisoners at, as to removal of
-, regiments at, for and from
-, sheriffs of, prison charges of

Chester county, Sir C. Trafford's estate in, High Sheriff of, See Lee, T.

Chester, Palatinate of, Chief Justice of Court of Session of, See Jekyll, Sir J.; general pardon for

Chetwood, Mr., British consul at Tunis, presents for the government there sent to
-, John, sheriff of Staffordshire licence of absence

Chevreuse, Duc de. See Albert, C. H. d'.

Chichester, co. Sussex, parliamentary election at suspects at

Child, Sir Francis [M.P. for Devizes], to account for money received, motion in the Commons
-, Thomas, customs officer at Margate

Children, marriage of. See under Scotland.

Chilton, Mrs., and her daughter, laundresses at St. Germains to the Prince of Wales, information against
-, Margaret, licence to stay in England

Chimay, Belgium, disputed claim to

China, trade to, Cp. East Indies; India.

Chippenham, co. Cambridge, Lord Orford's house, Wm. III at, visitors at

Chipping Wycombe, Wycombe, co. Bucks, mayor of, letter to M.P. for, See Godfrey, Charles.

Chirch, James, licence to stay in England

Chirurgeon. and see Army.

Chitty, Henry, a suspect

Chocolate, duty on, to be continued

Cholmondeley, George, brigadier, marriage of
-, Hugh, Lord Cholmondeley, brother of George

Christchurch Hospital (Christ's Hospital), mathematical boys of

Christenings, registration of, neglect of, proposed regulation of and fee for

Christian, Charles, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Christian V, King of Denmark:
-, and the town of Hamburg
-, subsidies demanded as due to voted by the Commons, See also Denmark; Subsidy treaties.
-, going to Aken for the waters
-, to meet William III in Holland
-, his Garter banner
-, letter to
-, seized goods claimed by

Christians, Emperor of Morocco's cruelty towards

Church, Christian, widow of Richard, caveat entered by
-, Richard, of Deal, as to pardon for the killing of

Church of England:
-, doctrines of, and the Commons
-, preferments, presentations, etc.
-, simony, benefice voided by
-, Sir B. Shower on national establishment, doctrines and liturgy of

Church of Ireland, preferment in, recommendation for

Church of Scotland. See Scotland.

Churchill, [Charles, M.P. for Weymouth and Melcombe Regis], colonel, in the Commons, his regiment, See Army, regiments.
-, George, as treasurer or comptroller to the Duke of Gloucester, rumoured appointment
-, [Henrietta], eldest daughter of the Earl of Marlborough, her marriage
-, John, Earl of Marlborough, appointed Lord Justice in the Lords, votes against Duncombe's bill, siege of Cork by, governor to the Duke of Gloucester
-, William, stationer, payment of bills of, certificate of goods supplied by

Churchwardens, charitable collection by neglect of parish registers by

Chute, Thomas, Clerk of the Crown, petition of

Cinque Ports, The, Admiralty court of, decree of, judge of and see Oxenden, G.; governor of, See Sydney, H., Earl of Romney.

Cirencester, Cyrencester, co. Gloucester, parliamentary election for

Civil Law, a rule in. See Casus etc

Civil List. See Finances of William III.

Clancarty, Earl of. See MacCarty, Donogh.

Clanmuck, Ardagh barony, co. Longford, town and lands

Clanricard, Earl of. See Burke, Richard.

Clare, , haberdasher of hats, information against

Clark, Clarke, Clerke, Mr., letter to
-, [Edward, M.P. for Taunton], in the Commons his bill for preventing counterfeiting
-, [Edward], commissioner of Excise
-, George, ensign in the first regiment of guards
-, judge advocate general, warrant for holding a court martial
-, [George], secretary of war [in Ireland], certificate of
-, James, engraver to the Mint and grainer of the edges of the coin of Scotland, appointment and pay
-, Robert, licence to stay in England
-, Samuel, informer, prisoner in Worcester Gaol
-, a commissioner of Customs
-, deputy lieutenant for Suffolk
-, of Snailwell, baronetey for
-, Thomas, arrest of

Clavering, Mr., warned against William Fuller

Clay. See Fulling, Scouring, Tobacco pipe.

Clayton, Sir Robert, agent of caveat entered by

Cleland of Faskin, John, forfeited lands of

Clements, Wouters, Irish prisoner

Clent, Thomas, captain in the Coldstream Guards

Clerk of the Cheque. See Cheque.

Clerk of the Crown. See Chancery, Court of; Ireland.

Clerk of the Kitchen. See Household.

Clerk of the Signet. See Signet.

Clerk of the Wardrobes. See Household.

Clifton Dartmouth, Hardness, co. Devon, M.P. for. See Herne, Sir J.

Clippers. See Coiners.

Clipping and selling clippings. See under Money.

Clockmaker of London

Clonmell, Baron of. See La Rochefoucauld, F. W. de Roye de.

Cloghballymore, Cloghballimore, co. Galway

Clopton, Thomas, licence to stay in England

Close, William, licence to stay in England

Closterman, [John], painter, drawing portraits of the King and Queen of Spain

Cloth. See Linen, Scotch cloth.

Clowburn. See Kennedy, A.

Clyde, river, herring fishery

Clydesdale, marquisate of, resignation and grant of

Coaches. See King's coaches.

Coaching fatality

Coachman, Charles, messenger, post warrants for

Coals, duty on.
-, bill for, "The Coal bill" in the Commons passed in the Lords
-, appropriation out of
-, estimated revenue from
-, at the pit, manufacturers complain of, more than the prime cost
-, See also Inland coals.

Coape, Francis, bombardier

Cobb, Charles, admission to Winchester College

Cobham Hall near Gravesend, Sir J. Williamson at

Cockburn of Ormiston, Adam, Justice Clerk, appointments in Scotland: commissioner for auditing Admiralty accounts for auditing Treasury accounts, for settling the communication of trade of the Exchequer of the Treasury privy councillor pension for

Cockerom, Eleanor, licence to stay in England

Cockle, Alexander, captain in Northcott's regiment

Cockleberg. See Koekelberg.

Cockpit, The. See London, places.

Cocks. See Cox.

Codrington, Coddrington, Christopher, captain in the first regiment of guards
-, Captain General and Governor in chief of the Leeward Islands, commission and instructions for restoring part of St. Christophers to the French his death

Coehoorn, Coehorn, [Menno Carel van], baron de Coehoorn, lieutenant general, expected at Brussels

Coetlogon, Cotlogon, [Alain Emanuel, Marquis de Cotlogon], superseded in the French fleet

Coffee, duty on, continuance of

Coffee houses. See under London.

Coffee man

Coffin, Coffyn, Elizabeth Basset, licence to stay in England
-, John, pass from the Hague
-, Mary, daughter of Elizabeth Basset, licence to stay in England

Coghill, Sir John, LL.D., Master in Chancery, Ireland, appointed a commissioner to hear Chancery causes, Ireland

Coghland, Garret and Lieutenant James, licence to stay in England

Cogswell, , coiner, information against

Coin. See Money.

Coiners, clippers and counterfeiters, informations and proceedings against pardon for

Coining. See under Money.

Colberrowe [? Curborough], near Lichfield, co. Stafford, coiner at

Colbert, Edouard, Marquis de Villacerf, "Villaserre," dispute on diplomatic etiquette between Lord Portland and
-, Jean Baptiste, Marquis de Torcy, conversations, negotiations, etc., between Lord Portland and letters from mentioned diplomatic notes delivered to privy seal countersigned by release of prisoners promised and refused by

Colclough, Adam, licence to stay in England

Coldrenick, Colderinick, St. Germans, co. Cornwall

Cole, Mr., of Cowes, abstract of letters from
-, Richard, captain in the Coldstream Guards

Coleing. See Colinge.

Coleman, James, licence to stay in England
-, John, keeper of a wood yard at St. Germains, information against his fatherin-law, See Barry.
-, licence to stay in England
-, Robert, joiner, affidavit of, apprentice to

Colenbine. See Columbine.

Coles, Richard, lieutenant colonel, company of

Colgote, co. Ayr, lands

Colinge, Coling, Coleing, Benjamin, late keeper of the Council Chamber petition of
-, John, son of Benjamin, a scholar at Oxford
-, Richard, "in the Council Chamber," granted office of keeper of the Council Chamber

Collge des prises

College of Justice. See under Scotland.

College of Physicians. See Physicians.

Colleton, Sir John, bart., licence to return from France

Collier, Colyear, Sir David, bart., denization for
-, [Sir David], major general, his regiment. See Army, regiments.
-, John, pass to go abroad
-, Thomas, colonel, lieutenant governor of Jersey, memorial of, petition for lands and tithes, prisoner shipped to England by

Collingwood, Francis, colonel, court martial to try difference between Lieutenant Harris and his regiment, See Army, regiments.

Collins, John, coiner, reversal of outlawry of

Collinseegan. See Coolnasheegan.

Cologne, Prussia, escaped prisoner of war from, resident of the States General at, pass from

Colonels, army and marine, pay and allowances of militia, qualification of

Colonies, governors of, laws for restraining pirates to be passed by omitting to take the oaths, pardon for
-, See also America.

Colonies and islands, restoration of, under the Treaty of Ryswick

Colquhoun, Colquhoon of Glenns, Alexander, tenant
-, of Luss, Adam and John, charters granted to

Colquhouns Glenns, Calquhoons Glenns, in Balfron parish, co. Stirling, lands

Colston, Edward, ensign in the first regiment of guards

Colt, Edward Dutton, his regiments. See Army, regiments and Marines, regiments.
-, Sir Henry Dutton, rejected parliamentary candidate for Westminster, poll demanded by, his election petition to and in parliament removed from the commission of the peace

Colthrop, James, deputy lieutenant for Suffolk

Columbine Colenbine, Colinbine, Benjamin, cornet in Leveson's regiment, commission
-, Ventris, colonel, his regiment. See Army, regiments.

Colvill of Blair, Alexander, fiar, grant of lands to

Colyear. See Collier.

Commissary "Commissariot" court. See under Scotland.

Commitments. See Parliament, Commons and Lords.

Common law, judgments upon the "fundamentals" of

Common Pleas, court of:
-, trial in, "lasting all night,"
-, Chief Justice of
-, justice of. See Neville, Sir E.
-, See also Ireland; Westminster Hall.

Common recovery, petition for leave to suffer

Commons, House of. See Parliament.

Communication, lines of, collection for charity to be published in

Companies. See African Co.; Bank of England; East India Co.; Levant Co.; Russia Co.; Turkey Co.

Competition drinkings. See Elections.

Compton, Henry, bishop of London, in the Lords, votes against Duncombe's bill, letter to
-, Sir William, (ref. 1) licence to return from France

Cond, Prince de. See Bourbon, H. J. de.

Cond, France, Lord Portland to visit fortress at

Conden, Richard, released from Newgate

Conductors of ambassadors. See Ambassadors.

Coneykeare, Congyer, co. Carlow, lands

Coningsby, Conningsby, Mr., a student of Dublin College, recommended for preferment
-, Thomas, Lord Coningsby, at Chippenham, and Mr. Eyres, grant of office of Vice-Treasurer, etc., of the revenues of Ireland, his marriage, as late Lord Justice of Ireland, proclamation by, [as M.P. for Leominster], quarterly poll proposed by, on subsidies due to the allies, on the sugar duty as Paymaster General of the forces in Ireland, matter referred to, relation of

Conley, Bartholomew and Elizabeth, licence to stay in England

Connaught, Irish army in

Conne, , pass to return from France

Conner, Philip, licence to stay in England Cp. Connor.

Conners, Laurence and Richard, Irish prisoners

Conningsby. See Coningsby.

Connor, , returned from France without licence Cp. Conner.

Connory, Conory, William, a suspect, arrest and committal

Conron, Edward, licence to stay in England

Conseil d' Etat

Conspiracy against William III, false information of See also Asassination plot.

Conspirators concerned in the intended assassination of Wm. III, "the assassins":
-, bill to secure. See Assassination plot.
-, in France: Lord Portland's instructions re, demand for their surrender, to be arrested if discovered
-, rumoured return of
-, See also Barclay, Sir G.; Fitz James, J., Duke of Berwick; Birkenhead [W.]; Evans, T.; Griffin, Harrison [H.]; Holmes, G.; Johnson alias Harnisch; Jolly alias Davis.

Constantinople, British ambassador at, to and proposed for, See Turkey; conspirator seized at

Constitutional dependence of Ireland. See Ireland.

Consuls, British, at [Corunna], See [Parker, J.]; at [Leghorn], See Burrows; at Rotterdam, See Kicke, A.; at Tripoli, See Lodington, N.; at Tunis, See Chetwood. See also Dutch.

Convicts, pardons and proposed pardons for reprieves for See also Transportation.

Convoys, application for, and see Mediterranean; Newfoundland.

Conway, John, licence to stay in England

Conyers, , returned from France without licence
-, [John, M.P. for East Grinstead], chairman of a committee of the Commons

Cook, Cooke, Mr., crown grants to, proceedings in the Commons re,
-, Sir Miles, letters from his wife
-, Robert, son of Sir Miles, "a very fine fellow,"
-, adjutant in F. Hamilton's regiment, commission
-, Sir Thomas, disbursement of E. I. Co.'s money in 1695 by
-, William, licence to stay in England
-, clockmaker and coiner, to be brought from Ireland informations against
-, See also Coote.

Cookes, Sir Thomas, bart., of Bentley, founder of Worcester College Oxford

Cooksey, George, of Old Swinford, coiner

Coolnasheegan, Collinseegan, co. Carlow, lands

Coombe, [Croome Court, co. Worcester], Lord Coventry at

Cooper, , a suspect
-, Chaloner, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for
-, Mathew, licence to stay in England

Coote, Coot, Cooke, Richard, Earl of Bellomont, governor of New England, his authority over the lieutenant governor of New York, grant out of forfeited estates payable to, ordered to secure Captain Kidd
-, colonel, cause between Lord Gormanston and, caveat, petition of regiment of, See Army, regiments; his son, killed in a duel
-, Thomas, judge of the King's Bench, Ireland, appointed a commissioner for Chancery cases, Ireland, examination before, opinion of
-, Sir Thomas (? same), informations taken before

Copenhagen, British minister at. See Greig, H.; claim for goods carried to

Coppah water. See Cappawater.

Copper, Isaac, a suspect, committed to Newgate

Copper, blanch, used for coining

Copper coinage. See under Scotland.

Coquet, , a Frenchman, memorial of

Corbally, co. Galway

Corbett, Corbet, John, colonel, licence to stay in England
-, Mary, pass from the Hague, her husband, a fringe maker

Cordato, Mauro, chief interpreter to the Porte, letter translated by

Corfe Castle, co. Dorset, M.P. for. See Culliford, W.

Cork city:
-, agent for the Victualling Commissioners at
-, French church of, payment to minister of
-, governor of, pay of, See also Jeffreys, Sir J.; Saxbury.
-, letter from a French officer in
-, mayor of (Hovell, W.)
-, ordnance establishment for
-, regiments at or for
-, ship with cargo from, wrecked
-, siege of, services at

Cork city and county, certificates of inhabitants of, mentioned

Cork county, forfeited lands

Corker, Edward, captain, company of

Corkum, Robert, a suspect

-, carriers, transporters and buyers of, granting of licences to, acts governing
-, exportation of, restriction of, application for licence for
-, forestalling, regrating and engrossing. laws against, proclamation for executing, good effect of, hoped for
-, prices of
-, rationing of. See Aberdeen.
-, scarcity of, especially in the north

Cornbury, Lord. See Hyde, Edward.

Corneforth, Henry, defendant

Corneille, Peter, weaver of London, pass from the Hague

Cornets, pay of

Cornwall, Wolfran, captain in Oxford's regiment, court martial

Cornwall, ship pillaged on the coast of

Cornwallis, Charles, 3rd Lord Cornwallis, his death, office of Register of the Court of Chancery granted in reversion to
-, 4th Lord Cornwallis, Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk
-, John, deputy lieutenant for Suffolk

Coroner and Attorney. See King's Attorney.

Corporals, army and marines, pay of

Corporations, bribery of, at parliamentary elections

Corracullin, Carrocullen, King's Co.

Corresponding with James II. See James II.

Corresponding or trading with France during the late war. See Enemy.

Corspherne. See Carsphairn.

Corunna, Spain:
-, consul at. See [Parker, J.].
-, express sent to
-, mails via
-, news from
-, packet boats, continuance of, their effect on French postal revenues
-, ship from

Cossens, Mary, leave to stay in England

Cosset, , commander of the Robert, French privateer

Cost of living. See Paris.

Costa, Dacosta, D' Acosta, [John] de, a Jew, charges against and examination of, in the Commons

Cotlogon. See Coetlogon.

Cotterell, Cottrell, Sir Charles, le chevalier Cotterell, Master of the Ceremonies

Cotton, Sir Robert, "Sir R. C.", postmaster-general, letter signed by, and the postal treaty with France
-, See also Postmasters.

Couly, Edward, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Council. See Cabinet Council; Privy Council.

Counsel, justification for pleadings of, in defence of traitors and criminals
-, Cp. Attorneys.

Counterfeiting. See Coining; Exchequer bills; Malt tickets; Money.

Courey, Almerick de, 23rd Baron of Kingsale, licence to stay in England

Coursing, allusion to

Courson, Francis, licence to stay in England

Court, the. See Whitehall fire.

Court of Louis XIV. See Louis XIV.

Court post. See King's.

Courteil, , military pension for

Courtesell, , returned from France without licence

Courtheson, France, protestant churches of, cost of rebuilding

Courtney, Henry, captain, licence to stay in England

Courts martial, clerk of the, See Scotland, Secretary of war; warrants for holding

Coutts, John, servant, pass from the Hague

Coventry, Thomas, Earl of Coventry, letter to

Coventry, co. Warwick, M.P. for. See Bohun, G.

Covesea, Causea, co. Moray, burgh of barony, market and fair

Coviaro. See Lane.

Coward, William, doctor of physic, petition for leave to erect an insurance office

Cowes, Isle of Wight, customs collector at, complaint against, ships detained at

Cowper, Mr., money due to

Coylton, Coyltown, co. Ayr, lands

Cox, Cocks, , Richard Hill's engineer, formerly a prisoner in the Bastile, his indifferent character
-, John, servant to the Council Chamber, petition, his claim
-, Nathaniel, late keeper of the Council Chamber
-, Sir Richard, judge of the Common Pleas, Ireland, appointed a commissioner for Chancery causes
-, parliamentary candidate for Gloucestershire

Craffts, Henry, ensign in the first regiment of guards

Crag, Alexander, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Craget, James, a suspect

Cragget, , (? same), a prisoner in Norwich gaol

Craigdews, Craigdeus, co. Kirkcudbright, land and manor place fishings

Craignyne, co. Kirkeudbright, lands

Craigs. See Hairstains.

Crainston, , captain, his company


Cramond, , captain, company of

Crape manufacture. See Inventions.

Cratisco. See Gilding.

Crawford, Earl of. See Lindsay, J.

Crawford, John, captain lieutenant in Row's regiment, petition of

Crawley, Richard, deputy register of the Admiralty court, appointed principal register

Craygollway, co. Monmouth, farm and lands

Creagh, Stephen, licence to stay in England

Crecy, M. de. See Vrejus.

Credit, banking proposals liable to destroy

Creichie, co. Aberdeen, lands, town and knight's mill

Cresset, Cressett, James, envoy extraordinary to the Elector and dukes of Brunswick-Lunebourg, assisting at the treaty of Pinenburg, expenses, envoy to the Elector of Hanover

Crevant, Marie Thrse de, d' Humires, Princesse d' Isenghien, negotiations concerning property [in Burgundy] held by, See also Burgundy; Gand.

Crew, Sir John, of Utkinton, grant of the office of forester, bowbearer and bailiff of the forest of Delamer

Crightoun, James, tenant

Criminal Courts. See Old Bailey; Scotland.

Criminals, defence of. See Counsel.

Cripigney, Gabriel, lieutenant in the first regiment of guards

Critwell, Abraham, a suspect

Crofton, Henry, of Longford, pardon of outlawry

Crofts, Anthony, deputy lieutenant for Suffolk

Crompton, Anne, licence to stay in England

Cromwell, Margaret, licence to stay in England

Crook, Japhet, maltster, grant of a share in the Phnix Brewhouse, etc.

Crookshanks, , house of

Croome Court. See Coombe.

Cropply, William, deputy lieutenant for Suffolk

Crosrig. See Falconer; Hume.

Cross, Charles, licence to stay in England

Croushea, Archboult, leave to enter the service of Peter the Great

Crown, the, debts, of, Fee Farm rents intended for discharging, perquisite of, right of, to waste lands

Crown grants (beneficial grants; grants since the Revolution; grants since 1660; grants of Charles II), proceeding and bill in the Commons re, proposal to tax or resume to the crown part of their value. computation of the amount which could be so raised, and see xx.

Crown Office. See under Chancery.

Crown pleas, K.B. Ireland

Crown rents and revenues. See Scotland; Jersey.

Crowns and half-crowns, clipping of

Croxton, John, lieutenant in the first regiment of guards

Croy, Duke de, at the Hague

Cuba, exchange of prisoners of war at, Spanish succession proposals re,

Culand, Jaffrey de, captain in the first regiment of guards

Culforsie, co. Aberdeen, lands

Cullen, Sir Rushout, [M.P. for Cambridgeshire], election petition against, quarrel at hearing of

Cullen. See Ogilvy, Sir James.

Culliford, [William, M.P. for Corfe Castle], in the Commons

Cullum, Sir Dudley, bart., deputy lieutenant for Suffolk

Cultness. See Stewart, Sir T.

Cumnock, Camnock, co. Ayr, barony and lands, fishings, mills, patronages, teinds, kirk of, market and fairs, tolls and profits

Cunningham, Cuningham, Mr., allowances for public works in Scotland
-, Adam, captain in Orkney's regiment
-, Alexander, pass to go abroad
-, [Henry], colonel, his regiment. See Army, regiments.

Cunningham, Cuningham, co. Ayr, bailiary

Curborough. See Colberrowe.

Currency, French, fear of lowering the standard of, and see Bank bills; Paper money.

Curson, Henry, (ref. 2) licence to stay in England

Curwen, Henry, licence to stay in England

Cusack, , his case, as to granting a licence for his return, suggestion to use him as a spy
-, Thomas, licence to stay in England

Custodiam leases. See Ireland.

-, commissioners of, directions to, letter from, letters to, alluded to, new commission for, report from, representation of, and see Austin, Sir J.; Clark, S.; Godolphin, C.; Henley, R.; Hobart, Sir H.; Overton, B.; St. Quentin, Sir W.; Young, Sir W.
-, duties, payment of, in Exchequer bills, and see Taxes and duties.
-, House. See London.
-, officers, frauds and irregularities of, See Huddleston, Knight; open force used by wool runners against, seizures by
-, receivers of, enquiry ordered by the Commons as to payments since 1670 to
-, receiver-general, former. See Knight.
-, Secretary of. See Sansom, J.

Custos Rotuloram, fee for a commission of the peace paid by

Cutts, John, Baron Cutts, Major General, at Newmarket, his regiment, See Army, regiments; warrant to

Cyrencester. See Cirencester.

Czar, the, Czar of Muscovy. See Peter the Great.