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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Fagan, Thomas, licence to stay in England

Fagol, [Franois Nicholaas], major general, his regiment. See Army, regiments.

Fairfax, Thomas, brigadier, regiments disbanded by, his regiment, See Army, regiments.

Fairs. See Markets and fairs.

Falantin. See La Risole.

Falconer, Falconar, of Crossig, Sir David, commissioner of the Exchequer, Scotland
-, of Phesdo, Sir James, appointments in Scotland: commissioner for auditing Admiralty accounts, for auditing Treasury accounts, privy councillor

Falconers. See King's Falconers.

Falkland, Viscount. See Cary, Lucius Henry.

Fall, Henry, licence to stay in England

Falmouth, co. Cornwall, letters for Spain via. news from, ships at and passing

Fane, Vere, Earl of Westmorland, in Paris, financial straits of

Fangeno, John Baptist Moran, mariner, deposition of

Farmer, Farmour, William, licence to stay in England, pass to go abroad

Farrington, Thomas, colonel, his regiment. See Army, regiments.

Farwell, John, captain in the first regiment of guards

Faskin, sheriffdom of Lanark, lands and teinds

Faure, , military pension for

Fee Farm Rents:
-, act for the sale of (22 Chas. III)
-, alienated by Act of Parliament
-, for charitable uses
-, granted upon fictitious tallies
-, trustees for the sale of

Fees: for a baronetcy, on commissions of the peace, of lawyers, See Lawyers; office fees on grants, commissions, licences, etc., prison fees, See also Jewel Office; Tallies; Wardrobe.

Fegg, Thomas, exporter of wool into France

Feild. See Field.

Feilding. See Fielding.

Felton, Compton, deputy lieutenant for Suffolk
-, Thomas, office of Register of the Court of Chancery granted in reversion to (18 Chas. II)
-, Sir Thomas, bart., deputy lieutenant for Suffolk

Fenlison, James, of Leyden university, pass from the Hague
-, John, soldier, pass from the Hague

Fenn, Stephen, exporter of wool into France

Fenwick, Edward, licence to stay in England

Ferguson, James, colonel, lease of lands to, Helen, his wife, See Drummond.

Fermont, Peter, of Lyons, condemned for diminishing guineas, petition for reprieve, Lord Chief Justice Holt's report on the case

Fernes, [Henry], clerk to Henry Carew, teller of the Exchequer, his examination in the Commons

Ferrall, James, favour promised by Earl of Athlone to

Ferrers, Joseph, ensign in the first regiment of guards
-, William, post warrant for

Ferris, Thomas, lieutenant in the first regiment of guards

Fte de Dieu. See Religion in France.

Fettyplace, Sir Edmund, baronet, deputy lieutenant for Oxfordshire

Feu duties. See Dues, feudal.

Feversham, Earl of. See Duras, L. de.

Fevouillet, , military pension for

Fez and Morocco, King of, slave under, ransom of Cp. Morocco; Redemption of slaves.

Field, Feild, Stephen, licence to stay in England

Fielding, Feilding, Edmund, ensign in the first regiment of guards
-, John, cornet in Langston's regiment, commission
-, Robert, licence to stay in England, pardon of outlawry for

Filed money. See Money.

Filford, Mathew, soldier, pass from the Hague

Filks, Charles, adjutant and lieutenant in the first regiment of guards

Finances of William III:
-, Civil List: bill for, proceedings in the Commons on, charges, payment of, out of land tax out of double subsidies, Excise, Post Office, and the two millions subscription
-, credit, maintenance of
-, deficiencies of last year's funds
-, depletion of the Exchequer
-, difficulties of finding money to carry on public service and see Ireland.
-, the estimates
-, military list charges
-, national debt, difficulties of discharging, report on
-, payments: without account, of messengers, for fitting out treasure hunting expeditions, under postal treaties with France, under subsidy treaties
-, proposals for raising money things proposed
-, state of the treasury of Scotland
-, supplies voted by Parliament by the Irish Parliament
-, want of money for the Navy
-, See also Aids; Army, supply for; Bank of England; East India Co., two millions subscription; Exchequer bills; Ireland, army in; Scotland; Taxes.

Finch, Daniel, Earl of Nottingham, speaks against second reading of Duncombe's bill in the Lords

Findlater, Finlater, Earl of. See Ogilvy, James; family of, loyal services of

Findlater, sheriffdom of Banff, lands of

Fines or recognizances, writs of error to reverse, proof of age of persons bringing

Finistere, Cape, British seas claimed to reach as far as

Finlater. See Findlater.

Firebrace, Sir Basil, of London, baronetcy for, fees paid by

Firemasters of artillery, pay of

Fires. See London; Whitehall; Winchester Cathedral.

Fireships. See Mediterranean Sq.; Navy.

Fireworkers of artillery, mathematical qualification for, for bombvessels, pay of

Fireworks at peace celebrations

First lieutenant of artillery and marines, pay of

Fisher, Duncand, pass from the Hague
-, John, grant of the King's share of a prize to
-, Richard, payment for services
-, [? Roland], captain, weekly allowance for making "several discoveries,"
-, William, death of

Fisheries, companies for encouragement of. See under Scotland.

Fisheries and fishings
-, harbour fishing
-, manor place fishing
-, salmon fishing, bill in the Commons for increasing, rejected
-, white fishing
-, Cp. Assize herrings; Newfoundland.

Fishers. See Herring fishers.

Fishing vessels from Newfoundland, as troop transports

Fitzgerald, , colonel, a suspect
-, Edmund, captain, licence to stay in England
-, George, son of Capt. Robert, pension for
-, Honor, licence to stay in England
-, James, captain, licence to stay in England
-, John, captain, licence to stay in England
-, Robert, captain, late comptroller of musters in Ireland

Fitzhardinge, Fitzharding, Lord. See Berkeley

Fitz James, James, Duke of Berwick, at the French court, his visit to England "for the purpose of the invasion,"

Fitzmaurice, Thomas, 21st Lord Kerry (Derry), arrested and committed to the Tower, released, licence to stay in England

Fitzpatrick, Barnaby, uncle of Bryan, commonly called Lord Baron of Upper Ossory, outlawry and estate of
-, Bryan, commonly called Lord Baron of Upper Ossory, restoration of estates in Ireland to
-, Dorothy, Baroness Dowager of Upper Ossory, grant of lands in Barony of Upper Ossory and Queen's Co. to

Fitz Roy, Henry, first Duke of Grafton, killed at the siege of Cork
-, Isabella, Duchess Dowager of Grafton, marriage of
-, James, Duke of Monmouth, footman to office of register of the Court of Chancery granted in reversion to (28 Chas. II)

Fitz Simons, Owen, licence to stay in England

Fitzwilliam, Fitzwilliams, Richard, licence to stay in England
-, Thomas, 4th Viscount Fitzwilliam, licence to stay in England

Flacket, Nicholas, Irish prisoner

Flambeaux and luminaries at peace celebrations

-, army services in, supply for
-, artillery train that served in the war in, disbandment of
-, corn to, application for leave to transport
-, envoy to. See Hill, R.
-, fortified towns in, Lord Portland's tour of
-, French, tour through
-, hospitals in. See Hospitals.
-, mails to and from, via Paris, treaty regulations for
-, officer killed in
-, regiments from, French
-, regulation for army subsistence
-, travellers to and from, without passes, order of late Lords Justice for arrest of

Flax and hemp, manufacture of. See under Ireland.

Fleet, Sir John, M.P. for London, as governor of the old E. I. Co., loans offered to the government by and see E. I. Co.; letter to, petition presented by
-, as a member of both E. I. Cos.
-, re-elected M.P. for London

Fleetwood, Thomas, invention patent for

Fleming, Flemming, Robert, of Rotterdam, pass from the Hague
-, [William], appointed Commissioner of Excise

Fletcher, Alison, widow of John Graham, salaries due to her husband to be stated
-, Benjamin, colonel, late Governor of New York, examination of matters re letter from, as to petition of
-, Thomas, servant to Lady Gayer, a suspect, returned from France without leave

Flint, William, a suspect

Florence, Italy British envoy at, See Blackwell, Sir L.

Flota, the. See Spanish galleons.

Flourisher. See Illuminator.

Flowers, lack of, in French gardens

Floyd, Philip, Dr. in physic, pass from the Hague

Foche, Sir John, a commissioner of Excise, his neglect to take the Test as commissioner for the malt tax, removed from the Excise Commission

Foley, Folye, Paul, as Speaker of the House of Commons Court candidate, probable reelection and see Parliament, House of Commons, Speaker of.
-, "Young Mr.," M.P., in the Commons, proposes a tax upon grants

Folye. See Foley.

Fonjuliane, , military pension for

Fonseca, Mons., his controversy with M. de Bas

Fontainebleau, France, beautiful surroundings and hunting country at, Lord Portland going to

Fontanir, , military pension for

Forbes, , captain, his company
-, Arthur, eldest son of Thomas, grant of lands to
-, Sir James, lodgings of. See Whitehall fire.
-, John, lieutenant-colonel, second lieutenant-colonel of the garrison of Fort William, commission, pay and "reward for his diligence,"
-, William, 12th Lord Forbes, appointments in Scotland: commissioner for auditing Treasury accounts, privy councillor

Forbes of Echt, Thomas, lease of lands to

Ford, J., recommendation of services of
-, Jeremiah, pass to go abroad

Foreign men of war, regulations for saluting, by guns

Foreign ministers and envoys:
-, at the Hague, See also Hague.
-, in Hamburg, entertainment of
-, at Lisbon, entertainment of
-, in London, chapels of, papists resorting to, papist chaplains in the service of, laws prohibiting, privileges of, and Spanish succession rumours
-, in Paris, their jealousy, and Louis XIV's Spanish succession proposals, See also Portuguese Ambassador; Venetion Ambassador.

Foreign policy and relations of William III with:
-, Algiers
-, Barbary governments
-, Bavaria, See also Maximilian Emanuel.
-, Denmark See also Denmark.
-, the Emperor. See Leopold; Wm. III and the Spanish succession; and below Turkey.
-, Europe, peace of, maintenance of
-, France. See Burgundy; James II; Orange; Ryswick; Spanish succession.
-, Grisons, the, republic of
-, Hamburg and Holstein, as to inclusion of [Treaty of Ryswick]
-, the Mediterranean, maintenance of prestige in
-, Morocco
-, the Pope
-, Portugal, observance of the Treaty of Ryswick by
-, Russia. See Peter the Great.
-, Spain. See William III and the Spanish succession.
-, Sweden, nearer alliance with, and see United Provinces.
-, Tunis
-, Turkey and the Emperor, mediation of a treaty between
-, Cp. Allies; India; Ryswick; Trade; Treaties.

Foreign princes and states, proclamation prohibiting British subjects entering the service of

Forestry, right of. See Dues and rights, feudal.

Forests. See Dean; Delamer; Needwood; New.

Forfar, Earl of. See Douglas, A.

Forfeited lands and recognizances, forfeitures. See Ireland; (under Scotland), escheats.

Forless, Dr. Richard, fellow and late censor of the College of Physicians, London, petition of

Fornock. See Robertson.

Forster, Francis, of Rathorpe, co. Galway, pardon for
-, Joseph, coiner, information against
-, Thomas, licence to stay in England

Fort Bourbon, Hudson's Bay, surrender of, in 1696, article of the Treaty of Ryswick re

Fort Duncannon. See Duncannon.

Fortenier, , military pension for

Fortifications and buildings, engineer and surveyor general of. See Ireland.

Fortin. See La Brosse.

Fortune, Guilliame, Irish prisoner

Fort William, co. Inverness:
-, barracks at. See Barracks.
-, breweries, houses and mills built at
-, colonel and governor of. See Maitland, J.
-, fortifications of, as to repair of, fund to be procured from Scottish parliament for
-, garrison of, lack of security and accommodation for, second lieutenant colonel of, See Forbes, J.; sutlery of
-, regiment for and at. See Army, regiments, Maitland's.

Fosbrooke, John, baker of Bewdley, accused of coining

Foster, Sir Andrew, refused licence to stay in England
-, John, first lieutenant of marines, half-pay for

Foubert, Henry, major, his troop

Foulke, [John], captain, his company

Founds, William, grant of officer of ranger and gamekeeper

Fountains (water engines). See Marly, Versailles.

Fountains of wine at peace celebration

Four Courts. See under Ireland.

Foveran, Foverain, co. Aberdeen, parish

Fowler, Edward, bishop of Gloucester, in the Lords, votes against Duncombe's bill

Fox, , a suspect
-, Bryan, late surgeon of the Sussex, "cast away with Sir Francis Wheeler,"
-, Charles, Paymaster General of the Forces in Ireland, matter referred to
-, deputy lieutenant for Suffolk
-, Jane, widow of Bryan, petition of
-, Joseph, licence to stay in England
-, Sir Stephen [M.P. for Westminster], in the commons, speaks in favour of Knight, his lodgings, See Whitehall fire; declaration of, (1 Jas. II), reversion of the office of register of the Court of Chancery granted to, (36 Chas. II), declines to stand as parliamentary candidate for Westminster

Frampton, Tregonwell, payment without account to

-, Admiralty Courts of, See also Dunkirk.
-, ambassador extraordinary to, See Bentinck, W., Earl of Portland; Villiers, E., Earl of Jersey.
-, conspirators in. See Conspirators.
-, constitution and government of
-, corresponding and trading with, during the war. See Enemy.
-, dangerous persons from, to be arrested
-, Dauphin of, "le daufin." See Louis, the Dauphin.
-, debts of
-, desolation of, writer of books demonstrating the
-, embargo on ships wishing to leave
-, friars deported from Ireland to
-, government of. See above, constitution
-, Grand Chamberlain of. See La Tour.
-, Grand Prior of. See Vendme, Philippe de.
-, information from, proposal for obtaining
-, Irish prisoners sent to
-, King of, See Louis XIV; brother of the future, as King of Spain, and see Anjou, a duke of; Berry, a duke of.
-, letters to Spain via and see Postal treaty.
-, Master of the Horse of. See Lorraine, Louis de.
-, naval preparations by See also French navy.
-, passes from, arrest of travellers without
-, persons who went to, since 11 Dec., arrest of, licences for, etc. See under Treason.
-, possession of towns in the Netherlands dishonestly disputed by
-, postmaster of, and Spanish letters
-, post office of, renewal of the treaty with, see also Postal treaty; farmers of the revenue of, and see Pajot.
-, postal service with, days and times for, recommencement of, and see Postal treaty.
-, postal tariffs in, the new and old
-, prisoners (of war) in and escaped from. See Prisoners (of war).
-, refugees from. See French protestants.
-, regiments in. See Dorrington's, Dublin regiment.
-, religion in. See Religion.
-, restoration of plunder by. See Carthagena.
-, roads in, state of
-, Secretary of State of and see Phelypeaux, L., Comte de Pontchartrain.
-, ships captured by. See Prizes.
-, ships for
-, and Spain (Spanish succession), union of, under the same king, opposition to, guarantees offered against, power of the united forces of
-, sport in. See Hounds, Huntsmen, Staghunting, Wolfhunting.
-, suspects from, arrest of
-, trade with. See Trade.
-, travellers to and from arrest of, see above passes.
-, vines in, ruined by the frost
-, wealth of abundance of cash no indication of
-, wind and weather in. See Wind.
-, wool exported to

Francis, Frances, John, petition for and grant of almsman's place

Franconia, duchy of

Frankland, Franckland, , captain
-, Sir Thomas, postmaster general, letter signed by, French postal charges to be paid by, etc.

Franklin, Francklyn, , captain, company of
-, Mr., letter to
-, Samuel, procurator general

Fraser, James, pass to go abroad

Frazier, , an officer in Brewer's regiment
-, Robert, soldier, pass from the Hague

Frederick VII, Elector of Brandenburg, envoy extraordinary to, See Stepney, G.; "his progress to Prussia,"

Frederick Augustus, King of Poland: compliments upon his succession from William III, reportod death of, envoy from, See Gersdorf; envoy to, See Stepney, G.; letter from, mentioned

Free Chapel, right of. See Dues and rights, feudal.

Free Imperial City. See Hamburg.

Free regality, erection of. See under Scotland.

Free trade discussed in the Commons: on the African coast, in the East Indies

Freeman, , captain, company of
-, Lady, deceased, mother of Elizabeth
-, Elizabeth, petition of, loans by her father to Chas. II
-, Ralph, junior, elected M.P. for Hertfordshire
-, William, post warrant for

Freemen, honorary, suggested exclusion of, from voting at parliamentary elections

Freke, Robert, colonel, president of a court martial

French, Arthur, favour promised by Earl of Athlone to
-, licence to stay in England
-, Christopher, estate of
-, George, a suspect
-, Nathaniel, licence to return from France
-, Nicholas, of Abbert, co. Galway, reversal of outlawry of
-, deceased, son of Nicholas, debt contracted by
-, Patrick, of Cloghballymore, co. Galway, brother and heir to Christopher, petition and pardon
-, Robert, of Rahasane, co. Galway, petition for pardon

French, the French:
-, ambassador to England, dispute as to his first visit, and see Hostun, C. d', Comte de Tallard; at the Hague, See Hague, The.
-, army:
-, disbandment of, discontinuance of
-, English papists in
-, officers in, information against
-, review of the Lifeguards and mousequetaires
-, beds, description of, very expensive and not as good as English, would not suit William III
-, at Carthagena, ship captured by, See also Carthagena.
-, churches in Ireland, See Carlow, Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Portarlington; in London, See London, churches.
-, commander at Luxemburg
-, commissioners:
-, at St. Christophers
-, for the re-establishment of trade
-, for re-establishing the packet boat service, agreement signed by
-, court. See Louis XIV, court of.
-, dancing master
-, design on the West Indies. See West Indies, Spanish America.
-, Flanders. See Flanders.
-, fleet. See below navy.
-, furnishing materials, difficulty of procuring
-, furniture, old-fashioned scarcity of new
-, hatters, petition of
-, hounds and huntsmen. See Hounds and Huntsmen.
-, lace, seizure of
-, language, student of, want of a clerk in the Admiralty understanding
-, mariners, ill treatment of
-, navy, fleet:
-, intelligence obtained of, during the war
-, preparations of
-, Spanish ports visited by
-, officers, release of
-, papists in Ireland
-, part of St. Christophers. See St. Christophers.
-, pensioners on the Irish Establishment
-, plantation. See New France.
-, ports, prisoners in, note claiming release of, see also Prisoners (of war).
-, postal officials, complaint against
-, preparations by sea. See above navy.
-, prisoners (of war). See Prisoners (of war).
-, privateers. See Privateers.
-, protestants, protestant refugees, emigrs, refugis:
-, address to the King in behalf of, proposed
-, estates of, arts. 7 and 8 of an edict of 1689 concerning
-, examined by the Lords
-, passes from the Hague for
-, payments by Sir P. Rycaut to
-, promises to, to entice them home
-, votes of, at parliamentary elections, proceedings in the Commons re
-, regiments for and in Ireland clamour in Dublin against discipline in dissatisfaction on account of, number of troops, pitiful state of See also Army, regiments: Belcastel's, Galway's, Melonnire's, Miremont's
-, royal family, governess of the children of. See Prie, Louise de.
-, ships, wrecked and pillaged, seized
-, silk merchants. See below smugglers.
-, silks, seizure of
-, smugglers (silk merchants), impeachment of, plead guilty fined according to their substance
-, wine, seizure of

Friars, deported from Ireland

Friend, Sir John, his share of the Phenix Brewhouse, etc., forfeited to the crown

Friendly Society of the joint stock of assurance for widows

Friese. See Frise.

Friesland, ship wrecked on the coast of

Frigates, "the Frigotts," maintenance of the employment of, in Scotland

Fringe maker

Frise, Friese, Frize, [Hendrik], baron de, certificate from, commander in chief of H.M. forces on the upper Rhine, movements of, his secretary See Rebecque.

Frith, Rowland, created Mowbray herald extraordinary

Frize. See Frise.

Frizeland. See Friesland.

Froget, Richard, commitment of

Fruit trees, Lord Portland unable to find what he wants [in Paris district] and see Orleans.

Fryet, William, condemned prisoner

Fulham, John, licence to stay in England

Fuller, Richard, servant to the Marquis of Tavistock, pass from the Hague
-, William, his frauds and pretended employment in the service of the government, letters to Lord Portland and fraudulent use of his name

Fuller's earth and fulling clay, export of, prevention of

Furman, George, pass to travel

Furnase, Furnese, George, merchant, petition for pardon
-, Sir Henry, a trustee and envoy in Holland for the new E. I. Co.

Furniture and furnishing materials, Lord Portland advises Wm. III. to buy English