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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Ealing, co. Middlesex, disaffected persons near, search for

Eames, John, major, licence to stay in England

Earith. See Erith.

Earle, Thomas, captain, post warrant for
-, See also Erle.

Earthenwares, duty on, taken off

Earthquake, the general, losses sustained in the sugar plantations by

Eastbourn, Bourn, co. Sussex, arrest of suspects landing at

Easter. See Religion.

East Grinstead, co. Sussex, M.P. for. See Conyers, J.

East India Company: and See xxiii xxvi.
-, the old, or "Company of Merchants trading to the East Indies":
-, books of, inspection of committee for, report of
-, bribery, corruption, frauds, etc., by
-, castles of. See below forts.
-, charters of:
-, additional clauses to
-, determination of, at the King's pleasure three years' warning of warrant and privy seal for
-, forfeited
-, from 1601. See Charters.
-, parliamentary inspection of
-, privileges and reservations of
-, protection of the public in
-, committees of, qualifications of members
-, condition and conduct of, enquiry into
-, court of elections. See below general court.
-, counsel for (Sir T. Powis; Sir B. Shower), to be heard in the Commons in the Lords
-, dead stock of. See effects.
-, dividends paid by from 1657 to 1693
-, effects, quick and dead stock of, three years allowed to bring home proposed to indemnify new members out of valuations of
-, factors of, liable to reprisals in India
-, forts and castles of, retention of valuation of
-, general court or court of elections of
-, additional trading privileges granted to
-, meetings of
-, proposals of, generally disliked and see below proposals.
-, select committee of
-, voting qualification of members of
-, governors of. See Bohun, G.; Fleet, Sir J.
-, hardships, losses in the war, injustices, etc., complaints and protests re
-, information as to means of provisioning navy ships in the East Indies required from
-, money distributed (in 1695) by Sir T. Cooke for
-, petitions of, to the Commons to the Lords
-, proceedings in the Commons re
-, proposals of: to lend 700,000 to the Government for parliamentary establishment raise a two millions subscription ability to do so questioned
-, quick stock. See above effects.
-, representative of, for India (Dr. Davenant)
-, settlements of, revenue from
-, ships of, movements of repayment of money advanced for fitting out
-, stock of, disreputation of fraudulent inflation of
-, stockholders of, voting qualifications of
-, subscribers to, new, frauds on, proposed compensation for
-, and the supply of saltpetre. See Saltpetre.
-, trading privileges of, allowed for three years intended for the nation in general value of
-, woollen manufactures, obligation to export and see under new company.
-, the new. And see below General Society and English Company.
-, bill for establishing, in the Commons, in the Lords clauses for, proposed, added and rejected, the money bill tacked to it salt bill added
-, Montague's proposals opposition of the old company to
-, the two millions subscription at 8 per cent.
-, act for raising, abstract of
-, amount subscribed by underwriters by the old company
-, appropriations out of, for the Civil List by tallies of anticipation
-, books for, closed to allow the old company to subscribe, opened at Mercer's Hall
-, commissioners for receiving
-, interest on (the 160,000 fund), proposals for raising And see Salt tax.
-, the old company invited and encouraged to subscribe to enquiry as to its intentions resolved to trade apart
-, preamble to
-, subscribers to. See belowThe General Society.
-, The General Society:
-, charter for, approved in council, bill for, signed by the Lords Justices passing offices docquet of warrant for the Great Seal
-, counsel for, in the Commons
-, interests of, transferable
-, meetings of
-, may be incorporated and trade in their own joint stock and see below The English Company.
-, proposals of, presented and read in the Commons
-, separate trade by
-, sole benefit of the trade to India for for ten years
-, trustees of, Court of Trustees, names of correspond to the Court of Directors of the English Company
-, 20% call on
-, The English Company trading to the East Indies (joint stock of the General Society):
-, ambassador to be sent to India by
-, charter for, approved in council, bill for, signed by the Lords Justices clause in, making exportation of woollen manufacture obligatory, docquet of warrant for the Great Seal
-, committee of, to prepare bylaws
-, debts of, in India, discharge of
-, directors of, Court of Directors. See above General Society, trustees of.
-, dividends of, application of
-, effects and dead stock of, liability of money raised on, application of
-, envoy in Holland from (Sir H. Furnase)
-, factors for India from
-, free trade in
-, general court of
-, islands of St. Helena and Bombay granted to
-, members of, real and personal estates of, liability of, voting qualification of
-, monopoly in, avoidance of
-, petition of
-, proposal as to borrowing upon bottomry or at interest above 6%, rejected
-, proposed parliamentary regulation of, rejected
-, secretary to. See Blackbourn.
-, seizure of pieces of eight belonging to
-, ships of, movements of, trading regulation for
-, trading privileges in India, entitled to those of the old company
-, and the woollen manufacture. See above under charter.

East India House. See London, places.

East India trade, proceeding in the Commons on, bill and charters for settling. See above East India Company.

East Indies: and see India.
-, Governor and Company of merchants trading to and see East India Company (old).
-, squadron for suppressing pirates in commander of, See Warren, Capt.

Eberdine. See Hibendine.

Ecclesiastical Commissioners, matters referred to

Echlin, Ecklin, Sir Henry, baron of the Exchequer, Ireland, commissioner to hear Chancery cases, as judge of assize, matter referred to, report of
-, Robert, colonel, his regiment. See Army, regiments.

Echt, co. Aberdeen, lands, barony, mains and new manor place of, free burgh of barony of, erection of, with market and fairs, kirk of, patronage, teinds and right of forestry of, Kirktown of, lands

Edgington, John

Edgworth, [Ambrose], captain, late of Erle's regiment
-, Henry, captain in the Coldstream Guards

-, apothecary of
-, bailly of
-, burgess of
-, castle, late lieutenant of
-, clerk of
-, commissariat of, clerk of
-, Deans of Guild of
-, forfeited lands in, gift of
-, General Assembly of the Church of Scotland at
-, Happers Closs
-, High Street
-, Holyrood House, palace of, accommodation for the King's commissioner in, heritable keeper of, See Hamilton, Anne, Duchess of Hamilton; under keeper of, See Hamilton, John; repair and improvement of
-, King's Beadmen in, purveyor and provisor of the cloth and making of gowns for
-, lands near, purchased by Charles II
-, Lawn Market
-, Lord Provost of, a commissioner for settling the communication of trade, letter to, privy councillor of Scotland, and see Stewart, Sir Thomas.
-, merchants of
-, parliament to meet at
-, post warrant to
-, sheriffdom of
-, tailor in
-, watching and warding in, exemption from
-, wright burgess of
-, writers of. See Boig, H.; Chalmers, C.

Edisbury, Mr., letters to

Edmonds, Alice, pass for

Education, endowment of

Edward VI, King of England, corn laws of

Edwards, , to examine Exchequer bills for false endorsements
-, , a suspect
-, Nathaniel, surgeon's mate in the first regiment of guards
-, Thomas, grant of lands in Monmouth to
-, pirate, pardon for

Edwin, Sir Humphry, Lord Mayor of London, licence of absence for
-, [Samuel], son of Sir Humphry, appointed usher of the Exchequer

Egan, , a suspect
-, John, licence to stay in England

Eglinton, Earl of. See Montgomerie, A.

Eight, pieces of, exchange value of, and see under East India Co. (English Co.)

Eighteen penny Act

Eldenburg [? Oldenburg, Denmark], soldier's discharge dated at

Eldrich alias Devereux alias Derrick, Richard, a prisoner in the Savoy

Elections, parliamentary; and see Burgesses, Knights of the shire.
-, and aliens. See Aliens, French protestants.
-, bill for regulating (Mr. Cowper's Bill of Elections), proceedings in the Commons on
-, bribery at, Commons to determine cases of
-, committee of, petition heard by, quarrel at
-, "competition drinkings" at, prevention of
-, disorders at, prevention of, duels arising from
-, libels at. See Exeter.
-, news of
-, results of, "very odd" in most places
-, speech. See Shower, Sir B.
-, treating by candidates at, prohibited after the Teste of the writs
-, voided by bribery
-, And see Buckinghamshire, Beeralston, Chichester, Cirencester, Dunwich, Exeter, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Lancashire, Lancaster, Leicestershire, London, Ludlow, Middlesex, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Poole, Rochester, Shoreham, Suffolk, Surrey, Thetford, Westminster, Windsor.

Elector Palatine. See John William.

Electress, Madame the

Eleonora Maria, Duchess of Lorraine, Queen Dowager of Poland, mourning for

Elephants' teeth. See Ivory.

Elis. See Ellis.

Elizabeth, Queen of England, corn laws of

Elizabeth Charlotte, Duchesse d' Orleans, called "Madame," expresses her sympathy and affection for William III, at a staghunt with the Dauphin, her representative at Portland's reception, audiences to Portland, much affected by the death of the Elector of Hanover maid-of-honour to, marriage of
-, youngest daughter of Madame, called "Mademoiselle," "not a great beauty, but very pleasing."

Ellis, John, Under Secretary of State, Northern Department, letters from, letters to, mentioned, J.P. for Middlesex, affidavits and informations sworn before chief clerk to Mr. Vernon
-, Richard, certificate for
-, Timothy, high sheriff of Nottinghamshire, licence of absence

Ellison, , warned against [William] Fuller

Elmston, Philippa, licence to stay in England

Elton, John, of Newent, weaver, accused of coining
-, Joseph, of Newent, blacksmith, accused of coining

Elwes, Elwis, G., of Sudbury, petitioner
-, Sir Gervis, bart. (? same), deputy lieutenant for Suffolk

Elwill, Sir John, rejected parliamentary candidate for Exeter

Elwis. See Elwes.

Embellisher. See Illuminator.

Embezzlements. See Naval Stores; Prizes.

Emerson, George, coiner, information against

Emperor, brother of the future, as King of Spain, and see Leopold.

"Emperors, the two," agreement between Cp. Leopold; Peter the Great.

Empire, the, united with Spain, not to be feared more that a union with France

Endowment of education. See Education.

Enemy, the, corresponding and trading with, arrest for, charge of, pardons for

Engeham, Thomas, secretary of commissions in the Court of Chancery, petition of

Engineers of artillery, pay of, study of mathematics by

England, Francis, warrant to be directed to
-, James, licence to stay in England

-, interests of, in regard to sea power and world trade
-, kings of, guarantors of treaties, See Treaties; satire on
-, licences to return to and stay in, See Treason.
-, news in Paris from
-, public opinion in, See Public.
-, west coast of, wrecks on

English, , returned from France without licence

English East India Company. See East India Co. (new).

English hatters, vexatious suit by

English manufactures. See Manufactures.

English trade and commerce. See Trade.

Engraver to the Mint. See Scotland.

Engravings, See also Wren, Sir C.

Enniskillen, Enisharkin, co. Fermanagh, disbandment of officers and soldiers of, governor of, pay of

Ensigns of militia, qualification of

Ensigns or second lieutenants of foot, pay of

Envoys. See Ambassadors.

Equerries. See Household, Royal.

Erington. See Errington.

Erith, Earith, co. Kent, suspect at

Erle, Earl, Earle; and see Earle.
-, Thomas, major general, baggage lost by, his regiment, See Army, regiments; his ships "hostages," detained at Dunkirk
-, William, ensign in the first regiment of guards

Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover, mourning for, notification of death of

Errington, Erington, Edward, licence to stay in England
-, John, licence to stay in England
-, Thomas, licence to stay in England
-, William, licence to stay in England

Errol, Earl of. See Hay, John.

Error, writs of, allowed and discussed, into the Exchequer Chamber, into parliament See also Fines.

Erskine, David, Earl of Buchan, privy councillor of Scotland
-, John, Earl of Mar, appointments in Scotland: commissioner for auditing Treasury accounts, of the Exchequer, for plantation of kirks and valuation of teinds, for settling the communication of trade, privy councillor

Eschacht, Mons., stalmaster to Wm. III at the Hague

Escheated bail. See Law, points of.

Escheats. See under Scotland.

Escorbiac. See La Valese.

Escrick. See Howard.

Essex, , a suspect

Essex, Earl of. See Capel, A.

Essex, high sheriff of, licence of absence

Estates, real and personal, value of, discovered by former acts of parliament

Estres, Estres, [? Jean], Comte d', squadron of, movements of, regulation of salutes between Spanish castles and

Estwick, Mr., of the Hague, recommendation of

Etheridge, George, lieutenant and quartermaster in the first regiment of guards

Eu, Comte d'. See Bourbon, L. A. de.

Europe, head of the protestant interest in, See William III; peace of, See Foreign policy.

Evance, Evans, Sir Stephen, commissioner of Excise and Malt Tax, his neglect to take the Test, removed from Excise commission

Evans, , a suspect
-, David, second lieutenant of marines, half-pay for
-, Richard, groom, pass from the Hague
-, Thomas, a suspect, affidavits in behalf of
-, captain (? same), a conspirator, seized at Constantinople
-, and see Evance.

Evelyn, [John], his house at Deptford hired for Peter the Great

Everard, , forfeited estate of, grant of
-, [Thomas], Excise commissioner

Evers, John, licence to stay in England

Everson, Peter, a Swede, discharge from the navy

Every, Henry, his "crew," suspects
-, James, returned from France without leave

Evey, William, invention petition

Evoy, William, licence to stay in England

Ewelme, co. Oxford, King's hospital of, almsmen in, poor's stock of

Exceter. See Exeter.

Exchange, bills of, See Bills; foreign rate of, See also Exchequer bills.

Exchequer. See also Scotland.
-, auditor of. See Howard, Sir R.
-, chancellor of, not debarred by oath from accepting grants from the crown And see Montagu, C.
-, depletion of. See Finances.
-, fees paid at
-, money paid into, claim to
-, payments in specie to, proposed suspension of the law requiring
-, pension out of. See Pensions.
-, records of, keeper of, warrant to, search for matters relating to the House of Brunswick in
-, subscriptions to the new E. I. Co. taken at
-, teller of. See Carew, H.; Palmes, G.
-, teller's clerk "over reached," and see Fernes, H.
-, tellers' offices, comptroller of. See Humes, [P.]

Exchequer bills:
-, counterfeit, copper plate and seal for, search for, dispersal of
-, counterfeiting, forging, etc., of, pardon for, trial for
-, rate of exchange of
-, refused by bailiffs in payment of taxes
-, trustees [to pay off]
-, proceedings in the Commons on:
-, acceptance of, for bills of exchange made payable in milled money, law officer's opinion as to
-, abuses in and false endorsement of Cp. Duncombe.
-, currency of
-, discount on, bill for reducing, high rate of action of the Treasury to lower
-, repayment of, supply granted for and see Capitation Tax; Land Tax.
-, proceedings in the Lords on

Exchequer Court: See also Ireland.
-, bail returned into, Cp. Law, points of, escheated bail.
-, barons of, and the clerkship of the Pells, order of and see Hatsell, Sir H.
-, Chief Baron, and see Ward, Sir E.
-, devenerunt proceedings in
-, judgments of, reversal of
-, office
-, prosecutions and suits in
-, Pells, clerk of the, office of, value of, right of the Treasury to nominate, and see Pelham, H.; Strangways, T.; Warder.
-, seal of, petition for a lease under
-, usher of. See Edwin, [S.]

Excise. See also Ireland; Scotland.
-, Cashier of, late. See Duncombe, C.
-, Commission, alteration of
-, Commissioners, attack on, in the Commons, bill for indemnifying those who omitted to take the Test, Exchequer bills accepted by, names of, See Ashurst, Sir W.; Carr, W.; Clarke, E.; Danvers, J.; Evance, Sir S.; Everard, T.; Fleming, W.; Foche, Sir J.; Meadows, Sir P.; Montagu, Christr.; Onslow, Foot; Parry, F.; Smith, J.; Strong, W.
-, duties, paid in Exchequer bills, in hammered money receivers of and see Taxes and duties.
-, revenue, hereditary and temporary, allocated to the Civil List, grants of, supply granted by parliament for clearing

Exeter. Earl of. See Cecil, J.

Exeter, bishop of. See Trelawney, Sir J.

Exeter, Exeter, city of:
-, burgesses of, election of, and see below parliamentary election.
-, gaol, prisoner in
-, Guildhall, election libels posted at, see Little Reflections; Queries; Sir B. Shower's speech at
-, an information to be examined at
-, M.P.'s for. See Shower, Sir B.; Seymour, Sir E.; Tiley, Sir J.
-, merchant of
-, parliamentary election at
-, "their river" [Exe], invention for making it navigable
-, wharfinger at

Expenses, proposed tax on

Eyford, co. Gloucester, Duke of Shrewsbury at

Eyles, Francis, merchant, petition of

Eyre, Samuel, merchant of London, petition of
-, Sir Samuel (Mr. Justice), his refusal to give reasons for a judgment and see Holt, Sir J.

Eyres, Mr., his behaviour in Lord Capel's government
-, , colonel, recommended for favour

Eyton, David, lieutenant in the first regiment of guards