James I: November 1604

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Calendar of State Papers, Ireland, 1603-1606 . Originally published by Longman and Co, London, 1872.

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James I: November 1604

373. The King to the Lord Deputy. [Nov. 4.] Philad. P., vol. 1, p. 71.

Grant of the reversion of the office of Provost Marshal in Munster, so soon as the same shall come to the King's hands by death, surrender, forfeiture, or otherwise, to Captain Ellis Jones during his life.—Westminster, 4 November 1604.

P. 1. Orig. Add. Endd. Enrolled.

[Printed by Erck, Calendar, p. 100.]

374. Sir George Carey, Lord Deputy, to Sir John Davis, Solicitor General. [Nov. 6.] Carte Papers, vol. 61, p. 215.

Warrant for fiant of a grant to Captain Roger Atkinson, of the place of Provost Marshal of Loughfoile, with fee of 4s. per day during good behaviour, in as ample manner as Philip Brown deceased, George Nugent, or John Man formerly held the same.—6 Nov. 1604.

375. The King to Sir Arthur Chichester, Deputy. [Nov. 9.] Philad. P., vol. 1, p. 73.

Grant to Allen Apsley, gent., Commissary of the Victuals in Munster, in consideration of the good services done to the late Queen, deceased, and to the King, a pension of 3s. sterling, current money of England, by the day for his life; and to be continued in the place of commissary of the Victuals in Munster during his good behaviour. —Westminster, 9 November 1604.

P. 1. Orig. Add. Endd. Enrolled.

[Printed by Erck, Calendar, p. 164.]

376. Allen Apsley's Account. [Nov. 9.] Docquet Book, Nov. 9.

Letter to the Commissioners of Ireland, to take the account of Allen Apsley, from the last of September 1602, for divers quantities of grain and victuals in arrearage there and since received, until the last of September 1604.

377. The King to Sir Arthur Chichester, Deputy. [Nov. 14.] Philad. P., vol. 1, p. 75.

Grant to Sir Edward Fisher, knt., of a pension of 8s. sterling, by the day, current money of Ireland, making 6s. sterling by the day now current money of England, payable quarterly out of such treasure or revenue as should from time to time be sent thither, or grow due to the King out of his rents or receipts in Ireland, to commence from the 1st of October in the first year of the King's reign during the life of said Sir Edward Fisher.—Westminster, 14th November 1604.

P. 1. Orig. Add. Endd. Enrolled.

378. Duplicate of No. 377. [Nov. 14.] Add. Papers, Ireland.

P. 1. Endd.: "Sir Edw. Fisher, for his pension in Ireland. To the Lord Lieutenant and Deputy, 14° Nov. 1604."

[Recorded by Erck, Calendar, p. 126.]

379. Sir George Carey, Lord Deputy, to any of His Majesty's Council. [Nov. 17.] Carte Papers, vol. 61, p. 140.

Warrant for a fiant of a patent to grant (pursuant to His Majesty's bill, signed with His royal hand, and dated at Greenwich, 27th June last), the sites of the monasteries of Jeripoint and Kilcoole, and the friaries of Callan, Carrick, Thurles, and Tullaghphelim, and the temporal lands to them belonging, and certain lands in the lordship of Fortonolan, and of the reversion thereof to His Majesty's cousin, the Earl of Ormond and Ossory, and his heirs in fee simple, by the twentieth-part of a knight's fee. And also the monasteries of Leix, and the temporal lands thereof, and the reversion for ever in fee-farm, paying for the same 10l. 5s. Irish, and performing such other services as by the said bill enrolled in Chancery may appear.—17 November 1604.

P. 1. Orig.

380. The King to Sir Arthur Chichester, Deputy. [Nov. 18.] Philad. P., vol. 1, p. 77.

Grant to Captain William Power, in consideration of his good deserts and long services in Ireland, testified by the many great hurts and wounds he had received there in the late rebellion in Munster, of an annuity of 4s. by the day, sterling; payable quarterly by the hands of the Treasurer of Wars, for life, the first payment to begin at Michaelmas last.— Westminster, 18th November 1604.

P. 1. Orig. Add. Endd. Enrolled.

[Printed by Erck, Calendar, p. 258.]

381. Sir Ja. Fullertone to Sir Thomas Lake, Knight. [Nov. 24.] Add. Papers, Ireland.

Having moved the Lord Lieutenant in his own behalf, finds him very willing to further him, but altogether unwilling to be a suitor to the King for him. Now seeing his expectation is that way frustrate would earnestly request him (Sir Thomas) if he finds good opportunity, and His Majesty fit for the purpose, to motion his suit to him. Knows he had rather second a motion made by another than move any himself, yet, forasmuch as none of his countrymen can apprehend his business, is constrained to crave his (Luke's) favour herein ; if he think it inconvenient, prays that he would advise him how to proceed in it. By the contracting of the army from 12,000 foot and 1,000 horse, to 3,000 foot and 400 horse, and by the further intended reduction, about Christmas, to the half of these, he has lost 500l. by the year, being allowed one day's pay in the year for his pains, for making up their warrants of full pay twice in the year, and by the change of the money into English he has lost 50l. by year. Prays that His Majesty would either give this office to some other and give him some means in England to live upon, or would enable him to live according to his calling in some measure, by granting him a dead pay out of every company of horse and foot so long as the army shall be small, and that he would change the Irish pay allowed to him into English. Hears that the King will not be here till near Christmas, and there will be no time for suitors till after Christmas. A petition may easily be drawn by this letter if need be.— London, 24 November 1604.

P. 1. Endd.: "1604, 24 Nov. For James Fullerton, &c." Add.: "To the right wor. my very good friend Sr Thomas Lake, knight, &c. at court, give these."

382. State of the Office of King's Bench, Ireland. [Nov.] S.P., Ireland, vol. 216, 53.

State of the King's Bench Office, in Ireland, and of the office of clerk of assize and peace of the counties of Kildare. Carlow, King's County, and Queen's County. Charges against Gerald Dillon, the officer ; observations on the preservation of records.

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