Spain: April 1521

Pages 342-345

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 2, 1509-1525. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1866.

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April 1521

3 April.
M. Re. Ac. d. Hist. Salazar. A. 20. ff. 115-120.
327. Juan Manuel, Imperial Ambassador in Rome, to the Emperor.
Has received his letter of the 23rd of March, in which were enclosed his written promises to the Pope. Delivered them.
Went on the second day of Easter to see his Holiness, and communicated to him all that he was ordered, in the despatch of the 17th of March, to tell him.
The affairs of Luther are very troublesome to the Pope. After having heard what he communicated to him, the Holy Father exclaimed, "God be thanked who has sent me in these times an Emperor who takes so much care of the Church!"
The Pope is very thankful for all he has promised him, and only begs him to fulfil his promise, and not to permit men who are "hearkening to the counsel of the Devil" to lead him astray, as it is said they will do. (fn. 1) These are the very words his Holiness ordered him to write to him.
The Pope thinks it would be a very good thing if the Swiss could be gained over to their (the Pope's, the Emperor's, and King Henry's) cause.
The King of France is much afraid of an alliance between him (the Emperor) and the Pope, and offers great things to the Holy Father.
Asked his Holiness what the English intend to do. The answer was that the King of England wishes to remain neutral, and has even advised the Pope to do the same. The Pope, however, has replied to the King of England that he may remain neutral if he likes, as his kingdom is surrounded by the sea, but that the Papal States are not an island.
Details concerning warlike preparations.
Financial affairs.
The Italians expect he will soon come to Italy.
Advises that Genoa be conquered. The Adorni promise to furnish 10,000 men for the undertaking.
Has received letters from Portugal, &c.—Rome, the 3rd of April 1521.
Addressed : "To the Cœsar and King of Spain, &c., our sovereign Lord."
Indorsed : "To the King. Rome. From Juan Manuel, 3rd of April 1521."
Spanish. Autograph in cipher. Contemporary deciphering. pp. 8.
8 April.
M. Re. Ac. d. Hist. Salazar. A. 20. ff. 127-129.
328. Juan Manuel, Imperial Ambassador in Rome, to the Emperor.
Sends this courier to tell him that the Pope is exceedingly impatient to have news respecting Martin Luther. The Pope thinks Luther must have already arrived at the Imperial court. He will write more fully on this subject.
The Holy Father is ready to conclude the alliance (with the Emperor and the King of England). He is on bad terms with the King of France.
News from Spain, &c.—Rome, the 8th of April 1521.
Addressed : "To the most sacred Cœsar, &c."
Indorsed : "To the King, from Juan Manuel. Rome, 8th of April 1521."
Spanish. Autograph in cipher. Contemporary deciphering. pp. 3.
27 April.
M. Re. Ac. d. Hist. Salazar. A. 20. ff. 156-166.
329. Juan Manuel, Imperial Ambassador in Rome, to the Emperor.
It seems that he (the Emperor) wishes to put off the enterprise (against France) for two months. The Pope, naturally, does not like the delay, as he has to pay 6,000 men, and has already been waiting a whole year.
The Pope has sent to tell him (Juan Manuel) that Luther has already arrived at the Imperial court, and that a disputation is to take place. That would, in the opinion of the Pope, be the surest way to bring about the utter ruin of the Church.
Answered that he knew nothing about it, but that, at all events, he (the Emperor) would take care that the interests of God and the Pope should not be injured.
The Pope considers the affair of Luther to be of paramount importance. Nothing can be obtained from him if in this respect his will is not done. Begs him to do his duty to God, and to satisfy the Pope.
The "other Luther of Zamora" has written that he has defeated the Prior Don Antonio.
The Venetians are enlisting Swiss troops.
It is said that he (the Emperor) intends to have an interview with the King of England. Approves of it, provided that no time be lost thereby.
Personal notices concerning the Constable of Castile, Count Carpi, &c.—Rome, the 27th of April 1521.
Addressed : "To the Cœsar and King of Spain, &c., our sovereign Lord."
Indorsed : "To the King. Rome. Don Juan Manuel. 27th of April."
Spanish. Autograph in cipher. Contemporary deciphering. pp. 5.
28 April.
M D. Pas. d. G. Pap. r. a. l. H. d. Es.
330. Raphael De Medicis to the Emperor.
Arrived on the 26th. Immediately informed the Cardinal de Medicis of his arrival, who sent the Archbishop of Capua to him. Went with the Archbishop to see the Cardinal, to whom he delivered his letter. The Cardinal thanked him very cordially for his kindness, and offered to render him all the good services which he had in his power. Spoke with the Cardinal about various affairs, and especially concerning Martin Luther. The Cardinal told him that the mind of the Pope is very much occupied with this Martin Luther, and that he was waiting anxiously for news of what had happened after his arrival (at Worms). Informed the Cardinal of the interrogation which had taken place in the first audience, (fn. 2) and of the measures which will be taken in future. The Cardinal declared himself satisfied with the mode of proceeding.
Spoke no more that evening with the Cardinal, but next morning he explained to him at some length the subject of his mission. At first the Cardinal was much surprised, and said he was astonished to hear that he had come with proposals which the Pope could never accept. Explained more at length the reasons why he asked for a delay of two months (for the beginning of the war with France), and gave the Cardinal to understand that it would be an advantage to both (the Emperor and the Pope). Begged the Cardinal to write to the Pope in that sense. The Cardinal promised, although he added that he did not think the Pope could content himself with a defensive alliance. The condition of the two months' delay, he said, the Pope would perhaps accept, but it would be necessary immediately to provide the money for the Swiss, who are paid up to the 20th of May only. The Pope, the Cardinal said, would be unable to bear such heavy expenses if he was not aided by him (the Emperor) and the King of England.
Answered that the time was so short that it was impossible to inform him (the Emperor) respecting this subject, and to have his answer before the 20th of May.
The reply of the Cardinal was that although the pay of the Swiss ends by the middle of May, they would wait one month more. Meanwhile he (the Emperor) could send his answer.
Sends this courier in order to inform him what the Pope expects. As soon as he sees the Pope he will send another courier from Rome.—Florence, the 28th of April 1521.
Addressed : "To his most Sacred, Imperial, and Catholic Majesty."
Italian. Holograph, partly in cipher. Incorrect contemporary deciphering. Corrected by the editor. pp. 22.


  • 1. "... y lo de Luter que es lo que mucho fatiga a su Santidad dize que muchas gracias a dios porque en su tiempo ha dado Emperador que tenga cuydado de su yglesia como v~r mad le tiene (al qual mucho agradece todo lo que yo de su parte le dixe). Que fueron las mismas palabras que me mando escrevir y dezir y que le ruega cordialmente que aquello mismo se haga con effeto y no querria consentir que gentes consejadas por el diablo lo estorven como a su Sd le han dicho que se ha de estorvar ..."
  • 2. "... la interoghazione sutalj fatta in la primera auldienzia ..."