House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 14 October 1644

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, Octobris 14, 1644.


Military Affairs.

TWO Letters from Plymouth, of Octobris 4, one from the Lord Roberts Governor, and the other from the Mayor and Committee, of Octobris 5: relating the taking in of Saltashe; and desiring a Supply of Men and Arms; were this Day read.

Ordered, That Three hundred and Sixty Carabines, Three hundred Pair of Pistols, One hundred and Eighty Backs, Breasts, and Pots, Two thousand Musquets, be forthwith delivered out of the Arms bought of Mr. Pennoyer, and Mr. Hill, to such as the Committee of Lords and Commons for Plymouth shall appoint to receive the same, to be disposed of as the said Committee shall direct.

Detention of Bedingfield.

Ordered, That the Governor of Lynne do detain Mr. Bedingfield, Son to Sir Hen. Bedingfield, a Papist: And that the Committee for Associations do acquaint the Earl of Manchester with this Business, by Letter.

Coke's Sequestration.

Resolved, &c. That the Estates of Sir Robert Cooke, and Henry Coke Esquire, be forthwith sequestered; reserving unto the said Sir Robert Coke and Hen. Coke a competent Provision for their Maintenance; and likewise excepting the Twentieth Part assessed upon them: And that the Remainder of the Proceed of these Sequestrations be employed towards the Buying of Arms, and defraying the Charge of Fortifications, in the Earl of Manchester's Association.

Oxford University Sequestrations.

Resolved, &c. That the Rents and Revenues belonging to the respective Colleges and Halls of Oxon, shall be secured and deposited in the Hands of the several and respective Committees of those Counties in which such Rents and Revenues do lie: Who are hereby authorized and required to receive the same; and to detain them in their Hands, until this House take further Order.

Mr. Selden is to prepare and bring in an Ordinance concerning the Rents and Revenues belonging to the Colleges and Halls of the University of Oxon.

Army Affairs.

A Letter from the Earl of Manchester, from Redding, of Octobris 12, 1644; giving an Account of his Motions in pursuance of the Orders he has, from time to time, received from the Committee of both Kingdoms; was this Day read.

Military Stores.

Resolved, &c. That Three hundred and Fifty Pounds be advanced and paid upon Account, by the Committee at Haberdashers Hall, within Six Weeks, to the Lieutenant of the Ordnance, for the Buying and Furnishing of Drums, Ensigns, Partizans, and Halberts, for my Lord General's Army.

Lord Newburghe.

Mr. Strode went up to the Lords with a Message; To desire the Lords to assess the Lord Newburghe, an Assistant to their House, his Twentieth Part.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Nicoll went up to the Lords with this Message; To desire the Lords to concur with this House, in the Passing these Ordinances; viz. An Ordinance for Arms for Lieutenant General Cromwell: The Order for Monies, out of Haberdashers Hall, for Mrs. Bastwicke: The additional Names to the Committee for Monmouth, &c. and for Colonel Harley to be Governor of Monmouth: The Ordinance for Explanation of a former Ordinance for the Excise, for the Town of Southampton: The Ordinance for the Payment of the Garisons in the seven Association Counties: The Ordinance concerning the Inhabitants of Jerscy; and an Ordinance for Additional Means to the Minister of Totenham; and the Ordinance concerning Mr. Pym.


Mr. Nicoll brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Ordinances concerning Colonel Cromwell; Mr. Pym; and the Committee for Monmouth: And that Colonel Harley shall be Governor of Monmouth: And to Mrs. Bastwick's Ordinance: And, to . . . rest, will send an Answer by Messengers of their own.

Propositions to the King.

The House proceeded in filling up of the Blanks in the Eleventh Proposition.

And in pursuance thereof;

Resolved, That his Majesty be desired to give his Royal Assent;

1. To an Act for the due Observation of the Lord's Day, according to the Ordinance of Parliament in that Behalf:

2. And to the Bill, now with your Majesty, for the Suppression of Innovations in Churches and Chapels, in and about the Worship of God, &c.; and the better Advancing of the Preaching of God's Holy Word, in all Parts of this Kingdom:

3. And to the Bill against the Enjoying of Pluralities of Benefices by Spiritual Persons; and Non Residency:

4. And to an Act, to be framed and agreed upon by both Houses of Parliament, for the Reforming and Regulating both Universities; and of the Colleges of Westminster, Winchester, and Eaton:

5. And to the Act, in like manner to be agreed upon, for Suppression of Interludes and Stage Plays, according to the Ordinance of Parliament in that Behalf made; and to be perpetual:

6. And to the Act for the taking of Accompts, according to the Ordinances in that Behalf made by both Houses of Parliament:

7. And to an Act to be made for Relief of Sick and Maimed Soldiers; and to the Poor Widows and Children of Soldiers:

8. And to an Act for the Settling and Continuance of the Excise, for satisfying and discharging the Publick Debts, and Damages of the Kingdom; and for other Publick Uses, in such Manner, and for so long Time, as both Houses shall think fit.

Resolved, &c. That a certain Compensation shall be included in the Article, for Taking away of the Court of Wards.

Resolved, &c. That the certain Sum of One hundred thousand Pounds per Annum, shall be included in this Article.

Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Maynard, Sir Tho. Widdrington, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Selden, Mr. Niclas;

This Committee, or any Two of them, are to put into a Form, the Proposition for the Taking away of the Court of Wards; and the Votes this Day passed concerning the same, in such manner as they think fit; and to report the same To-morrow to the House: And it is especially recommended to Mr. Reynolds, to take care of this Business.

Ordered, That that the Propositions be taken into Consideration To-morrow, the first Business; and nothing to intervene.

Message from Lords.

Message from the Lords, by Sir Edw. Leech and Mr. Page;

That the Lords have sent down a Petition from the Officers and Soldiers of the Earl of Denbighe's, and a Paper concerning the same; also an Ordinance concerning the Preserving of Hide Park.

The Petition of the Earl of Denbighe's Officers and Soldiers, and the Papers therewith sent down, were read; and also the Ordinance for preserving the Woods in Hide Park was read; and, upon the Question, assented unto.


Answer returned by the same Messengers; That as to the Business of the Earl of Denbighe's, they will send Answer, by Messengers of their own; and do agree to the Ordinance for Hide Park.

Totnam Vicarage.

Whereas Jasper Hicks * * in the County of Cornwall, a plundered Minister, and one of the Assembly of Divines, is placed, by the Committee for plundered Ministers, in the Vicarage of Totnam, in the County of Middlesex; which Vicarage is not above the yearly Value of Fifty Pounds; and the Parsonage impropriate, amounting to the Sum of Two hundred and Fifty Pounds per Annum, is Part of the Revenues of the Dean and Chapter of Pawle's: And for that the said Mr. Hicks is a godly, able, and painful Minister: It is this Day Ordered, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That the said Mr. Hicks shall enjoy the said Vicarage; and shall have allowed unto him, out of the said Parsonage impropriate, and other the Revenues of the said Dean and Chapter, the Sum of One hundred Pounds yearly, payable on the First of January, and the First of July, by equal Portions, until both Houses of Parliament shall take Order to the contrary: And the Committee for the Sequestration of the Revenue of Pawle's are hereby required and authorized to pay the said One hundred Pounds to the said Mr. Hicks, in manner aforesaid, out of the said Parsonage impropriate, and other the Revenues aforesaid: For which this shall be their sufficient Warrant in that Behalf.

Preserving Hide Park.

Whereas Information hath been given, That several unruly and disorderly Persons have, in a tumultuous and riotous Manner, broken into Hide Park, pulled down the Pales, to destroy his Majesty's Deer and Wood there, notwithstanding strict Command hath been given to the contrary: It is Ordered and Ordained, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That the said Park and Deer, and the Wood and Pales, belonging to the said Park, are hereby protected from the Violence of any Person or Persons whatsoever: And that no Soldier, or other, shall presume to pull down, or take away, any the Pales belonging to the same, nor kill or destroy any Deer therein, or cut, fell, or carry away, any Wood growing in or about the said Park, or Mounds thereof. And it is further Ordered, for the better Prevention of the Mischiefs aforesaid, That all Captains and Commanders of Guards and Forts near the said Park, shall give Notice of this Ordinance to the Soldiers under their several Commands: And that they themselves likewise do their uttermost Endeavour, that this Ordinance be obeyed in all Points: And lastly, that if any others, not being Soldiers, shall offend contrary to this Ordinance, that the Keepers of the said Park, or some of them, may charge any of his Majesty's Officers with the said Offenders: Who are to be brought before the Parliament, to be proceeded against according to their Demerits.

Norfolk, &c. Association.

Whereas, by an Ordinance, bearing Date the Twentysixth of September 1644, the Counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, and the rest of that Association, were assessed and taxed, to pay divers great Sums of Money weekly, for the Payment of the Army under the Command of the Earl of Manchester; Part of which Army are appointed for the Garisons of Lyn and Boston; and are now marching forth into the Parts of Lincolnshire, to stop the Incursions of the Enemy: And whereas, in the said Ordinance there is a Clause, That no Money so to be raised by the said weekly Assessment, shall be issued forth by the Treasurers, but by Warrant under the Hand of the said Earl, the Commissary General attending the said Army, and Two of the Committee of the said Association sitting at Cambridge: And whereas the said Earl of Manchester, and the said Commissary, and the said Army, are now in their March towards the West, many Miles distant from Cambridge; and the said Garison, Soldiers of Lyn and Boston, being a Thousand Men at the least, besides Officers, Cannoneers, Mates, Matrosses, which are now in Arrear for Seventeen or Eighteen Weeks, and of Necessity are forthwith to be paid, and Provisions made for their Recruits, of Arms, as the Necessity of the War doth require, they being to be engaged forthwith in present Action, as aforesaid; in Regard whereof, and according to the strict Directions of the said Ordinance, the said Garison cannot be duly paid, but at great and extraordinary Charges in sending Special Messengers to the said Army, now being gone into the West: Be it therefore Ordained, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That the said Committee of the Association, sitting at Cambridg, or any Five of them, in the Absence of the Earl of Manchester, shall have Power to give Warrants, from time to time, to the Treasurer or Treasurers of the Association, to issue out Money for the Payment of the said Garisons, Soldiers, and all other Officers belonging to the same, equal with the rest of the Army: Which said Warrants shall be as effectual a Discharge to the said Treasurer or Treasurers that shall issue out the said Monies, as if the same had been signed under the Hand of the said Earl of Manchester, and the said Commissary General, and Two of the said Committee attending the said Army; the said Ordinance, or any Clause therein, notwithstanding.

Turkish, &c. Captives.

Whereas, by an Act made this present Parliament, intituled, An Act for the Relief of the Captives taken by Turkish, Moorish, and other Pirates, and to prevent the taking of others in Time to come; a Subsidy of One per Cent. was imposed on all Goods and Merchandize exported out of, or imported into, this Kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales; which was to be One Fifth Part more than the Custom and Subsidy of Tonage and Poundage, according to the Book of Rates: And whereas, since the Passing of that Act, the House of Commons, by their Order of the Tenth of March 1641, in regard of the then growing Distractions of this Kingdom, did then order, That Bonds only should be taken by the Collectors of the said Duty, for the Payment of the said One per Cent. according to such Rates as this House should after appoint: And accordingly the Bonds have been taken: The Lords and Commons, now intending to carry on That so pious a Work of the Releasing of the said distressed Captives; and withal, having Respect to the Encouragement of Merchants in their Trade; do hereby Declare and Order, That only One Fourth Part of the Money due on the said several Bonds; that is to say, One Fourth Part of the One per Cent. due by the said Act, which is One Shilling in every Twenty Shillings paid for Custom and Subsidy, according to the now Book of Rates established by Authority of this present Parliament, shall be paid by the several Merchants so indebted, Thirty Days after Publication of this Order in Print, unto the Chamberlain of the City of London for the Time being, who is hereby authorized to receive the same; or unto Deputy or Deputies appointed by him: Who, by himself and Deputies, is required to attend at the several Custom Houses in the Port of London, and Out Ports, at the usual Hours, between Nine and Twelve in the Morning, to receive the same; or to take such other Course for Dispatch of that Service, as they shall think fit; and, upon Receipt of the Money due, to deliver up the Bonds: Which said Money shall be employed and disposed of, for and towards the Redemption of the said distressed Captives, in such manner as by the Committee of the Navy shall be ordered and directed: And in case any Merchant so indebted, shall not pay in the said Fourth Part, within the Time before limited, the same being demanded, That then the said Collectors do certify the Names of such Person or Persons, unto the said Committee of the Navy: Who thereupon are to cause the said Bonds to be put in Suit for the whole Duty of One per Cent. according to the Intent of the said Act. And it is further Ordered, That from the Day of the Date hereof, unto the Expiration of the Date of the said Act, no Bonds be taken for the said Duty; but that the said Chamberlain, or his Deputy, do receive the Money collected for the said Duty of the Fourth Part of One per Cent. as before, upon all Goods, Wares, and Merchandize, both exported and imported, according to the said Act: And all Merchants are hereby required to pay the same.

Money for Army Service.

Whereas, by an Order of the House of Commons, the Fourth of this Month; It is Ordered, That Three hundred Pair of Pistols, an Hundred and Forty Heads, Backs, and Breasts, be forthwith provided, and sent to Lieutenant General Cromwell, to arm his Regiment: It is now Ordained, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, and by Authority thereof, That the Sum of Five hundred and Eighty Pounds Ten Shillings be raised, out of the several associated Counties hereafter expressed, according to the several Rates hereafter following; that is to say, out of the County of Essex, One hundred and Seventy-six Pounds, to be paid to Sir Martin Lomley; out of the County of Norfolk, One hundred and Seventy-six Pounds, to be paid to Sir Thomas Woodhowse; and out of the County of Suffolk, One hundred and Seventy-six Pounds, to be paid to Wm. Hevenningham Esquire; out of the County of Hartford, to be paid to Sir Thomas Dacres, Seventy-six Pounds; out of the County of Cambridge, Seventy-three Pounds Ten Shillings, to be paid to Sir Dudley North: All which Sums are to be paid to those Gentlemen above-mentioned, out of the first Monies that shall be raised and paid in of the weekly Assessment, upon the late Ordinance of Four Months, charged upon the associated Counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, &c. for the Maintenance of the Forces under the Lord of Manchester's Command: Which Monies are by these Gentlemen to be paid, within Three Months, to Mr. Wattson and Mr. Newton, which have furnished, and sent away, these Arms as above-mentioned: And, hereby, the said Treasurers of each of these respective Counties, shall be hereby discharged of such Monies, as they, or any of them, shall pay, according as this Ordinance doth express; and also be saved harmless for any thing they shall do herein.