Volume G 258: November 1652

Pages 615-620

Calendar, Committee For Compounding: Part 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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November 1652

Nov. 1. John Johnson to Sam. Moyer or Mr. Brereton. Let the following business be examined by the County Committee of Durham, and call John Brackenbury of Sellaby, co. Durham, now in London, who knows the proceedings from Sir Wm. Armyne.
The late Parliament order for clearing all delinquents in county Durham who compounded with Armyne in 1644, or Sir Hen. Vane and that committee in 1645, does not include the following, because they either did not compound for their lands, or have not paid their compositions.
Rob. Eden, of Windlestone, estate worth 800l. a year, compounded with Armyne for personalty of 80l.
[John] Markindale, Veasie and Aiseby of Wardall, estates of 100l. a year or more, compounded with him for small personal estates.
Thos. Birbeck, worth 200l. a year, never paid composition, nor the 48l. which his goods amounted to when sequestered.
John Garth of Headlam, compounded in 1644 with the old Committee for Sequestrations for 100l. a year, and his estate is worth 300l.
All these are in the schedule of delinquents who petitioned Parliament a year ago. [G 83, p. 209.]
Nov. 1.
County Committee for Berks to the Committee for Compounding. On your order of 8 Sept. we certify that some of the Earl of Shrewsbury's timber was used by Dan. Blagrave in building, and he promises us 2/3 of the value. We never received the order of 27 May last, which you name. As to the 400l. a year named, we know not how to levy it, as the Earl's lands in this county do not amount to nearly so much. [G 146, p. 403.]
Nov. 2. Order in Parliament that the Committee for Compounding certify the christian names of delinquents named in the list a the bill for sale, and the places where their lands lie or where they inhabit. [G 172, p. 671.]
Nov. 2. Hen. Darley to the Committee for Compounding. Wm. Wise, recorder of Beverley, is thought fit by his father-in-law, Baron [Fras.] Thorpe, and the present County Committee [for Yorkshire], for the high stewardship of Holderness, to keep wapentake and other courts. I commend him for the place and the fee with arrears unpaid; the former fee was 10l. a year and perquisites. With note of order for his commission. [G 131, p. 334.]
Nov. 3.
Col. Wm. Crowne to the Committee for Compounding. Notes on cases. Some honest poor men who have been faithful to Parliament complain of molestation, and of suits commenced against them in London since the Act of Pardon. I think the Act gives them treble damages, if they could go to London to follow it. [G 165, p. 557.]
Nov. 6. 78. County Committee for Cornwall to the Committee for Compounding. We have bestowed some time in perusing the book of recusants convicted in London, and sent warrants to the constables to summon all Popishly affected in this county to meet us at Truro on the 4th, but only 4 were discovered, and none appeared before us. We set 2/3 of some known Papists' estates, posting them 14 days before, and ask your confirmation; what are we to do if any whose estates we dispose of come in and take the oath of abjuration ? With note of the estates so let. [1 page.]
Nov. 6.
County Committee for Hereford to the Committee for Compounding. Notes of cases. We find 1,000l. money of the late Hen. Hall, recusant, now claimed by Benedict Hall, in the hands of Mrs. Monington, of Sarnsfield, which we shall levy unless ordered to the contrary. Noted that they are to certify particulars and act on instructions; also that Walter Merrick, who has so long forborne to act, is suspended. [G 157, p. 322.]
Nov. 6. County Committee for Notts to the Committee for Compounding. On your order about the letting of Mansfield Manor, we certify that we posted it 14 days, and have let it for one year at 50l. 1s. the highest offer, to Greg. Silvester and Jonathan Everard. [G 164, p. 259.]
Nov. 9.
County Committee for Oxon to the Committee for Compounding. The late county sheriff has levied sums on sequestered estates, on pretence of extents and former compositions for recusancy, which he will not restore, though we have demanded them. We beg directions. [G 165, p. 280.]
Nov. 10. Order of the Committee for Compounding that,—as in many cases proceedings seem to be kept back as being against the parties, and attempts made to surprise the commissioners, and trouble and delay caused in searching out proceedings,—no report for suspension of sequestration or seizure will be heard till the registrar's certificate is produced, specifying all proceedings. This order to be posted up at the door and in the room, that all solicitors and persons who have proceedings may conform. [G 13, p. 49.]
Order that Wm. Wise be steward for keeping courts on Lord Dunbar's estate in Holderness, co. York.
That George Smith of Clerkenwell be a Sequestration Commissioner for Middlesex. [G 12, p. 525.]
Nov. 10. Committee for Compounding to Ald. Allen. There is 2,000l. in the hands of the Sequestrators for co. Monmouth, and 700l. in Hereford, which if you can assign to be paid in those parts, it could be done with more care and security. [G 17, p. 388.]
Nov. 11. Committee for Compounding to the County Committee for Hereford. Particulars of cases. You say the estate of Thos. Acton is greatly underlet. You are to improve it to the best value, certifying who underlet it, and enquire after the arrears.
Two of the commissioners should survey the woods on Mr. Gage's estate, report thereon, and whether the trees are fit for shipping, and certify.
We want particulars how Hen. Hall's debt arises, and how it is secured. Directions in cases.
We supposed that Mr. Merrick had been suspended because he long since ceased to act as commissioner, and he is not to act without further orders from hence. Mr. Brereton is to draw up a 7 years' lease of Hampton Court according to contract, and the rent reserved to be paid Sir Thos. Allen towards his debt. [G 30, p. 178.]
Nov. 16. Committee for Compounding to the Commissioners for Cumberland. There are many lands of delinquents in your county held by small rents, and arbitrary fines on death or alienation, which are often more than the rent, but it does not seem that for these latter you have taken any course, especially Bassingthwaite Manor, worth 18l. a year, and Whiteham, 15l., which have paid no fine either on the death of the old Earl of Derby, or the late Earl, who was beheaded; beside many other fines and heriots, 500l. could be raised on Bassingthwaite, if one of the fines were remitted. We require you forthwith to levy these and the like fines, give us an account of your proceedings, and return the money with all speed. [G 17, p. 404.]
Nov. 17. Order in Parliament, referring to the Committee for Compounding the following names, reported from the committee on the additional Act for sale of lands forfeited for treason:—
John, Lord Talbot, son of the Earl of Shrewsbury.
Thos. Hornihold, Hanley Castle, co. Worcester.
John Apsley, Pulborough, Sussex.
John Morrice, late Governor of Pontefract Castle.
Edw. Gower, Suttenham, co. York.
Robert Pottington, Hatfield, co. York.
William, eldest son of Sir Hen. Crofts.
[John] Trollop, co. Durham.
Sir Wm. Blackston, co. York.
George Parker, of Parker, co. Stafford.
George Villiers, Viscount Grandison.
Sir Wm. Gerard, Bart., Bryn, co. Lancaster.
[G 121, pp. 441, 442.]
Nov. 17. Rich. Coffin to ——. My wife is willing to have only the rents of Alvington Manor, and the sheaf of North Tamerton, co. Cornwall, in lieu of the 50l. a year during my mother's life, so you must draw up a deed accordingly. Let the deed be engrossed at once, and when sealed I hope there can be no manner of claims made thereto. [Placed with the case of George Beare, but no seeming connection. G 67, p. 707.]
Nov. 18. 79. Additional Act vesting in the former trustees for sale the lands and estates of numerous persons named forfeited to the Commonwealth for treason. With marginal notes by T. Bayley. [Printed, 51½ pages.]
Nov. 18. 80. Alphabetical index to the above Act. [56 pages.]
[Nov. 18.] 81, 82. Queries [by Bayley ?] on the above Act, relative to estates of which no surveys are returned to Drury House, claims on the estates for jointure, claims not yet put in, &c. [Scraps.]
Nov. 18. 83. Alphabetical lists of persons included in the 3 several Acts for sale of delinquents' lands of 16 July 1651, and of 4 August and 18 November 1652. [Book damaged.]
Nov. 18. Information by — Messervy, that John Le Hardy—who pretends to be employed by the well-affected of Jersey to solicit for them against delinquents, and gave in the names of commissioners for the island,—has been through the wars a notorious and cruel enemy to the Commonwealth, is an agent for all delinquents in the island, and has boasted in his letters to them how he is countenanced here. [G 106, p. 225.]
Nov. 19. Order by the Committee for Compounding. Col. Wm. Crowne, one of the County Committee for Shropshire, has given information about the estate of Wm. Barker, of Aberlee, which cause we, as Committee for Advance of Money, have postponed, and ordered him meantime to proceed with the auditor for the accounts; as he informs us that he began to act several months after Mr. K[ing], his fellow commissioner, he is not to be required to make up accounts in reference to what was done before his commission. [G 77, p. 399.]
Order that Wm. King, one of the County Committee for Shropshire, give satisfaction upon his account, and give security to pass it in 6 weeks. [G 17, p. 424.]
Nov. 19. Committee for Compounding to the Army Committee. We have long since asked your directions in matters relating to accounts, but not obtained it. You will find by the enclosed the need of your assistance in removing such things as obstruct the dispatch of business. If Parliament does not get all the satisfaction that may be expected, we hope our endeavours will not be forgotten nor the blame lie upon us. [G 17, p. 424.]
Nov. 19.
John Yardley and Wm. Stephens, County Commissioners for Radnor, to the Committee for Compounding. We called Wm. Watkins, late sequestration commissioner, and he produced an account for himself and agents, showing that he paid in 160l. on 17 Nov. 1651, and had his acquittance. [G 167, p. 649.]
Nov. 20.
County Committee for Westmoreland to the Committee for Compounding. We have received the Act for continuance of your power till 1 Nov. 1653. We would gladly have ceased our employment, as it obstructs our business, but lest the service should suffer, we will follow your instructions. We want orders for paying in our moneys, for we can make no return of moneys, trading being hindered, and we dare not hazard sending it up by the carrier without special order, and so have paid it into the treasury here. [G 171, p. 189.]
Nov. 20. Certificate by Ralph Akerman, mayor, and Rich. Saunders, justice of peace, that Thos. Bradshaw, fuller of Exeter, has subscribed the engagement appointed by Parliament before them. With deposition of Rich. Wincombe to their seals and signatures. [G 71, p. 104.]
Nov. 23. Committee for Compounding to the County Committee for Hereford. Your clerk has sent a copy of an order of ours confirming contracts for the estates of John Berrington and others. There is no such entry in our books, and the order is not after our usual manner, so we suspect some ill practice, and request strict examination and the original to be sent up. [G 17, p. 427.]
Nov. 23.
County Committee for Pembroke to the Committee for Compounding. We have received your commission of 16 Dec. 1651, with a book of ordinances and instructions, and the Act of 25 March 1648; but, finding your power had expired, we thought ourselves incapable of power, till by yours of 12 Aug. and 28 Oct. you empowered us still to act. We still scruple, because the Act requires 7 of you to act, and our commission is only signed by 4, but you may have other Acts empowering a less number. Pray empower us sufficiently, and add to us Capt. Walter Cuny and John Protherough, for some of us have many public burdens, and cannot meet as often as we would. Meanwhile we will make preparations, and recover lost time by calling in the committee's officers and accounts. [G 167, p. 691.]
Nov. 24. 84. Order of the Committee for Compounding, on a Parliament order given of 18 Nov. 1652—that the 5,360l. 18s. 4d. allowed by Parliament order of 25 Dec. 1651, to William, Earl of Salisbury, for all claims on the house, gardern, and parks and manor of Theobalds, Cheshunt, and Enfield, by patents from Kings James and Charles, be charged on the 2/3 of the revenues of Papists, not delinquents, in Goldsmiths' Hall—for payment of the said sums accordingly. [G 17, p. 434; 115, pp. 1035, 1036.]
Nov. 24. Committee for Compounding to Hen. Darley, M.P. We have often endeavoured in vain to gain rules for expediting the return of moneys from the country. The county commissioners do not think their 12d. in the pound covers the charge and hazard of conveyance, and Parliament has not yet declared where the damage shall lie in case of miscarriage. Some county commissioners have 1,100l. in their hands. We wish you could assist us in procuring Parliament's direction for its speedy transmission. [G 17, p. 431.]
Nov. 24. Committee for Compounding to John Blackwell and Wm. Leman, treasurersat-war. We wish you to assign to be paid in those parts, on account of the army, the following sums in the hands of county commissioners, viz.:—York, 6,000l.; Newcastle, 2,500l.; Monmouth, 2,000l.; Hereford, 700l.; Cumberland, 800l. [G 17, p. 444.]
Nov. 24.
County Committee for Somerset to the Committee for Compounding. We have given notice as ordered to persons who had savings for estates, and send you particulars. [G 167, p. 233.] Enclosing,
i. Note of the dates of serving notices to 4 persons who had savings to compound. 24 Nov. 1652. [G 167, p. 235.]
Nov. 25. Order of the Committee for Compounding that Brereton consider in what cases examinations should be taken in writing on interrogatories, in the country or here, and when vivd voce. [G 13, p. 49.]
Nov. 25. County Committee for Cornwall to the Committee for Compounding. We sent out summons for all suspected to be Popishly affected to appear before us on the 4th at Truro, but only 2 constables made returns; they only discovered 3 or 4 recusants in their divisions, and none appeared to take the oath of abjuration. We set the estates of some few known Papists for 7 years, posted them for 14 days, and sent particulars for confirmation, and asked further direction if any should afterwards come and take the oath of adjuration; if by that means our grants become void, it will be in vain for us to sequester or post any other Papists' or delinquents' estates, for there will be no takers. [G 149, p. 513.]
Nov. 29.
George Lamboll and Hen. Sharp to the Committee for Compounding. Your complaint of the 16th seems very strange to us. On your order of 3 March 1652, we sent our agent, Mr. Gardner, to mark 550 decayed pollard trees in Hampstead Park, and to tell as many as he could of their sale. We posted them at Newbury 14 days before, received divers orders sealed, and accepted the greatest that had security. Three months after, we heard that several trees had been marked—not by our agent. We found there had been an endeavour to imitate our mark, but could not discover the actor; and our agent, whom we sent a month ago, said the vendees had not felled their number by 40.
We thought it our duty to offer the copyholders in Enborne to fill up their estates on reasonable terms, but made no grant except to one who gave 2 years' purchase for a life in reversion, as we did not think the others offered enough. After the court,—the tenants hearing that Lord Craven's estate was to be sold, and that Parliament granted tenants a right of pre-emption,—Mr. Sharp offered, as they lacked money, to get it for them on security, not thinking it could be the least disadvantage to the State.
Details of the letting of estates, all to the best value. It is not true that we marked valuable trees and out down young elms, and took away locks from doors, and bars from windows, gates, and rails. Part of that complaint is true, but it is not true that we did it, nor can we find the actors. [G 146, pp. 317, 318.]
Nov. 30. Collection of the Revenues under sequestration in the counties following, viz.:—
Delinquents. Papists.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
Bedford 18 0 0 93 4 6
Berks 25 0 0 1530 6 8
Bucks 181 0 0 1267 3 8
Cambridge 336 10 0 774 14 2
Chester 1640 0 11 1211 10 11
Cornwall 2708 17 4 10 0 0
Cumberland 1753 1 433 12 8
Derby 543 18 3 1343 8 6
Devon 3056 3 3 1221 14 2
Dorset 1385 17 1337 2 4
Durham 4738 7 7 3787 8 4
Essex 1022 3 4 6667 18 3
Gloucester 610 13 4 1514 6 8
Hereford 615 17 0 577 3 8
Hertford 374 0 0 255 8 0
Huntingdon 206 16 8 287 17 10
Kent 571 12 4 3989 2 8
Lancaster 8269 0 4926 10
Leicester 1226 1 3 2531 1 1
Lincoln 1820 1 0 2217 3 5
London 105 1 8 626 13 8
Middlesex 985 1 5 839 17 4
Monmouth 288 10 0 8 16 0
Norfolk 2174 2 4 2834 2 8
Northampton 595 0 0 2882 0 0
Northumberland 3779 9 4 739 16 0
Nottingham 292 2 2 576 6 4
Oxon 367 0 0 2337 0 0
Salop 732 11 0 1449 3 1
Somerset 2115 8 8 967 11 6
Southampton 597 14 6 1828 16 0
Stafford 137 19 8 3183 10 10
Suffolk 342 16 0 4211 2 2
Surrey 74 9 2 847 3 4
Sussex 982 3 4 5892 10 8
Warwick 390 0 0 4522 17 8
Westmoreland 330 0 0 79 5 0
Wilts 438 0 0 1334 7 4
Worcester 2073 18 10 1615 10 4
York 12203 0 6 10438 16 8
60,701 9 10½ 81,854 16
Brecon 33 0 0 146 0 0
Denbigh 32 0 0 1025 8 5
Flint 160 0 0 133 5 0
Merioneth 199 0 0
Radnor 10 0 0 161 0 0
434 0 0 1,465 13 5
£ s. d.
Sum Total 144,456 0
[G 113, p. 627.]
Nov. Petition of Roger Rea, citizen and stationer of London, to the Committee for Compounding, &c. Has long served them with books, papers, &c., as reasonably as they could be afforded, but others are offering to circumvent him by supplying them at cheaper rates. Begs them not to be deluded by specious pretences of cheapness. Will serve them at the rates proffered, and as cheap as any other, if he may have a further trial. [G 113, p. 297.] Annexing,
i. Bill by Rea for stationery, &c., May to Sept. 1652, 3l. 10s. 5d. 28 Oct. 1652. Attested by Aud. Sherwin. [G 113, p. 300.]
ii. Like bill Aug. to Oct. 1652. 9 Nov. 1652. Attested by Registrar Bayley. [G 113, p. 302.]