Volume G 258: December 1652

Pages 620-624

Calendar, Committee For Compounding: Part 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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December 1652

Dec. 3. Committee for Compounding to the Commissioners of co, Berks. We have yours of 2 Dec. in answer to the complaint against you; we approve your proceedings as therein set forth, and doubt you will so proceed that the State's interest may be preserved and no private persons wronged; in so doing you may expect our countenance, notwithstanding any calumnies against you. [G 17, p. 472.]
Dec. 6.
County Committee for Cumberland to the Committee for Compounding. You require us to levy fines, general as well as occasional, from the Bassingthwaite and Whitcham tenants, late belonging to the Earl of Derby, and from other delinquents' estates. We have appointed a meeting and summoned them, and will report. May we keep courts in the baronies of Brough and Greystock, belonging to the Countess Dowager of Arundel, or any other estates sequestered for recusancy only ? The Brough tenants, having paid no rents to the Earl or Countess for 16 years, except in 1651, earnestly desire to compound with us for their arrears, but cannot pay the whole, because of the armies and incursions of the enemy to which they have been subject. [G. 150, p. 489.]
Dec. 7. Order of the Committee for Compounding, that the registrar transmit to the Committee for Removing Obstructions the names of all delinquents mentioned in the late additional Act of Sale, who are in arrear of payment of the latter ½ of their fines, in order that the commissioners may not give directions to survey their estates. [G 37, p. 67.]
Dec. 7. Committee for Compounding to the Commissioners for co. York. You are to pay 6,000l. of the moneys in your hands to the order of Leman and Blackwell, treasurers-at-war. With note of like letters to the Commissioners of Cumberland for 800l; Monmouth, 2,000l.; Northumberland, 2,500l.; and Hereford, 700l. [G 12, p. 528.]
Dec. 8. Order of the Committee for Compounding—on request of Nich. Borlace to have the registrar's certificate and copies of proceedings annexed to the Court of Articles without fee, and on statement by the registrar that he has taken much pains in searching out the proceedings, to show why Borlace should not have the benefit of the articles by him claimed— that the registrar should have for such certificates and copies the fees allowed him in other cases. [G 13, p. 49.]
Dec. 11.
Capt. Silas Taylor to Edw. Winslow, Haberdashers' Hall. I have examined our clerk about a pretended order which he says was given by him on permission of one of us, but I wash my hands of it. There is a great mis-carriage in it that any should dare to sign a pretended order as a true copy. Is not what you have heard against the agents enough to suspend them with their 6s. 6d. a day ? The place could be better filled for half the money. Capt. Mason is in Somersetshire, and I know not when he will return.
With note of reply 21 Dec. that the agent was cashiered in the army for drunkenness, and is to show cause in 3 weeks why he should not be dismissed, and that Marsh is to be added to the commissioners. [G 17, p. 523; 157, p. 383.]
Dec. 15. Committee for Compounding to the County Committee for Warwick. We cannot confirm your contract for Sir Charles Smith's estate, because you have allowed out-rents and charges which we cannot admit till proved. Agree for the full value of the estate, you paying taxes, and then you shall have our confirmation. [G 30, p. 454.]
Dec. 15.
County Committee for Durham to the Committee for Compounding. We certify, on behalf of Grace, widow of Art. French, that he served faithfully during his employment, and beg payment to the poor woman and her children of the 81l. 4s. 1d. due to him. [G 154, p. 239.]
Dec. 16. John Blackwell, treasurer-at-war, to Mr. Bayley. Send by Thos. Marsh, our cashier, the letters appointed by the commissioners to be prepared for cos. York, Monmouth, &c. With his receipt for letters to Cumberland for 800l., Monmouth 2,000l., Northumberland 2,500l., Hereford 700l., and York 6,000l. [G 138, p. 599.]
Dec. 17. Information given by Col. Birch that the County Committee for Lancaster broke up their meeting, and therefore could not send up the depositions about Gervase Clifton and Joan Banister.
Also that on 14 Dec. R. Cunliffe refused to act with R. Massey, because Massey was to be treasurer, and had not given any security, so that the rest of the commissioners would be liable in case of his miscarriage or neglect, and therefore Cunliffe wishes either Massey or himself discharged from employment. This information was to be given to Col. Birch, lodging in Martin's Lane, between the church and Charing Cross. [G 100, p. 345.]
Dec. 18.
Kinnerton, Radnor.
Committee for Sequestrations for South Wales to the Committee for Compounding. On information by Jonas Stephens of Old Radnor, of lands supposed to be concealed in New Radnor, held by Hugh Watkins, we have taken depositions, sent them up, and desire your pleasure. [G 167, p. 645.] Annexing,
i. Interrogatories and depositions on the above case, Watkins professing to hold the lands by deed from John Seymour. 10 and 17 Dec. 1652. [G 167, pp. 639–643.]
Dec. 21. Order of the Committee for Compounding, on request of the Commissioners for Relief upon Articles [of War], that the registrar and auditor report what proceedings are in their court relating thereto. [G 17, p. 527.]
Dec. 21.
County Committee for Cambridge to Mr. Leech. We have received no answer to our many letters about sequestration. This we impute to your multitude of business, and our want of some one to solicit for us. We beg an answer from the commissioners to the enclosed, which will answer our former letters. Noted as answered. [G 147, p. 303.]
Dec. 22. Order of the Committee for Compounding that—as the Committee for co. Derby has paid several augmentations by virtue of orders of the Committee for Plundered Ministers, the originals of which remain with the persons to whom the augmentations were granted, certificated copies of these orders be produced to the auditor, who is then to give allowance of moneys paid thereupon. [G 17, p. 530.]
Order that the committee sit henceforward on Tuesday mornings for indemnity, and in the afternoons on compositions, and that this order be set up on the door. [G 37, p. 72.]
Order that Hen. King, Tobias Frere, Rob. Jermy, and Gab. Barber be Sequestration Commissioners for co. Norfolk. [G 12, p. 530.]
Dec. 23.
County Committee for Durham to the Committee for Compounding. The Commissioners of Sewers, co. Durham, have assessed several acres of land sequestered for recusancy of George Smith and Ant. Witham, at 2s. an acre, amounting to 24l., towards defraying the charges of scouring and cleansing the Skirne, and were about to drive the tenants' goods for the same; but as we had no order for allowance thereof, we did not suffer the commissioners to proceed, and desire directions. [G 153, p. 469.] Enclosing,
i. Order by the Commissioners of Sewers for levying 2s. an acre on 190 acres in Nun Stainton and Barmpton, towards removing the obstructions which caused the overflowing of the river, and did great damage; and request for the county committee to procure instructions from the Committee for Compounding, lest the levying of this assessment might cause a defalcation of rent. 29 Nov. 1652. [G 153, p. 467.]
Dec. 24. Petition of divers officers and soldiers, part of the horse forces of co. Bucks, to the Committee for Compounding, to take such order as that they may receive their pay, many being very poor, and having families to maintain. By order of Parliament 3,000l. was to be raised, 1,500l. for them, and 1,500l. for Windsor Castle, from sale of the Duke of Buckingham's woods, co. Bucks, and 2,187l. has been received, but the 800l. is neglected by the county committee owing to some obstruction, so that they are deprived of their pay. [G 71, p. 683.] Annexing,
i. Parliament orders of 13 Jan. 1649, and 4 and 14 June 1650, alluded to. [G 71, p. 685.]
Dec. 24.
County Committee for Kent to the Committee for Compounding. On your order of 23 Sept. we gave our agent a warrant to levy the arrears due by James Golding, tenant of lands late Ald. Bunce's, and to put locks on his barn doors, which was done, but they have been taken off, and Golding refuses to pay his arrears, and abuses our officers. We beg that he may be called to account for this, and for the felling of much timber during the sequestration. [G 158, p. 147.] Enclosing,
i. Depositions in proof of the above statements by Rich. Hills and David Steere, agents of the committee, and by John Mason of Maidstone, carpenter. 24 Dec. 1652. [G 158, pp. 149–151.]
Dec. 25.
County Committee for Cambridge to the Committee for Compounding. Particulars of cases. Note of the survey, posting, and letting of 11 estates and their rentals. The tenants are much perplexed that their leases are not confirmed by you, for want whereof the Commonwealth sustains some prejudice. We earnestly desire your return hereto. [G 147, p. 305.]
Dec. 30. Order in the Committee for Compounding that Sir Fras. Lloyd attend on Tuesday next, there being an earnest occasion of conferring with him on some business. [G 37, p. 74.]
Order that in future all reports be put onto the table in course, not expressing how many for each day, as many times six cannot be gone through in a day, and thereby remands are multiplied. The oldest remands which have been once called on, or not called on at all, to be put in the first place. If a cause by once called out and not attended, it is to be crossed out of its place and put at the end of the table. [G 13, p. 50.]
Order that—as Roger Calcott, treasurer of sequestrations in co. Middlesex, has died much in debt and given in no accounts, and much of his estate is concealed to prevent its seizure—the present commissioners search for his goods, breaking open locks and bolts where needful, and on finding any, seize and inventory them; all mayors, sheriffs, &c., to assist.
Order on reading a letter from the Revenue Committee of 22 Dec. on the removal of obstructions in the receipt of revenue, that on producing auditors' contracts and receivers' accounts of fee-farm rents issuing from estates of Papists and delinquents, those rents be discharged from sequestration. [G 17, pp. 555, 556.] Annexing,
i. Revenue Committee to the Committee for Compounding. In ordering the levying of the debts and revenues of the late King, Queen, and Prince, we find by the returns of the sheriffs and other officers, that the county committees for sequestration, by your directions, neither pay nor suffer to be levied the moneys due to the public revenue. As all moneys ought to be brought in to their proper channel, we beg you to meet us at the inner Star Chamber, Westminster, next Tuesday, at 8 a.m., that we may consult upon and remove the obstructions. Westminster, 22 Dec. 1652. [G 113, p. 629.]
Dec. 31.
Ralph Rymer to the Committee for Compounding. You have often been informed that there is no North Riding Committee; what you write about discouragements, the Parliament, and our powers, might encourage a committee if there were one, but it does not create what is not. That you may know what account to expect of the sequestrations in those parts and improve them in future, I offer some queries; some on the votes, that they may be better understood and executed, the rest on the defects in power and want of power; that being amended, the public may reap the fruit of sequestrations. [G 172, p. 587.]
[Dec.] List of those who, on the Parliament order of 12 Oct. 1649, subscribed the engagement to be true to the Commonwealth as now established, without King or House of Lords, before the Committee for Compounding, together with the names (missing) of the refusers. In a few cases the dates of subscription are given, from 3 May 1650 to 26 Nov. 1652. The signatures, which are all original, are as follows:—
[Earl of] Northampton.
(fn. 1) Jo. Corbett.
Rich. Wilshire.
George Cole.
Wm. Adams.
Thos. Mayo.
Ilen. Heron.
John Thorold.
Rob. Moore.
Hen. Tooker.
S. Walsh.
James Long.
Nath. Tompkins.
Tim. Man.
Rob. Hills.
(fn. 1) Fras. Rodes.
Rich. Gibson.
Thos. Burges.
Harman Warre.
[Sir] Charles Kemys.
Wm. Jenkins.
Fras. Rockley.
(fn. 1) John Poole.
Rich. Davy.
Thos. Warton.
[George, Lord] Strange. (fn. 3)
H. Herris.
(fn. 1) Thos. Colepeper.
Dudley Sonds.
Edw. Wiffin.
(fn. 1) John Fortescue.
Hen. Harris.
Hen. Page.
(fn. 1) Thos. Leigh.
Mich. Chadwell.
Walt. Charleton.
Law. Squibb.
Hen. Stevens.
(fn. 1) John Monson.
Thos. Tudor.
Law. Caldwall.
Thos. Hanmer.
John Crosby.
Mark Slingsby.
(fn. 1) [Sir] Edw. Berkeley.
Fras. Wortley.
Rich. Mansell.
(fn. 1) George Heneage.
John Parsons.
(fn. 1) [Sir] Phil. Tirwhitt.
Thos. Pecke.
Thomas, Lord Windsor. (fn. 2)
Thos. Tomkyns.
Wm. Bray.
Issac Vivian.
Chris. Sadbery.
With note that Wm. Salvin of Newbiggin, co. York, took the oath of abjuration, 2 Feb. 1652. Endorsed, "Engagement roll." [Parchment, G 143, p. 651.]
Notes of the rates of letting 12 sequestered estates in co. Hereford for 7 years, by Mat. Barrow and Walter Merrick. [G 157, p. 438.]
List of Parliament orders filed, relating to 11 persons named. [G 172, p. 711.]
Queries [from the County Committee of Devon] on behalf of the Commonwealth. With notes of replies—
1. Whether all savings to compound ought not to be certified ? [All to be returned.]
2. Whether rents seized before the date of Compounding and not paid, should be collected ? [Such as are unpaid, if due before the order of suspension is issued.]
3. Whether the 1,300l. in Mr. Walrond's hands, formerly questioned, should not be searched after ? [Mr. Bayley to examine proceedings in the case.]
4. How to proceed with arrears of Dean and Chapters' lands due before their sale ? [Those due before the lands were invested in the trustees to be certified, when further order will be given; the same as to Bishops' rents.] [G 127, p. 538.]
List [by Reading] of 14 composition cases now in hand, and notes of proceedings therein. [G 120, pp. 817, 818.]
Notes of 11 cases reported to the House, the delinquent tenant being dead. [G 120, p. 219.]


  • 1. Those names to which asterisks are prefixed may be knights, but this is not indicated in the list.
  • 2. A separate certificate of the taking of the oath by George, Lord Strange, before Ald. Chris. Pack, is also given in G 143, p. 649.
  • 3. A registrar's certificate that he took the engagement was made on 29 Dec. 1653. [See G 38, p. 327.]